Arsenal vs. West Bromwich Albion Player Ratings

Triplec’s Player Ratings:

Almunia: 7.5 Almunia did well to stop a few shots and come out nice on one of the corners. He had good distribution but he needs to communicate better with the Center Halfs.

Sagna: 7 What we have come to expect from Sagna. Great in the back and vital in the attack.

Gallas: 6.5 Gallas did well. He commanded the defense decently well. He set up the offside trap well but seemed to get caught out once or twice.

Djourou: 6.5 He did well also but was caught out by the opposition a few times. He missed his marking on the almost goal but recovered well to clear off the line.

Clichy: 7.5 Clichy was brilliant. Worked very well with Nasri on the left, got forward and made defense breaking runs. whipped in some great crosses and was solid in the back

Walcott: 6 Disappointing match from Theo. He made some good runs but seem to cut in too much and his ball in the final third of the pitch just wasn’t there today.

Eboue: 6.5 A surprisingly good display from Eboue. He was tidy in possession and made some good passes and recovered well to help the defense. He tried to get too fancy on occasion though and his shots were all awful. He should just stick to defending and passing.

Denilson: 7 Very good game from Denilson. He did very well with his passing and in possession and his assist was fantastic

Nasri: 8 Samir was amazing today. He scored the vital goal, sent in excellent balls for his team mates and made good runs on and off the ball. He certainly looks the business. He was also great helping out Clichy in defense and got the all important goal as well.

Adebayor: 6.5 Overall it was a good performance from Ade. He troubled the defense on many occasions and did well to create a few chances for his team mates despite not having many chances himself. He really ought to have put away the one he had though and his inability to find Nasri in the second half on the break could have cost the Gunners a second goal.

Bendtner: 5.5 Poor game from Nick. Didn’t link up well with the rest of the team and created few chances. Certainly not his best match for Arsenal.


Van Persie: 6.5 decent 20 minutes from Robin today. Could have done better on his goal chance though but all in all not much to complain about.

Toure: 6 Not good but not bad but in fairness he didn’t play but 15 minutes. He was invisible more or less on the pitch but that can be put down to a lack of time and his first game back.

Man of the Match:

SAMIR NASRI. Nasri was fantastic. If this was a sign of things to come then Arsenal fans around the world have something to rejoice in.

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36 Responses to Arsenal vs. West Bromwich Albion Player Ratings

  1. thegoonerforum says:

    Adebayor was poor mate, Very poor in fact IMO he got a 5.5 at best

  2. robert says:

    I think that we will have the best left wing in the premiership with Nasri and Clichy ripping every team to pieces. 😀

  3. TH says:

    I agree with just about everything but with Adebayor. He did trouble the defense but I thought him and Bendtner were the 2 worst players we had on pitch. Theo too did not perform well. Denilson was impressive today. Besides Eboue’s shots he had a good game. Djourou also performed well,caught out a few times but did very well to recover. I liked that long ball he picked out from the air with his foot under heavy pressure. But yes Nasri had a very strong game. He will only get better!

  4. Prophet says:

    You thought this was a good performance by Adebayor? It’s no wonder he has been asking for more money. BTW if Nasri stays healthy, he will be a bigger player than most Gooners realise.

  5. mike.from.around.da.way says:

    Nasri was a different class. jst to think, this was his debut. what a way to win the fans.

    Nasri, Denilson and Clichy were in a class of their own. Every1 else were poor, especially Ade n Wallcott

  6. Tyrelle says:

    “6.5 Overall it was a good performance from Ade”

    What game were you watching?

  7. gt says:

    Didn’t see the game… so Eboue played CM with Denilson? Nasri on the wing?

  8. Hifi says:

    Not that bad match from Bendtner. A little bit invicible at times, but his passing was good and was in the combination to set up the goal for Nasri.

  9. thegoonerforum says:

    gt, Thats right mate, Eboue played CM next to Denilson. Did ok 2, Just needs to work on his shooting

  10. Russ says:

    I think you were watching a different game to me. Adebayor was terrible today, missed two sitters + didn’t pass when he should have. Djourou was diabolical in defence and is clearly not good enough. Nasri was superb though. Overall we just about did enough to win but better opposition will punish us. A lot of players to come back yet and a couple (RVP) still don’t look fully match fit.

  11. You are Harsh in bendtner i feel he was getting no service.

  12. triplec1988 says:

    Ade did have a good game. But everyone who hates his still from the summer is letting that over shadow his performance. YES he should have passed to Nasri and he should have scored his chance but he ran riot on the WBA defense ALL day long and created a good number of chances for his team mates. He had only like 1 or 2 offside calls and linked up well for the most part with the rest of the team. Bendtner on the other hand was woeful. He did fuck all all game.

  13. shane says:

    nasri was brilliant.he looks like a more than adequate replacement for hleb.adebayor had a couple of chances and should have taken at least one.he was poor overall.walcott was also very disappointing.denilson was very good again as were the two full backs.

  14. Calrad says:

    I thought Denilson faded a little in the 2nd half, anonymous really. Agreed that Nasri had settled into the Arsenal way pretty fast. Hope he stays consistent. Arsenal’s left wing looks awesome now. Pity the right couldn’t match up today. Walcott needs a confidence booster. Ade was too selfish today and his decision making was poor. Bendtner was also missing from action most of the time. Those 2 shouldn’t start together again. Clichy and Sagna will be Arsenal’s top 2 consistent performers of the season if they remain fit.

  15. piken79 says:

    Eboue was pretty good as a CM..definitely better than a winger…he just needs to work on the shooting. Is anyone else wondering what position Kolo played when he came on? he looked out of position and confuse. I thought wenger would have opted to play Vela on the wings and and try kolo as DM..oh well..overall, poor performance…we can do a lot better.

  16. clockendjim says:

    Apart from the briliant Nasri/Clichy left wing, not a lot to smile about today.
    However I never thought I would write that I was quite impressed with Eboue today. As everyone says, his shooting was hopeless, but generally he did not give the ball away as much as he usually does and put a lot of effort in. Perhaps he is beginning to produce the talent that Wenger obviously sees in him that has escaped most of us up till now.
    When everyone is fit, I think Van Persie and Eduardo would be our best striking partnership. Adebayor seems sharper when he is brought on a a substitute and should have scored at least once today.
    Gallas is still my big worry, lots of mistakes that would have been punished by a better team than WBA. He also moans at everyone to cover this up and this was very evident when he got at Djourou who had just cleared off the line. The reactions by those around especially Almunia showed just what respect thay have for their Captain – there may be trouble ahead.

  17. Phil says:

    Based on this performance, Ade is not worth the pay raise he asked for. He is trying to play like Henry coming in from the left wing and opening up his body to place the ball at the far corner but the execution just wasn’t there. Bendtler was poor as well. Should have brought on Vela to replace Walcott who was poor as well. Why does Walcott always seem to run into a wall of defenders when he could have release the ball earlier. He should watch Nasri play and learn from him when to dribble and when to pass.

  18. fanner says:

    Adebayor was terrible, Bendtner was invisible, Walcott had no idea what he was doing.

    Eboure was fine, would be better if he could at least hit the target on few occasions, Densilon was sharp. Nasir was class. All our defenders were decent too.

  19. manny says:

    just got back from game bendtner was only seen when was subbed ade the usual hard work no class nasri a star denilson very good djourou coming on well overall poor game

  20. natsteel says:

    relax, Phil. It was one game. I didn’t think Adebayor had a great game but at least he caused some problems for the defense and came close once. Of course, his failure to cut back for Nasri was just a horrible decision.

    Walcott had a couple of nice runs with the ball but didn’t amount to anything. Nasri was extremely impressive, just as I expected him to be. Clichy and Sagna were their usual selves and Eboue was surprisingly decent in the middle. Bendtner was under-par along with Ade. Djourou had a decent game. If he can keep that up we may not be as thin in central defense as we think.

    It wasn’t an overall pretty performance but we got the points. However, it is imperative that our approach remains urgent after going 1-nil up.

  21. Stu says:

    I was delighted with our french connection today, Nasri and Clichy that is. It looked like they had been playing together for years. Hopefully they keep it going for years to come. Very similar to the Pires/Cole combination that worked so well.

    Onto the defence, Aside from a couple of nervy moments they did well. The aftermath of the WBA almost goal really showed what the others think of Gallas. Djourou wasn’t afraid of standing up to him and then almunia told him off. Im not trying to pick on Willi but shouldn’t the captain have the respect of the whole team. Cant imagine anyone shouting at TA.

    My opinion on Eboue is that the less he has of the ball the better he looks. Today he recycled possession quickly and kept it simple and he’s never looked better. Lets just hope he learns to shoot.

  22. Calvin says:

    I think Eboue had a pretty good game as well, this looks like a MUCH better place for him than on the wings. Samir (Alaikasandr who?) Nasri = MOTM, with Denilson a close second. Ade was trash. He needs to stop glory-hunting and play for the team. Nasri should have had two goals today if he would pass the ball.

  23. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Funny how most people are pointing out that Ade should’ve gotten a lower rating when Theo was equally awful.

    I think Ade got into better positions than Theo and he obviously brought some kicks from Almunia down but apart from that Theo and Ade were terrible, as was Bendtner.

    We clearly lacked that cutting edge apart from Nasri and Denilson to a slightly lesser extent.

  24. toure tribe underboss says:

    thegoonerforum if ade was only worth a 5.5 theo was only worth a 0

  25. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Phil’s right about Adebayor trying to be like Henry too much. He doesn’t have the close control, finishing or agility/speed to match Henry. Adebayor’s fast but he can’t use his speed to pull away from his marker in the magical way that Thierry did. Oh and his finishing is pretty one dimensional, he can’t lift the ball over the keeper and he is not very skilful.

    Why can’t he just play to his own strengths?

  26. Cyril Randle says:

    For 20 minutes or so you were all over us like a rash, maybe most of the first half in fact. But once we had stemmed the tide down our right somewhat, we gave you a game, so don’t be too heavy on your own players, we didn’t come to lie down and die. We CAN play better than that too, once we’ve settled down. We had a few new faces and one or two regulars missing as well as you did.

  27. marcus says:

    Dont forget to give Wenger his rating. Id say a rating of zero is warranted for this totally useless performance. True we poxed a win but will someone please explain to me what sort of a thick idiot is Wenger? Even the dog in the street can see that this squad is woefully short, even worse than last year so why cant this self obsessed joke of a manager see it. Im sure I speak for the vast majority of fans when I make the call for Wenger to wrap it up, its time to move back to France or anywhere, just go Wenger, go now.

  28. Paul N says:

    Yep, Ade was not good at all, after he troubled the defense, what? He was the one saying Arsenal need to do this and that but then he gets greedy and keeps shooting wide, wud up wid dat?

    Agree with you about Eboue but why the hell is he shot this bad? no more shooting please Eboue.

  29. Paul N says:

    I really wish Vela had a chance to play, I believe he would have scored today.

  30. robert says:

    Boring player ratings. What is the point of having them if they all get anything between 6 and 8, use the other numbers…..

  31. cupid4real says:

    Agreed Ade had an average day today but he was not “awful”. Do not allow the summer events becloud your judgment. He chased balls, troubled the defence and more than once got balls on the left which he actually delivered into the box. If he dint score he sure did create enough unrest. He might not be Henry but Henry is his role model. VP and Bendtner need to be as troubling as Ade is, then we will have less goal scoring problems. I believe we play 4-4-2 and not 4-5-1 so cut the guy some slack. And can someone pls tell Eboue to stop trying shots on goal!!!

  32. Charlie says:

    First test over and done with; good result.
    Our left side is pulsing again; much like the days of Cole and Pires. When Rosicky gets back we will have right side that will bring the side to another level. With Fabergas and Van Persie operating in the centre and Ade battling the CBs; it will be a frightening prospect for any opposition.
    Looking forward to September.

  33. scottpuffin says:

    I agree with toure tribe underboss, Walcott was absolutely diabolical.

    I thought Eboue had a good game, he was better than Denilson, and probably our best player behind the boys down the left!!

  34. GunnerPete says:

    Shows how we all see matches wit different eyes! My ratings = Almunia good..7, Sagna, Clichy, Djourou all gd ..7,
    Gallas, Bentner, very poor 5.5, AdeB, Walcott, Eboue average 6,
    Nasri excellent 8, Denilson very good 7.5,

    That concludes the UK scoring folks. All in all, a win is better that a brilliant draw or loss. But Boss…do something about Gallas…ie; replace him and fast.

  35. fanner says:

    marcus you asking Wenger to quit? Maybe you should quit as a gooner instead. Do not take things for granted, if Wenger is gone someday, you will never find another Wenger again.

  36. west brom 4lyfe says:

    arsenal are never gonna win the title again no matter how good they are they will always be a one man band without adebayor they a completely utter crap

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