Arsenal fans boo Adebayor…justified?

I always knew that some of our fans would turn on Adebayor the moment things started to go wrong.

During a stinking match for Adebayor were he could do nothing right. Some of the Arsenal fans started to boo the striker after he missed a 1-1 with the WBA keeper, 5mins later Adebayor tried far to much and lost the ball rather then give a simple pass to Nasri and again the fans booed the striker. But this was expected! After some of the comments made by Adebayor in the summer, Some of the fans are not going to be as forgiving where in the past they have stood by Adebayors missed chances and supported him through the bad times where he went 9 games without a goal. Now its seems some of the fans are not willing to stand by the man from Togo.

Personally I cant see the point in booing our own player as this is going to do nothing for his confident,If you love him or hate him he is staying with us for at lest this season so lets put it to bed. The point has been made to Adebayor and now lets get behind him. I can understand why some of the fans have turned on him but its history now and we need to move on.. Don’t get me wrong I have never been a huge fan of his. I feel he misses far too many chances and at times is very selfish and should give an easy pass rather then trying to impress, And our attacks are often stopped by Adebayor not looking across the line and being caught offside.  But the lad works hard, His finishing might not be as clinical as Torres but he brings other things to the team and we need to appreciate the positives rather then focus on the negatives.

Some feel that Adebayor is just a one season wonder and we should of cashed in on him in the summer. But he is still an Arsenal player and we need to get behind him.

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44 Responses to Arsenal fans boo Adebayor…justified?

  1. saminator says:

    what do you expect from the fans for an ungrateful twat like adebayor who fluffs ten chances before putting away any? serves him right and what a 80k a week waste!

  2. Ole Gunner says:

    Not passing to Nasri was inexcusable. This to me is the problem with Adebayor. He gets threatened by other players getting the glory. This has to be nipped in the bud as it’s by no means acceptable. It’s why he finished last season with so few assists.

    If I’m the manager, I’m pulling him off after that.

  3. sam says:

    possibly harsh viewing from me, but he was a twat in the summer, angling for a bigger move or paycheck. He frankly deserves it, and when, as all pundits have seen and mentioned, he needs 5+ chances to score, why shouldn’t we get on his back?

    The turning point for me was the play where he could easily of put Samir in for a goal and instead decided to go outside of the defender, a much harder and ultimately greedier option. Greedybayor. He needs to pull his head out of his arse and get some lessons from eduardo.

  4. Stu says:

    Ade should have scored, simple as. How many times did he try the same thing against Barrett(i think that was his name) and failed all but once. He was far too selfish yesterday and didn’t his teamwork get many of his plaudids? IMO when Ade playes for himself he is poor. Learn to pass or learn to finish, Pick one ade.

  5. finlay says:

    hate him, but dont boo him.

  6. CruEL says:

    I’ve been booing him ever since he joined Arsenal.

    He was so non Arsenal, No ball sense, no ball control, can’t pass, can’t do 1 on 1s and has a ego to feed, seeing how his bad habits in togo and his old club it was shit.

    Ya some will go on about how he scored 30 fluke goals, he doesn’t seem to do it again isn’t it? So its fluke unless u do it week in week out aka TH14.

    Also he can be gone during the Jan transfer windows. I’m crossing my fingers he sods off.

  7. thegoonerforum says:

    CruEL did you boo him when he scored his volley vs the spurs last season?

  8. RobM says:

    I don’t see the point in booing our own players. Ignore him and cheer everyone else if you must do something.

  9. danny says:

    i was one of the fans who booed adebayor
    the reason i did this is not to lower his confidence but for him to work harder to try and gain the respect back after he treated arsenal fc like mugs to get more money when he dnt deserve it
    as much as we sung his name when he was going forward we booed his misses and a rubbish performance
    he will be better and will win us back

  10. Lebanese Arsenal Fan says:

    I dont know how can Arsenal let players as Hery,Hleb and Flamini to go easily without trying hard to keep them and they did their best to keep this greedy , arrogant , f u c k e r adebayor to stay!? not only they let him stay but they also increased his wages!? why didnt they do the same with Flamini!? Anyway adebayor performance against west brom is his real performance this stupid lucky must thanks his GOD day and night coz his playing with a team as Arsenal who can deliver him balls easily

  11. toure tribe underboss says:

    not justified! he tried ,walcott played like a statue ,ade put a few nice balls into the box ,van persie stood outside the area waiting for the perfect volley,ade and bendtner need to learn to play together!

  12. toure tribe underboss says:

    no disrespect to the legend th14 but he missed plenty of sitters! stop comparing the 2,completely different players,just coz ade heads out to the left wing on a regular basis thats arsenes instructions!

  13. toure tribe underboss says:

    80k a week is almost the going rate these days! dont blame the man blame the game! you wont find a plummer charging 50% less than the rest!

  14. toure tribe underboss says:

    ade is a victim of his own success,imagine if we had a 30 goal a season striker like torres ade would compliment him perfectly ,its not his fault van p is a fairy striker and bendtner is too simular and walcott lacks guts! ade and eduardo will be deadly!

  15. toure tribe underboss says:

    anyway people carry on like we lost yesterday! we dont need to be convincing as long as we win!

  16. Cid says:

    He was booed, but some sections of the crowd went against it, trying to sing for him. You have to be a total pinhead to think there’s any benefit in booing your own players, particularly during the first game of a bloody long season. Do us all a favour and get behind the team. Don’t sing his name when others do if you want, but don’t boo him – there’s enough d!ckheads singing that Ashley Cole song without adding to the moron factor of our ground with this.

  17. Freddie71 says:

    I was there yesterday and the booing from a section of the crowd was uncalled for – for crying out loud you don’t boo your own.
    Say what you like publicly about him but you silly arses that did boo him are out of order.
    Some talk about him sodding off……I wish all you glory hunters and fair weather fans would you’re a disgrace to the club!

    What some of you idiots don’t understand is by booing it affects the rest of the team.

  18. the God says:

    but ole gunner your not the manager your just a bum so fuck off, no menton on denilson , hes looking very good , a all round player he was my man of the match no doubt . nasri looks like class 2, get of ade,s case he worked hard should of passed 2 nasri but thats ball , all those peops that booed should fuckoff and go watch them blue boys, cuz it sounds like u like that android type of ball,if u dont like the way i sing it. cum 2 woolwich arsenal the real birth place of the mighty gunners (south london ) BANG BANG BITCH

  19. The Master says:

    CruEL no true Gooner will boo their own players. You need to sod off

  20. Ole Gunner says:

    the God,

    Ade’s selfishness is a problem. It cost us last season. I remember the game at Newcastle when he didnt pass to a free Eduardo and we drew. I remember the Boro loss in december when he didn’t pass to Rosicky. We know of the pass he didn’t make to Bendtner at Birmingham.

    It’s a problem the dude has. If I were the manager, given how many good strikers we have I will be cracking down on that.

  21. Joe says:

    Do Not bo him…
    Simple as that, it wasnt his best day but im sure he will improve. Van persie also needs to improve but i dont think bendter is ready to start in my oppion leave RVP and Ade to go for it. Theo was disapointing, but we won.. so lets work on Going forward leave the the transfer shit behide, Because we picked up nasri 😛

  22. Hamsal says:

    This was to be expected…check this link by copying and paste into your browser.

    Now that Bayo is still an Arsenal player, it will be to our own disadvantage if we continue booing him. The guy had an improved contract already. So he is in a win-win situation. I agree that we should be behind me now atleast for the overall benefits of the teams and the fans.

    If we continue to boo him, we will be doing so at our own peril.

  23. bewster says:

    i agree with the master no true gooner should boo their own players ade will pay us back for his antics during the summer

  24. USGooner says:

    I wish Adebayor had gone. Put it this way….Ade has 10 chances and can score once. Torres has one chance and scores once. Arsenal could have given away a late goal and drawn 1-1 in a game they should have won 5-0. Liverpool vs Sunderland should ave been 0-0 as it as a dulll game…but along came Torres with his only chance…..3pts to Liverpool.
    I cannot understand how Ade can be our main striker. He does not know the offside rule, and he needs so many chances.

  25. G4L says:

    what idiot thinks booing a player will make him work hard? Ungrateful posers, he is wearing the arsenal shirt and he is running his arse off every game. I didn’t hear you moaning after he converted the only chance he was presented against Twente? Or was the goal just not beautiful enough for you? The idiot on the bbc link above says Adebayor doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor… excuse me? Do we get extra points for saying ‘wow’ after a goal or a mazy dribble? It sound so hypocritical in the light of empty patches around the stadium for the opening game of the season, along with a great number of those abovementioned shirty posers going for a pint before the half has ended (as notably captured on the Sky cameras) and coming back late after 5 minutes after the start of the second half. You arseholes deserve characters like Adebayor.

    Back to Adebayor, yes he seemed a cunt during the summer (actually it was his agent) and he got the message from the club. He withdrew after Wenger called his bluffs and committed himself here. The fact is the man has half the talent Henry ever had yet he scored 30 goals last year and carried the team on his own through a patch where RvP and Eduardo were injured and support from midfield was nowhere to be seen. Was it not for him, we would’ve been playing with the sp*rs in the UEFA Cup. And as far as the myth about him missing loads of chances, OPTA stats at the end of the season that his conversion rate was 2% (WOW!) off of Fernando Torres.

  26. G4L says:

    “He hasn’t scored 30 goals more than 1 season” I hear some say. Well, he’s only played one full season as the main striker.

    The rumor that he asked the same salary as the great TH14 was never confirmed and a liable source was never confirmed.

    Bendtner and Walcott were rather shite as well yesterday, yet everyone is on Adebayor’s back because “he didn’t pass”. I bet if he did pass and the receiver of the pass didn’t score you’d all be whinging why he didn’t shoot etc. Get a life.

  27. Stu says:

    I wont boo him but i will scream diatasteful comments in his direction when he does stupid things. I think he’s trying to prove he’s worth by getting another 30 this season. the problem with that is he isn’t clinical and apparently he cant pass, wont pass. Why did the board go all out to keep him. If he f@*ked off for £25m Arsene could have easily bought a more clinical striker.

  28. Abz says:

    dont boo him. He’s an Arsenal player. There is no benefit in it.


    Apart from his work rate, I dont see anything he brings to the team that none of our other strikers has.

    Bendtner is better in the air, VP and Eduardo are better finishers, Walcott is faster and they all do more to bring their team mates into the game.

    Ade’s best (sic) attribute is being caught offside.

  29. Conor says:

    I really can’t see the benrfit of booing an Arsenal player. Not onl does it affect player , it also effects the rest of the team. His behaviour over the summer months left a lot to be desired but at present he is still an Arsenal player.

    If he is not preforming, and we have better options, he will be replaces. Wenger can work this out for himself with out the aid of the boo boys.

  30. Mattc says:

    Encourage him, let him know he’s got to work harder, but what possible gain can there be in booing him. Unless of course your own personal self-satisfaction in booing is more important than Arsenal, which makes you guilty of everything that you accuse Adebayor of.

  31. Mr Young Gun says:

    It’s time it stopped. We need him to perform, love him or hate him. Booing is getting old now.

  32. Dolomite says:

    Hello All Gooners….

    I can understand some of the fans’ frustration but as Arsenal fans no matter how bad our players behave we should NEVER boo them. Dont sing their chants or praise other players on our team but NEVER EVER BOO THEM.

    Three points is enough at the moment, we need him firing on all cylinders just like all the top strikers who have already opened their accounts – Martins, Torres, Anelka

  33. dzef13 says:

    Great site!

  34. toure tribe underboss says:

    G4L hallelujah i love you,someone with a brain, i hate them shirty posers sloping off 10 minutes before halftime too and also the muppets who get their facts off the press and sky sports centre! JAH bless you

  35. Orson says:

    Greedybyor got boo’d by a few because he was playing like shit and refusing to pass.
    He’s the one that claims he’s worth the same money as TH14 etc etc etc and tried to stitch us up by engineering a move in the summer forcing our habnd to double his wages. Now, here’s the thing, If you act like that, claim your some sort of super hero and demand this and that all summer the bottom line is that if you get it, you BETTER BLOODY PROVE YOU WERE RIGHT AND THAT YOUR NOT JUST A GREEDY SHIT ROBBING US BLIND WHO HAS NO LOYALTY or you my be boo’d and in my book RIGHTLY SO> He now earns 3 x my annual salary in one week because hes been saying how blood marvelous he is all summer. NOW HE CAN EITHER PROVE IT OR SIT ON THE BENCH AND PISS OFF IN THE WINTER WINDOW.
    Id rather have Bendtner playing who genuinely loves the club. I spoke with him about Arsenal and you should see the smile every time he even mentions the name Arsenal. He’d bleed ofr us…….. Thats what we need, not greedy twats that dont want to be here. If he gets BOO’d, though shit. He should get out and earn the cheers shouldnt he?

  36. Orson says:

    He wasnt exactly bother about upsetting us fans all summer was he? so why should we care about upsetting him now?

  37. Faroese says:

    Generally, I would agree that we shouldn’t boo an Arsenal player, but the thing is this. Adebayor did not get booed because he played bad, he got booed when he refused to pass the ball to Nasri, when Nasri was in a much better position to have an attempt on goal. And the fact that the fans were already frustrated by Ade’s behavior during the summer, as well as having a bad match, invoked a lot of emotion from them. I know I was shouting in front of the tv. Of course, we all probably know that we shouldn’t ever boo our players, but remember we are only human as well. We care so much about Arsenal that it’s bound to boil over every now and then.

  38. JC says:

    Ive never liked him from day one! But now we have made our point and he knows we arent mugs i think we should leave it at that, otherwise we will just undermine his confidence, he wont score as many as last season, his value will plummet and no-one will want to take him of our hands next year.

  39. Norm says:

    Yes, booing Adebayor is justified! Arsene should make sure that this does not upset the team by not playing Adebayor as it is clear that the fans deos not want him! And Arsenal will be much better for it.

  40. Norm says:

    The only way to stop the booing is not play Adebayor!
    He is the worst striker I have ever seen play forArsenal!

  41. wenger says:

    why people dont understand ade is coz he does overwork thus finding himself in scoring positions many times.did u hear what le boss said of him? he is doing more than he was signed 2 do.ade was signed so that he will be putting the balls down 4 da other clinical finishers like rvp en eduardo 2 score not himself 2 score thats why according 2 le boss we should demand goals from rvp not ade but i dont know whats happening 2 rvp coz he looked better in euro 08 than now at arsenal he is like just waiting 2 celebrate ades goal.lets not boo our own please he will start scoring.infact the boooing is the one that made him 2be selfish coz he wanted 2 get a goal 2 stop da boooing, grow up gooners he is our own.

  42. G4L says:


    did it ever occur to you that it can have a negative effect on the whole team??

    Mr. Welles must be turning in his grave now…

  43. G4L says:

    Abz, what you mentioned is true but none of those strikers have all those things combined.

    He was once clocked in training as 4th or 5th quickest in the squad behind Theo, Traore, Clichy and Hoyte, he can jump as high as Nick B, and his finishing is not as bad as people like to say. Certainly an area where he can improve, if he works hard at it. He’s come a long way since he arrived and people seem to forget what he was like then.

  44. robert says:

    never booooo our own player!!!! It is stupid, I know he is a twat but he is still our player!!!

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