Wenger knows, in Arsene we trust… you F*****g muppets

Are you really surprised that the mighty Arsenal got beat today by Fulham?

Some people that know a little about football and Arsenal have been saying for a very long time that we are not good enough and we need players. But every time you say something that doubts Wenger you are called a plastic and told you go and support a different team! All this Wenger knows, in Arsene we trust… you F*****g muppets. Wenger is at fault and cant blame anybody but himself. No doubt he will try and blame an international break and our players looking jaded for this terrible performance but that old chestnut is beginning to sound like a scratched record now.

Wenger has had all summer to get the defensive midfield issue sorted since Flamini and Gilberto moved on. But he has done nothing but faff about in the transfer marker claiming he is “too busy to sign a player” Well now you only have yourself to blame for dropping 3 pts.

God knows how importance this result will be come the end of the season.

No doubt people will again pick out individual player to blame ( as usual ) Today its Gallas and Denilson, Last season it was Senderos and Eboue.

Some of you need to see that maybe the problem is Wenger and his unwillingness to sign quality players.

I hope all you Wenger knows muppets will keep quite and admit the fact that this is going to be yet another trophyless season until Wenger gets his balls out of his handbag and spends some of that money we all told we have so much of.

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127 Responses to Wenger knows, in Arsene we trust… you F*****g muppets

  1. Mr Young Gun says:

    I can’t argue with much you’ve said. We do need reinforcements pronto. But we were every disjointed wihtout Fabregas today. But with the team we fielded we should have won anyway. You also have to remember that it was one of those games where the opponent will just edge out a win. Every team will have one of these games, be it Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool (nearly had one today). So lets hope Wenger adds and the lads get their sh!t together! Go Arsenal.

  2. Julian Jackson says:

    “No strength in depth”, “Can’t win anything with kids”, “Arsenal youth found out” I can hear the unimaginative headlines and debates already. They all might be right but its not relevant when your 1st teamers, your experienced players, your world cup winners don’t perform, don’t lead by example. I don’t care that Denilson was out muscled today. I’m far more concerned that Gallas failed, Toure underperformed, Nasri didn’t get in the game, Adebeyor was pitiful and RVP couldn’t threaten the goal from FOUR free kicks. Four free kicks – three into the wall and one into the stands. Forget Denilson and Theo – if you can’t beat the wall from a free kick you may as well give up now. Push Chelsea all the way – as someone famous once said “my arse!” We would struggle to beat a frickin’ egg with this bunch of pricks.

  3. Michael says:

    I have to say that I agree with practically all of the above.

  4. Mehdi says:

    Second game of the season. Transfer window not closed yet. Calm down.

  5. Lord Arsenal says:

    Will you lend us £25m so that Arsene can buy? Because Danny Fiszman ain’t going to do it. He can’t even appoint a CEO.

    Fiszman lives is Switzerland and is planning to sell up next year. So until new owners come in I am glad that Arsene can keep us in the top 4 whilst penny pinching.

    David Dein was right!

  6. YTSL says:

    This is the weakest Arsenal team (and squad) I’ve seen managed by Arsene Wenger. Ever. Honestly, if Arsenal don’t buy a central defensive midfield partner for Fabregas, I really will believe that Wenger’s really lost the plot.

  7. aLaN says:

    Well said
    Those AKBs are cunts

  8. jeremy says:

    Maybe Wenger has started to lose the plot…. that money aint urs Arsene use it forget abt “i don buy success i build it”.. another season trophless????? this is bull

  9. iain says:

    i make you absolutely right.
    also he is at fault for not selling that twat adebayor when he had the chance.
    Eduardo made him look good last season as he created a diversion for adebayor to score so many. when he got injured the goals dried up.
    Wenger has turned obsessive about creating his own team of unknowns.
    when he first came to the club he instantly tried to get rid of dixon and bould by playing Grimandi and Garde.
    He tried several times to freeze Bergkamp out playing him on the right wing a few times until he realised he couldn’t do without him.
    he also at times preferred cristopher Wreh to Wrighty………………. he doesn’t always know best.

  10. J says:

    Calm Down!?
    we just lost to fulham!
    You Schmock!!!

  11. PATRICK Horan says:

    I fully agree, get rid of the prof. sell the club to foreign owners and bring back Dein

  12. hadareud says:

    calm down ffs

    Wenger has confirmed a signing in dm over and over again.

    Doesn’t take anything away from our shitty performance today though.

  13. jc says:

    signing silverstre, not signing a dm, selling diarra in january (why not only loan him), hes losing the plot. i know the season is only 2 games old but we’ll challenge for 4th at most. the team is much much weaker than the team we had last season. without cesc we’re terrible and thats a key issue that needs to be resolved as we cant and shouldnt rely on him to save us

  14. Sam says:

    Spot on with all the comments, i think wengers stubborn attitude towards promoting youth and not spending on quality will see us fall by the way side, it’s all very well saying that the team is young and needs to grow, but 3 seasons of it is just a slap in the face of loyal supporters, apparently there is money to spend and on todays performance he will need to spend it, we have no creativity in midfield without fab, and no midfield enforcer since flamini left, alonso would be a good buy, if the press reports of a 10 million offer being refused are true, just dig deep wenger up the offer, swallow your pride and spend the F**king money

  15. tuna says:

    3RD proper game of the season…3RD awful performance…centre midfield for the 3rd game running shocking. Arsene has had months to sort out central midfield & has done nothing.

  16. GunnerX says:

    I’m calm, but that was so depressing to watch.

  17. wtf says:

    Totally agree. We all saw this coming all summer long. Sign a bloody midfielder before august. But he waits, hoping to save a few million quid. Wenger’s Hubris is starting to kill this club.

  18. mel says:

    Worse display since last defeat at fulham – why drop djourou – toure has lost it since returning from anc and what has happened to clichy. I spoke to wenger for 45 mins a few weeks ago after meeting him at a restaurant and his plans involve waiting to the last minute to sign players to get them cheaper but whoever we sign the delay has just cost us 3 points and an abysmal display.AW believes so strongly that last season being trophyless was down to simply bad luck that we won nothing and he cant see that his failing to reinforce a thin squad in jan cost us. I love AW for the style of footy he has introduced but he is sadly losing the plot at the moment – very sad.

  19. Thomas "right at the end" says:

    So if theres £10000 arsenal muppets saying Arsene knows
    are they all wrong???
    So what are y saying writer, sack A. Wenger????

  20. Ramsay says:

    I can see Silvestre and Djourou at the back, what confidence is Gallas and Toure defending like idiots gonna do for Denilson etc, and they cant have a go at Gallas as he will go off crying, we need Imler or someone thats going to break up play Denilson skips out of tackles, the sooner Diaby and Rosicky get back the better too. Its time for Wenger to deliver or as he says the League can be over by September

  21. Ray Gooner says:

    i’ll take a few struggling opening games of the season rather than a poor finish to the season…(remember that United were very poor at the beginning of last season but when they came into gear they were unstoppable!
    Arsenal will get better and better, i have no doubt!
    With Rosicky, Fabregas & Eduardo coming back, Silvestre coming in and maybe another new signing Arsenal will be fighting for the title again!

  22. Mark Saunders says:

    Denilson was Fulham’s 12th man – he completed more successful passes to a Fulham player than anyone in white! Absolute rubbish along with Walcott.

  23. GoonerCanuck says:

    Up to now I have been Wenger’s staunchest defender but after today I have big questions. 1) How has he allowed the little experience we had to be ripped out of the team? Gilberto, Flamini and Hleb gone and replaced by Nasri, who by Wenger’s own admission won’t be ready for at least half the season. 2) Why does Arsenal’s worst player Eboue get to play every week – even at centre midfield????!!! 3) What happened to Vela – looks a far more complete player than Walcott & can play on the wing? 4) What was Wenger thinking by replacing Toure for Song – surely Song would have been better replacing either of the two hopeless central midfielders? … I could go on but I’m bored and fed up – we’ve played bad before but you felt the team was there to correct things. Now there is no depth, we’re still being spun a vision of all these great youngsters, and now we can’t even lose pretty.

  24. lennox says:

    his had all summer to sign players and we have signed shit look at chelsea they look so strong .rvp is shit man get rid of him along with walcott,eboue,senderos,gallas,denilson,,things dont look good for wednesday does it all these injuries maybe the there not training or warming up properly,or is it the sort of players wenger buys small players,need to get in the gym and pump some iron??????????

  25. Abz says:

    You know what’s really sad? This wont be the last game we lose in this fashion this season.

    In a way, I’m glad this happened before the window shut. Wenger can now look at his team and realise it’s a sack of shite and maybe do something to sort it out.

    But of course I’m dreaming. No, Wenger wont buy an experienced player because they have no re-sell value or it will hinder the development of the youth. Of course, that’s why you manage a football team. To budget and make money rather than win football matches…

    Arsenal football club, on the pitch at least, is a complete mess right now.

  26. tiny says:

    its up to the fans to make it known we aint happy and we want and expect alot better than that. i heard a few boos today. man of the match dennilson for fulham

  27. mike says:

    you hit the nail on the head. what about when we were told were leaving highbury so that we can compete financially with the other team. wheres all that money going, as the hleb and the money were owed from bentley is still in the bank. lets sign barry or alonso, oh and bring back mr arsenal davin dein.

  28. Lanboy says:

    Knee jerk alert, knee jerk alert……

    In fact, no need for the knee word to be incuded.

  29. Hugh says:

    Jesus Calm down mate.

    you sound like a petulant kid whose parent wouldnt buy him anything in the shop.

    That was a poor display I agree but if man u or liverpool were missing their best player-ronaldo/torres, they would not have beaten that rugged fulham team today.
    its a lesson that we will learn from.

    dont ever call me a muppet for trusting the best manager in the world.

  30. aLaN says:

    Arsene Wenger is a French clown.

  31. You're a Gimp says:

    You’re talking boll***s and since Wenger is so s**t who should we get in instead you f******g muppet

  32. Donjohnni says:

    Thing is though, maybe Wenger doesn’t have money because of the board? Maybe it’s not his fault?

  33. Lebanese Arsenal Fan says:

    PLEASE stop saying kids or we have a very young team enough is enough!! no one oblige wenger or his f u cking stingy board of directors to buy kids! maybe it very soon to judge and criticize the team but today game showed that we r not at all a competitor team!! 2 shot from the stupid adebayor!!!!!! what a f ucking striker he is! Arsenal must go as soon as possible to buy 2 players a striker and a midfielder (not inler)

  34. Paul says:

    Today the game was decided in midfield. Denilson and Eboue were outshone by Bullard and Murphy, Bullard would actually look good in an Arsenal shirt on today’s performance. Yes Gallas was poor and was at fault for the goal, and RVP’s free kicks were poor. But with a decent midfield we would have scored more than their one. When Fabregas and Diaby are fit and playing we will look good but we need better depth. WE MUST BUY A CENTRAL MIDFIELD PLAYER OF QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE BEFORE THE WINDOW CLOSES.

  35. Drew says:

    spot on mate// what i do not get is why we let flamini leave for free when its obvious his grit was missing from this game? i mean, i do not even get it financially, we have to now go out and spend 10-15 million quid just to find a midfielder to replace him. why not just give him the increased wages, instead of dishing out 15 million to buy his replacement, that would be like 3-4 yrs of salary for flamini.
    i understand there is a wage structure, but letting a player go who was arguably the best of last seasons campaign for free, those are situations where you can break the established wage policy. instead of flamini, we decide to break our policy with regard to over 30 yr olds so that we can sign sivestre for 2 yrs?? are you kidding me… pires was let go but we break the structure for an injured silvestre??

  36. crap says:

    AW not only will blame international break, he would blame the ref for not giving penalties… He talk cock a lot yet there are lots of them out there believe all he mentioned – no worries, we would win silverwares with current team HAHA…. (in fact, we do – the pre-season warm up that we had in Holland!!!)

  37. Dave says:

    Bravo. Couldn’t agree more. His previous success has brainwashed people. Calm down? We have thrown 3 points away cos our manager is too obsessed with his own vision of what a football club is ‘supposed’ to be and not with what the fans want.

  38. JOEL says:

    “chickens coming home to roost”!Did anyone really believe THAT side was good enough?Why on earth would anyone in their right mind believe that Eboue is a Central midfielder capable of commanding a game for a Top 4 premier league side!

  39. Simeon says:

    (to mendhi) Actually, I find that Arsenal fans have been remarkably calm and longsufferring with this club for quite some time now. No trophies in 3 years and the calls for Wenger’s head are few and far between IMO. So I think the time for calm is over. It’s really time now to put some pressure on Wenger. Year after year, the same strategy that’s failing.
    If you think about it, the reason we got so far last season was because of a relatively easy start (matches against bottom of the table clubs at home or a nearby venue). This year we’ve had an equally easy starts in terms of opponents and venue and yet we’re dropping points already. So, what we don’t need is complacent folks like you who keep pushing for patience when Wenger and the board really haven’t earned it.

  40. nzekwe Asugha says:

    This is an eye opener to wenger. The man has lost all sense of touch and ambition. Last season, he only lost to the big three, this season he will loose to the big ten. Unless arsene signs matured players, he will miss out of the big four and it will dawn on him that soccer has changed.

  41. Siso says:

    i tottally agree with you .. this is bullsh*t

  42. djalmina says:

    terrible terrible forum, get a life, 2 games in, shut it loser

  43. concerned says:

    If AW thinks Eboue is undroppable, then you should go easy on him – because he might just have brain cancer or something…

  44. Ramgun says:

    The only time I have seen Van Persie looking fit and interested since last autumn was in an orange shirt. Gallas and Toure are still bread and bread. Adebayor should have been sold or made to play on his old contract. Why do people keep saying he works hard? He damn well should, but often doesn’t. Would Mad Jens have been blocked off so easily? Arsene faces his biggest challenge. I hope that he comes through, but I fear for him. Pecking order seems to mean more than performance at the moment.

  45. Muntster says:

    From what we have seen today and last week, we look very ordinary at the moment. When we start to play teams with a lot more pedigree, I think we should be very worried. I know we are missing Cesc, but who else of world class quality is there to come back. Arsene needs to sign at least two world class players and quickly or as far as this season goes, forth place may not be a fore gone!!

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  47. Dav says:

    Its not the losing that hurts, its the lack of heart and desire from that bunch of over paid primadonnas.

    Seriously if only Sagna, Clichy and Almunia ever played for Arsenal again out of that lot i wouldn’t be too disapointed. And Song showed some refreshing drive when he came on – But why the hell AW put him on in defence instead of Toure when chasing the game I really can’t figure out.

    Arsene knows – how to develop kids, sadly Le Prof has forgetten anything he knew about tactics, inspiration, motivating players and selecting players who can actually do a job for him.

  48. min says:

    what are you doing?
    today so bad.
    you are prepare for all player

  49. wenger's little limp cock says:

    # Mehdi Says:
    August 23, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Second game of the season. Transfer window not closed yet. Calm down.

    IDIOT – you just dont get it do you fuckwit! Wenger has known all summer that we need to sign more players and done fuck all. Why no action? Arrogance is why and idiots like you still lick hid ass. PRICK – we lost today – second game, easy opponents, 3 points in the bag should have been a doddle … so we’re off to a bad start already and should be grateful we didn’t face ManU or the Chavs elsse it would have been 6 – and all you have to say is calm down. CUNT.

  50. marcus says:

    I am not suprised by the result, i think pre-season was a shambles not knowing your first team and it is all to see that the team is unbalanced big time…We cant rely on fabregas yet again. The team is full of injury prones,even if we buy players it is going to take time to gel im afraid it will be too late…

  51. Uk bubbler says:

    Not going to say told you so, but come on saw this coming a mile off. I would of thought Wenger would know you need a strong midfield to win the Pl or anything. After the game he say’s the midfield got dominanted, did he not see that when he put that team on paper.

    For all those who thought flamini was just some 2 bit watercarrier, think again. Eboue/den don’t make 1 of him. Wenger should of given him 80 grand and sold ade! IMO we need more than just one DM. 4 1st teamers could easily fit into this squad, did you see our bench? I guess wenger knows.

  52. chippy says:

    When Wenger leaves at the end of his present contract
    we will have the best team in the World that will only just be coming into its prime.
    The Emirates will be well on the way to being paid off and the club will have no other debt.
    I hope some of you journos then look back in shame at these kind of knee jerk topics.

  53. Bob says:


    What a pathetic overreacting fanny. Additional analysis- mug.

  54. mumash1 says:

    agree with you guys,,wenger is the one reason behind our poor perfomance..concerned more abt making money..why has he taken long to sign dm..it took like 24 hrs to a 700k player

  55. rex says:

    He’s in danger of ruining his legacy. We’ve been in decline for sometime now this season may ultimately show how much he has let things slip. Last years challenge has become exception rather than the rule. We’re 3rd/4th best in the league and if we’re honest, struggling to hold on to that. It’s looking more and more like the last few years of Graham.

  56. bewster says:

    today was a disapointing result but wenger cant be blamed hes holding out for a deal for a central midfielder which is where we lacked creativity today with fab injured theres no one else to come in hell get it right dont doubt him hes hurting like us all

  57. Alan says:

    Pathetic, “I know who I want and the fans will be reassured by what they see in the next 2 to 3 weeks”. Isn’t that what Wenger said back in May. 6 weeks later we had Ramsey and Nasri (I suppose). Reassured my hole. Our squad is laughable, how have we fallen so far in 4 years. We’re in constant transition and our bench at the moment really is frighteningly bare. How can Arsenal justify their ticket prices for that squad.

  58. LeonK says:

    Arsenal’s season was never going to amount to anything, we were written off from the start and the players aside from Fabregas are substandard bargain bucket players. I just want Wenger sacked as soon as possible, he has driven what was once a stable club into the ground. Its a shame because he will only be remembered for that.

  59. Manuel says:

    what a brilliant post…

    you guys are just amazing…

    why dont you PLEASE give up writing and clogging up news streams with your utter rubbish.

  60. gunner says:

    Wanger only nows about his suck ego,we must do some thing,these club is not going pleyses.
    We need to invite Osmunov and Dein to buy the club and give Wanger the “right” money to spend(that is what mr’Dein is seying all along).
    If after the above senario Wanger will keep on with his ego staf,then staf him,and bring amaneger with awinning mentality,because in the last three years WANGER LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Steve says:

    We also had loads of injuries – if the team that played today was the first team alarm bells would be ringing but its not. We were missing arguably 3 out of the 4 that would have played, Cesc, Diaby and Rosicky.

    Eboue is useless, Nasri is new and Walcott is a flyweight in the Premiership. Sometimes you need a kick up the arse to kick start your season. This could be it.

  62. useroz says:

    it’s an embarrassing loss; i could feel it during the 1st half when rvp couldn’t score at near post and once we got behind and ade hit the post you know it’s likely we’re done today. i should be mad but it’s surprising calm, or should i say, resigned? resigned to the fact that those ought to did not step up (unlike cesc when he’s 16, 17) and in fact, far from it.

    We can’t say we’d have won with this team unless you pin down those who did not perform… what the heck was denilson and walcott doing was beyond me, frankly; denilson missed pass after pass while never could even hold onto the ball (except 1 cross in first half) lest created something. that’s 9 v 11! however good you might be ain’t going to cut it…

    some would blame eboue and why not? when he ‘dived’ and coined 3 free kicks in 2nd half, and tried rolling around in the first holding onto his shin! i meant the opposite of course, when eboue at least got a pass today and looked the most threatening in the 3 occasions when he got hacked down… those tried and argue please just go and grab a replay and watch the slow mo in all!

    Yes, it’s not too late but if something isn’t done quickly (not just buying another player (or players in my dream)… it’s not a ‘if we don’t get silverware…”, rather it’s a foregone conclusion that we won’t get silverware at all this seaons, or next!

  63. FCdeMatthew says:

    with the loan for the stadium, we are unable to spend a lot. get real. without a manager that can lead us to Champions League every season, we could be the next Leeds very soon. Wenger has been doing this on a tight budget. how many managers can really do so? i bet even ferguson or mourinho can’t do so. that’s why Dein said we needed a billionaire to compete with them.

  64. toure tribe underboss says:

    i think there are deep problems at arsenal ,there is more to dein leaving than meets the eye ,i believe arsene is begging the board for a new midfielder and they are grumbling ,deep financial issues even the press couldnt dream of writing about! arsene is the man yes ,but do you believe he doesnt see the crap we are seeing ? he has to work with what he has !

  65. Arsedoctor says:

    We needed this game. Why? To prove that we are seriously deficient in the centre of midfield and I would argue on the wings as well. Nasri is a class act but he needs time to settle, after that who else is there. Theo is not performing on the right, Eboue has to be the worst player of any of the top four teams and Rosicky is permanently injured and even he isn’t a true winger. I read that Arsene doesn’t want to sign anyone that will affect the development of the young players. Who are these great young players that we are talking about. If the current crop, how many are true greats in the making? Diaby might stay fit enough but other than that there is no one else. We have to face facts, the reason we have been trophyless for the last 3 seasons is because our players are not yet good enough. Arsene says this team will reach its peak in 5 or 6 years…Does anyone believe that Fabregas will hang around till then the way we are going…This isn’t a knee jerk reaction, we have to face facts that especially in the midfield only fabregas is good enough, even if everyone is fit. Luckily there are still some days left in the transfer window, let’s hope Arsene uses them.

  66. toure tribe underboss says:

    arsene could do a rafa and air the laundry in public but i believe he is a true gent and will not drag the good name THE ARSENAL through the mud!

  67. toure tribe underboss says:

    oh and lets be real ,gallas nor toure are proper centre halfs ,they are make shift centres who have no talent elsewhere! rvp disgusts me,he is not worth having ,dead bodies perform better than theo, and eboue will again be used as the human target for blind gooner pricks! anyway its all good people!

  68. Phil says:


  69. johnny says:

    come on gooners calm down its only the 2nd game of the season ,lets get behind r lads an de boss , arsenal til we die , gooner for life, lets not judge so early..

  70. Danish Gooner says:

    we are a complete and utter joke and wenger still refuses to learn his lesson.Every Tom,dick and Harry now knows how to defend against us and it only takes a little guile in midfield and we are fucked…..we still dont like it up us no matter what Wenger says.He is at best delusional and someone really should relieve him off his job if this game isnt watershed no game will ever be.And i predicted it that is worryingly.

  71. dazzy1900 says:

    agree with most of origianal post. Wenger’s time is up – he has run out of ideas. where do we start?! Eboue – WTF???!! WHY Arsene?? What the fuck do you see that EVERY gooner (and non AFC fan) can’t see?? HE IS SHIT!! Denilson, Diaby, Walcott – poor and are not world class. Walcott will never make it in the big time football. Ade should of been sold & Santa Cruz brought in. Gallas!!! should NEVER be captain he is NO leader. Not a patch on Tony Adams or Pat V Where the fook was he for their goal??????! As for our backroom staff…………..! Pat Rice wtf DOES he do??? The medical staff need replacing in full – a disgrace.
    But back to AW, he has lost it. Never makes a quality tactical substitution. Take today’s game 70 mins + we are losing 1 nil and looking a shambles, what does he do?? takes off Toure and replaces like for like with Song!!! Jesus Christ Arsene!! WTF’inF!!Why not gambe with amsey and or Jack W??! they could be no worse that what was out there!!
    You can’t knock AW for what he has done for the club in the past but i am wondering now if he has what it takes to out wit others, and also change the style of play when needed.
    Not since the days of Terry Neil have i started to worry about the man in charge..
    Could be worse though i guess……….
    We could support the Spuds!! LMAO!

  72. Matt says:

    You are a prick of the highest order. So what if some people are trusting of Wenger? I’ll tell you what mate, when you have won trophies and have become a successful Premier League Manager you can come out and explain just how easy it really is, until then stick to your Football Manager game where you can actually sign players in a couple of days. In reality, though, its a lot more difficult.

    I’m not going to call you plastic for having your doubts about Wenger but I am going to call you plastic for taking out your frustrations on your own kind. If you have a problem with Wenger then its a problem with Wenger, don’t go around calling Arsenal fans “Fucking muppets” just because you have a problem. Unless of course you are part of the RedAction group then, of course, that sort of behaviour is just called normal.

  73. Greg Goon says:

    I agree 100% all i can remember people saying to me is trust wenger, wenger knows, in arsene we trust.

    Well you all a bunch of deluded cúnts!!!!

    Chelski have two star players in every position!

    Man u know how to win ugly, and liverpool have torres who is just pure class.

    We have nothing but a bunch of promising youths!

    Wenger is a cunt if he thinks we even stand a chance of winning the league with a performance like that… denilson should pack his bags what an arse!

    eboue is just an idiot!

    toure and gallas cant fucking play together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are we like every england fan in the fact that we ALL FUCKING KNOW THAT LAMPARD CANT PLAY FOR ENGLAND except these fucking coaches!


    sqaud full of muppets!

    we will win fuck all and i was well happy the mugs down the road have started great with two defeats lol then we do this.


  74. lauritz says:

    that’s the problem! second game of the season, and already our squad is strecht to its limits, and it cost us some points today.

    Don’t know exactly who’s to blame, if Wenger is “too busy” to sign someone… would’nt it be nice if we finaley got a replacement for D.Dein?

    In the end it’s the managers responsibility that he goes into the new season with the best squad posible… this season we are at least a top class CM short, and some of the players looks rusty.. why have’nt theese players played in pre-season to get this sharpnes that Wenger talks alot about?

  75. Norm says:

    Arsene, you have done it, you have finally made me embarressed to be an Arsenal supporter!

  76. Chaz says:

    Am I honestly reading some of this?

    Wenger is a cunt? Wenger has lost it?

    Seriously. Through all these pathetic insults is there one suggestion for an alternative other than “BUY THIS PLAYER, BUY THAT PLAYER”.

    If Wenger goes, who comes in?

    Then we’ll really be fucked.

  77. midoco says:

    Embarrassed to be an Arsenal supporter! Fucking tit!

  78. Peter Wong says:

    I know one swallow does not a winter make.What happens if there are many swallows.By trusting his young gunners AW has been bitterly dsiappointed.
    The srikers are not sharp enough. If stats are drawn up on the score ratio to chances,AW will be horrrified.
    I bet this could be the make or break time for Arsenala nd AW.

  79. Danish Gooner says:

    Chaz do you really think Wenger is the only quality manager around ?????

  80. thegoonerforum says:

    Some people think that when wenger leaves Arsenal the club is going to be doomed.

    Arsenal are bigger then 1 person. Arsenal were a great club before and will be after Wenger

  81. Chaz says:

    Danish Gooner, no I dont but I’m not hearing any suggestions. What if the board sacked him after today with no-one else lined up?

  82. cesc la vie says:

    I was there. it was shocking but we’ll push on. Had an interesting chat with Nikki B as he was warming up aswell. Shouted ‘Oy Nik!..’ and he turned round and came over to speak. I said ‘ On you go son, teach that cunt Ade what playing for The Arsenal means. ‘ To which he replied ‘I wish I could’ .. Even when he was warming up, every ball that went out he was chasing down and arguing decisions with the linesman. This boy has passion and a nasty streak we desperately need.
    I don’t even enjoy going that much anymore, must just be habit.. In the current team only Bac,Clichy,Cesc, Al Song and Nikki B show any heart. I’m fed up with Gallas, and as everyone who sits near me at games will tell you, I’ve hated Adebayor pretty much since the day he signed. Watch him score about 8 goals this season. That cunt really has a nerve!!
    Very depressing but I still think that we’ll be ok. One more proper signing and all the injured to come back. I trust Wenger but he’s testing my patience at the moment!..

  83. Mutiny 1 says:

    I have been saying for weeks we need an enforcer in the middle of the park. Open up ypur wallets and bring in Micah Richards for CB as well as DM, he is the possible answer to both problems and can open up many options for us

  84. john b says:

    fuck all this “if man u were missing Ronaldo and if my cock was 60 CM long and so on.” THE SQUAD IS TO FEKKING WEAK!! True story..

  85. CruEL says:

    Its so easy to beat Arsenal after PV4 left.

    Press, hassle, harry the shit out of them and they can’t pass, can’t do anything. Bolton wif big fat sam did it so did boro last season and Twente nearly succeeded 2 weeks ago.

    AW couldn’t see our weakness? Every team will wanna beat Arsenal but not Man u, they wanna roll over and die. Why? Coz Arsenal is beatable and the tactic to beat Arsenal is plain for all to see.

    Adebayor a great striker? midway 2nd half wif the ball in the air, he tried to flick the ball to nobody again, hit his shoulder bounce off his head and guess what, gooners say Thats REALLY good BALL control. MY HAIRY ass thats called ball control? Thats called FLUKE.

    There’s no need to talk about midfield coz its all been said.

    If everyone fucking gooner could see the problem wif Eboue, Ade, Theo why not him? Being stubborn?

    STILL its not time to let AW go, not because he’s almighty etc, but he placed his ‘vision’ and got the ball rolling, he has to finish it.

  86. King of north london says:

    Man utd have a big debt but the still manage their books well…arsenal are just trying 2 make us believe that we dont have any money coz they know wenger will keep them in top 4 on low budget…while the board keep hoging on our money….those bastards !!!

  87. danielcheah says:

    I have said many times in Soccernet.com
    No point honestly to whine now fans.

    I’ve told everyone, the day easily let hleb flamini and gilberto go was the day of the biggest mistake.

    What happened in the first game is no coincidence. It’s exactly like those transitional period those media call it, a cliche oh yeah.

    Dropping points early, trying to catch up, then ending up not being able to. IT was difficult for us, to eventually be able to gel as a team, got the best of what we’ve got, in our midfield which is what that sparks out team. Our midfield creates our beautiful game, not FABREGAS alone!

    Hleb, Flamini played a big major role. Cesc came out of it because those two did the dirty job for him. The jobs that nobody gave credit to. He played their heart out, especially Flamini, every single game he throw his soul to the game to make us play as a team and marshall our midfield to equalize when we needed it.

    We’ve moved two step backwards,admit it or not. The first two displays are what we’ve seen 3 years ago. Where we’ll play two inconsistent game, and one beautiful game against the big team. Then we’ll drop points again, when we play against those outside the big 4.

    We started the season against two relegation battlers for God’s sake. One who just got promoted, and the other whom was close to relegation last season.

    Our quality depth, note that it’s not QUANTITY! Not numbers, i’m talking about quality of players who are able to compete for each position is almost nothing!

    Some will say MU has done the same last season. Bad start etc then they won it. Oh yeah, but rmb that’s MU! Arsenal is nothing sort of close to that, not with this team. Our team in QUALITY depth are a quarter of MU. It’s like Hleb Cesc, Flamini are not there we are screwed. Last time we still had Hleb and FLamini, which many said Theo could step up. Oh yeah, 3 seasons…. that’s what took them all to gel rmb?

    Then we had a great season, last season. Then what did we do? In january window, Diarra was out, later on Gilberto who played majorly two season’s ago was out, at least he’s an off field leader or in the dressing room. Then Hleb was out, because honestly Hleb made Arsenal’s football beautiful, not Eboue, not denilson, not diaby, not diarra, not Nasri, not adebayor, not van persie.

    Tell me any game, when Hleb isn’t playing where Arsenal played very well consistently? We always lacked something. hleb was unlucky that he couldn’t get the ball into the net, but he produce and run the engine of our game like Flamini did. Flamini game us the passion to win games when we couldn’t.

    We rely the whole entire team on a 21 year old? You must be kidding me, on Cesc alone when all his mates in the midfield who understood him left? Wenger let them leave easily, not even a single fight. If he had shown much passion that the club wanted to retain them, they would feel more secure and treasured.

    This is why players leaver Arsenal and join Arsenal.

    1. A place for young players to grow (like Ramsey said), that’s why he joined. It’s to take us as a stepping stone, coz only a fool which challenge for titles would field and dispose an entire winning team into a team of nothing (from invincibles to now)

    2. They just simply don’t do much or enough to keep players.

    We play a football that’s been expected, every single season. Nothing of our football varies, we play the same style that every defenders would just throw their man in the middle of the park and there we go, we blame them for anti football. To try to make games ugly.

    C’mon, you think they didn’t do it to MU? They diversify their play, to make sure nobody catch them on their weak ground.

    We play beautiful against teams that don’t know us, and now…. with the players we have, who rarely even understand each other. We’ll play ugly, sometimes BEAUTIFUL…. just like how we did 3 seasons ago.

    INCONSISTENT. Mark my words, i’ve said it all the time in the comments at soccernet.com when they sold their players whom they should keep. Those are creative passionate players they sold, and they got in with kids…

    Kids are good, but they’re inconsistent. And in a league, oh that’s what we need don’t we?

  88. adefan says:

    AW…you should get your shit together man and stop underrating people or teams…u put eboue in the middle …that is taking people 4 granted.u had better have a plan to win away against one of the other top teams.still love you n the boys but your attitude to transfers and buying players is beginning to stink.amaury bischoff????

  89. Jay says:

    I must say….I have always been part of the Wenger knows best policy but with caution.and yesterday proved why i had always supported that policy with a caution.

    Because everytime we say Wenger knows, the squad gets poorer in quality.We have had all summer long for midfield reinforcement but the boss has once again chosen to believe in some youngins that NEED senior players to believe in them but where are this senior players. when denilson looks around all he sees is theo(18) nasri(21) and Eboue(-1) so who can he seek for inspiration…..Wenger is indirectly making this boys lose confidence in their own ability and the earlier his denial stops the better for the arsenal team…….We cant be chasing the title in only our second game its not ARSENAL so COME OUT WITH THE GUNS ARSENE

  90. alan says:

    uneducated fools

  91. wags says:

    Wenger is a miserable b*****d cant keep doin things without buyin sum1 decent, we were shite yesterday and wernt much better last week, if denilson is good enough to play for arsenal then im arsene wengers secret love child. Wise up sort it out or F**k off.

  92. Andy says:

    All – I’m a die hard Arsenal fan – you are all saying the transfer market hasn’t closed yet. But even if AW signs anyone, it’s going to take the player at least 4 weeks to settle in (if not already a premiership player) by that time we could be out of the PL title. AW should have bought early……i believe David Dein was right that he fears that Arsenal will not have the financial power to compete with the other top three clubs, and this is proven to be true. What was the point moving to a bigger stadium which is generating more money that AW does not spend………….AW you are at the club to win honours not balancing the books……look at MunU, they are in debt put still buy big….Fergie wants to win trophies at all costs to please the club fans who pay good money week in week out. What do we get, a bunch of young kids that have no proven track record (excluding Fabregas) or rejects from our arrivals…….AW is taking us all for a ride, I do not trust him……….last night I couldn’t sleep thinking what does the future hold for the fans and the club. I’m surrounded by Manu Fans….both my neighbours, brother in-laws, their kids and most of my friends are Manu fans. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing as I know it will be a Manu fan ringing me to have a laugh at AW expense………I’m so fed up, I would not have felt this bad had Arsenal showed the desire/commitment of trying wining today’s game, but there was no signs. Walcott is weak…he is not ready and doesn’t deserve to wear an Arsenal shirt, he pulls out of challenges like a girl, gets brushed of the ball and falls down…where is the commitment, he should be playing for the Arsenal ladies and why the heck is he wearing our King Henry’s number….what a lack of respect…….Gallas needs to go……we lost because of him again by not marking his man……..my bank holiday is ruined…thanks to AW and his uncommitted players today.

  93. fan says:

    Man U drew the first game of the season at home to Newcastle and they had a diabolical start to the season last year and ended up winning the Premiership. Do you think there fans are worried? No.

    Why do Arsenal fans always panic and turn against the team when we lose one match? Complete freak result.

  94. Timus says:

    Wow, gooners turning against other gooners. Its like a north London version of Lord of the Flies.

    Lets get a gip!

  95. Big-Ern says:

    Yea ! …. lets shoot um all and do that shite manager Wenger first …. lets just throw in the towel, lets turn our back on the team and sulk …. for F**k sake grow up and Wise up !! we’ve not got money, we’ve got the best manger to get us in the best position we can get in, under the circumstances – Don’t take it out on the players or the manger, take it out on the board if you want to throw your toys at anyone …… AW has brought us the most sucess we have had for years, he does the best with what he has and can afford … if you don’t like it, the p**soff and go and support Chelski, or the manks (shouldn’t bother with Liverpool or the Spuds, as they spend huge amounts every year and still finish behind us) – if you want to be a glory hunter and don’t want to back what we have, then leave, go, we don’t want you …. do one and let the life long Arsenal supporters continue to be life long Arsenal supporters, no matter what we go through ! …… to be honest, we would rather that you did P*ssoff !

  96. arsenal lad says:

    arsene wenger doesnt want 2 buy plyerz coz we carnt afford it simple
    it is not cuz he doesnt want 2 spend he carnt spend
    we woz told that ther woz 70 mil now 25
    the board r not givin him money

  97. adam says:

    i’m fucking depressed after this performance. horrendous.

    try to see the positives. its hard.

    song came on and looked class. maybe he can be good this year.

    we have cesc and tomas to come back-our best 2 players.

    gallas is a cunt we all know that.
    we have some problems and i just dont know whether to be optimistic or pessimistic.

  98. Harry Barracuda says:

    You stupid, irritating, spotty-faced juvenile wanker.

    Wenger may have his flaws, but thank fuck he knows more than onanist, glory-hunting cunts like you.

    You SHOULD fuck off and support another team, because you damned sure don’t support Arsenal, you shit loaded goat’s sphincter.

  99. omar says:

    fucking ridiculous article……. i was at the game yesterday and i cant believe our fans are still on adebayors back…. the players didnt play well yesterday and thats the bottom line, we just have to move on. if after every bad results our own fans start criticizing the manager or the players then honestly that means you know nothing about football. its just the beggining of the season and instead of getting behind the team you guys are having a go at the manager and the players….. ridiculous

  100. lois says:

    Arsenal should sell adebayor in the first place, worth 80,000 per week? with 0 goal? perggh!!!

  101. Sharky says:

    I agree with almost all the comments made, Eboue and Denilson in midfield, yor avin a f****** laff mate! They would struggle to compete in the Championship let alone the most elite league in the world! Walcott is shit and loses the ball more than Eboue, no not possible! Adebayor and Van Persie could not hiot a barn door from 10 yards, we should have let Adebayor go when 25m was on the table and bought a decent striker and midfielder with the dosh. The biggest point tho, Yes, Arsene is obsessed with GROOMING kids in to winners – Great Arsene, do what you always did mix the kids with experince, even if you have to buy it – it’s not your f********* money, spend it. Only one consolation – The Yids are worse than us as always. C’mon Arsene – dust the cheque book off and buy some quality – muppett!!!!!

  102. TrueGoon says:


  103. Sharky says:

    Ive just read that Cesc was actually fit yesterday but was RESTED??????????????? if that is true, Wenger needs a doctor, honest!
    If Tony A was manager of the club, would he put up with that spirit????? But he’s not is he?
    Watch us struggle against Twente at home, then AW will have to do something – it might be better that we play shit and scrape through to the group stage, at least he mite see what is going on at last………..
    PS Spurs losing at home to Sunderland – funny……..very fuckin funny

  104. smudger says:

    Probably the worst performance since we lost at Boro last season. Hardly time to lose faith in the manager though. He likes to do business in the last week of the transfer window, and with opening games against West Brom and Fulham, he clearly felt it was worth a gamble with a midfield of Diaby and Fabregas. Unfortunately injuries took their toll (predictably in Diaby’s case) and we ended up with a dreadful midfield, despite Denilson being excellent in previous games.

    There’s no doubt we need to spend on some quality in the midfield, Arsene knows (to borrow a phrase you clearly like). We WILL buy in the next few days, and with a fully fit squad we can beat anyone.

  105. Alzation says:

    OK, so you want Wenger out. Please be constructive and suggest an alternative otherwise you’re the muppet.

    The people you label AKB are fans like you and me and not the enemy.

  106. anonymous says:

    Adebayor actually played well considering the team performance yesterday..and anyway, can you blame him for maybe being a little tempted by the prospect of playing for Barcelona or AC Milan?…two top clubs offering twice as much money?…football is his job, and it is a short career. Do you all do your jobs for the love of the company or whatever you work for? Anyway, going by your remarks about our chances this year, you would think it would be a sensible move away…going on to better things…
    exactly so fuck off..
    I love Adebayor and he gives everything when he plays..
    I’m glad he’s here and we’ll be more than fine this season.
    And there isn’t such a HUGE need to buy…the players that played yesterday were more than capable of winning easily..they just did not perform well enough.
    We did not play our game

  107. Zakk says:

    We need suomething to be done now as well cozz if we dont do well this seson fabregas wot be here next season

  108. goonergerry says:

    You are right. At least 5 current first team players are way not good enough-Walcott, Denilson, (too young), Eboue (out of position), Bendtner, Van Persie- both only good enough in their own minds- both are ineffective in the premiership. We have needed a centre-half for 2 seasons and a central midfielder for 3.
    The situation is the club currently has insufficient money to compete- period and Wenger is resorting to buying washed up old crocks like Silvestre. It is disgraceful that Arsenal has become a selling club given the prices being charged. Arsenal need a buyout- one that will inject serious money into the playing side of the club- and we need a less idealistic and more pragmatic coach- yes we will lose the Fabregas- and one or two others- but we will lose them all in a season or so anyway.

  109. doublegooner says:

    3 games into a competitive season & I have never known so many on various blogs slagging of Wenger & the club.

    They have brought this on themselves.

    I’m not advocating ‘WENGER OUT’ but I sure as hell wanna fucking hear the board & the manager verify THERE ARE or THERE ARE NOT the proper funds & if not WHY NOT ( we were promised).

    The club are mugging off all the season ticket holders ( excluding the newby Jonathons with little Sebastiens & 99% of the corporate wankers ) who dont really care) & silver/red member diehards who are paying through the nose in return for broken promises.

    The board summ up how they run the club by the souless ground & atmosphere they have helped create. This now spreads throuh the team.

  110. Kyle says:

    Agreed. Can’t stand the moronic “Arsene knows best” call of the plastic. You see it all over forums / youtube – usually in barely passable English written by someone in Dubai.

    It’s right for fans to always question the manager, in that it’s right for people to question the government. ‘AKB’ fans are the type of electorate that would’ve allowed the Nazi’s in power. (Pretty fair analogy, I think..)

    Of course Wenger is a genius, but to blindly shout down a fan because they have a take on how the team is being run contrary to that of the manager, is stupidity – no one person is bigger than the club – and that includes Arsene Wenger.

    Arsene ‘does know’ he needs a defensive midfielder, he has already indicated this in many an interview, however, if the papers are correct, to only offer £10m for Alonso is madness. Years of ‘penny-pinching’ were justified for trying times like these, so that on a rainy season we could bring in a big player that would sort us out. Fizman said pre-season that we would have even more transfer money this season because of Wenger’s tight financial control. There is absolutely no reason in my mind why Wenger should not spend big on a DM. Salary? – Ship off Denilson, Song, Djourou, Eboue, Randall – Alonso would be worth it tenfold.

  111. Neamman says:

    Has RVP scored a goal in open play since his return from injury? He just doesnt look the same player as before.

  112. keroppppi says:

    Times up for Wenger, this is your make or break year.
    5 or 6 years, the team will peak…..! You must be kidding! By that time, Fabregas would be European Champions twice…but with Barca or RM.

  113. canadiangunner says:

    I live and breath Arsenal. What i saw yesterday was disgusting. Eboue as a centre mid? We are more than one player away from challenging for anything this year. Walcott is not ready and may never be. Our immediate list of requirements include at a minimum the following:

    – Defensive midfielder…obvious.
    – Winger – Walcott not ready and Nasri lost out their
    – Center back – Gallas is a complete disaster and an utter insult to gunners fans for having him as a captain…complete disgrace. Also, Toure and him don’t work well together.
    – Almunia goes down and we are in serious trouble.
    – Ade and RVP…hopefully they gel soon as currently there partnership looks weak.

    A Barry, Alonso, Inler on their own won’t make much of a difference we are way short in quality in our squad. Also, Wenger’s primary concern of defending the long ball will not be addressed by a DM (even though we might not even get that!). We need a center back in the mold of Zapata or Samba!

    Get ready for another trophyless season gooners 😦

  114. roc says:

    You’re all crazy.

    I could understand teh vitriol if we had gone 7 games without a win and adrift at the bottom of the league but 2 games into the season and people are going mental? Chill the fuck out. There’s nothing you sad little fan boys can do from behind your keyboard so either just support te team or dont bother. Your sad little blog gives you no authority over anything.

  115. Wynn Mills says:

    We are picking up bargain basement crocks like Silvestre and Bischoff. That tells you all you need to know about our penny pinching management. They are frankly taking the piss out of all us gooners forking out fortunes on our season tickets. Most expensive seats in the league. Cheapest team in the league. Go figure.

  116. PATRICK H says:

    Eboue is so fucking useless but yet plays every game, makes me wonder if he is Wegners bum boy

  117. poliology says:

    as a fan of another club, I have to wonder about this post. It seems uninformed–are you guys aware of how broke you actually are? In fact, the only reason Arsenal will compete is due to Wenger. The fact that he brought in Nasri and is holding on to Cesc is amazing in itself

  118. stu says:

    i completley agree that Wenger lact of activity in the transfer market is beyond a joke !!! Every yrs the same wenger promises so much and deliver so little. He does have the money FACT. He has earned more money than hes spent this yr and its the same every yr! I dont give a shit if the so called talented youngsters will be further down the pecking order because if there any good there time will come they are not near ready yet.If he does buy another player this summer i DONT want another player below 24yrs old i want a player who is real quality now not in the future! Wenger must see that we have all had enough even Tony Adams,Dixon ,Wright , Fabregas and the most important the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Ashburton Perry says:

    Patrick Horan you’re a knob

  120. jimmy grimble says:

    It pains me to say this guys being a lifelong gooner but i really don’t think we are gonna win another trophy under wenger(atleast while he sticks to his current policies) i mean seriously lads, look at chelsea’s squad compared to ours. It’s embarressing. We haven’t a hope in hell of being in the top two this year. We overachieved last season in my opinion. Let’s just hope we have 4th place sewn up incase cesc gets injured.

  121. Jason says:

    @ blogger …You are having a knee-jerk reaction… thats all.
    I bet you were one of the people asking questions when wenger bought sagna…isnt it ? we all know how that turned out to be …wenger 1 people 0.

    I know Wenger is not as active in the transfer market as we would like him to be… but the man has a philosophy and he is sticking by it. He will buy a player only if he thinks he is worth the money. Sadly we are running out of players who fit wengers budget… but I believe in wenger. He will find the right player… the season has hardly begun… the transfer window has yet not shut….and you guys are already moping around about the lack of transfer activity.

    Stop whining …and start supporting our club !

  122. Pedro Alonso says:

    Xabi Alonso will sign in the next two days, I know cos he’s my brother………………….. off for a paella BTW – we’ll finish 4th cos there isn’t anyone to take that off us – enjoy your day

  123. besor says:

    fuk it. we lost 3 points and even wenger bring in kaka or messi for our midfield, it won’t give us back the 3 pints that we have lost. so stop this bullshit about wenger still has time to sign midfielder. it’s fuking 2 late.

  124. Asmo says:

    If you’re wrong will you promise to stop penning and put yourself in a wardrobe full of TCP laden razorblades and push yourself down a hill?

  125. Lesh says:

    Maybe all yo complaining should think about supporting another club. Yes we performed poorly and our midfield was shit but calling for Aserne’s head is not going to solve anything. There is a reason that he is the manager and not any of you lot.
    I’m sure he was hurt more than u. He has worked fr 12 yrs towards achieving something that no one else has and loosing a match like that must have hurt so give the guy a break and maybe he will pull something of and even if he doesn’t he is still the best manager.
    Why I say this is because as much as u do not think the other areas of the club matter like finances et al, they actually do. Just think about it. Bad finances= worse pay structure and u would not even be able to maintain our ace player (Fab)
    Anyway I know some of u will understand but those who don’t it is understandable and I see where u are coming from but think outside the box.

  126. Gordon says:

    Glasgow Rangers fan in peace here!!

    Hope you guys can get a few good players in!!

    why are arsenal not spending?
    Is it the board?

    Who would you like to see come in?

    Barry, Alonso or someone else???

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