I wished we had just stayed at Highbury

We were told that the reason for moving to the new stadium was to allow us to compete with the biggest clubs in the world and to give the manager more money in the transfer market.

What a load of dogshite.

We had a world class team. We were competing and beating the biggest clubs in the world.

We lost it all. For what a huge stadium that half the time in not even full. I don’t care what anybody says. We are skint and in trouble. We are allowing more and more player to leave each year. The wage bill has almost been cut in half. The board will tell us that we are making money and doing well but that’s not the case. The highbury flats are NOT selling as well as predicted. We are now being forced to sell or loan our player to reduce the wage bill.

The sad truth is that other clubs are improving and getting stronger as we get more and more weaker.Moving has in fact done the total opposite or what we were told.

I ask you Is this new stadium really worth it?


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37 Responses to I wished we had just stayed at Highbury

  1. Barry says:

    That is the worst, most near sighted arguement I’ve ever read. We moved away from Highbury so we can continue to compete in the future. Ever heard the saying, take one step backwards to take two steps forward. What would you prefer? 3 seasons of competing followed by 20 years of fighting releagation, or 5 or 6 years of going backwards followed by 20 or 30years of competing?

  2. Eddie Mcginty says:

    I don’t know and nor do you. We can only make assumptions therefore there is no point in writing anything like this.

  3. Beast says:

    I agree. I think we are in trouble financially as well which is why we sell players and buy cheap replacements.

    The Emirates has not delivered what was promised.

    The atmosphere is shite, absolutely shite. I don’t like going to games there.

  4. colin says:

    Oh shut up, you whiny, worthless two-bob fan!
    Last season was amazing, some of the best football we’ve ever seen in Wenger’s era.
    Go back to Highbury, you mug, dream of a midfield with Hillier and McGoldrick in it. You’re not worth anything better!

  5. GT says:

    Buddy, us gooners have to stop being so negative. Yes the board are pissing us about. What we need is transparancy in the club. Who knows what exactly is going on? Only the board and AW and they seem to be sending out mixed messages. The stadium is making a damn fortune. Where is all the money going? Maybe its about time we started listening to Usmonov if we are as screwed as everyone says

  6. cescy says:

    ridiculous ‘article’

    The wage bill has almost been cut in half. – yeh right
    the most recent info about highbury flats were that they were selling well

  7. Fabregas' Dad says:

    We had a world class team that finished fourth thanks to West Ham beating Sp*rs on the final day of the season.

  8. JP says:

    The wage bill has been cut in half? Really? I suspect you’re writing bollocks as it’s the 3rd highest wage bill in the Premiership.

    Jeez, have some faith in Wenger. He’s not done a bad job up to this point. The absolute minimum requirement (thanks to the exceptionally high standards Wenger himself has set) is to qualify for the Champions League. Wenger has achieved this in EVERY season he’s been the boss. Spurs, Newcastle, Villa, etc would give their left nut to experience one season in the Champions League, let alone a decade of it.

    You’ve been spoiled by the caviar Wenger’s served up and now you’re moaning like a baby because you’ve had a bit of meat and potatoes (if that’s what one defeat against Fulham can be considered). Get a grip and try looking further than the end of your spoiled, turned up nose.

  9. Bob says:

    If we can’t keep competing at the moment it will be pointless.
    If we drop out of the top four, lose our best players, how will a big stadium make the difference?

  10. Faroese says:

    Unbelievable article! Like Barry said, ever heard about long-term planning?

    And sorry, but I’m sick of hearing people moan about our stadium not selling out. IT SELLS OUT FRIGGIN’ ALMOST EVERY MATCH! GET IT? Do a little bit of research and use your brain, and you will come to the same conclusion as I am.

    Sorry if I offended you, I’m just really sick and tired of all the negativity from Arsenal fans at the moment.


  11. That is such a small minded view. Before they invented cars the penny farthing was great, Id rather my car.
    We have moved on leaps and bounds, people like you talk a crisis when their is not one. I love the way our club is run and their outlook to the future not just today and tomorrow, look what happend to the great club Leeds when they over spent. We are in great shape. I believe we WILL be competing this year for the prem.

  12. charlie says:

    Well for us at Arsenal, it is two seasons step back and hopefully the next one forward. Hopefully, is just two seasons backwards for us.

  13. JohnV says:

    “For what a huge stadium that half the time in not even full.” What are you on about there are reguarly crowds of 60,000 at the emirates every prem and champs league game was a sell out last year and even both days of Emirates cup sold out this year. The stadium is always very full.

  14. Hugo says:

    Your intelligence is pretty much summed up by the statement that we are getting “more and more weaker”. You’re an idiot, stop writing bollocks. If your complaints with the new stadium are about atmosphere, lack of character or any of the other reasonable complaints that have been levelled at the new place then fine, but this is crap.

  15. thegoonerforum says:


    Arsenal tell you that 60.000 were at the game but its clear that there are load of empty seats. Please dont tell me you have not noticed that

  16. Mad_Man_Moon says:

    There is a reason why investigative and opinion piece journalists are still employed gainfully over most bloggers. And why having a blog doesn’t always necessariliy give you an ‘in’ into the industry.

    Perhaps you are demonstrating this, m’colleague (a dash of Fry & Laurie there). Indeed, it would be perhaps a far more tangible effort were you to even use (legitimate, but negatively focused) opinion poll results and research.

    However you do neither of these, in fact, you don’t even utilise heresay.
    Christ, a lie would’ve made for better reading.

    This said, I’ve read stuff here before, and you’re not all bad. Why not do a little digging, if you’re passionate enough?

  17. Chengiskhan says:

    Arsenal are going from big club to megaclub. Are you saying you don’t want that? Yes, there are growing pains, but IT IS WORTH IT!!!!!

  18. Mad_Man_Moon says:

    Also, please sort out the HTML formatting. This thing does not like IE6, which a lot of banks still use.

  19. Faroese says:

    How many seats are “load of empty seats”? Are you saying they are lying about the attendance?

  20. JZ says:

    If you’re that fickle and myopic you should start supporting Chelsea – maybe you will by next week. Gotta take the rough with the smooth. Wenger’s approach is both right and admirable.

    It’s not JUST about results – unless you are a chavvy west londoner.

  21. A.F.C says:

    lol our turn over at highbury would’nt pay the wage you expext us to hav and bring in a few 120.000 a week super stars and were are we fucking LEEDS ffs lol at u fool

  22. David says:

    Yes there are empty seats and this is largely down to club class members not bothering with the ticket exchnage. Even so, there are usually at least 57-58 thousand seats occupied.

    The stadium has been a god send for us lowly Red Members, for whom it was nigh on impossible to get tickets at Highbury.

  23. London lout says:

    stadium is almost filled every week, not half like what you said.

    But yeah. I’m angry at what Wenger has done…he needn’t have to fucking experiment around with a young team…We have and always will have the fucking money to pay off debts.

    Fucking transition was completely unnecesary.

  24. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    WHAT AN IDIOT YOU ARE… HAHAHAHAHAHHA… this is a delicious read

  25. James says:

    No I have not noticed many empty seats bar the people who leave early to avoid tube ques. A decision I can understand but disagree with. TFL needs to sort out the Holloway Road and Arsenal stations to end this problem on match days.

  26. Eddie Mcginty says:

    That’s because they have received payments for 60000 tickets, they don’t count in and outs, just the sales, think about it moron.

  27. thegoonerforum says:

    Forget about the sodding seats!!!

    So maybe in 50 years time we are going to be able to compete with Man Utd?

    GREAT!! cant wait! I fooking hope im still alive : (

  28. Barry says:

    Glad to see I wasn’t in the minority regarding this article. I suppose if you want a positive comparison, look back to the beginning of 2001/2002.

    We lost our second league match then too (Leeds 2-1). Of course Leeds then were a lot better than Fulham are today, but the game was at home.

    I completely blanked the comment regarding the stadium being half empty. Its a ridiculous statement. 3,000 empty seats out of 60,000 max.

  29. Eddie Mcginty says:

    50 years? Your an absolute moron. Go bollocks.

  30. Spike says:

    Hahahaha! The pathetic spoilt brat whiny whingin fish wife who writes this remedial blog is an effin comedian, surely?

  31. Merse-10 says:

    Ticket sales this season have been slow with many games going on sale to Rec Members and even General Sale and there was not 60k at the West Brom game despite what they said.
    There was easily a couple of thousand empty seats, loads in the prawn ring and the South Upper.

    Arsenal have pushed the limits with ticket rices and there will be a number of games going on general sale. That’s ok some might think but we have over 40k season ticket holders and 10s of thousands of Silver members and something like 100k red members so games shouldn’t be going on general sale.

    Prices are too much, simple as that.

    The club make millions each year and are delighted in telling us that and that the Prawn Ring makes as much as Highbury did per match but still ticket prices are way too high and our expenditure is not what it should be.

    Finances at the club are not as stable as the board would like us all to believe.

  32. Faroese says:

    We ARE competing with Man Utd! Were Chelsea also not competing with Utd last season? What a terrible season they had, they won nothing. Even Spurs were better, they finished no. 11th, but they won the Carling Cup!

    Is that what you want for us?

  33. thegoonerforum says:

    So tonight was a sell out but yet the stadium has huge red gaps everywhere. So many empty seats just like I said

  34. gt says:

    Gallas is our leading CL scorer! How come he’s not a CF?

  35. GunnerX says:

    Ridiculous, moving from Highbury = a secure future.

  36. frank says:

    the new stadium was badly needed, but it will pay off in the long run. The reason we aren’t making money yet is, we made £200m last year, £150m from tv and from the new stadium and then £50m from other sponsorship deals. the problem is in order to get money to fund the stadium we had take out sponsorship deals that we available then and we got the money paid up front, so though it says we got £50m this year it might only be £20m. then add to that the extra cost of developing highbury. last year it is said we had to pay out an extra £30m out to help pay for the development of highbury which then came from the £200m. so take away 30 million in sponsorships we didn’t because they were received a few years and and the £30m for highbury. your left with £140m profit. then take way £24m which has to be paid off each year for the stadium and redeveloping highbury your left with 116 million. that just about covers wages and other over heads of running the club, so money is tight, but we aren’t loosing money.
    Now image when the highbury flats are sold and the dept does down to almost nothing and then not having to pay out the extra £30m for highbury, then new better sponsorship deals. you could then be talking about £215m turnover. then minus the wages and club over heads of about 110 million, suddenly we have gone from being skink to being loads, with £100 million to spend.

    the future it bright honestly, it just going to take a short while longer i’m afraid.

  37. James says:

    Crap. The sale of the Highbury development will bring the club a massive cash windfall. It will wipe most of the debt and give the club huge spending power.

    If Arsenal are not spending it is because Wenger is being prudent until this cash is in the coffers. But the stadium will help secure our long-term future. When Wenger is gone, Arsenal will be able to give managers big money to spend, which is crucial – if we were still at Highbury we wouldn’t be able to financially compete when Wenger leaves.

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