51 Responses to Arsenal’s New Signing

  1. colin says:

    Its Veloso – on monday.

  2. chris gatt says:


  3. Big Dave says:

    It is sooooooooo frustrating.
    Villa buy, Everton, L pool, scum, chavs etc.. and we have to wait untill 11.59pm 31.8.08

  4. GT says:

    good piece, probably will be someone we’ve never heard of. I’m convincing myself we will sign someone. please arsene, you dont realise how miserable life is for everyone around me when arsenal lose

  5. cripz mc gooner says:

    highbury was a shitbag stadium wot u chattin wenger already has a deal waitin he just wont say until its signed werll b fine this year we just need to get into top form quick

  6. Geir says:

    There’s no reason to worry. Arsene has a history of doing his business at 23.45 on the evening of the deadline, and it’s always two or three new players.
    History shows: Baptista, Denilson and…. eh two years ago
    Diarra and ???? last year (I know there were two).

  7. gazzap says:

    one player CAN make the difference between 3rd and 1st for sure. especially when the difference is only 4 points and that player considerably strengthens a current weak part of the team. the arsenal team is nearly there – one more top player in midfield and we are ready for anything.

  8. Neal says:

    Wenger has said “We are out to look, if we find the right players we will do it, one or two.”

    Veloso or Johnson seems to be the only midfield options left. Corluka would be a good signing, although would Gallas be dropped for him? No. So that won’t happen.

  9. Frichie says:

    played brilliantly until of course the tragic game against Birmingham City, where he broke his leg

    Think you should have said ‘where he had his leg broken’. Its not like he was walking around and decided to snap his ankle for shits and giggles.

    Wenger mentioned a while ago that he has a book (sheet of paper of all sorts of players in the various positions) 1st choice, 2nd choice etc, and obviously those players all move up and down the list according to length of contract, age etc!. I believe Wenger at the start of the season sounded out a few of his top choices…Alonso would have been done if Barry moved to Liverpuke, that fizzled out. I think there was serious interest in Inler but that deal got rejected. Veloso is too much for 22yr old if the 25 million price tag can be believed.

    By wenger saying there will work all night if the have to, can only mean that they still probing for the right signing. If we dont get anyone, I will be happy to support the team for the season I think a lot of our players can and will step up just give them a few games!

  10. El Tommo says:

    Sounds like there’s a possibility it will be two players:

    Sky Sports quotes him as saying earlier today:

    “We are out to look, if we find the right players we will do it, one or two.”

    Mmmmm – right, well rather than remain in the darkness of doubt that surrounds any Gooner right now, a super-optimistic view would lift the gloom a bit, so … what if we actually do sign two – a defensive midfielder (duh, obv.) and erm … what else do we need? hmmmm maybe a central defender … ok! Yes! That’ll do Arsene – go on sign a couple PLEASE. I promise not to withdraw my pocket money from the club’s coffers this season at least. Is that a deal then? you sign TWO and I keep spunking all my money on Adebayor’s wages? It works for me.

  11. the gun says:

    evry hour i open the news mybe i find the good one’s i’am very worry come on wenger we trast in you

  12. djalmina says:

    quality post, we have some cracking players and even if AW doesn’t make a signing, we will still be awesome!

  13. El Tommo says:

    One more player … dunno – what you reckon to this? Did we over-perform last season? I know we were close – very close but for a couple of criminal refereeing decisions (vs Liverpool in particular) and a couple of defensive errors (Gael has held his hands up already) and one or two extra-weird spectacles – Eduardo’s shocking injury and Gallas’s moment of high camp drama (are those two/three things related?) we might well have made a glorious double – that’s how close we were. Can we repeat that form and can we maintain that level of belief? If we can then yes … we can win something this season. Are we as strong as last season? I think swapping Heleb (heh – blame Romford pele for that one!) for Nasri is an improvement. The return of Rosicky will be very welcome so I think creatively and attack-wise we’re sound. Add the return of Eduardo, the introduction of Vela and marked improvements from Walcott and Bendtner (I know – this is all very optimistic and mb even naive) and we’ll have an embarressment of attacking/creative riches better than any club in europe.

    If Song and Djourou can step up a level then our defensive players might just be good enough IF we bring in some experience, and actually more importantly some muscle – we need a bully in there somewhere. We might just might suprise the s*** out of some people … myself included.

  14. canyu says:

    Arsenal will sign alonso…

  15. canyu says:

    highly possible: ALONSO………

    damm good player. Forget barry

  16. Attila says:


    I didn’t know that Monday midnight the deadline… What is the reason for this? I know so the deadline of the summer transfers zone is 31st August, 24:00. But plus one day, it’s okay. Is this the deadline at the CL, also?

    I think Veloso is too expensive for Wenger. He costs about 22 million pund while he can buy two players for this price.

    Raúl Albiol is a reasonable target. The Valencia was shame against Real Madrid, they had two-men advantage, and they could lose the match. Albiol costs about 5-10 million pounds.

    And there are Gervinho….

  17. Arsenal Fan says:


  18. Laron says:

    alonso and matudi, or de jong and matudi, or barry and that ghanian DM, or velosso alone, or alonso alone. i hope its 2 players and i hope its velosso and alonso! OMG!!!! we’d have a super team!

  19. JK-colombia says:

    L’pool bought Riera from Espanyol, so alonso could be… ?

  20. John says:

    Transfer window extended to 1 September because 31 August is a Sunday, and all the EPL and UEFA officials will be in church.

    On transfers, I reckon AW is playing about and doesn’t have anyone in mind. Its a sop to keep us supporters quite. I hope I’m wrong.

  21. lewis says:

    how can we sign ome1 on monday the transfer window ends on sunday!!! stupid peopls

  22. Goonerish says:

    Alonso or Veloso

  23. jake says:

    Jeremy Toulalan

  24. Nwaokeleme Isaac says:

    pls if arsene wenger want to sign players he should do so before it will be too late with the players we paraded mark my word if arsene wenger refuse to by a very experience definisive midfielder Arsenal will go trophyless this season

  25. Nwaokeleme Isaac says:

    Arsene wenger does not understand whatit means by coaching a club for over 13years without winning a champions league were by some new coaches will be employed by a particular club they will like to sign players to competitefor the league and champions.So what are we not saying he should do some thing before it is too late

  26. halil (arsenal) says:

    i think we need to buy a strong central midfielder along side cesc fabregas to be like flamini hard working and have alot of bravery. We lack alot of experience in the midfield if you look at man utd they have scholes and giggs to encourage the young talents to go on and win the game. we havent got that we did as the likes of gilberto,viera,sol,pires. They have all faded away to different clubs and arsene wenger has not replace theses stars. In my eyes for ous to win the championship this year we need klaas-jan-Huntelaar he will give us goals anytime he wants arsene should offer 12 million for this top marksman. Also we need a fast winger who can whip nice balls in for ade for this techinque we need somebody like david silva or ashely young for at least 15 million. Arsene LISTEN TO YOUR FANS FOR ONCE.

  27. Prashant Gandhi says:

    Its funny how people forget that Flamini overperformed last year. He was all set to leave for the likes of Birmingham before he decided to take a chance and play out the final year of the contract. I think it will be a similar situation this year – I expect Alex Song to perform to the levels he has been performing with Cameroon. Alongside Diaby and Djourou will provide the cover we so badly need. As for Cesc, we have Fran Merida as backup and Denilson too.

  28. Harry says:

    Firstly £12mil is not nearly enough to buy huntelaar. The only proven striker worth that much would be owen. and secondly we need to be focusing on a commanding central midfielder. And like the article says, don’t expect it to be a familiar name. And even if we don’t we still have a lot of talent, though I would like the security of an established “body”. In Arsene we trust.

  29. asdfghjkll; says:

    cant wait to see who that player is!!!!! but i wouldent be surprised if he dosent sign anybody.

  30. no1fran_merida says:

    We do need a centre mid although i think we could last till january without one. We don’t need a centre back as we have kolo,gallas,djorou,silvestre and song with senderos possibly back next season and rising stars nordtveit and g.hoyte.
    What we do need is a right as gilbert and ,more importantly, justin hoyte have left and i wasn’t terribly impressed by toure last season. Also wenger doesn’t seem to like eboue at right back. So that just leaves us with Sagna,obviously more than good enugh for the job.But if he gets injure , then what? and what about the carlin’ cup?

  31. no1fran_merida says:

    We do need a centre mid although i think we could last till january without one. We don’t need a centre back as we have kolo,gallas,djorou,silvestre and song with senderos possibly back next season and rising stars nordtveit and g.hoyte.
    What we do need is a right as gilbert and ,more importantly, justin hoyte have left and i wasn’t terribly impressed by toure last season. Also wenger doesn’t seem to like eboue at right back. So that just leaves us with Sagna,obviously more than good enugh for the job.But if he gets injure , then what? and what about the carlin’ cup? phew..

  32. toure tribe underboss says:


  33. ‘cripz mc gooner ‘ u said highbury was a shitbag stadium’… u call yourself a gooner… f off u manc or spud… highbury was the greatest stadium in the world. i live in ireland but my greatest experience was walking through the marble halls. i sat with DB10 in a private box 1998, arsenal v newcastle when paddy v scored that cracker. db10 was suspended and i asked him, would we beat blackburn on the monday.. he said yeah and he would score.. i told my mates this and we watched the game, i think it was under 2 mins into game and db10 scored… f in legend. game nearly got called off due to snow.. sry for the drunkin ramble but meeting db1 made my day.. im frustrated but we must trust AW… and pls gooner season ticket holders stop leaving the stadium early, trying to beat traffic… i will buy your ticket…. it can affect players when u leave…

  34. Lavin Achtani says:

    Fran Merida has gone on loan and Denilson is not quite the same quality. We do have some decent CDMs in Diaby, Song and Djourou but i think the problem lies in our attacking midfield player slot. There we have only Fabregas who no doubt is one of the best but he is the only one we have. We need backup there because we struggle when he is injured which was evident against a lowly team like Fulham. So we need a complete midfielder who will play as a CDM but can also play as an attacking midfielder if Fabregas is injured.

  35. on d gooner says:

    I have now come to the conclusion that the best we fans can do is to give our full support to Wenger. He has never let this club down despite the poor start to the new season & a seemingly shabby inactivity in the transfer market. I have been one of his fiercest critics but having looked around for a possible replacement should we force him out, I came to the conclusion that the saying, ‘ you do not realise what a good thing you had until you’ve lost it’, to be true. I will not criticise the team or the manager again this season or the next but give them the encouragement they need as they are human and sure to be affected by the negativity sorrounding them at this time. The team is classy but still inexperienced and given time they will gel. My only fear is in keeping them as a unit if we fail to win anything this season. If they can stick together through thick and thin, then I am sure they can achieve lots.
    Up the Gunners, up the boys & up Arsene Wenger!!!!

  36. Gurjit says:

    Matuidi is an option

  37. 25tolife says:

    I trust the boss, but at the same time I want something to happen, I want to feel positive for the new season and for the moment I don’t. When you look at Man City and feel “they’ve spent their money better than us this summer” you can’t help to feel a bit sad… But as I said, I trust Wenger, but it’s getting harder to just sit back and look at the competition getting better and better while we do nothing about it…

  38. GoonerC says:

    it’s apparently ghanain midfielder Anthony Annan (the new Essien)

  39. Greg Goon says:

    bollox, can any of you actually say we have squad close to that of the invincible team that went a whole season unbeaten?

    Have we got a winger as good as robert pires ? have we got another that is as good as freddie (on his day), do we have any defenders in the same league as KEOWN ?
    Do we have a striker anywhere near thierry henry ?
    The answer is NO and you all know it.
    Nasri looks like he could be as good as Pires but has a long way to go.

    I am sorry but we do not have a good enough squad to win the league or champions league and until wenger spends that little bit more on quality then we will not win nothing.

    But would i get rid of wenger … no chance we cannot afford to buy players like the mancs and chelski and we don’t want the debt that it brings so wenger is the best thing we can ask for until we have money like the others.

    But don’t expect to win the league you are all dreaming! and just be happy we are still a top 4 team and with wenger should always be that!

  40. wayne says:

    As fans are we expecting too much from the club to respond and or clarify about press and other reports ? weigh the possibilities & probabilties of transfers. its frustrating to be pelted with loose info on the net and be out in the cold with no official word. Surely there must be some interaction possible with the club

  41. anonymous says:

    i trust mr wenger but i just curious,why he needs to wait until the night of dateline date,does the seller club(if it happen) give us a discount on that player?as far as i am concern.the seller club will increase the player value bcoz they are not in the position to buy a replacement quickly.however it also a good tactic,some player might just jump into ship if he or an agent hear that there is an interest from arsenal maybe by submitting transfer request.wenger is a cunning fox but i rather we sort out this problem earlier.

  42. robert says:

    remember last year, wenger said he wouldn’t sign a new player but what happened 31 of august?? he signed Diarra….

  43. juma eric says:

    arsenal is the best club n 4 reva will remain

  44. sayandeep says:

    ya offcourse…..

  45. joker says:

    AW can b quiet frustratin i dnt fink he is gonna sign any1

  46. Gunnersfan says:

    Niko Kranjčar as defensiv midfielder and
    Vedran Ćorluka as central our right defender

  47. sith lord says:

    i wouldn’t want AW to sign a player just for the sake of it that’s what those second rate fools up the road do, however we do need experience and quality in midfield even if only for a couple of years til the likes of ramsey come good, our lack of depth last year was our undoing and any long term this year would be a disaster especially if it’s FAB i say get Barry and alonso and win the lot

  48. Pat says:

    Life is too short to read this cr*p

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  50. manwithbrain says:

    Die Hard Arsenal fan

  51. Ryan says:

    Im a big arsenal fan, want us 2 do well as much as the next gooner. But I cant help but feel we’re simply not gd enough to challenge chelsea and man utd for the league. Our midfield is weak, fabregas is r only star player. Even liverpool r stronger than us. Gerrard, alonso, mascherano, keane, torres, benyoun, babel. Really gd players. Denilson, ramsey, diaby, song, as promising as they r that dnt match up 2 lampard, essien, ballack, deco – scholes, carrick, hargreaves. The different is evident n wenger needs 2 wake up n realise this. Walcott is on n off, so is eboue, adebayor is having a poor start, stil waiting on eduardo. Wenger keeps saying we have enough players, rightly so, but they’re not of the quality to say we can contest european teams. We need established players, not young promising stars 4 the future. Football is about right now!

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