Fenerbahce Fanatical Fan Cant Wait For The Arsenal.

The most passionate and fanatical fans in world football await Arsenal at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium in Istanbul.

The Fenerbahce fans have a well respected reputation for making an incredible amount of sound and can almost act like the 12th man on the pitch.

The yellow and blue army also have a huge following in Haringey,North London and will bring that atmosphere to the emirates.

So what do we know about Fenerbahce?

Luis Aragonés took over from Zico this summer and has already added a little spanish magic with the signings of Daniel Güiza & Josico. Captain Alex is regarded as the best player in turkey at this present time and plays just behind the strikers, He has a magical left foot and is deadly from free kicks.

In goal they have the giant Volkan Demirel who impressed a host of managers with his fantastic display for Turkey at the Euros in the summer.

The veteran defenders Roberto Carlos, Diego Lugano & Edu Dracena make up a hard south American back line

They also have little Emre Belözoğlu signed this summer from the toon and the pacey winger Colin Kâzım-Richards.

The Fener Force.
A very dangerous counter attacking team as Seville found out last season, Pretty solid at the back and have talented players in midfield and up front.

If things start to go wrong some of the Turkish players have shown in the past that they can lose there heads and get a red. The fans can also turn very quickly on the players and manager.

Should be a cracking contest and we look forward to visiting Turkey and welcoming the Fener fans to the emirates.

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13 Responses to Fenerbahce Fanatical Fan Cant Wait For The Arsenal.

  1. J.Sanderson says:

    Excellent post, well summed up

  2. vc says:

    fenerbahce aint nothing besiktas hav d best fans in turkey and we are d loudest fans i mean u saw us when we played liverpool at home where we won 2-1 u saw our fans

  3. rexes says:

    We are poles apart in atmosphere,it’s like the opera house in comparison to the Colloseium of the gladiators.lol

  4. Nathan says:

    Greetings from the Fenerbahce fans! Nice article – we are indeed looking forward to playing you guys! We do have a large contingent of fans in London, but we also have a reputation for traveling the world to follow our beloved team.

    I’m assuming that few of you speak Turkish, so you can follow your upcoming opponents in English at http://www.fenerbahceworldwide.org. Stop by, say hello, and debate a bit with some Fener fans.

    Good luck – we’re looking forward to playing you guys!

    – Nathan from Fenerbahce Worldwide (www.fenerbahceworldwide.org)

  5. non chav says:

    it will be an interesting tie for sure I think one or two cards or injuries will be inevitable here too. Just hope the fans behave cos theres alot of emotion/passion in those Turks its got to be said…

  6. Marko says:

    I watched our game against Liverpool in the Champions League last season in a pub and they were also showing Fenarbache and Sevilla I think and when they won on pens the few Turks that were there went mad crazy. Nuts

  7. kingkongkirk says:

    Excellent atmosphere, at the emirates, everyone other than the away supporters are told to sit down, don’t swear, infact do your best to look like you are sipping afternoon tea, while nibbling prawn sandwiches, and then people wonder why there is not atmosphere at the stadium…….

    wish we had the freedom to jump up and down and sing like that…

  8. nakkeran maran says:

    Nothin better than AC milan supporters..!! gunners defeated them easily.. Fenerbache nothing matters..!

  9. toure tribe underboss says:

    we will silence them big time

  10. GFB HOOLIGAN says:

    fenerbahce will be first in the CL group G

    maybe some poeple dont believe that

    but fenerbahce can nobody stop



    arsenal…ok its hard but FENERBAHCE win !

  11. Anil says:

    I will be going to this game and regardless of how well either team is doing on the pitch, the atmosphere of the Fenerbahce fans is going to incredible as it always is.

    What ever does happen during the course of the game I’m sure will be an exciting game.

  12. Turko says:

    We are the best Fenerbahce.

  13. hikmet says:

    Hello Guys!
    To Be or not to Be a Fenerbahce FAN-> That is the question!
    I support, so I am 😉

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