NO SIGNINGS! NO CHANCE!! Wenger lies to the fans

Why did’nt Wenger just say from the beginning that we would’nt sign any body,I would have been mad but it would be a lot better then the way I feel right now.

Wenger’s been lieing to us,burning midnight oil, my arse. Why did he even get our hopes up?

He said he would keep the squad together – Fail
He said he would have his checkbook at the Euro’s -Fail
He said he would bring in a DM before the Twente game – Fail
He said he would be actively looking for 1 or 2 players today – Fail

We just kissed goodbye to any chance of us winning the title.

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324 Responses to NO SIGNINGS! NO CHANCE!! Wenger lies to the fans

  1. M R says:

    ooooooOoOOoo0O0o0O touuuuuuuuuuuchy

  2. david says:

    Fire the liar!!!!! Just looking at his face makes me feel sick to the stomach. I now officially hate the teo faced cunt!!!!

  3. Fuck Sake Wenger! says:

    I feel your pain… I’m just confused. Every other club utilises their funds and fills gaps in their team that needs to be filled. Arsenals 1 of many gaps? Defensive centre mid: was it filled? NO. WHY WENGER?! WHY?! PLeaseeee i want to experience a big name signing before i die. A new manager is necessary to take us to the next level. WENGER JUST DOESNT LEARN.

  4. StewDog says:

    wenger is an effin disgrace and so are arsenal. we will be lucky 2 get 4th this season

  5. canadiangunner says:

    I am disgusted today. We are not a top club in europe…we are happy to qualify for CL and thats it. I am extremely frustrated and hold Wenger and the BOD 100% responsible for the outcomes this year. 3 years with no trophy’s and a 4th undoubtedly coming!

  6. toure tribe underboss says:

    sad but true….i love arsene,i back him,iv cheated on the wife and lied and been forgiven before!

  7. Tino says:

    Fukin Tell me bout it

  8. Gooner Canuck says:

    For a man always harping on about values perhaps Wenger should think about the statements he makes. I could add to the list of things he said he would do that haven’t come close to happening. I have now reached the point that when he promises this or that about signing a player I completely disregard it. On that front at least he has lost all credibility! Not impressed.

  9. wtf says:

    Fuck right it’s gone. Fuck Wenger. It’s time for us to wake the fuck up. I’m be right in fucking Januaury when we’re 15 points off the pace of the real big clubs that spend some money.

  10. roc says:

    He said he would keep the squad together – Fail
    How was he to know Hleb would be a cunt and Milan would offer Flamini silly money?

    He said he would have his checkbook at the Euro’s – Fail

    Didn’t we sign Nasri? Or did I dream that

    He said he would bring in a DM before the Twente game – Fail

    Bid for Alsono was turned down.

    He said he would be actively looking for 1 or 2 players today – Fail

    Who’s to say he didn’t? Just because no-one signed, doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying. Numberous factors are involved in a transfer. For whatever reason, these could not come to pass and a deal can fall apart.

    So where exactly are the lies? If you aren’t going to support the club constructively then quite simply fuck off! What can be done now? Nothing. So you now you have to get behind the team we have.

  11. Tino says:

    M R Wat the hell are you

  12. Gunner says:

    Yep i just wasted my whole day waiting for a transfer to happen , he should of just told us instead of wasting our damn time , lieing twat!!! stubborn asswipe *#!! Gonna hope we finish atleast 4th and then we can also say goodbye to players like Cesc and van persie aswell.

  13. dave says:

    perfect article could nt of been written any better any1 who disagree s is a complete cunt. im fuming

  14. Gooner For Ife says:

    I Just have one question for wenger: WHY?
    And one other: Did we do something wrong to deserve this?

    PLEASE ANSWER WENGER, at least answer this one question by a faithful fan who has a very down spirit because her manU fans of friends are on a high!

  15. Please repeat this crap in May 09.
    The only thing we have failed is to bow down to shit blogs that talk shite.

  16. michael says:

    i hate him i hate him i hate him he shud get fired rite now

  17. styler says:

    time for wenger to go after this season he talk shite wenger

  18. Tom14 says:

    And you believed him? You fail!

  19. Gunner says:

    Wenger you fucking bastrd !!!

  20. maza says:

    2 wins against shit clubs back to back and he things we daont need players how much more do we have to take sold more than we bye and bye aplayer that is 31 when we sell everyone ove 31 that has been great for us because thier to old mans geting to be a pain in the ars

  21. Adam says:

    agreed…i cant believe we cant even purchase a decent DM instead of relying on denilson as our main DM. 4th place here we come again

  22. Family Enclosure Man says:

    Nope, he said he would sign the right players if he could get them. He evidently tried (Inler and possibly Alonso) and couldn’t get them, though no fault of his own. Trying and failing isn’t lying.

    And if you can’t get the players you rate and think you need, there’s no point buying for the sake of it.

  23. Maverick Gooner says:

    Even Stroke City have bought more players then us. Wenger never lies but this time he has let the fans down. We don’t have 2nd central midfielder at all.

  24. Steve says:

    We kept Cesc and Adebayor. Flamini was a revelation last year but long term potential was questionable. Hleb has been MORE than adequately replaced.

    He had his chequebook at the Euros, didnt fancy anyone. Who could we have got? Senna and Inler both decided to stay. Sometimes you cant get everyone you want.

    He said a ‘player’ not a DM. He DID buy Silvestre.

    He was interested in players but nothing came of it…it happens.

    We played some proper Wengerball on Saturday whilst Liverpool and Chelsea and especially United looked laboured.

    I dont know why you are so worked up – big names arent the be all and end all.

  25. Francis Jeffers says:

    should have re-signed me

  26. Baz says:

    haha I get a kick out of seeing people bitch and moan about how they were betrayed and lied to. Seriously, grow up.

  27. thegoonerforum says:

    Arsenals net spending over the past 3 seasons


  28. Ashburton Perry says:

    Yeah well said roc.

    If we haven’t signed anyone it won’t be down to a lack of effort. I’d rather buy the right player at the right time than panic to keep twats like david happy.

    Grow up and piss off if you’re not 100% behind le boss.

  29. adam says:

    wenger also said before and after euros that the fan should be assured and be happy about the signing we will make apart from nasri wtf wtf wtf wenger u let me down

  30. Adam says:

    Best part about all the talk, is that while the Arsenal board says Wenger has 30 mill to spend, I think it’s all garbage and they dont have that kind of money. Just goes to show either we are the cheapest team in England or we have a dillusional manager who actually thinks the team he has can cut it. I think it’s a bit of both. Terrible

  31. El Tommo says:

    roc Says:

    So where exactly are the lies? If you aren’t going to support the club constructively then quite simply fuck off!

    – You are a total CUNT – Wenger has known all summer that we need to replace the huge gap in our squad left by the loss of Flamini and Gilberto. He has FAILED to do that … end of. Yes he brought in Nasri who improves on Hleb but we are still short of players, that’s why people are so pissed off and they have the right to be because the club do not speak the truth to the fans. If they did – Board and Wenger people would chill out a bit, it’s the deception that hurts so much … don’t fucking defend it you prick, you’r just a simpleton Wenger apologist. Cunt.

  32. Miss Tandy says:

    Well, let me just pile on and make your day worse than it has been. The contraction form of “did not” is didn’t and “would not” is wouldn’t. You see, the apostrophe denotes where the letter is omitted; therefore, you shouldn’t write “ca’nt” when you mean “can’t” and “wouldn’t” when you can just use “won’t”. Forgive me but I can’t resist.

  33. Liquorice says:

    You really should’nt spend all day refreshing newswnow its not good for your sanity.
    “He said he would keep the squad together” Get Diaby fit and with the introduction of Nasri for Hleb he’s improved the Squad.
    “He said he would have his checkbook at the Euro’s” Im sure it paid for a few very nice bottles or Burgundy.
    “He said he would bring in a DM before the Twente game” He has Song’s back from the Olympics.
    “He said he would be actively looking for 1 or 2 players today ” He was Randal and Gibbs to signs their new contracts.
    “We just kissed goodbye to any chance of us winning the title” As you seem to be so confident at predicting future events maybe you could give me this weeks lottery numbers I’ll cut you in for 50%.

  34. rjp says:

    I can’t help thinking, maybe if we had played poor against newcastle then wenger would have spent

  35. donnelly says:

    With Roc on this one, mate.

    He didn’t lie to anyone. And you’re an idiot for thinking that.
    Arsenal will still challenge for the top, make a good Champions run and be in the thick of it at the end.

    What do you want? Invincibles every year?

    We’re not a rich club, we do what we can, and I shutter to think where we’d be without Wenger.

  36. wtf says:


    Football is a business, and a club can’t continue to shit on its supporters. We can all say we don’t need the plastics, but guess who is the only people that can pay for our insane ticket prices.

    All of the other clubs at least make an announcement about the signings. We can’t even get a simple “no singings. Sorry”

    from our website.


    Who the fuck would do that?

    THEY AREN’T ENGLISH. They didn’t grow up with the club. The will fuck off, and rightly so.

  37. Baz says:

    Actually, no I don’t – i just like to slip my tiny penis up the bottoms of very small dogs when they are not ready for it .. it’s nice

  38. Herbs says:

    I’ve been a Gunner for 13 yrs and this one of the most interesting times in Arsenal History.


  39. tim says:

    a signing could be annouced in the morning u no

  40. A.F.C says:

    He said he would have his checkbook at the Euro’s -Fail
    that would be inler you fool
    He said he would bring in a DM before the Twente game – Fail
    that would be inler you fool
    go follow mufc or mcfc or chelsea what just go bye A.F.C

  41. geoffreid says:

    Agree he is a liar just like our board–even city has found a big backer so watch out for spurs and all their new signings we will be lucky to finish 5th . Never mind we have the star player EBOUE wait till he gets into his stride we are all shaking. Wegner has to leave no more credibility than Helb in fact two of a kind just plain liars.

  42. Arsene Wenger says:

    Be quiet please you stupid children. We have the quality and belief to win everything this year – you will see, i am right for sure … when we fail i will leave and you can get a real man as manager …

  43. sult says:

    AW is not to blame its the chairman and his gang of no good f****** he only tells as what he is told.

  44. johnny says:

    come on people , u call ursel gooners, shut up an get behind are lads an de boss the cheek of some fans to question arsene. where wud we be wit out him. gooner for life…….

  45. Andre 2000 says:

    Yet we have improved every year for the last 3 years

  46. DW says:

    There must be a good reason why there are no more signings. Vela is a dangerous player who will torment defensives and Wiltshire although young will grow game by game. Lets keep positive and count our blessings.

  47. A.F.C says:

    Arsenals net spending over the past 3 seasons

    £400 mil fookin muppet fan

  48. Our fans are a bunch of cunts says:

    Arsene Wenger is the greatest man ever to brace our club, shame you tosspots can’t see that

  49. me says:

    Just Dissapointing puerly unacceptable….we are the arsenal and we are big club and we should start acting like one…Berbatov signed for the f***ing mancs and robiniho for man city, chelsea got deco and what did we get NASRI and this kid ramsey…dnt get me wrong nasri is great but he is still young still..we are two players short of winning the title a DM and Winger…and we didnt get anyone….It’s the first time im begining to question him and if he still can bring us trophies…I’m still loyal but im not gonna be for long and im sure im speaking for all arsenal fans if we dont win something this year it’s gonna be tough on wenger lets not call for his head just for now

  50. Arsene Wenger says:

    Miss Tandy

    Is it because your a lesbien?


  51. Stu says:

    Everyone trying to defend him can just stfu. The fact is that he blatantly lied to everyone. He got everyone’s hopes up and everyone was massively disappointed. We have one of the best XI in the world but if one of them gets injured then we are fucked. Centre defence is the weakest of the top4 and our midfield is lighter than most other clubs.

    Of the players we do have he is playing them incorrectly. Eboue in midfield is just total bullshit and Song in defence is another disgrace. The AKB’s can fuck off.

  52. Tino says:

    am with you WTF
    this is why we still back as a club
    because for DICK that suck Wenger dick
    Why do Follow arsenal to win cups
    not see other take then.

  53. Mr Young Gun says:

    Im very disppointed. But I think we can just about make it. Notice I said JUST!

  54. wtf says:

    We haven’t done shit in 3 years.

    How come no one other than you Wenger Sychophants has said, “Oh, Wenger doens’t need anyone.”

    Who? Not Merson, Not wright, not Keowne, not Adams, not seaman.


    Only you kool-aide drkining wenger worshippers. And you’d believe him if he sold Cesc.

  55. Capucine says:

    I just knew THAT after the last win (3:0 Newcastle) .
    If we lost it, there would be pressure on Wenger.

  56. Steve D says:

    Most of you are a bunch of Plastic fu@@ers!!!!

    AW is the best thing that ever happened to Arsenal and we have a great team.

    Now get behind what we’ve got instead of destabilising the team with your constant bitching. I bet your the guys that boo at the games as well – SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  57. Arsene Wenger says:

    without me/ you would be in the sheeet but its true i am a cunt but some of you will support me because of my past …

    god bless the fools the are so niave – is it wrng, lesser?

  58. gt says:

    Is there any chance that we have indeed signed someone… just that they didn’t bother to notify the press until tomorrow…

    = (

  59. Tino says:

    I say call for his FuckING Head
    I pay good money to Watch a club that I love

  60. Tino says:

    FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. A.F.C says:

    Arsenals net spending over the past 3 seasons

    £400 MIL MUPPET fans 400 mil even more than that
    i allways wonder do MUPPET fans know we just bought a new stadium or did they only start glorey hunting just recently A.F.C

  62. jamie says:

    1. am i and other fans seein different to wenger. eboue is SHIT!!!! and he still plays him is it that he is shagin him?, does he feel sorry for him?, or is it that hes to shit for any other club so we have to keep him? 2. i think wenger shud step dwn as manger and take up a directors and scouting job so we can actually bring in 1 of the biggest players in the world and not a teenager who is gona get better in a few years!

  63. Gunner #1 says:

    All of these people who hate wenger are fucking arseholes, including the cunt that wrote this article. What happened to trusting in Wenger? Just because no-ones been signed, it doesnt mean we wont win silverware this season, we have a good squad, young, but quality. We have proven along the last 4 years that age does not mean quality, if a player is good enough, he plays, simple as. Denilson is good enough, he will prove that, and all of u cunts will be singing his praises at the end of this season. It’s the same situation as when we opted to use Flamini last season at the expense of Gilberto, I bet the people that used to slate him for being shit were singing his praises toward the end, and hoping he fucking stayed, no matter how much we offered him. Wenger in my mind is still the best manager on the planet, i stand by his decision to not sign anyone, why should we? Coz united wanna spend 30 mil on a useless eastern european peice of shit! because man city mugged off chelski? because tottenham have signed pavlyuchenko? because a pikeys gone to liverpool? Or because some arrogant cunt has wrote this blog? Anyone who doesnt want to support this club or the manager can go and fuck off! Support tottenham you useless cunts, pescimistic cunts. I cant fucking believe i support the same club as you cunts! FUCK OFF!

  64. Stu says:

    I hope to fuck that Wenger is waiting until all his amazing deals are 100% confirms until he announces them. He said recently he didn’t to make an early announcement and look like a fol. So…… expect an announcement on January 31.

  65. Baptista says:

    David Dein was RIGHT!

    We’ve done shit ever since he left.

    Oh well. Looks like Man City will be taking our place now.

  66. gutted says:

    man city paid 5.7m for vincent kompany. we paid 5m for aaron ramsey. no logic. im absolutely gutted

  67. Gooner For Ife says:

    for gt,

    that is hilarious. We have now reached the point of desperation. I really hope ur right!

  68. A.F.C says:

    Arsenal in last-gasp attempt to capture Alonso Independent – Premier League 01:35

  69. redjellydonut says:

    If we don’t win the League and the CL, I say hang the fucker from the nearest sky box at Ashburton fucking Grove.

  70. Arsene Wenger says:

    Arsenal were last night desperately trying to sign Xabi Alonso before the transfer window closed after submitting an improved offer, thought to be around £14m, for the Spanish international midfielder. Earlier the Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez, had insisted Alonso was not for sale but it is understood that he was always prepared to do a deal if his valuation was met.

    The Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, who rejected Cardiff City’s attempt to take Aaron Ramsay back on loan, has played a delicate game of brinkmanship in trying to secure Alonso, whom he wants to partner Cesc Fabregas in central midfield. Wenger regards the 26-year-old as a player who can add the experience and steel which have been missing from his team. A bid of £12m was rejected last month as Wenger hoped to capitalise on Liverpool’s attempts to sign Gareth Barry from Aston Villa.

  71. Joel Cairo says:

    I say all of you should sod off and switch to Spurs, since you equate spending money with improving quality. The article is ridiculous — childish, immature, petulant, about what you’d expect from an eight-year old. Come on, I know you can say it: “Come on you Spurs!”

  72. thegoonerforum says:

    We have had all summer to sign Alonso. Why wait till the last min to bid for him?

    And Wenger was watching the Reserves game tonight,If he really wanted Alonso he would have been trying to sort the deal out

  73. willyhead says:

    He said he would keep the squad together – Fail
    He said he would have his checkbook at the Euro’s -Fail
    He said he would bring in a DM before the Twente game – Fail
    He said he would be actively looking for 1 or 2 players today – Fail

    Bullet form stating fact, with out the bitching. The paragraph before was not necessary.

  74. Tino says:

    “Arsenal in last-gasp attempt to capture Alonso Independent”
    that is bullshit

  75. gooner88 says:

    Severely frustrated by wenger again, was holding out some hope that we were going to get a player or two, and ones that were already good not ones that would be good in a year or two… Wenger knows just isnt good enough any more… He said that last year we were unlucky and that we lacked “experience”… so his response to this is to allow 5 players with experience to leave and to be replaced by youngsters who wont be good enough til this time next year or the year after… Even though it pains me to admit it, Wenger knows just dont cut it no more

  76. AnonymousGooner says:

    Okay. So many of you think us “Arsene Knows” crew are a bunch of utter cunts eh?!

    And you call Arsene a Froggy bastard etc. but unless there is a new face that still gets announced later in the morning (which is plausible), what other choice do you have? Support another team or give up footy for a season??

    You’re making it sound like you’re ready to turn your backs on the club. And I bet all of you will be saying Arsene Knows if/when we lead the Prem and advance past the group stage and on into the January window.

    And from today’s comments, most of you won’t deserve to share any glory with the club and fans who will continue to stick with the manager and players and not call them names.

    That’s what really saddens me. Arsene is the best thing to happen to this club, he seems confident with what we already have and we’ve just come off a resounding win against Newcy. Let’s give the lads a chance to at least show us what they’re capable of.

    Rant over.

  77. Arsene Wenger says:

    i failed

  78. Arsene Wenger says:


  79. JK-colombia says:

    I support my gunners all the time, but i am VERY worried with DM.

    Denilson made a goal, yes, but we have many players can do that. Denilson made more or less 8-10 good delivers, but he passed more or less 20-25 bad delivers, and we must think: what is the first thing a “decent” DM must do well: strong defence and good deliver, and i´m sorry but denilson is not a DM. I hope that eboue or someone could fit that position!

    Anyway, go gunners ! we can beat robinho, we can beat berbatov !

  80. Sydney Gooner says:


    Suport Arsenal.

    Who has won the league more times in the last ten years apart from Man Utd? Wenger

    FA CUP = Wenger

    Built the best Stadium in Europe = Wenger

    Unbeatable for a season = Wenger.

    Has to put up with a lot of pathetic childish impatient happless cunty fans – Wenger.

    We didn’t sign anyone. so what. It’s better than thowing Money away on a piece of shite.

    Did anyone not see the Newcastle game? we looked alright.

    Some of the cunts that follow Arsenal these days fuck me off – you have no idea what supportnig a team means. fickle spinless cunts.

    At least with mid table/lower league teams support is loyal. Wengers success has attracted a hell of a lot of fuckwits glory hunters – which I wish would please fuck off – Many City anyone…. go please fuck off.

  81. MSW says:

    You lot are pathetic! This must be Man U fans having a wind up……right? The most succsessful manager we have ever had, do you honestly believe he would say he is going to try and sign one or two more players then just not bother!? It’s obvious any deal he was trying for today just fell through……that’s football/business. Our current squad is good enough to compete for trophy’s this season, we still have players to return from injury, we only finished 4points off Man U last time round, we have replaced Pleb with a GOAL SCORING midfielder. I’m embarrassed to be associated with such a bunch of fickle supporters. Who would you rather manage our club on the budget we have?
    You all have to realise unless we sell the club we wont be signing a south american greedy cu*t for $40.
    And anyone who says they want Arsenal to sell out can not honestly say they are a true Gooner. You lot are a bunch of glory hunting fucking pricks who have NO idea what it means to truely love and support a team. If you want to glory hunt fuck off to Chavski, it you want to continue moaning about the greatest manager our club (premiership) has ever seen then FUCK OFF to SPURS, STUPID TWATS.

  82. JustinConnor says:

    did no one see us obliterate an improved Newcastle team? we will be just fine with the squad we have for now. we can pick someone up in January as needed. remember we have injured players set to return soon that will help in the midfield. the fulham loss was a fluke. Song will be groomed as the DM we need and Toure/Gallas will fill the central defense with Silvestre and Djourou covering. Rosicky and Diably will be back before long and Ramsay is coming along nicely. Fabregas can be a DM with Nasri or Rosicky playing a more advanced role. Walcott is progressing nicely. Nasri was a beautiful buy. As was Vela. Our wingers will rival any premiership team now with Walcott, Vela, Nasri, Rosicky. Denilson looked fantastic as the DM for now as long as he has Fabregas to work with. Eboue is a capable fill in for a buch of spots. Denilson was awful against Fulham because Fabregas was not in there. he has more confidence with Fabregas in front of him. we could have a monkey playing DM as long as fabregas is in there. He makes everyone better. Remember, united is without there best player for a few more weeks and It remains to be seen how Berbatov will fit in with Rooney and Tevez. Chelsea is the team i am most concerned about, but we will be in the top 3 this year and can go far in the CL and FA Cup as well. remember our 2nd team is still better than most PL 1st teams. we will be pl champs and win the treble in 2009-2010 season.

  83. a fan says:

    yes we didnt get anyone and yes wenger might have lied but how about we didnt, maybe the players he wanted didnt want to come , or the deals didnt go through, or maybe other clubs didnt want to sell to us, i hope it was bad luck that we didnt get anyone, not that we didnt need or want to get any players.

  84. Steven says:

    Some truly truly moronic comments on this blog and the blog itself.

    It makes me sick to my stomach that we have fans of such idiocy

  85. WengerBall says:

    Get a life you loser…..plenty of other clubs to support…try Man City! What club working on its own resources can compete with the Rich owners of Chelsea and Man City in the long term? It’s impossible to buy the best players because they are both ready to pay stupid money for them. So we have to take a completely different strategy to compete. That’s exactly what we’re doing. And no, it won’t work in the short-term. But it will in time.

  86. Orangooner says:

    it’s said there’s a so-called Arsene Knows Brigade. they are just fanatic fans of Mr. Wenger but not Arsenal. that’s why, no wonder, Wenger dare to keep lying to us.

    all i want to say is it will be too late to repent if we drift out of Champions League berths, you idiots.

  87. Liam says:

    u lot need to shuhut ur mouths
    wait till the end of the season till u start to critisize
    Song and Denilson could be enough
    flamini was great last season and you wouldn’t have expected it
    so lets just wait and see

  88. King of north london says:

    Brillant arsene play more with us…coz u think its safe to do so…lie more…coz ur fucking untouchable…I hate U !!!!

  89. Jack Staniforth says:

    Yes, I`m disappointed that we didn`t find the player we need and I would imagine Wenger is too, but I will not associate my name with these foul mouthed critics who haven`t even got the guts to use their own name when replying. If this is the level that Arsenal supporters have stooped to then, as the man said, “include me out”.

  90. BATCHMENT says:

    4th we’ll be lucky, today is just the start £32.5Mill is nothing to man City 1 of the four owners are 10 times richer than Cheski. How in the world are we going to compete, this will be the new one “wengers waiting till Jan”.
    Man U needs players they get em, Liverpool Chelsea spend big rigardless of who’s in charge.
    Arsenal we buy 1 decent player, and our transfer window is over.
    Next season it be Cesc RVP, and Ade and god knows who else will be off, and the worst thing they could be in a Man City shirt.
    The board need to go, it’s not wenger he knows the players, but their’s no money. They don’t back him because he acheives without large funds.
    This will continue until we finish outside the top 4, when they will have to either sell the club or invest. We all know which one it will be, as pressure will mount. Or Wenger walks. Then were really fucked.
    This season we have no chance, next season even less and so on.
    Remember promises are comfort to a fool, and so are all of we who thought that we would get Alonso as he cost 16Mil which we aint got.

  91. Jack Straw says:

    This board is infested with some of the truly most pathetic, piss-poor excuses for Arsenal supporters that have ever existed.

  92. colonel mustard says:

    relax young gunners…..disappointing but only because the boys down the road got some new presents and we did not….The fitness of this team is the only thing to worry about. revelations will be a plenty this season…..TRUST THE MAN WHO MADE US.

  93. david says:

    Relax. remember the reality is different. The board does not care about winning anything, they just want a full stadium each week and a manageable wage bill. Champions league football and a nice glass of wine is what makes the people who pay the bills happy.
    Also remember that you lot were moaning this time last year and we were a victory against Manure away from the title and in ’06 we got to the Champs league final with 7 players out and Flamini at left back. Also part 2 the last time Wenger bought multiple players was Wright, Von Bronckhorst and Jeffers. How did that work out for us?

  94. Ungrateful Arses says:

    If you’re abusing a manager who has been the most succesful for this club, has shown you the likes of henry etc, well then you either have the mental capability of a 4 year old or you’re a CUNT.

    Clubs don’t just put their fingers on players and *poof* they appear in the clubs shirts. Transfers are complicated, there are a million reasons for a deal to not go according to plan.

    We’ve seen arsenal being linked to Inler, Alonso, Arshavin over the past few weeks. None of those deals could come through as Inler and Arshavin didnt want to come and well i really dont know much about Alonso but i think Liverpool wouldn’t let go of him. Wenger wasnt sleeping during the transfer window, he just couldn’t get the players he wanted, the players he thought would add quality to the side. Big name signings aren’t everything. Its just the hype that is created which excites bloody pre-teens like the ones on this forum. I just saw a comment saying they hated wenger because all their Man U fans were high on Berbacunt. “SHEEESH”

    You dont buy for the ‘sake’ of buying (except for the stupid arabs and russians with gold coins instead of balls) A manager buys when he thinks he has found the suitable player for the style of football the club plays. The probability of a deal being succesful is another issue.

    So everybody who ‘hates’ wenger for not signing, wenger is SMARTER than you, he knows MORE about running a club than any of you so called gooners put together.

    If you dont support a club if its trophyless, well then you ARE one of those wanna-be supporters who support a club because its the “hip” thing to do. True gunners havent lost support in the club. We dont support an indivual, we support the IDEA behing arsenal, the beautiful gameplay that we get to see weekk after week.

    Arsenal Forever.

  95. fresh hope says:

    see u guys still care for this club thats make u a fan of wenger as well . come on is this entirely his fault that he was unable to sign a dm ,both inler and alonso was unavailable , its better nothing than a good player mancity ,totterham made signings before but have they finished top 4 . its aw who still maintaining the team briliantly. lets face it Arsenal does n’t have enough money to buy big names . and now lets cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  96. Mark says:

    Honestly I think we’re going to do just fine. And I’m absolutely embarrassed by all the “fans” who have no faith in the club. I will remind you that last year we finished FOUR points behind Manure, JUST four. The possibility of Arsenal not getting a Champions League spot is so rediculous it makes me laugh! If anyone should be worried it should be Liverpool…THEY truely are bad. WE truely are good.

    These last few years have been the most frustrating years for an Arsenal fan. But honestly I they we will come through.

  97. toure tribe underboss says:

    im not anti wenger,arsene is the greatest thing to ever happen to arsenal, greater than ian wright dennis bergkamp pratrick viera and cesc fabregas all rolled into one, he made one mistake,continuing to play matt flamini instead of diarra while flamini’s new contract was unsigned, then letting both insurance policys leave (gilberto and diarra) now were gambling again ,but usually it works out hopefully wengers good judgement will continue,all u snivelling little bitches, suck a dick!

  98. freddy says:

    The team that beat Newcastle could beat any of the big clubs in Europe with the style of football they played. Arsenal are in great shape (on and off field) and when we win it will be all the sweeter. Wenger is the all round real deal and any other club in Europe would take him in a heartbeat. Go the Arsenal!

  99. Goonarama says:

    Petulant children,

    Do yourself a favour and support Spuds, Mancs and Chavs.

  100. The Moon says:

    U guys never know what’s AW sophisticated philosophy… U guys never know. Do any new signings guarantee the title? At least bring some hope.But AW try to use his available assets to challenge for the titles.U guys just never know… Wake up…

  101. blaze says:

    In Arsene we believe… True

  102. lewy says:

    Ur piece of shit forum is full of whinging morons.. The same fuckn thing happened last year.. “thierry’s gone.. now were fuckd” ade stepped up 30 goals.. we have Nasri who can play wide or can cover fabregas’s position if called upon.. we have denilson, song, diabi who are all coming into their own.. Silvestre whos experience at Centre back is invaluable. not to mention Bendtner, Van persie fit and The likes of Jack Wilshere knocking on the door. this team can do anything.. and they are getting the chance to grow together.. I bet u guys are the same fuckn idiots who wrote us off last year.. the jumped back on the wagon whe we topped the table 5 points clear. The competition doesnt look as strong this year.. If we are coming 7th at the beginning of january.. then complain. But for now.. shut the fuck up 🙂

  103. Mayfieldx says:

    If wenger didnt buy tonight, it only means he couldn`t get the right players he wanted at this time.

    Stop complaining, and support the manager and the club like you are all supposed to do. Thank good Gunners arent like the other teams throwing money around that they dont really have.
    we have, fabregas , diaby , denilson , nasri , Rosicky , ramsay , song , randal , merida and more talents. I am actually quite pleased with the team, we reached the semi in CL last season, and some bad injuries prob cutt us from winning the premier league last season.
    We have lost hleb and flamini from last season. Hleb good player but i walue Nasri a mutch better arsenal player. Flamini was a sub for a long time, before blooming last season. We have only played 3 league games, and we are only 1 point behind Chelski and pool.
    We must have more faith in Arsene and our players than manny of you guys have right now. Who would have belived we would be doing so well last year before the season started??? who was flamini before last season???
    I belive Denilson and diaby will fill his gap quite well this season, and Diaby prob has the potential to be a better DM than flamini was, if he can get fit and stay away from injuries.
    No new midfielder, means hopes of seing Merida take a nother stepp towards stardom. Randal can be good also. And song has surprised me after returning from charlton, cos i thought he didnt look good enough before he went on loan. came back a mutch better player.

    One disapointment to me was the sale of Fabrice Muamba, not so sure that was the right decision. Should have keept on loaning him out. Maybe he would have been ideal to support fabregas at this moment? altho i see great potentsial i Denilson if he can keep starting games and boost hes confidense.

    And ofcourse im praying for Eduardo to get fit and back at his peak again. Maybe he should go on a season loan when fit to recover full for the premier league standards.

  104. Mr.T says:

    I pity the fool that whinges and bitches!

    Let them other fools buy their trophies cos when we win something the victory will taste so much sweeter!

    Victory Through Harmony fools!

    Call yourselves fans! dont make me laugh you spineless bitches!

    Who you gona get to replace wenger???

    chavski in disguise probably say mourinho!

  105. IAWT says:

    Am i the only person that knows that Stephen Appiah failed a medical yesterday. You lot are ignorant because spending money really does lead to success. Just ask chelsea!!!

  106. thegoonerforum says:

    lewy: And What happened last year? We finished the season empty handed and 3rd? Was we wrong? is that now success for Arsenal?

  107. daniel says:

    jesus… the term loyal supporters comes to mind…?

    to sack wenger would be more than stupid.

    he hasnt lied to anyone… he has always said that he is happy with what he has… and that he would sign someone if the player was right and the money was right.

    i agree we could have done with a defensive midfielder to allow cesc to do his magic. but wenger obviously beleives that diaby will be good enough to cover that position. diaby is big, strong, fast, good on the ball, and is a decent tackler.

    everyone wants big names… but big names arent always good for a club.

    i cannot think of any decisions that wenger has made that havent turned out to be the right one. trust the man he is a genius.

    he has my backing and always will!!!!

    arsenal till’ i die!


  108. thegoonerforum says:

    Stephen Appiah was given the boot by Fener for having a fucked up knee. No wonder he failed a medical if thats true

  109. PJGOONER says:

    Wenger is the Gordon Brown of football management…….. ‘ We must spend prudently’, ‘it is he end of boom and bust’

    Both are wrong, both talk out of their arse…… Both have been found out!

    We will not be in teh top 4 this year, Look at City and Villa…….

    cesc will go next summer just as Van Persie will, we and they feel betrayed!

    It is time for a change, we have stayed with Wenger to long.. he wa great now he is pig headed, arrogant and lies

    That is the way I feel!

  110. PolishGooner says:

    All you so called “supporters” stop crying like little babies. Can any of you just have some faith? Wouldn’t it be nice to win a title without spending such ridiculous money? Was Nasri not a good signing? If these big clubs keep spending ridiculous money on signings like Berba & Robhinio (both spoiled brats) then in 20 yrs time, we’ll have only 4 teams left in the premier league with 45 top players on each side.
    I for one think we’ll sign in January & can still challenge for title. The rest of you babies, go become a United fan or maybe support City now since they spent some money.

  111. Ungrateful Arses says:

    thegoonerforum : We barely missed the title.

    If you cant support a club if its trophyless then wack off you cunt, im sure you’ll rename yourself to thecityforum next season because “HEY! THEYRE MAKING MOVES ON ALL THE 40M STARS WEEEHEEE”

    You juvenile dumbasses don’t really deserve to be called Arsenal fans, the point of being a true gooner is that you STICK with the club through THICK and THIN.

    Cunts like you write us off early in the season and jump on the bandwagon in January when we’re way ahead of everybody else, then you cry again when we dont get any trophies, for fucks sake, decide already.. whose side are you on?

    In Arsenal We Trust
    In Arsene We Trust
    On Cunts Like You, We Like To Put Our Fists On

  112. True Gooner says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Some of these comments are from complete morons from people that obviously live their lives in a football managment game. 10 years ago we won the double with Overmars who? Petit Who? Vieira Who? The year before wenger arrived we were strugling to get into the old uefa cup and struggled to finish 6th. Since that time we have consitently challanged for the title. We have seen some of the best football in europe and are privlaged to watch a fantastic team at one of the best stadiums in the world. The sure thing about Arsenal is wenger’s way is now installed in the Arsenal tradition. And I hope it continues with us winning trophy’s through hard work and class with the squad we have rather than buying a bunch of mercenaries. Something you part time muggs have forgot. Have faith or piss off down the road and watch Cashly and co.

  113. gob shite says:

    Lack of genuine defensive midfielder this season means we will have to be happy with 3rd or 4th place. Maybe Wenger is targeting to win the Carling cup or FA cup :-).
    WTF is Wenger doing?

  114. Peter Wong says:

    The next few matches will be the turning point in the fortunes of Arsenal fc.Lose another two games and AW can say bye to the title.
    Of course I would love it if the yang gunners prove me wrong.

  115. Damien says:

    Ohh boohoo

    Im sure he wasnt just sitting on his arse, commenting on professionals, criticizing their every move behind a computer. Know what I mean?

    Im pretty confident that he made moves for players and it just dint not happen. Its not Football Manager were you just offer money and its either agreed or not. Its a little more complicated than that.

    If Wenger says we will try to sign one or two players, thats what he did, he tried to sign them, but if youd see, the bids have been either rejected or the player has rejected. Not much Wenger can do.

    Make another post about how Wenger lied to his fans 2morrow and the next. Im sure it will make fantastic reading.

    Get over it dude.

    Would I of liked another midfielder? Absolutely, but all I can believe is that Wenger tried to keep his team together, and he tried to sign players.

  116. Bwood Gooner says:

    You lot chat shit.
    Who says we needed a big/expensive player, we needed a decent player who could play a holding role where Flamini was so effective last year allowing Cesc to play. Denilson is to much like Cesc both are lightweight, compare that to Essien/Mikel/Lampard/Ballack, Carrick/Fletcher/O’Shea/Anderson and we have Diaby(Injury Prone)/Bishcoff(Injury P)/Cesc/Denilson/Song. We don’t compare, games are won or lost in the centre midfield.
    For once i have to disagree with the ‘In wenger we trust.’ People need to now grow up and realise that in order to compete and win titles which we should be doing we need to buy, im not asking for a Kaka/Robinho but just someone who isnt a 18 year old African/French player who is raw.

  117. Mohd Hisham says:

    So at the end of the transfer window Arsenal have a very healthy bank balance compared to the the other clubs and PH will be pleased.But wait a minute isn’t trophies and winning soccer that matter?
    Who cares about the scintillating soccer played by the gunners?bm lost the cl despite outgunning and outplaying the rd but lost the trophy.
    AW better know know what he’s doing. I presume he does but sometimes it takes an outsider to point out your flaws and the yes men at ES won’t dare utter a disagreeing voice.

  118. thegoonerforum says:


    ARSENAL SIGN 2 PLAYERS!,19528,11670_4082685,00.html

  119. oneconfusedgooner says:

    Quit naggin’ if you’re an arsenal fan, it would be good to sign a player but does’nt mean we can’t challenge this season honours. Million pounds signing will be good if it’s but if it doesn’t another money splash for nothin…….just sit back and watch this season goes, well see where we at season ends then post your f***ng complaints

    True gooner

  120. nayan says:

    Sack the Le Boss. He will ultimately disinetegrate arsenal

  121. Hanta Virus says:

    What did I F&^%$&* say!!!!!
    Scrooge McWenger acts like he’s paying out of his own pockets!
    Sack the F****** board ASAP before they ruin Arsenal Football Club completely! They are running the club right down the tube!!

  122. Ramsri says:



    that’s really really really fucked up, dick-bag.

  123. MSW says:

    Fuck off to Man City then, bunch of glory hunting muppets.
    If only you’d been around in the 80’s (oh you probably were, just you were wearing Candy tracksuits). Cunts.


  124. Ramsri says:

    What pisses me off, is that we’ll suffer injuries, and we’ll fade away in all competitions, then wenger will act like it was unforeseeable. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  125. thegoonerforum says:

    If Cesc gets a knock then wait and see whats going to happen.

    Remember the Fulham game?

  126. James says:

    So many Spurs supporters posting today.

  127. Ramsri says:

    speaking of the fulham debacle, denilson was terrible against newcastle as well, goal or no goal, his distribution from the middle of the park was effin abysmal

  128. highburyman says:

    what a pathetic, inflated view of themselves some people have. Wenger lied to “me”. Right, he personally intentional told you something that was untrue. Oh grow up and get a life. This is football. stuff happens. do you use the same (poor) judgement on your own life. Some things do not happen. Some things don’t come off. get over it. Support the team.

  129. dennis says:

    jesus christ… you bunch of whingers…
    Which team, by a mile, played the best football of the weekend ??
    Yes, another experienced player would have been nice.. and who knows, maybe we have sorted a deal out… but for fucks sake.. working yourself up into an angry stupor and declaring our season over 10 minutes after the transfer window closes is absolutely pathetic..
    So what, you’re going to spend the whole season booing us? not supporting the team?? Well, that will really help won’t it?
    All the angry brigade either go and have a go a wank, or take some soft drugs but for fucks sake calm down..
    We are Arsenal and we’re fucking brilliant
    LOVE US..

  130. vince says:

    i cant wait till we do really well this year so all u mutherfukers will shut the fukk up

  131. Rich says:


    You are not a gooner. I was singing there is only one Wenger at the Newcastle game, along with all the rest. usually I am armchair fan but even then, I know the true value of Arsene as our manager.

    I feel more disappointed that something called the goonerforum contains such a childlike rant from such an armchair fan.

    Even if we win nothing t his year, I would back Wenger anyday over your unintelligent ramblings.

    Go and support the spuds. They spend shit loads every year and win fuck all. You are matched for them.

  132. Gooner For Life says:

    While I don’t agree with dissing Arsene, I must say that there are some people on this page that are not seeing the big picture!

    Yes we can have faith and trust all we want, but, the times are changing and we need to change with it. We don’t need a 30mill player, but it is evident that we need a couple GOOD players. Teams get plagued with injuries, players fall off form…If you can’t see that we don’t have the dept to compete in 4 tournaments then you are truly blind.

    I can relate to the people who are complaining…I am too. I am truly dissapointed that we could not at least replace our lost players. Nasri and Ramsey should have been the men to boost our squad not partially fill the void.

    And I can relate to the people who cry keep the Faith. Of course we will keep the faith, we must and we will. We back our team 100% and i know i will back Arsenal even if the worst thing was to happen to them…we are just disappointed because we know that we need the players. I don’t appreciate you guys calling some of the fans spuds and chelski supporters, people express their feelings in different ways. Call us whiners, but, in the end we were the ones that saw the bigger picture…that we are slowly slipping behind as others move forward! AND THAT’S THE TRUTH

  133. baron von choo says:

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking wankers . i got a quarter the way down the commenst list n id read enough, this part of what im gonna say is important so ill leave a lil gap

    what do you support arsenal for ? just winning trophies? i suggest u question what type of fans you really are

    ask a sunderland fan why they support their club n get 40,000 in their ground every saturday you bunch of glory hunting cunts

    i spent over 2 grand going to see arsenal last year and i dont have a season ticket im a red member and i had to use ticket exchange to but tickets at club level at 86 quid a pop let alone all the travel money n paying for my old mans seat cos he earns even less than me

    i am arsnenal till i die no matter if we win lose or whatever and you lot seem to disregard the fact we play the best football in the league and now u have the sheer cheek to slate wenger , the man that bought entertaining football to arsenal. fuck everyone who is pissing n moaning read the comments from upbeat level headed gooners n realise that all ur moans are answered you should all shut the fuck up

    do you support arsenal just because they win ?

    do you support arsenal because they get silverwear ?

    do you support arsenal because they win a lot and finish above the team ur mate supports at work ?

    if you answered yes to any of these questions you are a fucking asshole

    i support arsenal for their history , the way the club has class and doesnt tell the world whats going on , the fact that i was a 7 year old boy n i watched arsenal win at anfield in 88/89 and it still lifts the hairs on the back of my neck , i love arsenal for every good reason other than winning ….

    i would go to see arsenal if they lost week in and week out , because …. drum roll please …. i support asenal win lose or draw , they are my team i get behind the team manager and board. so if anyone disagrees fuck you ur a cunt ….. disagree with me post a comment about what i said but if you do u really are a cunt and you are not real arsenal , if you seem to think u are real arsenal and say ……………
    ‘oooohh i have a season ticket’ u probably dont even realise ur one of the lucky fucks that work in an office in the city and just like to brag to timmothy in the office that u went to see ‘the arsenal’ and it was ‘jolly good fun’

    arsenal til i die

    most of you wankers are the ones that leave 5 mins on a saturday afternoon early kick off instead of waiting ten mins after the game walking to the pub having a beer and actually supporting their team for 90 mins ….. i hate you lot too

    i have never been so ashamed at the so called fans in all my life ….. a lot of you really are glory hunters , yes i wanna win the league and every game but talking shite about mr wenger is so fucking stupid

    how the fuck do guys think we pay for our loan for the emirates …. shirt buttons? shiney pieces of tin foil from the players lunches at the training ground?
    we are a clever club …. not paying ridiculous money for players , and i wouldnt have it any other way

    yes i am disappointed we didnt bolster our midfield….. but there are reasons

    1. wenger knows he has the players capable of doing the business this year

    2. he tried to land someone and couldnt manage it

    arsenal was ta the reserve game tonight between chelsea n arsenal at barnet ….. so my gues is he knows what hes got and is happy with it

    arsene is a born winner

    he will not go into this seasons battle knowing he cannot win it

    have faith in ur manager and team

    and if you dont you can take ur dick , stretch it out nice n long yank it back under ur undercarriage …. and stick ur cock in ur asshole and fuck yourselves

    arsenal need true fans any one not backing the team serioulsy shoud just not support arsenal cos we as fans dont want em , you take up valuable seats in our beautiful stadium and then leave 5 mins before the end of the game

    so seriously fuck off

    fuck most of you

    and to the rest who still believe , have a lovely evening

    i am a man with faith and i will be laughing in may 09

    arsenal forever

  134. Lex says:

    All of you Wengers haters here are a bunch of plastic supporters and crybabies. You are a disgrace to the team. We only signed Sagna and Eduardo last year and we came very close to winning the title. Shut your mouth !!!

  135. GoonerJay says:

    Most of the people we have been linked with are not worth the money -not in our position- Veloso and Barry are simply not worth the asking price- not within 5 mill – that is assuming that they would come anyway.
    Liverpool were never going to sell Alonso to us -a major rival- it is paper talk. I only hope that when they want one of ours Wenger shows the same attitude, no matter what the player wants.

  136. L.B says:

    wenger lied, simple as, he was more interested in watching the reserves , then he signs some old balloon head from manurenited and expects us to be happy, no thanks , if you’re all happy about finishing 4th every fucking season, being promised “this is our year, the kids are maturing” then you’re a fool , he doesn’t wanna break up the squad, not fucking winning anything breaks up a squad, arsehole

  137. jellied Eel says:

    Why oh why do you so called Arsenal fans bother to write on these blogs to slate Wenger? You obviously don’t remeber the club before him? So, we may not have a signing. We will still compete, and we have as good a chance as Chelski and Manure. Look at Liverpool; no new stadium, heavily dependent on Gerrard, and wasting money left right and center.
    As for the others; do you want an Oligarch at the helm? I don’t.
    Manure will not be as good as last term. Berb is a lazy bitch and Pusaldon wants off.
    I will wait to hear from you once Theo/Nasri start to bed in, Addy starts scoring and our back four are resolved.
    Go and support Spaz

  138. SFGooner says:

    You fair weather fans (it’s pretty clear from the original post and the comments that followed who you are) are free to support some other club. To presume you know better than our gaffer would be laughable, if it weren’t so pathetic. Yes, as supporters we’re entitle to piss and moan on occasion. Do I wish we’d signed another midfielder? Of course, but the fact that we didn’t doesn’t lessen my loyalty or my love for this club. I’d rather have this manager than Red Nose, Scolari, Hughes, Ramos, or any other Premiership manager. Go support Spuds you wankers!

  139. Howard says:

    Whine, whine, whine, whine. Who else would you rather watch other than Arsenal? No other side matches the Gunners for style, creativity and attacking flair.

    Some of you may feel like major jerks if a transfer or two gets announced in the morning.

    By the way, try learning how to spell BEFORE you stick both feet in your mouth.

  140. Stuart says:

    Twat who runs this site wrote:

    thegoonerforum Says:
    September 2, 2008 at 12:59 am
    “We have had all summer to sign Alonso. Why wait till the last min to bid for him?

    And Wenger was watching the Reserves game tonight,If he really wanted Alonso he would have been trying to sort the deal out.”

    Goonerforum, how old are you? Have you ever tried to buy a house? Have you ever been caught up in a chain where a deal depends on other deals being done? I suspect this is what happened with Alonso, if indeed we were ever that interested. It probably depended on Liverpool getting Barry, and that never happened.

    More to the point, what about showing some faith in our manager and our squad? It’s not just that so many of the “fans” here are fickle, they think they’re entitled to success. Which van only mean that very few of them can have been around through the lean years from the mid-70s until the mid-90s. We often went a lot longer than three years without a trophy before Wenger came along. Look it up.

  141. ross hisham says:

    AW….i still fail to see why we could not land any big time players to add in the squad when we really needed one….i fail to see that, although we realise you are stubborn, we underestimated that you are as stubborn as a mule….one things for sure, majority of the arsenal fans will be after your blood should your arrogances fail to result us in winning a major trophy this season….i will stick with arsenal no doubt but as the rest of the fans out there, we are sick and tired of your lies….let me get this out of my system first….fuck you, fuck the BOD, lastly…an ULTIMATUM…get us a trophy…

  142. chad says:

    You know , some of the Arsenal “fans” that are posting above are the worst in the world, you would never hear a manu fan talk like that..AW is taking his time to get the team together, and the addition of a big name signing does not guarantee success.. I am proud of my team and the belief in the football that we play , I am also a purist who believes that a better “team” can beat an expensively assembled group of players , and I like with AW is doing. When we begin our reign of dominance with a team that has grown together , I hope you and the sorry bunch raining expletives about our manager and the board grow pox and die you morons(sorry , had to throw that in,laughing).. Seriously though , if u are a fan , you may not agree with everything , and you have that right , but the bashing of th emanager and the spewing of the hatred needs to stop.. We don’t need you , the club don’t need you , go support the teams that spend the big bucks.. This is the Arsenal philosophy , the arsenal way..Vive la arsenal…Joga Bonita

  143. crap says:

    I assume i might be getting lots of bashing by saying this… Since AW & the board is so blind & stubborn…having some failure in this year pursuit of silverwares or even qualify for CL would do some good for Gunner for long run… At least we have the chance to see some heads rolling – how fun is that?! If we failed to sign anyone & failed in winning any silverwares… expect the worst scenario… Cesc & the rest will go & we can start the next season aiming for top ten instead of top four!!! SO AW & THE BOARD – PLS PROVE ME WRONG!!!

  144. robertvl says:

    i read all the post and i wanna ask a big favor : all the guys who sware at arsenal and r not happy with the team any more , can u give please ur tickets to the next game at emirate`s , PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

  145. Paul N says:

    boo hoo, my Wenger wont buy me any new signings.. boo hoo! Poor Arsenal fans, crying like little brats all the time. How do you know whether Arsene tried to buy and it didnt work out? He said he would only buy the player that fits the bill and we all know he will not over pay. Get a grip, please! We have enough talent to get the job done. Stop with the temper tantrums, its very immature. Oh, one more thing, get a life and stop being stressed out about football, I enjoy it but it “ONLY” a game!

  146. bergkamp10 says:

    geez dude,

    you sounded like a childish kid…
    have faith will ya?
    if you’re a true Arsenal fan, than you should’ve known better and be patient… or you’re just another glory hunter like other clubs who bought players with just splashing their cash around?

    Wenger is not the type to buy players that easy and make an instant team out of it… think about the long run not just the short term…

    and no… Wenger did not lie

    He said he would keep the squad together – Fail
    how could’ve Wenger known that Help, I mean Hleb and Flamoney turned out to be slaves for money…

    He said he would have his checkbook at the Euro’s -Fail
    that’d be Inler,

    He said he would bring in a DM before the Twente game – Fail
    yep, Inler again….

    He said he would be actively looking for 1 or 2 players today – Fail
    he is actively looking for 1 or 2, but what if there’s none that fitted his criteria why would he buy them just for the sake of spending the money?

  147. Sam Spade says:

    Nice to see some Arsenal fans here to counterbalance the all too predictable knee-jerk comments from the idiots who think they could run a football team better than the great Mr Wenger. Do these mutts, who couldn’t run a bath, really believe that they are somehow supporting the club, while coming out with all this crap? The thing is, that people like me who have supported Arsenal for decades, we know why we love the team. We rejoice in the sucess that Wenger has brought us but even more so in the style that he’s done it. It really is more important than winning. Long may it last. And with a tiny bit of good luck, in fact there is a good chance that we Arsenal fans will have a trophy or two to celebrate come the end of the season. But all you moaning twerps – what will you be doing in May?

  148. Jake says:

    We’ll win the Champions Lge
    Finish 3rd in the Prem
    Get knocked out early in a bad FA Cup draw
    And the kidz will win the Carling Cup – Jack Wilshere scoring the winner at Wembley against M’boro.

    I have spoken.
    Remember this post.

  149. spurdozer says:

    It’s a disgrace when some people ask other fans to go support Chel$ki just because they don’t agree with each others opinion. I can’t understand why those fans support club called Arsene FC and slate others for supporting The Arsenal. I know asking for Wenger’s head is not quite the solution but he has lied in the past 2 years and it’s a fact. Anyway I am deluded today. Sitting infront of my laptop waiting for any transfer news abt Arsenal all day long, but all I get is Arsenal duo(gibbs & Randall) sign new contracts.

  150. true_arsenal_fan says:

    all u cunts can kiss arsene’s ass. do u fuks even know how we got to where we r right now? obviously u dont. Wenger is the one who got arsenal to where they r. He alone brought arsenal from nothing to the club that play the most beautifull futball in the world. Y du u complain. He obviously knows what hes doing so all u wana b arsenal fans can kiss his ass.

  151. gooner71 says:

    It’s unfortunate Mr Wenger didn’t sign a DM. However, He is the Maestro, the visionary, the very special one!
    I can understand the dismay and like o think that you’ll are just blowing off steam.
    Remember a year ago when we thought that we had little chance of making it to the Europe this year after Henry’s departure and a few others.
    He certainly surprised me with his young guns and the rest of the world. We may have not won the league or the CL but had we not had so many players injured (Van Persie,Eduardo,Rosicky to name a few) we would have won it. Winning trophies is fantastic but in the way it’s won can be just as important.. We achieved the latter last year.
    We have the best manager in Europe if not in the world and it’s very shallow for those who have posted negative remarks towards him.

  152. PODFA@THER says:

    El Tommo and the rest of u cunts can fuck the fuck OFFice!!!

    Why do u support the club? to win every season? that cant happen u queers! u can spend loads of m0ney and give urself a chance or like wenger u can be the best judge of talent in `the world and keep us in the top four, and as a big club, for as long as it takes to establish ourselves as not only one of the best teams in the world but also one of the biggest, and richest, clubs in the world. The future of our club is far bigger and better than u impatient dickheads make out!

    Do u want some prick to come in on a high salary who has the money to buy players and wins something while putting the whole finances of the club at risk????

    Get real boys!
    Wenger is the only man who can keep our club afloat after re-financing we have done. If we hadnt had him in the last three years we’d be royally fisted up the hole!

    Theres a reason fulham spend more than us and get fuckin nowhere! because they buy shit, overpriced players!

    OR an example closer to the heart of u arsenal fans! SPURS hire a manager every three years, they give them 100 million to spend and no one has realised just what happens there all the time. MODRIC? dosnt look that good to me, and very pricey. BENTLY? still woudnt have him at arsenal and look at what he cost! PAV? one signing that might work out but he wont be much better than robbie keane! BLAH BLAH BLAH

    Wenger could go out and buy these players and you might all be happy until u realise what wenger really has done. He’s secured us a place in the future history of football by making us a massive club, and solidifying that place by playing sexy sexy erotice fuckin football, with cheap, talented players.

    I think Chelsea will win the league. Obviously as a gooner i have a problem with that, but fuck it!
    We dont have abramovich or abu dhabi…….and thank fuck for that!!!! we’v got class…

    …and class always shines thru!


  153. PODFA@THER says:


  154. Ralph Malta says:


  155. Mike says:

    and if we win the league at the end of the season?

    Are all the little spoilt children on here going to put their hands in the air and say “gee, I was wrong”?

    No, didn’t think so.

    This isn’t some puerile little computer game you CMB muppets.

    We have a great squad, just young. You can’t have 100 players and expect everyone to gel and be happy.

    We did challenge strongly last season, and tough, we didn’t quite make it by 4 points.

    Of course, all the little pissants complaining like their nappies are wet thought we weren’t going to make 4th spot even, of course sp*rs were going to take our place.

    So come january they were all fully on board of course, but I suppose AW should have predicted the terrible incident with Eduardo like this lot all did?

    Really, some of the other comments on here are correct.

    Just fuck off to citeh or wherever, but just fuck off, you’re childish, stupid and just a fucking bunch of spoiled brats who know less than fuck all.

  156. ganesh says:



  157. ganesh says:

    IF FANS DEMANDING FOR REMOVAL OF AW….then think twice, thrice….becoz i dont think that Arsenal squad could survive in the EPL without him and with any new Boss….

    Most of the players may leave the club as most of them are French…We could fall down to championship …. that thought frm mine is so horrible….srry for that….but i have written wat i felt

    guner for life

  158. Greensborogooner says:

    Its funny how some stupid Arsenal fans can just tell someone to go and support another team as if any one needed their approval to support Arsenal initially. I am disappointed because we missed a great opportunity to make an improvement and seriously contend for the title, but for some reason, AW waited till the last minute to make an improved offer for a long term target Alonso. I am sure that Inler refused to join because he was offered peanuts for salary. Arsenal have some of the most loyal fans around, but I am beginning to notice a lot of them are really beginning to question the direction the club is headed. My main gripe is that it wouldn’t have cost too much to improve this team, we have actually made profit from net transfer dealings over the last 3 yrs, we have need for a couple of players, yet AW did not sign anyone. We will see what will happen this season. My fear is that if as expected we fail to win any trophy, we will lose the heart and soul of this team, cesc. He wants to win, but he is first of all a fan of the club. Wr are worried because we love Arsenal!!!!!!!

  159. ArsenalStation says:

    Wake up Stu… Wenger never “promised” anything. He has repeatedly said that if the right player was available that he would sign him. Let me guess… you feel “betrayed”?? Get a life. Let me get this straight… the man who turned the club into what it is is now bent on destroying all the work he’s done over the last 13 years?? Are you serious?

    Wenger made at least one bid for Alonso but once the Barry deal fell through that became a dead issue no matter how much we offered. Inler decided to stay at Udinese himself not because the Board turned down an offer. The players we needed ended up not being available. What do you want him to do?? Just spend money so hack fans like you are happy?? So you don’t have to worry about hearing shit from all your manc friends?? I’m sure that is far more important than what’s best for the club. Because United or Tottenham spend, that doesn’t mean we have to. Tottenham spent a shitload of money and brought in a bunch of players… look how good they’re playing. Chelsea got two titles for spending 100s of millions of pounds on players… does that seem worth it? Get over it… call me crazy but I would believe that Arsene Wenger knows more what is best for the club than “Stu who left a comment on The Gooner Forum Blog.”

  160. true gooner says:


  161. jlp says:

    fuckin AKB’s thats why we are in this cause you keep support that dodgy lying fuck.WE NEEDED at least a Flams replacement and got fuck all the dumb arrogant cocksucker is a manipulitve twat and as long as you AKB’s stand there agreeing with him he will not change u dumb cunts
    FFS what fuckin kinda eyes have you been fuckin watchin with we are not good enough .aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfggggggggggghh

  162. pires says:

    wenger knew… fu..

  163. Wenger is a liar…dudaaa..dudaa….wenger is a liar all the dudaday….and roc…shut the fuck up…its bastards like u without spine who ruin the club… i’m too far away to be doing this…but here is what u all should do my gooner faithful…..get a banner…. and display..wenger is a liar!!!!!! that ought to get his attention!!! prick!! anyway, without that signing, i reckon we will end up 7th….tops!!!

  164. bergy says:

    last season he said our squad was to thin that why we didnt win the legue,and now we have even less players!!

    arsene is totaly losing it.everyone knows we need a dm but noo he cant buy

    no silverware again and he must fuck off

  165. afc canada says:

    o.k., listen. unlike ManU and chelsea arsene does not have the pressure of debt building up and therefore must feel he is not under pressure to win the title this season.lets face it with the debt manu and chelsea ahve they have to win the league every year. We all love arsenal but there is no way u can honestly sit here and tell me that arsenal can win the premiership this season with this squad. Once fabregas or another major player( nasri-so far) gets a knock and is out for awhile its all over.
    i honestly believe that he tried to sign players and it just did not work. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT ARSENE IS A GREAT JUDGE OF POTENTIAL AND A GREAT DEVELOPER OF TALENT(CREDIT HIM THAT) BUT HE OBVIOUSLY HAS NO INTENT OF WINING THE LEAGUE THIS YEAR, he just isnt ambitious like the great fans that support this club all around the world.IM NOT CALLIN FOR HIS HEAD, BUT WE NEED A PROPER EXPLANATION .
    those of us who love this club will regardless of tonight still support arsenal through the season, but the realistic fact is we will be let down yet again.
    long live arsenal football club regardless.

  166. RealGunnerFan says:

    You guys who are cussing AW, labelling him a lier and wanting to get rid of him. Are you sure you’re Arsenal fans? With fans like you, we don’t need Spurs as an enemy!!! AW tried to get Inler and was turned down, he tried to get Alonso and was rejected plus Senna and maybe a few others that we’re unaware of. He did get Nasri, who’s already playing amazingly, he got ramsey, Sylvestre, Bischoff and coughlin. He has turned Arsenal into a winning world class club that play some of the most beautiful football in the world and you want him gone!!!!!Spurs are only a couple miles away go cheer for them!!! They’re always ready to make changes!!!! I’m sure they’ll be happy to have you on board as fans!!!! YOU GUYS ARE A BARREL FULL OF SH..S!!!

  167. jlp says:

    and telling other gooners whom are voicing their concern how they deem fit ,to sit and take it is kinda Raping the spirit of opinion and pretty fucking useless
    “go support another club” or “gloryhunters”
    we support The Arsenal not Arsene Wenger no one man is bigger than the club especially if he is acting on bad decisions year after year

  168. Joel says:

    what the heck are you moaning about? most of the commenters..what the fuck are you complaining about?
    why don’t you trust in Arsene?
    last season we only 4 points afar and we all were surprise by the rise of flamini. maybe arsene saw someone who can fill in the DM position. By the way, he did tried to sign xabi alonso and golkan inler. also like scolari said he tried to sign kalou. Atleast he tried.
    So for all the doubters, just shut it.

  169. Taiko says:

    Come on guys, Rosicky is coming back soon. He can be a winger and let Nasri play the CM role. I’m sure he can do bette rthan Hleb. We don’t need DM because we have Siveslter there to be partnered with Gallas. We will have 4 france defenders… and it is good.

  170. Trust Arsene says:

    Wenger is the manager, the professor, tactician, what the f***ing morons complaining bout his well-planned vision, what do you guys see of what Wenger sees. You guys know absolute nothing. You guys are Mr.Nothing. Stop complaining if you still love Arsenal. Dont stir any turbulance immature element into Arsenal. If u guys are so eager to have signings and stuff… Go support other club.You’re not pure Arsenal fan.But barking dogs sitting outside of the Emirates Stadium.

  171. Trust Arsene says:

    Why keep looking back at Fulham game? See it, learn the mistake and stay positive…

  172. Your a nob. says:

    Your a nob with a short memory. Lets see where we are in May, we will be up there. Do you think signing Alonso would make or break our season? Get real.
    In Arsene we trust.

  173. arobba says:

    Sack Wenger? Get rid of the board? What a bunch of cocks you lot are: get behind the club & support them or fuck off & support Chelsea/ManC


  174. Limpar says:

    Wow a site run by 12 year olds for other preteen bandwagon fans.

  175. GunnerWin says:

    all i keep thinking and posting at every site is this:

    cesc/diaby – cesc/song – cesc/ramsey – cesc/denilson will not compete with chelseas lampard/essien and ballack.

    Case closed!

  176. cunt says:

    up all bloody night and 4 wot.could of said u wanker…..

  177. Kim Andersen says:

    Just look at the match against Newcastle this weekend …. we will cope without new signings. If we could not sign any players at the right price – we will do well with what we got. I believe in Wenger.

  178. jac says:

    What a bunch of silly cunts you all are. Its only football. Grow the fuck up queers.

  179. g0on3r says:

    why so upset? wenger does try to sign someone but unfortunately he didn’t get them. wenger tried to sign inler but he don’t want to leave udinese. wenger tried alonso but rafa refuse to sell him. wenger failed to get his top target, but is that mean he should just sign anyone he didn’t fancy just to please you guys? other name mentined, barry, i believe wenger don’t really think barry better than diaby or song for that defensive role. in facts many people mistaken barry as defensive midfielder. at aston villa, reo-coker their dm and barry is playmaker. who else, veloso? is he really the solution? wenger don’t think so and with 30m euro price tag, he way too expensive, its like paying 10m pound for hoyte. in the end, wenger just unable to get his man so instead of sign someone he didn’t want, its better to stick with current squad. after all, the situations is not that bad. wen got rosicky, diaby, song and denilson. you might argue situations like fulham game will happened again, but i disagree. at that time, eboue play in midfield. but now we got song. if song play instead of eboue, we would be better. remember last season carling cup? no cesc but we still managed to beat full strength prem league opponent (blackburn). so stop calling for wenger head. he more than anyone else, wants arsenal to be a success. lets give our support to wenger and the team.

  180. saminator says:

    maybe my dear fello gooners we should seriously start thinking of stopping attending arsenal matches. probably wenger will realise it and know fans he owes them a lot. how can they charge fans soooooo much and not buy genuine? where does the money go, in wenger and co’s pockets or what?

  181. Merse-10 says:

    I don’t lnow what’s worse, the article or the majority of the shit comments from alleged Arsenal fans

    Wenger hasn’t lied at all. Get a grip you muppets.

  182. Zievad says:

    Bunch of half-arsed fair weather fans on this site. Grow up or go and support the scum or the chavs. Idiots

  183. Iceman (Bergkamp still rules) says:

    Stop crying you cunts. Is the title lost? NO!
    Do we have a good team? YES, we have!
    We have a good team on the highest technical standard, with honest players and we did not spend 30 million and more on average players.
    At least Arsene has a point and he sticks with it!

    We will be fine this year. We just need the right spirit and a little luck with injuries.
    Bye the way, Nasri was the best signing in the whole League this summer! What else do you want???

  184. scorpio says:

    to all the whiners,

    hold yourselves together and support your team. on what basis do you think we will finish 4th? are you so impressed with the shapes of Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool so far??? their performance has been mediocre and last week’s outcome is the proof. we have good team and it will further improve throughout the season. No manager can do what Arsene is doing, so have some faith and confidence and enjoy the best football in Europe coming from your team. I think we have a very good chance at the PL and a fair one in Europe. All the big teams in the continent have started their season poorly and I couldn’t see them far away from us.

  185. OPIRO says:


  186. Aidan says:

    Fucking hell you lot talk shit on here.

    Its fans like you that have probably bee following the Arsenal for the last 5-10 years, maximum. Wenger has brought unprecedented success to this club and was the main force behind the ability to build The Emirates.

    Sure, no defensive midfielder has been unveiled yet, but we’ve had much weaker squads in the past. I bet the group of people moaning now are the same lot of pessemistic benders that were crying last year when Arsene got rid of Titi. Sure, it didn’t seem like a good decision at the time, but it paid off.

  187. Bahrain Gooner says:

    I seriously cannot believe most supporters on this site support Arsenal. Wenger have been the the best and most educated and successful Manager in Arsenals great History Loads of Trophies, the most attractive and best football team in the U.K. and by far the best stadium and facilities in the U.K. I am a season ticket holder in the middle east, I watch at least 12 home games a season which involves spending large amounts of money on airfares. I love The great Arsenal and I am Very confident we will win something this year ! to all yids on this site pretending to support The Arsenal, go and Fuck off!!

  188. bigfish says:

    well done wenger demi to utd ribena to city stop thinking arsenals money is yours and spend sorry we are just not going to be strong enough again what have we got as back up ???? i’m frustated if liverpool wanted 16 million for alonso for fucks sake in todays climate thats nothing instead you piss about the up shot of that boo boo is cesc will go after another trophy less season watch this space

  189. Gunnerz says:

    On request… can u change the site name to Antigoonerforum??? if u want i will gift u the domain… either u r a 12 year old or u r a Spurs fan… stop being critical on the team… if u r… keep it to urself..

  190. wags says:

    Spot Fu****g on, tight miserable bas****, when the honours are bein give out and were all watching it on sky sports we can go back to this day to find out where it went wrong!! F*** off wenger u fool!!

  191. clockendjim says:

    I feel as cheated as most of you. It’s a dangerous game Arsenal are playing; one more season of failure and that beautiful Emirates stadium will nor be automatically filled with 60000 every game, then the sums wont add up.
    What a shame if we miss out again, because from what I have seen of Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool so far this season, they are there for the taking.

  192. andy says:

    what i dont get is why wud arsene spend his money on injured players while we need gaps in the midfield to be filled now not in 3 months time bischoff is injured and silvestre is injured i don get it

  193. Geoff Barnes says:

    Wenger seems to think he’s managing the club for his own reasons and not for the benifit of the club and its fans. I am sick to death of his veiws, the way he comes over on the tv and the quotes the same old quotes yera in year out.

  194. gunner-boy says:

    well he said he would buy a player when the time is right the time is right now we cannot count on young players he evan said himself he needs an expirenced mid to help cesc and we get stuck with diaby and denilson they good players but not good enough for a top 2 finish. Unless MR.Wenger has got someone but has not made it public cause transfers do go in after 12 so who knows probs not be he needed one and like everyone else he lied no need in lieing

  195. Dgob says:

    roc, Liam, Gunnerfishing, Damien, Steve and the few other gooners on this site, thank f*%k for some sanity. You easily led people are following a trend that just does not make sense. You all seem to forget all that happened under Arsene’s leadership in favour of a trend that more spent means better results. Look at Leeds Utd and the Gallacticos; look at Man Utd compared to Chelsea last season; look at Arsene’s AFC against everyone over the course of his tenure and explain the logic.

    To call the lead article fickle and niave would be to do a disservice to the fickle and niave. Get a grip and stop acting like the Spuds (and certain Norhtern teams) of the 1980s. The media lead these persectives and people with short memories and/or long established prejudices espouse them freely. Know your history, love your club

    Come on you gooners

  196. David says:

    99% of you are all illiterate fools, that at best have half a gcse and can only use the C word illustrate your emotions. Please, you right – Arsene is a fool, and you are all geniuses, so go and support another team, one that deserves your eloquence. Roc seems to be somebody here that has half a brain. You all disgust me and seem to be on par with a toddler that has lost it’s dummy.

  197. Alan says:

    ‘The fans will be reassured’ The fans of which team exactly. F*ckin disgraceful. Dein warned that foreign ownership would leave us all behind. We obviously haven’t got a f*ucking bean.

  198. Barry Downer says:

    Glory hunting cry babies.

    Stop pretending to support Arsenal. This is NOT YOUR club.

    It’s MY club – it belongs to me and thousands more like me who have supported the club for decades.

    The Wenger years have been awesome. Anything we achieve will be for the fans who keep the faith. Whinging bloggers can find a new club to follow. Man City look like a good bet for the ‘big-name’ brigade…

  199. Mers10n says:

    Why won’t the guy spend money like my wife !?
    The board are boasting a £30million kitty and he just won’t spend it.

    One factor i hate to admit is, who would want to join us right now – OK we have a stadium – with comes debt, we have a medium sized squad – no experience, we have cash – won’t spend it and some big names – limited by a wage cap.

    The future is a bit dimmer than it was this time last year and should we have another season trophy less then we really will be a feeder club – Cesc, Kolo, Rosicknote, RVP will all be moving on.

  200. Anonymous says:

    Well, it looks like there a number of people who have been enjoying unrivalled succcess on Football Manager on their Playstation and are thus a far greater manager than Arsene Wenger.

    Look at the positives:
    – Man U are not looking as potent as last year (admittedly berbatov may prove to be a great signing and they will sweep all before them again
    – Chelsea failed to sign Robinho and their 3 strikers are Drogba, Anelka and Kalou. While Drogba is a great striker the other two struggle for consistency. This is also not to mention they have 5 top Centre Midfielder’s (Lampard, Ballack, Mikel, Deco and Essien) who may become disillusioned if they dont play. They also just drew with Tottenham at home and were very lacklustre in the second half.
    – Liverpool are quite frankly a joke. They have their messiah’s Gerrard and Torres injured and without them they are nowhere near as potent. They also bought Riera, obviously a world class superstar who is going to make the difference between 4th and 1st this season.
    – Tottenham – I point from 3 games and their strike force consists of Bent, Pavluychenko and Campbell, not really a top 4 strikeforce by any stretch of the imagination. They also do not have a quality DM which they desperately need.

  201. Walter says:

    Have faith in the players we have and in the possibility that AW makes them better. He makes every player better in the long term. Flamini for example we(I’m guilty as hell) all agreed 14 months ago he was not good enough for us and see what Wenger has made of him.
    He can do the trick again but that means we have to stick to the team and the players we have.
    I can imagine how nice it is for the players we have know to read everywhere that they ain’t good enough. Yeah that’s really the way to support your team.
    If you wan’t glory now, then you just go and support them moneyspending teams like city, manure, spuds and chelski of Liverpool.
    Maybe in a few years time they go the Leeds way and I don’t wan’t us to go that way or the Nottinham forrest way, .
    Remember the UEFA is trying to bring in regulations on the finances of the clubs and when that time comes Arsenal wil be alive and kicking, while the rest all will have to sell that “big transfers” becouse otherwise they would go to bankrupcy.
    Ik takes time to do what the manager does and if you can’t stand the tought of nog winning anything than go to Manure of Chelski. Hope you like it there.

    A gooner from Flanders who sticked with his club for 30 years now and hope I still will be able to do in 30 years.

  202. terry says:

    Wenger should have no part of the negotiating to buy players. He should just nominate who he wants and let one of the directors do the bargaining. That way he will not be acting as if the money is coming out of his own pocket.

  203. […] let’s not just throw our toys out of the pram on this. Buying a midfielder is not a case of opening an Argos catalogue, seeing which one you […]

  204. Gooner4Life says:

    Oh ye of little faith.
    I hate all of you so called Arsenal fans who knock the boss at every chance. Oh sorry i forgot you know better than the most successful manager in our history. Your right he should have spent 30 million on someone who wouldnt improve our team but it would keep our arse wipe fans happy. Dream on.
    In Arsene we Trust

  205. sad-gonner says:

    i’m sick of his lies, i don’t wanna beuty fooball but some trophies is that to much for a club like arsenal. is that arsenal fans as is ceazy or assholl wenger

  206. AW says:

    Well, I, um, I was, I was biddinngg for Alonso and offered Rafa 10.5 mil, and Rafa asked for 10.51 mil and I, I starrted shaking and ……

  207. Kaiko says:

    This article is a piece of crap. The only reason i even bother to post a reply is because the ignorance pisses me off. All you idiots who think we need to sack Wenger just because he has`nt done any last minutte deals, should get a grip. Wenger is one of the best things to ever happen to Arsenal football club, the day he leaves will be a nightmare. We should all support Arsenal football club for what they are, and how they play. Wenger is the best manager in the world. If you want your £30m signings go support, manure, chelski, spuds or scum.
    We are the arsenal!

  208. Tristan says:

    Most of you lot are a fucking disgrace, true, I would have liked to see a good signing, but if they are not there for the right money, it aint going to happen. Try supporting the club you fickle twats.

  209. Double98 says:

    Who are you people. Wenger Failed??

    Arsene Wenger has been the most successful manager the club has ever had. He doesn’t believe in throwing 30 million at mercenaries like berbatov and robinho – because he knows they’ll only want to whore themselves to Barcelona in 2 years time.
    It takes time to build and he is a responsible and patient man.
    Think of it this way – how many “names” have chelsea, man utd and liverpool bought since summer 2004. How many have been successes? Arsene Wenger has had to replace the entire squad apart from 2 players.
    Nasri well may be the best bit of business done this season.
    Denilson will become world class in the next year –
    Eduardo will be back soon.

    He is an economics graduate working for a bunch of conservatives – do you expect him to piss our future away?
    Arsene knows you pompous c*nts

  210. MadGooner says:

    Once again Wenger fucks us about and signs absolutely no one!! Any other club and u wud be gone mate! Wenger HATER

  211. gooner4eva says:

    go and learn how to spell, twat

  212. Tai Obasi says:

    It’s really frustrating to wait all night of nothing. I love this club and Wenger even more. He has worked himself to remarkable height. 49-0, Parrading the youngest team ever in a CL final. I don’t see him consciously trying to rubbish that reputation in one season. He knows exactly what he is up to. He promised us players but was equally emphatic they must come of quality and reasonable for the money. DM sure is needed but believe me, what we need is less visits to the treatment table and we’ll forget we didn’t buy by end of October. With Denilson, Diaby, Song, Ramsey all fit, we won’t miss Flamini both in EPL and Europe. Come on guys, shake off the disappointment and stick behind your darling team. Wenger loves surprising from a position of being witten off. Watch him again this season.

  213. Ade Omoba says:

    Wenger with his on colonial mentalilty, why on earth will a learned person like him play over 10 million fan world wide, I dont think Wenger should be blamed for this act, he ahs been doing it times without number, he is a bunch of failures.. The Arsenal’s management should be blame as well, they have made us believe that Arsenal Football club is not a fun deriving club but a profit making one, thats so bad, what about us that are staking out interest on them… This is not fair, Wenger should face his penalty for this act that he keep repeating, Man
    U, Chelsea, Man City all of them have aspiration for the first four if the not the first, where is our position now in Premiership, Though I have believe in the team but at least we need to solidify our joy, we dont want history to repeat itself just like the last season… Hear me out!!!! all the fans I think it is now to blame the management and not wenger alone, let him go back to france and use his country team as a lab test not arsenal.. I rest my case.

    Adebayo Omo show

  214. paulO1 says:

    Y all this hullabaloo. This team is a winner. You want voronin, SWP, Shevchenko, & wats his name to please impossibles? This team will win lots, playing their way, Cesc is many years more mature than most anti-arsenals on this blogs.
    We kept the most important players and that is all that matters, we do not have to sell to buy like others. You should all grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. Fat Tone says:

    WFT – so we didn’t sign anyone and yes it leave as thin on the ground – but lie – err don’t think so. He said he was looking and that he would try but these things don’t alway happen – get a grip for fucks sake

  216. n0.1 goon says:

    god only knows what we will do if cesc gets injured.
    we will have a midfiled of eboue and denilson.
    i feel worse than last year and im one of arsen biggest fans,
    but wenger should have wrapped this up along time ago.
    now were just praying everyone stays fit or thats it.
    thanks wenger you could saved myself from wasting my whole day.

  217. Ade Omoba says:

    Wenger with his on colonial mentality again!!! , why on earth will a learned person like him play over 10 million fan world wide, I don’t think Wenger should be blamed for this act, he has been doing it times without number, he is a bunch of failures.. The Arsenal’s management should be blame as well, they have made us believed that Arsenal Football club is not a fun deriving club but a profit making one, thats so bad, what about us that are staking out interest on them… This is not fair, Wenger should face his penalty for this act that he keeps repeating, Man
    U, Chelsea, Man City all of them have aspiration for the first four if not the first, where is our position now in Premiership, Though I have believe in the team but at least we need to solidify our joy, we don’t want history to repeat itself just like the last season… Hear me out!!!! all the fans I think it is now to blame the management and not wenger alone, let him go back to France and use his country’s team as a lab test not arsenal.. I rest my case.

    Adebayo Omo show

  218. Hugo says:

    This site is the most negative piece of shit website I’ve ever come across. Every article is moaning about some shit and saying Wenger should be sacked! Look at where the club is now and remember where we were before this “liar” arrived (or had you not even heard of the club before then?) Now fuck off you useless, pessimistic cunt, I’ve heard City have got some money to spend now.

  219. Moe says:

    i think this year we will fight for the 5th or 6th place….

  220. pissedoffgunner says:

    All you wenger cock munchers out there !!! the guy is a disgrace why did he need to mention he was trying to get players instead of keeping his gob shut and surprise us !! Now we face a season off no trophy’s again but dont worry we will pay the most in the EPL for tickets to go watch our team ! Fucking Joke and ive been a gooner all my life and have never felt so let down by the team even when legend TH 14 left i was not as poissed as i am now …

  221. alan says:

    I think it is time for Wenger to go, we simply can’t compete with the squad that we have and are the laughing stock of the league.
    I know people like Robinho are out of reach but there are others, has anyone seen Kompany at City linked with us for months but not even a sniff.
    SWP would not have been bad either but no we still have bonzo the fucking clown in goal if Fabregas is out we have nothing in the middle of the park Ade and Van Persie are so hit and miss it’s un true……I won’t even start on Eboue.
    I have been going to The Arsenal since 1979 and have had a season ticket for over 10 untill this morning when i have sold it.
    Sorry i have lost the faith and am fed up with all these Johnny Foreigners coming to our club who really could not give a shit about it.
    Fourth if we are lucky really is not good enough.
    Fuck off Wenger and all your lies “we play good football”
    Thats all we heard from West Ham and the Scum and look where that got them!!!!

  222. seanp says:

    this is all bullshit

  223. lou says:


    all of you that hate wenger and arsenal should go and support man city you are all a disgrace.

    you are supposed to be supporters: that means that you SUPPORT the team whatever their predicament, not condemn them.

    fickle fans like you lot make arsenal seem bad, you make me sick.

  224. Stanley says:

    I have just confirmed that AW has no feeling for Arsenal. If he doesn’t get fired from Arsenal sooner than later, Arsenal has no future. That is that.

  225. Paul Murphy says:

    How thick are most of the above, I didn’t have time to read all comments, but sack wenger? you’re having a bubble. if wenger thinks we don’t need anyone,then we must trust him, he wants success as much as we do. He brought this club a long way, and without him we would go straight back where we started playing shit football. I arsene left half the team would follow cesc would be back at barca, rvp would at real with clichy sagna and the rest would follow arsene to whichever club he wanted to go. Lets look at the sqaud almunia,fabianski both top keepers def, sagna,toure,gallas,clichy,Djourou, silvestra, eboue, song, midfield, cesc, denilson, Nasri, Wallcott, Ramsey, diarby, riscky, randell, wilshire, also song and edoue can play midfield or defence, forwards Van percie, Adebayor, bentner, vela silva. it looks pretty strong I know if we get key injuries we might struggle but that’s the same with all the teams the mancs are struggling without ronaldo, liverpool would struggle without toures, chelsea are the only team that can cope with injuries and we haven’t got there money. we will win a trophy this season trust Arsene.

  226. Loco says:

    wait, u have to remember that we have just tied down Mark “Jug Ears” Randall to a new contract! Wenger will soon be banging on about this scrawny muppet becoming the next Cesc!!

  227. lasky says:

    time shall come whn the prof will become a defensive midfielder.bloody cunt

  228. bubble9 says:

    Whats wrong with you lot, the whole world knows you got no money as your stadium debt is crippling you. All this talk about having £30m available if Wenger needs it is bullcrap, its just talk to appease the fans. You have a threadbare squad and you’re still selling players. Thats the giveaway. Why did you sell Hoyte? That was completely out of the blue, unnecesary and raised serious questions in my eyes. Your first XI is good, but nowhere near the invincibles of a few years ago, so why are you suprised when you don’t win anything. In fact when you compare the invincibles with todays team, player for player, only 1 possibly Cesc would be in the first team. Ade is not Henry, RVP is not Bergkamp, Nasri is not Pires etc. Fulham showed your weaknesses, you had 1 shot on target the whole match. Expect another trophyless season this year and with clubs strengthening around you like Villa, Spurs and particularly Man City with their new found wealth, your top 4 position is in serious jeopardy!

  229. wandarah says:

    Some grade-a hilarious posts here.

    A++, would read again.

  230. baz says:

    Okay. Here goes.

    I can understand why there are so many upset people on this and other sites. Quite frankly this squad (and in particular midfield) is one of the weakest of Arsene’s rein.

    Lets look at our main three problems from last season:

    1. Fragile defence (especially from long balls and set peices): what has been done to resolve this? Well, we got rid of senderos and gilberto. Basically nothing then!
    2. Lack of experience: well, we have lost Gilberto, Sendy, Flam, and Diarra and Hleb, four experienced and international (!) players. We’ve bought Ramsey, Nasri, Croqolin (sp?) and bishoff (sp?). Defintely weaker there then.
    3. Depth of squad: Ditto above.

    Clearly the deficiencie of last season have not been addressed and this squad is weaker than last year. The midfeild is weaker by Arsenes own admission! Considering that bugger all appears to have been done about any of the above; that definately makes me feel upset! And I can undertsand why many many gooners are pissed. When all your competion is actually getting stronger, I find it difficult to imagine how we are supposed to be more competitive than last season. Where is the ambition?

    Now, I am in way expecting to see record breaking 30mil signings; just some sensible signings that will, low and behold, improve the squad. We know it can be done and without breaking the bank. How much was Sagna? 6mil? Henry? 11 mil? Vieira? 4mil? Look how these boys turned out. Bloody bargains. And there are many more examples. Trouble is, you dont get a bargain if you dont spend! Instead we are now desperately short in the middle. I really hope cesc stays fit this year. I firmly believe that with two signings we would be in with a fantastic shout of a trophy.

    Some peeps above have said, ‘Wenger tried, the players just werent available’. Bullshit. Wenger knew we were losing half our midfeild months ago. Yes, months. What has he done? Waited to the last minute. Why? Penny pinching? God only knows. Surely it would have been sensible to try and nail your targets early so that if things go wrong, you have that famous plan B (the one us arse fans are so insistent on) to fall back on. Wenger could even have said, ‘ I tried, and I couldnt get what I was after. He could have done this days/weeks ago. Sure, some bithchin would be goin on, but it would avoided some of the hysteria witnessed this morning.

    To those people telling other fans to go support another club because they dont agree with you: Wenger has played his part in creating this hysteria. It may occur to you at some stage that some fans might not be as sensible, level headed or mature as you. Try educating them, not insulting them. To my mind at least, I think that there is, to an extent, some justification in feeling slightly aggrieved with Wengers dealings this summer. He has been alluding to the fans all summer (right from the euros in fact) that he would splash some dosh.

    Calling the manager a cunt and froggy this and that is well out of order though. His decisions have been ‘debatable’ of late but the man deserves our respect.

    Finally, to all those people saying that making signings is not like playing football manager on the computer; perhaps with your initmate knowledge of ‘real’ transfers, you could explain, step by step, the process of how a transfer takes place in the real world. In return, I promise that will take you through the computer version. Step by Step 😉



    He said he would keep the squad together – this is the only wrong thing he said
    He said he would have his checkbook at the Euro’s – yes, but he said just when he sees someone he could need
    He said he would bring in a DM before the Twente game – NO – he said he MAY will make one signing before the game but he did not say the position and he signed silvestre!
    He said he would be actively looking for 1 or 2 players today – LOOKING IS NOT SIGNING

    go to chelsea or somewhere else if you dont like what you get!

  232. shooy says:

    too many spoilt brats and morons on here, bye.

  233. Clive C. says:


  234. sam says:

    I can understand the anger of everyone,but i think we were outpriced by every team
    when you pay 32 million for robinho who surely isnt worth half that amount you know somethings are wrong.
    Wait till Diaby comes
    I accept cesc is imp,he orchestartes every thing,but I think we will do good
    Vela looked awesome,better than Spu*rs Moric,Chelseas will win
    we will hold our place
    I fancy a cup win,lets keep our fingers crossed!!!

  235. G00nerP says:

    Yeah – Death to arsenal. Let’s all head down to the Emirates and do someone!

  236. merc says:

    You should have more faith in wenger and the players we have! The yougsters/fringe players like song, randall, vela etc can make the step up this year, you shouldnt write us off and slag off wenger cos we didint buy another 10m+ player. I think this just shows how much people dont know about football, and I cant wait till the end of the season when you say, Wenger was right again! remember wenger knows!

  237. TA6 says:

    Some of the comments I have read here make me ashamed to be a gooner (I hoped I would never say those words).
    I am born and bred Arsenal, I have been going to Highbury since childhood and still have a season ticket, I am tattooed with our old cannon and the club is at the very heart of who I am.
    The discraceful comments aimed towards AW have upset me as much as when ‘Chippy’ left for Juve (I cried for a week).
    Whatever anyones opinions are only an idiot could say Arsene has let us down. This man lives and breathes Arsenal and is up with Chapman as our most inspiational of leaders. Whether you agree with all his choices or not his intention is always for the good of the club.
    The Arsenal model, that which saw us leave Highbury was based on football as it was then. Things have changed beyond anyones imagination since the desicion was taken to build the Emirates. First chavski now citeh tomorrow scunthorpe. Unless FIFA or EUFA make clubs self supporting the game I and so many real supporters love will impload, players like Pleb and Adeego will poison us and every other decent club, armchair and club level ‘know nothings’ fans splurting out their vitriol are eating away our proud history and honour, these are indeed dark days, our rock and glimmer of hope in all this madness is the very man you want to lynch, God bless you ARSENE WENGER.

  238. John Brandon says:

    Can’t believe the number of sheep writing on this blog. Your a pack of kids – sign for the sake of signing.
    Wenger has two underlying strategies for transfers – value for money and improve the TEAM he already has.
    He has made it clear that he will not buy unless these two criteria are met. He made several attempts to sign players that fit what he wanted but these failed to materialise for various reasons. Yes the squad is small, yes injuries can cause problems – but this is the case for most squads.
    Underlying problem is the short term spending power of clubs bankrolled by hobby owners.

  239. TA6 says:

    your comments hit the nail on the head. i detest these five minute ‘fans’

  240. gee says:

    can anyone remember the last big name signing to come into Arsenal. Back in the Days of David Dein. Ok we have some great young players and play some great football but that has not won us anything in the last 4 years. All we really needed was a strong defensive midfielder. But in the end nothing. Maybe its time for a change at Arsenal, someone who not scared to invest into the transfer market.

  241. Door Gunner says:

    Your right the club is a business, And we are in less debt than anyone who will be competing against us. Notice less debt. Which business do you know of that’s considered successful with almost a billion in debt?
    That’s right it’s ManU!
    No point buying if you cant get the right player for the right price.
    The Fulham game was an aberration, since then we played with the style to which I have become accustomed. And that’s the point. As long as we play like that I’m 100% behind Arsene.
    Which one of you would like to trade what we have now for the boring boring Arsenal days? Not me.
    Its done, get over it and get behind the team and Le Boss or go support some other team who trade style for results at any cost. Allow me to suggest CSKA Chelsea.
    Go Gunners!

  242. AndyMack says:

    Wow, I hadn’t realised we’ve so many plastic supporters….
    Get a grip!
    If AW could find a decent player for the right price he’d have bought him.
    If he’d bought a crap player just to keep you whingers happy for a month or two, you’d be moaning again by christmas about how he could buy such a crap player…..

  243. Marvo says:

    This may be more than some of you can cope with. Finally there’s an update on and it’s…

    Wenger saying how great Eboue is –

    Oh dear.

  244. Fat Boy says:

    What a bunch of fucking tossers most on here are. I have been following ARSENAL OVER 30 YEARS, home and away, europe etc and am a season ticket holder. Wenger has transformed our great club into one of the most respected and admired clubs in Europe. 3 years without a trophy – Fuck OFF, Wenger out , Fuck Off. WE have never had it so good. I jope we get relegated so we can lose the extra 30 – 40, 000 wankers who seem to have associated themselves with my club. Now Fuck Off !!

  245. as afc says:

    Shove it you bunch of dis-loyal, ungrateful twats

  246. TopGunPires says:

    This place is as sh!t as Le Grove. Go jump off a high building you miserable people.

    Arsene knows.

  247. gunner_steve says:

    i agree with fat boy accept i dont particulary wanna get religated lol. i am still dissapointed we didnt get know one though. but i am a true gooner and i would never say get arsene wenger out. who ever says that, your just all pricks really

  248. TA6 says:

    Is there a Pro-Arsenal site out there for die hards with the club in our veins, real fans who want to get behind the team?

  249. Leng Ur Knee Caps Off says:

    miss tandy, i like a girl who knows her grammar and punctuation.

    let’s link, slut!

  250. Dgob says:

    To repeat the voice of reason, if the most successful manager in our history and the most gifted squad ever assembled does not do it for you (but, instead, you want money spent on ‘big’ names) fuck off to Chelski, Manure or Man City. It would be best for your blood pressure and for the good of our club. The swarm of nay-sayers make me quite sick and bear no resemblance to the gooners who have made AFC the class act it is known to be!

    Come on you gooners (go forth and multiply the rest)

  251. Bitch Slap says:

    If any of you unfaithful want to leave the club, I’m currently 35,000th on the season-ticket waiting list, and would welcome your departures!! In Arsene we trust. P.S. Have any of you even listened to AW’s interview after Newcastle?

  252. Harry Barracuda says:

    The author of this is a snot-nosed wanker of a glory hunter who probably needs to go and dig his old Man United shirt out and stop being a retarded cunt.

  253. Asmo says:

    Fuck off you bunch of clueless titheaps.

  254. arsenalfan says:

    this has been he most dissiponting summer transfers i think i have ever experienced yer we signed nasri but thats about it when depseratley needed an cm/dm and was promised one or two quality players but yet again we didnt recieve and all i see its fucking man city geting robinho this just makes me think that spuds signed alot of players and so did man city and they signed them of big quality this scares me seeing as we can be forced out of the top 4. this sort of thing mkes me hate supporting arsenal and wanting wenger to get sacked but if we think about it, its bad idea cos if wenger laves fabregas also leaves.but this makes me want foreign investment why are we the most stubborn club in the premier league all the top four have got foregin investment except for us. i want to compete in the market now fuck having and british boardroom i want money im so dissiponted. i think we should all complain outside the emirates

  255. dream on spuds says:

    andre 3000
    please explain how we have improved over the last 3 seasons.
    Oh i know= invincible season = fa cup = won fuck alll = won fuck all = won fuck all= duh!

    nobody is really on about bringing in big names,yes we brought in silvestre as centre back cover weve got enough forwards,it’s in midfield weve cesc fantastic but now weve got to get to jan 09 with diaby,denilson or eboue alongside him fuck me!
    Once suspensions & injuries kick in are squad will struggle for fuck sake their struggling already losing to fulham 1st time since 66?
    Somebody please explain to me how wenger wont give pires 1 of our best players a 2 yr contract cause he’s 30 than a few yrs later he gives silvestre 1 at the age of 31 ?
    What the fuck is wenger on i think he’s losing the plot.

  256. umy says:

    i bet none of you whingers have supported arsenal pre-wenger and i assume you are the same whingers who asked for wengers head when henry was sold and some croatian striker and another french payer were signed last year with predictions of uefa cup football and spurs finishing ahead of us.

    do us all a favour……………

  257. wenger says:


  258. don says:

    plastic fans are back again.firstly we have a fit again rvp rosicky 2 weeks away thats 2 players that we pretty much didnt have last year got rid of hleb replaced him with nasri whos complaining bout that nasri is awsome.ramsey will play this year as much as gilberto played last year and if yee plastic fans remember every time gilberto played last year yee said he was crap sell him.flamini was the one that got away he was a greedy cunt so fuck him.we have made bids for alonso and inler we cant force them to sell.walcott a year older hes plyin better now than he ever did last if you dont like it fuck off and support man city

  259. goon says:

    we are gonna win the league. i promise. alex song is better than most defensive midfielders, u will see. dont panic, remember united fans booed fergie for two years before he won the fucking double last year. wenger is brave, like fergie. our fans are stupid, like the mancs.

    cmon the arsenal

  260. amaury bischoff says:

    dont worry guys, il make sure we win the title!

  261. alfred says:

    an embarrasing level of hysteria. ‘i feel lied to and cheated!’
    for those fans calling for wenger/the board to be sacked/sell up. if that happened i guarantee that you’ll spend the rest of your life telling your poxy offspring and any other lonely bar rests who’ll listen about ‘the glory days’ under wenger. how you were privileged enough to witness pure football evolution, based on an unstinting belief in doing things the right way – in the boardroom and ‘footballistically.’ You’ve never had it so good yet you wish it all away…

  262. Alex Beck says:

    I can’t believe what I’m hearing, none of you are managers, none of you see the quality Wengers team show him day in day out, all most of you is watch them play 90mins, I dont like Eboue but guess what he’s improved and he’s 25, Wenger is a manager its his job to utilize players in different areas to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are, he put Diaby on the left last season for vision, Eboue on the wing because Sagna was less sloppy defensively and was more decisive with tackles, Henry started as a winger, Toure started as a winger, everybody gets the chance to shine at what they are best at, I would rather support a developing club my whole life than a finished article that wins trophies all the times, because believe me it gets boring, no more surprises you don’t see your team progress anymore or anyone getting what they have worked so hard for, Diaby has vastly improved and so has Denilson, every year it’s the same, weird arsenal fans complaining about signings that haven’t been made, complaining that arsenal arent catching up with the rest, arsenal are not like the other teams and thats why most of us love them, pre wenger they were also great, but wenger has made arsenal a very special club and if none of you can take the time to appreciate it then you can go support spurs. I really hope we win trophies this season even if it’s the carling cup but I refuse to boo this team or critisize a manager that I have the utmost respect for, this is the team you are supposed to love, you’re like the husband that married his wife but continually asks her 2 get surgery, just divorce her and marry a girl called spurs or utd.
    We, probably in my weak opinion need a defensive midfield that was experienced and that we could count on in big games, but if wenger searched and no one was suitable or didnt want to join then what is this about? he wanted to sign players, he could not, he said we will try, not we will sign. Viva La Arsenal

  263. Erichero says:

    I am absolutely stunned by the quality of support on this blog.

    If the kind of language used on this blog is a reflection of the Arsenal fan base, then I am clearly supporting the wrong team.

    Thankfully there is a bit of sanity out in the Gooner blogosphere, and the other ones don’t have to provide toilet paper after you post.

    Whoever manages this blog needs to have a serious look at why they are supporting football in the first place.

  264. Erichero says:

    What I do find funny is how we pour sulphur over any player who wants to leave the club and go elsewhere, but when when we don’t sign someone when they prefer to be loyal to their team (Veloso, Inler, Barry, Alonso, etc), it’s the manager’s fault.

  265. Jay says:

    You fucking idiots. Where would Arsenal be without Wenger?

    From what I’m reading, half of you wouldn’t even support the club. At the end of the day, as real fans, you support the club through thick and thin. No-one has the God-given right to success. When was the last time liverpool won the league? 18 years? Man U went 26 years without a title which included a relegation. Chelsea? FIFTY YEARS? Spuds? Dont even get me started. Arsene Wenger has persistantly kept Arsenal challenging for years. Even if he is one wane, it’s gonna take a major catastrophe for anyone to even contemplate sacking him. It just wont happen so fucking stop your bitching, man up put this shit into perspective and get on with supporting the club.

    People are frustrated. Why? We haven’t signed a DM? Personally, I’m fucking dissapointed but there is absolutely nothing I can do. There are worse things going on in the world.

    I’m in no way one of the so-called AKB BUT the fact of the matter is that Le Boss knows more than all of us combined so if we choose to support the club, we have to get behind him. Hypothetically speaking, IF we were to sack him now, what do you think would happen to the club? Stop being so short-sighted and actually think about what you are saying.

  266. murff mad irish gooner says:

    i am soooooooooooooo angry at wenger 4 the first time in my life.
    we r absaloutly shite n were guna win sweet fuck all again im sick of this shit wenger just doesnt learn. and all these kids can go fuck we won the double with older expirenced players and the unbeaten season. hu wants youngsters footballs isnt about tomorrow its about 2day for fuck sake and why cant wenger get this through his thick fucking head. no doubt that he is our best maneger n i love the man but im getin sick of not winning nything:@:@

  267. GobiLux says:

    ARSENE KNOWS!!!!!!

  268. Kyle says:

    You people are fucking morons. You’re not arsenal fans, you’re not even football fans. Our Alonso bid was rejected. As someone has pointed out, Wenger has done/tried to do everything he said he would. In a way it’s a good thing we didn’t sign, because if we’d heard this morning of a late deal, you’d all look like the plastic reactionary cunts that you are.

    Shitty blog.

    Shitty fans.

  269. smudger says:

    The hysterical ramblings of 13 year olds in the comments section on here always amuses me “OMG ARSENL RNT GNA FINISH IN DA TOP 4 COZ WENGA IZ SHIT” pipe down you cretins.

    Admittedly it’s pretty depressing that we failed to strengthen our worryingly weak midfield, but to say Wenger lied is rubbish.

    Keep squad together – he tried, but why keep Hleb/Flamini when they don’t want to play for us, it’s detrimental to the team

    Chequebook at Euros – I’m sure he had it, but the distinct lack of quality meant it was a bit pointless.

    Midfielder before Twente 2nd leg – He said he’d try, evidently a deal couldn’t be done

    Looking for 1 or 2 more – I’m sure he was, but we don’t know the reasons behind not bringing them in.

    Wenger is deliberately ambiguous in his media comments, but don’t let that stop you manipulating his quotes to push your whining agenda. Every proper Arsenal supporter is getting behind the team, thankfully half the idiots on here are just sitting in their armchairs shouting at the TV. But following the end of the transfer window, maybe Man City is the club for you?

  270. mooney says:

    sack him

  271. GT says:

    well pretty soon we’ll have man city breaking into the top 4 if they have as much money as it looks like. Never mind the spuds, they sold keane and berbatov…clowns. I will be more pissed at the board if we drop out of the top 4 and struggle financially rather than us struggling financially because we spent the money trying to strengthen the squad…if that makes sense

  272. smokingdrum says:

    Jesus Christ, football rantings, how boring can it possibly get? Get a life…and learn to spell.

  273. tomstoned says:

    Steve mate..

    There should be considerable concerns ….and as a proud fan of the Club…there is growing concerns about how the Club is beeing constantly build down…there is no use in even discussing that fact..just take a quick look at what have happened regarding the players who have left and what players have arrived….!!!!!
    and if you also take in to consideration the players we have who are almost certain to be out of the team with injury’s this is a bubble waiting to explode…
    When it comes to the lies of Mr Wenger,,,and the board of moneygrabbers….one thing is quite clear…they are to be nice …at the least keeping all the fans ..(who in my humble eyes IS the club) the dark..
    i have said it before my worries is not about ….winning or loosing….but the fact that Arsenal the club i Love is beeing quietly but strongly beeing ripped to pieces….
    its all about entertainment and glory in this game…so i do cheer Wenger …he makes the team play the most beautiful game ever seen (except for Brasil)but he is almost loosing it….He should consider the fans ….and keep them happy also,in the end of the day..Mr Wenger its the Fans who Are The Club..the sooner You get that the better..we already pay the most expensive tickets in the world….and .Gooners in my eyes are the best fans in the world…so get Youre act together Mr:wenger…and You will be ok Boss…

    so now im only praying for NO injuries and that we dont sell anyone else …at least until next summer when We most certainly will sell some more…and Arsenal a selling club..????? nope just look at the facts ..hell we’re buying !!!!…LOL…..buying a bag full of lies and some more champagne for Hilly Woody and Fischman and the rest og the team of moneygrabbers…..

  274. Nathan says:

    I haven’t read most of the comments, but most of you are deluded and childish!

    I am disappointed too, but the abuse he is getting would make you would think that he has never done anything for our club.

    If you are under 25 read your history on the club and he is one of 5 most important people ever to have anything to do with Arsenal Football Club.

    We have no given right to win the title every year or bankrupt the club to try and do so.

    We have gone 4 years without the title, there are other clubs who have gone longer Liverpool the most successful club in England have gone 18 years without one.

    In those seasons we have won the FA Cup and been in two other finals, while we were only 4 points off the title last year.

    I am not going to call any fan plastic for voicing their opinion, but I really think a lot of you do not know your history.

    160 years on English football, titles 18 Liverpool, 17 Man Utd, 13 Arsenal. The three most successful clubs make up only a third of titles.

    All Man Utd fans were calling for Fergies head when they finished bottom of a CL group below Benfica and Villarreal, and he made bought expensive flops (Eboue might be average, still prefer him then Djemba Djemba!).

    What happened, three years later Champions of Europe.

    BTW he didn’t say he was going to definately buy anybody, if you watch his interviews rather than read doctored media reports, he repeated said he will try to buy someone if they can improve the team for the right money.

    However, even yesterday he was asked is anyone going out or coming in and he said no, this was around 6pm yesterday so why are you all suprised that no-one came in when he said that no-one would.

    OMG you would think we were spurs with the reaction. Yes we’ve lost 3 DM in 8 months, but we’ve have got midfield cover. We have lost our 3 best strikers in the same period!

  275. Gooner For Life says:

    You guys are bastards. Just cause you are some ancient fools who supported the team for billions of years does not mean that you are better than me. Is it my fault that i was born in the last 16 years?!

    U know I love when arsenal get new fans from all over the world and their own country….but you suckers are unbelievable…it’s as though you hate new supporters, seriously!

    I really hate that people are making disgusting comments about Wenger, that I hate! But there are some people who are plainly stating their views…just because someone expresses their opinion and says that Arsene may have done the wrong thing here, you get vex and go on about plastic supporters, go support other teams (as if you have the fuckin right)! You guys are talking about being childish and having maturity, well you grow up and learn that everyone is not going to agree with you and its a free world, people can say wat they want and honestly support who they want…don’t fuckin tell them who to support, if they want to support arsenal and are not happy because the team they love looks like it’s sadly slipping away fine! If they want to support other teams they would have and they would not have bothered to right anything at all.

    So you are the fuckin idiots! Screw off and let people say what they want! It’s not only about football, that’s something you should learn in life. WE ALL LOVE ARSENAL AND WANT TO SEE THEM PROSPER LIKE WE KNOW THE COULD, SO DON”T YOU FRIGGIN DARE TELL ME I’m NOT LOYAL CAUSE IF SOMETHING EXTREMELY BAD WERE TO HAPPEN TO ARSENAL, I’ll STILL BE BY THEIR SIDE.




  276. David Tian says:

    guys, i hear a lot of of you saying , 4th place, here we come.

    Get real. This is the season we get exposed. I’m not convinced the game against Newcastle can be replicated week in week out. I mean, it’s Keegan’s team for God’s sake. Keegan is no Allardyce. We’ll drop points against the lesser lights, I’m sure of that.

    So… get ready for mid-table obscurity. We might buy in January if Wenger realises his mistakes by then. But there’s no telling how stubborn he can be…

    Just manage your expectations so this season doesn’t turn out to be disastrous just because we didn’t win a single thing AGAIN, or worse, end up fighting for UEFA Cup qualificiation…

    Mid-table… Seriously…

  277. PV04 says:

    If only he let me come back…this club needs an experienced one like me

  278. Kayo Burgess says:

    lying f~cker.

    he angers me. he disappoints me. in every way possible.

    time for change. nothing more to add!

  279. georgey klein says:

    sack him. he cant deliver us silverware. for the last few seasons we have gone hungry. we need to eat and he cant feed us no more.
    i agree. time for change. BIG change.

  280. Eddie says:

    You bunch of whining c*nts. Were you moaning when George Graham finished below 10th and won us a couple of domestic cups? Or when Bruce Rioch got us into the Uefa Cup on the last day of the season against Bolton? Probably not. Either because you’re all new “fans” who only care about the Champions League and big-money signing and sit there drinking all the vomit Sky Sports barfs at you 24/7, or because our ambitions were more tempered before Wenger arrived.

    Please consider that Wenger is the man who raised the bar at Arsenal and made our expectations that much higher. Is he now at fault for not adhering to the standards he has now set? You guys are so blinded and deluded. “Oooohhh, a big signing, now we’re surely going to win the Champions League” – muppets. Bringing back so-called big time players in the final against Barca at the expense of the CL record-holding back 4 got us far, didn’t it?

    Why don’t you just let Wenger do his job and then see what happens? He has said time and time again that he was trying to sign players but that it was very difficult for a variety of reasons.

    I’m not saying Wenger knows everything, as I disagree with a few of his views/strategies, but he’s our manager so let’s support him and the boys. Or else, fuck off and support Chelsea/Man City.

  281. Fat Boy says:

    I wonder how many ‘fans’ and I use that word lightly would stick around if we were playing in front of crowds of 18,000 on a freezing midweek night against the likes of Oldham where the most creative thing on view is the sunset. You have a faint hope that this may be your year for a cup but any thoughts of being champions would result in a psychiatric intervention. This is how it was for may of us at Highbury, particularly mid 70’s and mid 80’s. Yet we went to stand, sing, and occasionally defend the honour of OUR club. My heart has really dropped today reading the shite posted on here. It’s not about trophies, the top four, or spending 20 – 30 million quid. We are The Arsenal – A class apart, an institution that our good lord saw fit to bless me with from an early age. There have been times when the relationship has been very painful, but these last 10 years or so I have been priviliged to be able to watch the game being played in a manner that 99% of other real fans of clubs up and down the country would chop their arms of for. Stop fucking moaning – Be grateful for what we have and get behind the team – ALWAYS !!!! show some commitment belief and Loyalty. The players may wear the shirt but we are the heart and soul of AFC and no feckless fuckers is going to take that away. Now lets wipe our mouths and move on.

  282. as afc says:

    remember when wengers contract was coming to an end and madrid/juventus/milan/barcelona/any team in the world were circling…. remember when all you whingers were worried he was going to leave… remember the remarkable loyalty he showed us (and continunes to do so).

    You need to remember what he’s done for us and nows the time to repay what he’s done for us. It’s going to take a lot more more than a few seasons of no silverware to make me turn against him like some of you tossers have…

  283. tom says:

    you lot are fucking idiots. Serious fucking idiots. Ye he has not spent money, but so what. The squad is more talented than any other club in the country. Fact. I would rather watch arsenal any day over chelsea who play shit football, closely followed by man utd, who play shit football, closely followed by liverpool, who play shit football. They look good on match of the day, but watch them for 90 minutes and you will be bored. Fact. I would rather be a newcastle, fulham fan as they get the ball down and play like us. You morons have not got a clue. Your the type of dickheads who say sign darren fletcher as i have seen on numerous sites…he is shitter than shit. How is he a prem player. The one that pisses me off the most is fans who say ‘buy veloso’ ye he is good, but not good enough and wont win us the league. Just because he is good on football manager doesnt mean he will be in real life. Yes he is a tidy player, but if he was so good, why isnt he at a great club??? Becuase all the real managers dont play football manager and they have seen him and dont think he is worth it. If we buy him (or anyone buys him )and win the league, i will take it back. Until then…you lot are dickheads. Support the team. Hope all the real fans support me.

  284. RiBo says:

    Just heard the Appiah is at the training ground having a medical…..

  285. oz says:

    all this crying anout no signungs we got lots og players and 6/7 who are trying to get fit.we dont need to panic signjust for the sake of for dm we got amaury still to get fit,song,denilsion,diaby.if we buy more and more players how do all the young players break into first happy we got cover at cm and see enough players to get the job done.roskicy,edu still to return will be like haveing new sigings so i not players mean time to settle i would rather play players we have to gain that exp.

  286. fansincethe80s says:

    I understand why fans are supporting Wenger the best manager in our history. After the invincibles reaching their peak rebuilding the team was to be expected. I dont believe that any fan doubting the transfer and wage structure at the club is just a glory hunter. No one is above criticism the last decade at the club showed Arsenal has the potential to challenge the best in Europe but whether the board want to dominate europe or just sit at the table is in doubt. Two club captains who no fan can deny adore the club and fans have left due to an apparent lack of ambition. We were lucky to of aquired some great players over the last decade but luck runs out. Every summer our best players want to leave not stay. We are hoping we can grow more players like Fabregas or get a Viera or Henry on the cheap. If we cant are the board willing to invest to get the trophies top teams battle for every season or are we happy being also rans? I dont care about other teams signings but if you blatantly need a player and dont move heaven and earth to do so even seem blahzay about it what message does it send to your supporters?

  287. Decky k says:

    Wow i never Knew you could read minds!
    how did you know that arsene wasn’t looking for players!
    arsenal for the prem!

  288. kata says:

    You really are a shower of wankers
    Fuck off and follow the spuds instead you pricks

  289. the nose knows says:

    I’ve been a fan for 36 years. AW has done more for the club than anybody. Ever.

    All of you hysterical whiners can go support Chelski.

  290. Karl says:

    Wenger has been telling the fans lies for years.

    Fizman said he could spend £30m.

    Wenger is killing the club with his ways.

  291. Gunner911 says:

    wow, I didnt realised we had so many retarded fans!

    Henry leaves… they all thought we didnt have a chance, we were 4 points short.

    Flamini leaves… once again, we dont have a chance… geez….

    If we didnt sign anyone is because there was no one to sign, please remember that Wenger looks at more than what the players do for 90 mins on the pitch, if they have a shit attitude off it they wont play for us.

    We have enough quality to do as well if not better than last season.

  292. Gooner For Life says:

    Any way its done and dusted…I’m going to shut up now and support my team and hope and pray that we do well this season, I believe we can but it will be very hard!

  293. Luca says:

    I cannot believe I had the patience to read which of most of this thread is absolute horse shit

    I am really dissapointed we didnt sign anyone , i sat there hoping something would happen ….but ………what can we do about it ??

    weve had 4 matches …4 matches and already weve got all these absolute knobends calling wenger a cunt etc on all the message boards including the author of this. All the true gooners out there have gotta get behind the team, you mugs making stupid comments that we aint gonna get anywhere , we wont win anything …how the fuck do you know ? are you all mystic fucking megs or something…I cant stand you people , go and play football manager and spend arsenals money …I know for a fact you get at least 70m to start with !!


  294. Neamman says:

    Cant believe the fools posting here. Lets just trust the best manager we have had in our history!!!!
    Arsene Knows!!!! How many times does he have to prove it to you ????

  295. winks says:

    when fans were complaining bout our lack of transfer activity earlier on in the summer the ‘wenger knows’ crew argued to wait until the closing of the transfer market to pass judgement. well now it’s come and gone and quite frankly we’ve been let down. allowing some of our more experienced players to go and replacing them with the likes of ramsey and bischoff isn’t good enough. we’re slowly gonna become a feeder club if things don’t change. I respect what wenger has done for us but don’t forget that was when we had men in our team, all i really see now is boys.

  296. Bill says:

    To all you WAL (Wenger Arse Lickers), KISS MY CRACK!

  297. BBGooner says:

    Miss Tandy Says:
    September 2, 2008 at 12:34 am
    Well, let me just pile on and make your day worse than it has been. The contraction form of “did not” is didn’t and “would not” is wouldn’t. You see, the apostrophe denotes where the letter is omitted; therefore, you shouldn’t write “ca’nt” when you mean “can’t” and “wouldn’t” when you can just use “won’t”. Forgive me but I can’t resist

    why don’t you go and find yourself a grammer blog and leave the football talk to the men

  298. ad. says:

    any1 that disagrees with alex beck can fuck off to spurs. wenger obviously tried his best but couldn’t find any1 better than what we’ve got. all u football manager fans probably want arshavin for 20 mil or makoun or someone. u must know nothing about real football.
    hu was fabregas? pires? henry? PV4? they were NOBODY b4 wenger. they were equivilent to ppl like denilson theo diaby etc. so why not give them a chance to progress they r teenagers virtually.

    another thing, when was the last poor player wenger bought? years ago. and u guys STILL complian about him. we haven’t signed a big name for years too yet u lot still expect it. WAKE UP.

    if any twat on this site even thinks about booing the players then u simply aint a real gooner, deny or accept it doesn’t matter.

    and to the prick who wrote this:

  299. spd says:

    wenger will prove everyone wrong once again and you will all love him again. one word loyalty . if it goes wrong then moan untill then shut the fuck up. and how many teams can play the way the gunners did on sat ?

  300. wags says:

    I retract my earlier statement due to lack of sleep, when all the football world is goin mad around us, we unlike the rest of them have a sense of normality or a peace of mind that were not joinin the madness just for the sake of it.
    I hope im proved right but ARSENE KNOWS!!

  301. Dave says:

    Wait until the end of the season before we complain? Are you having a laugh?

    We waited until the end of 2006, 2007 and 2008 to win something. What will be new at the end of 2009 or will you then give an and idiot comment to wait until the end of 2010?


  302. thenry says:












  303. Raj says:

    Wenger will make you all eat your words, you bunch of spoilt C’s! Call yourself Arsenal fans??? OK so we were hoping for a signing or 2 but it didn’t happen. So when you have finished with your tantrums, either get behind the team or F off and go support Sp*rs!!

  304. sam says:

    wenger didnt make a signing because he believes in our defensive midfield options. Without flamini snapping at the heels we are screwed.

    I still fully support wenger, he will fix this mess soon enough or face the consequences once the fans(/cunts on this page).

    diarra must be kicking himself in his whale shaped head.

  305. willo says:

    The blogger is a immature tugmutton. A Sp*rs fan in disguise. Possibly.

    Saturday we saw one of the best performances by Arsenal for a long time. I woke up at 4am to watch it and it kept me buzzing all day. Some of the moves we made defied belief. We have a young team bursting with talent with many others in the wings or injured and we are growing up. We are not pushovers anymore. The boys are turning into men. We have the best Stadium in North London as well as Europe. Other managers try to replicate Arsene but he is unique. This season is going to be huge.

    Then you read shite like the above and wonder if some fans? deserve what they have had and what they are about to receive.

    So we never signed anyone on the last day. For fucks sake we don’t need anyone. No one became available bat the right price and Wenger stuck to his word in that respect. Why buy for the sake of buying?

    Settle down enjoy the season. A lot of plastic gooners out there. Go back and get behind, u(sa)td, Chelski and that team at the bottom of the league.

    I don’t trhink I’ll bother reading this blog again, probably puplished from Asia? Whatever its crap and unloyal and unloyalty gets you into trouble. Wanker.

  306. Gooner blair says:

    Arsene Knows….

    Just wait and see

  307. Malcy R says:

    I honestly cannot believe the pathetic comments on here. No one has the divine right to win anything. Have you all caught the Chelsea Bug? Spend big and win? Where were Chelsea before Abramovich? A spell in the old 2nd Division for those too young to remember. When United first won The Premiership, it was their first title since the late 60s. Liverpool dominated the 70s & 80s, but they’ve never won The Premiership. I actually support Carlisle United in League 1, top of the old Division 1 in 1973 after the first three games (beating Spurs & Chelsea along the way) then got relegated. I’ve experienced non-league football. You support your team through all the good times, and all the bad, no matter what. You Arsenal fans have experienced highs I never will. You’re team are an absolute joy to watch. Wenger has revolutionalised the game in this country, he’s also responsible for your magnificent new stadium. Support him, your team, or go and support Chelsea and now Manchester City, who’s success comes at one hell of a price.

  308. g0on3r says:

    why most u guys want us to be manage like chelsea, man utd and even liverpool? this is arsenal. our manager is wenger. this is how arsenal club operate. if u dont like it then go support other team.

  309. RobM says:

    how old are you exactly? 12?
    Someone needs to cut all the sugar and E-numbers out of their diet and enjoy a refreshing cup of “get over yourself”.

  310. Greg Goon says:

    Two minds here!

    I thought when kolo was up field (and it was allot he played fucking excellent) maybe we could put kolo in midfield and either song or sylvestre next to gallas.

    But he should have bought two experienced players even ones that wont play every game because i think we lack numbers where chelski thrive and so do utd.

    disappointed but i also feel we have a chance but it will depend if we can keep everyone fit and injury free ?

    So don’t get to much upset gooners i think we will surprise people again and how good is nasri and we have eduardo and rosickski to come back.

  311. fansincethe80s says:

    Why does everyone think this is about money? I hope like I have for the last few years that Arsenal are successful with the players they have. Dont care no one can tell me how to think. Eboue is a pass master is a joke even if Arsene said it I dont rate the player. The end of the season will answer all our questions. 4 points off the title shows progress yes but Arsenes aim was to win the title so in that context it is failure. He says his team has the quality to win the title so that is our expectations set by him. I love the guy and he is a winner and has different methods. Fans can have opinions too jus prove us wrong not excuses thats all..

  312. Ralf says:

    You whiners sound like fu*cking spuds fans…

  313. Donald Trump says:

    The secret to success in anything in Life is looking forward
    ,not backward.

    Chumps like True Gooner/Rich/ Baron Von choo etc are probably losers in their personal lives and satisfied with the short straw . The sort of “Fans” Keep swallowing Wengers ‘tomorrow’ promises ..but of course tomorrow never comes. They keep telling true arsenal supporters that they should ‘support the spuds’ ifanyone so much as has the temerity to disagree with their ‘GOD’ AW.

    The fact is that AW might have been smart about things back in the day. However, the playing field has changed and our strategy must be adjusted accordingly. He is not the club accountant he is the manager for Chrissakes!!!

    Why should we True fans be satisfied with his mediocrity? Just because he DID well in the past doesnt mean his old fashioned principles will carry us to success in the future. What has he done for us LATELY? Excuse after excuse after excuse..thats what. He feels untouchable because he has a whole possy of losers, like true gooner, to kiss his ass when he farts. You pricks make me sick.

    You dont support Arsenal, you support wenger. I bet if he resigned tomorrow and went to spurs you’d be wearing a white shirt.

  314. martin says:

    i cant say i hate wenger like most of you lot but i do feel let down and he has fed us a lot of lies, i think this time he has let us down one time too many.

    All you people defending wenger, why are you defending him just because of his past? we’ve gradually been falling away from united and chelsea and we’ve now fallen further behind, you guys cant honestly tell me were capable of winning the league and champions league? yes we hav got some great players but we also have too many youngsters and 1 or 2 players simply not good enough. we may have half a chance when diaby, rosicky and eduardo get back and if we dont pick up another injury all season but its very unlikely, we desperatly needed a mdifielder, surely there are other players about apart from inler and alonso yet it seems he pinned all his hopes on them and if we really have £30 million to spend on one player why have we failed to bring one in?
    how much longer do we keep wenger while he continues with his money saving and youth policies? dont get me wrong they man has done wonders to our club but we now seem to be slipping and slipping and we’re not looking like climbing back up any time soon.

  315. Dave says:

    Sack Wenger. He is an old stubborn man now.

  316. Sinbad says:



  317. Ralf says:

    To quote the poster Donald Trump;

    “The secret to success in anything in Life is looking forward
    ,not backward.”

    So shut up with the Sack Wenger/Wenger sucks/New Manager Please and see what happens when the results (either good or bad) come in. True Gooners have faith in the team. We don’t blindly follow the manager. We have faith in the lads. If you whiners can’t have faith in our squad, piss off to another club you c*nts.

  318. i'll shoot you all! says:

    you all moaners should be shot to death

  319. […] first set of fans believe that Arsene Wenger had lied to them. He lied because he said that he would like to add one more player to the midfield. But since he […]

  320. Two Owls says:

    Questions have been asked in terms of my loyalty to Arsenal Football Club. I have thought about this and I am sure that my loyalty to Arsenal is more related to the brand of football the club plays. It is tremondously entertaining and totally the result of Arsene Wenger who I have followed since he was brought to London. Prior to Arsenal I followed Man United. I have even followed Spanish clubs such as Real Madrid. There is no doubt that I wish to be entertained. I will not hang on if I am not entertained.

    Arsene Wenger is one of those rare Managers who functions totally with intellect and method. He has no peer in this regard. Arsenal may not win the Champions League this year or indeed the Premiership but his team will entertain!

  321. dave says:

    This blog is absolute crap.

  322. JaceIdend says:

    I was lately wondering if there are any more pool lovers here on this board.And I don’t think about the swimming type. I mean the sport.Me and my friends play pool twice a week and I love to meet with new players on the web.Wish to find out from you shortly. Thanks.

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