Arsenal need David Dein & Alisher Usmanov

From Patrick O’Keefe Member of the gooner forum

David Dein was 100% right, Arsenal need a rich investor to compete with Chelsea and Man Utd in the league.

For years Wenger has worked miracles in the transfer market and we have competed well and stayed in the top 4 but failed to win anything.

Wenger has said a number of times that the club have to sell in able to balance the books and are hindered in the transfer market by the debt of the new stadium.

The Arsenal board have said that they will not sell any more shares to Alisher Usmanov until April 2009 (The Lockdown) “Under the new agreement, the board members have agreed not to dispose of any of their interests in the club before April 18, 2009, other than to certain permitted persons, such as close family.

“After that date, for the remainder of the term of the agreement, they can only sell their shares to another person if the other parties to the agreement do not wish to buy them.

“The agreement is for five years although it can be terminated early by the parties on its third anniversary [18 October 2010].”

The original “lock-down” came after former vice-chairman David Dein left because of “irreconcilable differences”.

Dein wanted the Arsenal board to allow a rich investor to help the current sutiation by bankrolling a mayor spending spree allowing the manager to spend up to £100m on new players.

Dein felt that unless the club did this they would fall behind the rest. I have to say he was right. The club needs mayor investment and until then we are going to see the same thing ever summer, A host of key players leaving and replaced by budget signings and kids.

But we wont win anything until David Dein & Alisher Usmanov are in power.If we don’t invest then Arsenal will drop out the top 4 within 2 years.

And personally I would welcome them.

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  1. Bigarse says:

    Are you one of those guys who goes into dungeon clubs and gets whipped for pleasure.

    We dont need any of these people.

    The problem isnt at Arsenal, its at the other clubs that have sold out!

  2. Isiah says:


  3. SwedishGoon says:


  4. Jason says:

    No way !!!

    Have you not heard, we have got money and its Wengers decision to go with his current strategy nobody elses.

    This is an old argument with no foundation.

  5. Tron says:

    And just to prove my point about this site being pathetic, sensationalist, ignorant of facts, semi’literate inhabited by tabloid headline reading sheep…

    Check out this stoopid article.

    Any one purporting to be a Gooner who says we need those 2 dodgy twats to take us over is a C*NT of the lowest order.

    Get a brain moron. And stop being a sheep.

    pathetic, cannot put my points across strongly enough.

    Sad thing is, there’ll be a few lemmings who’ll lap this shite up.

    Sad, whats the point?

  6. darren says:

    Its fans like you who r not real arsenal fans!!! I hope we never get bought by him.. Arsene knows

  7. dein-who? says:

    No they don’t!

  8. JD says:

    Is it possible we may have some sort of petittion so the club sell up.

  9. mick says:

    calm down is what i would advise. man city gert a new owner we dont buy a central midfielder and all of a sudden we wont compete we wont win anything. We have been buildihng a team for three years and we are very close, what is it with you. Let me make this clear we do not want the orange man back within a thousandf miles of the club and we do not need a russian who is only interseted in making money from the club, his words not mine. i feel sorry for you mate, but at the end of the season we will do very well.

  10. TopGunPires says:

    Headline should read, Arsenal need an egotistical tw@t and a rapist.

    The photo says it all, anybody that has anything to do with Putin should have NOTHING to do with Arsenal FC.

  11. manny says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more nice to see somebody writing some sense We cannot keep punching above our weight..
    We all try to better our personal lives with occasional debt so why shouldn’t the club take investment to better the teamand compete.. We are not in the 1950/60’s (I watched the Arsenal in those days when we never invested and strengthened the teams and I don’t want those days to come back) We had a bad board and we have the same today regarding the team…

  12. ... says:

    The arsenal will be in the top4 for years to come. And i would personally rather finish 4th than have some corrupt bastard own arsenal football club

  13. Baby GUN says:

    While Arsenal are under a lock down agreement more clubs will attract rich investors. The club is treated like a family business. The current board members are jokers. Arsenal F.C is a globally recognized brand and should have more funds in order to compete against the best and move out of the transition phase

  14. Arsefan says:

    This site is pathetic. Anybody that would welcome Usmanov to Arsenal is no Arsenal fan.

  15. Big Dave says:

    Dont disagree, our board is to old, need new blood energetic people in to push the club forward. Dein saw this that is why he wanted Kroneke on board so what do they do? they push Dein out- idiots, now they look stupid as Kroneke will be invited on the board

  16. GazzaEsq says:

    I think Arsenal need Usimov and Dein like I need a second arsehole. Usmanov is an amoral crook who has stated he holds his shares as an investment. Dein is a bitter fool who sold out because the rest of the Board didn’t want to play his game. The club is doing OK without a billionaire backer at the moment and I’m willing to wager that we can manage without our own billionaire despot calling the tune all the time

  17. Your so right! All that money would of stopped Eduardo getting his leg broke and definitely would of stopped the ref giving birmingham a penalty against Clichy. We can compete with anyone now on the pitch, are you saying that we should be passing out brown envelopes.

  18. wondrinfree says:

    Usmanov stated that he was only wanting to buy Arsenal for economic reasons (we are becoming one of the most profitable clubs in the world) and has said that he wouldn’t be the cheque writing benefactor Abromovich has been for Chelsea.

  19. Dave says:

    You’re from Cork, aren’t you?

  20. James says:

    We competed well enough last season didn’t we?

  21. James says:

    Prepare to be flamed!!

  22. LB says:

    Your logic is flawed, like David Dein’s. First you must understand how buyouts work, which you don’t. Here’s a 101 on this:

    Option 1: A guy comes along and borrows 600m to buy Arsenal, then he loads the debt on the club’s books. Overnight, the club can spend less, not more on players. The reason is that it now pays more interest and also pays capital on the loans. That’s why Liverpool cannot build a stadium and Man U sell in order to buy, e.g. Rossi, Pique, etc.

    The second option, is a dubious character such as Middle Eastern, Asian, Russian types who does it for “fun”. They spend their own money to buy the club so the club does not have to take on debt. But the club is not in a better position to spend money than before the buyout because the previous owners took the money for the shares. So nothing changes, except, it usually does, for the worse! The new owner then buys Kaka, Ronaldo, Cesc, etc. and the club now sowes 500m TO HIM which it cannot possibly pay back. Then as a supporter, you have to hope that he does not get bored or suffer the Shinawatra-type problem because the club will have to be sold or go bankrupt because it cannot meet the financial obligations which buying superstars places on it.

    Now, which of the two options above are you suggesting for Arsenal? If you cannot answer that question or offer me an alternative to my options, then please never write on this topic again.

  23. Keith Ward says:

    You would welcome then the £800M or so extra debt I suppose!

    Usmanov wont sell of any assets he has, as Abramovic did and will burden us with the debt. He has already said he wants dividends to be paid which means he is looking to gain profit and not necessarily ploughing millions into player purchases.

    If Platini gets his way of preventing clubs, who go into debt just to acquire players, from playing in the Champions League/Uefa competions then it doesnt matter if we finish in the top 4 as we wont be in Europe!

    I am frustrated as everyone else that Wenger hasnt added to our squad but wishing Russian ownership is way off the mark- I am proud to be an Arsenal fan of over 30 years and am patient enough to know that sometimes you cannot be succesful every year unlike the glory hunters who want us to be taken over!!

  24. Cheese says:

    No you are a short sighted fool.

    We came within a whiser of winning the league last year and our team will only get better over the next few years.

    What would it matter if Wenger gets 80m, considering he wont spend 30m!!

    When foreign investors come in, they can either do things the Wenger way or he’ll leave, so it either stays the same or no Wenger. I’m going with Wenger.

    Usmanov isn’t like Abramovich or the Sheiks, he’ll run it as a business, but with more risk involved than the current board.

    And with the world financial climate, nows not the time to be risky.

  25. Dave says:

    I simply cannot believe that any Arsenal fan would want the club to become the plaything of a corrupt billionaire who cares little about the club. To me, this could only be the view of a glory hunter, not of someone who loves the club. There are other soulless clubs that would be better suited to fans like you. Seriously, if you’d seriously be happier supporting Chelsea and Man City, then go for it. The Emirates would be a better place without you.

    It is not true that we haven’t won anything: in the last decade alone, two doubles, an unbeaten title, two fa cups + a couple of close shaves in the champions league and carling cup. Stands up favourably to almost anyone else.

    It’s not true that we can’t compete with Utd and Chelsea. We competed with them all season and finished only fractionally behind them. In one-on-ones, it is very even and we often outplay them.

    It’s not true that we buy only budget players and kids. Just to pick a few, Nasri, Sagna, Gallas and Eduardo were all bought in recent summers and are all integral players in our team.

  26. Bob N7 says:

    So Arsenal becomes another billionaire’s plaything rather than remain the beacon of sanity in a footballing world gone crazy with money!

    Why don’t you shift allegiance to Citeh – it might suit you better.

  27. The Herd says:

    What an absolute load of shit….!!!! Ur in cuckoo land fella we dont need money we have money…!! You think Arsene would be around if the board didnt give him whatever he wanted…?? Wake up… We aint bought cos he decided he didnt need or want any more players end of…!! We dont need that dein prick or the Uzbek shrek anywhere near our club…!!

  28. Frank says:

    Typical knee-jerk reaction from a fan who’s bought what the media say hook, line and sinker!

    Were we not competing with Chelsea and Man-U last term? Liverpool (and Villa and West Ham & Newcastle) do have a so-called Billionaire investors, where has that got them? Specifically, Liverpool at the moment can’t even stamp up the money to start construction of their stadium, the manager is forever at loggerheads with the “rich” owners for precisely the reason you suggest we should get one of our own: A failure to stamp up the money required to buy the players that the manager wants!

    Football fans are so fickle and so enarmoured by instant riches. I’d bet you a tenner, should we do well this season and win a big trophy, these same people crying out for a “billionaire” investor will innundate these boards with “we’re fine as we’re, we don’t need anybody!”. They live so much for the day, the bragging rights of winning on a particular day with not much foresight or longterm thinking!

    If we let the dodgy Russian take us over and he came in all guns blazing for instant glory for a year or two, and then there was instability, a high turnover of managers and players, and rule by kremlin-like dictat, would that make you happy?

    You’ve seen a pattern of turmoil in most places these billionaires have turned up, quite simply because they’re used to indulging their fancy and having their way. They don’t like managers telling them what to do, but remember they themselves are no football geniuses! You’ve seen this at Chelsea with Roman-v-Maurinho, seen this Liverpool (to a lesser extent), and we’re now seeing it with Man City – the Sheik is outrageously announcing who he’s gonna be bidding for in January, with no regard to decorum or who Sparky really wants. Give it 2 or 3 years max, and let’s where it goes. For me, the only reasonable/admirable model is the one at Villa, where Randy Lerner has left all matters football to O’neill. All he does is open his checkbook, whenever he can. The rest are megalomaniacs who are here to indulge their every fancy – regardless of what the manager or fans want. Is that what you want?

    How so pathetically short-sighted!!

  29. gavstar says:

    You’d welcome someone who was convicted of fraud, corruption and theft of state property and recieved a six year prison sentance?

    You’d welcome someone who is a self-proclaimed Arsenal fan for “seven years”?

    You’d welcome someone who’s first action upon investing in the club was call a press conference to demand a dividend be paid to shareholders (something that hasn’t been done in thirty years because all monies were reinvested in the club), an attempt to undermine and completely distablise the board?

    David Dein is nothing short of an ego-maniac who’s sole aim is to become club chairman – nothing else. What he fails to realise is by selling his shares to Usmanov he’s become nothing more than a puppet who’ll be used to keep the fans sweet, should a takeover happen, and then cast aside.

    His 23% ownership of the club does not reflect that he has NOT invested in the club in any way shape or form, merely bought shares to get into the club. And then to demand dividends be paid when he’s put nothing into the team?????

    Sorry Patrick but I really don’t want this scumbag anywhere near my beloved club

  30. Chris G says:

    Paddy I agree with you

  31. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    so hold on if we get this billionaire who is not as rich as the arabs or abram are we not gonna get caught in the same cycle of not being able to compete with richer clubs!!

    by the way its not the names and how much that costs tha makes a good football team. England whose players were worth much much more than croatia, had their asses kicked by a team that earns a fraction of the england team!!

    what happened to coaching, developing, training, and building team spirit (something money can never buy)?

    I d rather watch and play park football (this is all getting boring)

  32. Steve says:

    I want to support a club where my support matters. Do you think that if no Chelsea fans or no City fans turned up it woiuld affect their transfers or spending? They would probabaly spend more to attract the casual fans.

    I love Arsene and trust him though the faith can be tested from time to time. I believe that we even if we have millions to spend, Arsene wont. He will continue his policy.

    If you want your club to a billionaire’s plaything, you know where to go

  33. Skywatchingmug says:

    I would rather drop out of the top four then have dirty money from Usmanov.

  34. Rosetinted says:

    Why does everyone buy(excuse the pun) into the idea that spending vast sums of money is what is required? We were four points off the league winners last year and bar for some naive defending and questionable refereeing would have made it into the semis of the CL. We also did it in style.
    You show a picture of Usmanov shaking hands with Putin, why would you want such a shady character involved with our club? However I do agree that it is a shame that Dein is no longer involved as I believe he did a lot for Arsenal. Your views seem to be many influenced by tabloid media and internet blogs. Man City have millions to spend but it doesn’t guarantee anything, people forget that before Chelsea had Abramovich’s money they weren’t a bad side anyway. Of the players we lost this summer I was only sad to see Flamini go and am still sad that he doesn’t seem to have been replaced. However given than neither you nor I have the first clue at running a footbal club I’m quite happy to let things continue as they are.

  35. JimmyTheFish says:


    Dein did great for the club when he was here but he did have ideas that were not the best. He made his bed and now he must sleep in it. An in the bed beside him is a fat gangster who has no place at the Arsenal.

  36. Frank says:

    “For years Wenger has worked miracles in the transfer market and we have competed well and stayed in the top 4 but failed to win anything”.

    Chelsea have out-spent everyone, 2 or 3 times over, for the last 4 years, what have they won in the last 2 years? One FA Cup! Who tells you that spending zillions guarantees you trophies? Spurs have outspent us, probably by 2-to-1, for the last 5 to 8 years, what have they won? One lager cup last year!

    Real Madrid had a team of galacticos for more than 5 years, have spent about £500m in the last 3 years, in pursuit of the Champions league, why have they not won it? Indeed they had a habbit of buying a world-record-fee player every season, where did that get them?

    Newcastle have outspent us in the recent past, where did that get them?

    You’re so short-sighted, man!

  37. bbmc gunner says:

    why dont arsenal have a complete take over from the offical fly emirates compan?

    the usmanov hes a nut case!!

  38. ProudToBeAGooner says:

    3 games into the season, we lose 1 game, City get bought and this old chestnut is brought up.

    What a load of bollox!

  39. mjc says:

    You really convinced that a convicted Russian criminal and alleged rapist is the best way for Arsenal to go?

  40. nickynicknick says:

    I understand your reasoning and its hard to argue against any idea that brings in some top signings, but it gives me a bad feeling in my water.
    People pumping enormous amounts of dosh in to a club isnt the problem, its what happens when they take it out.
    In previous generations rich british indistrialists bought clubs and showed them off, much the same as has happened everywhere from Chavski to Real Madrid. The difference is that the old chairmen just wrote off the money and didnt expect a return other than the kudos.
    All the new big money men are INVESTORS. They expect to get a good return on their capital or sell the club on at a profit. If they dont see a profit they will walk away and leave the club to implode. At the moment this is unlikely to happen at the Arse with their business set up.
    I just wonder if we would be better placed by sitting tight, still turning a reasonable profit as at present, and rely on the Wenger principle of developing players and building a team, rather than buying so called super stars.
    Sorry if this is a ramble.

  41. formulaoneblog says:

    No chance! We don’t need money. We finished two goals away from being champions last season. Man U have only signed Berbatov (and they can’t play all three strikers at once), Chelsea are flattering to deceive, and we will be very strong once our injury list clears up. If we did have billions to spend, we wouldn’t because Wenger is not an idiot. Why risk the future of the club for some short term glory? In 5-10 years, Chelsea, Man U, Man City and Liverpool will not be allowed into Europe because of their debts. I’m happy to take advantage of that.

    Here’s to the moral high ground!

  42. Harry Barracuda says:

    Fuck off you complete cunt.

  43. tkn says:

    this really is consistently the shittest site i come across

  44. LG says:

    I really do despair… how many of these articles have been going around for the last few weeks… seems to be more and more idiots that don’t actually think for themselves.

    The team is basically the same as last yr… a singel CM is needed but all we hear these days is crap like this article spouting rubbish…

    quote “Wenger has said a number of times that the club have to sell in able to balance the books” He actually said that once… maybe you just read it in lots of different papers 😉

    “hindered in the transfer market by the debt of the new stadium”… Like this has come as some sort of surprise… this was the msg being sent out before the Emirates was build

    There was a reason that dein was shown the door… and it wasn’t that he wanted to bring more money. Think you’ll find it was that he was going behind the rest of the board to sell his shares to whoever would buy them… anyone remember the hoo har surrounding the american at the time. Kroneke’s (sp??) relationship with dein soon took a nose dive didnt it

    Have a think about what you write… don’t just write something you’ve been told by the media.

  45. Sue says:

    We dont need those pair of arseholes.
    If you want your club to be a social climbing tree for the rich then bugger off and support someone else. The Arsenal arent for you and are staying English owned

  46. LG says:

    lol… this made me laugh

    # LG Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    then 2 posts up:
    # Harry Barracuda Says:
    September 4, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    Fuck off you complete cunt.

    thats some seriously slack moderation going on 😀

  47. Pete says:

    We have 122 years of history – some glorious, some less so, but all part of what we are. I would also like to imagine a long future – for my children, and their children, to also enjoy “The Arsenal”. Transient success is not worth sacrificing the long-term wellbeing of the club for.

    I would sooner see us relegated than sell out to Usmanov since that would destroy “the club” and what it stands for.

  48. LG says:

    It good to read thru the comments… least the majority of gooners don’t buy into the crap being spouted all over the place

    this article = :fishing:

  49. skeptic says:

    Usmanov sees the club as a investment, investments generally pay out more than you pay into them.

    So how would it be good for the club having someone taking more out than he put in?

  50. herdee string says:

    The author is a scumbag.

    Go lick Usmanov’s nuts you vile little glory hunting cocksmoker. You are vile. And stupid. And god do I rue the day that blogging started and cunts like you had access to voice your dopey thoughts.

    When I am King you will be first against the wall

    PS I want to date Sue.

  51. Tigger says:

    The writer is on crack.

  52. sam says:

    bullshit, we’ll be level on “scum and dishonesty” level with chelsea. I would rather see us relegated!

  53. geoffreid says:

    Spot on exactly what a lot of us have been saying –it will take m/city to show the way–our board are a farce and all should be kicked out the sooner the better for arsenal.

  54. Skywatchingmug says:

    Please say your only joking mate. Or your going for the record for how many posts you can get in an hour(42 at last count). Or your just on crack, I can forgive you that. Opinions are like arseholes, every ones got one. But you my friend have no morals and should just keep your opinions to yourself and not publish them to the web. Good day and goodnight forever in your case. Time to put the filter back on the News Now site.

  55. Chengiskhan says:

    Are you really a gooner? Or are you a Manc masquerading on the Internet as an Arsenal fan? I think this website just posts incendiary headlines and articles to garner hits. This is the last time I come here. What a joke.

  56. Kojodinho says:

    wenger is a visionary who has realised that the transfer market is going through a period of “irrational exuberance”, and is wise to limit his purchases to only those players that he feels are worth it.

    i would rather we came 4th every year for the next 10 years, than splash the cash and go bust in 5 years. we should be lucky we’ve got wenger who puts the finances of the club before his own reputation – unlike other managers (whom i won’t mention) who spend, spend, spend, just so they can write his name in history.

    so no, we don’t need deins nor usmanov’s cash. we’re doing very nicely, thanks very much.

  57. geoffreid says:

    Idiots any billionaire could take over –you all seem paronoid by a certain russian -either way the ruskies economy is far better than uk. Maybe we need a GORDON BROWN that would please you jerkoffs.

  58. HighbuyJD says:

    this is a totally unresearched, deliberately shockbased newnow troll of a story.
    why do we need to go into debt…?
    no matter that an usmanov takeover would be traumatically and obviously against our clubs ethos
    why go into debt
    why borrow this money?
    we have already borrowed a huge amount to build the new stadium.
    generating additional debt when we are clearly challenging for trophies within the existing parameters would be crazy.
    Even with usmanovs money we wouldnt outspend our rivals – why get involved in a race into the red?

    and if ANYONE truly believes usmanov ould simply GIVE us the money they are naive beyond comprehension

  59. Kipperman says:

    Bet you’re glad you wrote this blog!
    We’ve always been unique as a football club and as fans. Do we really want to join the ranks of those that are steamrollering their way to success. I want the Premiership as much as everyone else. Wouldnt it be nice to win it the way we are trying to and stick two fingers up at cunts like Kenyon, who dont give two fucks about the game or it’s supporters.

  60. Gooner for 40 years says:

    LB puts a strong and well thought out case study.

    Chelsea have won a couple of titles but they have had 3 managers and most of the time the team looks unbalanced. They, for all their money, are not looking what they should be and there is a lesson for us all to learn. Rich investors like getting their own way and interfere with things they know nothing about. We would not want that at Arsenal.

    It’s very difficult to determine what is real and what isn’t. We are told we have substantial funds, but Arsne purports we have to balance the books for the stadium. However, we should not spend for the sake of appeasing peoples’ wish lists of so called stars. Whether the money is there or not, we are still a team to be reckoned with.

    Arsene has been on a rebuilding mission for some time and tries to bring in the right hungry players with the ability to fit in quickly. He has brought flair, silverware and excitement to what was a very one dimentional team. Surely we can wait a little longer for that to bear fruits, can’t we?

    Sure there will be disappointments and high excitement and we’ll kick the ball 1000s of times throughout the season. But that’s what football is about, isn’t it? A game that produces raw emotion form the most demure and introverted person.

    I was sorry to see David Dein leave us, and in many respects he’s right to look at investors for the future.

    That is the real point. The future. Arsenal are always going to attract investors, so we should wait and see how the future unfolds. If the team of kids mature into an Ajax of old, then we don’t need investors of have to worry about the concerns as laid out by LB.

    We have some extremely promising young talent and some very gifted players to came back into the team in Eduado and Rosisky; we still haven’t seen the best of them yet. Vela is a real gem who will quickly be polished.

    I think the board have got it right, for now! Maybe in a couple of years it will be different. I’m sure the club will be proactive in that respect.

    Let’s get behind the team and the board and use our energy positively. The transfer window is closed and so is the cheque book. Appaih may well come and we a welcome addition.

    The fact of it is: Arsene Wenger is no fool. He hasn’t been since he came here and he hasn’t become one over night.

  61. Ozi Gooner says:

    I was gonna go into a long rant about how much of a dillusional fuck wit you are but it would appear you’ve already been told. Now fuck off and die, numpty.

  62. Trey says:

    Youre a dumb ass dunce of the highest order…take your fats and orange and shove it up your jacksie

  63. Trey says:

    Blogs that spout crap like this should be permanently banned/blocked.

  64. Ralph says:

    What a load of complete and utter crap.

    The day that fat wazzock (pretty sure he can’t sue me for calling him that!) gets into the club is the day Arsenal die.

  65. Ebrahim says:

    Such a shame that supposed gooners spout this rubbish. Dont agree with what is written, but dont descend to the spud or manc plastics level. We all love Arsenal, and the loyal Dein loves Arsenal. May be its the board who pushed him to do this? He was sacked cos of Kroenke but now this chap sided by the board. Any one thought why?

  66. Si says:

    Utter, utter shit.

  67. flagrant says:

    we have no need for fat & orange. you want to see football slide even further into the farce it’s becoming? all we need is more billionaire owners for premier league teams so everyone can see the most world-famous players every week, right?

    football is far greater a business than a sport when billionaires own the game. you really think usmanov will just come in a throw his money away? the man made all his money through dubious means, and isn’t going to come in and personally hand transfer cash to wenger or bail the club out of debt. no, he’ll take out loans to try buying the club, and we all will be the ones paying the interest. if usmanov buys, (or is allowed to) I guarantee prices will go up from tickets to shirts to pints at the stadium.

    it’s bad business for us and the club.

  68. tobzz says:

    Adolf Hitler, Pol Pott, Rasputin and Eddy Mosley are not dead and are formining a consortium:

    Lets go for that one!

  69. Lord Arsenal says:

    The ARTICLE is 100% correct. Fans are complete idiots with no knowledge in Business.

    Its simple – we haven’t been able to compete because Man Utd and Chelsea spend more than us.

    So we finish 3rd. But with City free spending means we will be competing with Liverpool and Villa for the LAST CL spot. If as expected Dubai takeover Liverpool we will NOT qualify for CL. Unlike the other clubs we need the CL money to survive. Without the CL money we are in a deep mess.

  70. solgooner says:

    Dein and Usmanov should do the right thing and patch up things with the board so if a sale is made its to a sovereign fund, from Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrein, or Quatar. who want prestige and success and can pay off the stadium debts immediately, and have no need to milk the club dry. WE need to do this to stop DIC from buying Liverpool

  71. Ali says:

    How can you call yourself an Arsenal supporter?

    I hope you bow your head in shame when we win the league this season, Wenger Knows!

  72. Ali says:

    TopGunPires, do YOU personally know Putin!?? Or you trust what papers say, and don’t have your own opinion? Are George Bush and Gordon Brown really better than Putin? All of them play the same dirty game! Are you proud of Brown who’s a puppet of US, and fights for american interests, not for his country’s ones? Open your eys. Bush killed much more innocent people than anybody in the world!!! So, don’t mess politics with football. In Arsene we trust!

  73. East upper says:

    Your a Nob Jocky fella and thats 100% official

  74. MD says:

    The probl;em is some of the carp being spouted like Gooners who trust our Baord too much. Fact – Dan Fiszman sold more stock to outside buyers includng Stan Kroenke than David Dein did until he was sacked. Fact – the Board are seriously studying taking dividends after we get the Highbury Square money – Ken Friar confirmed this at an Arsenal Supprters Trust meeting. And for all their public support of Arene Wenger’s experiment or whatever its calleed today in print media, why is the same Ken Friar telling private supporter’s meeings they can’t force Arsene Wenger to spend money, as though he’s not their employee, to ensure that supporters blame the meager despite the supposed 100% support of Mr. Wenger.

    And finally if investing more in the football team was against what Arsenal stands for then why build a brand new football stadium that will incrase season long-turnover ten-fold? If we aren’t going to use that money to buy more and better football players, where is it going to go exactly?

    Maybe we should worry about what our Club stands for NOW Pete

  75. Antone says:

    Reading all the comments is very interesting and I’d have to agree that the “Fat Russian” is not the way forward for the club but is there no middle ground.

    Let’s not forget that all this started when Dein brought Stan K to the table and everything has been a bit pear shaped since… I for one think that Dein was good for the club and I didn’t hear many people coating him before that, I mean there was talk of players leaving when Dein was pushed out, not to mention Wenger, so Dein was well loved back then..

    Personally I have more faith in the Dein/Wenger combo than the Hill-Wood/Wenger one and now when you look at things the board actually now think that Stan K is an Stan’d up guy who they are inviting onto the board… had they not acted with the knee jerk reaction to Dein’s introduction of Stan K, with all that “We don’t won’t his sort” comments then maybe that middle ground I’m looking for could have been achieved… still the Dein/Wenger combo with a Billionaire investor on-board, still doing thing the Arsenal way..

    For me one of the main problems is Wenger refusall to spend money, why can’t he accept that prices for football player are crazy but sometimes for the betterment of the club he’ll have to stump up those crazy prices sometime.. not all the time he can still find the gems but everynow and then pay £20 million let’s face it David Villa is a £20m + player, if you want him he’s £20m + simple as that.

    What Wenger does is through his toys out the pram and say no one should be £20m there for I will never pay that type of money… who does that help..? Arsenal..?? I don’t think so… everyone couldn’t believe when a player cost £1m but it became the norm.. Wenger can’t change the tide of football change un-fortunatly.

  76. Papa Jeyi says:

    Why all sorts of abuses. Arsenal need a rich investor but not family business associates. We must buy or drop. Views expressed are true reflections of fools whjo knows nothing about football. Please check your wotrds before opening your bad mouth.

  77. gunnerthruthick&fin says:

    you massive ‘sell your soul glory hunting bell-end wanker’. we don’t want your sort round here. Change this to a chelski or man city blog. Fuck off.

  78. GOONA says:

    Lets look at it like this: If we don’t finish in the top 4 this season we’d be in one hell of a mess losing all of our top players that’s for sure, and with the millstone of the stadium dragging us under and under. Yes i’d like to see some sensible rich person come in chosen by Hill Wood to stop this from happening because believe me it could well happen if we can’t afford to keep up with the rest. Don’t forget the gloom and doom after losing just ONE GAME but if we lost QUITE A FEW I wonder if some of the fans would then change ther minds and agree with David Dein but not nessessarily to have Usmanov as our benefactor?. Gawd! sometimes I wish we’d have stayed at GOOD ‘OL HIGHBURY!!!

  79. Adam says:

    Are you insane? Usmanov will get us to buy the club for him ala Glazers and Man Utd. Financially they are in a mess and the Glazers will have to sell out or the club will find it very difficult to survive. They didn’t even make their interest payments on their loans last year. I bet the money for Berbatov was added to their outstanding payments. They haven’t got a hope of breaking even unless, as I said they sell out.

    We’re doing fine financially. We need Usmanov like a hole in the head. Please don’t post knee-jerk nonsense like this on the web, it is an insult to our intelligence.

  80. Davetxu says:

    Thank god the majority of people can see the sheer lunacy of selling our club to an oligarch. Unlike the complete idiot that wrote this article. Anyone who thinks that David Dein is 100% has got to be an idiot (100% idiot). What an idiot. Did i mention…he’s an idiot? Idiot!

  81. SoftVision says:

    The lockdown was made to provide stability to the club and I do think that by the time we reach the end of that period, the club’s shareholders will look into their finances and see that we’re reaping the benefits of the new stadium.

    This article is absolute bullshit, you clearly do not realize how lucky we are to see the football we have seen and to have the trophies we have won in the last ten years. There are clubs who haven’t won the league for 30 years. Hell, even Liverpool haven’t won the League in 10 years and look how much they’ve spent.

    You cannot buy cyborgs and put them on the pitch and expect them to play football. It doesn’t work that way. Wenger knows quality when he sees it and ultimately trophies are won through playing football as a team. What he’s doing is blooding youngsters with loyalty (something you don’t see these days, with exceptions of course) and a brand of football.

    Get behind your team and see what that can do.

  82. Matt says:

    3 games into the season and we are already falling behind because we have no investment……….what are you on? I am sick to death will all the poor exsuses for supporters that write this crap, do you really have nothing in your life that stops you from acting like a little bitch and writting crap like this? why dont you support the team we have and enjoy the football we play, you may then find that something that is clearly missing in your life!

  83. sam says:

    arsenal (most) are wankers, the writer of this article speaks sense, its just most Arsenal fans dont want or demand success, just a bunch of losers, you would think that 4 years in the wilderness after the invincibles would be enough but no some of you want more. To mock and insult a guy because he feels that to compete we need a big invester is just ignorant and it proves most of you live in cloud cookoo land or more accuratell up wengers arse.

    we could win nothing for five more years and drop out of the top four and one would still not be able to criticize wenger or anyone else at the club.

    What a bunch of morans, wake up and smell the coffee.

  84. nick says:

    You are a tool of the highest order if you truly believe any of the shit you’ve written above.

    I’m gladdened to see the comments universally condemning your point of view, it makes me believe there might actually be a majority of gooners who haven’t swallowed the fat and orange bollocks

  85. Arsenal Fan says:

    We really need someone to buy the club , we cant be able anymore to compete with the new reachest club in england and with chelsea , mMan.ut and Liverpool who could be sell to Price of dubai soon!!! we became a club who invest , sell but dont buy

  86. Mike says:

    We’ve just had the perfect example of why this strategy is short-sighted.

    We have RA, who is probably closest to one of the old altruistic owners than any of the other new ones, hold the roost and “elevate” Chelsea to a “big” club because of his immense personal wealth.

    The Pool scenario is far more realistic, and it’s not going so well right now is it?

    Citeh were also bought by a billionaire with largess, except that it didn’t quite work out that way for old Trashcan Sinatra, did it?

    ManU can’t even service the interest on their debt, they’re rolling it over.

    Now we’ve seen the biggest kid on the block (Chelsea) suddenly get outbid for a player by the new “biggest kid on the block”.

    There is always someone, bigger, stronger, richer than you who comes along.

    What we have seen from that is that following the “rich backer” ploy is just building a house of cards, and the slightest wind will blow it over.

    Everyone, including Everton, now want to blindly follow the pack.

    Unfortunately, the problem with following the leader is that the leaders are already long gone, so that’s all you’ll ever do, follow.

    AW on the other hand, has followed a more difficult, but sustainable path.

    We don’t need to follow the crowd, we’re on a different path that gives us the realistic chance of arriving ahead of the rest.

    I despair at the short-sighted, thoughtless drivel that people pass of as valid comment these days.

    Try sitting and thinking for yourself for a change.

    Don’t follow the media. That rubbish is written by fat, sweaty, lazy, stupid, never-beens with puerile agendas.

  87. richmac83 says:

    This guy doesn’t seem to be interested in sport. He will be investing to make money out of us, like Man Utds buyers. Also this guy is not rich enough to buy throw money about like abramovich or the even richer Man City owners.

  88. jesse says:

    and u had to pick a picture whre he’s best chums with putin!

    fuck him!

    the longer we can survive without foreign investment the better!

    u aint a tru gooner if u want this dodgy fucker in charge of our club!

  89. jesse says:

    the only reason wenger didnt buy anyone was becaus eno one seemed to fit trhe bill.

    even if wenger did have usmanovs cash he still wouldnt spend it unless the was a player he wanted.

    therefore, the quiet deadline day was due to AW’s preference and not an empty pocket.

    therefore, just let arsene do his job. the guy is golden

  90. toure tribe underboss says:

    if arsenal sell their soul to the murderers and thiefs of israel and russia im out!

  91. bewster says:

    the only good thing about this article is your shamrock cannon im seriously thinking of getting it tatooed on me leg up the irish gooners

  92. Championship manager Know Brigade says:

    sam Says:
    September 4, 2008 at 3:42 pm
    what are u about 12!!!

    U guys need to grow up and grow a spine and stop being bitches.
    If you feel so strongly dont support the club. the second dein and usmanov buy the club. i will support my local pub team.
    The only reason i support arsenal is that their not liverpool, man Utd or Chelsea – we always done things our own way.

    All you newbie’s can fuck right off – we didnt need u then (GG yrs) we dont need you now!!

  93. martin says:

    This is utter bullshit and the thought process ( or rather lack of it ) behind it is driven by panic and a total lack of understanding what this club is all about. The last thing we want is a Russian Oligarch with dirty money to spend.

  94. Xeno says:

    Fuck you we dont need fat and orange !!

  95. RealGunnerFan says:

    If red & white took over how long, like shevchenko at Chelsea, would it be before they’d want their own players in the club? Do you see what’s happening in Newcastle or Westham? Do you see AW staying with all the interference? I think we’re doing quite well without a billionaire dictating how the team is run!!!!

  96. thegoonerforum says:

    Seems to be working just fine at Man Utd

  97. besor says:

    i’m all for takeover but for some reason, not by usmanov. maybe, because 4 me he’s not rich enough as the roman or the abu dhabi’s.
    on totally different note, does anybody else think that the sale of berbatov to mu show how much we lost due to wenger @ the board’s stubborness? the reason is that we tried to purchase berbatov from b. leverkusen for wenger valuation of 8 mil and wenger wont budge from his valuation and as we know spuds snap him up for an extra 2 mil. and now, after just 2 years his value rocketed to 30 mil plus and the spuds made a profit of 20 MIL plus and that was after he scored shitloads of goals for them. and us, well we just lost a potential 20 mil profit just for the sake of 2 mil. good business wenger! and before anybody pointed out that it was unforseeable, well then maybe wenger is not the master in ‘talent’s finder’ we all thought he is. WENGER DOESNT KNOW!!

  98. Mike says:

    “# thegoonerforum Says:
    September 4, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    Seems to be working just fine at Man Utd”

    Like it was working “just fine” at Citeh with trashcan sinatra?

    Or like it’s working “just fine” at pool?

    And is it REALLY working “just fine” at manusa with a billion in debt and unable to even service the interest?

    Let’s not even get into how it’s “just fine” at West Ham and Newcastle.

    Villa would have been your best argument, but the fact that you didn’t even mention them and Randy Learner certainly tells us quite a bit about your level of understanding.

    I’d consider quietly removing this piece from your site if I were you, you’va absolutely trashed any credibility you might have had.

  99. Aidan says:

    Cunts like you make me sick. I am amazed how you lot get accepted into NewsNow with the amount of dirge you spew.

  100. georgesydaust says:

    Good article you idiot. You’ve obviously thought about this alot.
    piss off dimwit

  101. upyercockersombero says:

    Why are there so many idiot Arsenal bloggers.

    if the blogs are anything to go by then arsenal have some of the most stupid supporters on the planet.

    how come when I sit at the Emirates I am surrounded by loyal and intelligent thinkers. but on the internet we get morons like this blogger

  102. callygooner says:

    No matter how much we dont like it ,what is going on in the Premier League is now taking the form of a historical force.People are right to point out the risks, and personally I consider Usmanov a bigger risk than most. Nevertheless sooner or later private money will have to come into Arsenal.I would sooner that our current Board came to terms with this earlier than reacting in panic in three years time. The United Arab Emirates are the obvious link

  103. gunner says:

    how much did that fat USMANOV cunt pay you?

  104. Skywatchingmug says:

    Callygooner I think the board has reacted, it’s not the first lock down clause that has been signed by them. The building of a new stadium are all part of the long term plan to resist the lure of foreign investment. As for Dubai buying into the club I cant see it working. The Arsenal would just become an investment, part of DIC empire forced to play games in Dubai to promote the state of Dubai. The rush for investment can’t last forever and the board have a plan so The Arsenal don’t get burned in a financial melt down. That well could be just around the corner.

  105. JOHN says:

    usmanov is a manc. its bad enough we already have silvestre (although i can quite clearly see the positives in him being at arsenal).
    trust arsenal’s current board. they care more about arsenal than you do after all

  106. HighbuyJD says:

    great to see the vast majority of gooners rightly revile the nonsense in this blog. to the few who back him – its interesting you feel the need to slate most arsenal fans. Really, its time to consider your options. You hate most of the fans and you dont like the way the club is run….
    time to go elsewhere methinks

  107. Vingoon says:

    Can’t help thinking the author of this article has been nobbled by the DD / Usmanov camp.
    As a propaganda campaign tool, it wouldn’t surprise me if you were a puppet of the above two.
    Just can’t see a true gooner pushing this agenda.
    How much have they offered? Season tickets for life?
    Day out at the training camp for you and the family?

  108. Gulturf says:

    I am newboy on .Let’s gets acquainted!

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