Money`s Too Tight To Mention

Peter Hill Wood and Danny Fizman have both recently come out and said that money is available for the manager if he wishes to spend it?

On the other hand the manager has said that we need to sell in order to balance the book?

So who is telling the truth?

I feel Fizman and the board are just trying to distance themselves from wengers lack of spending policy,They’re covering their asses for when we end up trophyless once again, they can pin it on Wenger and be like “well we told him we’d give him the money if he needed it”.

Wenger has not come out and said that the board are wrong and that there is no money to spend.

If Fizman was telling porky pies then Wenger should have made a statement.If I was the manager and the board said something like that which is not true i would even think about leaving the club as a matter of principle.

Wenger has not done nothing so it must be true.

Money is available for the manger, But he didnt feel the need to spend it.

Was he right? If this season turns out as a success then this will be Wenger greatest achievement. But if it turns out to be yet anought trophyless season Wenger will have to take all the blame for it.

But then What is success for Arsenal?

It seems like the Arsenal manager and board are now just happy with Champions league qualification and a 3rd or 4th place finish.

Wenger has got us into this “Top 4” clubs without any major spending and now he believes that we are invincible and we will keep doing it every year.

I used to think that the season we beat Tottenham to 4th on the final day of the season was a great day for Arsenal Football club,turns out I may have been wrong.If we had missed out that season it would have been a major wake up call to everybody at the club from Wenger down to our Tea lady.He would have surely then realised that we are not the “Invincibles” we once were and we needed to bring in more quality players into the club.

TBH we lost one of our best players last season (Flamini) because of a couple of thousand quid in wages,he has not been remotely replaced for the upcoming campaign.

its simply a sad situation….

But lets all look on the bright side , Amaury Bischoff has said he will be back in 5-6 weeks

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8 Responses to Money`s Too Tight To Mention

  1. Erichero says:

    Wenger was quoted in … was it Telegraph? Hmm, was it The Guardian? No, it was a skanky paper called News of the World.

    You’re listening to the words right from the mouths of the directors, who are normally the most skimpy when it comes to funds.

    What does surprise me is that no one has realised that Rosicky also plays central. He does that well for Czech Republic and I think he’s going to have trouble dislodging Nasri out wide.

  2. A T says:

    FFS flamoney was worse than j hoyte last season(ws even at d verge of joinin bmham) b4 given a chance. Who says another player cant also do dat

  3. judith Le'Strange says:

    Perhaps there is money available, but Arsene Wenger felt that what we have is sufficient to get through and win trophies. However, as always happens we have some very injury prone players i.e. van Persie, Abu Diaby, Rosicky. Also the one player he has bought Silvestre is already injured so how long is he going to be out, you read in the press dates for when these players will be back, but I personally think we’ll be lucky to see Silvestre this side of 2008, as for Bischoff, he was injured before coming so what’s happening when we purchase duff players to start with? I for one would like an answer.

  4. Tron says:

    F**k me!

    Is this piss-poor impersonation of an Arsenal blog still going?

    I cannot believe any self respecting Gooner would bother reading this semi-literate, pre-pubescent load of boll*cks?

    Seriously, this is THE worst effin Arsenal site around, and thats saying something.

    Do one you clowns.

  5. gaya says:

    its taken you this long to realise the board hides behind Arsene and he as well will never complain about money but rather work with what he’s got.
    how come all of a sudden Flamini becomes a key player when 2 season’s ago he wasnt.
    what will you say if Diaby turns out to be great this season then we have issues with him over the coming summer.
    my point is that the players are good, and we either stickbythem and watch them grow or we dont

  6. Baby GUN says:

    I believe it is time for Arsenal to offer it’s shares for sale in order for the club to compete with the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manu for players.

    This club is too important for it to rely only on Wenger’s ability to buy young talent. The club needs to take a step forward by bringing an investor on board who will have the ability to provide the club with the necessary funds for the manager to spend to at least to keep it’s players. Traditions at Arsenal such as not selling to foreigners are racist and they will bring the club down in the present and the future.

    The Abu Dhabi group which bought man city had Arsenal as first choice but due to the club’s hostility towards buyers decided to go elsewhere. now Arsenal has one more team as competition.

  7. G00nerP says:

    Erichero – Rosicky in midfield? Only when playing in the whole behind a striker. Partnering Fabregas in the engine room? No.

  8. Erichero says:

    I can’t wait to see Bischoff in action – it would be a stunning twist if after all the slagging, he turned out to be the exact kind of player all the fans were looking for.

    Watch this space… (even if you have to watch for a while)

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