The Fruit of Our Patience Is Where? – A Disappointed Arsenal Fan

Three years ago, a promise was made to us. That our beloved Arsenal would rise from a disappointing season to go on to be a major European force. All through the vision of Arsene Wenger, who made sure our club had it’s morales and did not sink into the money crazed madness of modern football. As Arsenal fans, we were proud to support the club. We had barely finished above our mortal rivals, but we were optimistic to the point of blindness. The foundations had been set and development was crazy fast.

Three years on, we have seen the same team taken apart and another one put together. No sooner did that happen, when we lost several key members.

But still, the vast majority of us were optimistic. It wasn’t all Arsene’s fault, he had proven us all wrong and would learn from the few mistakes he made.

Now, three games into the season and a player short, I’m not going to have a break down but I’m going to question the direction we’re headed in.

Promises are made every season, yet we always seem to come short. Improvement was made last season, we were four points of the league. But being four points of the league is useless to us, we want to top the fucking thing.

Improvement was made to the squad, but then that was thrown into disarray, as we now currently lack the experienced steel and work rate required to win the league. The way I see it, we were one player away from Championship and Arsene blew it.

Yes, someone may grow into the void. Denilson or Diaby perhaps. But it will take time, even Cesc took a few months before he hit top form in 05/06. And Cesc had the luxury to look and learn from top quality players such as Vieira. Neither Denilson or Diaby had that luxury, and were thrown into the deep end almost immediately. We need experience in the center of the park, and neither Denilson or Diaby can offer that. The only way for them to get that, is to play. By the time they’re ready, it might be too late for our title challenge and it will be another season wasted for Arsenal fans.

Now, if we had a top quality midfielder, that would be different. There would experience, a presence for them to learn from. To slowly gain experience by stepping in when needed and slowly growing in stature to take over them one day. It’s the circle of development.

This all started in 05/06. Look at the difference between now and then. Half the squad has moved on. What is the point in laying concrete foundations if you’re going to break it down later and replace it with wood.

It frustrates me to the extreme. I can’t see the club moving forward at the needed pace. The way I see it, it’s one step forwards, one step back.

Yes, we have improved this season, but so have United and Chelsea and to a larger extent.

I mean, since the so called “rebuilding” started, only Clichy, Cesc and Adebayor can be called successes. Kolo was already a top player then, we bought Gallas, Sagna, Rosicky and Nasri whilst Robin has failed to live up to his potential.

You can go on and on about what a great youth system we have, but in the end, all our players are considered investments. Why have we not seen any fruits been born by this youth development system.

Weren’t Pennant, Smith and Bentley all supposed to be the next big things? Wasn’t Senderos the new Tony Adams whilst Abou and Diarra were the new Vieira and Makelele? So why have we not won anything?

The way I see it, we need a present to have a future. Something to build upon, something to get our younger players hungy for the success of the generation before them. Let’s not kid ourselves, youngsters are hungry nowdays and will have, no doubt, grown up supporting Madrid, Juve, Milan or Barcelona. So if one of them comes in for one of younger players, they will join them, thus leaving us without one of “future stars” lowering the chances for a bright future.

Now, I’m about to make a few judgements. Educated guesses you could call them, but I ask everyone to remember that this is just my opinion and the way I see things.

If I don’t think Arsene is doing his job properly, it is my right as a supporter to be able to judge him. After all, what is football without judgement being passed. Essentially, you could say judgement is the core of Football. Whether it be player quality, opposition quality, whatever. You have to take the facts presented to you and make a judgement. You could be totally wrong, but you have to base your actions on the way you interpret things.

The way I see it, Arsene made us a promise that one quality player will be brought in before the deadline ends and has failed to do so. He has broken several promises and failed to reassure on numerous occasions in the past, all perhaps a little outside his control but this was not.

So you have to wonder, why? He had the money, even if we started the season with nothing, we should still have had enough money for one, decent defensive midfielder. I’m not asking for a 30m record breaker, I’m asking for a solid, reliable player.

He can’t say there was a lack of targets. He himself said that there he had a list of over 200 players who wanted to join Arsenal. The law of averages state that there had to be at least a few players on that list who could’ve come in to do a job.

He can’t say it was a lack of time, he’s had since May.

People ask me who I would’ve bought. I can’t answer that. I’m not a manager who gets paid 75,000 a week and an International scouting system at my feet. But I could still come up with a few decent suggestions.

Fellani? Bought by Everton for 13m and was outstanding against Liverpool. A good, young player who could’ve made a difference.

De La Red? Experienced, proven international player who Madrid were willing to offload.

Albiol? We had a bid rejected for him earlier on in the season, slightly below the asking price.

No one at Arsenal quality? Bullshit. Thousands of players in the world, and United and Chelsea seem to make do just fine.

With no excuses available, it makes you wonder. Perhaps Arsene was simply bullshitting us from the start. Maybe he had no intention of signing anybody? In that case, I am severly dissapointed. It seems Arsene does not like being proven wrong and is treating the club as some sort of experiment. What’s worse, is the board is standing aside and letting him.

However, I do find it strange Arsene has not come out and talked about this. He’s usually either straight up with us, or comes out with some bullshit. Keeping his yapper shut is a new one. Perhaps he doesn’t want to face the wrath of the fans, or maybe there is more than meets the eye.

If it is the former, my respect for Arsene and confidence in him will take a dropping. I do not hate him, I think the doom mongers claiming the club is dead are just being silly. We should finish top three easily. Things could be worse.

All it leaves me is feeling cheated, frustrated and disappointed.

If he’s just being stubborn however, then it’s a bloody terrible thing to do to the fans who pay mad prices to fund his vision. He’s basically pissing in their face, by being refusing to put top class players in a top class stadium.

There’s one more point to discuss. The board and our manager’s seeming lack of balls. We’ve been under speculation and suffered the pressures as to whether our best players are leaving or not for the whole summer.

Why? Because Arsene did not have the balls do simply stamp out speculation and say straight out, like Sir Alex Ferguson did, that X player is not leaving.

Again, look at Ferguson. They did not want to sell Berbatov to them, but they got them anyway. The respective clubs of Hargreaves and Carrick did not want to sell but United got their players. So why could we not get Alonso?

No doubt there will be a majority who will curse me with every word under the blue moon, and tell me to go and support Chelsea. Why exactly? I should go support Chelsea because I do not want to see my club and fellow fans being lied to or cheated?

To end on a positive, I’d like to say that perhaps we should see how the season pans out. It does not look good, but it looked worse last season and we did not too badly.

But if a proper title challenge is not made, then I think it’s time to say our good byes to Arsene.

The Fabster

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73 Responses to The Fruit of Our Patience Is Where? – A Disappointed Arsenal Fan

  1. thegoonerforum says:

    Great post Fabio

  2. Joshua! says:

    Great post!! Absolute brilliant!!!! I’m signing up for The Gooner Forum just because of this post!!!! I luved it!!! I hope EVERYONE follows my example and signs up as well!! We can all be part of the greatness what is The Gooner Forum!! HALLELUJAH!! *clapS*

  3. JamJam says:

    I completely agree Fab

  4. Norseman says:

    its like avram grant getting fired after one season, cause he ONLY got 2nd place in both cl and pl. or like mourinho. arsenal is praised all over the world because they play the most beautiful football on the planet. but hey! we should totally sack wenger, cause we didnt get a supid cup the last 3 years. nvm the chills you get all over the body when you watch arsenal. no stinking cup. it seems that some twats think it more important to win the cup than to enjoy watching the game. you have strayed away from the right path. all you see is THE STINKING CUP. arsene is the best manager ever to bless football with his presence and bad luck has stolen the cups from us the last 3seasons. shame on all you besserwissers!

  5. petros says:

    we’re all frustrated.. but firstly if wenger was to go, who would be a better replacement? secondly, signing a player isnt as simple as click and offer contract like football manager. theres a hell of a lot of negotiations, and since dein’s departure wenger has to do that as well as be a day to day manager.. the blame is not solely wenger’s, people need to think about that

  6. Juan Nil says:

    Sooo, you’ve waited 3 long years and still no title… you feel cheated, frustrated and disappointed. Poor chap.

    Of course you have every right to express your dismay at what you perceive as Arsene’s lack of balls. Just as I have every right to point out that you are the very definition of a fair-weather “fan”.

  7. irish gooner says:

    if arsene bought diaby on monday night would use be happy? everybody knows wenger has wanted diaby to play in the middle for a long time. he is clearly the answer given time. just like a new signing would. is there any other manager in the world who could challenge on wengers budget.

  8. Norseman says:

    “buhuuuu wenger lied, buhuuuu wenger cheated on me!” what a crybaby. im getting the impression that “some” think that wenger is part of some conspiracy to bring arsenal down in the gutter. it must be part truth though. 1. he refuses to spend obscene amount of money for a midfielder that MIGHT be better that the choices he has. (let me remind you that our present ones do not suck) 2. they play offensive fun-to-watch football. obviously to make us lose without us knowing it is on purpose. 3. we dont have a massive debt piling on our asses!!! HOLY CRAP. thats the evidence! he is bringing us into ruin!!!

  9. Danish Gooner says:

    United get their players because they pay over the odds something Wenger will never do.He could even have had Rooney but somewhat misguided believed Reyes was the better player……….big mistake.

  10. toure tribe underboss says:

    i didnt even read the post,but the fruit of our patience is inside the number 4 shirt,theres another one named clichy , another named wilshere ,they are still growing, yes we should have added to the squad but the players werent available unless u pay bentley money for a ford escort! our patience will be repaid ,arsenal will be the first self funded superclub when all the thiefs and murderers get board of rbillionaire chess ,thats wengers legacy ,hopefully the next manager ,the first afc money bags wont fuck all the good work up! dont be a fan for a week ,a fan for life ,were here for the war not a battle ,you dont throw all your reasources into one season! arsenal fans should take a good look at leeds united! if we spend 70mill panic stations the billions will spend 120 mill! we just gotta cruise this storm ,and when the premier league turns into serie A ,deadbeat every club broke ,all the rich men packed up and on their boats elsewhere arsenal FC will rise up like jesus christ money in the bank and lead the way yet again, arsenal is england and england will forever be arsenal!

  11. thevanster says:

    Mate, Fair dos if that’s what you think. I’m not really in the Wenger out section. I’m caught somewhere in the middle. But 4 seasons without trophies is enough I think. Arsenal have set a standard

    I realize it’s not all Arsene’s fault, I even wrote a blog about why everything is not arsene’s fault a while back.

    I’m hoping in this post, you can see both the pros and cons of Arsene Wenger and perhaps give our current situation a bit more reflection rather than ask for a straight out sacking or defend him blindly.

  12. toure tribe underboss says:

    de la red?? felani ? why pay millions for a player if you still have to teach him the arsenal way? only a certain player can play our game,its an 11man game,if one player dont do exactly wat is required in team mode the whole system fails!

  13. Steve says:

    What a joke. Is Felliani really 13m better than the players we have here? Is Albiol who finished 13th with Valencia and looked out of his depth when playing for Spain better than Senderos or Djourou? De La Red was never going to join us – Real rate him and think of him as a long term replacement for Guti.

    Chelsea and United seem to make fine because they overspend. Their bench costs more than our entire squad, maybe more now that 7 subs are allowed.

    Wenger repeated time and again Adebayor wasnt leaving. He didnt. He seemed ambivalent about Hleb, helpless with Flamini and gracious towards Gilberto. None of those who left I would categorise as our ‘best’ players. First teamers yes, but easily replaceable. Nasri already looks better than Hleb. Diaby and Denilson need chances to establish themselves as Flamini’s replacement.

    Anyone who knows anything about Arsenal and our recruiting system knows that we are ridiculously thorough. Arsene will even disguise himself to watch targets train. So dont give me this shit about getting players who could play for Arsenal, in terms of technique, physique and mental strength (intelligence and ability to adapt to a foreign country) and most important of all affordability, there AREN’T that many players who could play for us.

    Arsene tried his best to bring in Alonso but if Liverpool dont sell what can you do? If Inler and Senna want to stay you cant make them move. If Diarra REFUSES to play for The Arsenal, get rid of him. If Flamini wants more money and UEFA Cup let him go.

    I was disappointed with our lack of activity but I think its outrageous to suddenly write us off in the manner you have when our three title challengers looked as fragile as we did against Fulham, on a weekend where we played vintage Wengerball.

    Questioning the Greatest manager we have ever had just because Billionaire run clubs splash the cash is not only absurd but painfully short sighted. What’s the point of putting together a dream team for 500m and winning the title? I would rather support a club that rarely wins the title but NEEDS my support than follow a team that doesn’t need fans. Do you think City or Chelsea NEED their supporters? All they will do if gates fall is to invst in more players to attract the casual, glory hunting fans.

    Supporting a football team is for life and the wins that come through adversity are the ones that you cherish the most. Do you think United fans can really differentiate between title wins in 2000 and 2001? Or 96 and 97? Or Liverpool fans in the 70s and 80s? Our wins have all been unique, in unique circumstances that make it memorable.

    I would not trade memories of 89, 91, 93, 94, 98, 02 and 04 for anything. I support The Arsenal through thick and thin, support the manager and that’s all there is to it.

  14. toure tribe underboss says:

    its 4 seasons in which chelsea spent 300 mill,and man utd spent 200 mill, and liverpool the only club who at this position who we can compete with spent 200 mill, how could we compete?? stay at highbury for short term success is the only way how,liverpool invested in the team now they can not really get the stadium money,they have to lie in the debt bed for years and years especially if they build,if they dont build they will financially be left behind in ten years,wenger & co are planning arsenals future not for now,but 10 years beyond now,their are sacrificing right now so in ten years we can roll out the millions! if you was a fan and you planned on paying to follow arsenal for life you would understand this!

  15. toure tribe underboss says:

    chelsea as a club turn over about 180 mill a year,but their out goings are 260 mill,so every year abramovich opens his cheque book gladly he knows boom ,money in the bank,another 80 mill on the chelsea tab,il ask for that back oneday! this is what is not realised,no one invests personal cash into arsenal,we have to be careful,no one throws money away or gives it away for free,u think these men just want to spend money ????? for the sake of it??? wake up people, they are like banks giving out LOANS!

  16. toure tribe underboss says:

    stop listening to these blog writers ,they dont even research what they talk about,they read the sun,start wondering why manure and chelsea spend all this money,they dont even know the damn ins and outs,they hang off the cocks of players,they dont know nothing about the club,its the club we support not just the team,who wants to see arsenal broke and begging teams to take players off us for nothing just to cover the wage bill?? thats wat happens wen u spend to chase teams like manure ! 1 billion in debt,does no one realise manures debt is secured against future ticket sales?? like leeds, if manure stop winning they are in huge trouble ,and sooner or later the bank is gonna ask for repayments so they are in shyt anyway! let us pay off our nice stadium and then were on the road! and no dont listen to wenger 24 mill a year for 17 years, he’s saying that to give these blog knobs a story!

  17. toure tribe underboss says:

    id rather sacrifice the next 3 or 4 years and then be followin a wealthy club for the next 40 years till i die, people need to realise ,were well respected,but were not a huge club, were no man utd, weve never had a plane crash, were no liverpool 5 euro cups, were no madrid, were more west ham until we make these financial steps! be patient or leave,go look for greener grass because arsenal is run by the wise and if u disagree i fear for ur health!

  18. Amrik says:

    Great article, ur spot on in most cases but ur last sentence annoys me a lot. I’ve jus read a horrible article from a gooner fan on which i found on news now calling for wengers head, which subsequently p*d me off! I myself have a few times questioned him when i’ve been disillusioned for a few moments, but you just have to get over certain promises wenger has failed to keep because he’s given us so much to us as fans (certain ones have become spoilt) and even more to the world of football! You only have to go back and look at the size of success wenger has brought to arsenal football club and you’ll realise that he’s the first since the legend Herbert Chapman had arsenal dominating the 1930’s. George Graham is the only other manager in my short 22yr old memory that i can remember and he didnt do too bad now did he?!??!!? the fact is his time came becuase of his dodgy transfer decisions and our position in the league 12th place or somehting in 95 (i cant remember exactly). Look at what ferguson has achieved in his 22 years and compare his first 10 to wengers, not too dissimillar i’d say! Look what nottingham forest did clough just as soon as they didnt win anything and look where they are now. so I conclude that only in the aftermath willl we truly realise what we have lost if wenger goes hence i suggest all fans stop calling for his head we if we still want to be building a legacy that will be read about by arsenal fans in the future because the 3 or so years without a trophy that have gone by are such a short period of time!

  19. gooner paul says:

    Oh do please fuck off and buy yerselves Man. City shirts. This blog is so patently a choir singing a well-scripted song; every other gooner blog or message board has its “Wengerout” muppets but they are a minority, yet here the whole debate appears to be the work of one hand (or keyboard). A fool may believe that you represent the voice of Arsenal fans but a real Gooner knows that money cannot buy lasting success, nor can it buy class. Mr. Usmanov, your taxi is here…

  20. gooner paul says:

    Joshua: Keep sipping the Kool Aid mate.

  21. hairy bottle says:

    one of the worst post i’ve read recently but u are entitled to your own opinion. my advise is pls support another club and ask yourself what have u done for Arensal ?

  22. toure tribe underboss says:

    heyjust to let u know my slagging off of blog writers wasnt necisarily aimed at any blog writers inparticular, but there are a lot of bad blog writers,half of them would get satisfaction out of a season of failure just so theyd have something to write about ,but if we done the treble none of them would step up and offer to kiss the hand and ask for the forgiveness of the dark lord wenger

  23. toure tribe underboss says:

    nor was it aimed at the gentleman who wrote this blog,even tho i didnt read it,his write ups are usually decent ,but the title opened up a tin of worms!

  24. toure tribe underboss says:

    i just read it,when wenger said he had 200 players willing to join arsenal i think those werent arsenal class,quality players are tracked,they dont go begging around ! those were agents letting arsenal know their clients were available,but why would good players be avaialable? (matt flamini?)

  25. andrew says:

    well said norseman. these idiots are not real fans, they are gloryhunters. Because of Arsene Wenger i have witnessed some of the most ecstatically beautiful moments of pure football poetry which emerged from long and careful planning, meticulous attention to detail and all with very limited resources compared to our major rivals. That’s worth more than all the cups in the world and it’s what i’ll be telling my grandkids about… this is essentially the divide between those who see football as a competition/business and those who see it as art. i know which side i’m sticking with…

  26. toure tribe underboss says:

    amrik george graham was alrite but in the last few years of his reign half the team was an addict,the football was worse than liverpools,meaning we won cups but were so bad in the league,finishing below spurs and one year george was in the paper talking about junkie paul merson will return and save the team from being near the relagtion zone! arsene is entertaining us on a small budget compared to his rivals,if chelsea or man ure decide to spend big money how can we compete?? seriously someone tell me what happens if we spent 70 mill and chelsea spent 100 mill ? it would have meant they owe romam but it would have meant were still behind an probably ruined,and still gettin ripped up on the blogs!

  27. I dig up old spuds says:

    Football is not about playing the beautiful game. Fuck that old spud Nicklson or whatever his name was for coming out with that bullshit years ago. Football is about winning. It does not matter how you win as long as you win. If you do not win, no amount of beautiful football can disguise the fact that you are a loser. Wenger has been a loser for 3 or 4 years now. This is a fact that cannot be hidden. Wenger and his team must win a Cup this season or Wenger status will be no more…

  28. Andre 2000 says:

    What absolute nonsense?! Arsenal are vying for trophies every year.

    All this crap is based on the opinion one player MIGHT make a difference. At least wait and see how our next 3 away games go before you spew forth such negative tripe.

    On our last ACTUAL performance we looked the best side going round.

  29. asdfghjkll; says:

    to tell u the truth, i dont think our current squad is that bad. i mean, we could have been a lot stronger if AW would of added a DM, but he dint. so i lets just forgett about that and get behind the team. i think the squad is strong enough to challenge for major trophies. So im not really that angry with wenger. but i can understand why u and so many arsenal fans are.

  30. thevanster says:

    Oh dear….

    Admittedly, the title is slightly controversial. But please read before judging.

    I have not slagged Wenger off, I have questioned some of his decisions but that is all. If you cannot take someone, over the net, wondering whether Arsene has made a right move or not then I’d worry.

    I’m a big fan of Arsene’s, and would not trade in any of the memories he’s given us. But I’m a realist as well, and that’s just the way I am. We’ve gone trophyless for 3 seasons and it looks set for a fourth. I love Wenger but I love Arsenal more, and I want to see us win trophies.

    We’re not the only team who play attractive football.

    If that is not the case, I will gladly kiss Wenger’s feet the next time I see him.

    You all claim that I only focus on the negative, but a lot of you have skimmed over one of the biggest talking points in my post. The reason why Arsene did not sign a midfielder, after he had promised.

  31. toure tribe underboss says:

    im sick of hearing the flamini talk,everyone knows arsenal tried to sell him to birmingham a yyear ago,and also most people knew he would see out his contract and leave the minute he was dropped from the champs league final, why do people keep pointing fingers at that situation, flamini just run round like a headless chicken,made 2 good tackles and copied gilberto (with younger legs) where we get all this we need a super hardman or gareth barry talk from i dont know,from the same people who said matt flamini is god?? dear oh dear! flamini couldnt polish boots for a proper midfielder, old man gattuso legs for 60 minutes still runs the milan team, little knob head plays righ back, he was a mong,were better off without ,but we sold the insurance policies gilberto and diarra,that bit i dont understand,especially diarra!

  32. toure tribe underboss says:

    vanster,with a title like that,as a true gooner i cant take the negativity of another blog ripping the bollox out of the club,it was too risky to read! the title may have mislead but u can forgive another man for thinking it could be one of them evil afc elm street blogs!

  33. toure tribe underboss says:

    imagine if arsene done a keegan,we’d be fucked, the whole squad would pretty much walk ,even ade would take a pay cut ! the new manager would need probably 100 mill o plug the gaps! i think id cry in public,maybe even on sky sports centre! and all the arsene haters well they would soon be hailing him as king kev style!

  34. thevanster says:

    You all claim that Arsenal’s policy on long term money is the best, and I’m not arguing with that.

    But one singly, solid fact is that this has been his plan for three years and he has produced no trophies.

    Even the football has been on the low side. It’s picked up recently but 06/07 was one of the most frustrating seasons I’ve ever seen. What’s pretty football without goals. We can’t call it good football without a good ending.

    But would it not be easier to generate funds if we were to win the league.

    If we don’t win now, then our current young players will leave and we’re back to square one. That’s the point I was making.

  35. toure tribe underboss says:

    vanster,i think he had a midfield target,veloso , veloso was willing to move but out of loyalty he signed a new contract so his club could get a good price,the deal was meet the price agreed between himself and his club and the only way to justify it was with a lengthy contract ,veloso with one or two years on his contract maybe 12 mill tops,but with 5 years you looking maybe 18 mill, and he signed the contract recently and was still being advertised by his agent!

  36. thevanster says:

    I suppose so Toure, but in regards to the Keegan thing, there is a big difference between us and Newcastle.

    We’re not firing managers left, right and center. I’m talking about a manager who has not won us anything in 3 years. Yes, the past does need to be taken into account, which is why he’s had four years.

    People say who would replace Arsene. Who knew who arsene was before he joined us?

    I’m not saying that’s what should be done, but it would not be the end of the world. The way football is today, we can’t afford to be sentimental.

  37. toure tribe underboss says:

    a few less injurys and typical mistakes and we’d be champions ,the players cost arsene the title with some real clangers last season vanster , some clubs have won nothing for 30 years and have the same means and budget as us! at least were building something,they are all cryin about the big 4 but they forget were operating like one of them below the top 4!

  38. 40YearGooner says:

    I have become very very tired of the Arsene Knows brigade! Many fans these days dare not even think about making judgement on whats happening to OUR club…I support Arsenal the Club, NOT Arsene! Yes he has been a great manager and I am not saying sack him…but something has got to change. We are falling behind year after year on our rivals…yep we played above ourselves last year, and yes close with only 4 points behind, but those 4 points behind won us nothing! Tired of this experiment with youth….we need a mix of youth and experience if we are to win things its that simple.
    Its our money we put into the club, Arsene is paid with our money too.
    Footbal is changing and as nice as it is saying we are different, it cannot stay this way, we as a club have to move on too.
    Arsene proving a point for himself is no longer acceptable.
    Doing things on the cheap makes us look cheap, when we
    were promised we would be up there as one of the top clubs in the world.
    I have been supporting the club for 40 years, I am no plastic fan just because I dare to say something is wrong so dont even go there!
    Its OUR club and OUR money, so about time OUR wishes were taken into account and promises were kept.
    No its not the end of the world, this season I hope we will still do ok…but honestly cannot see us winning anything again with the lack of experience in the squad.

  39. petros says:

    as with what i said before i dont think wenger is completly to blame, seeing the previous article defending him shows a balanced view.. i agree some things havent gone the way we hoped, i just think if too many fans asking for wengers head and he walks we will be in real trouble. we will lose our best players who are there only because he is, and with the likes man city and chelsky spending silly money, what would we have to offer?

  40. James says:

    plastic fan for plastic times

  41. toure tribe underboss says:

    do you think fergusson would have sacrificed as wenger did by putting up a wage cap?? so they could fund a stadium?? when afc needed money and looked at the training ground to see which player could pay off the travis perkins bill and wenger pointed at vieira instead of 3 young up an comers,do u think fergie would have stood for that?? guys like fergie have no conscience,if he quit and man utd went into administration next we’d fergie would hold up his cv , if wenger was in that spot he would feel ashamed! wenger loves arsenal ,he is not on a personal voyage,he could have gone to madrid and bought any player he wanted years ago instead of have no money and risk his own reputation!

  42. thevanster says:

    Yes, but that again is my point. We build something, only to have it broken down again.

    Toure, you should consider joining the forum. you Sound like a sound bloke and would make the debating a lot easier.

    I’m hitting the hay as it is.

  43. toure tribe underboss says:

    il join the forum!

  44. Mohd Hisham says:

    this is a well written article. aw has been calling for patience all the time. He has no one to blame with his emphasis on youthful potential instead of buying the ready made players.Both have positive and negative traits.
    however if the young gunners fail to make an impression this coming season you have been told .
    on the other hand I’m hoping the young gunners can really get going and AW will prove allhis critics wrong. It looks an uphill task with the other teams spending enormous sums of money.
    let’s hope he doesn’t make the same mistake like last season when his refusal to strengthen last caused Arsenal
    so dearly.

  45. toure tribe underboss says:

    im gonna join the gooner forum and read the afc bible to all those who will listen! promote the friendly giant which is afc ! a club for the kids , a club for the community!

  46. toure tribe underboss says:

    so u support arsenal not arsene? well your not too bright,show me wgich manager in world football could make a team to compete with chealse and man utd on half the budget??? 40 year old gooner! NONE! arsene built the emirates,dein said the team…short term man was our dave , …hill wood said lets secure the future and so arsene built us a stadium! arsene is our very own oil ,priceless!

  47. Kenan says:

    It’s Wenger’s integrity to our players that stopped him from buying new players this transfer window. We should respect that his loyal to our players. Would you rather a manager that signs young players with promises of rapid development in the first over a 3-4 plan and sticks to that plan or a manager that changes his mind. If he did that he would lose the trust and respect of the younger players. That could distrupt team harmony and harm the clubs reputation for developing the best young talent in the world. The plan we have adopted due to the development of our world class stadium has to be stuck to. We might not win the league this season or even next. But in the long term this plan will win Arsenal the Champions League in spectalor fashion and turn us into an even bigger club. Arsenal need to get to win the Champions League. Realistically we are not going to do it competing with the likes of Chlelsea, Man Utd. We all know that and if we don’t we should. Wenger’s approach is to gel a unique young team of super talents from across the world. And it’s working too!!! So far we have:-

    Cesc Fabreagas
    Samir Nasri
    Van Persie
    Carlos Vela

    All the above are either world class or are going to be world class. We all know how good the above are on their day. The scary part is everyone of those players are aruagly the best players in their national teams. So in theory in 2 years time we could have the best players from

    Czech Republic

    Added to those players the next great of very good players the next level down but playing consistently well.


    Now there’s no doubt the squad could have done with 1 more established player but with the likes of


    all with the potential to become something special you have to give them a chance. Especially if you signed the giving the players the promise of playing. Arsenal is and always will be a club with integrity and that’s something I am proud of. It’s part of the reason we I don’t support a take over bid!

  48. Ramsri says:

    a fucking men, fabster

  49. Mark says:

    THERE IS NO MONEY. Do you still believe the lies of the board? Like the 70m? Fiszman lies. And you fall for it.

  50. It is a stupid judgement. I bet that Arsenal will do better this time around and win someting. Who was Flamini two season ago? He was stepped up last season and the he quit. Let it be. Because I believe Denilson and Song will do the job better. They will step up this year. Forget about the game against Fulham bcoz Denilson was too nervous. This is the season he realised that a big role is on his shoulder. Believe me after a few more games you would praise him like hell and singing his name. Take my words bcoz I have the tomorrow’s newspaper on my table.

  51. A says:

    The fact that we act diferently from the likes of chelsea and utd is something the embodies arsenal football club. We are a club of great principles and ethics, the only club who have remained competing at the top without selling out. The way that Utd and Chelsea act regarding transfers is utterly deplorable, and I’d be devastated if we acted in such a way, regardless of whether we got Xabi Alonso out of it.

    Three years ago we started building a new team, that team has improved step by step every season, and very nearly won the Premiership last season. If the progress continues this season then we will win the title.

    It is debatable either way whether the squad this year is stronger or weaker than last season. Flamini and Hleb have left as first team players, Nasri and Denilson have replaced them. In my opinion Denilson is leagues above Flamini in terms of talent, and wouldnt’ve been behind him at the start of last season if it wasn’t for injuries. He’ll prove to be the “most improved” player of the year and show what a top player he is. Nasri for Hleb is questionable, just because of the fact that Hleb was completely settled, and Nasri will take time to adapt. The telling times will be in matches away at places like Fulham, rather than at the Emirates, but hopefully he won’t have to do that without Cesc again. Nasri also looks likely to score more goals. Overall in terms of those two out those two in I’d say its net even. In terms of the squad we’ve lost Lehmann, and Gilberto, both big losses in terms of experience. However, if one thought of the squad mathematically, we should be much much stronger this season. Clichy, Sagna, Cesc, Theo, Bendtner should all have stepped up another level in their development, all being young, VP and Rosicky are actually fit or have found and solved the reason for injury problems. and Kolo will be playing without the ANC interrupting his season. Vela is also a fantastic addition to the squad. Considering all this, and the fact we only just failed to win the title last year, things are actually looking pretty rosy

  52. Jezzman says:

    In today’s football market Arsenal stand out head and shoulders above all other ‘top’ clubs as having morals, integrity and treating the game with respect. Wenger proved last year that with shrewd investment you can build a team that can challenge for honours on a budget that is a fraction of what others feel the need to spend. I for one applaud that stance and am happy with the way Wenger does things. He has a vision, his team plays with style. Players move on and new players come in who continue to play stunning football. We were 4 points off the top last season. Maybe we could have made up those 4 points with a signing or two or maybe the team wouldn’t have developed so well.
    I love Arsenal winning trophies but i also love the stance Arsenal make. If we can win the league in the next few years with the current policy it will be a massive boost to football and two fingers up to the billionaires who are in the process of ruining football by turning it into a monopoly game.

  53. Ranju Rahman says:

    What would you say if Wenger did spend that £30 million on one player and we still finished third? Wenger is only one of four managers to have won the Premier League & he’s done it more than once. The days when fans from opposition teams sang boring, boring Arsenal are gone. He’s knows a little bit more about what it takes to create a winning team than you do. Arsenal’s current players are good enough to win the Premiership and Arsenal have the best manager in the Premiership. Are you worried that Robinho signed for Man City? He played for a Real Madrid that was torn apart by Arsenal in the Bernabau a couple of seasons ago. Berbatov, well need I say more. Played against us three times last season and ended in the winning team in the game that mattered the least. All sounds like money well spent by the Manchester clubs!

  54. Charlie says:

    You are the one lacking BALLS. Instead of Arsene, you should be the one resigning. Call yourself a GOONER. Absolute Disgrace. GO to one of the steroid driven club and be their good time fan.
    All the transfers you quote are from tabloids. You believe in them!!!!! Seriously you should have your brains examine.

  55. Moray says:

    I must admit, As an Arsenal fan, I do feel torn between the two camps. I feel a bit like the guy who asked out the fat girl through sympathy for her and watched all the good looking ones end up with my friends in the meantime. i.e. Gutted but standing on the moral high ground. Such is the life of a gooner, I guess. Let’s just hope this new money leaves football as quickly as it entered and those clubs who sold out are left with their dicks in their hands and no pot to piss in…

  56. Joseph says:

    Man city, Robinho, Ashley and fans that do an Ashley. What’s a depressing way to start a day.

  57. besor says:

    wenger is totally hopeless in transfer market. the berbatov transfer prove it all. spuds made 20 mil profit from the sale that should be ours. reason? because previously, wenger was so stubborn to accept b. leverkusen valuation of berbatov of 11 mil while wenger wont budge on his estimation of 8 mil. spuds snap him up and now, we all wonder where the spuds gets their transfer money from..

  58. Utk says:

    Oh keep quiet it shows u are not an Arsenal Supporter but a stupid lunaic who just doesnt have any patience in life, 3 years ago blah blah blah…… Been playing to much of football manager,Diaby is bad blah blah blah he is getting his change now give him a break…… Everything u write is so negative and downright trash i suggest start supporting Chelsea……

  59. Baptista says:

    Yeah what a bastard that Wenger chap is. Let’s go back to the days of George Graham and a boozy gambling team. Screw Arsene, let’s get Allardyce in!

  60. TT says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the gayness…

  61. Sinbad says:


  62. Stuart says:

    I understand the disappointment of some fans, but not their vitriol against Arsene and the club. When did Arsene “promise” to bring in a “quality” player? If someone can find the quote where he uses the word “promise”, I’ll be surprised because as a cautious man I just can’t imagine him using it. And when, exactly, did he lie? C’mon, haters, point out the lie. Bet you can’t. You’re taking such an uncharitable view of the club and its manager that I’m surprised you can call yourselves fans.

  63. velatime says:

    this is the biggest crybaby forum ever!

    We’re all dissappointed, but grow up and support the team, if we dont have an injury crisis like last year, i have full faith that we’ll do it this year… Arsene messed up by not signing anyone this transfer window, but we still have January… none of your bitching and moaning will fix that…

  64. GOONA says:

    If we really have the money and we haven’t signed the players we need because we’re a mill’ or two short of what clubs are asking for then i’m afraid our beloved leader has sadly become a bank manager and no longer i’m afraid a football manager.

  65. drew10 says:

    This subject is pointless. Why would it take any longer for Diaby to gel in midfield with Cesc than any of the targets we were supposed to bring in. They have been playing together for over 3 years now.

    I understand the frustration at not bringing in a new signing, but I sincerely doubt Berbac*nt will be the great player Manure want him to be, I suspect another Veron here!

    It is time now to stop licking our wounds and wallowing in self pity and be thankful for what we have, there are still very few fans who get to watch their team play like we did against Newcastle. So let’s get behind everyone that dons the great shirt, stop getting on their and Arsene’s back and be true supporters. Together we can all still have a great season.

  66. gemechis says:

    well done FAB. AW has to use his chances or give it awa for someone who can. The board, that is as greedy as the manager is enjoying the available income that comes from the partcipation in champions’ league and television sales. They don’t seem interseted in changes, they are relaxed and eating up what comes in to death. wake up invest and gain more for your ”needs” and ours

  67. Geoff Strong says:

    Not won anything in 3 years ? What is there to win…..
    1. Premier League
    2. Champions League
    3. Qualifying for Champions League
    4. FA Cup
    5. League Cup

    Do people really want to swap with Pompey and the Spuds just to put a 4th or 5th rate trophy in the cabinet. Would they swap with us ? Of course they bl**dy would.

  68. Microraptor says:

    Can I buy your season ticket for my mate, as you clearly don’t want to go to Arsenal anymore.

    Or perhaps you will keep going if that Central Asian Oligarch moves in with all his filthy money and we can end up like Chelsea, or Man City or Man U or Liverpool… an endebted plaything for a dubious billionaire.


  69. rexes says:

    If you wanted Arsenal to be in the place of another English club.Plz name the club.

  70. Norseman says:

    if he signed appiah for free, would that be too cheap? and maybe he knew he could get appiah. dunno thou, i thats gonna happen.

  71. Ranju Rahman says:

    Charlie, I was being sarcastic. The Manchester clubs signings are pretty crap! I still remember when Man U spent £30 million on Juan Sebastian Veron. What a great defensive midfilder he turned out to be. In AW we trust!

  72. […] The Fruit of Our Patience Is Where? – A Disappointed Arsenal Fan Three years ago, a promise was made to us. That our beloved Arsenal would rise from a disappointing season to go on to […] […]

  73. marcus says:

    Arsene hasnt a clue. Hes a rubish manager who has to be sacked. Hes destroying our club and laughing about how hes conned the supporters into supporting him. Go back to portugal Wenger

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