Rambo awaits the Arsenal fans in Turkey

This is Fenerbahce fan Rambo.

A few years ago he did something a litte bit crazy for his love of the football team. Now he gets free entrie into the games and is worshipped by all Fenerbahce fans.

In 1996 Graeme Sounness decided to take a nice cushty little job in Turkey, as head coach of Galatasaray, and upon beating local rivals Fenerbahce in his first derby at their Sukru Saracoglu ground he did something a touch stupid. He failed to realise just how much the fans of these two clubs hate each other, and thought that simply putting an enormous Galatasaray flag in the middle of the Fenerbahce pitch to celebrate would go down well.

Apparently the Fenerbahce fans didn’t quite see the funny side of it, and instead saw it as a declaration of war. Sounness had to be escorted off quickly by armed police, and a full-scale riot ensued in the stadium as Fenebahce fans hurled themselves at the wire meshing separating them from the baying Galatasaray fans. To this day, Sounness basically cannot set foot in Turkey for fear of getting shanked by a Fenerbahce fan.

The great thing about proper hardcore football rivalries though is that no-one ever forgets, no matter how long it’s been since you were insulted. The Fenerbahce firm, charmingly known as Kill For You, waited two full years for proper revenge for this slight on their pride. At the first game of the new season, an intrepid fan nicknamed Rambo ran onto the pitch in Galatasaray’s Ali Sami Yen Stadium at kick-off, brandishing only a kebab knife and a Fenerbahce flag. He planted the flag in front of 30,000 screaming Galatasaray fans, and then used the knife to keep players and security from removing it for several minutes. You can see the closing moments of this stand here

The Galatasaray stadium security manager told the press the full details though of this incredible show of bravado: “We got information from the police that Okan Guler, nicknamed Rambo Okan, entered the stadium one night before the game. He slept in the stadium inside the advertising boards and just before the game started he cut off the ad board with his knife and got out.” For my money, this guy is an absolute hero. Can you just imagine having the level of commitment required to dwell for two years plotting the perfect middle finger, not to mention actually carrying it through and staying entombed in an ad board for probably the best part of 12 hours?

Here then is the infamous Rambo. Now my Turkish is a little bit rusty but I’m pretty he’s saying something to the effect of “Galatasaray have a shit ground and no fans.” Obviously being part of a firm called Kill For You signals some serious intent, but this guy genuinely bleeds yellow and blue according to our source in Instanbul.

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12 Responses to Rambo awaits the Arsenal fans in Turkey

  1. J.Sanderson says:


    Mad Man!

  2. Reg Pubes says:

    It’s not Rambo – It’s Derek Smalls, Spinal Tap’s most famous drummer !!

  3. Fabo says:

    What the hell I’m glad I won’t be going to Turkey. I love Arsenal but I love me more.

  4. James says:

    Rambo? Retard more like.

  5. Clacko the Gooner says:

    Have to admire the determination there. What a fukin nut job. So whos gonna plant the Arsenal flag after we beat them then? Bagsy not me!!!!!

  6. islingtongoon says:

    i’ll do it!
    (i hope you know thats a joke ha ha)

  7. Nick e says:

    respect to rambo…….the cops were a bunch of wankers for dragging him out like that, he’s obvoiusly got more balls than the lot of them. What they should’ve done is let him “walk” off the pitch with them and then arrest him, that way no harm is done and the Fener fans would not have been so pissed off!!

  8. Gooner DK says:

    I dont usually type comments, but your magnificent article deserves it.

    That guy is an absolute nutter and bearing the Leeds episode some years back, I too would have a second thought before watching the game in Turkey.
    That said I will admire who ever is going to hell to support our beloved team.

  9. Hackett says:

    He is a shitdog ….. probably got kebab for brains and stinks worse than a crack whore.

    Shame he not pull the trigger on the pistol at least there would be one less …..

  10. RG says:

    i dont think u can ever convience that guy that there are better clubs than Fenerbahce. he is the meaning of the word loyal fan or even better, Fenerbahce obsessed fan

  11. Ben says:

    What a fan he is!
    I’m a gooner goin to fenerbahce away. Put it this way i’m questioning my sanity, however i think we’l b alright as some ppl have said they care more about local rivals as opposed to european. Is that true? Also having spoken to a couple of turkish fenebahce fans on internet, they said we’ll be fine and treated well. So should be a erm wel an intereting experience. Haha

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