Arsenal spend just £1.25m this summer,Success at what price?

In the last transfer window this season over £500 million was spent on new talents.Arsenal spent just £1.25 million, The 2nd lowest in the league.

Arsenal Net Spending 2008
Amount Spent : £18.55m
Amount Received : £17.3m
Net Spending : + £1.25m

The NET Spending Table
Man City £55m
Aston Villa £40.3m
Sunderland £28.4m
Man Utd £24.95m
Stoke City £21.3m
Liverpool £18.25m
Fulham £17m
WBA £13.3m
Bolton £13m
Hull £7.75m
Everton £4.9m
Chelsea £4.2m
Wigan £4m
ARSENAL £1.25m
Middlesbrough £0.7m
– Portsmouth £1.3m
– Newcastle Utd £1.6m
– Blackburn Rovers £8.25m
– Tottenham – £10.05m
– West Ham – £14.5m

If you add the money we have received from the sell-on fee received from the David Bentley and Fabrice Muamba deals So in total for 2008 We are in profit + £8.25m,

Last season (2007) we made a NET profit of £21.3M

This is just player Sales profit, Plus we have loaned out a number of players and are saving money on wages.Plus the revenue made from tickets and merchandising. The clubs seem to be making a huge profit each year. But at what cost? Zero success on the playing field and nothing to show since 2005.

Great for the board members to be making money but what are the fans getting in return? Ticket prices going up, Good players sold on and not replaced.

I ask today what really matters to the fans? Success off the pitch in regards to making a profit?
Or Success on the pitch by winning titles?

Is spending £50m on new players worth the risk or is Wenger right to put the clubs first?

Time will tell?…..Whats your view?

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29 Responses to Arsenal spend just £1.25m this summer,Success at what price?

  1. Jack Frost says:

    I am sure you would do a much better job…… Not

  2. chris gatt says:

    Arsenal will buy 1 or 2 players in january

  3. Asmo says:

    Financial security for the future of the club…?

  4. The Chosen One says:

    I think Wenger was right not to spend, he had targets but for whatever reason was not able to sign them. We could have panic bought someone for silly money, but would that have won us the title?

    The two biggest moves of the summer (Berbatov and Robinho) both look extremely overpriced. What return will Utd get on a 27 year old they have spent over £30m on? Robinho’s loyalty will always be questionable, as well as his mental state. Would any gooner be happy to see Wenger spunking money like that on overrated players?

    We may not win the league this season, but look at our squad, if we can keep them together for another couple of years I genuinely think we will be a force to be reckoned with again. Four years without a trophy is a long time, but anyone who supported Arsenal pre Wenger knows what it is like to wait ages for a trophy, particularly the title. I still have faith in Wenger, he may not like to buy big, but he usually gets it right when he does sign someone, look at Nasri.

  5. Nathan says:

    This is getting ridiculous now… every single blog/website, saying we should spend this and we have this money.

    I would love us to win all trophies, but we have no God given right, 3 years without one is so much better than the rubbish we have had to put up with in the past.

    In those three years we we close to winning the Carling Cup, Champions League and Premier League.

    A manager is not just who can you buy, but how he organise the team, how they play, but most importantly how he coaches his players.

    Wenger has a proven track record of improving players, potentially this crop of players could be his best.
    It’s the bigger picture, not just looking at one season and spending for now. He could have done that when PV4 left, then you wouldn’t have Cesc being the player he is now, because there would have been a player in front of him.

    AW is the best thing for Arsenal Football Club!

  6. Arsenal Grouch says:

    Where did hull get all that cash from??

  7. singooner says:

    It is always wonderful to see young talent given an opportunity and always wonderful to see how they are groomed and come through their ranks. Football is a sport and we will need to win and win we nearly did last year if not because we were just a little unlucky with some key players hurt badly. Football is also a great entertainment sports and if you try and balance the books and balance the opportunities for the young, willing to take risk, entertainment value, as a business, and understanding that it is team work and not only individual flair and pay a fair balance wage structure then I think the AW approach is perfect. Bravo to LeBoss, he has done a great job and wonderful job as a coach, a businessman and a great believer in group effort and loyalty to the company and players.

  8. gav says:

    i think that arsene wenger is 2 tight with money yh maybe he likes producing players but we want a trophy not next season or the 1 after we want 1 now and i feel that we wont win anything this year because he didnt spend any decent money on a centre midfielder maybe i might be wrong but i very much doubt it unless we sign some class players in january itl be anova trophyless season

  9. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    another panic motivated post… yawn…

    What has happened at Arsenal over the past 10 years and indeed the trophy-free past 3 years has been absolutely extraordinary.

    I assure you… we do not want to be Yank owned like the Liverpools and United’s of this world, nor do we wish to have our club crippled with 100s of millions of debt.

    We also do not want to be owned as play-things for dubious oil barons.

    We are Arsenal. And our beautiful ground, our beautiful football, our super-young/talented/4 points from the league team will only do us proud.

    Why panic buy? Wenger will buy a midfielder in January giving Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Song, Ramsey, and Bischoff time to prove themselves with Cesc.

    Stop the moaning. We have plenty of depth. What would happen to United without Ronaldo? What would happen to Liverpool without Torres? That we so nearly won the league without our best striker RVP, our most direct midfielder ROSICKY and our one in two secret weapon Eduardo shows just how much depth the club actually has. Drop the equivalent from any of the other top 4 and you’ll see what I mean.

    That we had to “suffer” these past 3 seasons while we become the richest club on earth gives context to Liverpool being unable to even put a shovel into the ground for their new place and United having agreeing to terms with Ronaldo and AIG to ensure his sale next summer covers part of their next debt balloon payment.

  10. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    also… Arsenal don’t disclose terms of transfers… most of the above is highly speculative and tabloid driven.

  11. Harry Barracuda says:

    How are the board making money when they don’t take a dividend?

  12. Ken says:

    Arsenal actually have spent quite a lot of money this summer. For example, the transfer fee for Theo Walcott was to be paid in installments, based on appearances and success. Arsenal agreed earlier this summer with Southampton that a reduced overall fee would be paid immediately. Similarly with Cardiff for Aaron Ramsey.
    This all leaves Arsenal in a very strong position financially. I’d rather be an Arsenal fan with no debts than a Chelsea or Liverpool or United fan, with success based on debts so big that those clubs have to be at some risk, especially now that UEFA are talking about restricting entry to European competitions for teams who are using borrowed money to buy players. Look at what happened to Leeds.

  13. brdgunner says:

    Arsene for life.

  14. Dave says:

    who do you want us to buy?
    Reyes was expensive and a flop
    Baptista we really wanted, when we got him he was a flop

    Torres we just missed out on
    Yaya we just missed out on
    Ribery we just missed out on

    Should we have bought Shevchenko to a make you happy.
    If we had bought Torres last year Adebayour would have had limited chances who knows to what effect.
    Get a life you cannot buy great team look at Madrid and Barca.
    If our players perform we can get the double..

  15. thegoonerforum says:

    @ Dave

    We just missed out on Torres and Ribery and Ronaldo or did we show some interest and then walked away after we were told the price?

    Thats not just missed out on? We didnt even come close

  16. dangerousme47 says:

    its disturbing …. hope we win something(s) this season !!

  17. gazzap says:

    in the past I would have said its more important for us to be soundly financially managed, which wenger clearly does very well. But suddenly the goal posts have been moved. we could act responsibly for years and no matter how we act, we will find ourselves playing catch up to every team that gets itself a sugar daddy. wenger is valiantly swimming against the tide, and I feel the financial future and ownership of Arsenal is pretty murky which is a real shame after all these years of fantastic prudent management from both the board and wenger.
    as for whether our squad is good enough to win the title – I beleive we have just as much chance as united or chelsea. I would give us a genuine 1 in 4 chance but still that means there’s a 3 in 4 that we wont win. fans must not throw toys out of prams if we dont – its time to get behind the team.

  18. gunner4life says:

    Imagine what will happen if Chelsea don’t win trophy for 2 seasons, and Roman stop pumpng in money? They will become next Leeds immediately, and this can happen to any of the other top 4 clubs. Though I would like to see we win trophies all seasons, I would not want to risk us being potentially another Leeds.
    Even with so much money spent by Liverpool & Spurs in the past seasons, what happened to them?
    We are lucky to have a vision man like Arsene. I will not swap him with any other manager in the planet!

  19. Steve says:

    If you have a blog, at least get some facts right. There are loads of ill informed shits who have no idea how The Arsenal are run. The board dont get a penny because we don’t pay dividends. They only get money if they cash in a la Dein, but the majority of shareholders have signed a lockdown agreement NOT to sell. So how do the board make money? They presumably get increased salaries and bonuses but that is to be expected – our turnover has never been higher.

    We have the cash but Wenger hasnt found anyone that can fit into our style of play at a reasonable price. Senna, Inler didnt want to come. Alonso is cup tied for CL and anything over 15m would have been madness. People might say that is the going rate but just because players (average ones at that) are becoming more expensive it doesnt mean we HAVE to buy. There is another option – giving a chance to youngsters to establish themselves. Clichy, Toure, Cesc, RVP and Adebayor were given chances so why not Djourou, Song, Denilson and Diaby? We have only gone 3 years without a trophy…that is nothing to die hard supporters. I suppose if you want your club to buy big names you know that blue (whatever shade) is the colour for you.

  20. Mohd Hisham says:

    The decision is AW. He has to decide between playing pretty soccer and winning nothing or ugly soccer with prizes. If he wants to stick to his principles Arsenal will win nothing with him for the next ten years.

  21. Mark says:

    I cannot believe the idiocy of the fans who DEFEND the BOARD.

    Do you know they are mega rich? £200m+ each.

    So why do you care that they make more profits by not spending. ITS NOT COMING BACK TO CLUB. IT GOES IN THEIR ALREADY MEGA RICH POCKETS.

    Some fans are like gullible old ladies who want to be mugged.

  22. Sarumoh Gybolar says:

    i think you would have been better of at the STOCK EXCHANGE.

  23. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    Mohd Hisham Says:
    September 10, 2008 at 3:10 pm
    The decision is AW. He has to decide between playing pretty soccer and winning nothing or ugly soccer with prizes. If he wants to stick to his principles Arsenal will win nothing with him for the next ten years.

    you say that but its wenger ‘principles’ that have brought us this far- why doubt him now.

    Mark – some fans are also gulible that they believe that a rich investor will come in just to spunk his cash at making fans like you happy – talk about deluded!

    Rich investor are in it for the dough straight up – maybe our board is too, but they have shown more dedication to the cause than any so called rich investor.

  24. Mike says:

    @mark, the gullible one is you.

    Do you know anything at all about company finances?

    Read some of the other posts by people who do actually KNOW how it’s structured and where the money goes.

    The board CANNOT take money out in ANY other way than salaries, dividends or selling their shares.

    They do NOT take a dividend (they haven’t done so since the 80s), their salaries are published in the annual financials, and they are not excessive, so catch a wake up and stop talking rubbish.

  25. Jim says:

    Wenger changed his method of operating when the Russians came to Chelsea. He studied how deep their pockets were and decided that Youth development was our only way of competing in the long term. Even so we have done extremely well over the last 4 years. Did anyone notice how many Arsenal players were playing last night in England v Holland under 19’s. Five players of this quality coming through is very exciting when added to the existing squad plus the occasional purchase. We will then start winning things again and have enough money to pay off the stadium debt. Wenger wants to be able to retire and pass over a debt free club to his successor. At this stage Chelsea,United, Liverpool and Spurs will be banned from buying any more players and from playing in Europe until they are Debt free.

  26. useroz says:

    Every Arsenal shareholder, and especially those on the Board, benefited a great deal with the rising Arsenal share price over the last 8 to 10 years, It is therefore valid to suggest Board members have enriched themselves immensely (just look at DD) from Arsene’s prudent football cum business management with the results, new stadium, brand power, and all. When’s the fans turn?? Where do we take a number? Or are we just a number?

    And btw, those happy to linger in the ‘bad’ old days (before Arsene I suppose) could feel free to do so, with no/ little expectation of Arsenal achieving glory — but things move on!

  27. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    For all gulible fans like mark

    Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher could have been part of last night’s heroics had he not retired from duty under the dark days of Steve McClaren.

    Now the Sun claim his Anfield future is in doubt after the Mersey-born defender accused the club’s American owners of buying the Premier League club to only boost their bank accounts.

    “We sold Liverpool to two ruthless businessmen who saw us as a money-making opportunity,” Carragher says in his autobiography.

    “They didn’t buy Liverpool as an act of charity. They wanted to buy us because the planned stadium offered a chance to generate tons of cash.”

    Still believe these rich investors are in the game for FANS like you mark?

  28. aaron says:

    arsenal should sign bemezma in janurary because it is about time we started spending big i realy do think we need 1 more stricker like the quallty in bemezma is great and would be the new T.Henry at arsenal.

    come on you gunners

  29. sham says:

    yep benzema would be a superb signing but i know arsene wenger will stick to the worst player i have ever seen bentdner


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