The north london power shift..THIS IS THE YEAR FOR SPURS!!


Chas n Dave,Osvaldo Ardiles,Jason Dozzell, Vinny Samway,Christian Gross,Bobby Mimms can you ere me? Your boys took one hell of a beating!

Worse Start for 30 years after spending £70m on new players. And who said this was the year that the spurs would overtake us and the north London power shift was about to change?

In Heurelho Gomes the spurs have actually found a keeper worse then Robinson!! Well done Oneday Ramos. And thanks for the £7m for that pathetic waste of skin Bentley.

Modric was signed and hailed to be the new Gazza,He looks more like the new Jason Dozzell. and what about that sack of shite Huddle20stone.He is even worse then Didier Shockhorror.

So now can all the gooners who were moaning a few weeks ago about the lack of spending by wenger in the transfer market shut the fook up and remember it could be a lot worse . You could be a spurs fan!!!

Let the good times roll at shite hart lane..I cant stop laughing my sides hurt I actually feel sick!!!


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100 Responses to The north london power shift..THIS IS THE YEAR FOR SPURS!!

  1. Marty says:

    Do we really need all the bad language. Stuff like this really puts me off. Let’s be gracious in their misery. I like the way the pressure is off he Gooners at the minute-everyone is still writing us off-only boys and no strength in depth. We are in with a shout this year.

  2. Mike.from.around.da.way says:



  3. sam says:

    gracious in spuds misey! how about nooooooo. If we had just lost to villa could you imagine what theyd be saying!?

    Maybe they should employ steve mcclaren instead of their exorcist lookalike…

    NEXT YEAR WILL BE THE SPUDS YEAR! (or failing that, the next 10 years!)

  4. GunnerX says:

    Yeah great stuff, Oneday the spuds will break into the top four,Lol.

  5. Chrissie Greeno says:

    Bentley is a poofter, Modric looks lightweight and the new goalie is Paul Robsinsons spritual twin – that was as goos as wathing us win tehehee

  6. Gain says:

    spurs will lead the qualify for champions league at the bottom of the table.

  7. Mike Rhodes says:

    You have no class at all my friend.

    Your writing skills, argument and reasoning are non-existant.

  8. Mike Rhodes says:

    …and thats from a die-hard gooner.

    do you really aspire so ecstatically to such a pointless result…and to resort to such derogatory terms?

    unless, maybe, you are 11??

  9. Freddie71 says:

    oh dear this is hilarious. St Totteringham Day could be here before the end of the year. hahahahahaha

  10. Kevin says:

    The curse of robbie keane.

    Every team he leaves in the premier league…….Gets relegated. Coventry, wolves, leeds.

  11. gooney spud-smasher says:

    always the same year after year … the spuds never learn. I reckon they do have the foundations of a decent side, which is struggling to gel, and will probably bounce back up the table soon .. perhaps finish in the top-10 by end of season. However, the spuds fans make top4 totteringham so easy to hate and villify anytime they stumble. Their fans are the most annoying and obnoxious group of people in world sport and it seems the negative kharma they collectively generate ensures their teams never succeed even when on paper they ought to be.

    I most certainly enjoy this result, and anytime they stumble .. may there be much more of the same. Hopefully, they will wake up and realise that oneday ramos has been sacked in 8 of his 10 jobs as a manager .. he is not a God u know, only dont tell the wankers …

    one day, oneday ramos will take the spuds out of the relegation zone .. hahahahahahahahahahahaha … sweet !!!

  12. dkgooner says:

    I agree – we shouldn’t laugh – it’s too early yet – but where did you get my bloody photograph from?
    Spurs next 5 games include Wigan, Hull, Bolton and Stoke, so they may well be shooting up the table. LOLOLOLOL

  13. James says:

    Yes, maybe we can win a trophy for the first time in 4 years we can start laughing at other clubs. At the moment Arsenal is just also-rans in the champions league and will probably not win the title either. I don’t have sympathy for Spurs, fuck them – but to be honest we should be more worried about Arsenal’s recent failures.

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    Mike Rhodes . You are so right,where are my manners. Laughing at the spurs is just not cricket is it old bean.


  15. Righty says:

    Interesting facts:
    A fork has more points than spurs

  16. otariq says:

    This is the best. I don’t approve of the language but sometimes it’s necessary. You also have my sides hurting.

  17. Mike Rhodes says:

    You are a complete ass.
    Seriously, I thouht scum like you were non-existant.

    Before it’s too late for you….

  18. cesc la vie says:


    Well said. Forever in our shadow. FOYS


    Oooooh, Mike Rhodes, are you a ‘die-hard’ gooner??!!
    Do you ask people not to swear at the games aswell?
    People like you disgust me.

  19. Armory says:

    Absalutly fu#@ing hillerious.

  20. Mike Rhodes says:

    This blog is beyond doubt THE SINGLE WORST AND MOST POINTLESS piece of “writing” on the net.

    Please, please, please may newsnow stop linking gooners to absolute crap like this!!!!!

    You’re an insult to Arsenal fans

  21. thegoonerforum says:

    Good god. Mike has got the hump because a few gooners find it funny that the scum are bottom of the league. Well sorry if we have offended you in anyway.

    And thanks for your input and comments.

    Jog on

  22. colin says:

    Who cares about Spurs anymore?
    I’d rather ManU Chelsea or Liverpool lost than Spurs. They’re irrelevant to us. And when they play the other big teams, I want Spurs to win. Sure its funny they’re so bad after spending so much but I would’ve swapped Spurs winning tonight a million times for Chelsea losing at Man City. and any Arsenal fan who doesnt has zero ambition for the club. Spurs are nothing, lets focus on our real threats and enemies. And that’s not a two-bob lot in N17

  23. thegoonerforum says:

    Mike Rhodes (die hard gooner?) but take offence at the scum getting the piss taken out of them after getting a ripping? Whats the world coming to?

    Its called banter mike and been part of football for years. No doubt you are the type of fan that moans about people swearing at the games and standing up.


  24. Mike Rhodes says:

    Don’t take it personal pal.
    If this is the best you can do then…

  25. Armory says:

    Mike Rhodes is a spud who whises hewas a gooner.

  26. cesc la vie says:

    Hehehehe…he seems extremely rattled for some reason. Oh well, back to the subject at hand.

    To anyone who does not yet understand..There is a reason why players like Modric, Dos Santos and Pavlyuchenko do not sign for big clubs. It’s because they are sub standard. Yet every time spurs pay over the odds for one of these cunts, they act as if its a coup and if the player has chosen them over us or summat.

    The next day, the newly signed player inevitably makes the same PR gaffe and states that he would like to move to a bigger club one day and that he would have preferred a move to Arsenal. Priceless.

  27. thegoonerforum says:

    Well said “cesc la vie”

  28. cesc la vie says:

    Yes Colin, but you are neglecting the whole ethos of the North London rivalry.. the tradition, the history, the hatred on both sides. When I was growing up at school you were either Arsenal or Tottenham end of.

    Rivalry is not always born out of direct competition per se, but geography and other social factors. I hate Tottenham more than Man U, Chels and anyone else, like my father before me, and his father before him. It’s quite simple really.

  29. Mike Rhodes says:

    Its not the team re ripping on you ass.
    It’s your crap article.

  30. jlp says:

    well put mike rhodes but ya might wanna learn to spell yourself before tossing on someone else’s “writing skills”
    thats right ya cock
    your a fuckin half wit

  31. cesc la vie says:

    Mike, seriously homes, stop whining like a girl.
    If you are saying the blog is rubbish, then stay away and don’t read it pal. You seem to be getting very worked up over a blog. Do you have a blog?.. Link please?.. Twat.

  32. thegoonerforum says:

    Mike i think this is the site for you mate

    Take care

  33. Gunner #1 says:

    Nice blog, anyone who don’t like swearing can go fuck themselves. At the end of the day football is about passion, sometimes people swear, thats the reality of the world, anyway, enough about politics…back to the football. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Spurs are SHIT! That pic of the old geezer at the top says it all about Spurs, TOOTHLESS! They’ve got no bite in attack. This is a quality blog, fuckin blindin lol I can’t wait for Hull to stuff em! That’ll be lovely, I hate Tottenham, and I’m proud of it. Cunts.

  34. thegoonerforum says:

    Cheers Gunner #1 and Cesc La Vie. Sign up to the forum lads

    Gooners like you are welcome

  35. dizzy says:

    mike rhodes, did you get a slap at the back of the north bank when you was young? if not its a shame because you shoud have. its a working class mans game. fuck spuds. tonight is fucking great. enjoy it you knob

  36. Mike Rhodes says:

    jlp-it was a typo.
    to the rest…mindless, pointless and stupid fans….grow up.
    nothing wrong with passion or swearing. Just not pointlessly.
    Read more boys…read more…it’s not too late.
    Learn Direct, maybe??

  37. PTBAG says:

    Well what did they expect… they sold their two best players

  38. thegoonerforum says:

    Well said Dizzy mate. I never thought i would see the day a gooner getting the hump about something like this?

    Its fans like him that are killing the game IMO. I remember standing in the clock end and going mental at the away fans. Great days and it was good banter and part of football. Now you cant even stand without some twat in a glow jacket asking you to sit down. And now this, A gooner getting the hump about us taking the piss out of the spurs. RIP football

  39. Mike Rhodes says:

    Killing the game???

    You ass.

    Seriously….what subject are you on?

    All its got to do with is that you’re article is utter crap.

    It’s dense fans like you who were moaning about the lack of transfers and doom and gloom predictions…only to change your minds completely on the back of a good start.
    faith one minute, critical the next.
    Just because i dont use words like fuck and cunt in every sentence, it doesnt make me a “twat in a glow jacket asking you to sit down.”

    You complete dick-hole.

  40. dizzy says:

    there was some quiet srong words said in the clock end at half time between arsenal and leeds fans at the bars down stairs,in the cup in about 78/79
    we was kicking the shit out of eachother.

  41. thegoonerforum says:

    No need to resort to such derogatory terms Mike.

    Your whole argument is based on this article taking the piss out of the spurs. Why have you taken offence to this if you are a die hard gooner?

  42. CHRLS BRNSN says:

    mikey rhodes, shut up u flange!

  43. Craig says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan and yes, every year get sick of Spurs fans thinking ‘this is there year and they are going to dominate North London football.’ But articles like this are immature and drag us down to their level. Let us all gloat quietly to ourselves but that is all

  44. Norms says:

    Also a diehard gooner, and for more years than most of you ….. but I also agree with Mike Rhodes ……. banter is one thing, even rude banter if it is also clever, but crudity is just that and has little part to play in the banter between real supporters.
    Sure, Spurs are ripe for all that is thrown at them, but keep it clever, not crude, and we can all enjoy their discomfort. And hopefully not their relegation or we will miss their spirited delusions next season.

  45. dizzy says:

    bed time on th costa del sol.
    got a bank to rob tomorow.
    dont grass me up mike, you cunt

  46. Armory says:

    thegoonerforum I seriously think the cunt is a spud so just ignore him, dont feed the animals so to speak. As for the result absalutly fucking fantastic. I work with a spud and I cant wait to get to work so I can torment him the silly little bugger and as for theyr next games I can see both Hull and Stoke getting a result. It is hard to understand or belive that they have been going on now for years that this will be the season they’ll break into top 4, every summer we go through this and the result is always the same they bottle it.

  47. CHRLS BRNSN says:

    mikey, are u juande in disguise??

  48. thegoonerforum says:

    Craig & Norms. Points well made and taken on board.Cheers

  49. otariq says:

    Mike Rhodes if this is bothering you stop reading

  50. Dennis says:

    It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

  51. thenry says:

    good blog thegoonerforum

    to mike rhodes and the other plastic fans.
    ITS A BLOG stupid!!! if you dont like whats written on here go whereever you like. stop wasting yours and everyone elses time with your PC bullshit.
    blogs are for swearing and taking the piss out who the fuk you want and in whatever manner you choose to do so.
    thegoonerforum has a different style to yours, personally i think hes very funny and any kind piss taking of the spuds is game.
    mike rhodes be a good boy and run along to your own blog and discuss grammer and swearing with your PC mates.

    keep up the gogod work thegoonerforum


  52. thegoonerforum says:

    Thanks for your support Thenry. Up the Arsenal

  53. Stuart says:

    While I’m not above taking pleasure in the Spuds’ misfortune I totally agree with Mike Rhodes about the crappiness of this site. A summer of endless whingeing and relentless abuse about Arsene’s failure to spend a fortune suggests that this site is run by someone with no faith, no perspective and very little real knowledge of football. Look, Spurs spent a fortune and it did them no good. Where’s the acknowlegment that cash does not ensure success? Nowhere. Why not? Because it would not only require some critical thought but eating a healthy dose of humble pie. As far as I’m concerned Mike’s much more of an Arsenal fan than most of the idiots posting here.

  54. King_henry says:

    Read this…..

    Q: which is better- Tottenham or Toothpick???

    A: Toothpick-

  55. thenry says:

    stuart who asked you to read in then post on it. why dont all you muppets fuk off.
    i dont get peeps posting where they dont like the banter. pss off your banter is useless and boring.

  56. thegoonerforum says:


    A number of people post on this blog from our forum, Our members have different opinions and don’t share the same views. Our blog articles are written by a range of members from all over the world There are 100s of Arsenal blogs on the net all talking about the same things.Our members are correct is asking the questions about issues like wengers lack of spending as it was a worry to some fans. That’s what blogs and forums are for.Fans share there views. If you don’t like it then stick to sites like
    And if we cant enjoy the moment of watching our rivals sitting at the bottom of the league then maybe the fun has gone out of the game.

    If you dislike this site so much then why are you reading it?

    Up the Arsenal

  57. Philip Booker says:

    Spurs are playing more like the Four Tops than a top four side, hitting all the bottom notes!

  58. thegoonerforum says:

    Taken from our friends at the spurs forum SIMB,Quality Stuff.

    I thought Hud was supposed to have trimmed down and lost a bunch of weight? Looked fatter than ever today

    Interesting tackle by Dawson on Ashley Young. By tackle I mean suddenly stop while he runs at pace towards your stationary frame.Oh……and Corluka looks as slow as an ox.

    Just back from that shambles, Bent is a clueless one dimensional c**t , Pavlechenko looks out of his depth and our central midfield was inept. Only Bale, Lennon and dos Santos were worthy of the shirt tonight.. For the 1st time in 10 years I am thinking why did I bother renewing my S.T.

    Was anyone unimpressed with Pavylochenko? I know it’s his first game but f**k me, he was slower than Rasiak. Seemed to be out of his league a bit – worrying considering he’s never been proven at the highest level. He’s no Berbatov for sure

    they showed levy at one point when we were losing, he had that same enigmatic smile he had just before he got rid of Jol, there will be a firing within a month I reckon.


    The biggest problem with this team is that there is no balance whatsoever – even less than under Jol which is disturbing. Commoli is a moron who needs to go, but clearly Ramos cannot be exempt from blame either. I never thought i’d doubt his tactical acumen but after last seasons end and the woeful start again, his tactics and decisions leave a lot to be desired. Arshavin, Capel, or another pacy winger who we could play on he left side was essential – now our only attacking outlet is lennon

    Bottom of the league after 4 games, I’m ashamed of us. Relegation awaits if we continue to be outplayed at home like today.

  59. I dig up old spuds says:

    Good post and please do not let some of these so-called Arsenal fans put you off. You post what you want and if some of these lower middle class cockroaches who have infested our stadium and the message boards object so what. Fuck them and their PC bullshit. If I or anyone else wants to laugh at the yids then I and we will. IT is not like those mugs would not laugh at us if we were in their place. Most of you goody two shoes motherfuckers would not have lasted two minutes on the terraces back in the good old days when real fans followed football and not pansy ass pricks like mike rhodes.

  60. thegoonerforum says:


    Cheers mate

  61. King of north london says:

    hahahahahahaha….LOVE IT !!!!…..jus love it !!!!!….long live thegoonerforum

  62. Craig says:

    We can all take pleasure from the position that Spurs find themselves in without being overly crude and immature as many of the responses on here are. Let’s face it, Arsenal are a magnificent club with a fine tradition, have owners that possess scruples, have the best manager and an incredibly bright future. Spurs will never emmulate this and we should just be happy and content knowing that.

  63. thegoonerforum says:

    That’s fair enough Craig, But we are different people with different ways of expressing ourselves. Some people might have a little laugh and keep in inside. Others like me will go to work tomorrow and shout out load “FOYS” to every spurs fan they see. Thats the joy of football

  64. johnno says:

    sorry “goonerforum” but i think what stuart and others are alluding to in their objections to articles like this is that we have all spent the summer trawling many arsenal blogs, sites, and articles. generally people check out a diverse range of sites and opinions on the net and over the passage of time it becomes clear what the abiding view of the numerous site editors are on various arsenal matters.

    it has been noted that the view here is somewhat critical (especially in regard to transfer spending). dont get me wrong, that is totally fair enough, there is room for all opinion. what is somewhat difficult to reconcile however is when the dangers of the chequebook are illustrated as graphically as in the current woes of the shitehawks from down the road, and you lambast their clearly clueless efforts in “teambuilding”. fair enough. yet to do so without acknowledging the contradiction between that and previous editorial opinion expressed here with regards to arsene’s methods. well, it makes you seem a bit silly….. no?

    we all love the malaise at spurs. and one of the reason we love it is because it allows us to reflect on how well arsene builds and nurtures our players, our team, and our club. we have so much to be proud of.

    at moments like this the fans who have been trawling the net all summer see the distasteful activity at many clubs and hence can only view your stance during the close season with irritation…

    i still enjoy reading your stuff (mostly), but you have to understand where these people are coming from.


  65. thegoonerforum says:

    Johnny, I do understand. But you have to understand where we are coming from mate. It works both ways dude.

  66. Craig says:

    I’m a New Zealand based die-hard Arsenal fan and haven’t been to see a game live since 2001. I enjoy most if not all Arsenal blogs as it keeps me in touch with the team I have loved for some 36 years. Thankfully at least 50% of Arsenal games are televised down here and I do appreciate taking the mickey (being polite here 🙂 ) out of Spurs and their fans as many of them bring it upon themselves with their constant gleeful promises every year of knocking us out of the Top 4 as they spend 50 million plus pounds each summer to no avail. I have a number of friends here that support Spurs and do remind them whenever possible of their failings. For me, the biggest laugh I get, is that all their sons actually support Man Utd whereas my son supports Arsenal.

  67. Stuart says:

    Goonerforum, I’m confused. You say this is a site where all sorts of fans can air their views, and then more or less tell me to fuck off when I express mine. It seems to be the treatment dished out to anyone who doesn’t agree with your posts, if not by you then by some of your more mindless readers. So, really, it’s not about an exchange of opinions at all, just heaping abuse on everyone who doesn’t agree. All summer long, this site has been a seething well of negativity and it ain’t changing, even after a four-nil away win, or when the focus turns to our rivals up the road. How about some insight?

  68. johnno says:

    fair do’s goonerforum. oh, and i understand where you are coming from no problem. i have been reading your stuff on and off for a while…

    i dunno, i guess that when the sun shines and we win 4-0 away while the spuds get tanked then all is gravy. but a defeat or two (heaven forbid) for us will not necessarily require us turning our club upside down. for the record i wouldnt have said no to a copule of signings over the summer. in truth we could probably have done with ’em. but it’s the hyperbole mate… the hysteria. sometimes it can smack of the spurs, newcastle mentality.

    anyways, respect to you for providing the forum. i enjoy the craic..


  69. thegoonerforum says:

    Cheers Johnno. Are you a member of the main forum?

    And Stu, Like i said mate. This blog is not our main site. We have a forum with over 2000 members from all over the world at

    Members from that site post on this blog, That’s why you get some different opinions.We allow our members to have a voice regardless if we agree with the article or not. Some agree with our transfer dealings and some don’t. We have had IMO a balance of articles on our blog.

    With regards to not allowing you to have a voice if that was the case we would have deleted your comments as spam.

    I thank you for you feedback and comments.

  70. Chiedu says:

    Gooners should show respect for the team that shows us the winning ways

  71. johnno says:

    nah, mostly i like to observe and read. but i had a couple of sherbets earlier and found myself compelled to have a little type.

    i’m not really the confrontational sort tbh. and lets face it. it’s mostly agg…. i might do it again though – it’s kinda fun.

    cut arsene some slack tho. he is a regular sized guy in a room full of pigmies….

    oh btw, i was in passport control at luton airport earlier in the summer and suddenly there was this mumbling and pointing going on. i turned round and would you believe arsene was right behind me in the queue. i nearly shat myself i have to say. i was just pondering whether i should have a little word or say hello, or maybe even ask for a photo or somesuch, but before i could decide some fucking fat dinlo runs over shouting out “oi, wenger… sort me out” ….. and he’s waving his boarding pass and a pen in his face. i think he wanted an autograph.

    it was then i realised it probably isnt a particualrly easy gig.

    honestly some people have no class.

  72. thegoonerforum says:

    LOL…Nice one mate. You should of asked him about the chequebook?

    In Wenger we trust mate : )

    Sign up when you get a chance

  73. Harry Barracuda says:

    “Worse Start for 30 years after spending £70m on new players. And who said this was the year that the spurs would overtake us and the north London power shift was about to change?”

    A load of big mouthed snot nosed wankers who’ve been supporting Arsenal since we last won the league and who have been moaning and bitching about Wenger since before we moved to the Emirates.

    And I daresay most of the people moaning about this blog are in that category, so they can go and fuck themselves.

    Great stuff mate!

  74. tangomike says:

    before we poke fun at the misery of spurs,
    let’s make sure our own house is in order…
    IT IS!!… HAHA

  75. sam says:

    mike rhodes will you just fuck off?!

  76. Spurs4life says:

    As a spurs fan, you gooners have the right to laugh at us. When we won the Carling Cup, we laugh at you guys and we taunted you that we will be in the top 4 displacing your team this season and I suppose, the season before and before that… you get the point. But looks like reality has hit us again. You guys will be in the top 4 again, while we will struggle to get out of the bottom half of the table. So go ahead laugh at us, we deserved it…

  77. Trey says:

    Mike is a plastic spud loving twat. Great Blog.

  78. Erichero says:

    Spurs’ terrific start is a knife in the back for all those pathetic Gooners whinging about our failure to spend exhorbitant money on big names.

  79. greg says:

    we beat spurs with 6 reserves the day they ran away and we will fight for evermore because of boxing day
    Arrogant thick bastards
    They could go down
    And any of you that grew up in the 70’s in Islington will know what a pleasure this ( in those days remember, we used to be crap)

  80. shedzy says:

    Hey, Mike Rhodes – if this is such a waste of time and an insult to your intelligence, why don’t you f*ck off?

    Seriously, us die hard gooners (I’ve had a season ticket for 15 years and have been to at least 50 away games in Europe, so I think I can call myself die-hard) have had so much shite from Spuds fans over the years that i think its fair for us to laugh at their pathetic misery.

    Yes, true, we should look at ourselves first, but most of us do – theres nothing wrong with thinking about ourselves 98% of the time and taking the piss out of Spurs for the rest of it – and quite simply, if you think its a waste of time stop reading, and more to the point, don’t post about 15 responses you loser.

  81. ian says:

    i cant help but… long live top-4-ham….

  82. Arsene says:

    Atleast they found a manager who can sell………………………………………ALL THE PLAYERS>

  83. Mike Rhodes says:

    Stuart….dont worry about it mate, opinions and views are only accepted in this crappy forum if you agree with the majority of low-life, low-IQ, uneducated asses like thenry, trey, shedzy et all, who have quite clearly shown that they have very little knowledge about football, and Arsenal. I can’t help but laugh at them!!!

    “Most of you goody two shoes motherfuckers would not have lasted two minutes on the terraces back in the good old days when real fans followed football and not pansy ass pricks like mike rhodes.”

    I Dig Up Old Spuds…you’re talking like Highbury was Harlem back then. You complete ass…sit your ass down before i track you down!!! So much for an open-debate!!Prick!!!

  84. Mike Rhodes says:

    Shedzy…the only waste of time here is you…you pathetic excuse for a supporter!

  85. sgarsenalfan says:

    omg look at mike rhodes….
    wtf’s your prob rhodes? if you don’t like the blog, then listen: FUCK OFF. seriously… you claim the article’s pointless, but what you’re doing now is FUCKING pointless too. think about it dumbass.

    now FUCKOFF BITCH. go run to the lane, look at it, think, and cry. retard.

  86. El Tel says:

    I am one of those guys in the hi vi’s who tell you to sit down and stop swearing. I stood on the North Bank for many years at Highbury boy and man with my old man and my brothers and friends and love our Club as much as anyone. The Club and Government make all these ridiculous rules and not the guys who are told to implement them. Things have changed since the good old days as some might see them. What annoys me is the young guys who never had the opportunity to stand and get the atmosphhere of those days who stand and swear as if they were there. Maybe their dads told them the story so well that they believe they were. The same guys shit on the Stewards and get pleasure from having a go at them. Most Stewards are as Arsenal as the tossers who have a go at them and should think about that before spewing crap. Go to the ground and enjoy the facilities you are paying big money for and stop blaming the wankers in hi vi’s for ruining your day. Yes the good old days were great but what you have now is hard to better and you can have a good atmosphere sitting down if you were sitting with mates who also want to sing and shout. There is nothing wrong with slaughtering them assholes up the road either as we let them off lightly when we win things. Not only were they going to take our 4th place but they were going to challenge for the title. They are the thickest cunts in the world. We do need a couple of players to be even better and the moaning in pre season wasn’t because we didn’t sign superstars it was because Wnger told to many porkies and he signed a Manc twat too. Laugh at Spuds and laugh at the Mancscum getting done by the bin dippers. Up the Arse.

  87. […] a lousy show in front of their own bigheaded fans. Keep it up you look good in that red zone there! The Gooner Forum has written a funny article on them so have a read and a laugh if you […]

  88. Asmo says:

    Give it a rest lads

  89. Clock End says:

    Great forum!!!. But its easy to see that Spurs and Mike Rhodes are complete cunts!!! Arsenal til i die. I fucking hate Spurs the bunch of MUGS. EIE!!!!

  90. rocktt86 says:

    For all the people not from England and the North of London i dont expect you to know what this means if you dont like it then fuck of the yids have really made my week long may the scum stay were they belong.

  91. toure tribe underboss says:

    i couldnt give a rats ass or a shyt for the spuds, BUT lol…BUT they should have kept their traps shut,them and those media writing.cheese nibbling rats down the sun and mirror, so now look …… BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

  92. toure tribe underboss says:

    you think a tall midget with a homosexual haircut named david bentley and a rat faced git like modric could help you lot catch us?? keep your eyes on everton you pile of dog sick yids !

  93. toure tribe underboss says:

    # Spurs4life Says:
    September 16, 2008 at 7:00 am

    As a spurs fan, you gooners have the right to laugh at us. When we won the Carling Cup, we laugh at you guys and we taunted you that we will be in the top 4 displacing your team this season and I suppose, the season before and before that… you get the point. But looks like reality has hit us again. You guys will be in the top 4 again, while we will struggle to get out of the bottom half of the table. So go ahead laugh at us, we deserved it…


  94. jEsU says:

    for f**ks sake, tiz mike guy isnt an arsenal fan, he’s just a twat in disguise, reali he is jenas himself..tryin 2 be fuckin grammatical n mannered!! haha!! tiz is a fuckin blog my dear friend.. and also, im sure the spuds directional board will be utterly “well mannered” by now.. hahaha

  95. super bob says:

    Dear Mike Rhodes and fan club,
    the opinions expressed by gooners are usually passionate and sincere whether they are obscene, derogatory and sometimes even benile. It seems ridiculous that a gooner could take offence to this article and to then go on to attack the site for pre season criticism of our transfer dealings. Any football supporter with real passion for their club experiences extreme highs and lows, right or wrong. However you all seem to be missing the point. It is just banter. No more complex than that. Quite simple really. However I can speak for many fans on this site and say that we will forgive your hostility. We can all relate to being in dire need of a blow job from time to time…..

  96. Mike Rhodes says:

    To sgarsenalfan: that goes for you too you pathetic little cock-sucker.
    Get in touch,and we’ll see how brave you are when we’re face to face.
    I have a sneaky suspicion you would piss your pants.
    You’re another pussyhole – like Bellend…sorry, Clockend
    Get in touch you cunt, im waiting.
    Otherwise shut your mouth you pussyhole.
    Lets see if either of you get in touch!! LMAO!!!
    Doubt it.


  97. david hr says:

    Seriously. You should sod off.
    Gawd knows why you decided to blog on here. You are clearly not in control of yourself or your thoughts.
    banter and taking the piss has always and will always be part of footy.
    The fact that Arse fans want to take it royally out of the Spuds now is absolutely and completely understandable.
    And the fact that you clearly don’t like it and anyone who disagrees with you shows you up for what you are too.
    A plastic fan who clearly doesn’t remember the bad years at Highbury and is only gratified by moaning at others.
    Now sod off and leave gooner forums to gooners

  98. the God says:

    shit mike calm down baby, bunn a spliff, thats gods cure. but u have a point , i was gunning the bunner forum the other day, they support when they want, (u know) but i cant blame them 4 gunning spurz, them cunts deserve it, and yes GOD DOES SWEAR so yes you can 2, (god said , mikes a fucking nutter , so walk careful my children

  99. Mike Rhodes – take it easy mate why are you such a plastic twat? What is wrong with having a laugh at those SCUM from Three Ponit Lane? Take a chill pill and if you’re a Gooner supporter then back Arsenal not fucking SCUM!!! Cos it certailny sounds like your a SCUM lover and certainly not Arsneal!

    Enough Said!!!

  100. e_gun says:

    Tottenham Hotspur are proud to present this season’s Christmas Party and as a bonus include their End of Season party on the same night. Each guest will receive a goodie bag including; A History of Tottenham Hotspur (includes that thrilling 12th place season) and a set of Champions League Pillowcases (so you can keep dreaming!)

    The venue…

    The night will include:

    * Four Course Meal
    * Party Games – including pin the tail on Jenas
    * Tottenham Legend Sergei Rebrov as guest speaker

    Highlights of the evening for our guests to enjoy include: Darren Bent’s Greatest Goals, Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate’s 10 best injuries and “1961 – The Last Time we won the League” – now for the first time in colour (due to computer colouring techniques used on the original reels of remaining footage)!

    This is a unique opportunity to enjoy two parties at the same time so get your tickets now and double party for half the price!

    Tickets £25 per person or a table of 10 for £200

    You can buy tickets by phone – 020 6161 6161
    Or online at

    Also available on the night will be specially reduced merchandise:

    70% off BerbaGodT-Shirts
    50% off “4th Place – 2009” T-Shirts
    £10.99 “The League is upside down” T-shirts for £10.99
    And for just £15.99 get you’re “The Carling Cup is bigger than anything” T-shirt and Mug combi

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