Arsene and Ferguson Kiss and Make Up – Where Is The Hate?!

Just look at that picture? Take a nice, hard, long look. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. The Arsenal – United rivalry has diminished slightly in recent years. The heat provided from players like Lehmann, Vieira, Keown, Keane and Horseface is no longer there. Yes, there have been some good games since then, and there have been some awesome games, but it still doesn’t have that edge that it used to. The closest it’s come, has been the 2-2 draw at the Emirates last season.

Arsene and Alex were always at each other’s face. Perhaps they didn’t hate each other, and they were civil in public and probably had some respect for each other deep down, but I don’t believe we would’ve seen them being as chummy as they are in that picture.

Asked who he would like to win the title this season, if not United, Fergie said: “I would prefer Arsenal to win it rather than some other clubs i could mention.”

United and Chelsea have shared the title for the past four years but Ferguson believes the clash with Arsenal is still the bigger game because of their histories.

Ferguson said: “If you look back over the last 12 or 13 years, who has it been? Arsenal v Manchester United, Manchester United v Arsenal.

“Of course we’ve got Chelsea at the moment — that’s without question.

“But the history of Arsenal against Manchester United means that you’re not just talking about winning a football match — you’re talking about your history against the other team’s history.”

Fergie, quoted in The Sun, added: “There’s a dominance attached to that. You want to be the dominant team and they want to be the dominant team — we’ve had some volatile matches because of that.

“But you can’t beat the history and the quality that both teams believe in, and the way they want to play has never changed.”

And I distinctly remember Arsene saying something along those lines as well.

I don’t like all this love being thrown around.  It sickens me. I miss the good old days when everything was plain and simple, in black and white. United were cunts and Spurs were the scum who you could have a laugh at. With the latter still being true, the former is coming into disarray with things like respect being thrown around  .

I miss the days when Arsene and Alex used to go one on one in a shoot out in some lonely town, with their cowboy hats. The days when they used to mud wrestle and curse and vilify each other. The days when assassination attempts and thrown pizza were being done to each other.

Arsenal used to fight with United about everything. Glory, history, pride. The banter and curses being thrown between the fans of the two clubs, the anticipation of the big game, the eagerness at which you’d wait for the pre match press conferences. All brilliant.

Those were the days. Then the chavs came into the equation with their 50 pound tissues and broke nosed cunts and cheating twats and their Terry’s and Lampard’s and that bloke who used to play with the under 18s until he was 23. Bloody mafia.

First it was Theo being slimed over by the likes of Ferdinand, Terry and Cole and now this.

Bring Vieira and Keane back, they’d sort the game out straight away. I hope that one day soon, the pair of them can go back to hiding their obvious respect for each other, and go back to trading insults.

So I say, we take a trip down memory lane.

Anyone remember Barthez, the fat headed bald twat that he is, slipping up? I prefer to think of it as good skill and awareness from Titi.

Then there was Freddie’s debut goal, the game ended 3-0. Don’t remember much of it myself. Was only 5.

And who can forget this? Thierry Henry get the ball from Freddie, flicks it and volleys it in. Superb goal, second best of Henry’s career, behind the Madrid goal in my opinion.

And then there was the F.A Cup Final. We had started the game 4-5-1, as Titi was injured. United hit the post on two occasions and had a goal ruled offside, later on Jose got sent off for receiving two yellow cards. But once again, Jens Lehmann was a thorn in United’s side, preventing them from scoring and saving Paul Schole’s penalty for Patrick Vieira to take his final kick for the club and win us the cup.

What about the infamous cup tie? We ran out 2-0 winners, in a game when United showed next to no balls. An Edu free kick deflected off two players, including the blonde pillock that is David Beckham to go in. He then proceded to rip apart United, and set up Wiltord for the second. As a result, Alex Ferguson kicked a boot at David Beckham….


Adebayor’s goal against United, what we thought would be an end to some terrible form, what an upset that was. Sublime skills from Cesc to set it up.

And that was the year we did the double over the Manc scum, a bright spot in a tough year. Again, nobody thought we had a chance, and it seemed confirmed when we went one down. But the comeback kings did what they did best…

There have been some rather nasty encounters. I will never forget the game in which they robbed us in 04-05, ending our unbeaten record. It was helped that they had 12 men, with Riley once again showing his true colours…

Ferdinand should have gotten sent off for his tackle on Freddie, but a foul was not even called. Not to mention we deserved a penalty when Ruud tackled Ashley in the box, not to mention it was a clear dive from Shrek for United’s penalty. And then there was the Nevile sister kicking Jose around, after which he was never the same player… Fucking scum. This was the much publicized Pizzagate match, after which an Arsenal player threw a slice of pizza at Alex Ferguson’s face.

Couldn’t have left that out, could I? 0-0 throughout the game, with RVN faking injury to get Vieira sent off. United get a dubious penalty right at the end, for them to bottle it. At which point Parlour and Keown confront horseface.

Then there the uglier aspects. The 6-1 and 4-0 victories. The game which Giggs cemented himself as a goal scoring, hairy chested, son of an ogre.

Such incredible history and classic matches, it just dissapoints me that the two managers have decided to chum up.

So, as I make it out. We’ve knocked United out cups 3 times, done the double over them, beaten them in two cup finals and won the cup on their ground.

Anyway, share your favourite Arsenal memories and pictures with us.

The Fabster

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