If you could bring one player back from the past – who would it be?

A topic that has been going on our forum for a decent while, is if you had the chance to bring back one player from Arsenal’s past (in his prime), who would you choose.

The answers have been varied. From Igor Stephanovs to Pascal Cygan to David Bentley to Patrick Vieira.

Personally, I’d go with Patrick Vieira. I’m hoping that Kolo and Gallas reproduce their partnership from early last season, which was fairly solid. If not, then hopefully Johan can do the job.

But, from what I’ve seen is that Denilson is simply not good enough. Alex Song looks good and shows promise but he’s no Paddy. This is a guy who can grab a game by the scruff of it’s neck and inspire confidence. A true leader. And how are strikers going to threaten your defender if they can’t get to them?

Some views from out members

Freshkgooner4life said

Ian Wright, he’d score a bundle playing behind Fabregas and Hleb. Great personality and knew how to get the crowd going. Defenders and opposition fans hate him, which is always a sign of a good player.

Triplec1998 said:

While I am tempted to say Bergkamp I will have to go with Tony Adams. the middle of our defense has been poor for the last two season. We miss the presense of a sol or an adams so for me it would have to be tony.

King Puck Paddy said:

Without a shadow of a doubt Mr.Robert Pires

15+ goals a season from midfield,class,flair,skill,workrate,vision,pace,acceleration,finishing,composure,class,class and did I mention class

I could go on all night

And a passion for Arsenal that still burns in him even today.


So who is your choice?

Our record goalscorer?

Our record goalscorer?

Our Midfield Hardman?

Our Midfield Hardman?

The Iceman

The Iceman

Mr. Arsenal

Mr. Arsenal

Join the debate and have your say.


22 Responses to If you could bring one player back from the past – who would it be?

  1. Mike.from.around.da.way says:


  2. Gooner Chris says:


    Miss his goals and trickery on the left hand side. He’d be a great reserve to Samir Nasri IMO.

  3. brdgunner says:

    Tony Adams, Altough i would love one of Petit, Viera and a young Gilberto. I think the former two would work better with Cesc.

  4. The Ox says:

    Agree gotta be Vieira.

    At his peak he was the best CM in the world and whilst Denilson/Diaby and maybe Song could prove to be effective in that position in their own right Vieira would take our midfield to another level.

  5. jonas says:

    Anelka and Henry playing together would be awesome.

  6. Grizzly says:

    Hello from Sweden.
    My choice is Tony Adams.Great leader on the pitch.Very strong in defence.Arsenal have been a bit soft in central defence.

  7. kris says:

    Bergkamp and Pires..

  8. Gunner #1 says:

    Overmars. Okay, he left on a little bit of a sour note, but he was pure class. Although, having said that, how about seaman? He saved us at least 15 points a season so did Tony Adams, and Keown, so did Paddy, as well as Titi, Wrighty, Pires, Anelka (because I hate seeing him in a Chelsea shirt) To see kanu bang another 15 minute hat-trick against Chelsea would be nice, and just for the sheer enjoyment of a true footballing icon playing at a true footballing club, (drum roll please….) The Iceman, Mr. Dennis Bergkamp. I know I’ve named almost all of our legends, an a few who could’ve been if they stayed longer than a couple of seasons (Nik, you know who you are) but out of all of them, Marc Overmars would be number 1 on the list, because he would fit into our new philosophy of football. People bang on about our Cnetre mid needing a robotic machine to sit in and stay back, but we don’t want that, we are Arsenal, if teams want to attack our defense, 99 times out of 100 they will come away being outscored! It’s entertainment, and I’d rather see us win 5-4 than go back to Graham’s era where we were winning 1-0 from a set peice. That’s my take on how football should be played, after all, it is called the BEAUTIFUL game.

    Cheers, Gunner #1

  9. CLAUDE says:


  10. benattakora says:

    Without a minute of hesitation, Dennis Bergkamp in his prime, this man when in form is the best player this club has ever had.
    If you want a proof, check what his playing mates say about him.
    We will forever miss him, the killer passes, vision, assists and.. the magnificent goals.

  11. mikke says:

    Pires. Wide man who can score goals.

  12. alex says:

    The Flying Dutchman, what a man, what a machine, what a player, what a legend, what a goalscorer, what a BERGKAMP

  13. El Tel says:

    The one and only DB10. The greatest player we have ever had.

  14. thevanster says:

    Hmm… TBH, if we were looking for a winger and it came to Freddie and Bobby in their prime. I’d go with Freddie.

  15. Big-ernie says:

    It would have to be 3 ….. the backbone of the team – Adams, Viera and Wright, with the rest of our team around them, we would be awsome ! not that we arn’t good already though !

  16. burny89 says:

    David Rocastle

  17. SAE says:

    Bergkamp – one of a kind, unmatchable

  18. iceman says:

    the one and only…………DB 10………………..

  19. Stu says:

    I would have to go for ……………..Vieira(hesitantly though).
    I chose him because he is first and foremost a fantastic player and secondly a terrific leader.

    Having said that though, I would also like Dennish, Henry, Pires and Adams. We have had so many legends. Henry won us so many matches and titles with all of his assists and sublime goals. And especially when looking at the invincibles team, when the French trio were at their peaks, or there abouts.

    But i’ll stick with Vieira for his ability to control a game either with his footballing ability or his battling style.

  20. eboue's disco dvd says:

    DEFINITELY KANU THE GURU. Although he might slow the current system down, but his creativity from outer space would do the team’s training a world of good.

  21. Fredcv says:

    The Iceman, without a doubt

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