Have we peaked to soon?

Seems as if we have got off to a flying start again this season, Much the same as last. Top at the start and all going well until the start of the new year.But my worry is that have we peaked to soon?

At times some of the football we have recently shown has been truly world class and goals coming from all over the team.

But our start of the season on paper always looked pretty straight forward, Only a disappointing loss to Fulham to worry about but Arsenal haven’t played anyone of note yet to really see how far this team can go.

We have got off to a great start but lets keep our feet on the ground.

Lets use the experience of last season to our advantage.

The season is a marathon and not a sprint. Lets just pray we have got the legs to make if over the finishing line in the lead and not end up empty handed again.

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16 Responses to Have we peaked to soon?

  1. ad says:

    “We have got off to a great start but lets keep our feet on the ground.

    Lets use the experience of last season to our advantage”.

    That reads like a team talk! I think Mr Wenger gets paid enough to do that himself – good effort though 😉

  2. gaya says:

    its none of are biz and yesterday doesnt have to be like today or tomoro.
    watch, enjoy and support the players.
    when the confidence flows from the terraces they feel it too

  3. Pires says:

    peaking early is better than not peaking. once we rotate and stay fresh we have a great chance. our main players were a bit jaded towards the end of last season and the backup were rusty like denilson after not been called on for large periods. the odd bit of rotation does no harm. once you bring in the right players at the right time. for example Vela on top form is better than RVP playing average.

    would you rather we had uniteds start?

  4. Osse says:

    We haven’t peaked yet. Fabregas hasn’t got going yet, Adebayor hasn’t been nowhere near last season. There’s alot more to come! The team however is playing better and not relying on individuals as much which is fantastic!

  5. eboue's disco dvd says:

    peak? stop dreaming. wait for rosicky and nasri ‘s return then we’ll talk about it. 🙂

  6. Begeegs says:

    No way – 5 games into the season and we have peaked? We suffered last year because of lack of depth and poor play from our experienced players. This year, there is more directness from our Wingers. Eboue is playing well as is Walcott, which didn’t happen last year. Nasri looks good and suddenly we have competition for places all over…

    I think that we have a lot more depth than people think and we will be thereabouts at the end of the season.

  7. Gybolar says:


    i have been waiting for this question from almost all the Gunners blog.i think we have peak too soon and i hope also if we can sustain it till May.but with some of the injured players returning i think they should be able to sustain the team.Arsene Knows!i remain a loyal Gunner till i die.

  8. goonersaurus says:

    Well we definitely haven’t peak yet mate. Fabregas seems to be suffering from some lag cos of the Euros, he is not assertive like last season. Adebayor is looking more and more like a team player compared to last year which is gd. I see Denilson’s inexperience in games resulting in those whole lot of mispasses but he have a chance to shine when the run kicks in. Yeah! hope diaby comes back and put the pressure on.

  9. Bilbo says:

    Ade isn’t playing for a payrise and is first choice. When Nicky B and Vela’s partnership matures a but more in top flight matches then RvP and Ade will have some real competition.

  10. mydeejay says:

    It is a fair point to say we have not played any one of real quality yet..but you can only beat the team who is out there, they def. have not peaked yet and i am much happier were we are then say…Man u who ever1 will say they have not peaked yet ether, so we are getting into r stride and continue to play great football scoring for fun..and after last night performance the future looks very bright.

  11. Stu says:

    what a ridiculous sentiment. we can’t tell if we’ve peaked too soon because we can’t tell if we’ve peaked.

    if after 2 months we’ve dropped loads of points then maybe we can say we DID peak too soon, however we aren’t months down the line so it’s a totally impossible thing to know or think about.

    really how ludicrous. don’t put a downer on this before anything has even gone wrong.

  12. jck says:

    Can’t call it peaking when the closest rivals we’ve played are Newcastle and Bolton. The team has plenty of room to improve, plus several key players to welcome back to the squad. Both of which will be necessary when the games against real teams come around.

  13. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Just because we’re playing well doesn’t mean we’re peaking.

  14. Jav says:

    There is room for improvement especially in defending. But I don’t agree with the notion that because we peaked early last season we wilted at the end. Last season would have been ours had it not been for the crippling injuries which removed some of our first team players, upto 8 at one point. I don’t care what anyone says, if Man U, Chelsea or Liverpool had similar injuries to key personnel then they too would have faded, perhaps much more so than us.
    Despite what the pessemists are saying about our squad not hving depth. I think we have more depth than Man U at the moment if you look beyond the first eleven. This season is ous for the taking, lets just hope that we don’t face the same injury promlems.

    PS: Vela is looking dangerous. I hope he starts a game soon as I am looking for to seeing him on the left or as a central striker.

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  16. Walter says:

    We have not peaked yet.
    We only have been playing better as a team.
    I also have the feeling AW has learnt from last year and is rotating a lot more to avoid tired legs.
    Resting RVP against Bolton was a good idea. This is the kind of game in wich he easily can get injured and be out for the rest of the season.
    And when you look at the names on the injurylist then there is lot more to come when they will be fit.

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