Fck this Harlem globe trotters style of football

Same old problems, Over-elaboration and cant defend a set piece!

The said fact is that its the same old problems that have screwed us up many times before and have not been addressed.

Defending a set piece, For years now this has been a problem. We all use to blame poor old Senderos for this, Every time we play a team and they have a physical player he seems to score from a header from a set piece. Drogba has done this time and time again. Alex for PSV. That C*nt Davies at Bolton also and many others. I’m sure Wenger said he was going to sign a BIG defender at the end of last season and he knew that we had problems dealing with balls into the box.

We need a commanding CB at Arsenal, An old school CB in the mold of Adams or Keown who is not going to be afraid to put his head in. Gallas at times spends more time moaning to the ref about how tough the attack is then trying to make him. Toure bless him is not the best at attacking the ball with his nut. In fact both players seem to be very smilier, Maybe that’s what our problem is?

And what the hell is wrong with some of our players in front of goal?
All this Harlem globe trotters style of football is all very well and good when you are 3-0 up but at 0-0 we cant pass when clear on goal.

The same 2 problems that have come up time and time again, And now with 2 defeats in our opening 6 games in the league and without facing the big boys question marks about this team are being asked yet again.

And who said we had an easy start to the season?

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44 Responses to Fck this Harlem globe trotters style of football

  1. James says:

    Blame Wenger not the players. He’s the dipstick that refused to buy a commanding centre-back when he said we needed one. And no Flamini replacement either, that cost us the first goal.

  2. harryo says:

    bolton, hull , kiev fulham. last season chelski, utd , liverpool cl and league, utd , the list goes on and on and on. all got 1 thing in common. gallas. for fks sake wenger drop him before our seasons over by christmas

  3. andy b says:

    look its obvious – we’ve been saying this for fucking years – arsene needs proven quality at the back & in midfield – we’re not gonna win a fucking thing again this season coz the manager is on some mutherfucking ego trip

  4. thegoonerforum says:

    Fair comments James. Many will agree with you on that, Also see this thread.

  5. stephen says:

    Arsenal need a midfield hard man and are too lightweight in the middle of the park, a strong holding, defensive, hard tackling ball winner, basically a Roy Keane, who is prepared to get stuck in and win the ball, otherwise physical teams will steam roller them all season, pretty stuff at the moment but not enough substance.

  6. thegoonerforum says:

    stephen i said the same thing on the forum. Cesc was at his best last season coz he had Flamini doing the dirty work. So far this season Cesc has looked a shadow of himself. WHY?

    Coz his rock ie Flamini has gone IMO

  7. Danny says:

    Question marks are being asked? I thought these questions were answered a long time ago when Wenger decided not to shell out any money to buy a half decent defensive midfielder or center back. These questions were answered when he told everyone that despite not winning a trophy for three sttraight years, he was going to put his trust once again in three crocks and a bunch of teenagers. These questions were answered when he coddled Adebayor with an 80K/week pay despite the ingrate’s posturing in the press. You can hope all you want but Arsenal are not going to win any major honors this year. Good luck keeping hold of Fabregas.

  8. Metal Gear says:

    We should have won that game (Hull) but the build up 2 the first goal we conceded had a lot 2 do with Denilson he gives the ball away so so so cheaply as he often does. Than Geovani is allowed space 2 shoot where was the closing down? The second goal we concede is a goal I see all the time I’ve always said this especially 2 the ‘’Arsene Knows Brigade’’ that we need a big commanding no nonsense defender as we as a defense R the most vulnerable team in the top 4 because our defending lacks Leadership, Organization, Understanding and Concentration thus dealing with Long balls, set-pieces, target men and consistent pressure leaves us looking like 3 points that should have been. (note when I talk about the defense I’m not talking about our fullbacks)

    But I will never put all the blame on the very young and inexperienced Denilson or the old enough and very experienced Toure & Gallas pair. We lost because we did not kill off our opponents. Adebayor had the best chance and fluffed it (He normally puts away sitters) V.Persie was his old greedy self he was shooting in difficult angles when it looks easier 2 pass/cross something he does in almost every game and his finishing was also poo. We can’t defend, we were lazy in front of goal and on top of that AW subs as always were fashionably late oh yeah and we gonna win the PL,CL double.

  9. Arse&Nose says:

    The strikers are as guilty as the defence, we had plenty of chances to kill off hull. Adebayor, RVP & Eboue are all guilty of trying to score the perfect goal, Cesc and Walcott shot on site but our strikers seem obsessed with back heels,cruy turns and top corner shots. What we missed was a Vela/Eduardo -someone who scores and celebrates later, Adebayor and RVP are obsessive in their play and purposely chose not to score simple scruffy goals.

  10. thegoonerforum says:

    Agree with that Arse&Nose, Adebayor has only scored in 1 game out of 6 in the league. Nic has done well and should now start ahead of Adebayor IMO

  11. Metal Gear says:

    Post match Interview Wenger says corners are killing us….Is this guy taking the piss or summin I could of sworn every1 was saying that 4 years ago 4 fuck sake.

  12. Pat the gooner says:

    I understand what your blogs saying but i feel your being a little too scathing. Our style of football is quality and will always be. Every team has an off day in terms of putting the ball in the back of the net or playing outstanding well however conceding 2 at home to hull is inexcusible!! Our attacking wasnt what it usually BUT we still scored, i.e. attackers did their job but our most experienced player is letting us down way too much.


    OH TO BE A……!!!!

  13. DW says:

    When you are building a team with young talent it takes a lot of patience. We are not like a lot of others who sell their souls to win games. We lost today but out of the ashes we will rebound. The Arsenal way to me is better than Chelski and Man city who have franchised their souls to puppet masters. Fabregas will not sell his soul out of something called loyalty. The Brazil way is passing football of which we seek to attain.

  14. jason says:

    Can someone please explain to adebayor what offside means, how many fucking times does he stroll offside? He’s ons useless prick and we should of taken the 25 million that Barcelona offered for him, as for eboue, my god all he ever does is cry and roll around like a big baby, and for gallas he is the worst captain that in my time I’ve ever seen in an arsenal shirt. Do you think they pratice shooting in training? I somehow don’t think they do, always wanting to score the perfect goal, getting fucking boring with this pretty football when we have nothing to show for it, Wenger you’re one tight arse prick who needs to call it a day, always promise so much but deliver so little haven’t brought any decent players since we last signed henry.

  15. Partisan says:

    We should sell RVP, Gallas and Denilson.

  16. tomegun says:

    blah,blah ,blah where were all you whingers for the last coulple of weeks, bet just waiting for this to happen so you can jump back onto your negative bandwagon, GO SUPPORT SPURS!

  17. toure tribe underboss says:

    adebayor should start with nic,robin van p is all about personal glory aka goal of the month,what was he playin at shooting from impossible angles an still not even being able to hit the side netting,he is shyt,he slows the game down every time he gets the ball he needs 3 touches to get it onto his left foot,he loves playing with cesc instead of just takin the damn corners,he is a one trick pony,we cant blame ade until he starts missing chances,right now robin had 6 chances and didnt hit the traget once!

  18. stephen says:

    I think like Flammini and Cole their are probably still players at Arsenal who are just about the money.
    If Arsene had played the same team who played sheff utd they would have busted a gut to impress him and probably have won, plus the first team would have got a good rest for Europe, win win.

  19. Metal Gear says:

    Danny I share your frustration I 100% agree

  20. toure tribe underboss says:

    fabregas was rubbish today,this new role alongside denilson isnt benefittin him

  21. andy b says:

    if we’re happy to be a top 4 team that wins fuck all then let’s put this game behind us – if we expect to win silverware then forget it – as arsene keeps saying ‘we only lost 3 games last season’ – yeah ok arsene well now we’ve lost 2 in 6 & to shit sides – oh well, arsene knows yeah

  22. toure tribe underboss says:

    i blame the players,you cant blame the manager when your beaten by 2 shots on target compared to your 23

  23. Shamone says:

    This is ridiculous, have faith in Wenger. We don’t need new players, we need to learn how to adapt our game to cope with teams like Bolton and Hull. That’s all. This will be a good kick in the nuts. Next game we will win 6-0. Come on you gunners!!!!!

  24. AK says:

    How about David Wheater at Boro? classic english CB like Adams / Keown

  25. Sandra says:

    Here is a piece of really discouraging news: No team has ever won the league after losing two of their first six games.
    To be sure, we will give Arsenal our full support but I am not holding my breath on any miracles this year.

  26. harryo says:

    we knew wat we needed at the start of the season. a defencive midfilder and a big phiycical centre half. all the top sides have them.we goy fk all.i think the titles allready gone. we have yet to meet a top ten side and have been turned over by fulham and hull. i wonder how many poits chelsea and utd drop to them , none i bet. cant believe we let flamini go and gallas is still centre half . wenger must have a death wish

  27. spurdozer says:

    tomegun. We weren’t criticizing Arsenal because there was nothing to criticize at that time, but we were pointing out those defensive lapses. Now that we were shite today so we are pointing out that we were shite today. Are you a sp*d in disguise. And one thing tomegun if you disagree from our opinion you can ‘t tell us to go support the sp*ds

  28. Jon Boy says:

    As a 40yr old gooner, wtf was that about 2nite? Our captain cant defend a corner(thats 3 goals down to him this season, dont matter how many you pop up with!!) Why let a player who can hit it with his right foot, cut inside and shoot (theo and bacary??) Arsene, please get a no nonsense cb who will clear his lines (and any player that gets in the way!!) and a cm who can protect his defence. The rest is great when trying to walk it in!! That was probably the worst ive seen cesc, ever! BUT I still love AFC, and have known them longer than my missus!!!

  29. Metal Gear says:

    tomegun almost every1 has been saying The problems Are the Toure & Gallas combo as well as the holding midfield role so what are talking about and no I wont support spurs I love Arsenal.

  30. Tom says:

    I agree that today was an awful performance and result, but i would rather have this result any day of the week than have a big commanding centre back who can only hoof, and a Roy Keane in midfield. Its not what Arsene Wenger football is about. Over the last 12 years, everyone has loved the football. Its been the best in the world, and i dont know any other team in the world that plays better football. Yes Chelsea, Man Utd win more, but i wouldnt pay to go watch them. If we win playing this way, its because we are the best footballers. Man U are 2nd best many times but grind it out, i personally would hate this. They dont deserve to win half of their games. If want wins and trophies and play crap football, Chelsea are the team for you. I bet you any Chelsea fan would love week in week out to have their team play like Arsenal. Fact. So get behind the team, as you will not see this brand of football anywhere in the world. All in all, listen to Cesc, he said it doesnt matter if he doesnt win a trophy as he is happy on the pitch. He will give his all to win a trophy, but winning it the right way playing the best football. Fans will go home happy virtually every week after seeing fantastic football. A bad result yes, but dont give up hope!! Its the best football in the world. Enjoy it, win lose or draw, Arsenal is your team so get behind them instead of writing crap blogs about signing a commanding centre back. Will Wenger read this and say oh ye thats what i need a commanding centre back? I doubt it. Either get behind team or quit moaning or even better, go find a new club.

  31. Stu says:

    don’t tell me vela and bendtner only deserved 20/15/10 minutes or so and Ade and RvP deserve 90.

    And whoever said we can’t blame ade until he starts missing chances- as someone else said he’s scored in only one league game out of 6 this season. do you think he didn’t have any chances in the other 5? i think you could count 10 or more.

  32. dan says:

    Alonso sure looked good today, now where’s that appiah character? Oh well, we’re not built to win anything this year, but next year we’ll be a year older, and that’s important.

  33. daniel says:

    OK… and if we won 5-0??

    would it be “Fck this harlem globe trotters shit”?

    give it a rest…FANS stick by their team… the manager and all the people associated with the club through thick and thin.

    im as frustrated and gutted about the result as the next gooner… but it is ONE bad result… and with a bit more sharpness in front of goal… (which will be added by eduardo unquestionably, and adebaor will hit form as will van persie) we would have won comprehensivly…

    stay true to your club…

    LOVE your club

    -in wenger we trust-


  34. anonymous says:

    Don’t blame Wenger that Gallas is too lazy and arrogant to pick up his man from a corner for once:

    While I have been terribly excited with how Arsenal have played for most of this season. The problem is we have 12 out of 18 points against teams who really should not trouble us. 15 out of 18 would have been quite acceptable, and i hope these losses to fulham and hull don’t come to bite us later on.

  35. anonymous says:

    You cannot say that Arsenal has had a poor history of defending corners. Gallas has been atrocious this year, but last year we conceded the least amount of goals (3) from corners in the league.

  36. tangomike says:

    isolate the problem to fix it: 3 goals from corners in 6 games.

  37. 3Five says:

    Gallas is a c**t,he has never been a good CB, maybe just maybe Silvestre should be given a chance…Yes we are uncertain about his performance on the pitch, but im certain that Gallas is a c**t, and Hull’s 2nd goal is the testimony of his incompetence in marking the opponents (please mind me, i was in Gallas hate frenzy when i wrote this)

  38. cain says:

    tom, daniel, your talking about my team too, a team that fielded players on Saturday that didn’t even try to win. This isn’t one game, it’s two now, and still early. Not acknowledging the problem is foolish as it will surely be repeated. Why support a team that doesn’t put in the effort, indeed we as fans put in more effort than our players.

  39. cain says:

    The most egregious sin is not changing a team that loses.

  40. fran says:

    I can’t keep quiet about this and don’t like bringing it up, but theo was more guilty than gallas yesterday. Theo missed an absolute sitter in the six yard box and giovanni crossed right in front of him to shoot in acres of space. Wenger talks about focus? What about desire to win?

  41. gunfornow says:

    Gallas is clearly gay. You can tell coz he loves it when boys jump on him and he’s helpless and has to submit to their will. The best thing for the team would be for Gallas to come out of the closet so the team can really understand what their leader wants and really gel and come together;). Coz let’s face it in order to bond every team needs a little GEL right? This is no surprise really, Gallas has been having an gay/not gay identity crisis since Carvalho told him, ‘hey man, we’re not into that shit, go to the arse, they play pretty football, know what I mean?’. I’m a fairly accepting person and I have no problem with Gallas’ gayness but I believe the team is a little bewildered that he can’t just get it out in the open so the team can move past it instead of wondering forever why Wenger has inflicted upon the team with this totally gay guy as the fearless leader, which is just fine for some of us fans who find it a bit interesting, but obviosly confusing the team. Now, why did theo let geovanni stride right by and score? Because theo is also gay and he’s probably very leary of getting too close to Gallas in public, not good for his image his adviser must be telling him. But in order to clear the air of all these romantic subplots in the team, they just need to come out with it all and we’ll be ok with it and get back to winning football in style. What’s wrong with that?

  42. gunfornow says:

    Gallas, Theo, Eboue, I’m gay too, and guess what, IT’S OKAAAAYY. Get over it and lets play some football.

  43. Tom says:

    I agree the work rate and effort was not what it should be, no where near, but with a team of young players its very very difficult to start slowly and then pick up the speed. I have always said Arsenal should come flying out the blocks and then if needed, then they could slow the game down as they have the talent. I do not blame the manager or players for this. Just sometimes you have off days. It can rub off on players, even though everyone says they are up for it, in their mind they may think take it easy without realising. I have experienced this many times at different levels of football. Firstly the desire needs to be there, then the technical ability will always over come this. I still would watch Arsenal and support them, i just know there are more important things in life no matter how much i love Arsenal, i was in a mood for couple hours after the game, but then i thought, they can bounce back. I will still support them even if bottom of ther league. There is nothing i can do, so why get upset. Wenger wont listen to us as he knows what he is doing better than anyone else. From where we are sitting it may look easy but i bet your bottom dollar its not.

    The other thing that does get my back up and makes me rant, is the people who slag players off. Do you think Gallas let his man go on purpose and concede a goal?? No. I would love to see all these people who slag him off have a go instead, they would be at fault for so many mistakes its untrue. People will say ‘oh i could of cut that out’ well why are you not a professional footballer playing for a top club?? Its ridiculous. Why would you slag him off as a person as well callling him a c**t?? Do you know him?? No. So how can you say that. You just dont think, he probably thinks your some scummy chav (not singling you out Cain at all by the way, just others!) but he doesnt know you. People cant make these judgements without knowing the person.

    Sorry for the long one that turned into a rant.

    I should be Arsene Wenger the second.

  44. cain says:

    Tom, that’s all fine but we don’t pay to know these players personally and we certainly don’t pay to see our players give less than full effort. There’s is no excusing that. To accept anything less is not on. Anyway, cheers and enjoy the weather. (i do think we do well v. porto, that game i hope are players are more interested in).

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