No more using players as Scapegoats, Wenger is to blame!

Some fans like to put all the blame on 1 player and leave him hanging out to dry,But the whole team needs to take responsibility.

Last season it was Senderos,Before that it was Gilberto & Baptista who were used as a scapegoat.Even Sol Campbell was blamed as our weak link, How wrong he has proved people, We miss his power in the air more then anything.

Now it seems as if the Arsenal fans are targeting Gallas for all our faults.Even Eboue has had to deal with alot. I even remember Alex Song getting all the blame for us losing away to Fulham a few seasons ago.

Surly we cant keep finding 1 player to blame for the teams f**k ups. IF we wanted to blame a single person then maybe we should be looking at the manager?

But of course, Wenger knows right!!!

Some people that know a little bit about football said way before the season started that Arsenal would not win anything with this bunch of players. But when you even think about questioning the great Wenger you are told you fck off and support a different team. Well its down to fans like that who stick by this weed of a man that we are in the shite. Like I said a long time ago we need a powerful commanding CB at Arsenal and the closest thing we had to this was Senderos and we allowed him to leave. People used Senderos much the same as Campbell as a figure to blame all our faults on.Wenger should of signed a really CB in the summer and not the Man Utd cripple on the cheap.

Even if some mega rich Arab was to buy the club and hand wenger 100m he still would not spend it.

We need to change the manager first and get a man will balls and not this weed of a man. He looks like a stick insect and has the courage of a ameba.

We need a manager like sir alex who will spend and bring in the best. Not this jack straw looking wimp of a man.

You want a scapegoat. ITs the manager

No doubt i will again get a sack load of stick for questioning Wenger. Well to all the people who are going to call me all the names under the sun i just want to say “Why don’t you fck off and support a different team”

I support Arsenal and not Wenger. This mans is playing with the future of the club for his own personal experiment and ego. Some of you younger fans make me sick. You think that wenger has made the club what it is? Wrong! Arsenal were a huge successful club before Wenger and will be after. The faster this man leaves the better it will be for Arsenal FC.


29 Responses to No more using players as Scapegoats, Wenger is to blame!

  1. toure tribe underboss says:

    the title alone shows this write up to be crap so i didnt bother read,i suppose it was arsene wenger with 7 attempts and only 1 on target and not robin van persie?? i suppose it was wenger who left his man go in the box for the 3rd time this season?? great lets blame wenger!

  2. Alex Ice Cream says:

    Mate, with no due respect you are a c***.

    Wenger has his faults no doubt and I agree with your criticisms about the transfer market and our lack of aerial power. I was one of many who wanted signings in the summer but to say Wenger out and that he is spineless is a disgrace.

    Who would you replace Wenger with. Come on who is out there who could do better?

  3. toure tribe underboss says:

    lets sell out to arabs just to make a 2pence blog writer happy,and sack wenger yes yes yes

  4. toure tribe underboss says:

    i support the club and not wenger he is playing with the future of our club single handedly dragging us up into the spotlight after george graham on a low budget and building us the best stadium in britain assuring the clubs financial future,attilla fuck off back to greece u fuckin twat!

  5. josh says:

    wow, something tells me you got a bit carried away when writing that peice because theres alot of crap with a little bit of truthfulness. where your right is that we needed certan players in the summer and he didnt o that. gallas should be fighting for his place with another CB who is big and strong, not small. plus i reckon we should have bought a DM, but then again it seems he did bid for about 3 of them (yaya, inler and one from italy), but weve had no luck with any of them. so its not like he didnt try. yet there are certain thing which you overlook entirely with regards to wenger in your post. by going out and spending aload of money guarentees you absolutely f*ck all; see spurs for instance. plus wenger creates some of the best players in the world. whos to say that just because we havent paid extortionate prices for a player, he isnt just as good as one bought for 30m?
    personally, what i dont like about arsenal is not the fact that we dont buy, nor the fact that weve not won anything for ages, but instead the fact that our stadium is full of silent fools who detract from the experience i used to have in highbury (at times). it makes me sick knowing that the stadium is full weekly by people who complain if anyone stands up albeit temporarily just to sing a song. footballs about all the fans bein together in supporting their side. singing together, celebrating together, osing together. not telling eachother to stop standing up. its those people who are standing that actually are increasing our chances of winning. anyways, rant over.
    p.s. the comment about wenger being ‘a stick’ is rediculous. im sure in hindsight youd agree.

  6. toure tribe underboss says:

    man u are deluded,we support wenger and we should fuck off for giving a cunt like u stick?? you deserve to die with the crap you write,u think ur important,u speak for no one but urself you fuckin muppet

  7. kk says:

    My problem with Wenger is he says one thing today,2morrow he says 2 different things all together.He even said it himself last friday he has told his wife 2 different things about leaving Arsenal.At the end of last season he identified our ability not to defend well as our major problem and promised 2 buy a dominating CB,what he told us again,we only needed a body in the midfield,this man again told us at the end of the transfer that we have all we needed in the team.

    So Wenger is now somebody who can say good morning and you go outside to confirm if its really morning.

  8. Marco says:

    Prick! enough said. . .

  9. Some merit in this argument.I have argued for a long time that Wenger’s undoubted genius at finding great creative,attacking players is perhaps disguising his in-ability to judge and/or coach defenders and goalkeepers.Both goals would have been avoided by firstly closing down Giovanni properly and then by defending a straight forward corner properly.Why do we rarely look dangerous from our own corners.Almunia is almost certainly a disaster waiting to happen because although he is quite a safe pair of hands and won’t actually win us any matches.

  10. Ryan Smit says:

    What i have noticed lately is that many blogs i read are written by know-it-all’s that just can’t wait for Arsenal to hit a snag so they can say “i told you so”. Let me guess, you were never very good at playing football? You try to over compensate by dreaming that you somehow know more than Wenger? Wenger has personally said that he takes the blame for the loss at the weekend, but that the players could have been a bit complacent, and WE all agree. when i say WE, i mean the real Arsenal Supporters, and not some wannabe, misinformed, attention seeking hockey player like you. I also don’t know how you can say you have been supporting Arsenal from before Wenger because the quality of your writting suggest that you can’t be more than 12 years old. What a loser..

  11. Goonoo says:

    No way was this written by an Arsenal fan. I agree Wenger has to take responsibility for the defeat because for whatever reason he failed to get the players to adopt the right attitude against a team they thought they could roll over. However, only a complete idiot would refer to Wenger as a Weed of a man when he’s actually our greatest EVER manager. And actually Wenger HAS made the club what it is. I’m old enough to remember the football we were playing in the eighties and mid 90s. I don’t think we’d be where we are today (which incidentally is one of the top 10 clubs in Europe) had any other manager replaced Rioch back in 1996. In a nutshell Attilla – you’re a tool.

  12. oldgooner says:

    I always thought big Phil (Senderos), would turn out to be the next Tony Adams. I admit that Wenger needs advice regarding the role of centre back – maybe a few more chats with uncle Bouldy. However as for the rest you are a prick of the highest order – Now go do one you glory hunting mug.

  13. Gigo says:

    I Agree Wenger is the number one problem.
    Great manager with pretty football but he has become complacent, so you can`t just blame the team.
    Wenger is highly paid, but is under no pressure to deliver, unlike other top managers.
    The fans at the emirates don`t pressure him, so wenger and the board becomes complacent and lack ambition.
    So why blame the players? Who selects them? Who bought them?
    Five years without a major title is simply rediculous and naive fans have endorsed it by not protesting or boycotting matches at the emirates.

    Mourinho was right, its starnge that Wenger is under no pressure, like the world`s other tope managers. Its a joke.

  14. andy b says:


    apart from the personal stuff about wenger, i agree with your comments wholeheartedly – i can’t see why so many people think it’s fucking sacrilege to criticize wenger at all – these people would be banging on about arsene knows for the next 10 years even if we didn’t win a single trophy in that time

    what has happened to the winning expectations of arsenal fans? – for the past few years it seems that oh so nearly & just missing out & if only are all acceptable – george graham goes a season without a trophy & he’s on his bike even though he was the one who pulled arsenal up from a team of also-rans & turned them into a title winning side & a winning side in europe to boot – ok, he couldn’t spot a creative midfield player to save his life but he didn’t leave wenger with too bad a team to get started with did he!

    the point is, when he was given the boot, there was no protesting or anything & he never went years without sticking a pot in the marble halls – & yet, arsene seems to be able to continue year after year playing pretty football, finding lots of great kids but ultimately winning fuck all – but you dare utter a word of complaint & you’re labelled a cunt by the baying mob

    wake up, it’s gonna be another season of empty promise unless he turns off the ego & starts bringing in the players we so obviously need – even the arsene knows brigade would surely agree with that!

  15. toure tribe underboss says:

    if almunia is a safe pair of hands but wont win us any matches wat exactly do you want?? you want him to take free kicks or make surging runs into the oposition box? dont blame almunia for bad defending! brian the gooner

  16. toure tribe underboss says:

    blog writers think their important people,thats the problem with blogs,u lot need the same psychologist as robin van persie,either that or a slap in the face!

  17. goon says:

    it is the players to blame, and the selection policy which is wenger too. but wenger is and has been a class apart from his sqauds for the last four years, its easy to see we have a class manager an a shit team. thats why every1 wants wenger at a time when the arsenal players are crap. even though we are shit wenger is doing things the right way with youth. he is the best manager in world football easily, and the fact he stays with us when our players are mediocre makes us arsenal fans love him up more, wenger has stuck to slogging it out with no funds instead of cushy jobs at madrid an cfc.

    wenger is a great arsenal servant. robin van persie, eboue adebayor are not great anything

  18. goon says:

    ego ? personal expirement? i’m glad u support arsenal but if u dont know what ure talking about fuck off init. to chelsea glory hunter. wenger is the best for arsenal. idiot fans who dont know footy are detrimental to the club. u are an idiot go support QPR an see why wenger is the best. wenger is rated up more by opposition fans who respect him than idiots like u fair weather fanswho never been with us when we had no trophies an no europe

  19. LB says:

    Ryan, my sentiments exactly. I wrote into some blogs after the 6-0 win to ask where the prophets of doom were as the team does well. They were nowhere to be seen. As soon as the team had a bad day, they are back saying “I told you so”. Such opportunism is shocking. It is even more shocking that there are clearly people who go to the Emirates to boo in case Arsenal have a bad day. I’ve said it before, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Wenger leaves, Wilshere, Walcott, Cesc, Merida, etc. also leave. We would have to start from scratch with little hope of ever becoming as good as we are now. Like someone said, look at Spurs, who got too clever for their boots. Wenger will join Man U if he leaves, trust me on this. Then you can really be happy because he will be gone. Arsenal can get Mark Hughes or some cmanager of similarly dubious qualities. My biggest criticism of Wenger is that he plays Adebayor too much and Bendtner too little, nothing more.

  20. Stu says:

    There is a lot of negativity here so i will keep this short and sweet. You are partly right about Wenger, it is his fault that we lost and cant defend but i think you went a bit over the top here.

    I am not Phils biggest fan but i defo want him back in the heart of our defence. He is miles better than Gallas, especially at dealing with long balls etc. Heis the manster we are missing. If he can do it sor Switserland then why didnt Wenger give him a proper run in the team. Sure enough he gave Eboue his more than fair share of chances.

    Its not all Wengers fault but it is mostly. He brought in Gallas and keeps playing Eboue. He thinks Almunia is top class but isnt. And he bought no-one of note in the summer despite everyone crying out for it. Oh and its down to Wengers hatred of a real defender that we concede shit goals.

    Well, maybe not so short!

  21. Ezra says:

    I will agree with you for some part but when u say that Arsene should go DUDE you are way off and you knw why, what annoys me is Arsene’s refusal to accept that Eboue has no place in the startin line up there is a difference between havin a good game and being consistent

  22. toure tribe underboss says:

    andy b you stupid cunt,a trophyless season didnt mean goodbye george graham,he would probably still be manager if he wasnt pinching money u twat,fuck off you new gooner cunts,includin the cock who wrote this,we need a manager like ferguson,lmaooo,go fuckin ask fergie if he wants the arsenal job he will tell u fuck off too,either back the team and management until it changes or fuck off,your a waste of skin blog writer,ur not gonna change fuck all,get that in ur thick greek skull atilla

  23. toure tribe underboss says:

    only 1 team can win the premier league,only 4 teams have won it,theres no devine right that it has to be arsenal, financially the law of averages says we shouldnt even be close to winning it,and without wenger we would financially only be affording 10th position,FACT

  24. toure tribe underboss says:

    on arsenes budget fergie wouldnt win the league, even if he had 30 mill a season!

  25. toure tribe underboss says:

    rafa would get relegated on arsenes budget

  26. toure tribe underboss says:

    mourinho wouldnt even take the job with that budget

  27. toure tribe underboss says:

    atilla you want ramos?

  28. thegoonerforum says:

    On his budget?

    What are you talking about? The board have said that money is available to sign players. They even said that if Wenger wanted to sign a £30m player they would support him.

    Wengers Budget my ass.

  29. gunner4life says:

    Yeah typical, arsenal fans licking wengers balls; its true we do need a new manager, why doesnt wenger just f&*K off and go and start his dumb youth policy with another team. I bet we dont make it in the top 4 this season

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