The reason behind Cesc’s poor run of form

As you may of noticed our crown jewel Cesc Fabregas has looked a shadow of the player he was last season.

For me the key factor in this is his midfield partner. Cesc needs to have a ball winner next to him in able for him to flourish. A player like Flamini was perfect for him. It allowed him to do all the things he is good at. But now without Flamini Cesc is having to track back and be a more defensive player.

This is taking nothing away from the recent performances of Denilson who has looked pretty impressive, But I don’t think they can play together. Much like Toure and Gallas both Cesc and Denilson are very similar in there styles of play and size.

The position was a major talking point all summer with a host of players linked to joining us. For whatever reason it was Wenger who chose not to strengthen in this department and now it seems the person who is suffering the most is Cesc.

Last season we saw the best of Cesc and for me the reason behind this was the great form of Flamini.

Looking at the players we have currently at the club I don’t feel there is that type of player who is a workhorse and a hustler like Flamini who can allow Cesc to dictate the game as he did in the past.

Song lacks the work rate and energy, Daiby is just far to attacking, Denilson is to similar to Cesc, I really hope Wenger has something planned for Jan or we may be restricting one of the most gifted players the club has ever seen.

Cesc on his own is struggling, But Cesc with a player like Flamini is formidable.

I also worry that another trophyless season will push Cesc away…..


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12 Responses to The reason behind Cesc’s poor run of form

  1. Stu says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Flamini was one of my favourie players last season. Personally if he had stayed, i would have been happy to se him as captain. His performances and general style of play would make him a far better captain than Gallas will ever be.

  2. tkalas says:

    We lost a game…please put this in perspective. I will prefer for us to be 2 or 3 points behind in Febuary than ahead only to capitulate…we have seen that happen too us many times even during the era of Patrick Viera.

  3. thegoonerforum says:

    Tkalas, We have lost 2 games out of 6 without facing any of the so called big boys.

  4. Matt says:

    Definatley agree…

    He now has to hang back a bit more cause of Denilson’s style of play… Denilson is a liability to Cesc!

    That being said I don’t see Denilson as being the Flamster’s replacement. I see Diaby as his replacement, hes much more physically poweful than Denilson who seems a bit lightweight to me. Diaby on his day is a great player. There is also Song… I certainly wouldnt mind him being a regular in our side.

    Also Cesc has missed the entire pre-season and he missed the first few games… hes still a couple of games behind the rest of the squad… I’m sure he will come right…

  5. insideright says:

    Fabregas has suffered in three respects this season. Firstly he had a long international involvement in the summer. Secondly he has had no natural ball winner alongside him consistently in the Arsenal first team and and has often (as v Hull) been the only ‘creative’ player vin the midfield. He desperately needs Nasri and/or Rosicky back in the side to help him. Thirdly (what I haven’t seen mentioned so far) is that he has moved across one position to play as the left side partner in the central midfield. This brings responsibilty for covering Clichys forward runs – a job that is not as easy for a right footed player as it is for a left footer (or someone like Flamini who is more defensively minded anyway. Songs injury in the Carling Cup is the reason why we lost against Hull and the whole team won’t play as well as it can until he comes back.

  6. Brigham says:

    Very good comments there and one which I also believe to be a major contributory factor to our failure to control matches so far this season. Cesc is very much a flair player and needs the ball winner next to him, thus enabling his obvious skills to flourish.

    Tkalas – its very much in perspective mate. If we cannot bea the likes of Fulham and also Hull at HOME, then how can we expect results against Liverpool, Chelski and the Mancs? I firmly believe our team (Arsenal) go into these games thinking they only need put a shirt on, turn up and it will be a 4-0, three points etc. NOT SO.

    As a season ticket holder, I was there on Saturday and it was bloody awful to watch as there was no drive, passion or determination at all from our team.

  7. gaya says:

    how come in 2006 when Flamini was playing at left back and also on the brink of leaving the club you were not on this page blowing his trumpet? i guess the answer to that was because you dint not know if he could do well in midfield with Cesc. And the same applies now we dont know what the midfield would be like and who is the best partner and who is not. you are not with the staff on the training pitch neither do you know what is being taught so please spare us ur hindsight thinking. we pay to watch the team and we should encourage the team to enable them get the best out of themselves

  8. Colo says:

    We haven’t seen Diaby with Cesc together, so don’t judge Diaby. The only problem with us gunners is once we lose, then we look for a scape-goat, we all know that the problem is the two defenders, they are not that compatible. If Gallas leave then we shall win. Flamini was there when we were loosing.

  9. mike says:

    i think your right but not for your reasons. flamini was an average player who worked hard, denilson is too young too weak and has no pace. also i dont think it has anything to do with being defensive, faby is not just an attacking midfileder he is a complete midfielder, as for song i think he is our best opption, he has improved . diabi hasnt got going yet so its too early for me to comment, but for me i would love to see sammy in the middle tonight with cesc. the truth is that we dont have a truly tested partner for cesc at this time, we might just have to be patient fellow gooners and we know how to do that dont we !!!

  10. Zarathustra says:

    Dear friends,

    I am a devoted Arsenal fan and I am suffering as much if not more as all of you at the moment.

    But we seem to look in the wrong places to find a solution for our problems. You all mentioned Flamini, Denilson, Diaby and song…either not performing or not fitting into the team, but I think the main reason we play bad or at least not constant good is neither of them. My biggest problem is EBOUE. I know that he is very important for the teams moral (everybody in the team loves and respects him, also Wenger), but nobody can tell me (incl. Arsene Wenger) that his play style fits with the rest of the team. He tries very hard to be fair to him but is just not Arsenal. He lacks technique and obvious tactical defficiencies. Usualy when he gets the ball, the rythem goes out and the game changes. Maybe I am just being too harsh on him. I love his determination and attitude but I think that Wenger imagined something else or more developement from him, which did obvious to me not happen. Wenger needs to keep him playing so his transfer value does not go down. What a dilema. We are suffering Wenger.

    What you guys think??

  11. 87goonerlad says:

    I must agree with the last post. Although i’m not gonna rant and rave about eboue bein the problem. I was there on saturday and as many have said we lacked any drive or passion to win and that was disappointing to see. But all i have got to say is eboue should not be in the arsenal team yea the guy tries hard but every time he gets the ball you know he aint gonna do much with it. He just hasn’t got anything to offer in the final third. In previous season i have seen him whip in good crosses to the likes of henry and ade. But he was playing right back. not left or right mid. As he has been playin recently. All eboue should be is back up to sagna. Lets be honest if rosicky, diaby, nasri and walcott where fully fit week in week out eboue would not be in that midfield. (Knowing wenger though he might still play him) This isn’t blaming eboue for the weekend he was as bad as the rest of the players out there. Its just my feelings and utter annoyance that wenger see’s fit to put eboue in the midfield when there are players better and more capable of playing in hs position (vela can play on the wing) So as i sit here and prepare myself for another trip to the home of football (arguably the greatest stadium in the world) I just hope i here the team without eboue and possibly as suggested the likes of ade, rvp to name a few. Some players do need a kick up the a** and let it be known they are not gonna automatically on the team sheet. Anyways i’ve gone on for too long! come on you gunners give me a better performance than saturday!

  12. […] Denilsons defensive works and positioning is very poor, His workrate when tracking back is poor. We on the TFG Blog has said before that he is the problem to why Cesc’s recent form has dropped. Link […]

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