Wenger gets the tactics wrong as Arsenal get a point!

Today Wenger showed his darkside and for some crazy reason decided to play a negative 4-5-1 away to Sunderland.

Why I have no idea? Only a few days ago the partnership of RVP and Adebayor looked formidable Vs Porto. So why change it to a negative 4-5-1?

I really don’t see how Wenger expected us to win today playing this way? Adebayor was totally isolated and didn’t get any service. We only looked like scoring a goal when Bendtner came on and supported Ade.

The only reason i could think of this change of tactic was that Wenger bottled it after the 2 loses to Fulham and Hull. He didn’t fancy attacking Sunderland from the start,and was happy to come away with a point. But this played right into there hands.But i always thought that our strength was attacking teams?

We got out of jail today, and the draw might seem like a good result. But in the long run for the title, its been a shocking start to the season having not played any of the so called big boys, we are struggling to find our feet.

Cesc looks weak without a defensive partner, And this has been a fundamental error by Wenger in not signing a replacement for Flamini.

One point taken from Fulham, Hull & Sunderlan.Not exactly title form. Surely nobody still thinks we’ll win the title now? Looking like 4th place will be a very good achievement for this sqaud.

Its going to be a long season for gooners….

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15 Responses to Wenger gets the tactics wrong as Arsenal get a point!

  1. Norseman says:

    this game was bad. the bright side of it was that we should’ve won but the goal was wrongfully annulled. AND as usual: the goal against us was spectacular.

  2. LB says:

    I’m not sure which club you have coached but you are of course entitled to your opinion. Mine is that there was nothing wrong with Wenger’s tactics. Sunderland played really well. It’s rare you see 90 minutes of parking the bus with so few errors. Not much Wenger can do about that, or the fact that the offocials decided they did not want Arsenal to win. I’m happy with the draw given how well Sunderland played. But I wish we had the “luck” of Man U, we need a few freebies too.

  3. Gonner Forever says:

    Why this negetive approach. Flamini was also considered a useless player until after the season. Had the first goal stood wont Sunderland open up? Why so many cards for gooners.

  4. spurdozer says:

    Woho. You say Draw might seem like a good result then if it’s a good result I daresay we are not good enough for achampions League spot. All those RVP supporters can f*ck off now. Myles was right. He is a luxury player. He randomly awakes in games and is often sleeping. He takes a lot of time changing to his favoured left foot. He slows our fast passing game.

  5. Gerry Gooner says:

    Poison. We have a strike force that is undroppable despite only doing it every second game. However on this occassion the manager takes the blame. Even walcott showed some dissent when taken off. We looked clueless. Agree with the arrticle- the failings (such as not signing a Flamini replacement) are obvious to everyone except wenger. His post match interview was dillusional. Does he expext sunderland to accomodate us and our style of play? In some ways I’m nearly sorry we equalised cos it gives him an out- it gives him ‘we showed our mental strength’ rubbish. We will win nothing this year- but then we all knew that after the transfer window shut. I’m seriously angry. Sorry.

  6. Alan says:

    It was too similar to the Fulham and Kiev games.
    When teams deny us space in the final third we aren’t quite good enough.
    We don’t have the Bergkamp, Henry or Pires type player to make something out of nothing on a regular basis.
    Ade, RvP and Bendtner are decent premiership/international strikers with plenty of good points but they are not world beaters.
    Nasri might be the closest but he is as yet new to the PL.
    Flamini had that bit of niggle which gave us an edge last time round but of course he is gone.
    A fully fit Rosicky and Eduardo would make us alot better but of course we won’t see them till Xmas so basically we’re talking about 4th place if we’re lucky.

  7. dea says:

    wow, you must be a hidden Top manager from somewhere.. you are a joker..

  8. Fabregas' Dad says:

    I guess you didn’t even watch Song play before assuming that Fabregas has no defensive partner. Oh and it really annoys me how teams just always defend against us no matter what but are more willing to attack the likes of Man U and Chelsea.

    Sort out your grammar, punctuation and spelling by the way.

  9. spurdozer says:

    LB. If we are to challenge for the PL we should win these games. We need those players who can produce those moments of magic. LIKE TH14. But who says we are challenging for the League. Actually we are fighting for champions League spot.

  10. Chrissie Greeno says:

    I’ve seen a red squirrel in my garden

  11. Norseman says:

    van persie got assist for the goal, almost scored one on bendtners llovely pass and if im not mistaken he scored the wrongfully annulled goal. might be mistaken though. rvp is pro.

  12. Norseman says:

    well i was right xD rvp has what we need. he actually shoots, and he is clinical when in shape.

  13. adil says:

    denilson? instead of nasri.. what a mistake… wenger knows that all the shitty ass teams packed their load infront fo their goal and yet he doesnt start with his best team… if u dont wanna drop denilson than play denilson as the defensive midfielder, he is useless n e ways he cant even pass properly… ade comes back all the time instead of stayin in the box and so does persie… looked like we had 6 midfielders… and walcott wants to shoot from n e where he can… so far off and he shoots(against porto he did the same).. eboue and nasri wud have done more damage than walcott and denilson… i think denilson is only worth carling cup games and nothing more…we seriously aint gonan win jack with denilson playin everygame… he has the same prob as fabregas shooting from distance… we got ade so tall he shud close 2 the net heading the ball in.. even van persie is a good header…

  14. detroit gooner says:

    This team has no heart. They just don’t seem to be up for the fight the way the other teams are. If they worked half as hard as Sunderland, Hull City and other teams who are not as talented as the Arse they would be unbeatable, but they just figure they can show up and the other teams will roll over and die. Denilson is the worst passer of the ball I’ve seen in a long time. My son’s junior high team passes the ball better. Adebayor is just crap. He cannot control the ball when it is passed to him and he never makes the right decision when he does have possesion. Song is not the anwere either. I agree with the comment regarding RVP as a luxury player. He seems lost out on the pitch and is not much of a fighter out there. We were extremely lucky to get out of there with a point. I really think that Sunderland deserved all the points with the way we played. That match was absolutely disgusting. This team will be lucky to make it into the top six. UEFA cup here we come.

  15. Bill says:

    Wenger pleased with the draw, More like does not want to admit that he was wrong and we were right! Blaming refs week in week out will make no difference to results. We will be lucky to qualify for champions league this year.

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