Is it time for Wenger to move on?

It seems like the Arsenal manager and board are now just happy with qualifying for the champions league and finishing the season 3rd of 4th.

Is this what we have become?

The Arsenal board and manager just want to make a profit each season. They run the club as a business and think more about money then anything.

We sell players and replace them with younger cheaper players.We have become a farm.

Wenger said in the summer that he would not sign Barry as there was no sell on value for a player of his age? This proves that he is only worried about money. Why would he think about that? Most managers would think this player might win us the league,Not how much can i sell him for in the future.

If Arsenal really wanted to win titles he would have signed a few players this summer.

But whats he done? Allowed 10 players to leave to free up some money off our wage bill.

Wenger has said all summer that he was going to do his best to keep the players together and add 1 or 2 players. He didnt, He told the fans they would be reasured, We dont. He told the fans he would sign players? He let us down. Why bullshit your own fans?

Arsenal now treat the FA Cup & League Cup as a breeding ground to test how good our 2nd team are and dont really care about winning them, So what do we care about? MONEY, PERIOD!!!

We cant even keep players like Flamini and Hleb ( who are not even that good ) happy at the club.

I feel the problem is that Wenger knows the board would NEVER sack him so he feels like he has nothing to prove.I think that next season Wenger should take on the director of football role at Arsenal and bring in a younger man with some fire in his belly, Tony Adams PLEASE!!

4th place will be a very good achievement for this sqaud.

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And just incase you forgot whats its like to win anything….

43 Responses to Is it time for Wenger to move on?

  1. Muppet says:

    Nothing like getting behind the players, the club and the manager eh ?

    I am sick and tired of reading posts like this.

    You are clearly a glory hunter and you are not interested in either the football we play, the fact that the club is well run and our financial responsibilities.

    You ignore the fact that Chelsea and Manchester United have had a combined investment of £1 billion pound. If it wasn’t for this investment Arsenal would have won at least 3 trophies in the last 3 years. You fail to point out the debt they have built up will soon be outlawed by UEFA.

    We are not playing on a level playing field. You want success, I say, let’s do it by fair means and not by purchasing trophies.

    You are talking arrant rubbish anyway. The title is not lost in October and Manchester United are behind us for god sakes.

    Get behind the team and the manager.

  2. LB says:

    Muppet, I’m with you on this one. There are some Arsenal fans who seem to think we have a divine right to beat everyone. Get rid of Wenger? And end up in the Spurs situation? That’s insane. Wenger has said, unless you are suggesting (as some of you accuse him) that he tried to sign a few players in the summer. It’s not his fault that they are overpriced. It’s not just about sellon value. It’s whether Barry is worth 18m. He’s not. Try supporting your team rather than patting yourself on the back each time they perform poorly.

  3. Matt says:

    Well said Muppet… Completely agree with you.

    We also play the best football in the league, its the highlight of my week when we play, no matter what the result… I enjoy watching us play so much. If you want to sacrifice that for a trophy, some shit football and millions of mounting debts thats up to you. I certainly wouldnt.

    You have your opinion and I have mine, i dont agree with yours and you dont agree with mine but we both have one thing in common… We love Arsenal so lets get behind the team and stop writing this rubbish out of frustration.

  4. G says:

    i think you should shut up
    Wenger knows what hes doing

  5. Steve says:

    These bloggers really do my head in – they know nothing about the history of the club and expect trophies year in year out. Ridiculous. Calls for Arsene to go? What a fucking joke. What were you doing a couple of Tuesdays ago? Probably watching Eastenders or something. Arsene clearly knows what he is doing but it isnt his fault that there are now billionaires inflating prices for players. You talk about Barry – he is a very average footballer, a glorified Andy Townsend with no Champions League experience at 28, and you expect us to make him our record signing? Having a laugh or what?

    I accept that we may not be good enough to win the title – but supporting a team is all about the ride, the highs AND the lows. All the titles Arsenal have won in my lifetime have been memorable – obviously Thomas, the double in 98 with Overmars at OT, the double in 02 with Freddie and Dennis, 04 when we went unbeaten. I want it to stay that way, rather than have us buy our way to the title with shite football like Chelsea have done.

  6. sporazene says:

    Whilst Tony Adams will always be a respected and much loved player of Arsenal you simply cannot put him in charge of the club with his cv as a manager.

    I get texts from so called Arsenal fans calling for Arsene to go but they never have the answer to his replacement. Wenger can only do so much and was so unlucky last year in the league and champions league.

    I remember creeps like you in the early 80s getting Terry Neill the sack, why don’t you piss off to Chelskum or Man Ure if all you’re interested in is glory. We can’t all have what we all want, that’s what makes it so brilliant when we get it.

    Look at them poor sods at the bottom of the table, now if we were there you would have a point, but were not and you haven’t.

    In Arsene i trust. UP THE ARSE.

  7. Gerry Gooner says:

    Lets be honest- we all enjoy the quality of the football but you are lying if you think the game isn’t about winning. I agree with some of the sentiments above- I think the club has set itself the fairly achievable target of finishing top four each season. The ethos in the club is that we can’t keep up with Utd and Chelsea despite what Wenger says. Even if we spent what was in the bank they can always spend more so why spend at all? A pretty poor mentality if you ask me. The fact that almost every fan, every ex pro and every respected analyst all agree on Arsenal’s shortcomings and wenger failed to address them speaks volumes. He is in a safety zone regarding his position at the club with no one to challenge him. So yes we play great footy but all the AKB brigade- don’t kid yuorselves by thinking we are any nearer to winning anythin with this squad. A simple test – look at the 1998 or invincibles team and pick out how many would walk into the top four sides of their era. quite a few I’d say. Now look at this lot and beyond Fabregas I’d say no one- thats the reality. We are on a downward slope. Thats not moaning or bitching. I love Arsenal- but this is the situation regardless of what wenger believes.

  8. ewan says:

    I dont believe Arsenal has the money to compete with ManU and Chelsea. Wenger has done well considering the tight finances. Having said that, Wenger must also be fair to the fans who are coughing up hard earned money to support the club. He must keep his promises to the fans. He must do something different to win the club silverware after 4 years of barreness. If Wenger has no money to buy, then he must do moe to keep players. ManU is keeping Scholes despite his 33 years age. Wenger has let Pires, Henry, Gilberto, etc. go- such decisions are surely costing Arsenal dear with experience lost.

  9. vincenz says:

    Well said muppet, couldnt agree more with you..

    Stop all those rubbish posts and get behind our manager. The leage jus begun for few games and you already started such post. The team is actually playing well, just some bad decisions caused us the point. Why don you post more regarding this instead pointing finger at our manager? Something about “is it time to get a video replay or new technology to replace the linesman” !

  10. 7master says:

    These is downright crazy Arsene wenger is the best manager Arsenal have ever heard full stop. The board are clever to know if wenger was sacked their would be no shortage of teams to take him on. The facts is arsenal are top club football wise but in terms of support and finanacial they are not despite ing record profit second only to Real madrid. Wenger should be celebrated. I think if he was given resources similar to alex ferguson he would have won more than him no doubt. Wenger is the best manager english football has seen for a long time. So get behind your team instead of crying each time arsenal lose. Arsenal wins and lose some if they never lost then football would be boring but thank god for teams like hull and sunderland for making football more interesting. Of course it would be sad if they only rasied their game for arsenal but surrendered meekly etc man u. Cheers

  11. Stu says:


    His time is coming to an end soon but i think he wont go til the end of his contract in 2011. Now is the time to bring in Tony Adams. He said he wanted the job eventually. Why not bring him in to help fix our defence and 3years down the line Wenger will have hopefully won some trophies as a final farewell. Combining TAs love for defending with Arsenes footballing passion, we would be unbeatable. Especially with the current crop of kids coming through.

    I’m not an AKB, im a realist. I love Wenger but his ignorance could ruin us.

  12. Dennis says:

    I am as disappointed as the next Arsenal fan that we have had setbacks this season. I’m also worried that Arsene seems to be making strange decisions with regards to personnel and formations. Nobody was more surprised than me when, despite suggestions to the contrary, the club failed to sign the players we so obviously need. But to suggest that the board and Wenger are solely interested in money is foolish. If they were then they could have cleaned up and sold the club to Usmanov. They take no real money out remember. I believe we do have problems and they seem obvious to me but then I’m only a supporter and don’t get paid £4million a year to make those decisions. Robin will never be a left winger, a 5 man midfield doesn’t suit us. Denilson is not ready. Toure and Gallas together worry me and Eboue in this Arsenal team seems like an insult to the intelligence. But my support continues. Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.

  13. tony says:

    what the fuck is wrong with u wanker fans. wanger is fucking up arsenal football club. he keeps going on on about hes team is young but did anyone tel him he has 2 have a young team? is it the law 2 have a fuckin under 21s team? wenger is all about money. look what he did to our midfiled its all young boys runing around lost. cant even win aginst hull and sunderland and hes on about winnig the CL. wenger lost it few years back.

  14. Norseman says:

    when a team has millions of supporters, there are bound to be some idiots.

    arsene is the man!

  15. tony says:

    wenger talks shit.wenger and hes under 21s wel never win anything. whats the point in playing sexy football if u cant beat hull at home.wenger allways on about players coast 2much to buy but does the dick head say anything about fans paying so much for they tickets? arsenal are a football club not a fucking youth club. what is wenger trying 2 do or prove?

  16. smudger says:

    This is a joke post…right? Surely you genuinely want to see Tony Adams brought in to replace Wenger. Did you not see Wycombe Wanderers under Tony’s reign? Did you not hear Tony’s words of wisdom about dropping Rooney at Euro 2004? No disrespect to the great man but he’s not ready for a top job yet, and that’s why he’s learning under Redknapp at Portsmouth. The only role I’d like to see Tony in at Arsenal is defensive coach to teach the lads a thing or two about defending a sodding corner.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your next article, probably about how Cesc Fabregas should be dropped immediately and Robbie Savage needs to be brought in to add some hustle and bustle to the midfield.

    Nice work, genius.

  17. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Tony Adams as manager, hahaha, you’re funny. Wait, you’re not joking? I suggest you should find help ASAP.

  18. AusGunner says:

    Ah yes. Make Arsene Director of Football and sign Tony Adams as manager. That will solve all of our problems.

    Unbelievably stupid thing to say.

  19. Prophet says:

    I like post such as these because it brings out the best of the Arsene apologists in droves with their foul mouths and lame excuses: we are a well run club, ManU and Chelsea have a huge debt load, Arsene is the best manager…blah…blah…blah. Fact is this Frenchman is an arrogant egotist who runs the club as his own feifdom with no fear of repercussions from the board. Mourinho was right. There is no pressure on Wenger to win trophies so he engages in this youth experiment to fulfill his own selfish aims i.e. legacy. Worse, he is one of the biggest hypocrites around. Poor Gilberto, as decent a human being as you will find anywhere, was blind-sided when Wenger stripped him of the captaincy and his place in the side in his absence, and without the decency of even a phone call prior undeservedly handed the captaincy to William Gutless. The same Flamini ,who replaced Bert, left on a free only for Wenger to moan in the press about it knowing that the kid was following a life’s dream. Certainly, that chicken had come home to roost. When Bert asked to leave, Whinger made this show of pretense whereby he was allowing Bert to leave as a goodwill gesture for his loyalty to the club. Shameful!!! As the biggest whinger in the PL he seems offended when a smaller club refuses to lay down and let his team of passers ran them over. The writing is on the wall. His will be just desserts.

  20. RL says:

    How quickly people forget! Lets ditch wenger come one boys! lets go back to the early days were the clossest thing to a trophy we got was going to Man Scum and smeliing the cabinet! back to the days of Borring Borring arsenal! How exciting! now i can cook a meal instead of watching free flowing football! Invincibles who cares! Doubles Blah ! Wengers Crap! Lets boot him! Lets boot the only manager who can STABALIZE the club! the only Manager who makes a PROFIT from transfers AND gets us in the Champs Leagues year in year out! Average age of 22 and that doesnt please you ! You mad you short sighted fool! ill gladly sacrifice the next 2 years and have a constant line of trophy winners rather then end like a spud win one touphy and bottom of the league! Get your act together son, or better yet the beer out of your hand andwatch the football!

  21. The Law says:

    Like many supporters, I was left baffled by Wenger’s decision to leave Nasri on the bench and play both Song and Denilson in midfield, leaving Robin to play as a left winger. As far as I’m concerned, Robin playing on the left wing only works in Football Manager, and never in real life, so I couldn’t understand his reasoning. It was almost like we came to Sunderland looking to leave with a draw.

    Their goal was a real kick in the teeth for me. Local boy, Sunderland born and bred, and he fires in an unstoppable shot that beat Almunia all ends up. When that goal went in, my mind immediately flashed back to Rooney beating Seaman, and I hung my head. Cesc rescued us, though, and I feel that instead of complaining about Sunderland’s defensive tactics, Wenger should address the fact that Gallas is no leader, and Adebayor clearly has lost the hunger that he showed last season. Perhaps dropping the pair of them for Djorou and Bendtner respectively would give us a chance to switch things up a little.

    And with all due respect to Wenger, I had no problems with Sunderland’s tactics. They worked hard, fought for every ball, and were well organised. In fact, I’m hard pressed to recall any dirty play from them throughout the game, and fair play to Roy Keane for that. When a team comes up against us, they know that we have the ability to rip them apart, and they have to come up with ways to deal with that. Some resort to kicking, which I could never condone, others, like Hull and Sunderland, choose to work extremely hard and they have gotten rewards.

    We have got to learn to deal with that.

    Now, as for the idiot who called for Wenger to go, and accused him of being only interested in business, are you Michel Platini in disuise? Wenger is arguably the greatest manager Arsenal has ever had. He’s built up this club from a mid-table bunch of plonkers into a side which consistently challenges for honours. And he’s done it on a shoe-string budget. Perhaps, in a few years, when the stadium debt is paid off, and the big bucks start rolling in for whoever is manager then to utilise, people will finally begin giving Wenger credit for being a visionary.

    Until then, we will have to continue enduring rants such as this from people whose only football experience involves a mouse and a computer screen.

  22. lc says:

    1 AW needs to step down if he keeps resisting to call that his current recruit is harming Arsenal.

    2 He is tacticly very poor coach; he needs independant assistant coach right now, who will be free to discuss tactic with him without having to fear losing his job.

    3 He needs to run Arsenal not like an executive business manager, but like a football manager who will need to show the trophy cabinet to fans and facing different type of pression with regard to that. At the moment I don’t think AW feels any pression to deliver any silver ware.

    4 No one has forced AW to go and buy very lightweight footballers who are very fragile to any physical challenge.
    The statistics dont lie; we have been losing or drawing most of games that were mostly physically challenging, and this for the last three years. But AW has kept buying the same type of players regardless of call from the media and fans like myself. I call this, an arrogant approach of managing a football club.
    No one is arguing against the style of play( so far very attractive of the current team).
    But what we are all calling on this current manager, is to pay attention to the challenge his current team is facing. He wants to grow every player(position) of the game, just like a farmer growing potatoes.
    For example you can’t grow a striker; Aw is refusing to buy a decent striker and we have to endure games after games miss opportunities for the like of Adebayor and RVP. You don’t need to be a football manager to see that his two first choice strikers are not natural strikers. You don’t win the Premiership or CL with team that can’t beat Fulham, Hull and Sunderland, and we haven’t even played any major challenging EPL game yet.

  23. RL says:

    For a Prophet your pretty crap at seeing things! Selfish aim to experiment with youngsters, ill take that any day considering we got Anelka, Viera, Flamini who as you say “went to full their dreams”and were are they now, ass warming the bench, great foresight prophet! Gilberto was old, Cashley cole was a money grubber but oh wait he is an England left back since arsenal day hmmm another selfish experiment, so was walcotts hat trick.

    As for thr 98 side yeah most would walk into anyside after what? Shall we look at them Invidually Prophet of doom, hell why not !

    Seamen : Was at the end of his teather after constant howlers”

    Lee Dixon he admitted he was retiring the first season Wenger came in, but wnegers dietry revolution kept him going

    Tony Adams: Every kind of holic you can name! Remind me who kept faith with him?

    Keown: how old was he?

    Winterburn: Went to West Ham and then retired hmmm…

    Bould: Currently couching the reserves he must really hate wenger to work with him again!

    Mathew Upson: left Arsenal and what happened after that come on your the propher this should be in your journal!\

    Ashley Cole: Great player, crap attitude Englands left back, but again who gave him his chance? Must be “the chosen one”

    Ray Parlour: Arsenal Legend and peaked under who?

    Emmanuel Petite Paddy Viera& lunjberg: please lie and tell me you heard of him before arsenal singned them

    Anelka: Bought for 500k and sold for 23 weres he play now after 9 CLUBS, and still under 30! Self confessed saying he should not have left arsenal

    Bergkamp: Thanks Pat rice !

    KAnu: whats he doing now

    So please prove me wrong, and tell me wenger doesnt extend the span of players. Please prove to me hes a shit manager! I find it funny how you play down wenger and the only successfull season you could muster was under Wengers Reign!

  24. Muppet says:

    Gerry Gooner,

    You are talking complete bollocks.

  25. Petro says:

    the article lost its credability at tony adams

  26. Alzation says:

    Sounds like this was written by a Spurs fan. Nice try, but I think you should worry about your own team before trying to destroy ours!

  27. Danish Gooner says:

    I still get chills down my spine watching that.

  28. GunnerX says:

    Whilst a move for Arsene as director of football come 2011 would be a welcome, the suggestion that Tony Adams should come in as his replacement, at this point, is just plain idiotic.

  29. Norseman says:

    i never thought arsenal fans was a bunch of spoiled brats. I am very disappointed!

  30. Norseman says:

    of course talking about author of this article and his like-minded wankers.

  31. jarl says:

    Wenger has lost it!!!Sack him the sooner the better!!!!

  32. Greensborogooner says:

    I am not arguing Wenger’s achievement at Arsenal because it’s pointless. I respect the man for what he did, and continue to do with all the young players he has given chance to shine. My issue with Wenger is that the team he has is good but not enough to win any major trophy, and to fix this team will not cost a lot of money, but he refused. I gave up when it was revealed that wenger had a last minute bid for Alonso rejected, when it was obvious to all that, Flamini was leaving, and we needed a quality replacement for him. Wenger is more concerned about his legacy, and he has the Arsenal board eating out of his palms like he’s god, so he will continue to experiment and toy with the fan’s emotions. It will be a huge battle to finish in the top four this season.

  33. Prophet says:

    Sorry RL, no can do. Judging by your lack of coherence and shitty spelling, you seem ill-equipped for this battle.

  34. So says:

    I just believe the club, and I think that they only win the trophies can keep the fans. If they can’t, then fans will go away, and no more income. I also believe the ability of the young kids, they are excellent. But I sometimes just concern the strategic way from Wenger. He never change the substitute before 60 minute in the match. And I think that he should give more chance to the new players like Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey….etc. It was so funny that he put the players in the left side that they were not familiar with the positon, such as Denilson, Eboue or even Diaby.
    If Nasri get hurt, Wenger should try to put Vela or Wilshere on that position.
    Anyway, I believe the quality of the players, and I still have big confidence of Wenger.

  35. Sydney Gooner says:

    I didn’t read the article – the title was enough. It’s sickening to think of the shallowness of the support that is out there – spoilt children? always getting there own way spring to mind.

    Get be hind the team and players – Wenger has bought us more success than any other… Can you not see what he is creating – OK it’s his 3 or forth rebuild but the youth there is without question. Do you not remember the Carling Cup 6 – 0 not over a fortnight ago?

    Vela, Wilshire, Ramsey, Walcott etc. are all below 20 yrs old and 3 hold GB passports….. it just goes to show you can’t please everyone.

    Only one team can win the league, and the prem is more competative than ever. to Qualify for the Champions league 12 years running is nothing to be sniffed at , and is not something that should be taken for granted.

    Support the team, and ask yourself if you feel lucky to support and watch the best football in the premiership, from the worlds greatest prospects of the game along with world establishe stars.

  36. stfu says:

    Completely agree with Muppet . It’s pretty clear from that article that you’re a glory-hunting plastic . Wenger is the person who oversaw our frankly brilliant move from Highbury to the Emirates . He engineered “The Invincibles” . Arsenal are a team that indisputably play the best football in the world . So what if at the moment the results are going against us ? Maybe Wenger says in 2 years we will be complete every year , but have some trust in the man . He isn’t an accountant , he’s a brilliant and successful manager . I hate posts like this . We have a bad run , so it’s time for Wenger to go . No it’s not . And furthermore , Wenger is the only one who will be able to get the maximum out a team he has nurtured completely by himself . I suggest you start thinking for a while before you go on knee-jerk rants like this .

  37. Dave says:

    No Wenger does not need to leave. He’s a phenomenal manager who is crucial to the club. His abilities have allowed Arsenal to keep pace with big spenders like Chelsea+ManU.

    Wenger does need to bring in a few more experienced hands create more overall depth to help the youngsters. I’d love a central midfielder to play alongside Fabregas.

  38. smoothfish says:

    haha, Tony Adams for manager?

    As Petro said
    “the article lost its credability at tony adams”

  39. Jesse says:

    ‘Is it time for Wenger to move on?’ – no u cunt!

    why even bother asking a question like this!

    we may be 4th place and we may even finish there, but we have one thing all other clubs envy – stability. only man utd have the same stability as we do.

    name me one manager who would be better for this club than wenger!

    you are a disgrace – you’re either a yid or a gooner since 2004! go fuck yourself

  40. herb says:

    ridiculous post from an idiot.

    do you realize that sunderland’s squad cost more to assemble than arsenal’s squad.
    The only reason you ‘expect’ us to beat them is that you’ve got used to having it good under Arsene. He is the only different between us and clubs like Spurs, sunderland etc etc

  41. d.j says:

    Wenger isn’t done yet and I don’t want another manage. It’s to easy to blame him all the time

  42. Geoff Wang says:

    Wenger shouldn’t be sacked. But neither should he be given free rein in the club. He should be given tough targets to achieve, such as winning a trophy, to keep the fans happy.

    I think Wenger is a brilliant manager, but due to his intellectual nature, he tends to get lost in his own ivory tower of how the football world should be and lose touch of reality.

    Fergie is a very down-to-earth person who knows what to do to get the job done…

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