Time for Wenger to drop Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor has played and started in all 7 league games this season and has only scored in ONE of them games, Sorry but thats just not good enough for me.So is Ade a 1 season wonder?

LEAGUE GAMES! This Season…

1) West Brom (Blank)
2) Fulham (Blank)
3) Newcastle (Blank)
4) Blackburn (Scored)
5) Bolton (Blank)
6) Hull (Blank)
7) Sunderland (Blank)

Both Bendtner & Vela have looked great all summer in all the friendlys and in the Carling Cup game they both scored and its time to give them a chance ahead Adebayor.

People will say that Adebayor works hard for the team and all that but his main job is to score goals, If we want a player that works hard then maybe we should have sold Adebayor in the summer and signed Heskey?

Has Wenger got the balls to drop Adebayor? I dont think so, Adebayor seems to start every game and is never taken off as a sub? It always seems to be Walcott in every game no matter how well he is playing.I think Wenger is scared of Adebayor…I feel its now time to give Bendtner a run in the first team.

Great first touch Ade….


And a special dedication to Adebayor, Enjoy!!!!

37 Responses to Time for Wenger to drop Adebayor

  1. RevBR says:

    Bloody ridiculous… Calling a guy a one season wonder after seven games into the league, one of them in which he scored a hat-trick? Never mind two goals and an assist in the last Champions’ League game, also an assist in the league against Bolton in a game he was perhaps the best player on the pitch (he even passed to Denilson so he could pull back to Bendtner).

    Never mind that against Sunderland he was alone in the middle of a ten men defense for the better part of the game, a similar scenario against Hull.

    Bendtner is a wonderful player, but at the moment both Adebayor and Van Persie are deserving their place at the starting XI. The team is struggling, not at converting chances, but at creating them. Why the hell should we drop a striker in a situation like that?

  2. spurdozer says:

    I agree with you 100 ‘/.

  3. Angelo says:

    Great physically, mediocre technically and zero style. Hate him. The point made about work ethic is spot on. The only reason he has to work that hard anyway is because he is so substandard in most other aspects. Bendtner and Vela don’t fill me with confidence either.

    We should have sold Adebayor and brought in a quality forward. Another piece of shrewd business from the great Arsene Wenger, just like selling Henry for 16 mil a season after Barca and Real offered more than double 9 months earlier. How does he do it…genius.

  4. Ahmad says:

    I think the time to drop Ade has come, because he has played all the 7 games but scored only three 3 against Rovers. So Wenger should give Vela a chance to show his CLASS. Gunnerz 4 lyf.

  5. TA6 says:

    I think its a disgrace this comiedian pulls on an Arsenal shirt at all.
    He should have been booted out this summer, we should have taken whatever was on offer to get rid of this bad apple.
    It makes me feel nauseus seeing him kiss the badge that means so much to me.
    He thinks he is our new Henry, but lacks any of the man’s class, skill and brains.

  6. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    Ur a tool and dont u know it.

    Ade record so far!!2008

    League apps 6, goals 3, assist 2

    Europe 2 apps, 3 goals, 1 assist.

    In total has only played 8 games total so thats 8 games, 6 goals, and 3 assists!!

    His record since joining arenal is 84 apps, 39 goals, 14 assists in the league.

    Cup 10 apps, 7 goals, 0 assists,

    Europe 21 apps, 6 goals, 2 assists.

    In total 114 apps, 52 goals, 16 assists!

    Do you notice some thing?
    52 goals in 114 apps is good by anyone standard

    Why are so many arsenal fans such dickheads, rather than get behing the team they all expert arm chair critics.
    Its Twats like you that give arsenal fans a bad name!

  7. king gooner says:

    “angelo”-your’re one cheery soul hey??if i didn’t know any better i’d say your’e a shit stirring spud/manure merchant or absoilutely f***ing clueless!!!!!

  8. Dave says:

    Adebayor is the laziest player I have ever seen. You need to watch him live to appreciate just how bone idle he is. He must get caught offside close to 5 times a game. If he isn’t scaring, he must be dropped as he brings little else to the team. He has little urgency and often slows our counter attacks down. Bendtner is a better option now and we should have sold him if Barca would have taken him.

  9. Dave says:

    *scoring. Although “scaring” could work in that context.

  10. Gybolar says:

    i think this guy needs om sticks t stop criticising adebayour and the more you do this the more i get to hate you

  11. thegoonerforum says:

    “Champs manager knows brigade”

    Adebayor has only scored in 1 league game this season.

  12. Arsenal Fan says:

    very good article , i think this stupid , arrogant , greedy player doesnt deserve to play in a big team as arsenal. its true that he scored 5 goals but 2 from them r fron penalties and one offside goal against blackburn . 2 things help this arrogant his tall and his body without them this stupid cant play even in the 4th division league. we need a big striker how i miss Henry in Arsenal

  13. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    yeah wat about his 3 assists or they dont count for nothing, his link up play, work ethic, team play etc. his goals in europe etc. he aint perfect but he until bentdner puts himself about a bit and works the back 4 a bit more then he is not the answer at the moment as he is still very much learning his game – so too is Ade, but at this moment Ade is more effective. Bentdner may become a better player one day but he is not now. Vela needs time as this is his first season.
    Im fed up of all the negativity with some arsenal fans, some times they moan for moaning sake.

  14. Tom14 says:

    If we drop Adebayor we HAVE to drop van Persie. There is no way that he would deserve a place in the team. I am all in favour of Bendtner being given a run in the team alongside Adebayor or Vela but Arsenal cannot play without one of Adebayor or Bendtner and why play van persie alongside Bendtner when we know he plays well with Vela?

  15. thegoonerforum says:

    Bendtner has proved himself. Check the stats, In the last 8 games he has started he has scored 9 goals.

    Like i said in the blog mate, Ade might work hard but his main job is to finish and score goals. We might as well sign Dickov or Heskey if we want a player who links the play well and has good work rate.

    And if we are going to pay this guy £80k a week can somebody teach him the offside rule

  16. Rich says:

    Crappy, dissy and pointless article. While Adebayor has missed a few good chances you cannot write him off at this time. This is how his game is – last season he missed more than he scored but still scored 30goals. Plus he has made a few goals – have you been watching?? Now find something else more constructive to write or no reader wil come back to your blog.

  17. ank says:

    i hate such articles… let me clarify… adebayor n eboue(not related to this but often a subject in many such articles) r the only few players left in the team to give arsenal some physical presence in a league whose foundation is built upon physicality rather thn technicality…

  18. Tom14 says:

    You are simplifying his role too much. You need to understand football to appreciate Adebayor. Plainly you are not the most insightful guy on the planet. But you have your own opinion and thats fine.

  19. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    look mate 114 starts he scored 52 goals, thats a couple shy of a goal every other game.

  20. thegoonerforum says:

    Thats fine, But his form at the mo in the league is poor. You cant keep playing him because of last season. Thats not fair on Bendtner

  21. RevBR says:

    You don’t like the player, fine. No one is forcing you to do so and I’m sure his transfer saga has caused some fans to dislike the man (my self included, up to a month or so ago) but no one can critiscise his commitment.

    Again, while his role as a striker is to score, Arsenal do not work quite like that. The Arsenal way is quick passing with lots of movements, and you can’t say the guy offers nothing when he drifting right or left or even just outside the box creates a chance for a midfielder or his strike partner. Against Newcastle he drifted to the right to link up with Eboue, resulting in the Van Persie goal. It was his pass to Denilson’s first and second goal in the League. I think it was his cross that met N’zogbia’s hand to the first goal against Newcastle, he scored a hat-trick against Blackburn, he was alone against Sunderland, and to some effect Hull. The team was horrible against Fulham, all of it. Against Bolton, not only did he set up the aforementioned goal by Denilson, he also set up the cross from Denny to Bendtner.

    While you say he didn’t score that much, I tell you he created even more. If he didn’t get goals under his belt, he created goals for many players that don’t usually score. A goal from Ade, a goal from Denilson… If it was Ade’s move that resulted it I ask you: what’s the f*cking difference? It’s still a +1 on the scoreboard.

  22. Angelo says:

    It’s a good thing you do know better then king gooner. I’m not trying to stir anything up. I couldn’t care less what you think tbh. I’m a football fan first and an arsenal fan second and so am not blinded by bias.

    It is plain to see that Adebayor is not a top striker of the caliber of Berbatov, Torres or Drogba. 3 goals in one game and we’re almost a quarter of the way into the season. Last season he scored six of his goals against derby. I don’t see anything unique in Adebayor at all. I’m sorry my ideas don’t coincide with yours but I’m not a sheep and never will be. You can sit there and blindly follow Wenger into fourth spot. Have fun.

  23. mmusi says:

    Link up play or assists is just bulsh*t you twarts. What do you expect from a striker that cant shoot and has to pass the ball when he shoul be scoring? Arsene better drop Adebayo and he has to do it fast before the others lose thier confidence……..

  24. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    did u not hear me – a goal every other game is prob the best ratio at the club. and his job is not just goal or else he would be another micheal owen who does fuck all outside the box or any linkup. This is not how arsenal play since we got rid of wright and anelka. its all about mobility, teamplay and working hard. I dont give a shit if he doesnt score all season as long as we win.
    And ade was never bought to be the main man like T14. he was bought to give us a different dimension. That the team said last season that the burden of supplying henry was too much as they found that they all ways looked for our main man. But Ade was bought to counter this and make the team play more evenly not just score goals.

  25. chris says:

    considering that we trebled his wages during the summer he should be doing a lot better than he is at the moment. Also the fact that we have not played top class opposition this season, he should have scored in most of the games so far. Its unfair that he starts every game even though he is not scoring. He is only getting on the team because voyeur wants to prove all his critics that he is right. Give bendtner a chance or even vela because they deserve it. Also rvp has had a shocking start to the season and should be dropped.

    Rhys Murphy is better than greedy bayor. The difference between ade and other strikers like Torres drogba or Zamora is that they score when the team is playing bad and they really need it. Like against hull fulham or even sunderland he didnt produce the goods.

  26. Gerry Thompson says:

    AW pandered to Gallas last year and made him captain this year he is pandering to a clearly unmotivated Adebayor..Theo ..first to go..could become a fan’s chant, and it’s not fair on the kid who is our best outlet.
    Adebayor should be dropped, Bendtnar gets through more work in his customary 30 minutes than Ade in his 90. Vela is class, but in the Premiership he is thrown on on the right, he is a central striker of the Eduardo class.
    Not having a go at AW or doubting him, but he does have weaknesses towards certain players.

  27. Championship manager Know Brigade says:

    u lot dont like him fair enuff!!
    but consider milan and barca wanted him, his goal scoring record, and the fact 2 of the best defenders in the league ferdinand + terry rated him as one of the hardest opponents they faced etc says that he deserves the chance to find his form which at the mo is not bad at all (8 games, 6 goals, and 3 assists!!) at least he is scoring.

  28. Tom14 says:

    Fuck me there are some stupid fans out there. How can his wage increase make him a better player? How would it make him score more goals?

    I can understand difference in opinion but there is no need for thick idiots spouting off like they have a clue. chris, you sir are an idiot. Rhys Murphy? The guy will be sold in the summer.

  29. jus.marvel says:

    as an arsenal fan, i must say that im disapointed in what i am reading. what i am seeing here are not arsenal fans but an arsenal bandwagon of glory hunters. two years ago, every1 was tryna murder ade for his lack of goals, last season when needed to step up (which was meant to b van persie) he scored 30+ goals. Henry scoring more than him only once. not bad for a player in his first full season as a starter. yes i agree he hasnt got of to a flying start but who at arsenal has so far this season. based on you lots analysis everyone but: the keeper, eboue, denilson, clichy (b4 the knock), and nasri, shud b cut. its only the last 2 games fabregas has come bk to his sences, theo has had 1 good game since scoring 3 for england. gallas n toure (lets not even get started), van persie only actually plays for about 20 mins during a 90 min game. so u lot jus hop of aade’s dick. but i do feel bendner deserves a run in the game. bench van persie. Ade n bendner seem to have gotten over there lil tiff n i feel the pair r our best combination (being that vela tho scoring is still settling into english football)

  30. Red & White says:

    Like most of you, I hate losing a game like the hull one and playing teams like Sunderland that don nothing but actually put 11 men behind the ball and defend for 85mins and try and hit us in the 5 (we keep being frustrated by wonder goals and set pieces).
    We all know that Ade is not the most profilic (which is why I pray for Eduardo’s return) but we still need to get dehind him and help him as all that ‘hard work’ running around withou help does affect shooting ability.

    But we also need to keep players who do well on the pitch and give Bendtner & Vela starts to vary attacks and give more competion. I’m no tactical genius but Wenger should substitute a little ealier if he wants a player to have more impact when required.

  31. E says:

    Ade has more assists than you think. However, I have almost shattered my television screen because of him. He should not start until he demonstrates his understanding of the offsides rule.

  32. terry says:

    Yeah I agree Adebayor needs to be benched so that he will breath & eat fire to make him more hungry I guess, as he needs 100 chances to get one on or near goal let alone 1 goal in 7 games.
    He just has not got that magic which you can say bring him on from the bench as he will turn the game around for you? 30 million corr!!! what we could have done with that? Bad business Arsene and take some responsibility for once in your life!! Guns blazing!!!

  33. russ thomas says:

    I don’t support Arsenal but love them to bits. Ade is the second worst player in the league. I don’t care about his stats, the stats don’t matter. With the service an Arsenal striker gets, anyone half competent should be banging them in all day long. His touch stinks, yes he works hard but so do I, does that mean i deserve a start. He was caught off side more times than anyone else in the league last season, how old is he? He should know the rule now. Horrible player, absolutely horrible. I laughed my tits off when i heard what Arsenal were wanting for him. I thought there must have been two Emanual Adebayors at Arsenal.

  34. SweGoo says:

    Yep, he definatly have to learn the offside rule. He’s anticipation and football brain isn’t good at all, have to improve that.

    The only thing about him that impresses me is he’s physical attributes.

    “The new Kanu”, was that a joke?…Kanu had/has a tecnique beyond the earth, Ade’s tecnique is just mediocre.

  35. JK echeverri says:


    will you drop f. torres because he didn’t score in his first matches ? lol !

    it’s not the best start for adeba in goal scoring…. but everything take some time… don’t panic man !

  36. chris says:

    Ade is a gowl and should have scored against most of the opposition we have played already. I agree with Chris. Ade should be scoring consistently after asking for his wages to be trebled. FACT!!!!!!!

  37. Tom14 says:

    you are chris you idiot.

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