Arsenal watch Moussa Dembélé

AZ Alkmaar 21 year old forward Moussa Dembélé has apparently been watched by Arsenal representatives in recent week.

Moussa Dembele who scored an amazing goal for AZ in the away match against Willem II. He first dribbled past seven men before beating the goalkeeper low in the right corner.(See Video above)

Dembele who has 16 capts for Belgium is now regarded as the hottest talent in holland and is tipped to make a big money move in Jan.

His agent Patrick Vervoort said “I often hear that these kind of clubs are sat in the stands but I do not know whether they are just watching Moussa,” Vervoort said.

“It may be that they have just come to take a look. The fact is that his goal against the Tilburgers has gone around the world so undoubtedly it will attract more interest.”

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6 Responses to Arsenal watch Moussa Dembélé

  1. LB says:

    He scored another great goal in the Olympics I think against Brazil or Italy. He has skills and a good shot. Doesn’t seem like a real defensive midfielder though. More Cesc than Gilberto.

  2. Stu says:

    That was fuckin nice. He looks a real talent but it was in Holland and the league isnt that good. Especially with defending. Knowing Wenger he will play him wide. LB, Is he a DM? I didnt read that above unless there are words i cant see.

  3. Manu says:

    Yea he’s good
    he’s the biggest talent belgium has
    and blegium has a lot of talents,
    after a lack of talents for the last 5 years…
    but he definitely is the biggest talent
    But he is a STRIKER
    so he’s like the guy who can score and feed Adebayor etc.
    but arsene would use him wide i guess.., too many strikers..
    and the goal he scored against Italy in the olympics, A MUST watch
    he’s going to go places

  4. Jesse says:

    No he is doesn’t seem like a DM because he is a striker.

  5. cawe says:

    Which Club do you prefer for Dembele future? Vote your choice… 🙂

  6. Chuck says:

    In a world-class team, he will probably be a wing attacker., does not score enough to be a striker. What is amazing in the video is, how he remains modest while the reporter is getting really excited there 🙂

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