Wag of the week: Cheryl Cole

The Gooner Forum (TGF) Wag of the week is Ashley Cole’s Sexy wife (Cheryl Tweedy Cole)

How did Ashley pull this sexy thing? She is lovley and 2 good for him…

TGF Rating 8/10

For more photos of the lovely Cheryl click here ( or visit the babes forum on TGF )

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12 Responses to Wag of the week: Cheryl Cole

  1. chris says:

    Its actually Cheryl Tweedy not Cole. and I WOULD YA, RIGHT IN HER MOUTH

  2. AvP says:

    I would suck cock for a chance to fuck her

  3. thegoonerforum says:

    AvP, Ashley beat you to that mate : )

  4. mrmoss says:

    horrible tramp-stamps all over her..

  5. stephen says:

    Yuck, the tatts all over body make her look like a nasty chav to me, typical spade meat.

  6. touretoure says:


    the things i would do to her…………..

  7. norway says:

    Excatly, thegoonerforum – spot on!

  8. Clock End Gooner says:

    I wouldn’t touch her, with your’s! The dippy cow probably has HIV, contracted from her lovely arse raping bloke!

  9. Donjohnni says:

    Damn, what disgusting chavvy tattoos. There’s your answer – perfect for ASH-LAYYYY.

  10. Dirty Turkey says:

    are those tattoo’s real., coz the one on her ass is differnt in the 2nd picture and the last one…..one loooks like a rose and the other looks like tweety-pie !?

  11. Stu says:

    Turkey, Cant you tll left from right? the rose thing and the bird are on opposite sides

  12. […] Wag Of The Week “Melanie Slade” Girlfriend of Theo October 15, 2008 — thegoonerforum Last Week it was the lovley Cheryl Cole >>> Link […]

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