Arsenal Keeping Tabs on “The TANK”

His name is Mevlut Erdinc and he plays in France for Sochaux. He is a typical old fashion English center forward. Big strong fast and good in the air, Very much in the mold of Alan Shearer.

Arsenal sent representatives to watch Mevlut Erdinc back in may and since then he has been closely monitored by the north London club.

Mevlut Erdinc was born in France but has Turkish parents, His nickname is “The Turkish Tank” and opted to play for Turkey and now has 8 capts.

In his first season with Sochaux he became the club’s top-scorer with 11 goals in 28 appearances. His current contract with the French side lasts until June 2009. And Arsenal could steal the TANK for next to nothing in the summer.

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7 Responses to Arsenal Keeping Tabs on “The TANK”

  1. Stu says:

    Dos look like good player, quick, strong, an eye for goal but dont we have enough strikers at the club. Hopefully Wenger sells Ade next summer for £20m(a bit optimistic) and gets this guy for nothing. That might make a few fans happy.

  2. Agoonered says:

    he scored for turkey in the int. break on saturday

  3. 49 Unbeaten says:

    Looks very good, but who do we leave out? We have RVP, Ade’, Bendtner, Walcott, Vela and Eduardo will be back soon too!!!

  4. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

  5. aidan daley says:

    in reply to 49 unbeaten, this kid looks exactly what arsenal need upfront. who do we leave out? well as much as i was a big fan of rvp, he is far too injury prone, ade’ has shown he is a mercenary and needs to get more goals to prove he is a gooner, which i very much doubt, bendtner is never, ever gonna make it in the top league, as he is not a team player but a 2nd team reserve flash twat, walcott is class but needs to deliver more, rooney was much more effective at 16 than he is at 20, but will eventually be a great asset to arsenal. vela needs to play more and will be a top player. eduardo will hopefully come back soon and be outstanding. so who to get rid of?? bendtner a.s.a.p. and rvp not long after. get this turkish kid in soon, he looks strong and effective.

  6. LondonGooner says:

    aidan daley Says: Rooney cost £30 million, Walcott has so far cost just £7 million so by my logic, per pound Walcott has been more productive. As for Brendtner, he is twice the footballer Adebayor will ever be, with a better finish, better header of the ball, better first touch and allround control and technique, when he gets arun of games he’ll be first choice above Ade, especially as he has improved his work rate 2 fold. From where I sit at the Grove he is the btter option over Ade and the sooner hes dropped for Niklas the better imho. But then I do know what Im talking about, you clearly don;t!

  7. aidan daley says:

    in response to london gooner. i am just wondering why you feel the need to attack my opinion, and why you think your opinion is more valid? i am sure there are many who would disagree strongly the bollocks you wrote, that you didn’t actually read or understand my message and that you must be some kind of a deluded jumped up fuckwitted pig poking inbred tosser to have written you muggy cunt!!

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