Time For Arsenal To Ditch The Elvis Anthem! We want AC/DC!

What idiot picked this boring dry Elvis song for the Arsenal anthem? Why were the supporters not consulted this? It just happend to dropped on us as our anthem,Well its shite! Its a sad slow song and will never get the fans up for the game. Our home support is pretty quite anyway and this song just adds to the funeral atmosphere.Elvis was overrated and fat anyway!!

I feel we need something a bit more hyper to get fans going.We need something lively that gets the fans buzzing and up for the game in a party atmosphere.

Our members of the forum talked about this in a thread and have come up with this little list of potential replacements for Elvis.

Click on the name of the song for a youtube clip.

Robert Tepper – Theres No Easy Way Out

The Prodigy – Firestarter

Star Wars – The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)

The Gladiator Movie Soundtrack

Foo Fighters – Best Of You

Rocky IV – Track Workout Training Montage

Linkin Park – In the End

And our favorite AC/DC – Thunderstruck How cool would this be to have 60.000 fans screaming THUNDER!!!!

What do you think?

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32 Responses to Time For Arsenal To Ditch The Elvis Anthem! We want AC/DC!

  1. LF says:

    What a coincidence, I was thinking the same thing having heard the song recently. The start is epic. This is heavier, and gives the mood I think is needed. Something like Hells Bells would be great too. Or ‘Estacy of Gold’, something that brings that mood of defiance, not some kareoke singer like Elvis. What about an Airbourne song, they are the second coming…;)

  2. Norseman says:

    what about dimmu borgir – puritania? lawl!
    i agree though. but i dont think everyone do.

  3. chris says:

    oh u are so right about elvis, did he even write more than 2 of teh songs he made famous?
    it needs to be a an uplifting flamed grilled whopper of a song, something like song 2 by blur

  4. Harry Barracuda says:

    A ROCKY theme? Are you fucking TWELVE or something? WANKER!

  5. Francis J says:


    Elvis isn’t that great but he’s better than AC/DC!! That’d p*ss off more fans including myself if you used any of that rubbish selection you’ve put up.

    I bet you’ve got long hair like a woman and wear black nail varnish as well with that sort of selection.

  6. Chops says:

    There was a vote…it was on Arsenal.com for weeks.
    You must’ve been too busy with Nurssery Rhymes or something to see it

  7. thegoonermark says:

    I agree totally and feel we need something to get all the fans going and inspire us. I’ve been to see bruce springsteen in concert and the beginning of tenth avenue freeze out live makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and i guarantee you would be amazing for the players to come out to. Listen to it from when the music starts as its builds up and up and is awesome.
    Check out the link and let me know what you guys think?

  8. chrys says:

    totally agree very dull anthem and yes ac/dc is the band to choose but i reckon “for those about to rock”… we salute you

  9. thegoonerforum says:

    Bruce Springsteen (BOW) Nice thegoonermark

  10. thegoonermark says:

    I’ve been banging on about this springsteen anthem for arsenal to come out to for ages, soon as i saw him in concert do it nothing comes close, with 60,000 gooners clapping and singing along it would be awesome!! 🙂

  11. warphed says:

    i think the elvis track works well, is classy and very apt

    right here, right now worked to an extent but the elvis is better

    and im not a big fan of him

    ac/dc ???? cmon get real !! it would work for some,,but not the majority

  12. GanpatiGooner says:

    Given that Roger Daltry’s a gooner (and sung at Highbury’s last game) and the only song the whole crowd seems to sing is ‘Who are ya’, may I suggest:

    Who Are You – The Who.

    Don’t know if the club will like the ‘Who the fuck are you’ line, though.

    We should definitely use more Who. Play the opening of Substitute when a sub’s brought on? (joke) ‘I Can See For Miles’ is a top tune which would get the crowd going at the start (better than AC/DC)

    How ’bout getting Neil Tennant to rewrite ‘Go West’ with ‘We’ll win cos we’re Arsenal’ as the chorus?

    or ‘Ashley Cole is a Chelsea batty-boy’?

    Ganpati bless

  13. king gooner says:

    now i know this might be showing my age-but has anyone listened to “emerson lake & palmer”-karn evil 9 2nd impression-the words start”welcome back my friends to the show that never ends,so glad you could attend,come inside,come inside-come inside the shows about to start ,guaranteed to blow your head apart!!it’s a dynamo- etc ……give it a listen you might be suprised!!

  14. jc says:

    it should be firestarter, the rest of those songs are crap

  15. Agoonered says:

    they shud blast out
    Magic System Akil Bilal Et Big Ali – C Cho Ca Brule
    its french jus lyk arsenal n its one of dem songs dat gets u goin

  16. rosey says:

    London’s Calling (The Clash)

  17. Gooneroobs says:

    I don’t usually write on these things but I am passionate about this – it doesn’t matter what song we have (although I agree AC/DC would be fab!) as we only have half a ground full when the teams come out. I was ashamed at last season’s ECL QF Vs Liverpool – our biggest game of the season and at the start only half the ground was in. Would we have seen that at Anfield? NO! The Kop is full 20mins before every game, so please fellow Arsenal fans get your butts in the ground at least 10mins before kick off and help drive some atmosphere!!!!

  18. Jonathan says:

    I heard we’re getting this Tresu mputu guy? init? I don’t mind another baby Frenchie tho

    Click here

  19. Mike says:

    Too true.

    Some old fart (and I’m also an old fart before anyone gets too insulted) has dragged out this boring number because they think it’s “lovely” and describes the football on display.

    It’s lousy.

    An anthem is supposed to raise the hairs on the back of the fans’ and players’ necks.

    The only thing this heap of drivel raises is “ZZZZZZZZZZZ” as everyone nods off.

    No wonder people complain about the lack of passion of our fans and players.

    How on earth are they supposed to feel all motivated and raring to go when there’s a gentle waltz being played out at full ball on the PA system.

    It’s not a wedding FFS!

    Really, someone at the club needs to get a grip and rectify this really poor choice.

    Something like the AC/DC number mentioned would be perfect.

  20. block93 says:

    I always preferred Curtis Mayfield tune Move On Up they play after we won a game. Much more upbeat and funky. Sometimes that gets me dancing on the terrace after a good game.

  21. Mike says:

    Oh, and yes, there was a vote.

    It was ignored in case some posters hadn’t noticed.

  22. King Richard says:

    Lets get back to Fatboy guys . . . It was perfect . . . Let’s get it back and keep it . . . Up the Arse

  23. A says:

    I actually really like the Elvis song. Everytime I’m at the Emirates it makes me think of all the great games I’ve been at. There was a vote, and the Arsenal fans chose it, and I’m sure if you did a poll at a match then the majority of the fans in the ground would say they like it

  24. jj says:

    GR8 song . This rocks ACDC

  25. dan says:

    hahaha glory glory man utd is the best chant!!! no arsenal chant is better. and Ronaldo chant!!! HE PLAYS ON THE LEFT HE PLAYS ON THE RIGHT!!! THAT BOY RONALDO HE MAKES ENGLAND LOK SHITE!!!!

  26. […] We should really do more to get behind the team and make it more of a atmosphere at the grove.Maybe get a band with drums? A fellow blogger on TGF even said lose the Elvis tune and replace it with ACDC? I would agree with that as it might fire up the dead….Link […]

  27. ajin says:

    for those about to rock we salute you ..
    by AC/DC

  28. gazzap says:

    The elvis anthem is awful. they could not have picked a worse one. that AC/DC tune rocks. that would get the grannies off their seats! much better than Elvis – we need some balls out there.
    I reckon the elvis tune is too well known to be an anthem anyway. to be an anthem it has to be a tune that is unique to your club -you know, you identify Arsenal by that song. no one thinks of arsenal when they listen to The Wonder of You’ around the world because its too famous in its own right. but what do people think of when you’ll never walk alone comes on? yes, Liverpool. The AC/DC tune is underground enough for it to become connected purely with Arsenal. I like it.

  29. gazzap says:

    its as you say mate. looking at the comments on this blog, 90% of gooners ARE w*nkers! so they get what they deserve then dont they.

  30. kenny says:

    i agree with ajin

  31. John Hardy says:

    Waht about London Calling by the clash !!!

  32. mike says:

    nowt wrong with the elvis track….arsenal are legends just like the king…

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