Some Advice to Arsenal Fans Traveling to Turkey

The Fenerbahce atmosphere will be intimidating!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008
UEFA Champions League
Fenerbahce v Arsenal,  19:45

Arsenal travel to Turkey next week and will face some of the most passionate fans in world football.

A few weeks ago TGF blog told you all about a crazy Fener fan named Rambo Link

Well he is just one of many fanatical fans that will create a hostile atmosphere for the young guns of Arsenal.

Turkey is a very nationalist country and they are very proud of a number of things including there flag and there former leader Kemal Ataturk,People in Turkey will treat you well and welcome you and have some banter with you providing you don’t take the piss and start to insult there culture.

A few years ago two Leeds Utd fans were stabbed and killed in Turkey by Galatasary fans for apparently mooning and defacing Turkish money which has a picture of Kemal Ataturk on it. Certainly not a justifiable reason for them to get killed but when entering the lions den its best not to tease it just in case it decides to take a bite.

After that there was the clash in Copenhagen when Arsenal fans kicked off with Galatasary fans in the streets prior to the UEFA Cup final.

Since then a number of English clubs have visited Turkey without incident. Proberly because the traveling fans are now more aware of the Turkish culture.In Turkey 75% of the population live under the poverty line and struggle to make a decent living.Football is there life and passion!

Inside the stadium you will no doubt be well protected by the local police but be advised that its quite common for Turkish fans to throw stones if there teams starts to get beat. The noise level will be incredible and the stadium will be full hours before the game has kicked off with a party atmosphere.

It will be an amazing night to experience,And I wish you all a safe trip and hope you all enjoy Ur time in Turkey.

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18 Responses to Some Advice to Arsenal Fans Traveling to Turkey

  1. Harry Barracuda says:

    The Leeds fans murdered in Turkey were minding their own business in a bar, and were beaten/stabbed to death by a rampaging herd of animals who’d been provoked by other yobs pissing on the turkish flag on their hotel balcony.

    The local police will turn a blind eye to any intimidation or violence, or blame the English fans.

    The clashes in Copenhagen were caused by marauding turkish youths looking for trouble, often being paid or provoked by Turkish television crews, coupled with some visiting BNF arseholes.

    Even Arabs think that turks are scum! You should avoid travelling to the game, and make sure your MEP is aware that we do not want this bunch of muslim nationalist fanatics in the EU!

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    Harry I take it you wont be going to the game then?

  3. Ed says:

    Ne Mutlu Turkum Diyene = How proud is he that can boast that he is a Turk!!!!

  4. Ed says:

    Harry you dirty scum, why is it that only the English have trouble wherever they go? Why don’t us Turks have trouble with any other nations? Reason is because every other nation has a respect for other nations and their cultures. the English can think they can come over to our land and behave like the true piss heads that they are. You all think drinking beer is big and cool and you get so pissed to the extent that you start trouble…….well here is a little tip to you…………..dont start what you cant finish, and then come back crying at the end of it. Gooner and Turk ‘tll I die!!!!

  5. Nick says:

    Whilst I would never condone insulting someones culture, if it is in Turkish football fans culture to throw stones at away fans if they lose, then they shouldn’t be allowed in European competitions,no excuses! It would take far less from English fans to be banned outright!

    But I hope all the travelling Gooners arrive and leave safely and enjoy the game.

  6. theo says:

    well the only thing i’m gonna say is that the turkish are very passionate about their football… sometimes they go overboard but it’s fine coz our fans are great anyway so hopefull we won’t have any trouble in turkey

  7. Young Turk says:

    Harry Barracuda you are a racist cunt. why dont you go and do every one a favour and go and hang your self. racist peple like you are the reason why there is so much hate in the world, if you go into any country and disrespect it, the people of the country will kick your ass.

  8. Cetin says:

    Harry get your facts right mate. Them Leeds fans were not minding their own business at all. In court Ali Demir said that both males ripped up bank notes of Kemal Mustafa and then placed them up their assses. Their was even CCTV in court showing that them leeds fans pulled down a turkish flag and started to wipe there backsides with it. If you ask me they got what there deseverd.

  9. Michael Rhodes says:

    For “Passionate” read “Mindless uneducated thugs”.
    Throwing stones at fans when their team is losing is surely something which the governing bodies must look into asap???
    Anyway, come on the Gunners, kick their asses on the football pitch with some fast-flowing attcking football….the best way to shut these ‘fans’ up!!!

  10. LondonGooner says:

    Been to Galatasary, Turkish fans are fucking animals and have the standards and behaviour of rabid dogs. PEople get stabbed on a weekly basis at Turkish premierleague games and nothing gets mentioned because of the general bad behaviour by their teams fans. Arsenal fans were attacked in Galatasary by the same type of scum that murdered 2 leeds fans (who were no angels by the way) So don’t sweep all under the carpet as FIFA do by turning a blind eye to the travestie sthat go on in Turkish league football every week and belittle the tradegies that have gone on. Its disrespectful and shows an absolute scant regard for life………

  11. bushranger says:

    Harry, what a nob head you are. Your generalisation about a nation of people is nothing short of a thinly veiled attempt at airing your racist views. Stop posting ignorance. Twat.

    More people have been stabbed to death in North London this year alone yet you seem to have a problem with something that happened a decade ago. Let it go.

    Its really quite simple: Dont go to Turkey looking for a row, cos you’ll get one, and they will fight to the death. Over the last few years English clubs have been to Istanbul and had no issues. There has been more trouble in Spain and Italy recently.

  12. bushranger says:

    Yeah, good joke Michael. I’ve been to Emirates and from what i’ve heard, a few thousand Fenerbahce fans will make more noise than 60,000 gooners even when Arsenal go 12-0 up!

  13. barrygoon says:

    cetin why i dont agree with what them fans did,does that then give them the right to kill them?
    and also in copenhagen we arsenal fans were outnumbered and they still tried to fight us.
    the media was going round offering money to people to start singing up and trying to gee up people which once rowdy all the trouble started.
    ed and how do you work out that its only english who have trouble when they go away?
    what about the turks,italians,polish,german?
    there is good and bad everywhere u go,
    english fans are now a target and thats no bullshit.

  14. Mark says:

    I see a documentry recently about the fenerbache galatasary derby (or panathanikos i cant remember)
    anyway it was absolute madness there were bottles and glasses flying everywhere including on the pitch. it was amazing the game carried on, when the players went near the touchline there were about 10 missiles landing around them every second.

  15. Michael Rhodes says:

    Ed….you say “Why don’t us Turks have trouble with any other nations? ”

    Check again my friend, Turkey has plenty of trouble with many nations….

  16. Ed says:

    Michael, are you talking politically or in a footballing sense?

  17. Michael Rhodes says:


  18. Andrew says:

    going to the match! hope gone be no incidents in and out of the stadium, but i’m ready for everything 🙂

    cheers, i have a 26 hours road to the match ! ! !

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