The hardcore fans are being priced out of the stadium at Arsenal,We want standing back!

And that’s why we have a poor Atmosphere at home games

Ive been to football games all over the world and i have to say the Arsenal fans are NOW the quietest set of fans i have ever seen.

Our fans just come to games and sit their like they are at a cinema, We need to get the place rocking like the fans up north. You go to some places it really intimidatingly and the home team are on a high and its almost like a goal start to them.

I remember a few season ago Arsenal played away to Liverpool and Henry came off the pitch and said how great the Liverpool fans were and how they didn’t stop singing and the sound breathtaking.

So what can we do to improve things at home games?

Our away fans are quality, Maybe its because they are die hard gooners who will take annual leave at work to watch the team.They are the real fans and not the plastic twats that turn up late and leave early that you see week in week at at Arsenal.

I think the problem is that Arsenal have got to many yuppie type fans who turn up and have a few bottles of champagne and don’t really care about the team, its just a day out for them.

But why should this be a problem for Arsenal FC. The yuppies are paying big money to watch games.And Arsenal stopped carrying about the real local fans a long time ago.

IMO Arsenal need to lower prices and get more of the proper fans back into grounds. most of the working class fans have to go to the pub to watch the games.Or bring back a small standing area.

They are the type of fans we need back at Arsenal. The Average joe who works long hours and loves the game who turns and has passion for the club. Not some toffee noses rest boy who could not tell you the name of our reserve keeper.

I remember my old man giving me a tenner as a kid on a Saturday morning and then going off to the North Bank with a few mate. We use to stand behind the goal and we use to see the same faces standing in the same spot every home game. A program and a burger and i still have enough money to get a bus home. All that out of a tenner. Now you need to take out a loan to go and watch a game. And thats whats killed the real fans in football. The heart and soul of the club, Local and real fans that showed passion.

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Updated, Thanks to highbury library for this video link.

Johnny Rotten Slags Off New Arsenal Stadium

19 Responses to The hardcore fans are being priced out of the stadium at Arsenal,We want standing back!

  1. James says:

    The more successful your team is the less vocal the support you get. We’ve seen it at Manchester Utd, Chelsea, and Arsenal – but Liverpool have not won the Premier League for 20 years.

    It also has a lot to do with location. In a wealthy city like London football is important to a lot of football, but does not mean as much as it does in a run down dump like Liverpool. You can see that the world over, teams that have fantastic support in shithole countries where football is their only means of escape.

  2. Silverpapa says:

    Sad to hear it..
    As the last three years without any silverware, affording the increasing ticket price for average fans must be one big thing that club and arsene wenger to think about.
    Event the debt of the stadium should not keep the real fans out of emirates

  3. skeptic says:

    Getting the real working class fan won’t change a thing. Football crowds have changed too much now, more kids more women, all suppressing the noise level.

    People get in late now, remember when you had to be in place more than 90 minutes before kickoff to get into the middle of the northbank, the atmosphere building as the ground filled up?

    Now the ground is two thirds empty till 10 minutes before the whistle.

  4. stonroy says:

    Thank god someone has finally said it. Our home support is the worst in the league. NO NOISE AT ALL@! It’s filled with wannabe gooner wankers….But nothing will change! ut thank god someone has said it, there are some out there who think we are still great. Poor dissillusioned sods.

  5. Robthegooner says:

    Get over yourself mate. Football has changed and so have the people that watch it. Being a so called “working class” fan does not make someone any more passionate than anyone else. I have been watching Arsenal for years both home and away but haven’t been able to get a standard season ticket due to the crazy waiting list. I have been able to get a club level seat and I am fortunate that I can afford it. So because I sit at club level does that make me less of a fan than you? Yes there are corporate people who attend games at the Emirates but their money contributes towards the sucess of the club. For the record I never leave early and it annoys me just as much as it annoys you. As for your comments about Arsenal fans being the quietest set of fans – do you actually go to games? The noise levels and atmosphere depends on who we’re playing. The game against Newcastle a few weeks ago had a great atmosphere – loads of singing and the place was rocking. I don’t usually comment on blogs but your article was so rubbish I just couldn’t reisist.

  6. 1964 says:

    Listen mate, we can all go back years and give it “all that and change out of a tenner” My 1st match was in 1964, i probably got change out of 5 bob!!
    It’s always been like that “The Highbury Library” It’s just the way we are at Home. It’s not to do with Toffe nosed rest boys (whatever they are).

  7. justin says:

    hear hear

  8. Iceman (Bergkamp still rules) says:

    Nice Post!
    I am a big, big Arsenal Fan from Germany and I visited Highbury often till 2001. Then I could not get tickets anymore, and I was not a gold, silvermember and I will never see Arsenal play again.

    This stupid Membershipthings leave a lot people out of the stadium, who really care about the club. Even if they are from abrought like me! And even if their (like mine) English is bad!!!

  9. LondonGooner says:

    The atmousphere is actually very good. From the 5 home games I have been to this season and the many each previous season I think your opinion is totally inaccurate!

  10. Macca 03/04 says:

    I’m glad this issue has been brought up cos I have become embarrassed by our home support. Too many corporate wankers, familys (girlfriends who r dragged along n dont give a shit), and people who dont know anything about the club. When I stand up and sing my heart out I often get looked at as if to say ‘can you please sit down and be quiet’….Err no I fucking cant! Its a footy match, we are there2get behind the team, at anfield they describe it as the 12th man, why why why cant we emulate that! We have the nicest stadium in the league but the most pathetic atmosphere! So frustrating!

  11. highbury library says:

    John Lydon sums it up quite nicely

  12. Rosetinted says:

    Get over yourselves, don’t you have anything more important to think about?
    What moron wrote this article? Do you actually read anything other than the back page of your newspaper?
    It may be that Arsenal have to reduce prices due to the coming recession anyway.
    As for the support like the poster above me said, we are a London club and football is not the be and end all of our lives. Doesn’t mean we don’t care as much as anyone. The clubs with the most vociferous support also tend to be those with the highest number of fascist support Millwall, Cardiff, etc etc I’m proud of the crowd we get at Arsenal which is generally very tolerant to people of all walks of life, all races, women and children.

  13. Rosetinted says:

    Ah the same John Lydon who keeps it so real that he ha just appeared on a television advert for butter. Nice one mate. That really in the ‘punk’ spirit as was his performance on some reality tv show a few years back. Now really people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones should they?

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    Rosetinted, “football is not the be and end all of our lives” You sir sum up the new breed of gooner. Some of us do live for football and the Arsenal. Its a shame that the club now has fans like you. I cried when we got beat by the scum last season in the carling cup. I didnt hide the fact that it hurt. I love the club and they are the most passionate thing in my life.You are telling me to get over myself and have called me a moron for wanting working class people back in football. Like i said you are everything that in wrong in football. I bet you are not older then 20.

  15. Ginger Gooner says:

    Few problems – and it is not the “yupiee fans” it is you old lot. I’ve sat at a game where there was old man, and a man who I assume was his son – both apperead to me as average working class people – I’m sure in their youth both used to sing and chant, but they just sat there until we scored – meant that the people next to, and behind did not feel inclined to stand up and sing – that kind of attitude is all around the stadium. It is mostly the older season ticket holders who have been going for years, only tend to make a noise when we are winning. I’ve also seen similar situations, again, not yupiee’s but av’ working class men, now there are more tickets – bringing their kids (saw, under 14) – the father looked almost embarassed on the few time he did join in with the “arsssssenal, arsssenal” chant.

    Also, the problem at the ‘grove is that it hasn’t yet established the areas to be in yet – well, there is the “red action” area (lower tier, to the right of the dugs outs – if you were facing them) – been there twice, and it is quality – signing and chanting the whole game. But there is no north bank and clock end where you knew that if you were there, you could join in with the chanting.

    Also – if your sitting upper tier, towards the back, where quite a lot of the young people, like myself, who only have red membership sit – feel out of the game, because of all the old season ticket holders (see above) won’t join in.

    Arsenal don’t have too many songs either – no “you’ll never walk alone” to join in with.

    I think the club needs to address the whole situation, by moving people around (gunnerblog mentioned this a while back) – have designated areas where people will be singing – if you don’t like singing, don’t sit there.

    It would work, if you had the red action, then that area opposite – above and next to the away fans – you’d get end-to-end chanting.

  16. Rosetinted says:

    No goonerforum you have just confirmed that you are indeed a very very sad man. Arsenal are your life? You have no control over what happens with Arsenal or how well they do, all you is watch. Why don’t you try to achieve something for yourself, your more passionate about Arsenal than your kids? or your wife?
    Your life must be seriously dull or your just making it up. I’m older than 20 mate and I am totally gutted when we lose, it can put me in a bad mood for a couple of days and I hate myself for that. However everything in perspective, and no Arsenal will never be the be all and end all of my life. I’m just not that sad.
    Oh yeah what the fuck does working class mean these days?
    What kind of bullshit statement is that

  17. thegoonerforum says:

    Rosetinted if being a very sad man is loveing my football team then yes i am sad. But its my life, And Arsenal are very much apart of that

  18. John says:

    8000 fans being blamed for silence in a stadium that holds over 60,000?

    Don’t knock people for working hard mate. If you can’t afford a ticket, get a part time job or address the reason your occupation pays so badly.

    If we didn’t have the expensive tickets, Arsenal wouldn’t be able to afford a £100million wage bill and things wouldn’t be looking quite so great financially.

    Maybe if you could spell and write properly, you’d be in a better paid job and be able to afford a ticket.

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