Will another trophyless season lead to Cesc moving?

Gfx designed by Liridon

Gfx designed by Liridon

Simple question.

If Arsenal fail to win a trophy this season,will Cesc Fabregas be the next player out the Emirates door ?

Its fairly obvious that Cesc is without doubt the heart and soul of the team,without him the team does not look or play the same way.Fabregas has now got the taste of success by lifting the European Championship this summer,will he be thinking in the back of his mind that Arsenal are a sinking ship ?

He has seen two of his best friends in Hleb and Flamini leave the club this summer,Its only a matter of time before he also heads for the exit door.We all know that he will return to Spain one day but I feel it could be sooner rather than later.

If we are to win a trophy,which one would make the young Spaniard stay
Would the Carling Cup or FA Cup do ?
Or will it take the league title or Champions league ?

I think if Wenger doesn’t show Cesc that he is determined to make Arsenal champions of England once again,Fabregas will think that he is better off elsewhere.The World cup is fastly approaching and It is clear to see that Spanish players playing outside Spain are not looked at in the same light as their domestic counterparts.This could be another major factor in Cesc’s future.

I’m really worried that next summer when the Barcelona’s and Real’s come knocking Fabregas will answer the door.

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9 Responses to Will another trophyless season lead to Cesc moving?

  1. Damian says:

    He can,t leave he can get sold but he can,t leave he signed an 8 year contract to 2012 so 2010 is the earliest he has a say & i think he signed a 2 year exstention to 2014

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    Henry signed a 2 year extension the season before we sold him mate. Contracts mean nothing in football

  3. judith Le'Strange says:

    Of course he will, I can even see him going in the January transfer window, and another one I would definitely get rid of is Gallas, as a captain he’s useless, he doesn’t lead by example and then slags the team off, saying they don’t fight to win not like his beloved Chelsea. So please Mr Wenger get rid of him now and install either Toure or Fabregas who do lead by example.

  4. PJGooner says:

    Damian – who are you kidding, of course he can leave!

    If we win nothing this year he will leave there is no question about it. It makes me sad to say as a die hard Gooner, but he should go, he needs to be at the top, winning trophies, if Wenger, the Board and Arsenal can not give him that, for his own career, he should move on.

    Now on the bright side…. we will not win the league, that’s Chelski’s this year, but there is no reason at all we can not win 1 or more of the cups.

  5. oldgooner says:

    If his commitment to Arsenal is based on what he can win then let him go. I would rather support a mid table team who have players who love the club than a bunch of over paid mercenaries whos’e level of commitmenbt is dependent on their medal collection. We have some formidable young talent coming through and if we can keep them together then in 2 -3 years the title will be coming home. Fabregas misses his over rated mate Hleb and the dynamic Flamini – they have mnot exactly set the world alight since their departure. Maybe he should consider the fate of other so called stars who felt compelled to leave. He has done us proud so let him go and take that other over rated and over paid wanker Adebyour with him.

  6. La Arse says:

    “It is clear to see that Spanish players playing outside Spain are not looked at in the same light as their domestic counterparts”. Torres anyone?

  7. Serguey-Serge says:

    ous season is already over and done.So he can leave on the next jet to Barcelona,lol,f**k,it’s kinda hard to be laughing out loud about that!!!

  8. theo says:

    what do you mean by ” if Wenger doesn’t show Cesc that he is determined to make Arsenal champions of England once again,Fabregas will think that he is better off elsewhere”. it’s completely the opposite. if fabregas doesn”t trust his manager’s philosophy or ideas then maybe wenger will let him go. i just think fabgreags is stoo mature to come out and say stuff like that. i think it’s ok if he sometimes sais his dream is to play for barca, but when he sais his level is not the same this year coz hleb,flamini and rosicky are not there that means he is indirectly saying that denilson, nasri and the other guys are the reasons for him not being the same player which for me is honestly bullshit. cesc is mature enough and im sure he will know he shouldn’t have said it like that.

  9. The Brain says:

    Fabregas loves Arsenal but something tells me he is feeling homesick.

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