Arsenal 3-1 Everton ( Players Ratings )

Players ratings by Sp1r0r

  • Almunia 8
    One great save from Yakubu and saved our a$$ a couple of times too. Turning out to be a very solid and consistent goalkeeper.
  • Song 6
    Poor as a rightback but fared better at centreback. Still not the finished article but is learning. Nearly had a costly error which might have ended up in a goal.
  • Toure 6
    Solid till went off injured.
  • Silvestre 8
    Coped well with the long balls and was the best defender all night.
  • Clichy 7
    Managed to keep his cool and was near his high standards.
  • Eboue 7
    Don’t want to talk about the first half. When at rightback, looked a much better player. Contributes more in attack when he plays in defence.
  • Denilson 6
    Tried hard but no outcome. Was solid in possession.
  • Fabregas 6
    Subdued. A few passes were poor but still made our team tick.
  • Nasri 8
    Impressive throughout and scored a goal noone else in the team wanted to score. Unfortunate about the injury. The commentator said he was a “deceptively strong player”.
  • Adebayor 6
    Did ok but should have at least did better with his chances.
  • Van Persie 7
    Missed the goal from 6 yards out but redeemed himself with the goal. Should have gotten a penalty.
  • Walcott 8
    No doubt was the difference. Was involved throughout and created space for other players. Really well taken goal too.

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15 Responses to Arsenal 3-1 Everton ( Players Ratings )

  1. Stu says:

    I would have given Clichy man of the match if only for his second half performance. Suprised yoy gave Adebayor a 6. I would have give him about 4. He was useless all day long only waking up for Van Persies gal. Defo doesnt deserve a start against Fernebache. Vela and Nik should start if both fit.

    my team for the CL match :

    Eboue – JD – Silvestre – Clichy(c)
    Theo – Cesc – Diaby – Nasri
    Vela – Bendtner,

    But i would play Wilshere if Nasri isnt fit.

    But knowing AW he will play 4-5-1 with cesc, song and denilson in the middle with RvP and eboue supporting Adecantscore!

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    The lack of goals by ade is a worry. And now it looks like Nasri and Toure have picked up knocks

  3. jh92 says:

    gd ratings gaff i agree.

  4. Fabregas' Dad says:

    I think your rating on Denilson’s a bit harsh. He was definietly better than Cesc and was involved in a lot of our play going forward with Nasri, especially in the first half. His tackling seems to have improved a lot compared to the last few games as well.

    I’d give Song, Ade and maybe Fab a 5. I’d also give Silvestre a 7, don’t think he did enough to warrant an 8 but definitely our best defender and Almunia would be my man of the match followed by Clichy and Nasri.

  5. kALL says:

    Stu and the others.
    I do not understand why non of you see that the game of ADE is much more than scoring. He is building up our play as well. he is on the left taking two markings with him, same on the right and when we play long balls. RVP would NEVER NEVER be able to do that. He was our worst player today and if we had Bendner or Vela they would have scored 2 – 3 goals from the chances he was given. I hope no player an injury, but those would benefit and Arsenal would certainly. Last year we were VERY good without him and as he came back, call it a unlucky, but it was our worst period and with him polaying it was even more difficult. GUYS< MY ADVISE IS WATCH THE GAME DO NOT FOLLOW WHAT SOME! SAYS.

  6. HateMe says:

    the reason why denilson is good in attacks because cesc is the one who hold the midfield.. he knows that denilson might not do well in holding role so he did the job.. last season we had flamini to cover him and he can frequently up there join the attacking force.. it’s a total difference for this season because he don’t have anyone who can cover him in midfield.. denilson is more to an attacking player rather than holding one.. adebayor might not score but i don’t see anyone who can play like him in the squad at the moment.. I agree with kALL opinion about ade and we should not say that he is not good at the moment.. it’s the team problem because we lack some strength in certain areas especially the midfield

  7. Francis J says:

    Ade didn’t deserve anything more than a 3.

    Clichy was man of the match to me.

    Toure was sh*t before he went off – his positioning is really suspect. He was not solid at all. Fab did some class passes are you blind?

  8. P says:

    Denilson is playing shit

    i blame him for the goal
    supposed to be in the way of the opposition not running behind them

    and he keeps losing the ball trying stupid passes (cesc’s actually reach who theyre intended 4)

    no way a flammini replacement

    song, diaby, toure all would all be better as dmf
    -current defense looks shit coz there’s nobody in front of them

  9. john says:

    i thought clichy deserved more than a 7!! he was man of the match for me. i also thought denilson wasent to bad! and i think that ade hasent scored but, has created many goals for us this season. van persie missed a chance in the fist half, but i thought he was pretty good.

  10. TA6 says:

    Stu – totally agree adeego isnt fit to pull on our shirt as a footballer or a person, we should have taken whatever we could have to have got rid of this clown in the summer. I like your team has balance, I would only swap RvP for Vela

  11. Freddie71 says:

    Man of the match was Clichy for me! The guy never stopped running for 90 mins….absolutely awesome!

    Denilson gave a more solid performance and didn’t warrant the rating you gave.

    Sp1r0r – did you actually go to the game or are you judging the players from motd?

  12. Denilson is a waste of space

  13. Charlie says:

    I thought Silvetre was very good; just what we needed. Someone to0 win the high balls. He did not missed any. Was strong ibn the air compared to Gallas. Ade was Ade…..hard working and full of running to keep the defense occupies; no better player in the league for this type of dity….but yet skillful in theleague.

  14. Erichero says:

    What was impressive about the game was that all three goals were scored through a crowded defense. Our problem has always been that we thrive best when the defense leaves space behind, and we used three different approaches here: tip-toeing through the box (well done to Adebayor, take note all the haters), driving from outside and scoring from the angle.

    It bodes well and I hope we can score consistently in these situations.

  15. P says:

    cant defend
    cant run fast
    cant make two passes in a row without losing the ball
    cant compose himself before taking a shot

    every assist and goal hes had this season has been from some other persons hard work

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