Lee Dixon Highlights Denilson As Weakness



Last night on Match Of The Day, Arsenal legend and now Football pundit Lee Dixon highlighted the weakness in the Arsenal team and singled out Denilson as the main source of our defensive problems.

Unusually most pundits just chat nonsense ( Apart from Paul Merson ) But Lee Dixon did have a point last night and he proved this on the video play back at the end of the game.

Denilsons defensive works and positioning is very poor, His workrate when tracking back is poor. We on the TFG Blog has said before that he is the problem to why Cesc’s recent form has dropped. Link

Lee Dixon was right, The problem is that Cesc and Denilson are very similar as player and are both great passers but both are not defensive players ala Flamini, He (Flamini) was the reason why Cesc had a great season last,He did all the donkey work and allowed Cesc to express himself.

After watching Amuary Bischoff recently he is very much in the Cesc, Denilson bracket, A gifted player but by no means defensive. That now leaves Diaby and Song. I have always wanted to see a Diaby & Cesc partnership. Link

And i hope now the Frenchman has recovered from injury Wenger will give him the chance to play in the middle rather then wasting him as a left winger.

With Song I don’t think he has the workrate to play as a defensive midfielder at Arsenal.

Flamini was not the best technical player but he has so much energy and was like a little pit ball. Something we seem to be missing a hell of a lot this season.

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32 Responses to Lee Dixon Highlights Denilson As Weakness

  1. Brian says:

    Denilson has put in more successful tackles than any other Arsenal player this season.

  2. Arse&Nose says:

    1 Problem with that idea…Diaby can not tackle!

  3. Freddie71 says:

    Is it lets all pick on Denilson week?

  4. Spike says:

    What is the point of this blog?

    To continually slate the club it puports to support?

    Remedial bullsh*te!

    Paul merson talks sense?????????

  5. NorwayGooner says:

    Just because Diaby got a frame, he should be a defensive midfielder? He is nothing like Viera and really cant tackle! We need someone with much higher energy levels and Denilson might be able to deliver, but I think he needs to play a season on loan to get stronger first.

  6. squirrel says:

    I agree Denilson is not up to standard. Diaby can disposess, keep possesion and is a good attacking player. However we have not seen him perform in that defensive role so it is an unknown at the moment. I hope it is known within the team because otherwise there is no one.

  7. Hong Kong fan says:

    Would Ramsey be the answer rather than Diaby and Song?

  8. thegoonerforum says:

    Again HKF Ramsey is very similar to Cesc

  9. Ezra says:

    I jst Don’t agree with Dixon you can point all the mistakes Denilson makes but in away he completes Arsenal even better than song,Diaby,Ramsey can ever do at the moment he is an improved version of Gilberto believe me Dixon at the moment he is the best we have got in that position.

  10. Adam says:

    This is very true, the goal was denilson’s fault, and most of their other chances came from his mistakes and then refusing to track back. At one point during the game i called him as the new gilberto, who did the same thing, miss a tackle then jog back and watch. He’s a disgrace in defensive mid role at the moment, but he’ll get better over the season i hope. Actually, this is all Wenger’s fault, asking an attacking midfielder to be a defensive. Pure negligence on Wenger’s part not buying a Flamini replacement, it was bloody obvious we needed one, it’s totally his fault and I am not happy with his managerial performance this season, he’s been shown up for a stubborn twat.

  11. John says:

    It is about time the significant failings in Denilson’s game were picked-up. But frankly, we don’t have a decent defensive midfielder in the first tem squad at present. It was the hole that most of us wanted filled pre-season (just beating a dominant CF), but AW failed to act, and now we are seeing the consequences. I think we have some potentially great talent in the likes of Ramsey and Wilshire, but they are in the Cesc mould. To a point, that is okay, because given the attacking style we play, they can, along with the impressive Nasri and emerging Walcott, add to our offensive options. But all teams need to defend at some stages of a game, and at present, we are not equippied to do it, whether it is holding up the opposition with a solid tackling midfielder who can read the game, or our other nemisis of defending set pieces.

  12. Prophet says:

    Arsenal do not stand an iceberg’s chance in hell of winning a trophy this year. The team’s weaknesses are further undermined by the lack of tactical nous in their egotistical head coach.

  13. brdgunner says:

    denilson is a great midfielder and statistically the best at the club right now. I feel that the problem is Flamini is gone. He was a wanker for leaving a great set up because he thought the grass was greener elsewhere. Fuck him, we can move on. We need someone to do what he did, press the opposition in midfield and not give them room to pt there boot through the ball from 30 yards, as the Emirates seams to suck them in. I think that Song is more than equip for this. We don’t need a star to play here just a disciplined grafter. That for me is Song as we stand that is. An inclusion would be nice but that would just give the press what they want. They want Arsene to buy big so they can highlight how he has been against it for so long. COME ON THE GUNNERS. And get behind us some people seam to think we are Real Madrid and should be wining everything every year. We are Arsenal and should be proud of how we conduct our business. I am.

  14. jh92 says:

    put denilson on the bench

  15. toure tribe underboss says:

    he will learn from his mistakes,the manager picks him,he can only do his best and learn,so lets support the team….all hail king eboue too,an ruboin van fuckin persie best learn to finish better!

  16. G10 says:

    The club should have bitten their tongue and caved into Flamini’s wage demands. He thought he was worth his weight in gold and he was right. We miss him as much as we missed Vieira in the 05/06 season.

  17. Tivoli says:

    Have you never seen Diaby? He may look like Vieira but he as far from a defensive midfielder as you can get. Always involved up front, does not relish tracking back, and no aptitude for tackling. Same as Denilson and Biscoff. No knock on them, they are just not wired to be defensive midfielders. Song is the only one in that mould right now and would be the best complement to Cesc.

  18. The Brain says:

    I have seen diaby play as a defensive midfielder against Bolton in the Fa Cup and he played well. It’s just a case of if he has the discipline. Time will tell. Great Blog.

  19. Matty F says:

    Diaby isnt a defensive player, and when he tries to be he gets booked alot, so thus suspensions arise…..

    ….my question is why have none of these blogs RIPPED into our number 25 whom I am sick and tired of seeing in an arsenal shirt. His arrogance and uselessness against Hull, Sunderland and Everton has been shocking.


  20. […] Lee Dixon Highlights Denilson As Weakness Last night on Match Of The Day, Arsenal legend and now Football pundit Lee Dixon highlighted the weakness in the […] […]

  21. Ethan Hurlington says:

    I bet you were one of the ones who called for Flamini to be allowed to leave in the summer of 07, then, suddenly, he became good. No doubt you also moaned that Pires was too weak to play in the Prem when he first arrived, or that Henry was a winger and not a goal scorer…such amazing predictions have of course been proven wrong…Give Denilson some time. Song used to be the figure of fun for most Arsenal ‘fans’ who felt the need to highlight their amazing opinions on sites such as this…and he has improved massively since. Give Denilson some time, he hasn’t really played many first team games even yet…

  22. Ginger Gooner says:

    I hate the term defensive mid – the only defensive mid we have had in last few years was gilberto – flamini was not a defensive mid, just a midfielder, who ran a lot – he never sat in front of the back 4, he was EVERYWHERE.

    Think that’s why wenger didn’t replace him, as such, because on a technical level, song, denilson and diaby are probably better, so if he can make them cover every blade of grass that flamini did, then we are on to a winner, the trouble is, none of them ever will….

  23. clockendjim says:

    Denilson was poor on Saturday, he is still just one for the future I’m afraid. Sadly the reality is that we do not have a good ready replacement for Flamini from within our current squad.
    This is why so many fans were deadly disappointed that in spite of veiled promises, Wenger did not spend any of the millions available to him to strengthen this position in the close season.
    Will he admit his error and sign someone in January – don’t hold your breath.
    On another subject, Silvestre had a superb start, so much better than Gallas, but will he keep his place when Willy is fit again???

  24. rapha24mt says:

    i agree with this post. i watched arsenal’s match agnst everton and denilson looked lost for the majority of the game. i think he’s far too similar as fabregas that this pair has became the replica of england’s misfit duo lampard and gerrard.

  25. rapha24mt says:

    denilson’s unfortunate to be in a team with a better but similar teammate – fabregas, which may cost him his first-team opportunites.

  26. Rupe says:

    I can’t believe people are defending Denilson’s play. He’s a nice lad and good going forward, but he’s not a good partner for Cesc.

    He’s clearly been a big problem since the beginning of the season and has not improved. He was responsible for Geovanni’s goal for Hull. Great strike but Denilson failed to even attempt to close him down. We’ve got much harder games coming up and Denilson needs to start to improve at a massive speed if he’s not going to get found out by better opposition.

    Yes he makes some good tackles, but that doesn’t make up for his general positioning and commitment (to defending) problems. Of course it’s not all his own fault: he’s not really a defensive midfielder. But he knows he’s being asked to play that role, so neither can he be absolved completely. Too many times he just doesn’t track back, as if he doesn’t see it as his responsibility.

    Yes he can learn it, I’m sure he’ll improve, but he’s been failing to improve for too many games. At some point, someone else has to be given a chance. We need a bit more steel in the middle and whatever Denilson’s got, it ain’t steel.

    I’d prefer to see Song or Eboue alongside Cesc. Both of them have better defensive instincts, and both have good work-rate. Song has international experience of the role.

    And while Ramsey might be more of a Cesc-type attacking player, he could prove better able to adapt than Denilson.

    I’m not normally critical of Wenger but I do think he’s taken his “finding new positions for people” thing too far this season. Clearly, Eboue is our best cover at right back. So why play Song there? When I saw the starting XI on Saturday I assumed it’d be Ebs at right back, Song alongside Cesc, and Denilson on the right of midfield. Surely that would have been stronger?

  27. Gooner4life says:

    What is this obsession with DM for?

    Actually I know why; we went into the season with fans frustrated at the lack of signings, and now they are just desperate to be proven right.

    But if u carefully study our matches so far, you’d see that our problems lie mainly in defence(giving our soft goals) and in the final 3rd(where we’ve failed to break down defesive teams ).

    We play more than 80% of our matches against teams that put 10 men behind the ball, and so far we have struggled to break those teams(sunderland, kiev, hull etc) down, are u telling me a DM would help us do that?

    We’ve outplayed and convincingly beaten all teams that have attacked us – see newcastle(they were in form then), blackburn, porto etc

    You only need a DM against top quality teams.

    What we miss is a player like Hleb who is adept at keeping the ball in tight spaces and creates space for others. We do miss his creativity, fans wouldn’t like to admit that though. I expect this problem to be solved when we have both Nasri and Rosicky in the team.

  28. Gooner4life says:

    Just to add:

    Man UTD- the team that has dominated the EPL the past 2 yeras – play both Scholes and Carrick(who aren’t that dissimilar to Cesc-Denislon) in the middle, can anyone of them tackle? NO! does any one of them posses Flamini’s engine and workrate? NO!

  29. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    clockendjim Says:
    October 20, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Will he admit his error and sign someone in January – don’t hold your breath.

    what he put a bid 4 aqualani, the kid from udinese inler heck even alonso got a bid 4 his services so he did try to improve us in that department – either the player didnt want a move or the club didnt want to sell. so its not like he wasnt trying. we didnt get our targets so now we have to stick with what we got. so lets try and support the team instead of trying to find reasons to attack them.
    Apparently i heard desnilson had opta player of the month (dont know how true – so lazy to look it up)

  30. morro says:

    When Dixon played, I often thought he was the weak link with no pace and continually playing the ball in the air, but I gave him all my support because he was an Arsenal player, and this was as an established player with no chance of developing further unlike Dennilson, who I think is developing greatly after only 10 odd games as a regular in the first team. Give it a rest Lee. He will develope into a greater player than you could ever dream to be.

  31. clockendjim says:

    To Morro

    I have to defend Lee Dixon, he was the best right back we have ever had. How you could say he was a weak link with no pace is ridiculous. There was no weak link in the best back four the world has ever seen.

  32. Innocent Thipha says:

    Denillson is one of the main reasons Arsenal will not win any trophy this season. Song is not a solution either, Arsenal needs a player like Flamini to accomplish their goals because of his amazing workrate. Unlike Man U we need someone who can cover every blade like Flamster because of the way we play. Most Arsenal players are attackers they therefore need someone that good to cover them up. And ofcourse we miss the Belarussian genius. I still think Alex Hleb is the greatest dribbler of the ball on earth, he rarely loses possesion no matter how many come to assualt him. And he used to track back quiker to win possesion besides helping Arsenal to be more fierce when going forward.In the interim we can surely give Toure ( Kolo) a chance on that position ( DM) am sure he can give us stability than those kids, the Viera lookalike and co.

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