Adebayor has scored in 1 league game out of 8! Good enough?



For a player who starts almost every game and plays the full 90mins week in week out i personally don’t think thats good enough for Arsenal. We make so many chances in every game and for a striker who has played in every min of every game in the league this season to have scored in only 1 game is poor.

Yes people say that he works hard for the team and has loads of assists? Then maybe we should have sold Adebayor for £30m and signed Emily Heskey on a free if its a hardworking striker we want a the club.

The sad fact is that Adebayor looks to have been a 1 season wonder and now when we try and sell him next year we will be lucky to get £15m.

His current form in the league is terrible, only scoring in ONE league game out of eight.

He has played a full 90mins in games vs West Brom,Fulham,Newcastle,Bolton,Hull,Sunderland & Everton without scoring.

Based on his current form how is he being picked ahead of Vela and Bendtner who have both scored when given the starts this season?

Wenger made a huge mistake in the summer in not cashing in on the offside king from Togo,Loads of us knew that he would not repeat his 24 league goals from last season. Remember that 6 of them were vs Derby!

Now it seems that Wenger is scared to drop him,Would Bendtner or Vela have been given this much time without a goal in the league? Of course not.

Come on wenger, grow a set of balls and drop this clown and give Bendtner a good run in the team.

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31 Responses to Adebayor has scored in 1 league game out of 8! Good enough?

  1. Ole Gunner says:

    What’s wrong with Arsenal bloggers these days? Everyone seems to have jumped the shark.

    Adebayor has 6 goals already this season. Not bad.

    But his league form is terrible, and most people agree about that.

    But to proclaim him a one season wonder? Come on!

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    Alot of players have had a great season in the EPL and not been able to repeat it.

    Marcus Stewart
    Michael Ricketts
    Darren Bent

    I said last season that the real test would be if Ade could do the same next season. Well 7 games out of 8 without a goal is pathetic

  3. Ian says:

    Dear gosh!! Give it a rest mate, is that how fickle and unsupporting you are to your team? It seems like you already made up your mind you don’t like adebayor, but don’t come with your nonsense reasons for it. True adebayor is not in prolific form at the moment, but you aren’t looking at the bigger picture. You mentioned his assists like they don’t mean anything, when they do. If you actually watch football from an analytical perspective which obviously you don’t, you would see that ade pulls out wide and takes defenders with him which frees up more space in the middle for robin, maybe not the best way to get goals but what he brings in his overall teamplay should not be overlooked. No doubt we’ll get the bandwagon ade haters soon, the small mindedness of some of our supporters is actually scary.

  4. Ole Gunner says:

    If Ade finishes the season with this goal rate we’re likely to do well. We’ve played about 13 games and he’s scored 6 goals in the 2 competitions he’s featured in.

    You shouldn’t lose the big picture and just rubbish him because his league form is off.

  5. TheArsenalBoy says:

    but it isn’t just goals, i believe he has 4 assists as well. As long as he is creating or scoring I can’t complain. He played a huge part in van Persie’s goal this weekend and one could argue that RVP was much more wasteful that Ade was this past saturday.

  6. Ian says:

    Also one season wonder? We’ve played less than 10 games!! You lose credability for that statement.

  7. ronaldiniwho? says:

    I’d have to agree to him being dropped, yes people say he works hard for the team but i think its more out of greed, i mean look at him when he picks up the ball in the oppisition third, he stops plays it back to midfield the just stands there or too many times instead of making the easy pass and put another player through he plays a terrible pass out wide then runs into the box screaming for the ball hoping to score. Then there are the discracefull amounts of times he’s caught offside last time i loked he topped to chart on his own, he had more than the ENTIRE hull team who were a distant second.

  8. Aged gooner says:

    On one had I see your point of view, but all this panic button pressing when we are only eight games in is driving me and probably Wenger insane.

    What the problem is is that Cesc is anonymous and the team is having to adapt without the engine of Flamini it is going to take time. So far this our goal difference is the third best in the Prem.

    Does it matter who scores as long as we score and hopefully win.

    To share the goals around is better than relying on one marksman. While they are bothered with Ady the others score and that is without Eduardo.

    Settle down it will work it’s way through as even though he has made mistakes and he is not immortal we have one of the best manager’s in football, rather Wenger than One Day Ramos.

    Have faith if we are empty handed this season we know the following season will be something special based upon what is coming through the ranks.

    You could be a Chelsea supporter with Drody,Calvalio,Fat Boy,Ballocksand Maludi either reaching thirty or over with not much youth coming through.

    Let them have their day in the sun and the same goes for Man U.

    Scholey,Giggsy and Nevilly seen better days but having said that they are in abetter position regarding the average age than Chelsea.

    Watch this space and enjoy the rest of the season.

  9. Robby says:

    I totally agreed 100millions % that ade isn’t good enough for Arsenal, should sell him to Barca for 20 million pound.Then we can buy much better striker than Ade..huntelaar,villa, kun aguero..Wenger should play vela and bendtner up front rather than RVP and Ade..

  10. Spike says:

    Oh what an effin surprise!

    This joke of an Arsenal blog, doing its impression of a sad, sensationalist tabloid!

    The lowest common demomenator, all the time.

    Where do you when after you’ve scraped the bottom of the barrell?

  11. Spike says:

    Appealing to pre-pubescent fantasy manager playing sky sports guppies who have as much support for the team as the average Chav glory huner is like dead intelligent… Funny nhow you ask Wenger to grow a set of balls when you’re still waiting to drop by the level of the debate on here is effin hilarious!

  12. thegoonerforum says:

    Thats right spike, Cant find a way of defending adebayor so you attack the blog writer.

    Pot calling kettle son

  13. Muppet says:

    What a load of crap.

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    He certainly is

  15. Ian says:

    Ade dosen’t need defending, and to be honest trading insults is rather childish, but the fact is you are talking shit! You cannot call someone a 1 season wonder after like a fifth of the season, thats just stupid, to be a blogger i would imagine to give a full and accurate account of a game, you need to watch it a few times. Your comments leave me to believe you either gathered your views from MOTD (big mistake) or you only watched it once, and your obvious hate for ade consumed you and led you to write this silly silly article.

  16. Ole Gunner says:


    I think you can do both; Defend Adebayor and attack the blog subject.

    I agree with Spike, this is just sensationalist. The post goes too far.

    You can criticise his goalscoring but you can’t call him a one season wonder when his overall scoring ratio for Arsenal since he got here in Jan. 2006 is about 1 in 2, 1 in 2.2 games. You can’t call him that if he actually has 6 goals this season and we’re not even 1/4 through.

    And then you throw in a dig at Wenger. You weren’t reasonable with this post and that’s why you get strongly critical comments in return.

  17. thegoonerforum says:

    Lets look at the facts

    8 games played (90min in ALL)

    games scored (1)

    1 season wonder FACT!


  18. Ole Gunner says:


    13 games played, 6 goals scored. NOT BAD!

  19. Ole Gunner says:

    By the way, I think fans like you are the counterpart of the disloyal money-chasing player.

    If you can’t back a player doing well for your club, why should he be loyal. I thought that was supposed to be the purpose of all those songs we have for the players?

  20. Ian says:

    Wow!!!! You really are just making yourself look stupid. Mate your losing credabilty fast. The fact remains that most TRUE arsenal fans have reservations on all players as no player in the world is perfect. But I Think even those who do not like ade will look at your reasoning and think your rather silly. How is that a fact haha. You haven’t even put up all the stats where are his assists where are his champions leauge goals. Your making yourself look stupid, we’re all allowed to disagree but you lose when you make stupid comments like
    Lets look at the facts

    8 games played (90min in ALL)

    games scored (1)

    1 season wonder FACT!


  21. manny says:

    well said gooner forum even his first touch is crap

  22. Spike says:

    Anyone who uses the term FACT after a dubious opinion is a twat, erm…. Fact! Hahahahaha!

    Jeez, how sad are you?

    Adebayor aint my favourite player, BUT he brings shed loads to the team and gives an otherwise lightweight side some physical presence. He runs his knackers off, holds up the ball (check the RvP goal you plum!) and is rarely injured, unlike RvP, who HAS been pretty poor this season, but it aint the done thing to criticise him now is it?

    Face it, you were going for a cheap shot, an easy target and now its blown up in your face, you are reacting like a spoilt teenager!



  23. thegoonerforum says:

    Thats more like it spike.

    You are getting the hang of this now. only 2% of your reply was about the adebayor debate : )

    Point proven IMO

  24. Spike says:

    Thing is, what pisses me off about this blog, is that it consistently looks to criticise, regardless.

    For instance, instead of going on about how effin well Theo is developing, or how seemlessly Nasri has fitted into the team almost immediately, the promise of the yutes… But no, you wanna go for the cheap digs, all the effin time.

    It gets boring, sooooooooo boring.


  25. thegoonerforum says:

    Dont read it then!


  26. TrueGooner says:

    This is my thing aboout the whole thing. Ade does a whole lot of things say one Torres don’t do. If u don’t notice Ade is a striker that demand attention. and he opens up the space for the attacking Mids and RVP as well. This is where we miss Rocisky who is very good at running into those spaces for the return pass. Ade has quick feet for a big guy. There is a whole lot of good things to his game that is good for us. Now I know he is not as direct as we would like him to be, but u also has to remember arsenal plays free flowing football so players will be in various positions that is why it is good for the players in other position to be sharp on goal. Cesc is good passer of the ball, but not sharp on goal. He misses too much in the box, but I would rather have him on the pitch than most. And our light weight mids haven’t help Ade’s game either. I must admit that Ade was chilling a lot during the Everton game, but I think the goals will come… last year he score 30, but it did not come in every game, and he went through times where he didn’t score over a period… remember the hairstyle change… at the end he will still be the sought after player that he is. it is too early to call him a one hit wonder…

  27. The Brain says:

    I’m a fan of Adebayor and I feel he should do more sometimes. However yesterday he didn’t get many chances. Also I don’t remember him getting much service anyway though he should improve his movement.
    What I think Adebayor needs to do is just improve the link up of his play like at United with berbatov or Heskey for England and play around the midfielders. The goals will come but I feel the midfielders are not contributing as much.

  28. toure tribe underboss says:

    crap post,ade hasnt missed a hatrick of sitters in each of the last 3 games like rvp,so what are you sayin??

  29. Begeegs says:

    Ade does provide alot of intangibles that other strikers don’t do. He is strong, good in the air, and quick – his passing is pretty good and he leads the line pretty well. He is going through a transitional phase in which he has to play with another striker which he hardly did at all last year. Ok – His finishing could be a lot better, but he is a nightmare for defenders and if he were transfer listed even today with his (alleged) poor league form, he would still fetch quite a lot of cash.

    Yes, Bendtner deserves a chance for certain, but I am not going to cry if Ade is in the lineup ever….

  30. Hehe says:

    I think that Adebayor did maybe too many goals last season, it was not he who had to fill Henrys place. Adebayor is very important player no matter if he scores little.

  31. Stu says:

    No, Not good enough by a long way! Considering the team he plays for, the opporyunities the rest of the team creates for him and the quality of opposition so far then it is a resounding no.

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