Djourou Or Song? Poll!

With out first choice center back pairing of Toure and Gallas both out injured, Wenger played Alex Song and Silverstre in midweek in the champions league. And if I’m honest the pairing looked a little bit dogey. Wenger have overlooked Djourou yet again and I’m starting to think if this guy has a future at the club?

So who would you pick to play next to Silverstre?

Djourou or Song?

Personally I would go for Djourou, Song lacks pack and at times he is ball watching and not picking up the runners.

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16 Responses to Djourou Or Song? Poll!

  1. gazzap says:

    Djourou would also do a fantastic job as defensive midfielder. his feet are quick, he can dribble and pass and he wont let midfielders run past him. either way, he should be in the team every week.

  2. brdgunner says:

    I think it was Djourou’s first game after an injury in the international break.I hope he will play in with Silvester, it would make me more comfortable. Although we seam to have had a bit of the utd luck with injuries for once. We have a couple of teams we can beat. Utd is about 2 weeks away. As long as one of the two are back for that game we can do utd. COME ON THE GNNERS

  3. Livewire says:

    Arsene pleeeeeeeeease, Djourou for defensive midfield

  4. Michael says:

    Djourou for CB for sure. But I think Song will be our first choice DM, if AW was to give him his chance and a long run in that position.

  5. hertsgunner says:

    I’m sure that Djorou will get his chance. But I think something more funadmantal needs to be changed about the defence rather than just the playing staff, if you get my drift.

    Song was more of a fill-in than anything else I think.

  6. Ezra says:

    Djourou definately, i believe Song has no place in on the Arsenal team period.

  7. Goonerbeall says:

    Djourou because he is a defender and Song is a midfielder who is only good in as an emergency defender. Song is not confortable defending especially against quick strikers.
    He is happy to read the game and intervene to foil the move by opposition. In so doing he spoil the move before it has happened. Wenger should buy defenders and stop using makeshifts who almost cost us a game.

  8. GunnerPete says:

    Unlike the biased idiots on other sites, I would persevere with a back four of Sagna, Djourou, Toure, Clichy.

    I would like to see Song given the role that Deilson is getting at present, because apart from a few minor errors he has been solid, has a great engine and is fearless. He is also better in the air and would be ideal in front of the back four.

    With that in mind I would love to see this team line up….The back five above:-

    Waslcott, Fabregas, Diaby,

    Subs; Vela, Bentner, Fabiansky, Ramsey, Wilshire, Gallas. Gibbs .

    My real ideal would be to sell Gallas in January and replace him with a world class tall slim centre back who is a stopper. I would also allow Denilson to be sold along with Eboue. This would make room for some more super kids to come through. FinallI would hope Arsene will buy Hennersey from Wolves and go and snatch Sears just in case Eduardo cannot perform to his old standard.

  9. Ezra says:

    Ole Gunner says that best defenders like Terry and Cavalho keep out good defenders like Alex, thats true bt Essien doesn’t keep out Alex just because Alex is a better defender by trade, so i don’t want to read the song can pass can drift in field crap when at another moment he is to be caught out of position.

  10. Jason says:

    Djourou is a class act, and hasn’t put a foot wrong this season in every game he’s played. Same cannot be said for Toure, Gallas or Song.

    Also Djourou and Gallas seem to have a far greater understanding than Gallas & Toure as a partnership.

  11. Ezra says:

    Thank God Gunner Pete you are not our couch because you would have us relegated, true song can pass he can head as well but his work ethic demand alot more than he can give on the other hand Denilson is a better tackler more comfindent with his decision it go way back to the run to the curling cup final he played in that position against chelsea against liverpool with diaby in 8 and against spurs.

  12. thegoonerforum says:

    So far

    JD 290 VOTES
    AS 37 VOTES

  13. Ryan Smit says:

    song and djourou! silvestre looks more dodgy!!!

  14. The Brain says:

    I would say Djourou but I would still say our main problem is in midfield. Would maybe like to see Djourou in midfield one day. His positional play me be better. Song I haven’t been too impressed in midfield yet even for country. Was good for Charlton in an attacking sense. In defense he has his weaknesses but has good recovery and his tackling seems better.

  15. gooner4life says:

    Eveybody on here never has A good word for Gallas hes miles ahead in defence!!! Vela looks a good player, just look at the dark days when Sendros was in our team things can only get better!!!!

  16. GunnerPete says:

    My God Ezra you are blinkered when watching Song..and your knife is permanently in his back. The fact that he was the MOTM against WH proves my point….again!

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