I Hate 90% of Arsenal Fans! From a life long Gooner

Can I just say….MOST Arsenal fans are a bunch of know nothing whingeing tarts.

Wenger is 100% right, Our Fans are shite and should give more support to the manager and players. After watching the Turkish fans in midweek make a hell of a lot of sound supporting their team i now feel ashamed at our home fans, You turn up late,Leave early, Hardly make a sound and if you do get out of your seat and start acting like ” going to a football game use to be ” you are told to sit down after some twat behind you has started to moan.

Look at this, 1 Arsenal fan is trying to get the crowed going and start a song and is told to sit down and keep quite!

We should really do more to get behind the team and make it more of a atmosphere at the grove.Maybe get a band with drums? A fellow blogger on TGF even said lose the Elvis tune and replace it with ACDC? I would agree with that as it might fire up the dead….Link

Getting back to the reasons why i now hate the new ire of gooners!!

You moan if we don’t buy someone. You moan if Wenger does buy someone. You moan if Wenger only spends a small amount on a player. You moan if Wenger apparently spends too much on a player. You moan if Wenger decides to give youth a chance. You moan if he sells a player (even if the player is past his sell by date). You moan that Wenger doesn’t pick the same team and formation as you did on Football Manager. You moan about the board. You moan about the stadium. You moan about ticket prices. And….. you even moan about the balti pies ffs!!

D’ya know what? F*ck off you moaning plastic bunch of w*nk@r ‘s!!!!!

Start supporting your club

Seymore Butt’s 30yrs of supporting the Arsenal
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35 Responses to I Hate 90% of Arsenal Fans! From a life long Gooner

  1. gazzap says:

    stop yer moaning!! no I agree to a point. arsenal fans are spoilt but we’ve always enjoyed a good moan.

  2. Charlie says:

    It’s fucking sad that the stewards tell to shut up when trying to get the crowd going. Is it FA regulations or just at the Emirates? We’re strong at home, just imagine having a crowed cheering our boys on. Something has to be done.

  3. gooner says:

    mate, who’s moaning now?

  4. ben azoa says:

    Great ! Great ! Great !Article man
    Guys lets stand up and bring silverware this season by screaming behind our talented kids.

    i am a Gunner 4rom Blood to internal life Amen!!!
    i realy want to suport our manager craying for our suport behind the team there are so many points in it see looserpool funs they will never keep Quite nor walk away but (alone) even if they are 5-0 down .

    now lets’ get up and move through hourmony like the only Gunners.

  5. Steve_Gooner says:

    Totally Agree with you mate. I sat up in one of the upper stands and it was like i going to a Funeral every week. I moved to the Red Section (By the Drummer) and its brilliant. I hate it over there. They all come over with their suits on and don’t say a word. But are very quick to moan.

  6. Pete says:

    How can you say that you hate 90% of fellows fans, what kind of talk is that?

    We may have our own personal feelings regarding transfers, who we would like to seel/buy, the board etc etc blah blah fuckin blah, however, this has not stopped me going to watch them for the last 33 years has it! Obviously you think that we must all just accept whatever decisions are made about our club.
    Yes the tickets are expensve!
    Yes the food is never bloody hot!
    Yes I think Eboue is piece of shit!
    Yes I think Ade is a money grabbing tosser!
    Yes I am frustrated that we sometimes miss out on a good player because Wenger has deep pockets & short arms!


    I take them on the chin & continue to support the club I love! Why? Because when I look around at other clubs & the way they are run, I feel lucky that Arsenal have remained true to our tradition & history.

    I would be interested to know what your idea of the way a true supporter is supposed to act? Jumping up & down on the terraces like a twat for 90 minutes? Not foe matey, I go to watch a game of football hoping that my team will win. I show my joy & anger like every other supporter apart from the corporate wankers in Club level who talk shop through a whole match. These are the tossers who have no place at our club but they are welcomed in droves because of the income they generarte. So please do not paint us all with the same brush & if you really hate 90% of us fellow supporters then piss of & support someone else!

  7. James says:

    I agree with this completely. i remember standing up to sing only to be stared at by the fans behind me and then i was told to sit down.

  8. FCdeMatthew says:

    why are the stewards at the Emirates so strict?

  9. Pete says:

    James, Why do feel that you have to stand up to sing? When it was all standing fair enough, but it’s not now is it & belive it or not the poeple sat behind you came to watch a match as well!!

    Steve_Gooner, I sit in the upper stand & can tell you that we make plenty noise….. but we don’t have to stand up & jump up & down like a mong for the entire match!

  10. GoonerC says:

    I honestly do not understand any of this stuff. Having been to most stadiums in the premier league as an away fan, I can honestly say that our atmousphere is no worse than any other, and alot better than most. I think people just highlight arsenal because of the whole highbury library stereotype. We get behind the team as much as anyone. The only time the atmousphere is really shit is when we are cruising because we are too spoilt to get that excited about being 3-0 up vs sheffield united.

  11. Scooch says:

    I got to agree with Pete. To say you hate 90% of Gooners is very strong.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never moaned about AW not buying or the team in general I’m a very happy Gooner who doesn’t expect to win everything every year. But equally I’m not paying many hundreds/ thousands of pounds going to matches (due to work and money) and in my view people who do pay have the right to moan if they want to. I wish they wouldn’t, but it’s their right. Complaining and moaning are all part of peoples nature. And our transfer policy is enough to make non-moaning people moan.

  12. kenny says:

    I agree with the acdc tune man….. i was actually thinking of suggesting that myself but someone has done it first! They should play “for those about to rock….. we salute you” its a bangin song and the cover of the album is a canon….. i cant think of anything more fitting

  13. Pete says:

    I’m with you on that GoonerG, my personal issue is being attacked by fellow gooners who tell me I’m a crap supporter because I choose not to jump up & down & genrally make as much noise as I can for 90 minutes. My reasons going to watch Arsenal have not changed in 30 years & I resent anyone who tells me what a good supporter should be before, during & after a match.

  14. Da Gooner says:

    I totally agree with Pete, as fans we’re allowed to voice our opinions aren’t we? at least we’re not a laughing stock like Newcastle or Spuds.
    I’m a steward and its a no win situations for us – we get moaned at by suporters that want to stand and those that can’t see cos of people standing! We are also given a hard time by stadium management if we don’t actively get people to sit down.
    A solution would be a standing section but can’t see this happening.

  15. Romford Pele says:

    Life long gooner complains about moaning fans by……….having a good moan!! Yes the atmosphere at Ashburton is hardly intimidating but we do have our moments. Try Blackburn, Chelski, Old Trafford and even Anfield nowadays and I think the atmosphere at Arsenal aint all that bad. However, what has changed is a small section of the crowd booing the team – I can only remember that once in 20yrs at Highbury.

  16. Darren says:

    Think it was well said on the Online gooner by KW. The club/Arsene can’t have it both ways. They want everyone to remain seated etc. but also want everyone to sing too?! The best way to create the ‘we are one’ atmosphere is to have people standing and singing as one together. It happens at away matches FFS! One of the problems I see from my seat (Block 12 lower) is there are a few who will sing/chant/shout etc. (like myself) then the are the majority who sit and watch with no passion.
    Then we have the Club Level which is full of supporters of other teams and people who know fook all about the game or in fact The Arsenal!! This band of seats and boxes seperates the true Arsenal supporters. I cannot see why now in todays game we can’t have areas for standing. This would help to create the atmosphere AW says is missing from The Grove. However if you were to go to a Chavski or Manc home game as a neutral I suspect the same could be said of thier ground and supporters too. The days of crowd swaying and singing its head off for 90+ mins are sadly gone.
    It annoys me too that at Arsenal we don’t seem to have our own songs NOR do we have many bl00dy songs!! ‘We Love You Arsenal We Do’…………………….. YAWN!!!! That’s ALL we seem to have! And how much longer do we need to sing ‘Stand Up If You Hate Tottenham’ for FFS!! Who gives a shite about ’em.
    There must be some decent composers out there who can right a few funny words to some well known tunes…!

  17. Withamgooner says:

    The turks were pretty quiet after we scored 2 goals and liverpool only make a lot of noise in the big games. The second half against everton was a good atmosphere. I think the stewards left most of the fans alone due to what was going on at the clock end. Maybe thats the answer. Keep the little hotlers busy.

  18. Donjohnni says:

    I disagree. Most fans are mindless chavs with no life. Shut the fuck up with your unoriginal songs! PS He was starting a homophobic song, so of course he’s gonna be told to sit down.

  19. g00nerz says:

    I’ve stopped going to home games entirely because I cannot stand the moaning twats I have to sit near.

  20. dennis the menace says:

    the balti pies are rubbish! we should sack our caterers….my last 2 fish and chips were rubbish as well! I’ve resorted to buying loads of food from sainsburys beforehand and munching that instead.

    Our manager and team, on the other hand, are very much the opposite of rubbish.

    But the balti pies……..

  21. Reidish says:

    “I hate… ” and all the rest of it and so on.

    Ignorant, sectarian nonsense.

    The club has been weeding out morons like this since the mid 90s and will, I hope, continue to do so.

  22. James says:

    If he wants to sing he should sit down and sing. People don’t pay £50 a ticket to look at someone’s back.

  23. Rosetinted says:

    The fact that there is no standing at football grounds these day is part of the reason there is less atmosphere and it’s not just at Arsenal. Football has become gentrified but at the same time the football we play now is far far better than that of when I started supporting Arsenal in the late eighties.
    As for people critisicing Wenger, I leave the job to him. He’s the manager. Plenty of fans and many of these are die hard old Gooners too, also moan about him it’s not just the new ones. I’ve always loved Arsenal we are one of the most tolerant clubs n the country, very little racism, we never had the Hillsborough type fencing and have a genuine cross section of Londoners watching our games. What a lot of people forget is that fans from other clubs also go to watch us, I’ve been at matches where there have been Man Utd, or Liverpool or any other club watching our team. One of the reasons is because we are good value, the other is the number of corporate tickets/freebies that go around. These people, obviously, will never create an atmosphere for our team. I think some drums at the stadium would be good though.
    People need to stop having knee jerk reactions to every non story they read online or in a tabloid. Wenger has done a great job and his prudence will see us through the tough times this recession/credit crunch will inflict on other clubs. Arsene definately knows 🙂

  24. Rosetinted says:

    Oh and I actually really like the pies they serve there 🙂

  25. goon says:

    yeah arsenal fans dont sing, whats worse? spitting at everton fans to and from the stadium, during the game and throwing objects from the club level, taunting everton fans about being poor. i know these arsenal fans have been labelled

  26. goon says:


  27. Rosetinted says:

    I agree with above too, many of the songs I hear at Arsenal are so juvenile and either homphobic that I refuse to join in.
    Humour is one thing, ignorance another.
    The chant I like is:
    1 voice: Who do we think are shit?
    Crowd: Tottenham
    1 voice: What do we think of Tottenham?
    Crowd: Shit
    1 voice: Thankyou very much
    Crowd: That’s alright

    A proper London chant and genuinely amusing. Songs about Ashley Cole wanting to suck someones dick are no better than playground chants

  28. goon says:

    PRAWN SANDWICH BRIGADE AT ARSENAL, CANT BEHAVE THEMSELVES why cos arsenal are not on form, u spit at scousers, these are not hooligans but rich fans in club level, one punched a chid scouse everton fan inthe face. everton fans think we dont deserve the best stadium and manager in england. if you have money u can buy your way and misbehave at arsenal, a lot of these shareholders spoilt children come to matches and are arrogant abusive people. they dont know football, everton fans HATE THE EMIRATES STADIUM, for its poor showing in welcoming fans. HIGHBURY WAS NOT ABUSIVE. shame on arsenal, arsenal fans say, ‘we hate scousers, geordies etc’ so you spit at them when arsenal are not playing well WORST FANS IN ENGLAND, by far the worst. come to emirates and see for yourself,

  29. Al says:

    Bit harsh about the 90% everone has different ideas on how they live and enjoy the game I like to be in my seat 15 minutes before and would never miss the end of a match. I dont care how long it takes to get home but I hate missing goals.

    Thunder would be great for the team to come out to. I always thought the elvis song was shit and boring

    I watched the game the other night and after the first goal and the crowd shouting Guiza it sounded fantastic. I feel that the atmosphere and buzz left football in this country when all seater stadia come in.

    I for one would like the club to allocate zones for those who enjoy standing and singing and larking around. I remember standing on the North Bank as a teenager in the 80’s coming home hardly able to speak from singing and shouting so much. Now I sometimes take my dad who just wants to watch the match in peace so I do see both sides the club should cater for each type, and a band would be good to to get the atmosphere going. The fun is being dragged out of football.

    The biggest dissapointment for me now is booing our own players My dad was horrified to hear people booing Adebayor and Eboue at a match earlier this year. He said it wouldnt of happened in his day and he is right. I have sat through some of the most dire games during the Terry Neil, Don Howe and George Graham eras but I can not remember booing our own. I am not a massive supporter of Eboue but I can appriciate he is a valued member of the squad when Theo scored the other night who was first to him congratulating him Eboue when Ramsey scored again Eboue first on the scene. Booing and jeering our own is not the Arsenal way that is the sort of crap they carry on with down the seven sisters road and kings road not at our place.

  30. ig says:

    i agree with you completely. i too am sick of listening to the idiots around me whinging, yelling abuse at wenger or our players when its not going well. They may pay 50 quid a ticket every week and think they are entitled to a moan but there are more people that pay this amount also and have to put up with the foul mouth absolute trash that comes out of their mouths. If all the fans were behind our team each week rather than a smaller proportion im sure our players would be much better off for it.

  31. Deck says:

    I bring my 7-year-old to as many games as possible, and he loves Arsenal but he also loves watching good football. It’s bad enough that there is so much shouting and swearing (the players can’t possibly hear a lone voice, nor can the referees – something the swearers don’t seem to realise). Songs themselves would be fine but so many of them contain swearing too. To then have to spend lots of the match lifting him up so that he can see above the backs of the people standing up so that they can see over the heads of a few people standing up to “support their team” is the biscuit.

    I love Arsenal as much as anyone as does my boy, but for us it’s about the football; if you can’t see what’s happening on the pitch then what’s the point?

    It must be possible to sit and sing, and to sing songs in praise and encouragement of our team rather than to swear at the oppo. Surely praise and encouragement, rather than the abuse of visiting fans, is what our players want to hear and that’s what will spur them on.

  32. goon says:

    ARSENAL FANS SPIT AT EVERTON FANS. DISGRACE. when i came to the emirates once, i was the only fan in my entire tier that sang loudly, i couldnt believe it, but to hear a steward tell me cos we were losing, arsenal fans in club level spat at scousers is just plain sad. we used to be a proper club with proper fans. now we are an arena in which rich people get to misbehave to vent weekly frustration.

  33. goon says:


  34. Rus gooner says:

    Hey,i think you all just need to came to russia,ane watch how some peoples do love Arse,they are allways ready to get to the Emirates from Russia . JUST THINK ABOUT IT,and they do it every season,they are not millioners or other rich ,but they true love this club. And you seatin in your places and allways worst about any thing. Thats sucks. Comme on !!! And if you dont like it,so go to Chelsea or other gloryhunters.

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