66 Responses to SHUT UP MOANING ABOUT THE FANS WENGER! You’re to blame

  1. david hr says:

    are you out of your mind?
    tell you what if you dislike the most successful manger ever to manage us you go ……
    and your comment of – “pompous upper class sliver spoon feed vermin” tells all what you are really like …. class war is it?

  2. pma says:

    You are very anti-Wenger. You probably have your reasons, but no need to vent your frustration stupidly.

    Do you think Wenger did not try to sign players but only said he would because he wanted to lie to the fans? If so, yes he is a lier.

    Why do you support Arsenal? Because “you” want to win trophies? There are maybe better teams to support for that. And if that’s all you want, why not enter a competition of your own?

    If it is because you enjoy great football, then I understand why you support the Arse.

    Tell me one Arsenal player that has been sold and has been better than while still at the club? Come on, keep thinking.

    Your blog is pretty one-sided, but then again, it helps filling one’s empty life, doesn’t it…

  3. bruno-graffitti says:

    it’s you’re, not your.

    At least don’t embarrass yourself with your grammar and spelling when the content of your post is embarrassing enough on it’s own.

  4. Nicci says:

    ur an idiot mate. u clearly have no clue. how on earth can you be allowed to publish this crap on the internet? surely getting rid of wenger would create a far worst atmosphere than we already have. why don’t u shut up and try and get to the ground once in a while and cheer yourself? piss off.

  5. Harry says:

    you are pretty much typical of the idiotic fans that we have to put up with. you have no f****ng idea how lucky we are to have wenger. you talk out of your a**e and should be shot.

    plus if you cant even write a grammatically correct headline you shouldnt be allowed near a keyboard let alone allowed to spread your ignorant views.

    its you’re to blame not your. you twat.

  6. Ryan Smit says:

    Attila is by far the worst arsenal blogger on the net.. by faaaaaaaar

  7. mike says:

    shut up you fucking cunt!

  8. jOSH says:

    I dont agree with some of that. I dont need a trophy to make me sing. nor do i need big signings. look at the crappy lower division clubs where they have great atmospheres every week. we need to get the stupid toffy nosed posh bastards out of that stadium. telling you that you should sit down. they kill everything thats good about going to football. i almost had an arguement with a guy next to me one match because i was sure he was a spurs supporter. we beat spurs on the day, yet he didnt celebrate even goals. he didnt stand for stand up if you hate tottenham, he just sat looking bored for 90minutes. then when we won the game finally, all of a sudden he piped up and was all happy and acting like thats all you need to do for a football game. we need to get rid of people like that who feel like that because they have paid 50quid for a ticket, they are somehow owed entertainment by the club and dont need to give anything in return. we owe it to the club we love to support and get behind them, not sit on your arses silently then clap at the end. its not right, and im glad arsenes said something because hes damn right! we need to save our club now before its too late and good supporters are fully driven out!

  9. Baz says:

    The grammar error in the heading pretty much sums up this amateur blog.

    “if you want the fans to get behind the team the answer is simply. START winning silverware!!”

    Those who support their team on the condition of winning silverware aren’t actually supporters of the club at all.

  10. bruno-graffitti says:

    on “its” own.

    How embarrassing 😉

  11. Tunde says:

    What a load of crap, how does it add up? Buy world class players and lower prices at the same time? In case you don’t know world class players costs a lot and even more to keep them going in terms of wages!!!
    You must be a top class moron! I will echo Arsene’s plea – GET BEHIND THE BOYS!!!!

  12. Fab4 says:

    Someone didn’t get their medicine this morning? You have a go at Wenger for saying that the fans do not get behind the team enough and are too quiet, and then you say that most of the people that go the games are not real fans!

    Make your mind up!

  13. That is the most pathetic article ever..mate sort your life out first..cos from the sounds of it you have serious issues.
    This man has done everything for this club..
    I suggest you go and support those spuds down the road if you wanna go out and spend a load of money and see what happens
    I guarantee in 3 yrs time when these kids are older we will be invincible.. shut up and grow up

  14. James says:

    A bit harsh, although everyone is entitled to their point of view.

    Wenger has been feeble on the transfer market front. I expectec the team to push on this year following last year, but it’s gone backwards. I’m astounded he hasn’t replaced Flamini or bought a decent centre back. It doesn’t wash when Wenger says there’s none available, when all he means is none available that he likes. Well there’s plenty available that I like who I am sure would jump at the chance if the club made an offer.

    The fans have been very patient for 4 years, but the defence is the worst its ever been, Toure, Gallas and Clichy have been playing like retards and there’s no hope of silverware until that changes.

  15. Arsetastic says:

    Mate, you’re a plonker!
    Are you telling me the only time fans should get behind their teams is when they are winning silverware?!!!

    You sadster!

    No wonder the Emirates is a library with fans like you in it. Fans who only sing IF we win silverware.

    I think the club of your dreams is Chelsea. Naff off there!

  16. Clacko the Gooner says:

    I do feel that ticket prices are too high but that is no real excuse for fans not getting behind the team. Get some guts people and start a song even if it is dead quiet just have a go. If people join in, which they probably will keep different ones goin. Job done. Anyone can do that from the Queen of England all the way down to the Hobo’s.

  17. Osse says:

    I don’t agree with your points but I do feel Arsenal can blame themselves for the atmosphere. If you don’t allow people to stand up and make noise how are we supposed to do it?

  18. LF says:

    First of all learn to spell Attila.

    You know AW always has to give the media some quotes, and by now you should have enough experience to know to take his words in the press with a hint of salt.

    Also its true that the press would twist a accurate comment into ‘slamming the fans’. Open your eyes. When he says something, he generally speaks the truth at that time.

    If events following it mean we don’t sign the player, it does’t mean he has lied, and he doesn’t have to come out and say we failed to sign that player, as any other target would think he is not first choice.

    Thirdly, he isn’t in charge of setting the ticket prices, that is due to the new stadium and we all knew they’d be high for as long as the debt is paid off.

    Your point is that fans will make noise when we start winning – thats what plastic fans are, jumping on the bandwagon after we win something. its easier to sing when you’re in a good mood having seen the team score. its harder when we’re losing and we, as AW said, don’t take into account how young this side is, and boo them off at half time.

    Is that what a ‘supporter’ is meant to do? If you want the side to win something, get behind them and stop complaining. Yes, I agree you have a right to do so, having paid huge sums, as I have done for a seat, but it doesn’t help the team.

    We won’t sign players for huge sums, and big money doesn’t mean quality. Look at Shevchenko. We bought Nasri for £15.8m, and he is quality, we bought Sagna, Eduardo last year and both are world class. He is doing it.

    Would you want a player that wants to leave at the club? Hleb wanted to leave and did so; I want each player on that pitch fully committed to the cause.

    Wenger out? You must be joking. This is a silly reaction to stirring by the tabloids. I hope he shuts you up this season.

  19. wandarah says:

    Is this a joke?

  20. Prof says:

    What is your problem? Wenger out? You’re absolutely insane. You may have a point about the hardcore fans being priced out, but this is happening all over the country not just Arsenal, atmosphere is dying in all grounds so how can Wenger be blamed for this? He can’t.

    What he CAN do is worry about what goes on at Arsenal, he is commenting that for the football Arsenal play and for the age of the players who perform it, they are not getting the support they deserve. Are fans suppose to sit there is silence until a trophy is paraded around?

  21. Curly says:

    You fancy LeRoy from Fame you windylicker

  22. GoonerKZee says:

    Shut up and stop slagging Arsene. Most probably you are a bitter Bottomham Hotspurs fan.

  23. Steve says:

    What utter shite. Proper fans turn up to the games even if its expensive- its a case of prioritising differently now. I would rather pay 40 quid to watch one Wengerball match than watch 10 games in George’s last year.

    Also, I can’t take you seriously until you learn the English language.

  24. Stevie Boy says:

    Not been supporting Arsenal long have ya Attila! Prat!

  25. Rich says:

    If you think your damn good why don’t you go and manage arsenal or just shut the f up!
    I hate people who find it easy to talk from the sidelines!

  26. goon says:

    it is not wenger’s fault but the clubs for outpricing the proper fans. now we have got what we’ve got all wenger can do is say this in hope that thses idiot fans listen. i think wenger has done a fantastic job, and our youth academy is now really producing. in know its hard to wait when you want wordl class singings, but real fans know arsenal have gone many trophyless seasons, but still we are the best run club in the world, wilshere is an example of the academy producing now so be patient, its worth it cos we have a new tony adams coming through and players of that calibre being produced by our own club. we are the envy of every club in europe, we produce world class players eeach year. believe me football at arsenal is on its way up, wilshere is potentially world class and the best 16 year old footballer inb the world. we need wenger to stay and help us forward, he is a brilliant manager, and we’ll see english world class talent at arsenal develop soon. he has built a self sustaining club, financially secure with the best youth system in world football. we can always look at tottenham for something worth complainging about, at arsenal we are spoilt a bit, but we have real quality football, real youth system and when we win a trophy we’ll know we aint bought it, and we’ve done things ‘The Arsenal Way’. proud to be an arsenal fan when our club is so healthy.
    as for the fans, thats the real problem. wenger is not having a go at you. you say what cheek, but you are a singing supporting fan so its not directed at you. its for the idiots rich highgate toffs who dont sing and support. if you dont sing cos you feel we should have bought a world class player the you are delusional. as a fan you must support the team regardless of who we bought, or go to tottenham. these young players we have are incredible, but need us fans behind them, not saying spend money wenger. if anything wenger is proving he was right njot to spend, look at carlos vela and wilshere, ramsey these players are young but good enough, you’re old enough. i definately agree with you that there are rubbish fans at arsenal, but if you blame wenger you’re losing the plot. he is right, some of our fans are horrible. and you are wrong, you feel that wenger owes you a big money signing. did you support us when we had no trophies and boring football? how many clubs have you managed? opposition fans say arsenal has the best set up anywhere, great footy, great stadium, great youth, great manager, but WORST FANS. vs evertonsome of your mates who also feel wenger shoulda spent money, spat at everton fans hit children, and threw objects down form club level at half time, cos we were losing, and they(you) know better than wenger. emirates is a graveyard, but even worse is bad behaviour from these rich delusional fans who think their club owes em something. arsenal have been labelled WORST SUPPORT IN ENGLAND. and these scousers dont want to come back to a place like emirates. if you dont wanna sing, fine. but you think you know football, and cos we didnt sign barry or alonso you spit at children. have some class, take the trophyless years with dignity. i dont mind if arsenal win nothing, i love my club anyway. some evertonians were spat at coming outta the tube station, and by welathy fans who have season tickets. i say i wont criticize the team or the spending, even if i agree, cos the other idiots who feel the same are an embarrasment to football.

  27. Mike says:

    Either he goes or you go?

    Bye! Don’t let the door hit you on your backside on the way out…………………………………………….

  28. Neal says:

    I think we have a Spurs fan in our midst!

  29. RedandDread says:

    Those fans that go need to start making some more noise…….For sure! Also Arsenal need an anthem akin to “You’ll never walk alone” sung by a few famous clubs. Drums, whatever, are needed to make some more noise at The emirates!

  30. Marco says:

    U just pissed on arsenal fans,and yanked the wrong chain. Why dnt u piss of and keep ur self glorifying opinions to urself. U! U r definetly not an arsenal supporter,and who so ever are supportive of ur unintelligent view should piss of along with u! Pillik!

  31. JL says:

    You should photoshop the picture to read:

    “Either he goes or I go” and to be blunt son, I would be very happy if it was you. The point Arsene was making (and has clearly passed you by) is that the fans have been turning on certain players in the last couple of seasons far more than ever before. It is counter productive and a waste of time. Whilst the transfer window is shut we have the players we have and that is that. You whinge about players we didnt sign or hang on to. Flamini, as an example, wanted more money than Henry was paid…he asked for £130 000 a week to stay. Would you have paid him that? Selling hleb was a good move as Nasri is a far better player. The reason we didnt sign more players is that we are not a bottomless pit. We cant just spend £100m and think nothing of it. The young players we have a more than capable but if all you do is jump on their backs everytime they make a mistake then its just going to slow down their development.

    You, in a nut shell, exemplify the new breed of Arsenal fan that has emerged in the last 18 months or so. We have not won a trophy since 2005 which for a club of our stature is not good enough. However, with a team with an average age under 25 we have come close to winning the Champions League, the Premiership and the Carling Cup in the interim. Now obviously no one remembers the runner up but we are a club existing within our means. We do not have an endless stream of cash. The prices are high because of the new stadium which gives us the money to buy your precious world class players. If you want the price to go down then we have to sell the key players you talk about and not sign anyone. You cant have it both ways. Do you suppose that in the current economic climate we can just magically end up with a transfer fund of £500m. Stop being dillusional. Your comment about Arsene ‘lying’ is unfounded. He said in the summer we would sign 2 or 3 players. We got Nasri, Bischoff, Sylvestre, Coquelin and we also finally got Vela. How this is judged as lying Im not sure. Maybe you would like us to spend £17m on bentley perhaps? We saw with reyes that money doesnt equal quality every time.

    If you genuinely believe that removing our most successful manager is goin to work then you are an A-class idiot. We need time to find his successor or else we are going to end up like that shower of shit down the road.

    Oh and as for the silver spooners…you fancy stumping up £80k for a box? Or maybe £7,600 for Club Lever? These are the people funding out next ‘World Class player’


  32. Lanesra says:

    I agree completely with David hr. The bloke that posted this comment needs his head examined. I’d much rather lose this guy from the Arsenal fan base than lose the best manager we have ever had. i dont recall Bertie Mee’s team or for that matter George Graham’s ever playing the quality of football on show these days. Yeah we all wanna win silverware but i’ve seen far too many sides chase the glory at the risk of exposing the club to long term financial peril. What Wenger has done is ensure the long term stability of the club by building from the youth teams. Arsenal will have quality players coming through the youth ranks for many years to come.

  33. NicktheGooner says:

    YOU ARE A DISGRACE! you are not a true fan, people like you make me sick. go support chelsea you bellend.

    love for arsenal means you will support whatever happens, and true fans know that wenger is the best thing to ever happen to arsenal and what he is doing is truly amazing. our young team can beat anybody on their day they have proved that, and all that is needed is consistency that will come with growing together, there is no doubt in my mind that when that consistency comes no1 will beable to touch the mighty gunners, we proved that last season up until february when eduardo was hacked to pieces.


  34. RedDevil says:

    Wow, at last a gooner who knows how bad a club you are


  35. arsenewengersredarmy says:

    who ever made this article should die a painful painful death. Really? wenger out? the man who build a dinesty at arsenal, went unbeaten, won two doubles, the most successful in our history? please mate, kill yourself

  36. marco says:

    what a rubbish post attila. slagging arsene? you/ve gotta be kidding me.this guy transformed arsenal to the club it is today.the only reason we havent been winning trophies over the past few seasons is because of influx of cash to our main rivals i.e abramovich,glazer and our simultaneous shift to emirates and its associated costs.and yet we are still competing even though on a comparative shoestring budget..fyi he did not want hleb,flamini,gilberto to leave but as they did and being the man wenger is he wasnt going to let them stay against their will.and i dont think he has a say in ticket pricing so direct your criticism on this front elsewhere.sure he’s not perfect but can you blame him for complaining abt the lack of support.itsa abit of a library innit.sad to say.

  37. Nathan says:

    I haven’t read this article wouldn’t waste my time jusst from the headline I wanted to say you are a prize cunt, jump up your own crack and die.

  38. goon says:

    i bet you one of the idiots that spat at everton fans, misbehaved and punched the little scouse children, cos thats what idiot arsenal fans like you who think they know football do. you dont know football, you dont know arsenal, you dont the way this game works. behave yourself in the stadium and dont disgrace the rest of us arsenal fans who can take losing with dignity. we are Arsenal FC, the greatest club the world has ever seen, you are rich chav fans go get daddy’s bank card and buy yourself some manners.

  39. A Goon says:

    Bit harsh on Wenger mate although I remember this time last year he was saying the opposite and telling the players that they should consider themselves lucky to play in front of such great fans.
    We should take this statement as licence to get a bit more tribal & aggresive at games like we used to. Start calling the scum up the road “Yids” again instead of “Spuds”, sing some songs with sweary words in. If stewards & “sensitive” fans object point out that you are “getting behind the lads” as the manager wishes. Those that dont like it can go back to watching rugger or whatever other benign activity they enjoyed before they became “gooners”. Then maybe some of us orrible bastards can get back into the ground.
    As for slagging Wenger off forget it. Look around you at some of the other clubs and their dusty trophy cabinets to see that spending big money isn’t always the answer. This team will come up with a pot sooner rather than later & that will be the start of the next great Arsenal dynasty.

  40. SEKgooner says:

    you are a halfwit, if you truly think what you wrote is correct.

  41. JACOB says:

    the most “glory hunter” sounding post i’ve ever seen. you’re saying the only way you’ll support the team is if we win silverware? well fuck off you prick and go and support Chelsea or Utd. we’re building a team here from scratch woithout millions of pounds so be grateful that we’re even challenging for titles. and be grateful that we’ve won our fair share (english football’s 3rd most successful club EVER) before shouting your mouth off.

  42. goonerdave says:

    Go mate, but leave the we out of it you self agrandising prick

  43. patgunner19 says:

    Maybe you need to find out what the meaning of the word “Supporter” is. Teams dont need to win in order for us to support them, in fact, it is vice versa. You support your team win, lose, or draw and hopefully you get rewarded with success in the end. “Fans” like you do not deserve to enjoy winning anything because you are ready to jump ship at the drop of a hat. Wenger is 100% right and maybe you need to take a look at yourself before going off on our most successful manager.

  44. sean says:

    Your a muppet, what do you actually know about football. close down your shitty website and go get a life for yourself you wanna be arsenal fan….. Wenger has made the club the world football spectacle and highly stable financial organisation that it is, what have yo done for arsenal??????

  45. Hopo says:

    knob jockey

  46. Bryan says:

    Terrible post, complete lack of insight with regards the position of the club and obviously no investigation into the exact details of the meeting. Very Lazy, wast of time Arsenal website…Please read the following post for concise details of the meeting

  47. Ex Caelestis says:

    Wow … mate you have really stirred the hornets nest with one. I reckon you did it for the hits to sell some ad space … whatever the motive I really hope it was worth it. On the other hand I think you’re a really genius, you have really galvanised the fans, by making yourself the scapegoat for our collective frustration, you have united everyone behind Wenger’s cause. I for one applaud you.

  48. A Starnes says:

    You sound like a Tottenham supporter…. Please never write again about anything to do with Arsenal, you do realise we were only a top half team before the Arsene days?

    Arsene’s right that the fans do need to get behind the team more when things arent going right, I’m starting to think our fans have been spoilt a little too much in recent years…

  49. Partisan says:

    Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. In Arsene we trust!

  50. aw3ever says:

    Fuck off you turd. HOW DARE YoU!

    Wenger is simply asking the fans to get behind the boys…and thats what we should do..with or wiithout trophies…support this team during the ups and downs..thats the beauty of being a fan. If u after the trophies, mate..go for chel$ea…dont embarass us.

  51. The Brain says:

    I’m just new to the forum and I thought a site dedicated to Arsenal would be more understanding. I was beginning to respect this blog (but I’m delighted most of the readers haven’t caught on). You do not know Arsenal’s situation as much. We can’t just buy world class players and lower prices at the same time.
    I believe in Wenger’s philosophy which has led us to our best times in our history. I think if we didn’t have the man the club would be in a worse of situation. The guy has affected the game as a whole big time.
    Yes we need to improve but we are only one player away from really being great IMO. This was the same fans who thought we will win the Prem last season with Gallas and co but now we lost Flamini. Wenger thought we were good enough. He sees the guys in training. He may have made a mistake not signing someone to replace Flam but keep the faith. I bet he affected you in deciding to write this blog.

  52. Dave says:

    The suggestion that the team has to win a trophy or buy expensive players BEFORE the fans will support them is the most ludicrous, embarrassing statement I have ever seen in an Arsenal blog.

    This stuff about ‘lying to the fans’ is also pretty unreal. Would I be right in thinking that you started supporting Arsenal in the invincible year, or possibly the 2002 double year? When you grow up, you’ll realise that 3 years without a trophy (albeit with some close shaves) is normal; winning things is rare (which is why it feels great when it happens).

    Sadly though, I fear there might be something in the statement about ticket prices. The silent (but wealthy) fans next to me in the upper tier certainly seem to think they have the right to be entertained without giving any encouragement to the team at all. Frankly, they make me sick.

  53. fanner says:

    Hey those mother fuckers who anti-wenger please get the fuck out of being a gooner. Trophy or not, winning or not, Arsense Wenger is the man for Arsenal.

  54. Jami8686 says:


    I admire the Arsenal fans who are pro-activity voicing their support for Master Wenger. But, some fans are getting confused with what fans with other views are actually getting at…

    I have a huge respect for Arsene Wenger; the respect he commands, his past achievement with Arsenal and abroad, his financial savvy, for the revolution of our unique brand of football and our fantastic youth setup/policy. Arsene Wenger is a fantastic manager and there’s no denying it…but, unfortunately you can’t argue with facts and figures – and they clearly point out that Arsenal haven’t won a single piece of competitive silverware for four seasons.

    Let me put this in simple terms; If a manager of a high street business does not hit the targets that the owners of the business set him for four years, he will get the sack (if he hasn’t been sacked by that point, already). No argument. Should it really be such an alien concept, to even the most hardened of Gooners, to be questioning Wenger’s position? I don’t think so – and it breaks my heart to say that!!

    Unfortunately, Wenger’s so-called fantastic (youth) policy is not working. If a manager doesn’t win anything in four years when they’re competitive in all competitions, then the system is failing. Something has to change…whether this be the transfer policy, youth policy or a change in management.

    Let me repeat…I am a die-hard Arsenal and Wenger fan. The sort that has butterflies in his belly, sweaty palms and a weird need to be on his own anytime he watches/go’s to an Arsenal match because he can’t stand anybody distracting him from the action…
    …I am crossing my fingers, legs and toes that Arsenal win something this season to ease the mounting pressure on Wenger and his team.

    If not, I think it’s time change…

  55. Top Kop says:

    U R a psychotropic retard…..AW is right booing the players only makes things worse…

    What has liverpool won in past 20yrs yet the atmosphere is always electric…arsenal fans really have to be ashamed of themselves…if they continue like this they will continue to lose to teams like Hull…

  56. Top Kop says:

    If supporting a team with silverware is all that matters maybe U should’ve joined the mancs last season …or better still join us at anfield this season…lol……I must admit we don’t need fans like you at the kop….

  57. kolo says:

    wenger once said that there are some fans who always compete to see who is the most stupid, i think we just found one,

  58. Rash says:

    Are you from Korea?

    Your english sucks man!…oh oh wait, you sucks!

    Wenger is the best manager in this world and we are lucky to watch that beautiful football every week. Without him, we won’t be as good as we are today.

    Hey you want the club to spend big and buy world class players. Simple. Walk down a few blocks away and support Spurs. They sucks big time, just like you.

    Go get a life man, or else piss off!

  59. Manuel says:

    worst post in the world ever.

    the grammer is retarded and the content pathetic.

    don’t give up your day job ‘attila’. you are the world’s worst blogger.

    well done you chump.

  60. polargunner says:

    I think this guy is a total ass,wenger is the best thing to have happened to us.And wenger has brought many world class players to the club. Its just a shame,the world class fan are not there at ever match.And if you support a club only because it wins its a shame. Remember we have never been religated till now.And dont think this guy even knows who dennis bercamp,ian wright,henry and etc are and if they are not world class players then i dont know who is.And saying that wenger needs to go is so….

  61. Lanesra says:

    You’re shite. And you have absolutely no brain – even a schoolkid could tell you that cheap seats, not selling players, etc DON’T bring the huge cash needed to splash out on ‘wordclass players’ – unless of course you sell the club to some billionaire foreigner who uses it as a hobby. And do you really think such a person would be happy to see rows of cloth caps cheering and waving? I’ve been a Gooner for many many years and I can tell you Wenger is the ONLY manager in the Prem who cares about the place of footie in we ordinary people’s lives. You moron. We HAVE wordclass players because Wenger searched and found and trained them. We play the best footie because we have worldclass p;ayers and a super-worldclass manager. WE lost the Prem last year because of that horrific injury to Dudu, not because we have a weak team. Idiot.
    I don’t believe you support my club and you should take your rubbish into some other club’s fan site – Chelsea would suit you. And, I bet you have a decent wage (sorry, salary) and bags of time and money to write your shite. I’d even bet you come to midweek games in your day-job suit.
    Goodbye – I won’t read your stuff again.
    Hi Gooners, I’ll be watching us win at West Ham.

  62. oregonnerd says:

    I take it to be a fan the first requirement is not to know how to spell.

  63. Sooner a Gooner than a Scouser says:

    Those who DON’T wish to judge Wenger by the number of trophies he can bring to Arsenal, please go and support 19-seasons League-trophy-less Liverpool.

    Wenger is a manager, not a CFO. He is paid to win silverware, not to manage the club’s bottom line with a magnifying class. He’s a tightwad who can’t find a decent centre back for 30 million pounds transfer money last transfer window ? Give me a break.

    Arsenal is slowly but surely becoming a feeder club for Europe’s elites if it continues in its path of buying youth players. Successful Man U has a good mix of older and younger players ( Nani, Anderson), why not Arsenal ?

    Wenger’s youth-centric policy and tight-fisted spending are harming Arsenal’s title chances. I got nothing against young players, in fact, you can put 14-year-olds in all 11 positions for all I care if they can deliver the goods.

    If Fabregas leaves at the end of this trophy-less season , and this is very likely, how many more seasons are Wenger going to ask for to “rebuild” his team ?

    Wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he could. He may persist in his youth-centricness and tightfistedness because he wants others to remember him as a football visionary, but myopic philisophy is at the expense of Arsenal’s future.

    We are starting to become the Liverpool of the 90s, when con words like “rebuilding”, “the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle”, “the competition is tough” etc were bandied around to fool ourselves and others that turning the corner into title contenders is just around the corner.

  64. Harry says:


  65. TheHerdEIE says:

    Attilla you are a complete and utter cunt. I will use my silver spoon to rip your eyes out before pissing in your empty skull you clueless wanker.

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