The Gallas Smoking “Photo”

Arsene Wenger has warned William Gallas his behaviour is ‘unacceptable’ after the Arsenal captain was pictured outside a London nightclub with a cigarette in his mouth.

The Gunners boss will demand answers from his centre-back following the sighting on Wednesday evening outside Movida.

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56 Responses to The Gallas Smoking “Photo”

  1. joe says:

    What? when? who? where?

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    Wed 22nd Oct at 03:00

  3. Tom14 says:

    Who cares?

  4. mat says:

    Arsene if it is true fire Gallas right today.Don’t give him another chance

  5. Tom14 says:

    Looks like he has guyliner on 😀

    I can’t wait for him to return tho, we are pants at the back without him.

  6. Hakim from Riyadh, KSA says:

    im shoked at Gallas. He is fucked up now from Mr. Arsene Wenger. I give him the bounce out of Arsenal FC.

  7. Arse&Nose says:

    Is it me or does that ciggie look like a photoshop job?!

  8. TT says:

    Why is there so much hate for Gallas? he has done nothing but perform as well as possible for the club. He has been a few classes above Toure who we all seem to adore.

  9. GallasHATER says:

    Smoke my pole, Captain Cunt Rag

  10. Chrissie Greeno says:

    It’s a gold plated bic pen

  11. lanesra says:

    I agree with you arse&nose it doesn’t look like a real ciggy, i wouldn’t put it past the media to fabricate photos. But I am not bothered if he does smoke as long as his performances don’t suffer

  12. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

  13. honestjohn says:

    Let’s hope Arsenal’s title and cup ambitions go up in smoke… scum of a club… most hated in the uk…

  14. LuxGunn says:

    Looks like photoshop to me.

  15. DontKnowMe says:

    “Is it me or does that ciggie look like a photoshop job?!”

    Stupid comment. Arsene is to go doo-lally over a fixed up picture?? Gallas should come out and say it is fake, he wasn’t smoking, hasn’t done since he was born and he will considerlegal action over the ‘fake’ photo. Until then, take it has seen, yeah??

  16. fue says:

    Are you Gallas? If not why are you talking on behalf of him if that is a fake picture?

    Enough is enough. Fuck his class. Forever on the headlines with the wrong reasons.

  17. honestjock says:

    we’re honst and we’re gay. Me and “honestjohn”. We don’r give rats ’bout a fag…

  18. toure tribe underboss says:

    # mat Says:
    October 24, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Arsene if it is true fire Gallas right today.Don’t give him another chance

    lmaooo im hardly a great gallas fan but you cant sack someone for smoking,a few fags wouldnt hurt a pro footballer , might present a negative image as a role model but hey he dont wanna be a role model jusding by brum away

  19. Ash says:

    no wonder Gallas is always feeling tired

  20. Chris says:

    Gallas, you’re a mug. But I do recall a certain Zidaine being a big smoker!

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  22. United Fan says:

    For the amount he gets paid each week asking your player to not smoke is well within reasonable. And as for your team how many english players do they field on average each week??
    1 maybe 2, that should be outlawed u should field at least 4 Home nations players, not that im bothered though, Uniteds team sheet is a higher class by far than arsenals!!!

  23. sHAFters says:

    @Good to be a GOONAH!!

    Rooney and Berbatov. Are they our players? No they arent, are they? Who cares if THEY want to burn up THEIR lungs. So, should Gallas start punching Adebayor? Because Barton of Newcastle bashed his club mate Dabo real good. Should Gallas do the same because OTHER PLAYERS OF OTHER CLUBS did it?

    “They do it too, so who cares?”

    Yeah, real mature of you mate.

  24. patrick (olc) says:

    i agree 150% with TT….anyway he is old enuff to know wats good and wats not. if he broke the club’s rule then he shud be ‘punished accordingly’ (innocent until proven guilty) and we definitly shud NOT get rid of him! to many people getting on his back these days for something his done last season which he has already admitted he shudn’t have! how do u want him to give his best if the fans do not support him and his fellow players? he tries to give his best every week and yet he is critisized! he is only human….

  25. The Bowss says:

    Oh very bad boy Gallas! That chick is too bloody smokin’ hot to be in one guy’s ride. How can you focus on your football with that on your plate? This is the work of h8rz all! Photoshop and all…

  26. islam says:

    Interesting, never expected.

  27. gooner4life says:

    Well said TT Toure is not in the same class as Gallas yet forsome strange reason the fans seem to pick Toure over Gallas it doesnt make sense, Gallas is ever present in the French team and has got the winning mode from hes days at chelsea, where they didnt like to be sencond best, he may have had hes strop last season and im in full support of him, if the team isnt playong well then someon should say something.!

  28. Ices says:

    not trying 2 go on sides here bt i dnt really see a problem in smoking as must footballers smoke n are still great on the pitch eg. Zidane and even Van Persi so let gallas b

  29. Reiner says:

    What a scandal! A guy smoking a cigarette. I don’t know if firing him right away would be enough, there should be harder laws against smoking cigarettes, death penalty might be enough, maybe with a little torture before they fry him. Really, smoke a cigarette, what a shame. I mean what does a million dollar package of extra money for bankers mean in comparison with a guy smoking a cigarette.

  30. Freddie71 says:

    Utd fan – go and do one, concern yourself with your own team and mind your own business.

    If Gallas wants a fag – so what!

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  33. JPs says:


  34. graciad says:

    Seriously. I don’t get why this is a big deal. Villifying smokers is just ridiculous.

  35. scottpuffin says:

    I recall Ray Parlour, Paul Merson, etc had an unhealthy background – drinks, drugs, gambling, etc.. We still adored these players.
    So what if Gallas smokes! Big deal. Is it illegal? If it was Fabregas, all the fans would be saying “fair play, he’s one of the boys”.
    Jog on chaps!

  36. rswamy says:

    so sad…Football players..Cannot even smoke…

  37. masreco says:

    yeah, but they can drink, and they drink a lot!

  38. rayzdoj says:

    yeah looks like photoshop to me too

  39. umode says:

    yups.. it’s look like photoshop job. you can see the filter of the cigarette and his mounth ,

  40. didta says:

    what that means?

  41. gunner gowele says:

    So what if Gallas smokes! Big deal. Is it illegal? If it was Fabregas, all the fans would be saying “fair play, he’s one of the boys”.
    i agree with you mate, people seem to look for anything from gallas and sometimes to eboue and adebayor so that they can blame them. while players like Fab, Toure, walcot gets away with anything they do.
    come on guys lets get behind our players, and dont forget they are human beings and not robots so sometimes they have a right to do their things when free.

  42. G0NER says:

    ohhh gallas is a bad boy,he smokes,sack him.Fuck that.

  43. lennie g says:

    I personally couldn’t care a less if he had a bloody great ‘King Harry’ cigar stuck between the cheeks of his bum if it made him play a little bit better for us on the field.

  44. ea3ou says:

    i like his girl… lol

  45. goon says:

    the only thing smoking is his bird

  46. David says:

    Why is this blog full of crap??!! I know you will not publish/approve this and i am not expecting you to, so “swing away!!”.

    I am a big Gooner!! and proud of it!!
    Wenger is not furious at Gallas. (
    “check it out”
    Stop with the rumors….I know you might be looking for a meal ticket but that is really cheap.

    Long live Arsenal.

  47. Erorcibia says:

    I read some of the posts and I think it is a great place! I appreciate your comment about my years computer Wanna joke?) Did you hear about the guy who ran through the screen door? He strained himself.

  48. George says:

    What if he indeed smoked?? Who cares.. as long as its not a problem for him in the pitch, he can do whatever he wants in my opinion…

  49. Mick says:

    What’s the big fuss about smoking? Why do people like to pick on smokers? Those people picking on smokers are the same as those who blamed computer games for the increased violence in the world. Well georgie bush launcehd the violent iraq war and if i am not wrong, he is definitely not a gamer. As long as he performs well, there is no reason to get him sacked.

  50. David says:

    Put ur lighters up !! Man Urinal boyz got what was coming to them !! AIG – (A)rsenal (I)s (G)reat !!

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  52. stuart getty says:

    u are a french sucking dick bastard go back to france and arsenal are al french so go to france u fucker

  53. […] wonder if Rafa will apply a similar demotion for the captain as Arsene Wenger did after the famous William Gallas smoking incident. Granted Gallas’s captaincy cannot be compared to that of “Captain Fantastic”, […]

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