BREAKING NEWS! Spurs Sack Ramos,Poyet & Comolli

Club announcement LINK

The Club can announce that Damien Comolli, Sporting Director, Juande Ramos, Head Coach and First Team Coaches, Marcos Alvarez and Gus Poyet, have left the Club, with immediate effect. We wish them well.

Clive Allen, Development Squad Coach, and Alex Inglethorpe, Youth Team Manager, will take charge for Sunday’s League match against Bolton.

An announcement will be made on First Team coaching staff in due course.

Spurs have also confirmed that Portsmouth have agreed to allow Harry Redknapp to talk to Tottenham about the vacancy. And Damien Comolli could re-unite with Arsene Wenger and become the director of football at Arsenal.

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25 Responses to BREAKING NEWS! Spurs Sack Ramos,Poyet & Comolli

  1. JhQ says:

    This is bad news for us gooners. I suspect Redknapp might do a lot better than Ramos at the lane.

    Let us hope they do not land Redknapp.

  2. BooMeR says:

    this is beyond hillarious!

  3. toure tribe underboss says:

    rednapp?? what the hell has he ever done??

  4. BBGooner says:

    Redbnapp would be a fool to leave, not just becuase Spurs sack their manager every 3 months, but he is happy at Portsmouth.

    If he leaves Portsmouth again they will never have him back.

    Dont do it Harry.

  5. thegoonerforum says:

    Will Tony Adams join him at the lane?

  6. BBGooner says:

    just saw the braking news on Sky.

    Harry your a prick.

  7. JhQ says:

    No way TA is going to the lane. He is coming to Emirates once the Iceman takes over from Wenger.

  8. Sean says:

    TA6 will never go the Spuds.

  9. toure tribe underboss says:

    the iceman aint takin over from wenger,slaven billic is

  10. toure tribe underboss says:

    spurs is just a managerial graveyard,harry is just grabbing the money,a week ago they were scum for slaggin off sol now he wants their job lol

  11. Sniff says:

    What is the basis for the comment regarding Comolli joining Arsenal??

  12. KilburnJohnGooner says:

    Thats a heartbreak, the man was doing so well. They should have given him a chance for another 4 days. Comolly done us proud up there. Well played Damien

  13. Nathan says:

    Harry has said that TA wouldn’t go with him.
    His first offical game against us, I’m scared they could actual do something now.
    I thought it was an easy 3 points now he could get them organised… and they won’t go down now!

  14. Greg Tersakian, Montreal Canada says:

    In classical tragedy-comedies, the plays had three acts. At tottenham new comedy lassical rules are being written twice a year. I wish the farce will continue, but I do have one wish: I hope they keep on claiming that they are on the verge of ”overtaking” the Arsenal.
    All fools are entitled to remain in a perpetual denial and dreams. Since when a cockerel can become more powerful than a battle cannon?

  15. Ray says:

    Ha Redknapp, Ha spurs comedy of errors. Redknapp is a used car salesman I’m sure he will be making some good deals if you catch my drift.

  16. aidan daley says:

    you couldn’t make this stuff up could you!!??

    i know it’s easy as a gooner to laugh till you can’t breathe at the white farce lane, but i imagine the world of football is in utter disbelief at the relentless stupidity of this so called massive club.

    glory, glory? spurs are an embarassment to football. so they get rid of another manager and all the rest of the continental management style twats and bring in some more. great! the comedy continues and will do until david, uncle fester, levy is forced out, nothing will change. what a totally useless waste of space he is. are spurs fans so blind they can’t see the damage he has done to their club? if he stays in charge they will be in the championship soon enough. well done dave, keep up the good work!!

  17. Moray says:

    what a waste of money! There most expensive manager ever and they sack him after a year. I hope he goes on to great success somewhere else…

  18. Mike says:

    Sounds like Pompey were quite happy to “sell” their manager as they needed the money, it doesn’t look like Harry just walked out.

    I wonder how bad their financial situation really is?

  19. justin says:

    Comolli back to arsenal? No thank you i’d say

  20. tuna says:

    How many Spuds managers has Arsene seen off ?

  21. GunnerRashidinho says:

    No, Comolli don’t come to Arsenal.

  22. toure tribe underboss says:

    he aint done that much damage to spurs, he saved their shyt club ,i dunno why but he did,its the fans who get unreal with the amount of pressure the heap on when they talk up their finish above arsenal every season,imagine if we got relagted in 18th place an they got relegated in 17th place theyd be out on the piss for a week the lot of them celebrating, the club is a loser club,they could employ alex ferguson an spend 300mill ,the club is a loser club it wouldnt change a thing!

  23. Chrissie Greeno says:

    Come on it’s not funny ! it’s really not funny… Woops, just wet my pants…. Strange all those spuds that were telling us we we in decline seem to have dissappeared as quickly as their last 5 management teams !

  24. Erorcibia says:

    Heh. Nice. I like to show off my creative mind Wanna very nice joke?)) What do ghouls wear on their feet in the rain?!? GHOULOSHES!!!

  25. Erorcibia says:

    Hmmm… I can be sensitive about my stations respect I have a nice joke. When a girl slips on the ice, why can’t her brother help her up? Because he can’t be a brother and assist her too.

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