West Ham 0-2 Arsenal (Players Ratings)

A great second half performance, so many positives to take.

1. We have found two important partnerships that work. Gallas and Silvestre with Gallas as a sweeper and Silvestre as the ball playing stopper worked brilliantly for us, and they really only had one clear cut chance in the game, that Bellamy chances in the first half. Gallas was brilliant, MOTM and great captains performance, Silvestre also did well, but is still adjusting to our set up. and The other was Song-Fabregas. Fabregas was influential, and back to his brilliant self this game. That is because he had Song always behind him. Song knew when to attack (once we were already winning) and where to pass, who to pass to and when to pass. He did brilliantly to stop probably 90% of enemy attacks. Terrific performance.

2. The opinions we have on the bench. It just shows how much how much strength we have to have someone coming off the bench to score twice. Great cameo from Adebayor, both goals were just like Henry, and so was teh one versus Fenerbahce. Diaby also did great when he was on the ball. We have a world class attack in our first team, but also a world class midfield on our bench!

3. Sagna will be available for Spurs!

4. Our options up front. We have six strikers in Adebayor, van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Diaby and Vela, and Diaby can also play midfield. 4 of the 6 played today, and it was great to see all the height in our box, there were only 3 players on the field that were under 6 foot after the subtitution!


Almunia: 8.0 In the second half didn’t have much to do, but was briliant in the first half, with two stunning saves of Di Michele, and Bellamy

Eboue:6.5 Not his greatest performance, very hesitant, but good in attack

Gallas:8.5 Brilliant contained all three of West Hams strikers, MOTM

Silvestre: 7.0 Did his job well.

Clichy:7.0 Typical Clichy performance, but we found out today that Bellamy is faster than him!

Nasri:7.0 Was good, energetic, skillful, good link up with the midfield and Clichy, but gave the ball away several times.

Fabregas:8.0 Looked like the Fabregas of lat year, absolutely sublime

Song:7.5 Great job in that DM position. Stopped attacks all day, pushed forward well onces we were in the lead, hopefully he keeps his starting place versus Spurs. He kept it simple, but gave it away once or twice.

Walcott:8.0 Great performance, had a great run in the first half, and as usual was a vital part of the attack throughout.

Bendtner:7.5 Below par in the first half, unimpressive. Did better in the second half, and a significant moment happened in the match: He had a sublime link up with Adebayor, 3 quick passes, Ades shot was saved brilliantly by Green (who had an absolutely UNBELIEVABLE performance) but after Adebayor put the rebound over from claose range, Bendtner went over and picked him up. Also, a stunning ball for Adebayor for the second goal

van Persie:7.5 Did great, attacked with purpose, always was looking to score or create would have had a hatrick against any other keeper.

Adebayor:7.5 He won us the game, what else can I say. He almost pulled a Bendtner vs. Spurs, as he almost scored with his first touch, a header from a corner.

Diaby: Looked very skillful on the ball, couldn’t have the influence that he had against Fenerbahce however.
Sagna: N/A good that he got some minutes, will hopefully start against Spurs.

I think that Nasri needs a rest, and Diaby deserves a chance. So I think that all three subs will start vs. Spurs.

From K-PO


11 Responses to West Ham 0-2 Arsenal (Players Ratings)

  1. theo says:

    really pleased to get a cleansheet. its been a while since we havn’t conceded and to be honest if gallas plays like he did today hees definately among the best defenders in the world.tner was very dissapointing in the 1st half but he played well in the 2nd. i still don’t feel cesc is playing as well as he can but song played really good today. walcott looked to be our most dangerous player but i think wenger went for a different tactic in the last 20 mins and it worked so it was great. now lets kick tottenhams ass

  2. fanner says:

    How could Gallas be MOTM? He was only doing a decent job. Ade is the MOTM for me. RVP’s passing was terrible, Nasir lost possession cheaply, Walcott pick his option poorly.

    Song was outstanding, Fabregas was good too. Bentner seems to play much better with Ade.

  3. Daf Sir says:

    West Ham really (as usual to be honest) gave us a tough game. If I’m honest, I feel Arsenal were hard done by when Green should have been sent off for handling outside the area – the game would have been very different.

    Otherwise it was a good game, a bit scary, great goal keeping from both ends and probably quite exciting from a neutral’s perspective.

    Match Video Link

  4. brdgunner says:

    I dont think we played as well as the player ratings suggest. I think that Fabregas was excellent today, however, more defensively than going forward. I am a massive Song fan. I think that with time they can be very very good together. We have some good games coming to get amongst the top. Man u is two games away. A win and we can really put some pressure on them.

  5. Col says:

    Talk about biased. An own goal gave you the game, simple as that you idiot.

  6. Fabregas' Dad says:

    I think your ratings are a bit lenient. Mine would be:

    Van Persie-6.5


    I don’t think Van Persie played particularly well and apart from when he cut inside and shot and the free kick he seemed very quiet. Bendtner didn’t play well until Adebayor came on (weird huh?) and I wouldn’t say Fabregas was ‘absolutely sublime’ but he played well defensively and he linked up well with Nasri on the left and his passing was sharp as usual. Song did very well defensively and played well going forward when he did but I don’t like him when he’s under pressure because his passing becomes wayward and he often loses possession under pressure, but overall he was very good.

  7. Fabregas' Dad says:

    In fact I’d give Eboue a 6.0 because he got caught out a lot and most of their attacks came from him being wrongly positioned and Fabregas had to cover for him a lot defensively. Still did pretty well considering he barely plays there anymore.

  8. jon says:

    I seem to remember your ade rants not too long ago, bet you feel a bit stupid ay?

  9. […] West Ham 0-2 Arsenal (Players Ratings) A great second half performance, so many positives to take. 1. We have found two important partnerships that work. […] […]

  10. Stu says:

    All of your ratings are way to high. We played well, a good performance, nothing more nothing less. Gallas was great tonight considering his current form this season but 8.5 and motm is just ridiculas. He was good but someone looking at your ratings that didnt see the game would think we won 4/5-0 and Gallas defended everythng expertly against world class strikers.

    We were awful for most of the 1st half except for the last 10 or so minutes. Oh and Ade only scored 1 goal and it wasnt anything like an Henry-esq goal at that. I dont know what match you were watching!?

  11. harryo says:

    bellamy faster. clichy was way over on the left giving him a ten yard start and almost caught him . yu watchin the right match

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