Wenger Showboating (Video)


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12 Responses to Wenger Showboating (Video)

  1. Gooner Chris says:


    Le Boss is qualityyyy 😀

  2. LF says:

    Brilliant! 🙂

    A quick question as well: How do you embed the Youtube player on your blog? Does it have to be done by code?

  3. bbb says:

    Here’s our solution to our defence headaches. He’s definitely got the height and commanding presence!

  4. gazzap says:

    I enjoyed that. shame the camera man has the shakes.

  5. GunnerPete says:


  6. Clacko the Gooner says:

    What a god!
    Love the blue bike aswell haha!!

  7. justin says:

    hahahahahaha thats a great video man


    theres only one arsene wenger

  8. toure tribe underboss says:


  9. […] Wenger Showboating (Video) Enjoy […]

  10. geo_gun says:

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funnnnnynyyy:))=

  11. TheFunGun says:

    If only he was as young as the rest of the team then we would be more solid in the back! haha!

  12. muzty says:

    amazing the man is good i wouldnt mind him in midfield

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