Wenger Out!!! The man is stubborn and is killing the club

As most of you that visit the forum and the blog know i don’t fook about with my words and i have been criticised many times in the past for blasting Wenger. But i cant take this shit anymore

We are not even in November and we are out of the title race.

Who is to blame?

Easy, The man who didn’t sign quality when we could all see that the players we have at the club are not good enough to win the title.

Any person with knowledge of the game would tell you that in the summer Arsenal needed a DM after losing Flamini Gilberto and Diarra. But no “zee cheque book” was locked away and now we are paying the price.

And what about a CB? Wenger said at the end of last season that this was our problem and he would address this?Only for him to come out and say he didnt need a CB this summer when asked about Kompany? And then he allowed our best headerer of the ball at the back Senderos to leave on loan?

You could not make it up!!

Kompany went for almost the same money as Ramsey, Why didnt we sign him? He could of also played as a DM as well as a CB. Other players Mertesacker,Raul Albiol,Cristian Zapata! All powerful players in the air and the type of player that is needed at the club.

The sad truth is he didn’t want to pay the going rate! As usual!

He has left us with the worst defence at Arsenal for 20 years! And the first-choice keeper is a clown.
We have no defensive midfielders of any calibre to protect the piss-poor defence. All our hopes are on Alex Song who would not even be a towel boy at Man Utd, Liverpool or Chavski.

Wenger has no desire in the transfer market apart from signing the odd young player! No doubt with a view of selling him for a huge profit in the future.

His substitutions and tactics are shocking. We have lost so many points after he has changed the shape of the team and tried to hang onto the points.

Yes Wenger you was a great manager.But the game has overtaken you and you can no longer see you’re faults and you’re stubborn ways are crippling the club

Please Wenger just go at the end of this season and lets remember you for all the good you did for the club.



144 Responses to Wenger Out!!! The man is stubborn and is killing the club

  1. Baz says:


    “Wenger goes or we go”

    Who’s “we”?

    If it’s people like you, then by all means, go! Get a life instead of photoshopping lame pics.

  2. dizzyman says:

    hes the reason we even have that stadium, have some respect turd!

  3. hi says:

    AGREE. seems senile

  4. thegoonerforum says:


    Wenger is not the reason we have that big white elephant of a stadium.

    Why do people think that?

    Wenger has “some input” but thats it. The fans are paying for it in the long term

  5. A says:

    I never knew 3 years old boy can write an article.
    Do u little boy just got into football and follow arsenal?
    Surely there are factors Wenger did so.
    Wenger out?
    Ridiculous , although im not gooner.

  6. DeiseGooner says:

    Farkin baby. Out of the title race are we? Congrats to liverpool for the title after 10 games

  7. hi says:

    fucking french people. the weake people.
    remember; we won the 2nd world war despite, not because of france 😉

  8. thegoonerforum says:


    We have lost 2 games already this season without facing any of the big boys. We lost 3 games last season and still finished 3rd

  9. gooner91 says:

    what a shit article
    yes maybe sumtimes hes desicions r questionable but at the end of the day hes not the one on the pitch is he
    he can only do so much, its up to the players to perform
    “either he goes or we go” do us all a favour mate why dont u just go
    we dont need fans like you
    we need fans that are gna get behind the club no matter what
    every team has shit days but you put them behind you and focus on the next game

  10. Scotch says:

    ‘The Professor’ demonstrated by his inactivity in the past two transfer windows that he believes he can win trophies without a single holding defensive midfield player. Last night was not a surprise freak result. In the recent 5-2 win at Fenerbahce he completely ignored his team’s pathetic defending. The score could have been 8-8, Guiza alone could have scored 5. Arsenal now look like Ardiles’ Spurs or Keegan’s Newcastle. It’s ‘we’re gonna score more goals than you’ football. Fun in a park on a beach or at the circus but fruitless in the finest league in the world. For all their entertainment value, neither Ossie nor King Kev won the top League, nor will Wenger’s clever, ball juggling performing seals. As the saying goes – if you want entertainment go to a circus. What odds Billy Smart being the next Arsenal manger when Wenger falls from the high wire? Baz / Dizzy – not sure what basis of defence your mounting, is it based on 4 years ago – how long should we wait? another 4 years? We have no god given right to win titles but with the foundation we built it seems all the foundation is now being eroded… last night was an absolute farce…

  11. toure tribe underboss says:

    go on then you go,your a broken record,speak for yourself and fuck off

  12. daniel says:

    listen you are idiots lol how can u not see that wenger has lost it george graham was a fantastic manager even if the scandal had not have happened he stil woulda been booted out because of the results arsene is the onli manager in the world hu does not have to win, so all you so called loyal arsenal fans actuli no f**k all bowt the club

  13. toure tribe underboss says:

    wenger made arsenala big club again,not a mid tabled cup team,he built the emirates!

  14. Joshwaaaa says:

    I Love Bagels 🙂

  15. toure tribe underboss says:

    oh i should have known attilla the greek cunt would have written this,fuck off down green lanes an get killed by a turk

  16. toure tribe underboss says:

    daniel what would you know about borinnnnnnnnnnnnng george graham?

  17. thegoonerforum says:

    toure tribe underboss

    Arsenal have a history long before Wenger! Learn it

    He did not make this club great, Arsenal was a great club long before Wenger.

    Stop acting like this man is a god

  18. toure tribe underboss says:

    arsenal was a midtable club full of junkies in one form or another,he gave us back our pride,simple,stop your gay campaign an just speak for yourself

  19. ac says:

    lets not live in the past lads the bottom line is EVERYONE knows we need a keeper/ch/and dm even wenger admited this,if we had of had gilberto or flamini wewould not have lost to hull or drawn with the spuds and sunderland,you see all came with long range efforts that a good dm player would have closed down and wenger knows this and has done nothing about it so he is to blame!!!

  20. toure tribe underboss says:

    these last ten years are the finest times in arsenals history!

  21. GoonerC says:

    Absolute garbage. Can you please suggest a manager to take charge? Who is better than wenger and available? No one. How long have you supported arsenal for? I would wager you started somewhere around 2001 and have therfore been ridiculously spoilt as a fan. We are third in the league, top of our champs league group and you are saying wenger out. You are an absolute clown. We wont win the league but maybe some arsenal fans need to tone down their expectations for a while- long term what arsene is doing will work and with our resources when compared to the other big 4. There is no way we would be anywhere near where we are now (top 4 every season, last year very very close to the title) without wengers prudet spending and way of playing football. How many fans would swap places with us. You are an absolute waste of space

  22. Seymour Gossip says:

    Perhaps you are going too far yet I agree Wenger can piss me off. Why is Adebayor still in the squad? He will set the offsides record this season but his contributions are poor. Add Eboue to the list. Cesc will probably quit; he wants a trophy but this current squad cannot gain one while Wenger remains stubborn in his team selections.

  23. Brian says:

    Off you go then, you petulant clueless cretin.

  24. Norseman says:

    you are funny. if we sack wenger he will be wanted by every damn club in the world.

  25. toure tribe underboss says:

    if you have nothing nice to write dont write it at all,your just a bunch of vultures u blog writers with nothing good to say when the good things happen,your just a bunch of doom merchants

  26. hi says:

    wenger is just another coward, who dosent deare to sign big players. hes too scared of them!! coward=french

  27. toure tribe underboss says:

    go put a rope around your neck and die,your blog should be printed on paper so we can all wipe our ass on this crap, your not important your a fuckin yid in a red hat

  28. B says:

    I think there is till a little bit of hope for us.We are just 6points behind liverpool.I do agree with u a bit,Wenger is a stuborn man who do not want to accept his mistakes.He blamed d fans before,now it’s d players,Whose next?.I miss Flamini and i know he miss us too.YAYA TOURE is d best option we have now or maybe APPIAH. The truth is everyone is getting bored of all of wenger’s philosophy.D only way 2 put us back on track is 2 beat Man U and win all d games . DONT BE SUPRISED 2 SEE FABREGAS@ADE LEAVE AT D END OF SEASON.

  29. JL says:

    Said before and will say again…please change the ‘we’ to an ‘I’ in the picture at the top. You are a moron. Just stop writing and fuck off down to chelsea with all your chav football manager pond life friend(s). You know nothing about football or Arsenal so it would be much appreciated if you didn’t assault us with your presence any more.

  30. True says:

    you sound like a fucking teenage girl with your “I’m sick of this shit” comment.

    And we have a great fucking team, so if you don’t support them through the hard times then you don’t love them. so you can go support Chavski or Manure you “fooking” glory hunter

  31. Norseman says:

    fabregas leaving would be a real loss. but im not too concerned with adebayor leaving. RvP is better, and we also have bendtner, vela, diaby, eduardo etc.

  32. jaa says:

    I love Wenger!
    Lets help him and stand up for him. He is decent and honest! He never complains! His focus is to do the best for Arsenal!!

    We are lucky! look at all the coward managers out there!


  33. Scots Gunner says:

    Im sorry but for fucks sake!! yeah the draw at Spurs was extremely fuckin annoying but i still think Wenger is a good manager & if can learn to splash the cash on some quality names then things will get better.Just look at Henry.Got him from juventus when he was playing wide & wasnt considered the best player in the world n wenger turned him into the best forward there was. Cesc,walcott,nasri,pires all players Arsene brought in who were/are shit hot.I understand the frustration being a big gunners but we cant blame wenger for players not turning in the performance that is expected of them.

  34. gooner91 says:

    yeah your right! lets get rid of wenger!!
    maybe we can get juande ramos in charge!

  35. Thomas "right at the end" says:

    Out of the title race my Arse, 3 points behind chelsea means beat them at the bridge in 4 weeks and we go above them, which leaves only the mancs to worry about, because liverpool are NOT title contenders, once gerrard gets his annual hamstring injury they will fade , they are pace setters no more no less, Sack AW and lets see if his
    replacement can bring us a whole season unbeaten

  36. thegoonerforum says:

    No gooner91 lets keep Wenger for the next 10 years. Selling our best players, Replacing them with cheap kids and lets have 10 more years of his lies and bullshit.

    And if Wenger is the best thing since sliced bread why have we not won anything since 2005?

  37. BXL Gunner says:

    Get a life – crap article i

  38. mauritian Gunner says:

    Everyone are down after the match….but they, the whole team us now, when it is hard to come back, not when all is shinning and super…come gooners of the world lets stick together and go behind the whole team, they will bounce back….

  39. GoonerBrian says:

    This article is dross…did we lose against spurs ?….no we didn’t and we actually went UP a place in the league. I am not saying that it was acceptable but saying we should sack our manager is ridiculous !!!…I am sure Mr. Wenger will have a detailed look and decide the why’s and wherefor’s about what went wrong and what will be done about it. After all, are we where Spurs are at the moment ?….no we are not !!….we are third and trophies are not handed out in October….

  40. muhwahhhhhhhhh!!! says:

    wah hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

    oh hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho

    he hehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehhehe



  41. Wenger says:

    Dear Fans. I am disappointed in the lack of support you show both me and the players. I have endeavoured to create both a successful and a pleasing side. Youth is not the priority but protecting our future is , this whilst also maintaining our reputation both within the league and outside of it. I will consider handing in my resignation. IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. TWATS
    Wenger Rules and I am sure he will deliver.
    PS Wenger did not write this. I don’t want my ass sued to kingdom come.

  42. Hackney Goona says:

    What a load of short sighted shite..

    Wenger IS the reason why we have that stadium and Colney, success breeds success..geddit? We could still be a mid-table club, without those premierships, without Henry, Vieira etc…

    This isn’t sentiment, it’s reality..what are you? 16?

    A little patience will bring constant titles once more..

  43. jaa says:

    WE love you ARSENAL, we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Ozzie Gooner says:

    I agree.
    Wenger is a one man band who has lost the melody. Do we know if Pat Rice and others have any influence?
    I am sick of the ‘young team’ crap. Wenger is doing the youngsters no favours by putting them in a flawed team that will come close but not win anything again this year. Fabregas will leave at season’s end (and Walcott?), we will get less in the transfer than we should and Wenger will spend half on the next starlet and bank the rest.
    Arsenal is heading for huge problems at season’s end because at the moment there is no one in Arsenal apart from Arsene that has any influence on football matters.
    We need a dm and a ch of stature, and a left footed midfielder in January. but this season is dead.

  45. velaciraptor says:

    do fuck off with your football manager-esque ‘we should have signed so and so, he was cheap’ bollocks.

  46. GoonerBrian says:

    The trouble with a lot of so called Arsenal fans is they want a quick fix. Not wining a trophy for three years is nothing !! We have no devine right to win anything. I have been supporting Arsenal for over 40 years through thick and very thin. As a kid I waited for seven years to see them win the Fairs Cup in 70 and then the Double in 71. Then waited another eight years for the FA Cup in 79…..then another eight years for the Milk Cup in 87. During all that time I never once called for any manager of ours to be sacked. I watch Spurs demolish us 5-0 in 1983 and we came 10th in the league with Spurs finishing 4th. But I still never called for the managers head. So five titles and five FA cups in the last nineteen years is second only to ManU so just grow up
    and stop talking garbage. A true Gooner you are not !!!

  47. Jay says:

    ALL i’ll say is…whoever it is that created this site…why don’t u go support someone else? All u do is complain!!? Out of the title race? So i suppose after 10 games Liverpool has won it yeah?

  48. A.F.C says:

    clown 350 mil in debt and u want to buy buy buy
    GoonerC Says:
    October 30, 2008 at 6:56 pm
    How long have you supported arsenal for? I would wager you started somewhere around 2001 and have therfore been ridiculously spoilt as a fan. We are third in the league, top of our champs league group and you are saying wenger out. You are an absolute clown.

  49. JonJon says:

    I read the original blog and continued down working out my response then I read Gooner Brians entry and can’t put it any better gooner forum come out from behind your nickname here and give us your history as an Arsenal fan, because your blog is just complete and utter garbage.

  50. kevin says:


  51. omar says:

    what a fucking ridiculous article, u should really be ashamed of yourself. u have to understand were playing in the best league in the world, jut coz we havnt won a trophy in 3 or 4 years your blaming wenger? how many years was it before chelsea won the league 3 years ago? how many year did man united not win the league before ferguson? even liverpool havnt won the league in 19 years. i cant understand this, every1 keeps on saying we have to win a trophy and stuff but other great clubs have gone on a much much worse run than us… we’ve been in the champions league for how many years in a row now. but believe me 1 day your gonna appreciate this. how good were leeds once upon time? if u offer them 3rd in the league and champions league thy will bite our hand off,soo just appreciate the work wnger is doing, were still 1 of the best clubs in the world. i cant even believe an arsenal supporter would write an article like this

  52. GoonerBrian says:

    Well Kevin if your facts are straight then at least he will have presided over the most successful era in our great clubs history. Winning more titles than Spurs ( our rivals in London lol) entire History. He has won three titles, (the Double twice),finished 2nd FIVE times and four FA Cups …..since 97 he has never finished outside the top four. Few other managers in the history of the game have ever showed that level of consistency and success……So do we care what you think ?…no we don’t !!

  53. toure tribe underboss says:

    little bitch ass rental fan

  54. johnny hoy says:

    Show some fucking loyalty you prick.

  55. Mediaman says:

    Sometimes it’s depressing reading the sort of stuff that I see here. Aren’t you guys aware that you’re watching sublime football week in week out? Last night’s game against Spurs was what the game’s about. OK, we didn’t win, you could say we threw it away, but it was a brilliant game to sit and watch – as I did – with a pub full of fans from both clubs. If you’re so dumb that your football’s a waste of time unless you win trophies, then you’re in for a disappointing ride whoever you support. Let’s hear it for the club that wins every year – who ever that is! Arsene Wenger has brought a quality of football to Arsenal which has influenced every club in the country. Football skills, tactics, fitness, diet – you name it. He’s a genius. If you can’t get behind a manager like that, get yourself off to Gary Megson, Joe Kinnear, Terry Venables and that long queue of also rans who have “graced” English football for years. Stop being media led and enjoy the quality of the youngsters at the Gunners. Before long, they’re going to be the best side in the land – they’re already playing the best football. I think, incidentally, a top class centre half, or a defensive midfielder of similar class, would make all the difference you glory boys need. It’s that close.

  56. Stu says:

    I didnt read many of the comments but they were all bad ones. I tend to agree that Wengers time is definartely coming to an end here but the end of this season does deem a little too close. He is slowly ruining the club.

    Most people are saying that AW is the best manaer we ave ever had and i agree about that part but the amount of AKBs out there are ridiculas. They follow Wenger blindly. I get the feling that the board are members too because how can Wenger make so many wrong decisions in such a short amount of time yet the board have surely said nothing to him about it.

    My suggestion would be for David Dein to return and for AW to bring in his replacement immediately and preferably be a defensive coach who appreciates the art of defending. Steve Bould seems to be the ideal replacement because he is already at the club and doing a gereat job ewith the reserves. Wengers replacement would need to have a similar footballing philosophy tho becuase a completely different manager might just thro all those years of the academy development away. A mix of fotballing nous, defensive guile and tactical nous is needed to fill Wengers quickly shrinking boots.

  57. gooner91 says:

    yeah mate replacing r best players with cheap kids
    if i remember rightly wasnt a certain cesc fabregas one of those cheap kids?

  58. Gaz Southport says:

    The facts are, Wenger as the Manager was at fault last night and always we be when it goes wrong, but I can’t think who I’d rather have instead of him, so until then I’ll support him.

  59. KALACH says:

    Last season AFC Lost 3 game and a considerable draws, now after 10 games they have lost 2!!!! is that a Title winning form?? AW let Diara, Flamini, Gilberto go all defensive midfield kings well proven. Kept Denlison, Song who are young, short, lazy, slow except may be Denilson, whose passing is chocking.

    Winning trophies with such ateam? I bet you. NEVER WILL IT HAPPEN, with wasteful EA25? weak AS17? with a poor Defense? Injury prone Rosicky, RvP? Arrogant Clichy? Young F4? Imature TW14?

    Only one man can win that if he wants Arsene Wenger. But he is SO ARROGANT & BIG HEADED.

  60. john says:

    this article is stupid, honestly, if we are wining 4-2 with 5 minutes left why keep on attacking? their is only 5 minutes left, lets just hold on to the result, its not wengers faoult the arsenal players thought the game was over and stopped playing. and wenger did try to buy some DM, like yaya, alonso, ect. but he wasent able to, so dont say he dint try. and its amazing how people are saying just because we tied yesterday we cant win the league! im not saying we will win it but there is still a REALLY long way to go!! and things will cahnge.

  61. barking says:

    The majority of the responses to the artcile are far superior to the article.

  62. Stu says:

    Diarra is nowhere near a defensive midfielder and never will be. He is defo just an energetic CM.

    And calling Clichy arrogant is just makes you sound stupid. He is very humble. Sure he slipped but if he didnt slip then he still had nothing else to do. There was no1 to pass to and thus made the mistake of waiting for an option to open up, which never looked like happening with Song around. ANd Jenas ran the best part of 40yards unapposed so Clichy isnt totally at fault.

  63. Gooner Harry says:


  64. Fat Boy says:

    Shite article written by a fuckwit who has been luicky enough to gorge on caviar for the last 11 years and now complains bitterly if the taste is not as it once was. You turd – Your still being served a fare that you have no right to expect. I have said before on this forum, at present we appear to have 30,000 followers too many. I remember the days of Malcom Mcdonald, Willie Young, David Price, Gus Ceasar, Chris Kiwomya, Steven Morrow, Hillier, Carter, Selley etc.. In todays parlance they would be the reduced section sausages at fuckin Aldi, however they wore the shirt and I supported them. I can honestley state that I havenever felt that an Arsenal Manager should be sacked, ( Even GG who was a stupiod greedy fucker) Fuck me half of you on here would have crucified those players and spit roasted their love ones. What on earth gives us the right to watch the quality football that has been so consistent during wengers reign. There can be only one winner and EVERYONE is hungry. Take stock and be fucking grateful that we are not spurs. I hope that we go another couple of years without winning a trophy ( that is fucking life !!) it will ensure that most of the whingeing Rupert cum-latleys fuck off from my club.

  65. […] Wenger Out!!! The man is stubborn and is killing the club As most of you that visit the forum and the blog know i don’t fook about with my words and i have been […] […]

  66. Tom says:

    I just wanna say watching a match with the result of 4-2 at 87 minutes of the game & by the time it ended, the result become 4-4 is so FUCKING DISGUSTING!!! TRULY MOTHERFUCKING DISGUSTING!!! I donno what those “Arsene Knows” supporters think of now??? This team can win titles?? FUCK OFF MAN!!! Arsenal play attractive football?? FUCK OFF!!! Our defence is basically hopeless!!! This match had shown 1 thing for sure – MATCH FIXING might be the real reason for this FUCKING DISGUSTING DRAW!!!

  67. tony says:

    fucking bullshit. we’re all disappointed with what happened wednesday but this uncalled for. AW has done amazing things for this club and he’s our most succesful manager ever. In my opinion its all the newer fans who only know success that are whining about Wenger. As a fan of 25 years i appreciate where he has put the club and will never jump to rash conclusions like this article. grow up you little whiny bitch

  68. Am says:

    Wenger IS to blame for EVERYTHING,the club said he had over 30mil 2 spend over the summer,but did he use it?NOOOOOOO.OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT all i can say.u past it

  69. charlie says:


  70. AusGunner says:

    Do you all remember before 06/07 there was a selection of manchester united ‘fans’ and bloggers who were calling for fergie’s head. yeah. a bit daft.

    Still, I hear Juande Ramos is available.

    As an aside, I know it’s hardly worth bothering with all the thickos here, but while we lost 3 games and came third, manchester united lost 5 and won the league. It is a long, long season, with three other trophies that we are capable of winning to go for. Get a fucking grip.

  71. Ro says:

    AW please why don’t you one time do as we fans say then you will see how the team acts. Why do you like Eboue playing 7 yet you know his good in 2, try to pair Kolo Toure with Mikael Silvestre and leave the team captain on beanch you will see how the team works, and make sure that Walcott is in 7 Eboue in 2.
    Another thing let the Dutch man Robin Van Parsie start from the beanch then give Nicklas Bendtner the game i swear you will see the difference.


  72. gunners` says:

    stupid idiot cb … i think u have just come to know about arsenal it is not about arsene wenger !!! stupid ass …. when arsene wenger was still teaching arsenal last how many years and arsenal always win !!!!! stupid. …. all the good players that barcelone snatch are all from arsenal for example – hleb henry ….. villarial also snatch arsene player pires and inter viera all the good player come from ARSENAL and hu teach them WENGER !!! so pls dont tok cok here just bcause arsenal draw with spurs and it i s not wenger fault the keeper are to blame for all this things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Brian says:

    I imagine it’s kids like this that bemoan the lack of loyalty from certain footballers like they’ve never heard the word hypocrisy (this guy couldn’t even spell it). Spoilt little bitches hopping on the Invincibles bandwagon with no sense of perspective whatsoever.

    Please, just fuck off- you and your ilk.

  74. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    U mate are a fraudster posing as a gunner ur more a bummer than a gunner. No fight, no layalty no ball. and who made u an authority on all things arsenal?
    Twats like u give real arsenal fans a bad name

  75. Brian says:

    “No gooner91 lets keep Wenger for the next 10 years. Selling our best players, Replacing them with cheap kids and lets have 10 more years of his lies and bullshit.

    And if Wenger is the best thing since sliced bread why have we not won anything since 2005?”

    Our “best players” WERE “cheap kids” when we signed them you utter fuckbucket.


  76. A Starnes says:

    Enough of this already, please just go and support the crap down the road – we lost out by a narrow margin last season and arguably if nothing ever happened to Eduardo – we could have done even better… I don’t understand this arrogance remark – I think Tuesdays performance was the hardest working performance I’ve seen from an arsenal side – I think perhaps tried a little too hard which explains a lack of quality at times, and panicking in the last few minutes cost us – but I don’t think it was arrogance – more just inexperience….

    Wenger is the best man for the job until Bergkamp becomes ready to take over in around 2012 – thats what I’m hoping for anyways…

    He goes or you go?? Go then…..

  77. Barry Downer says:

    Wenger ruining the club?

    You are not Arsenal fans. You never have been. You never will be.

    Try supporting the club for twenty years. Maybe then you’ll understand how far we’ve come.

    Who is going to replace Wenger and bring to the club what he has brought? There is no-one.

    The fantastic thing about this club is that the football we play is worth paying money to see. That’s why I do. Of course I want to see the team win, but there is so much more to life/football than grinding out results. Believe me, I’ve seen both.

    You internet fans need to start going to games and stop reading Myles Palmer. And if you’re still unhappy, try another club.

  78. arsenal69 says:

    i dont believe that arsene should leave what he has done with the club is outstanding however he needs 2 address a few issues. We desperately need a CB like Mertersaker, he is tall, strong, powerful and dominates the air. If we signed somebody like him we would stop conceding silly goals at set pieces n losing matches. Secondly Arsenal really need an out-and-out winger, Walcott is great and Nasri is great but neither are wingers. Nasri is being played in a Pires type role so on the right side of the pitch lets get a speedy skillfull winger to put crosses to adebayor and stretch the opposition. I feel sorry 4 clichy he is the best LB in the premier league and deserves better apparently he was almost in tears in the changeroom after the game. Keep your head up!

  79. jojo says:


  80. Lloyd says:

    I believe that we have been let down by our manager, why do we have to put up with Denilson week in week out… Adebayor is not worthy of the shirt until he changes what seems to be a lazy attitude…Gallas is NOT a captain…4 years and STILL no trophy!!!! All of these factors are in fact decisions by Arsene and for that reason he has to take responsibility and at minimum apologies to us fans who pay thounds of pounds a year to support the team… At lease the future is bright because Tony Adams hopefully in the next few years will be a strong contender for the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. John says:

    It’s hard to sake seriously someones views which are written in such awful English.

    It’s could HAVE not could of.

  82. NICK THE GREEK says:


  83. Rich says:

    Why dont all you stop – sach the most stylish, successful manager in the club’s history – you are having a very tall giraffe!!! Any one to help me laugh off these retarded comments!!hahahaha anyone….hahaha!

  84. J says:

    Word. In Gothenburg, Sweden, among almost every single Gooner (there are many in Gothenburg) is part of a gruop called “Vad kissar Wenger mest på? Fansen eller klubben?” wich means something like “On which part does Wenger urinate most on? The fans or the club?”.

  85. Ossinio says:

    As a spurs fan I’m amazed that you give this guy so much abuse. Unfortunately for me he’s turned a club that I despise into one that plays brilliant football using young talent. He is the man responsible for giving you the mantra of ‘playing the best football in the league’ and yet so many of you criticise him.

    I don’t really need to say any more because it’s pretty clear that your team, being so young, would benefit from much greater support – seriously the noise at emirates shocks me and I’m not just saying that ebcause i’m a spurs fan. Lastly, try and find another manager – its really not as easy as it sounds. Gareth southgate is the 5h longest serving manager in the league now! it takes years to find the right man for the job.

  86. Andrew says:

    Completely agree with this post. Wenger is too busy believing his own hype and trying to prove a point that he can win things without spending money. He’s made so many stupid mistakes in the last 4 years that it’s not funny. The first was selling Vieira (which we’ve never recovered from), letting Pires and Campbell go for free, not buying quality players when they’ve been available and gone elsewhere and now letting Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini go without replacing them. And that’s forgetting the silly substitions and tactics in recent games. Then he has the cheek to have a go at the supporters for not supporting the team. For the money we’re paying to go and watch this team I’d expect at least some of it to be invested in the team we’re going to watch. But no! If he doesn’t win something this season then I think he has to go (not forgetting the great things he’s done for the club of course). But he really has lost the plot in the last 4 years.

  87. Ossinio says:

    And get prepared to say goodbye to half your squad when he leaves….

  88. raj says:

    For those of you who feel Wenger has taken us as far as he can or are soooooo depressed cause we haven’t won a tophy for 3 years..i have a solution..Fuck off and support Manu or the chavs

  89. FRED G. says:

    Dear Mr hi……,
    it appears that you don’t like too much French People….
    It’s funny, you have talked about WWII and you’re acting like a nazi…. In which camp are u ?
    let me see….. oh yes !!! Maybe one of this hooligans plenty of beer who lost his brain before going to the stadium and has never found it again, who hate France, because you have to (without knowing why…) and is so happy to come each summer on our coasts trying to catch some sun to look like a red lobster….
    I’m Fred, A French Supporter of Arsenal who has always thanked US and UK to have rescued us in WW II, but who is also proud to be French and that some of our compatriots have saved many clubs of 1st League….
    Cantona with Leeds and then MU….
    Desailly with Chelsea….
    Wenger, Anelka, Henry, Vieira, Flamini, and so many others.
    Why do you think so many foreign players come to your championship ? It is just because of money and bacause it was so easy to play vs english players…. it was so easy that all clubs have engaged players from all over the world. In some squads you don’t have any english players. That is why your national team is so fucking good….
    How many english players are playing in other European championships ? 2-3 ?
    So stop saying that French = Coward. It is too easy to say that behind your computer.

  90. A Starnes says:

    As much as it pains me Ossinio – your making a lot more sense than a lot of these so called ‘arsenal fans’ on the board… Well done

  91. gigalla says:

    Wenger is a stubborn fool! And right!!! Kompany cost city 6mill and has played most of the matches, Ramsey cost just over 5 and has yet to play more than 4 minutes in PL. Kompany is a great DM and CB, Ramsey is 17 and as I said has yet to show what he can do. In the meantime we are dropping points like seagols on a statue and all we hear is “this team is young, hungry and ready for challange for the title” HAHA, my ass if they are, they are spoiled, overpaid litte brats opening theis stupid mouths and saying “this year we will win!” and then lose to Hull and Fulham and give points to Sunderland an Spurs, who btw only too two 5 points in 9 games!!! Sorry Wenger, but just go and ruin some frenchclub you ballscratching, pedofile joke of a coach

  92. Andy says:

    It’s all good saying “Wenger out” but who do you propose we replace him with? I’m sure just last season many would have said Ramos would make an ideal replacement..look how that turned out!

    Despite the fact that Wenger has some very annoying attributes as a manager, such as his stubborness with playing particular players (e.g. Eboue) as well as not being prepared to dip into the transfer market, you have to realise that it is purely because of Wenger in the first place that Arsenal fans now have such high expectations as well as the 60,000 emirates stadium – yes the club were going to always relocate to a new ground but it was thanks to the many years of success through Wenger that this dream could be realised much quicker!

    Everyone is open to an opinion however, i feel that spreading distaste towards Wenger and the team in the manner you have with this article is not showing that you are a “true fan” or anything of the sort but rather highlighting your inability to see beyond just winning trophies every single year…what Wenger has done is set the club up for literally decades to come, thanks to him i feel that although we may not challenge for the league for a couple of years we will be dominate English football in the not to distant future.

    Patience is all that is required, sacking Wenger would be the biggest mistake this club could ever make period.

  93. Joshwaaaa says:

    I still love bagels 😀

  94. Donjohnni says:

    This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. Anyone saying Wenger should go is an idiot. The reason we have a reputation of being amazing and winning loads of games is because of Wenger. So if we get rid of him, because of the standard *he* set, who do we employ instead?

    Believe me, when we give Tony Adams, or Samuel Allardyce, or whoever the fuck – Jurgen Klinsmann maybe – the job instead, and they “do a Ramos”, and can’t pluck quality players out of the ether, you’ll be crying to have Wenger back. Without him we’re screwed. And I really mean it.

    He is the reason we have the stadium and high standards. He’s a miracle man. No one else could have done that with the funds he had. Look at Tottenham. They spent tons more than us on players and look at them. Seriously – really think about what you’re saying and what we’d do without Wenger. He is a pure genius, fighting against the corruption and unstable market we’re in because of Abramovich and co.

  95. anlb says:

    when we win the league i bet all the players will all demand for high wages or new contracts and even pack their bags and play with other clubs.then we have another transition period for 7+ years……

  96. Donjohnni says:

    “Last season AFC Lost 3 game and a considerable draws, now after 10 games they have lost 2!!!! is that a Title winning form?”

    – Man United lost 2 quickly and drew and look what happened…

  97. clockendjim says:

    I can see the pros & cons of dermanding ‘Wenger Out’
    However what cannot be denied is that this is the worst defence I can remember playing for Arsenal and without Flamini, Gilberto etc they are ruthlessly exposed.
    There is only one man responsible for any woeful situation like this – the manager.
    I cringed at the usual trotting out of platitudes like ‘there were positives to take from this game’ etc.
    Oh really – only if you are a Spurs supporter
    But what really got right up my nose was Wenger offering their lack of experiemce as an excuse. So whose fault is that and what have so many fans been saying after a Summer of no significant signings. It was an accident waiting to happen.

  98. vince bartram says:

    it’s idiot fans like you that ruin football clubs….demanding this and that.

    maybe you would be better off supporting newcastle, or maybe even spurs? their fans like to complain about everything until they get what they want (which usually isn’t in the best interests of the club as the last decade has shown). you’ll fit right in.

  99. smudger says:

    Sweet jesus I’ve read some rubbish in my time (most of it on this website) but this is right up there, along with half the comments from morons. This website is clearly written by, and attracts, 13 year olds (judging by the dreadful grammar; and even the mug above me ‘gigalla’ calling the manager a ‘pedofile’ – nice spelling you cretinous spurs fan)

    We should buy Mertesacker? Do you watch football? He is utter turd. There’s a reason no-one else has tried to buy him from Werder Bremen and it’s because he’s an ungainly, untalented, mistake-prone and generally cack center half. And how many times have you seen Albiol or Zapata play? I’m guessing a combined total of under 5 times. Kompany is not good enough for Arsenal either.

    While I wouldn’t deny I would’ve like to see a new center half or a top class defensive midfielder brought in, to slate the manager like this is ridiculous. Go and support Chelsea where the board will act on retarded impulses reactions like this you tedious moron.

  100. Rock says:

    hey fuckface. shit article.

    use your brain and think hard… really really hard.. who the fuck out there elsewhere can we employ if Wenger is sacked. If you’re gonna give fcuk suggestion to sack wenger, give fuck suggestion (realistic suggestion please fucker) who the fuck you want Arsenal to sign.

    REALISTICALLY there aren’t any are they?

    if a new manager comes in, we’ll be lucky if we dont go bankrupt or relegated.

  101. Michael Rhodes says:

    To the writer of this article and to the cunts like Daniel, please do us all a favour and fuck right off. The spurs result was a blip, shit happens. People like you lot are nothing but whinging plastic cunts who know FUCK ALL about football. The recent successes of the club under Wenger, and they ARE recent, compared to the long history of the club, have brought a different class of football which is praised the world over. Yes, it was piss-poor to concede the last two goals the way we did, but “fans” like yourselves only come out of the woodwork when things are going bad…and what do you do? Criticise and think that you know what you’re going on about…writing for shitty blogs like this shows that that is as far as your football career will ever go…complete bunch of cunts. Look forward to pricks like you and daniel fucking off from Arsenal and moving elsewhere, we really can do without cocks like you who only sing and support when we’re winning. Go fuck yourselves and stop talking complete and utter shit.

    Bunch of plastic cock-sucking cunts.

    What will you turn around and say if and when we beat stoke, fernebace and man utd in the next few days? We’ll be back in contention for the league, and will have cemented CL progression if that happens….take your doom and gloom, shitty writing elsewhere. In fact, keep it here and all tru Gunners will leave you here, alone, with daniel and all the other plastic, moaning cunts who know fuck-all about football or the gunners…..JUST GO AND FUCK OFF COMPLETELY!


  102. smudger says:

    “Either he goes or we go”? You don’t fucking speak for any true Arsenal fan mate. Keep buying your subscription to SkySports (hell, judging by your dreadful grammar you’re probably not even English) and keep your dull opinions to yourself.

    Wenger is staying son, so it looks like it’s you who will have to go. So take your band of merry morons that agree with you and fuck off to Stamford Bridge where the board react just as hysterically to freak results as you do, you massive fanny.

  103. top arsenal lad says:

    lee dixon woz in the press box thing and he woz speechless
    he also said it woudnt happen in his day
    never happen but why doesnt wenger get winterburn, dickson and bould , keown to come and help the defence
    btw no will follow u out u muppet

  104. JON B says:

    Im afraid, this is nothing but an over-critical, doom-mongering article which is taking a super-microscopic and derogatory look at what Wenger has done for Arsenal. You even have a spud-fan who is more appreciative and more positive about Wenger and our team. Also, I think you should get in touch with Learn Direct…they have an abundance of writing courses available – and take your dire and not-needed support elsewhere. You are definately a Spud in disguise. And a bit of a prick.

  105. Tevin99 says:



  106. Mike the greek gooner says:

    Poor article, been a season ticket holder for 20 years
    and pre Wenger we were half the club we are now !
    trouble is fans like you consider it a god given right to
    win the league! Appreciate what you have ! grass is not
    always greener on the other side !

    toure tribe underboss – your a cock ! a racist one at that
    love to know your true ID would happily pay you a visit !

  107. Young Gunner says:

    We would all do well to remember the sort of football we now have the privilege of watching as Arsenal fans. Despite what anyone says AW is the reason behind this! Whilst every team plays to win there is always losers – the style in which Arsenal now play the game is the envy of the europen elite. To suggest AW should leave is simply ludicrous (honary knghthood maybe) – perhaps the fan who wrote this has been somewhere else for the past 10 or so years – in which case we can let him off – if he hasn’t, then he should go and find an alternative to the football which I feel so fortunate to watch. I think he may struggle!! Wenger is not only a great technical manager but he is also a shrewd business man – the current model he uses is one of very few which will survive long term in football.

  108. Crazy BUTUR says:

    All dedicated footbal fans are with their clubs whenever the club is winning or losing. In moments like this every one of us (Arsenal’s fans) must give maximum support to the Arsenal lads, because after wednesday nigth I’m sure they’ll need that. If someone of you watch last match again you’ll see that Totnem scores every goal from 30+ meters or deflected ball from 30+ meters shot. This is happening ones in a livetime for every club. I know how any of you feels (I’m still on tranquillizers).
    BUT, You simply can’t blame Wenger for that.
    After all Manchster has a poor start and no one is talking about losing chances on title for them, so why should Arsenal lose their self confidence. I think that Totnem will beat Liver this weekend and then Arsenal are 3 point behind. After all Arsenal still has two games with Liver and Chelski so anything is possible.


  109. Ryan says:

    I couldn’t agree with this article more……Wenger is the only manager not having any pressure put down on him to win silverware, therefore he thinks it acceptable to play “pretty football” and not win anything…. i like pretty footy too, but i would rather play ugly football and get results like Chelsea…..The status of Arsenal football is not a club that should be going for years without any medals, it should not be happening. Wenger seems to be more interested in running the club as a high profit business. buying players very young and cheap and developing them and selling for a massive profit, whereas they would actually be more beneficial to the club staying and competing for medals… the “younger team” wont ever win anything as the main 3 teams are constantly developing their teams taking them even further out our reach… he is very stubborn and should either realise his theory hasn’t worked and change his ways or get out…. Alot of you Gooners will disagree but i am only stating the facts, we haven’t won anything in years & aren’t looking like winning anything anytime soon. & we need to be winning things….

  110. Ryan says:

    oh and P.S. “nick the greek” No sweaty greek man will be “fucking” any1’s mum right now. grow up and finish your kebab…..

  111. grego says:

    ive had a season ticket for 16 years been to every away game for 6 years – wenger has lost it!

    he was a greatest manager but everything good must come to an end, and 3 years without winning anything is going to be 5, gallas is a disgrace as a captain, adebayor needs to be dropped, he was terrible agianst spurs yet wenger kept these two on……..van persie was immense finally theplayer he was again and so was walcott. van perse off for diaby reidiculous what worng with vela and bendtner .

    this has happebned far to often, why he wont spend is beyond me.

  112. Uncle Ginger says:

    Why do people keep saying we’re out of the title race? We’re above Man U …are they out of the title race? More importantly, take another look at the table – if we win all our games then we win the league regardless of other teams’ results. This article is ball sack!!

  113. alex says:

    go and support spuds you mug ,then you really would have something to moan about.sick to death of fans like you who dissappear when things dont all go our way .

  114. Dave from newcastle like says:


  115. gee says:

    it takes a spurs fans to defend our manager while half of u pricks attack our own manager.
    u lot are either 12 or the most shallow glory hunters ever.
    Like i say it takes a spurs fan to defend our manager.
    all the wenger out mob are clueless – the want him replaced with adams (experience with the mighty wycombe wanders) and bergkamp (still earinin his badges).
    U aint fans u guys are glory hunters. pls fuck off 2 another club cause we can do without ur lack of support

  116. Tony Adams says:


  117. Tony Adams says:

    IQ Test result –

    4 Points (Vegative)

    Congratulations! You have all the mental capacity to comment on the ability and choices of one of the most successful managers in football. You may even serve as a capable replacement.

  118. brdgunner says:

    If it was not for him we would not be in the yop 4. Also look at what the young lads can do, this is a team that can last 10 years without major signings, we need playersa but not major. Chelsea will need to spend big money every year as will man u and liverpool to compete at the level we are at. We might not be the best but we are up with the big clubs of eurpoe now, we never was before Arsene. COME ON THE GUNNERS.

  119. bukmacher says:

    Ciekawy post, dodalem twoj blog do ulubionych, bede tu teraz wpadal czesciej, pozdrawiam

  120. askmartin says:

    wenger has done arsenal a lot of good, maverick at creating stars but i am also puzzled this season. what’s happening man.

  121. le prof says:

    tosh-at best.

  122. dangerous says:

    Cant believe I read your shite article you CUNT, fuck off up the road to them slags if you want.

  123. le prof says:

    -who shall we get then-paul merson i suppose-yea that would be great. this is weird-how can we be anti wenger arsenal supporters-we may as well go and work for skysports, wenger has made mistakes-our team costs as much as sunderlands and yea,we could do with a center mid guy like edu or petit-flamini wanted to go. im sure some of these posts are from spurs supporters-or some of us are more fickle than i thought-get ya head outta the papers!

  124. irishgooner says:

    This artical is bollox. And also my last visit to this site. Do u really want to sack wenger and join the rest of the shit changing manager every year or two. Hang on a sec. are u a spuds fan? Is that it?

    In Arsene WE trust.

  125. JohnnyB says:

    To all you gooners that want rid of Wenger….I hope you do get rid of him, I really do. But that’s because I’m a Spurs fan and I know if you get rid of Wenger you’ll drop down the league quicker than a lead box filled with lead. I’ve seen Arsenal play ugly, grinding out 1-0’s and generally looking average untill Wenger made you into something great….you newbie goons don’t realise how good you got it but hey, I’m with you, Wenger out!!!

  126. tony says:

    gigalla, i’d love to knock you out for the last line of your comment. AW is a legend. piss off and support spurs you whiny little cunt

  127. Jol Man says:

    I agree. Please DONT sack Wenger.

  128. Jambo says:

    How on earth can anyone in their right mind have a bad word to say about Arsene Wenger. He has built teams which have produced the most attractive football I’ve ever watched in the English Premiership, not to mention a team which won the title whilst remaining undefeated – something which I don’t reckon will be seen again. Oh and by the way – to ‘Scotch’ near the top of the thread – you make some valid points and know your football, but you let yourself down when referring to the EPL as the ‘finest league in the world’. Anyone with a hint of knowledge of the game knows that that could not be further from the truth.

  129. ericobama says:

    dude, i bet you ain’t originally a gooner fan, and forgive me to say this,but you are pathetic.
    but, maybe i should say its not your fault,but wengers.yes, its wengers fault,because arsenal became a winning team upon his arrival,and since arsenal ain’t winning now,some odd fans are becoming disgruntuled.
    Winning is not everything. some people are saying foreign investors would destroy the league because of the unrealistic targets they would place on managers,but i say supporters like YOU would destroy the league with unneccesary glory hunting and pathetic blames on managers.
    tell you what,you could switch club,but i wonder which club you would support,cuz even real madrid has its own years of draught.
    Spurs won a trophy last year, where are they now? i’d very much love a trophy, but prefer to stay as we are instead of having a spurs scenario!!!
    ps:honestly,i haven’t yet fully digested viera’s departure

  130. gunz says:

    fake goonaars go find a blog for the club you really support instead of clogging things up here.

    “pedo joke of a coach” are you absolutely stupid – yes you are – despite the obvious importance of the manager he’s not the one who actually holds the purse strings.

    with 4 minutes to go a team at home should be able to hold a lead – that much is certain. some players need to learn the basic art of closing down.

    absolute abusive crap coming out of some people is ridiculous. perspective some get!

  131. nucks says:

    Wenger out?? Load of Ballacks!! Who do you want in his place?? We as a club are in such good shape with an amazing squad of players. One Derby draw and a few trophyless seasons and people are getting hysterical. For fuck sake open your eyes and get real. We are still building and players will come and go and games will be won and lost!! Arsene will make mistakes and players will make mistrakes. However at the end of the day who do you suggest? Tony Adams? Jose Mourinho? LEAVE IT OUT!! There are faults with strategy at worst and probably on leadership also. But we are talking about a few relatively minor issues that Arsene is aware of. As fans we have witnessed the most amazing football from probably one of the best teams that has played together in the history of football. That era has passed and Arsene is building a team in my opinion that has the potential to eclipse even the invincible team we had before. I for one do not want a manager to come and strip all of that away. Anyone remember watching Arsenal in the 80’s?? It nearly put me off football for life!!!!!!!!! We are not solid, that’s all. We haven’t been solid since Viera left. Then Flamini found his feet with Fabregas and we started to look solid again but we weren’t finishing off our chances up front. There is such a fine balance between being an attacking team who leak goals or a defensive side who can’t score and so far we haven’t got it right. But it will come. Yes we need a strong leader in centre of defence and another in the centre of midfield. Yes we need to move the ball quicker at times. Yes we need to shoot more! But look at the positives. Ade is passing to his team mates and setting up goals instead of holding onto it for ten minutes near the corner flag. Eboue looks like a football player. Gallas is pulling out!! (Crazy, crazy bloke. Like Cantona having a bad one, week after week after week) Please have some faith and for god’s sake stop booing, it is such a spuds thing to do. We are Arsenal!! Have people forgotten that?

  132. hamaad says:

    oh yeah wenger is the reason for all of our good players like fabregas eduardo and henry remember because of him we were unbeaten in that season so why shoud he leave he built arsenal

  133. kingy says:

    4-2 and you fcuked it up your club is a shambles and gallas is a nutter

  134. jarl boe says:

    Defeat`s against Hull and Fulham…Title contenders?Forget it!!!!Wenger has lost it!!!The only cash the board splash is paying his wages which is far too much!!!Please sack this arrogant f…..g frenchman!!!!!!Say no more….

  135. Stu says:

    Wenger out now is a little extreme but he does need to go soon. Getting rid of him now would be a tad bit stupid because there are no ready made replacements out there. We havent won a single trophy in almost 4 years and that is far too long for a club like ours. Last season we should have won he prem but injuries took their toll. The squad was too light and still is and both are AWs fault.

    At the end of last season we were only a GK and a big hard defender away from having an unbeatable team but AW let Flamini, Gilberto and Hleb just go. Rearded decision.

    And to all the fucking cunts here, all the AKBs, you can all just Fuck off. How can ye not see that ye are all idiots. Wenger is largely to blame for everything thats going wrong. HE buys the below par players and it is HE that picks the mind boggelling teams week in week out. How can all of you be so blind to his mistakes. Wenger needs to change his ways and someone needs to have a ord with him.

  136. Harry Barracuda says:

    Of all the cunty little pimpleheaded wankers that have the gall to associate themselves with real Arsenal fans, you take the biscuit, you ignorant, stupid fool.

    Fuck off and support Liverpool then you glory hunting little turd.

  137. Spike says:


    I see you are STILL writing your pathetic purile pre-pubescent spoilt brat bollocks.

    YOU are a glory huntiong plastic cunt, now do us all a favour and fuck off!

  138. Kenny Johnson - The Voice of Reason says:

    No, keep him…..He Does’nt spend, has’nt won fuck all in 4 years and is Woolwich Wanderers through and through…Arrogant,self opiniated and in North London….”Come on Stoke”

  139. Stu says:

    I wonder what all of you AKBs think now. Losing to Stoke but Wenger still knows, right??

    Maybe now you see.

  140. Arsenal_faith says:

    Im loosing faith now, lossing to stoke, Walcott, Adebuyor and Sagna now look injured, Van persie is suspended we screwed nxt match against man U.

  141. Johno says:

    I am an Arsenal fan and of course I have enjoyed the great success and style of play that Wenger brought to the club. Howeve, life and football moves on and I am sorry to say that Arsene’s day has come and gone. He is clearly locked into a strategy of trying to win with kids and after 3 seasons of failure and the team deterorating quickly the time has come for even the myopic Wenger to put his ego aside and go. What really distressed me is to see his credibility going down the pan. With every poor performance and defeat we hear the same old tired excused – we are not far from getting it right blah blah blah. The sad truth is that since being invicible, the club and team have gone backwards whilst others have developed and pushed on. Add to this the diabolical picks for the last two captains (Henry and Gallas – two sulking boo babies) and you have a recipe for disaster. I agree it will not be easy to replace Wenger but eventually we would have to so why not do it now and be proactive? Its almost like watching a faithful pet dog deteriorate. I say the board should take Wenger to the vets and give the injection. Its kinder for him and for everyone else.

  142. RKS says:


    Do you think that Wenger wanted to let go the 3 players that you mentioned?

    Hleb: wanted to leave…scared playing in England
    Flamini: money comes 1st for him
    Gilberto: past his prime

    And do you think he did not want buy players b4 the transfer window? he tried for ALONSO FFS!

  143. WK says:

    AW shall be promoted and work as consultant of the club.
    Ars should hire another manager to bring something new for the squard.

  144. Adam Tonys says:

    Who would you prefer? Big Sam?
    Arsenal 2 – Man U 1 !!!!
    get behind your team and one the world’s top managers….

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