I repeat ” Wenger Out ” f**king pathetic

So the season is now over before it even started.

We lost 3 games last season and finished 3rd. Now at the start of November we have lost the same amount of games. Losing to the mighty Fulham, Hull and Stoke!

Who is to blame?

Gallas? Eboue? …. The Ref?

No we cant keep finding a player as a scapegoat. The blame as i have said time and time again is with the manager Mr Wenger!

Exactly what I predicted, as far as the poor defending from throw-ins. It was a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t know if anyone else was like this but I was almost praying for Delap to injury just his arm in a warm-up or something. F*****g hell though, to concede BOTH goals from it, unbelievable.

He dropped Theo Nasri and Van Persie and played 4 Center mids with no wide players at all?

The Board said in the summer that they would support the manger if he wanted £30m to spend on ONE player and money was there for Wenger if HE wanted to spend it.

Outta the title race in November, cheers for buying some quality in the summer Wenger.

Let me guess i will now get attacked for a poorly written blog article (Yawn)

The truth hurts!!!



239 Responses to I repeat ” Wenger Out ” f**king pathetic

  1. Johno says:

    Totally agree – the man needs to go as he is embarrasing himself and the club. New blood and new ideas are required urgently.

  2. Kenny Johnson - The Voice of Reason says:

    Welcome to the real world….You lot have been too far up you’re own arses for way to long. Another season down the swannie….You’re gonna win fuck all…Like you did last season,the season before that,and the season before that…Oh yeah I nearly forgot and the season before that too. Hopefully how you’ll go into freefall and crash and burn…Woolwich Wanderers…I shit em….COYS

  3. toure tribe underboss says:

    i say wenger out,i agree LMAO,i want him to resign

  4. john says:

    this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly i cant belive we lost!!!:(

  5. toure tribe underboss says:

    but i disagree with the either he goes or we go,i know i will be here after arsene,unless he stays a fan/suporter

  6. TH says:

    I’m not sure what to make of this Arsenal squad. No pride,no passion,no desire. We’re definitely not going to win the league! I think I’ll just watch the Reserves from now on. They know what it means to wear the Arsenal jersey and to have passion. This squad SERIOUSLY lacks it!

  7. klon says:

    The blame is indeed the managers but finger pointing never got anyone anything. So I will say the following he has done a great job and you are over reacting. Yes the problems were apparent last season however he has not found anyone of the required quality to purchase at a reasonable price so he has elected to keep his money.

  8. Arsenal No1 Fan says:

    Absolutely spot on ur right!
    Wenger OUT NOW!!

  9. jedimaster says:

    The man has done well, but he has to go. In any other high level corporate job, he would have been gone by now. You can live on past glories, you are only as good as your last deal/project – the same applies in football.

  10. mattuso says:

    A bit extreme but understand your frustration. I dont really understand why RVP, Walcott & Nasri all got dropped from starting line up when they were possibly our 3 best players against spurs. Possibly it was taking them off that led to spurs getting back to 4-4. For me its all about shape and we set out without any today. Rubbish

  11. Gooner Forum Supporter says:

    I agree but the board will not, I look forward to the excuse of this one though.

    Wenger has done an awful lot for Arsenal and I totally respect the guy, he is an inspiration. But unfortunately the times have caught up with him and he is simply holding us back, his stubbornness and his tactics are becoming a shamble. I just feel that he has become to much of part of the board and won’t admit that the squad is not good enough. He will continue to make excuses and break promises… we rely to much on this guy and at the end of the day he is human.

    I hope he does the honorable thing and resign at the end of the season, and then we can remember him as a champion and an Arsenal legend.

  12. The Irish Gunner says:

    You guys make me both laugh and sick. Yes the team are under performing at the moment but just wait for when we drag ourselves up and beat the manu scum and everyone is saying “Oh Wenger you’re my Hero”. Why dont you all just behind the fucking team and support them properly, through thick and fucking thin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You really do make me sick!!

  13. MJL says:

    go and support chelsea you mugs – get behind your team.

  14. mattuso says:

    That said it could be worse, we could be spurs and bottom of the league

  15. terence merrifield says:

    Wenger arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg is a business man and has to go. He is a egotistical mug head and uses muggy philosophical excuses when they lose arrrggg I can’t stand that man. When will he realize that we cannot win anything with hose muppets he has out there.

  16. Luca says:

    I agree with you to a certain extent mate … i actually think hes lost it….

    I wonder how much influence pat rice has ? surely hes gotta be telling him ..your getting this wrong arsene , obviously not ay…..

    If we dont seriously buy some players in January , a centre back whos fucking massive for one, (sol back anyone?) and a Defensive midfielder …if we dont my season ticket will be sold back to whoever wants to see us finish 4th …

  17. Goon says:

    Because Arsenal have a God given right to win the league every year?

    Have a word with yourself son!

  18. Microraptor says:

    I would rather have some new players in than get Wenger out…. mainly 2 x Centre Backs and a Defensive Midfielder…. Afterall, who would you suggest replaces him? There are not that many good managers out there…. so it’s easy to say, but if Wenger goes out — who comes in?

    Who? Tony Adams FFS????

  19. Nathan says:

    I repeat your a prize cunt!

    It was shocking game and his tactics were poor, but stupid reactions like this don’t help anything.

  20. Intelligent realism says:

    How can you keep blaming the manager?! It’s astonishing. If he is at fault then we need to support the team and the manager, not knock them.

    Look what manager change, especially by fan pressure, has done at Sp*s, Newcastle, Fulham, etc.

    AW knows more about football than you, me and all the rest of the arsenal supporters put together. There is no-one else out there who could do a better job.

    If we as supporters turn into “glory expecting idiots”, we’ll look just like those lillywhites up the road. Lets be patient and give this team time to really develop.

    See things as they really are get behind your team.

  21. Steve says:

    Trouble is we’re too late to bring in lucky Harry !!!

  22. max says:


  23. bobby Gooner says:

    He sticks with gallas, he know denilson doesnt work, kolo and toure cannto forge a partnership (as they are too similar), almunia has no command of the defence, Ady is not 30mil player and what he did was a one off last season , the way he played was unstoppable….but unlike chlesea and man utd….we let our valuable players go and it caeme down to one major one flamini…..he was with cesc the best partnership in the prem unbelivable wenger would not break rthe wage structure for him but for ady who is no way as important as flam

    AW out????? im not sure but to get rid of that fresnch price and arrogrance and make some british decsions (or scottish- fergie) and tell players that they can get on their boke when not perfoming….i mean we had players like Villa , Kompany, richards etc etc wanting to come to us and we rejected them……i think wengers next team with likes of jack wilkshire, gibbs and randall will come good but the present team needs people to go and for me we have too many shit players rather than lack of them……. gallas, almunia, denilson (although think he is good, but for a team of mid tabloe not top 4), bentner (fuck sake he is so hit and miss) and eboue (as he is a good right back and thats it)

    aw is a legend but his arrgance is costing us now…. and he should have spent the money….as fizzman said “it is on his head ” that he did not spend to maeke us a team 4pts of the top last season to being a rteam 9 points clear this season (as liverpool will be )

  24. jedimaster says:

    Seriously, there is a difference between being loyal, and getting rid of someone when they are past it. Like I mentioned earlier, in any corporate environment, with so many errors, he would be long gone. He gets paid far too much money for us to feel sorry or loyal to him – he is nowtotal failure – no other way of putting it, I’m sorry.

    Good bye Arsene – and thank you for all the brilliant memories, but your time is up. I remember meeting you sometime back in Moscow, and shaking your hand – if I met you today, I would honestly tell you to f***k off.

  25. EAST STAND lOWER says:

    we have no god given Right to win the league each year
    but as supporters we should expect the best out of the club


    Team full of posers
    gallas Adebeyor Song Almunia RVP Denilson and Walcott do us a favour and all Fuck off

    And Wenger Either SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY or resign quite easy

  26. Sam says:

    Good article, bang on the money, i’m gettin fed up with the same old “trust wenger” crap we hear time and time again from so called loyal supporters, I am a loyal supporter who is gettin increasingly fed up with the rubbish on display week in week out, we cannot defend!! anything, why is djourou not playin!! he’s a far better option than silvestre and gallas, diaby should be givin a run in the middle and why recall vela if you leave him on the bench, he has the ability to change games, I hate and mean hate bendtner, i never thought he was arsenal quality when we first brought him in and with the exception of that pass at west ham has shown himself to be championship quality at best, wengers narrow minded stupidity is costing us precious points and we could all see that the team needed strengthining in the summer, thats everyone but wenger of course, i think the dementia is def in full swing, bring in the iceman next summer in bergkamp, a new hunger and a willingness to spend some of this so called gate money, no direction, new attitude, new arsenal please…

  27. mattuso says:

    Kenny Johnson – The Voice of Reason. he would rather post on an Arsenal blog than listen to his team lose to Liverpool. The funniest thing about wednesday was there was on 200 spurs fans left to see them equalise. How are they planning to fill a 60000 seater stadium? FOYS

  28. El Cid says:

    I’m pissed off, you’re pissed off, we’re all pissed off.
    But you take stuff for granted.
    Why don’t you lay off the juice during the day, eh?
    On second thoughts, get hammered, forget today, and once the fog has cleared get a little reality check.
    I’m not happy with the existing situation.
    But, tell me pea-brained Atila and any two-bob gobs who spout the same panicky shit — what’s the big plan once Arsene is gone?
    The finance, the team spirit, the ability to attract key players, the new manager.
    So come on, let’s hear it Atila Hansen?

  29. chet says:

    I’ve been finding as many excuses as I ccan for the last 3 seasons! Backing the great man and believing in what he told us….I seriously cant tell u how much faith I put into what the club has “spun” us for the last 3 seasons…Enough is enough, I cannot think of many more excuses…The fault lies at Wengers door and no one elses. Whats the point of boasting about millions in the bank, we’re not a fuking ISA account, we’re fucking football club. I hate writing this message but Arsene u are costing us , u put the club where it is but ur letting us down. Why are u so blind and stubbourn? Why can’t u see what u are doing to this team and this club?? No one will want to fight for the club, instaed the players we have will be in a sulk and end up wanting to leave….our players are always linked away from the club as soon shit hits the fan. We are weakest of the “top four” and i’m sorry but the blame lies on one mans door. If it was 1 season or even 2 you could accept it but this is the fourth season we go into with pretty much the same problems…..I feel so down its untrue. If u knew me u would know how hard it is for me to even say this but this is a joke…….None of the problems resolved…blind Arfsen u r blind!!!! I want to fucking cry!!!

  30. TA6 says:

    during AW’s reign, Spurs have had 8 different managers in charge. in the end they are still in the bottom half of the table.

    so be fu*king careful what you are asking for.

  31. mrmoss says:

    One name that could be even remotely decent replacement, please.. Not to mention free at the moment ?

  32. gonner4life says:

    Gain some perspective man!!! getting rid of wenger will jus leave us endin up like the yid scum or geordie muppets, going through manager after manager and ending up as a middle table team who think we are bigger than we really are.

    In Arsene We Trust!!!!

  33. 5am says:

    klon – it’s not his money…

  34. zc says:

    if we do get rid of him, who is going to be replacement and is he going to make you guys happy?

  35. spurdozer says:

    Gooner Forum couldn’t agree more. Wenger out.

  36. grego says:

    mattuso Says:
    November 1, 2008 at 5:37 pm
    A bit extreme but understand your frustration. I dont really understand why RVP, Walcott & Nasri all got dropped from starting line up when they were possibly our 3 best players against spurs. Possibly it was taking them off that led to spurs getting back to 4-4. For me its all about shape and we set out without any today. Rubbish

    this is 100percent correct – but he needs to go 3 year is terrible! and comon its gunna be 4 i just cant bleieve this though disgusting, who do you get in any one! you pay compensation to the clubs and fukin get th cuntin cheque book out if we can find it through all the cobwebs!!mourinhino you kno van basten hmmm van gall? rijkard? there all about hiddink?

  37. Stratford Gooner says:

    Totally behind Irish Gunnner and MJL. Do you guys want us to be like the Spuds constantly changing managers etc.

    Wenger has made mistakes and so will every other manager cos he’s human. Give him time and he’ll sort it out.

    I do agree that he totally messed up today by leaving out RVP, Walcott and not playing Djorou but for fucks sake, lets not get carried away.

  38. Jonathan says:

    East Stand Lower,I agree with u on the players u mentioned apart from Walcott – he is maturing nicely & will only get better.Problem is Wenger wont give him 90 mins every week!!

  39. James says:

    Finally you glory hunters will give up Arsenal. Wenger is the greatest manager we’ve ever had, fuck off to Chelsea you plastic cunts.

  40. Stephen says:

    Too young, too lightweight, too inexperienced, every game is like men v boys.

  41. chet says:

    Gooner 4 life….I been in that camp all my life and I hear exactly what r saying but the porblems are not being addressed. I understand there maybe over reaction but come on, in your hear of hearts, you know Arsene has fucked it this season……Denilson cant replace Flam….even Gilbs would ve been fine….Theres no continuaty, he just gets rid and does not replace or even keep competioton for the ynger man. If Pires was still here, how much would Sami learn from him? As well as keeping each other on their toes for a place?? PLayers in the squad who know wot its like to be a winner with Arsenal. look how fergie kpe the core of Scholes , Neville etc.. We didnt need to keep them all but some jsut to make the transistion smoother…..

  42. grego says:

    how much time u wana give hime 4 years arsenal 4 fukin years is that not enough!1

  43. murff afc says:

    i must say u r a f**king tit

    wenger is god!

    we need wenger not u so fuk of u wanker

  44. frankie says:

    Wenger said we’ve got to go unbeaten to win the league. How much presure does he want to put on the team. He blamed inexperience for the draw with spurs, sure if you keep buying teenagers you get inexperienced players. I truely don’t want wenger out although part of me is starting to think that. However, I think he needs to completely change his policies.

  45. chet says:

    Spot on Frankie………… We need a Skirtel / Vidic type centre half. They do not all have to be extra quick and prance around like fairys!! We need someone who will die to win the ball….simple….no one wants to die for the cause…no one!!!

  46. spurs forlife says:

    I’ve been a spurs fan all my life(started going to WHL 1959).
    I can honestly say that Arsenal have played wonderful football for 10 years but they have developed an ugly arrogance that turns people against them. As a Spurs fan I would love to see Wenger go ! You stupid Arsenal fans talking about a crisis. You’re 6 points off the lead and in the Champions league !! Thats the problem with some fans, they only want to support a successful team and won’t stick by them in the bad times. I suppose you’ll all change your allegiance to Man U now !!!

  47. g00ner says:

    These comments aren’t from real gooners, they must be from rival fans, any one who wants Wenger out just because we’re going through a bad patch is a fu*king mug!
    We wouldn’t be half the team we are now, we wouldn’t have the training ground or the stadium, and we wouldn’t be playing the way we are (albeit in a patchy way this season).
    To me we are only a couple of players short of making a real push for the title, and the main one is a proper defender and a proper captain (bye bye Gallas).

    Get behind your team in their hour of need you boo boys not on their case, and certainly not on Wengers FFS!

  48. Antoine Roquentin says:

    So Wenger is to blame? How about blaming that donkey Adebayor or the inept Almunia? And why not blame RvP for letting his team mates down? When will that idiot learn? This will be 3 games out for him and we don’t need that right now. I’m not saying that AW is faultless, but I still think the biggest problem is with the attitude of some of the players. Adebayor needs an extended period OUT of the team, the lazy f…! And we need a better keeper. Almunia is a decent keeper but he is not great and he never will be.

  49. O.B says:

    i do not belive sacking arsene is the answer, who would replace him, has anybody even thought about that after their mindless remarks? i feel our aim now is to finish in the top 4, which will be hard enough. my main problem is that it is only november, we’re out of the title race, and we havent even played a good side yet. we are no where near the level man utd and chelsea are despite wenger stubbornly beliving we care. if wenger was to i would move him up to boardroom level as his scouting skills are irreplaceable and he has done too much for the club to just dump him as soon as it starts to go wrong. i feel we are being a bit harsh as hes a fans favourite when we’re winning, and a scapegoat when we’re losing. im afraid their is nothing we can do other than get behind the boys and hope for a little more commitment, especially from players who think they are bigger than the club (eg adecantscore)

  50. Andy says:

    I am totally grateful for all Wenger has done in the past. However, thats what it is – in the past. You cannot keep someone purely for sentiment reasons. Brian Clough won League and European cups with Forest yet stayed on way too long to the point of being a detriment to the team. Any Arsenal fan worth their salt could tell we needed a new goalie, CB and CM before last season started. Yet we have sold both flamini and Gilberto without replacing them. If Song and Denilson were not good enough for the first team last year, what has changed in the 12 months?

  51. toure tribe underboss says:

    its hard to say who could replace wenger,but whod have thought a frenchaman would be arsenal boss, maybe end of the season mourinho or slaven billic or king jaffy jaffor?

  52. thegoonerforum says:

    Please see this thread

    Posted on 11 Mar 2008 11:30 am

    Nothing has changed since then. Alot of Arsenal fans feel this should be his last season

  53. toure tribe underboss says:

    i knew we were gonna lose today,at 3pm i thought hmmmm

  54. Hadley says:

    Grow up you fucking baby

  55. SHEENE7 says:

    It was only Wenger that thought this squad was good enough to win something ,everyone else could see the defence is to small, the midfield needed some serious money spent ,if only to try and keep Fabregas happy and the FUCKING USELESS forwards who need 25 shots apiece to score 1 goal bring back Bould Adams and Wrighty they can do no worse ,

  56. toure tribe underboss says:

    i think its the end of toure at arsenal too,he is as bad as cygan an senderos and gallas too,there is no future for him

  57. chet says:

    first of spurs fella, u should go watch the game cos ur boys are on the tele!!! Secondly , I been a gooner for over 20 years so I think when some of us have the slight hump with wenger for certain shrt comings I think we can voice opinions!! I know wot its like following A Bruce Rioc team or watching Arsenal away at Halifax town under George Graham, so those of u who think we are just jumping on the bandwagon i think u have ur opinions and other s have theirs…regardless we all want Arsenal to succeed and as said before this is the fourth season we go in with the same problems, not the first!!!

  58. Fat Boy says:

    Predictable rant from a prized cunt!!
    Get behind the team, show some support and things may improve.

  59. shaun says:

    I must admit, spurs for life is spot on. Sacking Wenger would inevitably lead us into HUGE shit! Dont be stupid! The man has transformed the team into a hugely successful franchise with our own ethos and style of football.

    However, Wenger is not doing himself any favours. Can he honestly think to himself that there is no one better than Alex Song in this world. A million pound bargain buy would be better than that sorry excuse for a footballer.

    The sad truth is that Wenger does have a blind spot where he backs inadequate players until he eventually sees the light. Can anyone say Cygan!

    I am proud of the fact that were known for playing wonderful football. Hell even our rivals admit it. But come on Wenger, get past your own stubborness in the transfer market and buy a F*CK*N better defensiver midfielder who can push this team forward.

  60. toure tribe underboss says:

    bruce rioch done a good job in a year considering the squad he inherited,wat are you talkin about?

  61. josh says:

    for all the people that say wenger go realise tat as soon as he goes so will RVP cesc walcott and we would be in a worse position than we are now… is getting rid of wenger really the righ thing to do?? i think not

  62. N4 says:

    Arsene Wenger has been a tremendous ambassador of our club, almost as good as Herbert Chapman, not that i remember him. I just wish that he would see the error of his ways, when we were asking for a player to strengthen our obvious defensive weakness, he just mocked us by saying that we were not in the market for 30 million pound players when he knew full well it was never about the cost of a player we were concerned with.
    I believe it is now time he either admits his failings and deals with them effectively in the transfer market or take a short trip upstairs and get someone in like Van Basten and DB10 on the sidelines to revitilise our beloved Arsenal, after all it was he who said History is not important its about the future.

  63. Rich says:

    Now, when you have all calmed down and look at the league table it is still not so bad! lol! I know it hurts but, being a Gooner is being able to stand up and support our beloved team through the peaks and troughs. I will never ask for the resignation of Arsene and anyone who does is entitled to their opinion but I am glad that you are not running the club! Today I kiss the badge and pledge my allegiance further because I am a Gooner and am not going to bite the hand that has fed us so well. Have some class and support the man who has given us the team that other teams would beg to have. Let’s see how many of you doubters will be eating your words when this campaign is over. For goodness sake it’s not even Christmas yet! lol!

  64. toure tribe underboss says:

    who ares about keepin fabregas happy,fuck fabregas as well,if these players aint got the heart they can fuck off with the manager,they have all let us down

  65. hello says:

    Wenger out? Are you all mad are suffering from memory loss. Before Wenger, Rioch remember that team? Do you? what we need is a commanding centerback and a defensive midfielder. The end. Truth be known there’s not world class centrebacks growing on trees which is why AC Milan yes AC Milan want to buy Senderos. Get a grip people. Oh and that team that only lost 3 times last season WENGER BUILT THAT TEAM.

  66. Derek Lomo says:

    “My team is very young but will come good.” “We were a bit naive but will bounce back.” Do a web-search, mates. Wenger has been saying this for THE LAST FOUR YEARS. We’re not good enough, and refusing to splash the cash so you can be deemed a prudent responsible businessman who wins f-all year in and year out does not cut it.

    I love AW, but he is behind the times, his ego is out of control, and it may be past him.

  67. sooneragooner says:

    I’m not advocating a return for George Graham, but if it’s results (wins) you want rather than watching pretty (sometimes) football and money in the bank then check GG’s managerial career at Arsenal against Arsene Wenger.

    Arsene Wenger
    1996 –
    1997 –
    1998 League (Prem), FA Cup
    1999 –
    2000 –
    2001 –
    2002 League, FA Cup
    2003 FA Cup
    2004 League
    2005 FA Cup
    2006 –
    2007 –
    2008 –
    7 trophies in 13 years plus 8 barren years

    George Graham
    1987 League Cup
    1988 –
    1989 League
    1990 –
    1991 League
    1992 –
    1993 FA Cup, League Cup
    1994 European Cup Winners Cup
    6 trophies in 8 years plus 3 barren years.
    (plus the best defence in the history of football)

    Is AW the best ever manager? Make up your own mind.

  68. I HATE ADEBAYOR says:

    Ok guys maybe Wenger is responsible but dont blame him only blame our stingy fucking board of directors who r not ready to pay to bring good players we really need 3 to 4 players as Huntelaar , yaya toure , Boruc and a good defender as soon as possible

  69. chet says:

    I’ll be happy to be a cunt and have egg on my face and any other thing thrown at me if we win a trophy this season.. and id rather i’m wrong mate i’m rather im…. I want to eat humble pie , i really do……. My support will never waver for the team or the club…I’m not one of those cunts who goes home 4 mins b4 the end mate…Arsenal til I fucking die……but we got be realisitc too…thats all,,,,

  70. ChelseaTilIDie says:


    Get behind your manager!

  71. omar says:

    lets be honest here whats wrong with cesc fabregas this season? as much as we alllove him and always try to defend him, how are we supposed to be challenging if hees so much below his level. imagine lampard or gerrard not playing well for 3 months? enough excuses about flamini leaving and stuff, i cant remember 1 match this season where we could say wow fabregas was amazing today. adebayor,v.persie,walcott,nasri,denilson,diaby theve all had matches were they were really good but tell me 1 match this season were fabregas has been great? every1 knows how important fabregas is to the team so im not suggesting he should be dropped, im just saying that fabregas has to regain at least half of what he showed last season. hees not scoring, not really involved in the goals were scoring, its like france without zidane. the players are letting wenger down, even if we relegate theres no way wenger should go. im sure we all agree that todays loss was coz we havnt recovered from the spurs match yet, u could tell from the players body language they really feel sorry for themselves. my only hope right now is we can somehow get 4th place this season and take it from there.

  72. toure tribe underboss says:

    we cant keep wenger just to hold onto van persie an walcott an cesc, that is like a fucking hostage situation, were being held to ransom then?

  73. toure tribe underboss says:

    omar todays loss coz we havent recovered from the spurs game?? thats no excuse they are paid proffesionals,they wimpered it today,the writin was on the wall from the 11th minute

  74. gooner_overseas says:

    I just think we dont have the squad to keep this stupid rotation idea. too many players that we have to carry… Denilson, Diaby, song all have potential, but we can only afford to have one of them in the team at a time. We had a shocker in midweek and needed to turn out our 1st team for a solid performance. Van persie in hot form, left on the bench… that’s why he did what he did, completely frustrated. Ade doesnt like playing with bendtner… with poor players around him, Fabregas even looks poor…. If it goes on like this, who would blame the best players for looking elsewhere… big big month for Wenger this. i still think our 1st team is up there with anyone in Europe, but I do think WE NEED A REAL CAPTAIN… with Adams, Vieira on the pitch, tottenham comeback would not have happened and we’d have taken today’s game by the scruff of the neck.

  75. gunner says:

    i know everybody’s frustrated at the moment and its only natural to blame it on arsene and for good reason but i dont really think replacing him is the answer as i dont really see any other manager in his place that could do better for now so lets just try and forget wat happened today and hope that wenger learned a valuable lesson today

  76. chet says:

    Fuck it……im a fikkle fukcer………..bring on Wednesday…lets go out on Wednesday and stuff the shit out of Fenerbache..atmosphere like last week and really get behind the team….

  77. g00ner says:

    Sorry sooneragooner but as much as I loved George at the time, I am now spoilt watching this team, we are only one of 4 teams to have been in the Champions League for the last 10 (I think) years. Your comment of pretty football (sometimes) is a joke, we play quality fast top draw football, listen to almost any pundit and they all say the only team they would pay to watch is Arsenal, and on our day we are out of this world, the sometimes comment is more in place when we don’t play well!

    I remember watching Arsenal under George that has David Hillier and Ian Selley in midfield with Martin Hayes up front, it was really, really poor, this Arsenal team is a joy, and with Ramsey, Vela, Wilshire etc. waiting in the wings it’s going to be good, just get behind the boys and keep the faith.

    Don’t forget in George’s last year we finished around 14th, with Wenger, never out of the top four!

  78. toure tribe underboss says:

    i like wenger,but he is stubborn an doesnt fix problems properly,he cuts corners an does things on the cheap far too often,thats his downfall!

  79. denb10 says:

    Wenger is a legend yes, BUT everyone reaches the end eventually. As great a manager as Booby Robson was, he was a bit of a joke towards the end. Same with Wenger, he hasn’t adapted to the modern game, either in tactics or in the transfer market.
    We need someone who wants to bring in new players, and that in itself will help keep the existing ones at the club.
    Lots of you are asking who, I have a few suggestions:
    Morinho (he says he wants to come back the Prem after Inter)
    Adams (bit soon now, but lets see how he does with Pompey this year)
    Carlos Alberto Pereira (World cup winning coach with Brazil, recently walked out on South African national team)

  80. Grooner Goonerer says:

    I really agree with the people asking “who would replace him?”, there is just no one out there.

    Wenger does, however, need to spend money on a decent replacement for Flamini in January, failure to do that was his biggest mistake this year.

    Still, when we beat ManYoo we can all cheer up eh…

  81. gavin walker says:

    who eva thinks the proffessor should be sacked is talking fucking crap! no matter wot team he put out today should have beaten stoke. we all no we need 2 more quaity players at the back but until they come avalible lets be cool! he will be hurting as much as any fan after this result and remember that he turned “boring boring arsenal” into one of the best teams in the world.

  82. aq x wenger mcm khhinzir ade duit tapi 1 je bli player arsenal dah teruk sume psal wenger ole ole wenger fuckoff wenger england cam sial fuck you

  83. Scots Gunner says:

    For F***’s sake!! I cannot believe that scoreline today. As if drawing with the almighty Tittenham want bad enough this happens. Stoke (fair enough theyve made it into the premiership) are still considered a bottom rung team & a team like we have should not have been beaten. Ok so Delap’s throw is as good as a free kick or corner but failing to deal with it for both goals is just not on. Everyone is right in saying Wenger should have added to the squad in the summer but i knew what the case was when that time came & Wenger signed one player.Its wrong to say he goes or we go coz for any true gunners fan this is not the case. Ill stil be a faithful supporter no matter what happens but Mr W really needs to get his finger out & start bringing in quality experienced heads. I still think he’s one of the best managers in the world & would never wish for him to be sacked but something has to be done before we start to be considered as an average team. We should be up there with the same status as Barca & Milan!!!

  84. 5am says:

    totally agree with N4 and if that don’t make it, there’s Capello or Quieroz after the World Cup….

  85. abby says:

    There are many competent managers out there who wouldn’t have screwed up the squad like AW has done. Who’s to say we go from a manager of ten years plus to a new manager every season? – that’s not what AFC do, we usually find quality coaches and if the board is awake they will be making discreet inquiries even now. It’s not a good idea to go through life afraid of change. Change happens and it’s a healthy process to undergo when the time is right. We can limp through the rest of the season with AW, but if he doesn’t change the squad and bring in needed players both in Jan and over the summer and revamp the side it’s just going to get worse. It’s not a question of the fans getting behing the team, the team has stopped believing and is not playing for the gaffe – the writing is on the wall. DD brought in Wenger and can always be consulted. Wenger’s a wealthy man whose had great success, but things are getting out of hand, he’s got a little time left to fix it but not much.

  86. thegoonerforum says:

    We are soft at the back, We have not had a powerful defender since SOL. Look at all the top teams in the league

    Chavs – Terry
    Man Utd – Vidic
    Liverpool – Skrtel

    You need a player who can deal with ball into the box and is not scared to get a nose bleed or 2.

    Adams,Keown and Bould would have wanked over stoke today. But Wenger allows Senderos to leave on loan and signs fishface silverstre

  87. alex says:

    Totally agree. Wenger is tubborn fool. Arsenal are going to have to struggle hard for the 4th place now. Get Wenger out of the club right now!!!! He refuses to buy players over 18 and pays a lot of money for some of them, while a simple DM and a batteling and strong CB could cost him 2-3 mill, whreas Ramsey cost 5mill and we are only going to see him play when he’s 22 and then he’s going to be sold to Barca to pay off the stadium. And NO, no support for the team, because they simply do not go into challanges, no duels, no tackles. They just run around and let the opposition play. Against Stoke no Arsenal player went into a challange to win the ball. So they lost. And what the hell is Almunia doing jumping over the ball for the 2. goal?! Wenger must go immidietly, Denilson and Song must go on loan and be replaced by muscle and willingness to duel all the time, like Clichy. and where is Djourou? He’s the tallest player and he’s fit. If we face an aerial battle, shouldn’t the tallest player be included? God dammit I hate Wenger!! He did bring some talent to the club, and they did win trophies because they allways had some seniors or some mature players to open the game up, to lead or simply to defend and challange for the ball when needed. I’m talking about Henry who could produce some magic even when things were tough, Vieira, Flamini and Gilberto worked tirelessly to win the ball back. Hleb had the ability to open the game, cut through the defence and he even defended better that anyone I saw on the field today for Arsenal. But Wenger’s time has come to leave, he only destroys the club with wrong tactics. I mean u have a RB playing at the wing and a CB covering RB, a left back in the CB position and Song on the right, he’s a DM/CB?! Bendtner as a left winger?! He’s senile and stupid the damn frenchman!!! WENGER, GET OUT NOW!!!!! LEAVE FOR THE SAKE OF THE FANS!! And a lot of fans now say that they can’t wait for January to come, well you know what’s going to happend then? All the promises of new players are going to be ignored, we get the speech about the sucsesshungry young squad with HUGE potencial and enough depth to win everything, and that speech will come right after we lose 5-1 to West Brom. So we get no players in, we are probably going to lose Cesc to Barca or Milan because he’s unhappy and he want’s trophies, something he’ll never get as long as Wenger is around. AW will probably sell Rosicky for a buck to a shitty club because he’s old, never mind the fact that he’s the most important attacking midfielder we have who actually works defencivly too. And we wind up at 12th place with a small squad, and 7 16 year olds on the bench… And a lot of you people say that a title have never been lost in November, well, as it is written we lost to the three teams who are likely to go down this season, we haven’t played any big teams yet (only spurs, but they suck at the moment). We lost to those teams, imagine Arsenal – Manu… The players are going to cry when Ronaldo celebrates his 7th goal in the first half of the game.

  88. luisega9 says:

    WHAT is most surprising to me is that Arsenal´s problems are agreed upon from the majority of supporters, mainly drop gallas as captain and get a center back and a defensive midfielder. We can´t all be wrong, and Wenger must be aware of this, why can´t he do something about it? Last year i was upset and angry because i knew it was our year and we let it go by mistakes.(Lehmann and clichy come to mind, that´s four points right there) this year i don´t expect anything from the team, i am not surprised at all. Now we play Man u, believe me we will get trashed. 4-0. This is the END.

  89. Gooner Man says:

    Lets all boo arsene next game…..


    ‘Arsene is a twaaat arsene is a twa-aaat’
    ‘Your time is up and we want you ouu-uut’


    trust me it will work.

  90. Steve says:

    OK they say when times are bad you know who your real friends are. Well when times are bad in football terms (reality check though we still might win the Champions league, or league or FA cup this season) then maybe you find out who the real fans are! This is a young team with unbelieveable talent, trying to play entertaining football and for some unknown reason get picked on by the media. Arsene has built a new stadium and still challenges for cups every year. So its 4 years since Arsenal won the league and fans say Arsene should spend some money, what like the millions the rubbish down the lane or Liverpool have spent – but how long is it since they won the league. Stop moaning or if fans are only glory hunters who don’t mind how a team wins the league go and support another team. This is an unbelieveable team Arsene Wenger is building it needs time and support from its TRUE fans.

  91. Goughy says:

    wenger out!



  92. jacobs says:

    boo wenger next game!

  93. gooner_overseas says:

    I gotta say, i dont think AW should go. I believe in the philosophy… just that we expect so much of Ade, Fab etc when they have to carry Song, Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby… Fab should have the freedom to play rather than the pressure that he is under… that’s our weakness. Flamini was a c*nt to us in the end, but not replacing him/Gilberto is really hurting us. Could we not just put Toure in there?

  94. Richard (tru Gunner Fan) says:

    you lot r so stupid arsene came 2 arsenal and turned this club in 2 a team that every1 around the world loves yes we have had a bad start 2 the season losing 3games to minor teams buttt lets not forget what the man has done 4 us he.. and he is only human and we all make mistakes..so to all u pathetic immature ppl writing stupid comments look at arsenal b4 he came and look at him now i no what team i would rather be watching….IM ARSENAL 4 LIFE NOT JST WHEN WE ARE WINNING LIKE YOU LOT….

  95. Tossers says:

    Die all you clueless dribblers.

  96. Steve says:

    Has anyone ever heard Mark Bright, Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson or the mob at SKY say anything good about Arsenal. Don’t help them out get behind the team! THe young players coming through at Arsenal are going to be excellent, other than a big centre back and new captain we do not need anyone else. Their is no better manager on the planet and if he was not at Arsenal we would be at the same level as the rubbish down the lane and then the so called fans would have something to complain about. The club has made unbelieveable progress under Arsene Wenger (New stadium, Champions League Final, Unbeaten Season, 3 League titles, 4 FA cups) and with the players coming through will win something soon. No manager could have achieved this on the resources he has available. Come opn you gunners – get behind the team,

  97. Nasri says:

    I agree that wenger needs to change things and start spending money. However, reading some of the comments I am shocked at how some can call for Wenger to leave Arsenal. You morons need to realize that not only has wenger been an amazing manager at Arsenal, and given them style, but this club needs him. Arsenal pay low salaries, have to pay of stadiums, and dont have that much money to spend in the transfer window. So please tell me how another manager with 30 mill (that’s how much the board said will be available if wenger wants) will take arsenal to silverwear. Arsene is the only man that can do this. Cesc, ade, etc are replaceable but arsene is not.

  98. Dave says:

    Anyone who thinks Wenger should be sacked is a fucking idiot. It’s a very difficult time and he’s made mistakes, but to suggest he should be sacked after all he’s done is ridiculous.

    He’s done enough to earn our trust and we should stand behind him. Not, like the muppet behind this site, call for his head.

  99. abby says:

    Steve, the time for empty promises is over. No more talk about potential or the future or more time, it’s time to deliver.

  100. AFC-FAN says:

    The glory hunters hunt for glory. Shit eaters hunt for shit.

  101. Dave says:

    Actually, you’ve annoyed me so much I have to say something else. We’ve had a bad start to the season and twats like you (and too many others on here) are already bailing. I have no patience for fuckwits and anyone who isn’t willing to give Wenger a break is a fuckwit of the highest order.

    The transition over the past few years has been huge. We’ve moved to a new stadium, had to compete with teams with bottomless pockets, have let go of some of the best players that have ever played for Arsenal, have a first team where most players would get ID’d if they tried to buy a packet of fags and despite all that last year were not that far from winning the league.

    But becuase things have gone badly so far this season we’ve got you calling for Wenger’s head. Well fuck you and fuck off. Arsene Wenger has been the best thing that’s ever happened to Arsenal and if you’re not willing to stick with him through the hard times you are, quite simply, a cunt.

  102. G says:

    After 9/10 great seasons at arsenal your gona cry over a couple dodgy games? Grown up son and back your team

  103. tel says:

    tell us what its like when yer team wins nothing at all

    champions of england
    champions of europe

  104. Clarky says:

    How easily cyber-idiots forget the roasting of Fenerbahce just a week and a half ago, the mauling of Milan etc. AW makes mistakes with team selection and tactics sometimes (today case in point) but overall we get to witness many more great afternoons/evenings than most other Prem clubs, especially those who don’t have billionaire owners. The one thing you cretins never do is go the whole hog and suggest who you think could do a better job and who is available – Ramos, Fat Sam? Just grow up and get over yourselves and your computer terminals and support your team.

  105. Gooner Man says:

    This may sound harsh but wenger has had this coming.

    The worst desision of his career, and that was selling viera and not replacing him thus we have not won a trophy since.

    I could go on typing all night, about his mistakes but i’ll just go to the latest one,

    Arsene Wenger the twat sold Gilberto, Diarra, Flammini, who where the only players i could say are decent enough to partner Cesc Fabregas, but not to buy a replacement when £30 million is handed into your hands is just absolutely Disgraceful.

    If we dont get a resullt next week i have my leaflets to hand out to all thou suppourters of tipping wenger of his hot seat.

    Lets all boo arsene in out nest game.

    Booooooooo Boooooooooooooooooooo

    ‘Wenger is a twaat, Wenger is a twa-aaat’

    ‘We want wenger out, We want wenger ou-ut’

    I have had stick from many people for saying this before but I just want the whole world to see this next time.

  106. Since1979 says:

    I think you glory hunters should fuck off and support manusa and stop talking crap most of you have only seen good times at Arsenal and not the shit that was going on in the early eighties.

  107. AFC-FAN says:

    Dave, excuses, excuses, you’re time is better spent re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  108. goonergerry says:

    The current Arsenal Board will not sack Wenger -because he has transformed the club single handed. This was one of the most predictable defeats of the season. Our inability to defend the high ball is nothing new and has now undermined our ability to defend competently at all. Even if we sign a Centre half in January it will take at least half a season to take effect. We have to face facts- we will not qualify for Europe next year- and some of our current stars will leave in the summer. We must buy a goal keeper,2 centrebacks and a midfielder.

  109. Lee T says:

    what a bunch of fucking idiots you lot are. Without Wenger you probably would still be playing a Highbury. You are a horrible bunch of fickle cockneys.

    So quit your moaning.

  110. no1fran_merida says:

    All of you have said wenger should go, if we win the title this season u should all agree to shout ‘wenger out!’ at the victory parade. Agreed. THis is obviouly IF’. U 2 Attila

  111. AFC-FAN says:

    Forget this real vs. plastic fan distraction. Intelligent fans know there is a problem in the side. If there’s a problem you fix it, and if you don’t know how to fix it, get out of the way so someone who does know can step in. Wenger, fix it now while you still can or get out of the way.

  112. Daryl Tay says:

    I was similarly appalled by the choice of midfield and I don’t understand what the hell he is doing our defence because only Clichy seems to have his role plugged down, but things can only get better when Rosicky and Eduardo return.

    I think we’ve had a few shitty games, but I don’t think that’s any reason to ask Wenger to leave. He’s earned our faith over many, many seasons.

  113. Donjohnni says:

    Oh dear we lost to Stoke! Well – haha – I’m the smart one, I left to Tokyo this year and boy do I not regret it. Left my season ticket behind and… surprise. I WAS RIGHT! Wenger is cool but it don’t look good currently. He hasn’t bought many good players recently has he? Weird – he used to.

  114. Goonerboy says:

    Its not about getting behind your team – I think most people are behind the team, but no longer behind Wenger. I have said before – I support Arsenal, not Arsene Wenger – I supported the team before Wenger and will continue to do so long after he fucks off!!! He makes pathetic excuses after the spurs game, puts tall players in to deal with crosses, set pieces and to deal with the physical aspect other teams pose – well he got it wrong again – we conceded two goals from guess what????? Fucking throw ins!!!!

    You think back 4 years ago, we had the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Campbell, Lauren, Cole, Lehman, who do we have now? Give me one player who you can even compare to any of the aforementioned players?

    We have been mugged off with Wenger taking us out of our beloved Highbury, because we needed to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd on a financial level – well we are in to our 3rd season at Emirates and yet we still have no money. He mugged us off with his belief in the youth system and bringing players through – well we all are now seeing what we first believed – they are not good enough. My opinion is, you need to get rid of the board before you can even contemplate getting rid of Wenger – they are reliant on him – so the bottom line – Wenger is bigger than our club!!!

    I think its time the club put a gagging order on him and the players – everytime they open their mouths i want to put my fist in to it.

    I would also agree Wenger out – and any player that doesnt want to play for Arsenal can fuck off to. A new manager, the calibre of Rikjaard would be my ideal choice and there are plenty of excellent talent who would love to play for him.

    Console yourself with the knowing at least you wont have to wait till March to see the team implode, you can enjoy your November, December, January, February, March, April and May without having to get all worked up about whether or not we are going ot win the league.

  115. AFC-FAN says:

    And for you terminally mental fans – we didn’t secure Yaya because we didn’t offer him acceptable wages. Now that is genius! We’ve got some of the dumbest and unimaginative fans who are so adamant about their own knowledge and yet humbly defer to Wenger as the authority. It’s you lot that make CEO pay 500 times what the average worker makes. Happy to buy Internet rubbish stock and sub-prime Grade AAA debt if one man says it’s fine. Stand on your own feet and make some sense. Be brave, change happens.

  116. COYS says:

    This is embarresing im a tottenham fan and i agree totally with the last 2 comments. Too often has my team dropped managers after a few bad results (Jolgate) with catastrophic effects. In my opinion wenger is a fantastic manager with a terrible attitudebut bailing after a few results is pathetic go support chelski or man city whoever has the most money

  117. Buzz3210 says:

    dave i partially agree with you and for all the braindead so called Arsenal supporters if he goes who do you want maybe Big sam or chronic kev keegan we can still win other trophies this season and if chelsea drop some more points its game on again GOONER 4 LIFE

  118. tony says:

    we’re only 6 points behind with 27 games left. slight over-reaction. Admittedly it doesn’t look good for us on what we’ve seen so far but its the 1st november. The team is in a slump and AW has a job on his hands but calm down. We need Martin Keown in as defensive coach and Van perise needs to be fined 2 weeks wages for getting sent off when we’re 2 down. Song needs to be made DM and allow cesc to bomb forward. Denilson is too similar to Fabregas and its ruining the balance of the team. We’re not Tottenham, we’re not Newcastle. Sacking Wenger now would be crazy. And show some fucking loyalty. Some of you bloggers are vulchers. Arsenal ’til the end!

  119. Sewelly says:

    You have got to be fucking kidding me, is this a high form of sarcasm that’s going over my head? Christ, I thought us Newcastle fans were fickle.

    Wenger, you’d be welcome on Tyneside!

  120. paul says:

    Hello gooner forum,
    How long and how much effort did it take to get the Wenger out onto your pitch. It does make me laugh. If you are so fed up with Arsene Wenger’s tactics and team selection then can only suggest that you support another team like Chelsea or Man Utd.Then you can win something every year. Obviously you only follow Asenal for the honours. So what if we loose. If we don’t play as well as the other team the we deserve to lose. I am sure Arsene didn’t tell the players before they went out on to the pitch ” By the way boys if a long throw comes in just ignore it” Why isn’t some of your venom directed at the team?
    As for “Kenny Johnson – The Voice of Reason Says” what are you doing on this website???????
    It’s an Arsenal website. Why don’t you go on to whichever team it is that you do support and talk about them.
    I am an Arsenal supporter through and through and I always will be and if the current boss does what he thinks is best for the team then I will support him and the team 100% and when it’s time for him to go I will support the next one and the team 100%.
    Maybe a lot of people leaving posts on this site and many others should look up the definition of supporter.

  121. sjf says:

    A bad day but lets just see how we are after man u game

  122. yep says:

    the concept of sacking any manager who’s spent so little (less than Sunderland for instance) and comparatively achieved so much is pathetic. People go on about the last 4 years where we were 15 mins from winning the champions league and so close to winning last year. The problem is that Wenger doesn’t spend money, now he’s either tight, blinkered by his own opinions or just a touch mad beleiving the likes of denilson, song. silvestre. gallas, bendtner etc are a better idea than other available players. These players might get into teams in the bottom half of the premiership but i honestly believe no top teams would be interested so why us?????

    I think Wenger needs to be politely told to buy players in the obvious weal areas and not bow to his currently rather bizarre mentality of relying on potential. We’re meant to be a big club maybe even top 10 in the world yet we act like a struggling lower league club strapped for cash. It jusy does not add up.

    I believe the board who are effectively the employers are laughing all the way to the bank hiding behind wengers strange penny pinching antics. With each passing day wenger does not spend the club is worth more so that when the inevitable sell off occurs there shares are worth more. They say its up to wenger bit know fully well his policy of young potential which although highly credible won’t bring success in the short and medium term and we’d have to be lucky if it brings success in the long term as the players will have to be as good if not better than players brought in yearly by our rivals.

    Makes you appreciate Dein doesn’t it.

  123. jarl boe says:

    I totally agree with all the frustated gunners fan.get rid of the fucking frenchman now!!!!He is destroying the whole club.The last 3 seasons Arsenal have been rubbish!!!!Losing to Fulham,Hull and Stoke today is just not good enough!!Next weekend we play Man U at the Emirates.I believe Man U will destroy us 5-0!!!All gunners fan should boycott the match and hopefully the board will tell Mr.Wenger to resign after this season!!!!

  124. alex says:

    i agree with james ,plastic cunts !most of you have never seen arsenal without champions league football .Fuck off to spurs and watch them then you will have something to moan about .Arsene is the greatest manager in the world or have you forgotton about the two doubles ,champions league final and countless other great nights .Attila your a cunt !

  125. Pascal says:

    Putting aside the Wenger debate, I am more concerned that, with the current results, Cesc will leave Arsenal at the end of the year.
    The difference with last year is the lack of domination in midfield and Cesc must be getting frustrated. He said it in an interview claiming that he missed Hleb and Flam for their skills and friendship.

    Wenger knows that Arsenal will not win trophies with a young team (his record speaks for itself) so it is unfortunate that he keeps raising expectations when he knows he won’t be able to deliver.

    If Cesc leaves, others will follow and Arsenal will be just another good team.

  126. Lilja says:

    Perhaps your’e right – but why not give the man a change?

  127. timus says:

    Attila, We are all upset we lost but you need to get a grip pal.

  128. jus.marvel says:

    This is a sad sight to see. Theres probably about 100 comments on here and theres probably only about 20 (little more little less) on here which is showing support to the team and manager we all claim to support. Yes i myself am not happy at the state arsenal is in at the moment. But to be honest even though we’ll now have a mountain to climb, we still have a big chance of winning the league. Thanks to our nouth london rivals we are only six points off the top spot. and the way the top five teams (man-u, liverpool, chelsea and aston villa) are playing open football, we have every chance of beating them. Remember for some reason we always seem to play better against the best teams. Yes Arsene has made some bad calls tactically and sub wise. But he will come of good. Honestly do i see us winning the league…No. Coming second definately. I do however see us winning a double, Champions League and carling cup. Let me say this, if a bid over 45mil comes in for Cesc comes in, sell him (especially if he wants to leave). I got mad love for him, but this season he has shown me how world class he is not. A sign of a true world class player is being able to adapt to those around him and still play as good as they have been known to (something he hasn’t done all season, minus a few good passes). Since Wenger is on this experiment flex id like to see him actually try Diaby and Cesc, Ramsey and Cesc or Djourou and Cesc. Song needs to go back on loan. Toure needs to be benched till he clears his head and comes back as the player he was before the African Cup. To see the best out of Gallas we need a Terry/Carrager disiplined type defender. Guys before you come on here and talk rubbish know your team.
    Anyway Ive written to much, im bored, so im out

  129. oj says:

    Its so annoying,I am an Arsenal supporter & it aches my heart do much to see what Wenger is doing. For Christ sake when will he open his eyes to see that the EPL had taken a different approach 3 years ago.
    For Christ sake if he’s tired of Arsenal,he should say & go..
    He’s no god..We need matured players in the team.
    Someone should tell him that in French maybe he’ll undeerstand better..

  130. Rick says:

    you lot are a fucking disgrace. the team were awful today… we didn’t play, we didn’t get it right, we were poor at the back (poor doesn’t even cut it), and we lost. we were a shambles against spurs for 5 minutes on wednesday, and we carried that into today… but ffs… you’re going to blame arsene wenger for all of that! where were you, where ARE you when the performance isn’t great… you’re hardly putting in YOUR performance. you’re hardly being that “13th man” that all champions need. Sure we’re all pissed off we drew on wednesday, and lost today… but i bet you weren’t moaning and fucking groaning when we were average against Blackburn, and won 4-0. Or when we turned Porto over, and might have had 10. Or when we went to Turkey and were poor at the back again, but scored 5! What were you saying then? sack Wenger, we’re shocking at the back? fuck off were you… cos we scored 5 goals, 4 goals, 3 goals. Because we turned out a performance upfront and got some goals. You were loving him in the 89th minute on wednesday night… Gael Clichy slipped, and Spurs got back in the game, just like he fucked up at Birmingham last season and gave that penalty away which we never seemed to recover from… you gonna sell clichy and all? course you’re bloody not, cos the guys class! Pull yourself together and be serious for christ sake! You want to sack the manager because things arent going well, because we’ve lost 3 matches, because we havent won anything for a few years… you a Newcastle fan, or a Spurs fan, cos you sound like it! all of you! what god given right do we have to win anything? we dont! but we certainly wont be winning anything if our own fucking fans start booing the team every week! support them.. be pissed off we lost, sure, but support them. dont be so bloody pathetic and childish! Sack the manager… you guys make me sick! As if this week hasn’t make me feel sick enough, sick out of passion and will for the team to do well… reading what some of you are saying is disgusting! Do your bit! you’re asking wenger to spend, and the players to play… they usually do.. who was fabregas before wenger got him? where did adebayor come from? what about thierry henry? but what about you… what about your part! support the team, back them up through thick and thin, always stand by your players and manager? thats one thing wenger does that you clearly dont!

  131. TC says:

    No-one else can do the job????

    Hiddink. He plays football the way we do but won’t neglect the squad until it’s too late.
    One mans stubborn pride is ruining Arsenal exactly the same way George Graham took us up…..and then wayyyyyy back down again. Get Wenger upstairs in charge of youth development (his strong point) and bring in a manager whose priority is to win trophies, not to balnce the books!!

  132. GunnerX says:

    As much as Arsene is making many mistakes, I feel we should support him through what is a bad run of form for him, and consequently the team. Yes, he has been very stubborn of late, but let us put this period in prospective as the man has given us years of top notch football, and we should not take that for granted. Maybe when qualification for the CL looks unlikely, he might just wake from his slumber. In my opinion, calling for him to be sacked, is just, well a ridiculous suggestion.

  133. gunny says:

    Look all you smarty pants, think you know everything. We could have won today, but we didn’t coz we suck.

  134. […] I repeat ” Wenger Out ” f**king pathetic So the season is now over before it even started. We lost 3 games last season and finished 3rd. Now at the start of […] […]

  135. RS says:

    surprise surprise managers do get it wrong once in a while ! we’re all human at the end of the day and after being down in confidence after throwing away the spurs game guess what we crumbled again cause we couldn’t deal with Delaps throw ins and had a questionable starting line up – Wengers fault ? Yes but still a bad start to the season and your already calling for the MANS head?!? gimme me a break you plastic fans, i feel we are in the same position Pool (yes Liverpool) were in when Rafa joined them a few seasons back – the fact is like Liverpool we do not have the funds to compete with the likes of ManUre or CheLksi

  136. JohnDemetriou says:

    Dunno about u lot, but I’m Stoked!


    Brilliant stuff.
    Also love how when your team endures a couple of not so great seasons, you reach for the knife to plunge into your saviour’s back. How honourable. Well, I’d expect nothing less from lowly scum fans.

    I call it greed. Not content with being in the top 5 by early November, you’re clammering for scapegoats and brimming with negativity. Classic Arsenal, and typical of the spirit of your club.

    Sorry, did I say spirit? I meant gutlessness.

  137. murder mooqs says:

    i agree with u irish gooner fan these fucking arsenal fans make me really sick and arsene sick aswell and cos that they are saying wenger needs 2 leave ill fucking cut u up if i knew who u were was u acting like this when wenger made a professional strategy change at fenerbache i bet u were all fuckin liickin the gunners wernt u now when we have had a bad game against spurs and stoke because of the mentality and team spirit we cant find at the moment you all want wenger to fucking leave have u FORGOTTEN WHAT WE SUCCEEDED WITH ARSENE WENGER LET ME REMIND U FUCKING FAKE FANS:
    THE PREMIER LEAGUE 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04..
    THE FA CUP—1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05

    reall all u fake fucking fans that are talking this fuckin shit i wish i could see u now u fucking cunts wheres your faith your trust and belief u fake gooners RECTIFY UR SELFS DONT EVER SAY U ARE ARSENAL/ARSENE WENGER FANS!!!!

  138. Harreh says:

    I am so sick and tired of feeling that AW does not respect or give a S**T about the fans and the expectations we have and deserve. His French arrogance towards the fans is appaling. He really is insulting our inteligence about the whole situation at the Emirates!

    It’s a case of buy cheap and sell big – Arsenal are just one big business. OUT TO MAKE MONEY!!!!

    F**K THE FANS!!!

  139. murder mooqs says:

    seriously u ppl make me fucking sick what happend to ur dignity look how close we was last year and now over 3 losses ur complaining fucking resign from an arsenal fan u will all see the future of arsenal then u will regret this fucking day u fucking idiots kill ur self man ddont ever disrespect arsenal or arsene wenger or anyone who has anything do or had to do with ARSENAL/ARSENE WENGER


  140. Gadget says:

    Unbelievable! Last season, everyone wrote us off a the begining of the season. What happened: we were unlucky not to finish champions.

    This season, we don’t get off to a great start, and some clowns calling themselves Arsenal fans want the greatest manager the club’s had – the best manager the club probably will for a long long time – they want him to be shown the door? Madness.

    Last season, Man u got off to a slow start, but they still won the league. Now take out one player from that squad: Ronaldo, Man U would probably not have won the league.

    Now I’m not saying that Arsenal has the make up of Man U, but arguably, this squad is just one player away from what Wenger wants to achieve. I personally believe that player is a healthy Rosicky. Rosicky has a bit of flair and skill to break through teams that I think the attack is currently lacking.

    So I guess the team’s main problem is a lack of Chelsea-like depth more than anything.

    Now that’s no to say that other areas of the squad are without fault. The defence is not as solid as the Campbell/Toure partnership. I personally believe that Gallas & Toure are two players of the same mould, so we’re lacking the rock-type defender that is maybe needed.

    Similarly, I don’t think Adebayor’s a striker. I don’t think he has the mentality, power, or precision to play as a centre forward. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play attacking midfield, just to see how he’d perform mind you. If that doesn’t work, I’d see what I’d get for selling him and go after a goal hound. In the meantime, I’d probably play Van Persie/Vela upfront until Eduardo’s back, at which point I’d think about rotation.

    I think Wenger himself, is an awesome manager if a little arrogant. The reason why I think he’s arrogant (but to tell the truth, this makes me respect him much much more) is because I think he likes to win playing different styles of football each time. When we had the Invincibles, that team consisted primarily of athletic players who were all quick and for the most part rarely got injured. Now I think Wenger’s trying to win with a squad that all about technical ability rather than athleticism.

    To me, it’s arrogant in the sense that he’s putting a personal challenge slightly ahead the club’s trophy-acquisition – but I’m all about the personal challenge myself. If I were manager, I’d do the same thing as Wenger. He wants to win, but he likes to win in as many different ways as possible, and who can really blame him?

    Wenger has my full support and will continue to do so because I can appreciate what he’s trying to achieve, and I appreciate the style of football the team currently plays – just need a prolific finisher

  141. Aidan says:

    Fucking sad cunts.

    Never seen so much Wenger-hate in my life. Fucking disgusting.

    This article was no-doubt written by some jumped-up little 12-year-old who expects every season to be like 03/04. We’re fourth for fucks sake, not last.

    Like G said above me: grow up.

  142. Gadget says:

    Dave, I’ve nothing to say but: “well said sir, well bloody said!”

  143. Aidan says:

    Fuck me sideways, I just noticed the picture above the article.

    “Either he goes or we go”? You’re jumping ship if Arsene doesn’t get the sack?

    I’m fucking embarrassed to have faggots like you supporting my club. Go jump on another band wagon you soppy cunts.

  144. Cramnertcam says:

    Hi Guys,

    A long time lurker thought i would finally say Hi 🙂

    sorry if this is the wrong section mods!


  145. Mutiny 1 says:

    I have always noticed that while Arsenal can play brilliant football, they have lacked the steel in big matches and now we lack it against the bottom teams. We had not had the ball winner and the guts player since Viera and we found Flamini last year and let him go without replacing him.. Now we have to deal with those consequences, and we may see Cesc leave because of it.. We still lack a tall CB with the same qualities. Two players that this club needed to compete with all the league and we let it get away. I hope like h*ll Ramsey and Willshire work out or we could be in for a long long downslide. I for one am not a beleiver in the Manu, Chelski or liverpool mode of spending without limits but we needed both these players to compete and putting you head in the sand and ignoring the facts has cost us. Now we have to deal with players not coming here because we are not serious enough to compete for everything. I hope I am wrong.

  146. Nasri says:

    I love Wenger, How can you people come out and call for his head. If Arsene leaves I will lose my passion for football. If he leaves arsenal will stop playing great football, and lose all most of its stars. Then what? Jmp ship to Barca? I’m sorry but I only feel this way for Arsenal.

  147. Jav says:

    I am pleased Ade is injured. This guy is a complete sack of shit and the sooner he fucks off from our club the better. What I wonder is, if our scouting network is so great then how come we ended getting lumped with this donkey when Wigan manage to get a player like Amir Zaki. I also can’t help but wonder if Zaki were to play for us then we’d be looking at a 30 goal a season striker. I would like us to sell Ade in January and if teams are willing to pay the high prices dished around in summer for him then from his sale we could finance the purchase of Zaki and Yaya Toure. I feel it’s these two players that we need to complete our team.

    Our centre back problem could be solved if Wenger starts to play Johan Djourou alongside either Kolo, Gallas or Silvestre depending on who is fit and playing well. Our best pairing so far has been Gallas and Djourou so why is this not tried? Also, why is Kolo thrust back into the team as soon as he is able to walk unaided. I also, wish we could sell Gallas. The sooner this idiot fucks off the better. Our defence has been nothing but a complete shambles ever since he moved to us from Chelsea, world class my ass.

    And, why does no self-respecting gooner recognize that the number one reason we are playing shit and creating nothing is because Fabregas is playing shit. Can’t pass, can’t keep the ball, loses possession too easily, doesn’t track back, can’t score to save his life, amongst a whole lot of other things. What has happened to our little Spanish maestro? Does he have some sort of niggling injury that we don’t know about or is he looking to leave and can’t be bothered any more coz that’s what it looks like, you can practically see it in his face. To be the world’s best in midfield he can’t be a soft touch and must toughen up if we are to proclaim that he is better than say Gerrard, Scholes or even Lampard who are much more battle hardened.

    Denilson has been a gem for us this season. I think that he started off the season with the intention of protecting the back four but he has been our creative source and making up for Fabregas poor form. Do know for instance that he has so far bettered Fabregas in every way according to the stats, including successful passes! I know I couldn’t believe it either but it’s true and based on this I would much rather see Fabregas being dropped and a midfield combination of Denilson and Diaby being tried. These two combined can give us a more solid yet still creative midfield. Some may argue that we will be missing the vision and sublime passing our our Spaniard but based on current form I doubt we’ll much at all.

    Seeing as currently we have no Ade (injured), Van Persie (suspended), Walcott (injured), Toure (injured), Gallas (mystery illness again), Sagna (injured, though I don’t know how badly) and of course the walking dead in Edu (get well soon) and Rosicky (hurry up and get fit you little fucker), I can’t see any other option for the manager but to play as follows:


    Vela Diaby Denilson Nasri


    Clichy Djourou Silvestre Eboue

    If we can scrape away with a draw then I’d be well chuffed considering our lack of personnel and the fact that United have pretty much a fully fit squad to choose from. Although the manager is convinced of Vela’s, Dudu like abilities in the box, I would much rather see the young Mexican play on the left wing where I feel he is more comfortable at the moment (I made a habit of following him whilst he was playing in Spain) and the guys pace could be as terrifying for defences as Walcott’s is.

    If on the off chance that monsieur Wenger is reading this blog then please take note of what I am saying because you know that I am right, so make the moves that we are all calling for in January.

    1.) Sell Ade
    2.) Buy Zaki at all costs and Yaya Toure or if failing him someone like Lorik Cana but please no more midgets. We are fast becoming a team of talented but soft little faggots.
    3.) A tall, pacy, relatively young but experienced no nonsense centreback wouldn’t hurt either.

  148. The Irish Gunner says:

    Do you know what the best thing to do is get behind the team, if you are one off the lucky few who will get to the matches cheer them louder than you ever have….. no lets not…. you’re absolutely right thats boo the team and manager… lets really make them feel like crap so they keep under performing excellent idea. Its as if you spurs fans in disguise trying to unsettle everyone.
    Think I will have a look on the Liverpool forums to see if Benitz has been sacked since they late in a late goal from Spurs and he hasnt won the Premiership!!!
    No probably not, their fans are still behind their team!!
    We may have lost against…and I do groan here….fulham, hull….oh so painfull and Stoke….. we are still only 6 points behind the leaders. Oh I know what a shit place to be.
    And if one person says ah, but if we had won them matches we would be 3 points clear go fuck yourselves!!!!

  149. Stu says:

    Amazing the ammount of people changing their tune now. As i said before he does need to go but not right now, there is no current available replacements. All of those slating you in the last article are all your best friend now agreeing with everything you said. Nice!!

    My choice would be MvB and DB10 together at the helm. They are working wonders so far at Ajax. Wenger just doesnt see his mistakes. Either that or he is too stubborn to admit he is wrong. We have lost 3 games out of 11 so far. That is just ridiculas considering AW said he was going for a clean sweep. BULLSHIT!

  150. Jav says:

    It’s stupid talk asking for Wenger to leave but what he does need is a good number 2 or even a proper defensive coach and this could be the most important transfer for us. Someone like Tony Adam or Dennis Bergkamp (who wants to get into management I hear) should be bought in to give our players a kick up the arse.

    What the fuck does Pat Rice actually do or say to him. Does he not intervene with the formation or substitutions. I know if I was sitting next to Wenger I would not allow him to do the stupid things that he does.

    We have a pretty strong squad but we a a few players away from being a great one. Namely a striker, central defensive midfielder and a defender. See my post above for what I think of our current squad and how we can lift ourselves from this predicament.

  151. ArsFan says:


    A few bad games and he should go?

    what the FUCK are you lot on? seriously?

    Yes, we should not have lost to Fulham, Stoke and Hull. I don’t think Arsene is to blame for that. It’s the some of the players attitudes that stink when it comes to playing ‘weaker’ teams. Arrogance that they know they’re ‘much better’ than them so they don’t need to try on the pitch. Some players need to go, not the bloody manager.

    And basing lack of winnings in past few seasons as an excuse is ridiculous considering unbeaten league win in 2003/2004, FA cup final win in 2004/2005, RUNNER’s UP (in fairly unfortunate circumstances) in 2005/2006, and what should have been a league win in 2007/2008. Most don’t see the problem that last season was squad depth, lack of rotation in the side. This season he is trying to put that right and rotate players much like the other three clubs in the top4 in order to stand a chance playing so many games in a season.

  152. olive shamon says:

    ramos out wenger out
    just telling u guys the future

  153. Idiots says:

    So Many Idiots making silly comments in frustration because we lost. Wenger is one of the best managers in the world, why get rid of him 10 games into a season? Liverpool drew at home to stoke and lost to spurs which is the same as liverpool did virtually, ok they were top of the league but still they are bad results for them.

    Asking for wenger to go is stupid

    Most of you will be licking his ass again by xmas no doubt

  154. Matt says:

    The only thing that needs to be said is that if you build a team cheaply and fill the squad with average players…you end up with average results…and that is what is happening!!! Gone are the days of the top class players…Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Veira, Adams, Seaman, Dixon, Petit, Edu, Overmars, Ljungberg, Wiltord, Anelka, …etc etc…..Now we have the likes of Eboue, Song, Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby, Almunia, Gallas etc Be honest how many of these current players would you swap with the previous list??? Wenger has had long enough to rebuild and fix the problems but he is failing and all of his “we have great potential in this squad” means nothing it is all just his usual b*llsh*t….Move him up to director and in charge of bringing in young talent and get in Martin O’Neil… look at what he is doing at villa on a limited budget and what he did before at Celtic etc…. do it now and we may stand a chance of regaining something out of this shambles….leave it to Wenger and we will stumble through another average season!!!!!!!! And finally all you guys who keep saying keep faith and Arsene knows….. get real and look at the last 4 years with non-rose tinted glasses…and maybe you will see just how wrong you all are!!!!

  155. Idiots says:

    So Many Idiots making silly comments in frustration because we lost. Wenger is one of the best managers in the world, why get rid of him 10 games into a season? Liverpool drew at home to stoke and lost to spurs which is the same as arsenal did virtually, ok they were top of the league but still they are bad results for them.

    Asking for wenger to go is stupid

    Most of you will be licking his ass again by xmas no doubt

  156. anonymous says:

    Liverpool lose to Tottenham
    Benitez Out
    Man U draw with Everton at home
    Ferguson out

    Mate your an idiot, if you don’t like Wenger go support chelsea your glory hunting twat.

  157. OzGoonerGuy says:

    You know, the thing that that was most gutting about this week was the way we are playing. The facts are obvious:

    – Every team in Europe knows Arsenal can’t defend or score from set pieces. This has been the case for years, and its the worst it’s ever been. It never changes.

    – We need a coaching overhaul. The tactics we are now adopting do not work. Our defense is a shambles. We play too narrow. We can’t break down opponents. We had 72% of the possession last night and could barely score. 3 loses to Fulham, Hull, and Stoke in the first 11 rounds – outwitted in each game. The defense rests. God help us when we face Chelsea, Utd, and Liverpool.

    – Wenger has run out of ideas. The problems we have now are not new, and are at their worst. But Wenger will not change tack. He will not bring in 5-star, experienced players in key roles. This would not only strengthen the squad but the youngsters would learn a lot. The money has been there to bring in these players, but Wenger is relying on youth alone. Similarly, he will not introduce the steel back into the squad that departed with Vieira.

    – The onfield leadership is lacking. It has been unacceptable since Paddy left, and we need a real general to take charge on the pitch. Lumping the resonsibility on Fabregas is not the answer.

    – Our players respond poorly to a bad result. They get so bent out of shape the after-effects are felt for several games. This is where the squad needs more toughness and leadership again. All the pretty passing in the world will not stack up against bad results and poor efforts.

    It is said that if you repeat doing something, and keep getting the same results, then to expect anything different is lunacy. Well, now is the time for the boss to admit that the current set up isn’t working, and make some changes. If this doesn’t happen, then he either has different goals and expectations to all the fans, or he really has lost the plot.

  158. Harry Barracuda says:

    Yes you’re right, you’re fucking pathetic.

  159. Erorcibia says:

    Hi! Are you keeping up with my wasteful blast I have a nice joke. Why did the garbage look sad? Because it was down in the dumps.

  160. khoune says:

    dear the gooners! you are at the very nervous time from the Arsenal`s last few games. you are worrying about the destiny, but I would love to invite you to see some more game and than judge Wenger .now he is trying to make the rotation for finding the posible of solving problems from the existing plyaers then in reopen maket in january he is going to decide what to do? just that, in the result Rsenal still got chance to win the title.thanks

  161. gunny says:

    Hey Wenger, throw the youth masterplan into the shitter and rebuild. Swallow your pride: buy some real players.

  162. alan says:

    I cannot believe some gooners still trust that old french cunt

  163. Charlie says:

    Yeah…sack Arsene and appoint Jol followed by Juande Ramos. I can see you in Spurs pajamas.

  164. Brooksie says:

    Kenny Johnson – your a prick!

  165. Erorcibia says:

    I read some of the posts and I think it is a great blog. I like to show off my attorneys nail Sorry, for off top, i wanna tell one joke) What do you call a dumb balloon? An air head.

  166. Evan says:

    You are a complete idoit with no mind for the future.. success doesnt happen overnight. Arsene is one of the best managers in the world, he is building a awesome team that will soon realise its potential.

    Go become a spurs supporter with that kind of thinking.

  167. kqpldney says:

    No man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself.

  168. viiny says:

    it was all shit against stoke.wake up wenger wenger and bring in new players in january.

  169. Mapulanga says:

    “SACK HIM TODAY” PLEASE, PLEASE Before it comes to worse than this

  170. gunz says:

    what a mug. 3 games and suddenly your world crumbles. get a life and support your team – you can go if you like – not Wenger. This isn’t Pro-evo 09 can’t change your team everytime you want.

    half of you aren’t even gooners.

  171. True Gooners says:

    Totally bullshi*t! You all must be spurts… I can’t believe such words came out from true gooners. As supporters, we must get behind the team as the 12th man on the pitch not sacking the manager as the always spurs did. By the way, it is still too early to say we can’t win the title. I really think you don’t have a good quality to become a good fan, so I suggest that, stop blogging and writing all the sh*t here, just stop saying that you are a gooner. Go f**k up!

  172. True Gooners says:

    Totally bullshi*t! You all must be spurts… I can’t believe such words came out from true gooners. As supporters, we must get behind the team as the 12th man on the pitch not sacking the manager as the spurs always did. By the way, it is still too early to say we can’t win the title. I really think you don’t have a good quality to become a good fan, so I suggest that, stop blogging and writing all the sh*t here, just stop saying that you are a gooner. Go f**k up!

  173. Michael Gillon says:

    As soon as I saw the lineup I knew this game was gonna be crap. Ade and Bendter up front and no one to give them the ball. No Walcott or Nasri out wide, just a team packed with our biggest and less skillful players. Why the big players, after all didn’t Wenger say in the week that Stoke only score from long throw ins once every 2 or 3 months. For the first time I find myself questioning Wengers wisdom. We are not Bolton we fight other teams with skill, playing the Arsenal way. You can see things are not right with the team with Van Persies sending off.
    Questions I have are?
    What’s wrong with playing Djourou. Especially with our current trio of mediocre central defenders.

    Kolo, don’t come forward, you can’t shoot, you can’t pass, any free kick you take is a waste. Why don’t you just try to remember how to be a defender.

    Arsene with your tactical shortcomings you are driving Cesc out the door. I can see him looking at Song, Toure, Silvestre and Gallas and just thinking Barcelona please come and get me.
    I have no problem with the youth policy in fact why not just play the Carling cup kids. They would have beaten Stoke and given us a more exciting game.

  174. […] the disappointment that this campaign has brought so far, I was still astounded to hear of a number of so-called Arsenal fans calling for the head of Arsene Wenger. He’s made some wild decisions in his Arsenal career, many of which have proved to be […]

  175. kunt says:

    i dont want wenga to go but he shuld realise that he has made big mistakes and try to fix them with experience and not some young hot shots and if he continous to fuck up give im the axe and bring in frank raikard.

  176. Monty Bogdanovich says:

    Er, on behalf of all intelligent and seasoned Arsenal fans, could I suggest that by far the better of the two choices you offer is that “you” go.

    Preferably back to school you snot-nosed gobby little cunt.

  177. Cyndi says:

    It is a crying shame that you doomsayers, panic-mongers are not behind our players and manager. Stop being such babies. Take it in the chin, grin, and bear it. We were outclassed, plain and simple. Unless, you support your team (subpar performance and all) all the way, what business have you calling yourself a Gooner?

    I am certain that in three days’ time after we beat Fenerbahce, you lot clamoring for Wenger’s resignation would be the same people singing him high praises.

  178. blake says:

    Its hard 4 me 2 say get AW out but i have 2 say it, the board should look at us fans and see that we are not happy with AW, if they dont get him out soon then it will be 2 late. it 4 the best, AW u have been a great manager 4 us over the past years but since sales of viera and henry we have moved foward at all. Get someone in who wants 2 just win the game, not play the beautiful and lose. Someone like Jose Mourinho will be a great manager 4 us.


  179. stevesai says:


    A few bad games abnd he should go. Well maybe not him but someone.

    l am an Arsenal fan through and through but everyone knew this was coming.

    We simply did not buy players and this is the result os someones f**k ups.

    It is either Arsenal had no money or wend=ger did not think he needed to spend it.

    A midfeild of Diaby, Fab, Song and Denison, well f**k me.

    Fabregas played as a holding midfeilder for the 2nd half. A lot of good that is for one of the best playmakers in the world.

    It has to be changed, we need some serious players and thats it.

  180. Spike says:

    I repeat you’re a plastic glory hunting cunt!

  181. A Gooner says:

    Arsene wenger stop playing players who are’t good eoungh to be playing for Arsenal how many of our team would get into Chel ,liverpool Man U, TWO CES ,RVP, that it .Wenger stop making excuses all the time spend money 1 central def, 1 central mid, 1 left winger ,i belive this would give us more options away from home ,why on earth is super tom an Arsenal player he never starts any games i keep reading injury well off load once he’s fit come on Wenger just start to admit that what we have is not good eoungh .why start a game away from home with no pace ie walcot , no nasri., Daiby always plays left for fuck sake wenger he’s central midfield Mr wenger what you have done for this club is great but time has come to get cheque book out stop being stubborn anyway were are only 3 players away from a great side we need to buy in Jan weve lost so much experience over the years come on we are a big club , start buying now make my club great again

  182. spursagogo says:

    Arsenal have proved to be a consistently better team than Spurs over the past two decades so, why is it that the Spurs fans, even though we’re all but bottom of the league, are cock-a-hoop and Arsenal fans are feeling let down and have the troubles of the world on their shoulders?
    For me, as a Spurs fan, it’s quite simple. We may be laying in the gutter but we are staring up at the stars. This is why our chairman seems to make bizzare decisions. Daniel Levy is not stupid and he knows how it must appear but is willing to put his neck on the line for glory. Otherwise, what’s the point of it. I look to my club for glorious escapism not to worry about their balance sheet. AW and the Arsenal board seem to be over cautious. DL is in-step with the vast majority of the Spurs fans and is willing to chop and change as soon as it becomes obvious we don’t have the Messiah at WHL (yes, including Martin Jol). With Arsenal’s standing in world football they can attract the best players in the world. So, why aren’t they doing so? I’ve come across this phenomenon in my work and, from what I understand, it appears to stem from a misplaced arrogance. AW doesn’t want success unless it’s on his own terms. He wants to succeed with unknown players so that the glory is all his. A very risky strategy and one that limits his chances. Arsenal may be a small step from CL glory but that final step is the most difficult of all. Not being honest with himself will ultimately be his downfall.
    Anyhow, best of luck and I’m rather looking forward to the return match. One thing we know for sure, it’ll be exciting.
    Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy being a Spurs fan half as much without the intense rivalry of Arsenal. Long may it continue.

  183. Stevie Morrow is God says:

    I always thought that Arsenal fans were intelligent and knowledgeable about football and that we didn’t attract the type of fickle glory hunters that other big clubs did. How times have changed! It may have escaped most of you but there is a bit of a financial down turn and most football clubs are carrying a lot of debit. At Arsenal, I think we have one of the best run clubs in the EPL. We have not sold our heritage to some overseas investor. We are not some billionaires plaything. This club will weather the current financial crisis. Now is not the time to go and f*ck things up by changing the manager. The club is not performing well and we have a weak squad, but we have had worse in the past (that was before most of you jumped on the band wagon). However, the club is bigger than Wenger, and he needs to up his game, but to suggest that we should get rid of him now is just stupid. Its just like all the Liverpool fans that want rid of benitez last season. Who would replace him? Tony Adams? – hasn’t had much managerial success. Dennis? – hasn’t completed his UEFA coaching badges.

  184. barbarians says:

    But look what Stoke had to do to win.
    They had to injure Sagna, Adebayor and dislocate Walcott’s shoulder for the 3rd time in his career. Then they had to provoke Van Persie to get sent off.

    Don’t blame Wenger.

  185. Marv Tha' gooner says:

    With the obvious exceptions i figure this site is full of:
    A. Part-time Arsenal fans who have only been supporting the team during the Glory years.
    B. Spud fans.

    Sack Wenger? You lot must be off your head.
    Replace him with who?

    Remember, the talent comes to Arsenal because of him, remove him from the equation and how long do you think the likes of RVP, Fabregas, Eduardo and Theo will stay around?

    Get a fucking grip and get behind your team.


  186. dav says:

    only an idiot would want wenger gone, nothing more to add..

  187. ManUTD fun says:

    Hi everyone… I`m just here to comment something… If I was asked who would I prefer to get the crown this year if its not ManU, then I would say Arsenal…. For the most part, because of Arsen Wenger… I think he is great manager… one of the greatest…. But, like his players, he lacks some things… He plays Figure skating among Hockey players… And of course, he is
    stubborn with his transfer ideas… So I dont think he is bad enough to be sacked, but maybe he needs to put himself in to a heavy coach training… or something

  188. ddj says:

    Many fans showing their true colours calling for the end of Wenger. Anyone can come in and spend the money he has made us. The whole point is that Wenger is trying to manage the club without doing that. I agree, it is now failing him. Everyone can see it, and it is down to him to fix it in time for next season – It`s a reality check.

    Just remember how much success his methods have brought in the past, how much money it has saved, and most importantly, exactly why we have this expectation to mount a title challenge from our beautiful new stadium each year. The man has made a mistake this summer, give him a chance to fix it, for the grass may not be greener on the other side.

    Gunner for life.

  189. Will says:

    seriously stop having a period about it you bunch of fucking tarts. wenger has made our club one of the biggest in the world and one of the most admired from all corners of the planet, with the records we’ve broken and the football we play and the players we’ve produced. yes alright we aint won anything the past few seasons but that dont mean you literaly have to shit a chicken and go knocking wengers door down with your knives and fucking pitch forks. WE’RE supposed to be fans. and our job is to support our beautiful club through thick and thin no matter what. or we’ll end up like the scum going through manager after manager and bottom of the table. we have one of if not THE best footballing minds of our generation managing our team, so lets fucking get behind him.

  190. Simon B says:

    Come on guys, I’m really hurting too, but to call for Wenger’s head?
    I think it’s Gallas that we should be calling for. I’m sick of his inflated ego and his sheer arrogance. I know if i was playing in his team I wouldn’t respect him. I think alot of the kids fear him, which isn’t a bad thing in a good captain, but a shit self obssed one like him? Ciao Gallas.
    Midfield? Remember the days of Petit and Viera? What I would do to have that pair back! Even Edu. The Steel we possesd. Teams were beaten before we stepped on to the pitch. Teams in the Prem know how to beat us and other fancy teams. Look at Hull, Stoke and the other bully boys, they have all given the top 4 a go, but the rest of the top 4 have a more powerful squad than us and can still compete. So, What to do now?
    Well Jan isn’t a million miles away and I know Wenger almost bought a experienced C Mid in the summer. I hope Stoke and Hull have suprised him and made him realise his errors? Lets hope he goes and gets a tall, powerful gladiator. I know there’s not many around who can play technical football like we do, but I think we can live with one player who can’t thread the ball through an eye of a needle. We’ve got plenty of them.
    Change is going to happen fast. I wish it would. But Jan is our next hope. That and the small fact that the best finisher at the club for a decade will be back. Eduardo is our best striker. Hopefully he isn’t too mentally scarred. Excited for that yes, but he’s not going to solve the problems we have.

    I’d get rid of Ade, Eboue, Gallas, Almunia, Denilsion maybe. With the change we get for that lot we could buy Rory Delap!
    Who Would you sell?

  191. FabulousFabregas says:

    Wenger out!!!
    We will be relagated this season, but win the UCL

  192. James (AUS) says:

    Get over yourselves, no one can win the league every year. It’s not you’re God given right to win the league every time and so what if they’ve lost 3 games already?

    Everyone loses. Some people lose more than others, and if you were expecting Arsenal to win silverware this year, you have to be joking?!

    You know the gunners cannot compete like before in the league being “strapped for cash”. Have you not seen the team lately? They’re not a title contending team, but I’m still going to support them because they are Arsenal.

    It’s frustrating, I know. But what are you, a blog writer going to do about it? What is anyone here going to do about it? You yourself cannot oust Wenger from his current position. But I guess in the end, if you were able to, you would. That’s your call.

    Just be happy the gunners can manage to get 3rd or 4th in the league, other teams envy that.

    And be happy you’re not bottom of the table.

    People are glory hunters these days.

  193. johnny hoy says:

    Go and support Man Utd, they win most of the time. I hope we have a right bad season so’s cunts like you fuck right off out of it.

  194. Old Skool Gooner says:

    In January, lets bring back Henry, Pires and Vieira.

  195. Attila says:

    No we dont have a god given right to win the league. But we have to do all we can to try n do our best!

    Most fans could see this coming and thats what we are pissed off about, We all knew that we needed a DM after losing Flamini Gilberto and Diarra. But no Wenger says things like “im 2 busy to sign players”

    Did you really think with this bunch of players we have at the club we were really going to win the league?

    The season was over before it even started for us.

  196. Spike says:

    It says something when one of the sanest comments on this blog is by an effin spud!

    Says ot all really.

    If it were possible, I’d love to see this twats dream of sacking Wenger happen, just to show the plastic the REAL mess we’d most likely end up in.

  197. Goonerboy says:

    I tell you who the biggest wankers are on this forum….. its those who say “go and support another club”, what kind of bellend makes such a wank comment – I SUPPORT ARSENAL, NOT ARSENE, I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 30 years, seen us play the most boring football, fuck I have even seen us play in green!! one thing all other teams had, even though we were shit, we had passion – and you loved the team for trying – this team has NO passion, they dont play for the badge – they play for money!!!! Who do you blame, you blame the Manager – and Wenger gets it for me – NO ONE MAN IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB – remember George Graham?

    Now for those that keep saying to go and support another club – you probably dont go to games anyway – Now Fuck Off and Do One!!!

  198. ddj says:

    Care to put a source on that quote? You say “we all knew”, but, how many times have you heard that before? If the “magic players” had been bought at those times, then there would not be funds to fix the problems that are really here this time. My understanding is that there were attempts to sign centre mids and there will be again.

  199. ddj says:

    That was in response to Attila.

  200. Attila says:


    Wenger didnt want to pay the “going rate” for a DM and now “we and the player” are paying the price for wenger being so tight.

  201. harryo says:

    wenger says we were fatigued. what kind of prima donnas have we got playing for this club when 10 matches into the season we,re aready f,,ked. how can adebadplayer be tired when he hasnt moved all season the reason our seasons over is because this lot we have playing for us have no heart or appitite for a fight. last season proved it when the going got tough against man u , chelsea and liverpool the white flag went up.every team in the premiership knows how to beat us . just rough us up a tiny we bit and we give up. just ask hull, stoke and fulham. gid help us next week when man u come to town.

  202. ddj says:

    Yeah, I agree with that, Attila. However, I also feel we have had similar situations in the past which worked out well without a big signing. Perhaps that is the reason why this 30M transfer kitty is available now, when it seems we will really need it? Personally, I will cast doubts if we do not bring in anyone come January, and fail to qualify for the champions league.

    On the flipside though, how far do you feel a good DM would have gone in solving our problems?

    I agree that the man has got it wrong this time around, but it isn`t really a scratch on his achievements, and to call for a replacement is perhaps a bit rash?

  203. adil says:

    wtf… the only promoted side we beat was west brom… we lost 2 hull and we lost 2 stoke… title challengers huh?? we suck…. bendtner shud never play for arsenal again… he cant even make short passes… he cant control the ball… seriously wenger last time said that vela was a complete player and than he plays him infront of bendtner… i remember last season we were interested in pedersen and he wanted bendtner instead i wish he wud have left…

    see how comfortably chelsea wins against the likes of hull sunderland aston villa and middleborough… i dont we can do the same…. wat a disappointing season… i wish we win nothing so that it wud be time 2 re asses the team and make a few good buys…. y buy nasri if u cant get games off him??

    frustrating and annonying… cesc trying the long ball all the time to adebayor… seriously we cant win n e thing this season… look at ur defending… we might win the carling up lol but thats pretty much it… i hope i m wrong but i dont see it happening…

  204. thegoonerforum says:

    Plus we drew at sunderland with a last min goal

  205. Paul N says:

    Wengers dropping the players you named was pathetic but you or anyone wanting Wenger out is even more pathetic. You people need to get a life, you take football a bit too serious. Wenger is the best Manager in world football and he will get it right in my view!

  206. Goonerboy says:

    Paul N – best manager in the world? Never won the champions league, hasnt won a trophy in 3 years – makes tactical decisions that jeopardises success, is too egotistical to admit his own failings – that doesnt sound like the best manager in the world, sounds more like a man who lives off his own hype!!

    He isnt a scratch on the likes of Ferguson – he has been there done it and got the medals to prove it – plus he knows how to motivate his team, and manages his players well.

  207. Lex says:

    Fuck off the writer and all you Wenger haters.

  208. brad says:

    Totally agree,
    was at stoke yesterday, its ridiculus when you know that our title bid is in trouble to not put out your strongest team from the beginning. if you want to rest players, rest them on wednesday in the champ league, we are basically through, or at least wait until we have done the job and then bring them off, he never gets his tactics right, has got to go! simple as that!

  209. mat says:

    spot on! ok we do have some quality young players but does Wenger think we can really win the league wiyh a squad of such young players, we need to buy in january and buy well!!!!!

  210. james wickenden says:


  211. The Chosen One says:

    The people slating Wenger should ask themselves where we’d be without him. I was as frustrated as any other Gooner with our lack of spending in the summer. However I am thankful that Wenger isn’t the kind of coach to waste £30m on shite just because he has it or he’s expected to. Are Robinho and Berbatov really worth £30m?

    Wenger tried to sign Alonso, Yaya Toure and Gokhan Inler in the summer, all three decent DMs. Liverpool understandably didn’t want Alonso going to their rivals, and Yaya and Inler turned us down. Wenger would not be held to ransom by Flamini (£60k a week for a player who only had one season as a regular in midfiled), so I understand why he let him leave. Incidentally, Flamini rarely starts for Milan.

    I do believe Wenger is struggling at the moment, his team selections have been surprising. Agree with what brad says in his post above. He will come good though, the league was not a realistic prospect for a young team that had lost a few experienced players in the summer. I genuinely think we’ll surprise a few people in the latter stages of the Champion’s League this season.

    No one person is bigger than Arsenal, but you can’t argue with what Wenger has done for our team. We’ve seen some of the best football, if not the best, in Arsenal’s history. He’s signed some amazing players for us in the past, and usually at a decent price too. He has an unmatched eye for talent, and is excellent when developing young players.

    To the people calling for his head I’d ask this: Who replaces him?

  212. simon mcmahon says:

    Listen to all of you who says who replaces him i say for 5 million a year base salary ,there will be plenty of takers and remember when he came to replace rioch none of us new anything about him, so dont keep playing that oh my god who will replace wenger card
    and finally as a gooner for over 38 years dont tell me to fuck off and support chelski ,because i’ve been to plenty of games before wenger came and remember standing on the north bank in the 70’s and 80’s when we were crap and getting soaked in the rain watching crap ,but shouting my lungs out to cheer on the team ,and going away to man city ,stoke, leeds , and passing through endless walls of hate and dogding bricks and bottles.
    The people who slag us off for voicing our disgust with whats happening at our great club ,are mostly johnny come lately’s ,who watch most of the games on sky …

  213. Wenger Doesnt know says:

    Wenger clearly does not know what the hell he is doing. We need to get rid of Wenger, Gallas, Eboue, Denilson, for starters.
    Bring back bergkamp as manager. Go bergkamp.

  214. Jason Brown says:

    we were crap yesterday i dont think wenger shud b sacked that is just pure stupid have u seen what this man has done for us but i think he shud drop alumunia he is fucking shite i have been saying it for 3 years he is a piece of shit and if bendtner doesnt get better by january he may as well go as well

  215. N4 says:

    James Wickenden, I agree with you about backing the team, but where were you in 2003/4, on the moon! THAT was the greatest football weve ever seen without a shadow of a doubt!

  216. N4 says:

    James Wickenden, i agree we should be all backing the team in these hard times, but the greatest football weve seen! no mate, where were you in 2003/4 on the moon!, that was without a shadow of a doubt the greatest football weve witnessed!

  217. Kowalski says:

    I don’t believe people are calling for Wenger’s head, Arsenal are fourth and doing well in the European Cup, you have two of the most talented British teenagers of recent times and Fabregas is brilliant. What the hell is the problem?

    Oh yeah, Arsenal were fouled into losing by Stoke and now you’re fourth. Mr. James Wickenden hit the nail on the head. Fans like you make me sick, moaning to those tossers Lovejoy and Spoony about how bad you have it when you lose a couple of games.

    Read Fever Pitch and then learn some football history you bunch of Sky-brainwashed morons.

  218. Brad says:

    The choseon one and james wickenden:
    here me out,
    yes wenger is the best manager this club has ever had,
    thierry henry was the best player this club has ever had but you cant keep things forever. Wenger is starting to loose his mind and sometimes i feel he is watching a different game to me as of the substitutions he makes, he is the best manager, but his time has come and now sadly has gone!

  219. 25tolife says:

    Gime him more time, even though he is testing my nervs.. Does he feel that we sholud get another chance at the UEFA-cup next season? Not losin to Galatasaray this time… I don’t know, but Boss has a plan.. I just wish that the plan would include a couple of new players that can take controll of the ball and create somthing when we’re pressed back by the mighty Stoke…

  220. Jim says:

    We need a real Defensive midfielder !!!

  221. gunny says:

    Unfortunately, Wenger’s done this to himself. Playing up our title hopes and then losing soundly to relegation candidates. Saying we have 30 mil to spend on a single player if he wants and then not spending anything(when the need is obvious). Not paying world class targest acceptable wages so they don’t want to sign for us(yes Yaya turned us down because the wages we offered were below market). Not understanding the basic requirements for winning the league – as we are not built to win the epl – ‘our most important priority’. Wenger would go a long way to solving the problems he alone created by just admitting his own misjudgements. Which leads us to perhaps his greatest shortcoming – inability to learn from mistakes.

  222. Danny says:

    Simon Mcmahon, bang on mate!

  223. james wickenden says:


  224. Danny says:

    Yep, you are so right mate. We are all being taken for a ride. It’s about money not trophies. We’re not even trying to win anything these days. The biz plan is simple – only spend if we don’t qualify for europe, if we qualify we don’t spend. In the meantime Wenger and board pay themselves handsomely and talk about titles and deliver only excuses. We are being taken.

  225. fred says:

    AFC fans are being robbed in broad daylight.

  226. jinnyisbitt says:

    what are you talking about mate? changes need to be made i agree with that. Wen need to make some good signings over Christmas, people that will fight for the badge. Adsebayor out, we need a poacher and an out an out goal scorer to compliment vp/ What VP did on sat sums everything up, hes prob our only out an out World class player and hes frustrated at what hes seeing on the field, thats not why he joined the gunners. Wenger needs to get over himself and sign some big names in positions that need them. If he does this and we win silverware this year then we can move forward from there. Were in a rut at the moment and only changes will reform this. get behid the team and get your voices heard. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IS OURS THIS YEAR! spurs scum can all die! 19th shhhh

  227. brdgunner says:

    You could not do a better Job. We would except a start like this before he yurned up.

  228. Nick says:

    So who are you going to bring in for Wenger? Which manager is available and would want to take on the job where there isn’t a whole lot of money to spend? To even suggest getting rid of the manager without a plan for a replacement is lunacy; just look at Newcastle!!!

    Regarding beautiful football, as a fan would you rather be winning as George Graham did or as Arsene Wenger has done? I would always go for the latter.

  229. WA says:

    You absolute twat!
    You haven’t a damn clue!
    And neither do the one’s that agree with you.
    Are you Arsenal supporter’s or just Tottenham sh*t in disguise?
    Arsene know’s what he is doing, after all he is the manager.
    A bad result and you just want blood.
    Get a life!

  230. gunner says:

    what kind of supporter are you??
    yes weve had a shite season so far but he’ll get us up and running if we lose more than 15 this season, im on your side

  231. Freddie71 says:

    Gawd I’ve never come across so much cods wallop in all my life.

    If you don’t like it go and support some other team – a club is for life not just when you fancy it – how pathetic a lot of you sound.

  232. jay jay says:

    i have been a arsenal fan all my life i think tha arsene needs 2 buy badly players in january especially experienced players if not then wenger shud leave cuz we badly ned a change

  233. Bugsy Malone says:

    Arsene has taken us as far as he can, he has put a lot of faith in some over hyped young players. The likes of Bendtner, Denilson, Song and Theo are not world class far from it. Cesc has lost his touch he looks like he is not interested, Clichy is good but he makes too many costly mistakes, Gallas is plain shit and complains too much. So basically this season is over, there is noway we are going to win all the games.

  234. RFR says:

    As a non-Arsenal fan, it gives me great pleasure to see smug ArseAnal fans so angry and livid that they can’t talk sense if their live depended on it.

    Arsene Wenger is the best thing’s that’s happened to you lot in a long time and you want him out.

    I’m LMAO – carry on gooners, carry on. The rest are laughing at you.

  235. Singh says:

    You bunch of cocks. Sacking Wenger is not going to help, who the fuck u going to bring in dickheads. He needs to spend and i say at least give him until the end of Jan and see what happens. I’m not happy were we are but what the fuck is going to change if you sack him, Nothing cocks. Remember what he’s done for the club, don’t support Arsenal if ur not going to back the club, CUNTS.

  236. Lex says:

    Arse 2 Man U 1. Eat on this, plastics !

  237. ddj says:

    Too right! What a performance!!

  238. spareknacker says:

    Fucking pathetic, plastic cunts.
    Crawl back under your rock and shut the fuck up.
    I read on one of these nod-head blogs (might have been on this one) the other day someone saying that we needed to lose the Man Utd game, the Villa game and the Chelsea game and then maybe Wenger would wake up to the “problems” we’ve got! What? You want the team to lose 3 games, what sort of football fan is that? It’s so typical of the sort of people who post on these “sites”. What if we win the Man Utd game, the Villa game and the Chelsea game instead, where would that leave us?

    I’m not saying we’ll win the league (we’ve got a reasonable chance, regardless of the nob-head opinions on such sites as this), but I’ll certainly be cheering my team on, no matter what happens. Maybe what the club needs is REAL SUPPORT, from TRUE SUPPORTERS. I don’t care if you’ve been a gooner for 50 years, if you post the negetive rubbish we’ve had to read on sites like this and don’t get behind your team, you’re not a real supporter as far as I’m concerned.

    Go back to Championship Manager and see who we can buy next plastics.

  239. […] Time For Wenger To Walk Away! Arsenal LOSE AGAIN!! November 22, 2008 — thegoonerforum Like i keep saying, Wenger has to go for the good of the club > Link […]

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