Arsenal are missing Sol Campbell

Center Backs are now soft as shit!!

why do teams keep falling for the delap throw in trap?Adams Keown and Bould would deal with that all day,as much as i hate John Terry in their game at stoke he ate those throw ins and had a cup of tea and walked his dog in the park.

We need a Terry, Vidic or Skrtel at Arsenal.

We have not had a powerful CB since Sol Campbell. The closest thing we have at the club is out on loan at AC Milan. How many times did we see Sol Campbell dripping with blood as he stuck his head in and got waked?

Apparently we had a bid for Cristian Zapata in the summer rejected and Arsenal didn’t go back for him. Now he is a powerful CB and just what we need. But is Wenger going to pay the going rate and sign him?

Of course not, We sign a CB on a free like Silvertre

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8 Responses to Arsenal are missing Sol Campbell

  1. Stu says:

    Great post and couldn’t be truer(if thats even a word).

    AW knows fuck all about defenders and never will either. In his whole time in charge he has never bought a good defender. Full backs are completely different. CB are a different breed. He didnt even but Sol for god sake! He was free too!!

    I commented on another site that we need Keown back and i stick by it. Keown was pulling the loose defensive string when we got to the CL final and during that whole season Senderos was a revelation. He is the beast we now miss because Wenger stupidly loaned him to Milan, who he is yet to play for.

    Bring Keown back and the defence will get better. Thats a given. He is the madman, beast that we need, not a pussy like Gallas afraid to mess his shit hair.

  2. SKAZ says:

    Since Vieira has left the club we have not won any trophies, so we should search for a player like vieira and a good leader will be cesc fabregas.

  3. Rob91 says:

    The bright side of our recent terrible defending is that at least (if we continue like this) its almost a certanty that AW will get the kind of defender we need in January. He’s stubborn but even he will see the urgency needed in getting a Sol-esque CB

  4. arsenal69 says:

    GREAT ARTICLE! Exactly right. We need a powerhouse defender who deals with the shit that teams like stoke bolton fulham etc. throw at us. Zapata or Mertersacker please Mr Wenger buy 1 of them because all these problems you have in defence could be solved with a tough CB signed

  5. Fabregas' Dad says:

    What’s worse is that he refuses to play Djourou as well.

  6. fred says:

    It’s over, don’t worry about it anymore. It’s just a business selling crap in a shiny package.

  7. fred says:

    If Wenger doesn’t bring in at least two signings in January of the hightest qualtiy, I’m done with this club as it no longer represents my values: trying to win.

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