Arsenal Are The 3rd Richest Clubs In The World! Maybe they should start to act like it?

Arsenal are 3rd in the rich list league table…

See Table Below


When was the last time Arsenal went out and sign a real top player like a Torres or a Tevez?

The top 3 in the league and the teams who have won the League and Champions League in recent years have all invested in top players.Chelsea, Liverpool And Manchester Utd have gone and and signed world class players. But Arsenal who are the 3rd richest club in the world have signed kids and players on Free’s?

Didn’t David Villa and Kompany come out in the summer and say they wanted to play for Arsenal? Didn’t Robiniho and Franck Ribery do the same a few years ago. This is the problem at Arsenal. The manager has refused to pay the big money on real world class players, Even thou Arsenal are a mega rich club.

This is the reason why we have not won anything since 2005 and this is the reason and not other reason.

Lack of investment, Arsenal are the 3rd richest club in the world. Maybe its time they started to act like it!

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10 Responses to Arsenal Are The 3rd Richest Clubs In The World! Maybe they should start to act like it?

  1. crap says:

    because the excuses of “investment in experience players might bring negative impression to younger generation players” is so good that even lots of fans support it… It made AW & the board “reluctant” to invest… Now, let’s face the reality… Maybe we are listed as world 3rd largest bacause we “successfully align ourselves as feeder club for others”???

  2. Goonbrother says:

    Now i’m not a specialist in the football financial subject, but the only reason we are third is because of wenger…we have a financial strucuture that other clubs envy mate…ok i admit maybe maybe wenger should of plaid a couple of k too keep flamini if the ‘stories’ are true, but we can win with the players we have, you have to remember its 1. Denilsons 2. Songs 3. Walcotts 4. Van persies 5. Dibay 6. Nasri first full premier leage season. and Sagnas second, thts almost just over half of a teams first or second season in the premier league!!!

  3. gilz says:

    emmmmmmmmmm are u forgetting about a certain emirates stadium dats cost 360 million dat needs paying off !! 24 million annually !!!!!! tevez??pfffhhhhtttttt why splash 30 million when u can get nasri for 12 !! or eduardo for 7 !! i hate all this doomsday crap everytime arsenal have a bad run !! EVERY TEAM HAS BAD PATCHES !!!!!!! CHILLAX !! arsenal will come out of it

  4. We’ve the 2nd highest wage bill after Che;skim actually. The problem is that we;re overpaying the kids so we can’t pay our seniors their proper share.

  5. stoodonthenorthbank says:

    Lies, damn lies & statistics I’m afraid. You don’t seriously think we’re richer than Chelsea do you ?!!

  6. Steve says:

    Or City.

    At the end of the day we can’t go about spending money willy nilly – we have a stadium to pay for and the money we believed to be coming in from the Highbury flats is now being seen as a bonus due to the credit crunch and fall of house prices.

    Stop being so simplisitc – running a football club is more complex than any of us could ever imagine. Wenger has gotten us further than we have ever been before – so what if it is a little rocky at the moment? Look at the bigger picture. Would you trade places with Liverpool, who are top with the Torres and the Keanes but with bickering owners and a stadium that is no nearer to being completed? Get some perspective

  7. londonarab says:

    Connolly is correct,the Arse are paying top buck to their squad.Check out the Berbatov deal, the money for the transfer was paid out of the surplus left overafter the club commitments,the interest on the debt,and however much of the debt they pay annually was paid ,about 34 mil methinks.However Berbatovs wages were effectively paid by Silvestre,Pique,and that other guy whos name I cant remember being sold on.ManU took maximum dosh from winning the CL and the P L but obviously dont want to increase their wage bill.It would be foolish for the Arse to inflate their wage bill,so if they want to bring in more experienced expensive players they will need to have a clear out,(If Wenger can find somebody to take them)

  8. medwaygooner says:

    wot happened 2 the claim of “wen we move into the NEW stadium, we will be able to buy 10 new players every season??? not more bullshit to come out, surely?? please please sort this out asap. carling cup would be ok, fa cup would be good, champs league would be awesome, the prem is now probably just a dream! in arsene we DO believe, but please please sort out our defence, defensive mid and give almunia a rest (it boosted jens out, a couple of seasons ago!), you never know, it might help.

  9. A.F.C says:

    you really are a kid

  10. olive shamon says:

    maybe if we bought top class players well win tittles means more money

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