We need a player like Keown.And Ive found just the man “THE BEAR KILLER”

A few days ago we told you that Arsenal were missing a type of Sol Campbell player at the club.

Well i think i have found the answer to our problems

His name is Servet Cetin (27) and he plays for Galatasaray and the Turkish national team. I watched him in the Euro 2008 and this guy is an animal and just what we are missing. He is a real center back a player who gets stuck in and is not scared to put his head in and take a few wacks for the team.

In the Euros you might remember him for playing despite having serious injuries.

He is the closest thing I have seen to Martin Keown. Not a flair player at all but he is fast, Very powerful in the air and very VERY NASTY!

I done a bit of research on this guy and found out a few stats

His nickname is “THE BEAR KILLER”
He is 1.91 meters (6ft 4in)tall and weighs 84 kilograms.
He has 35 capts for Turkey and is 27 years of age
I did some digging around and believe his value is around £9m pounds
He is under Contract with Galatasaray until April 15, 2010.
In October 2008,A.C. Milan bid €10 million for him but this was rejected by his club.

Like i said this guy is the real deal and is a rock. A type of Vidic & Terry that is very strong in the air.This is the answer to our problems….CC : Arsène Wenger

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33 Responses to We need a player like Keown.And Ive found just the man “THE BEAR KILLER”

  1. Hirvesh says:

    Do you think Wenger will actually listen to you and buy him? oO

  2. Manuel says:

    yep he might help.

  3. Arse&Nose says:

    too old

    if only he was 7 years old, then we might have a realistic chance of getting him.

  4. thegoonerforum says:

    27 is a great age IMO…At his peak

  5. Michael says:

    he is the perfect….. which means we wont get him

  6. BradyFan says:

    Servet has eleven brothers and has said he will never consider a move abroad because he wants to live close to them-

    i found this about about him on the web-!!!!!!!!!

  7. gilz says:

    even the expression on his face saysssss clean fukin sheeet !!!!!!! dont see anybody getting by dat fella !!!!! my goddd SIGN HIMMMMMMMM

  8. toure tribe underboss says:

    he already has pubes,too old

  9. mike nnaji says:

    will that economist listen to you please take this is an envelop to his office he will want to be stubborn pls insist .

  10. SERTVET ÇETİN says:


  11. Palakkad Gooner says:

    What was it that they called Boulahrouz? Cannibal?

  12. Stelarc says:

    His nickname is ‘the Bearkiller’ not ‘the Bear’. )))

  13. SERTVET ÇETİN says:

    serveti öyle kolay kolay vermeyiz kolo toure +10 milyon euro olabilir pazarlığa açığız 10 olmazda 9 olur oda size son fiyat

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    Thank you Stelarc for the info. I stand corrected

  15. joel says:

    wow i totally agree. not necessarily for this fella but cant disagree as havent seen him, but this is the exact thing we are missing
    good find… scared da shit out of me wen he came up on my laptop lol

  16. Chrissie Greeno says:

    By jove !! This guy has presence just in the photos. Wonder if he scores goals too ?

  17. joe says:

    We dont need to kebab shop at the arsenal

  18. charlie says:

    How about getting Upson back from West Ham. He would jump at the chance to return. He has matured since leaving us.

  19. omar says:

    sign him and his eleven younger brothers. we need them all at this point…

  20. Baz says:

    Extensive research. Well done.

  21. Kautuk says:

    So he is tall, strong and lacks mobility too. Oh well, Just get Senderos back from Milan then.

  22. Femi Ogunseitan says:

    Wenger dose not go for any player recomended to him publicly. He is now set to do the impossible! win the league with under age players.

  23. Bradski says:

    Get him and Loric Cana at Marseille and we can really spice things up on the pitch…..
    Seriously though it is what we need and I have a feeling even Wenger is realising that now.

  24. chet says:

    This is exactly what we need. A CB who who eats stikers for lunch & dinner. At his house all you find are the remains of NO.9 & 10 shirts!!! He hates strikers, cant stand them and if you shoot at his goal, he will kill ya!!!

    Thats the kinda centre half we need. At the moment we got the other half of 2 poofs and a piano. I want real defenders not prancing fairys!!!

  25. Fraser says:

    There’s a bit more to buying a player other than the fact he is a huge, brute of a man surely.

  26. TIM says:

    That is the kind of player arsenal needs right now if they are to remain relevant in the premiership next season, but will the chief economist of emirates agree to spend this time around?

  27. Drizzle says:

    Would be good to have a Turk in the side, they showed pure heart in the Euros, would be nice to have Mr Cetin at The Emirate, he’s a UNIT

  28. If they rejected Milan, won’t they reject Arsenal?

  29. The Brain says:

    Not good enough. Slow and will get eaten up in the Premiership. Trust me as you guys haven’t seen him play as much as you should to judge a player. I belive this guy only played twice in the Euro’s before getting injured letting in 4 goals. Please you guys are desperate.

  30. SERTVET ÇETİN says:

    eğer fenere 5 gol veya daha fazla atarsanız yarın beldesizde vere bilirim

  31. Donjohnni says:

    The only way Wenger would by this player is if he has a mental age of a nine-year old, in which case our French fiddler would have a realistic chance of running up behind him in a dingy North-London toilet and telling him, “allez et tu as mort”, before giving him a cold, relentless sodomising.

  32. […] We need a player like Keown.And Ive found just the man “THE BEAR KILLER” A few days ago we told you that Arsenal were missing a type of Sol Campbell player at the club. Well i think i have […] […]

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