Wenger is cracking under pressure

For maybe the first time since he arrived at Arsenal, Wenger seems to be showing the signs of cracking under pressure.

Nobody likes to admit they have made mistakes, And most people will always try and blame somebody else or something to take the attention away from there own fook ups, And Wenger is king at doing so.

Rightly so he has come under fire recently by a number of fans and football pundits for his lack of signings and poor tactics in recent wks, But rather then take on board the justified criticism that comes with the job,Wenger always tries to make the headlines by coming out with a smokescreen to defected the attention away form him.

I respect Wenger for all he has done for Arsenal FC but at times he can be embarrising with his rose tinted one way views.

His after-match interview after we lose are so predictable ” We showed a good spirit but they other team were to aggressive and the ref didn’t give us anything” My players looked physically jaded” The other football players have gone out deliberately to injury the Arsenal players”

Some of that might be true, But sometimes you need to look at yourself and look in the mirror and think, Could I have done better or Have I made a mistake?

Maybe if Wenger would maybe say it how it is he would have more respect from some of the fans and other people in the game.

Trying to find a poor excuse every time we lose is a poor thing to do for a man so well educated. Wenger is now in danger of fast becoming the worst loser in the game.

But like I said its easy to blame somebody else rather then be a man and come out and say ” I made mistakes ”



11 Responses to Wenger is cracking under pressure

  1. timmy says:

    this is shit your just a wenger hater!

  2. Rich says:

    You all – stop whinging and let AW alone – it’s like you have no analysis capabilities at all – you are jumping on the band wagon once again! Read his full statement before barking out poor comments – or believing all you read in the press!!

  3. tony G says:

    Arsenal fans are a disgrace and dont deserve a manager like Wenger. After all he has done for english football you dimwitted fans feel justified to force him out. tell me now who u gonna replace him with then. mourinho?lol give over u pathetic fans will also find something to moan about. u have the cheek to go to matches and not even cheer your team on so what is the point i ask. y watch the games, y go to the games. You scum sit down with your pen and paper draw up a team and think u know it all. u think all we need is a 6ft 5 centre half and everything will be fine. idiots obviouslt

  4. I HATE ADEBAYOR says:

    King of Excuses this is the new name of Mr.Wenger!!

  5. peter says:

    Wenger clearly has been making blunders, but it’s all part of the plan – don’t spend any money just try to make the top four and count the money. Unfortunately, he’s made enough blunders now we may not make the top four. Either way, this is the worst team he has ‘built’ at AFC in terms of both quality and attitude. Some fans are perfectly willing to wait five, ten, twenty, fifty years for another title, but I bet some of our good players aren’t going to wait that long – which comes to our youth policy – a hook for our stupid fans and a hindrance to our intelligent ones. All I’m looking for as a fan is a chance to win and a side that embodies a fighting spirit as well as quality football – I’ve yet to see that this season.

  6. Huntster says:

    1. ” For maybe the first time since he arrived at Arsenal, Wenger seems to be showing the signs of cracking under pressure.”

    I really dont think he’s going to crack anytime soon. When Arsenal are down, people like to kick em… unlike lesser teams in the Prem who kick all the time! Its been a disappointing week – but its always the same. Arsenal win 4-0 and their the best “Footballing” team on the planet, they lose and their whining wimps…. I would agree he’s pissed off with all the negative press, but saying he’s losing it is getting carried away. We’ve been season after season hearing – they cant finish in the top 4 without Vieira or Pires, then Henry, now Flamini. He’s been here before & knows we’ll come through it. Im pretty sure I’ve seen him worse!

    2. Wenger already is the worst loser in the game. Who’s a worse loser?!?!?!

    3. He hast established his Football principles long ago & therefore will not feel he has made any mistakes. His comments before the Fener game were mainly in response to Sorensen saying we were not brave – Arsene’s point was that Stoke cant say they were brave just because they were heavy handed.

  7. Spike says:

    Once again, the most plastic of so-called Gooner blogs lets us into the small minded, knee jerky, tabloid speak, goldfish brained insights.

    Its funny that it is fans of other teams that regularly are the ones who make the most intelligent points on this joke of a blog.

    Wenger’s made mistakes?? Shit dam, show mje a fucking manager who aint you fantasy manager playing remadial dumbfuck.

    Let’s sack him, let’s get in…. erm, oh who cares about the consequences, coz we need to get rid coz things are a bit rough at the minute, yeah, that’ll work.

    Let’s get Mourinho coz he’s a winner and only needs £200 million to get a team to win anything…oh, whats that? Inter are playing shite at the minute and arent tearing it up in Italy and only scraped a draw with a piss poor Cypriot team? Oh no, sack him as well… Lets have Tony Adams, Mr Arsenal, a fella who copuldnt even be arsed to turnh up for Dennis’ testimonial and has barely managed any effin team….

    But, even though, there are NO fuckers suitable for the job, let’s still sack Wenger coz, he is making my break times at school really really horrible, coz all the big boys who support United and Chavski are giving such a haRD Time…..

  8. Spike says:


    So, what fan are you;

    Thick or clever?

    I bet I know which camp you think you’re in….

    Patronising twat.

  9. Lex says:

    Where are you haters now? C’mon !

  10. VS says:

    Atila – you twat!! We beat United and deservedly so. You bastards lay off his back!

  11. GUNNER says:

    well said, arsene wenger is a legend.

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