Hleb Leaving Was A Blessing In Disguise. Nasri Will Give Us More!

Ask anybody that knows me from the Forum, I have never had a good word for Pleb, He didnt score or even shoot enough and was wasteful with the ball. I said when he wanted to leave in the summer that it would be a blessing in disguise if he was sold.

Now we have a player who can shoot, Who can score. This is the type of player we have wanted since Pires.

Would Hleb have scored them 2 goals today? No chance

Hleb’s only attribute was he was a good dribbler. Apart from that he was weak, Didn’t like to track back and tackle and when he did he often gave away free kicks. He didn’t like to take the responsibility in shooting at goal and would often pass when clear. And for a wide man Hleb’s goals to game record is terrible.

For me we now have a more complete player in Nasri, You can tell that this lad has an eye for goal and is not scared to have a dig. I like him also because he is comfortable with ether foot and as you saw today he can have a dig with both.Nasri has great feet and can go past a player with ease.Also fantastic vision and we saw this today with an amazing pass to Benthner with the outside of the boot. Nasri can also track back and gives a better balance to the team then Hleb.

And for the record!

Hleb: Arsenal,2005–2008 appearances 89. goals 7

Nasri :Arsenal 2008 appearances 9 goals 5

Good piece of business I think?

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11 Responses to Hleb Leaving Was A Blessing In Disguise. Nasri Will Give Us More!

  1. Bergs says:

    Bit harsh – Hleb was fantastic defensively – but useless with a 1m pass or a 2m pass, but his crosses were something else. He added nothing going forward that’s for sure.

  2. AGoonered says:

    i no nasri since his debut at marseille with ribery, i was gutted wen Arsenal missed out on ribery cuz i believe he can do better than C.Ron in the premiership, I’ve always liked Nasri, to be honest hes playin alot better here than he did at Marseille, n his yet to hit his best form.

  3. john says:

    i agree, nasri is so much better than hleb, he can actually score and is just top class player. but hleb was not as bad as u make him sound like in ur article.
    anyways, sheers for samir!!

  4. mark says:

    i bet you wer a fan saying how shit nasri is playing.

  5. Tony Adams says:

    It wasn’t in disguise.

  6. Stephen says:

    Arsenal are still too lightweight and need a solid defensive midfielder, a big strong center half and a world class keeper, Almunia is at best a secound string goalie.

  7. toure tribe underboss says:

    it took you how long to figure this out,were better off with theo that hleb,but we will be better off with rossicky & nasri on the flanks an theo playing a more impact role upfront

  8. Begeegs says:

    The things about Hleb is that he would often retain possession and take a couple of defenders with him which opened up space for other players, like Fabregas. I would have loved him to stay and have Nasri because he would have been ideal to bring on at 70 mins in a game like today. Ok – he didn’t score many goals, but he was/is a quality player who never got his due from fans.

  9. A says:

    our entire team last season was built around hleb, when we were on form, it was because he was on form, and he made cesc what he was. Nasri played fantastically today but Hleb leaving is the reason we’ve had iffy games this season. Arsenal can’t play without Cesc pulling the strings, Cesc can’t pull the strings without a playmaker to interlink with, Nasri has been fantastic at times, but inconsistent and still settling, his lack of a performance in midweek, and against Fulham are the reasons we performed so badly as a team.

    Nasri was fantastic today, and could be an absolutely brilliant player, but we are currently in the position we are, possibly slightly behind where we were last season because Hleb left, and Hleb was one of the best midfielders in Europe last year. You don’t have to score loads of goals to be a top midfielder, Xavi and Deco prove that.

    Nasri is a more complete player, but currently is behind where Hleb was, though if he returns performances like today week in week out then that’ll change very quickly

  10. GoonerXM says:

    I was, and still am, a great admire of Hleb but, given Nasri’s exploits and adaptation so far, I prefer the current set-up. Nasri is a star and a great player in the making

  11. The Brain says:

    Hleb was underrated. As Begeeg said: Hleb would often retain possession and take a couple of defenders with him which opened up space for other players, like Fabregas. That is why he was brilliant. Maybe he didn’t assist as much but he assisted an assister. He added balance and all people look at is stats to judge a player. Nasri is good but Hleb was and is better. However the French guy has to build on this as he can become more effective which Hleb lacked a bit on.

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