We have got our Arsenal back! Plus Players Ratings..

After all the doom & gloom going around the club and some fans like “Attila” wanting Wenger out! (Pathetic)

That’s more like the old Arsenal. Full of fight and spirit, Yes today we had some luck but recently in games we have not had any.

IMO Gallas has proved a few people wrong and showed he is a fantastic captain, He was a warrior today and the back 4 looked pretty solid vs the best attack in the league.

Today Arsenal played their game, Quick passing and presser, Last wk vs Stoke we changed our style to try and deal with the physical aspect of the game and worried more about them rather then play our own game.

Let teams worry about us..When we play our attacking game no team in the world can deal with it.

I feel we can now use this game to kick start our season and we can maybe go on a little run. The players will be on a high and full of confidence.

And we were missing key players like Adebayor and Van persie.

Lets now go for it. We have nothing to lose.


Almunia 6.5 – Poor kicking and made an early mistake picking up a back pass.
Sagna 7.0 – Solid game and did well with the paces Evra.
Gallas 8.5 – Marked the dangerman Ronaldo well. Great game going forward.
Silvertre 8.0 – Looked pretty solid and good long passes
Clichy 8.5 – Great game today, Pulled the team together at times
Denilson 7.0 – A few wasteful passes but worked hard
Cesc 7.5 – Set up the 2nd goal for Nasri but not at his best today
Diaby 8.0 – Worked hard and a few nice runs with them long legs.
Benthner 7.0 – Its hard when your the lone forward. But he worked his socks off.
Nasri 9.0 – MOTM His best game since he came to Arsenal.
Walcott 7.0 – Worked hard tracking back but didnt use the ball well today.

Subs (Fabianski 6.5 – Song 6.0 – Toure 6.0)

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28 Responses to We have got our Arsenal back! Plus Players Ratings..

  1. Matt says:

    Really great today, i really thought that we would do what we did vs Spurs but we hanged on…. love it. I can go to work on Monday a happy man! :).

    Superb boost for the confindence, today could well have shaped the rest of our season. We need to build on this now!

    Looking forward to seeing the kids in the CC on Tuesday!

  2. Gooner says:

    I think Cesc deserves a .5 increase ;). Yes he wasn’t brilliant with his passing but man he was so deadly in the tackle plus that brilliant swivel and assist. If I had my way i would give them all 10 xD. Although we are crying for a DM still, if we play with the right commitment and tempo, there will be no need. We only get problems at a low tempo and against crappy teams with one wonder goal and a goal from a set piece.


  3. Matt says:

    If you’re goin to put a word in capitals spell it right!

    ratings are a bit sensational too… Almunia was superb today, was put in trouble by Silv early on but was spotless throughout. Cesc was average in a team of superstars today. Yessssssssssssssssss

  4. nasri4life says:

    oh well, now everyone is happy,

    fucking plastics. u better support arsenal up or down, or get the fuck out

  5. Gooner says:

    Hey chill man, I wasn’t one of the AW OUT! brigade. That was shocking, we don’t have a divine right to win a trophy and we don’t buy success. That is why these victories are so much more sweeter.

    Just need to strangle Atilla now, wat a twat he us.

  6. toure tribe underboss says:

    dunno what game you watched,almunia played well,theo wasnt worth a 7

  7. Lex says:

    Atilla is a twat. Plastics should be ashamed of themselves. In Arsene We Trust.

  8. fanner says:

    Bendtner is the most selfish player. Nasir was disgusted, he knew Bendtner wouldn’t offer him a chance for a hat-trick. Bendtner was slow, lost possession cheaply, made wrong options, simply useless. Hopefully Ade would be back soon.

  9. harryo says:

    mom was the brilliant clichy

  10. Denilsonsdad says:

    What game were you watching mate, my boy deserved far better than a 7!

  11. indian gooner says:

    great game today.nasri was outstanding .clichy and sagna as solid as ever . ronaldo struggled to have a creative influence thanks to clichy. denilson and diaby i thought played out of their skin today. gallas also lead the side well. fabregas, i felt , had one of his better games this season certainly enough to influence the game.

    still think that defensive midfielder slot needs to be addressed i can’t see denilson taking that role .

    i wonder what the future holds for diaby he plays well in a position and formation we dont often use . maybe if he can put in a few more games like this . robin might have to make way for him in a 4-4-1-1 formation

    consistency is still the key if they can stay anywhere close to this intensity level in matches against the so called lesser teams we will certainly challenge for the title this season .

    i hope we keep our focus we ve got games against villa chelsea mancity and in europe this month. this is just the beginning . but today .well done guys . you were awesome.

  12. gooner says:

    Cudnt agree more. wonderful performance by whole team.wowwwwwww u have given us so much joy Thanks.
    Walcott was a bit off colour may be because of his injury.
    Bendtner was a bit too weak with both his head and his foot. And to top it all he wasnt ready to accept that he needs to pass to people who are in a better position on the pitch .
    Gallas well done.u lead from the front today.
    We need to hold the ball a bit better.

  13. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Am I the only one who thought Cesc was awful? Yes he provided the pass for the second goal but his pass success rate must’ve been the lowest he’s ever had for Arsenal.

  14. Fabregas' Dad says:

    I must admit that Cesc defended well though, and he did get away from his marker very well for Nasri’s goal.

  15. john says:

    Bendtner played well second half and even Wenger said he was outstanding he cause problems with rio and vidic by his pace and hold up play if he played alongside vela we would have scored more goals today

  16. Arranblonde says:

    Agree with Denilson’s dad – his laddie was tremendous today. Bendtner was way better than on Wednesday night. Gallas was a real leader and played well. Can’t think of anyone who didn’t play well.

    But before we all get carried away, we need to do this every match. Not just against the big teams, but in every match. Just as the result against Stoke doesn’t make us 5hite, this doesn’t make us world beaters. There’s plenty more football to be played.

  17. adam says:

    great game today. but i still have some doubts in our defence. If ronaldo and fat boy had of been on target it could have been a different story. clichy still needs to work on his defending of wingers, his going forward is great but personally we have leaked to many goals this year from his wing and ronaldo did produce too many dangerous crosses.
    My other concern is our lack of closing down players early, we seem to let them come at us and have shots from outside the box. I think toure would serve us better in the DM position as he is more defensive minded and doesnt need the speed he has lost this season.
    anyway enough of the negatives, i thought Nasri was brilliant, as was diaby. Fab did enough in the game and gallas and sanga were strong in defence.
    Very happy with the win, but to see if we really are going to compete this season we need to enforce ourselves up north in the winter months.

  18. Mah says:

    oh, man.. we show that we can do it… i thin we lack a target man. like ade. bendtner should have scored at leat 2 goal..if we would have ade or rvp on da pitch am sure we could win huge numbers of goals..

  19. NicktheGooner says:

    what pisses me off is idiots sprouting shit whenever arsenal have a bad game saying ‘ARSENE OUT’, ‘GALLAS IS A RUBBISH CAPTAIN’ and other stuff, and when we play how we all know how we can all that is suddenly forgotten and suddenly gallas is the best captain ever and arsene should stay at arsenal for life and anyone who says otherwise is stupid. i have NEVER lost faith in our captain, our manager, any of our players and it truly hurts to see plastic idiot fans like these.

  20. Mutiny 1 says:

    Was it just me or did Webb have an unbeleivably bad day to us? It was a clear shirt pull in the box for a possible Nasri third. Missed a couple of cards on Manu on cynical challenges and last defenders twice. Bendtner worked hard but constantly slows play down and never touches into the path of a defender he has beaten. Denilson I thought played very well and while I am not a huge Gallas fan he was excellent as well. Thank God for Nasri and his finishing he really popped off a great game after a few quiet performances. Great additon to the Arsenal

  21. khoune says:

    Dear the gooners I hope you are all happy with the Arsenal`s winning the very importance game as beat MU.
    the squad are strong and had done without mistake.all the players played by high class performent as I beleived that Arsene Wenger can do it.
    If the team play what they are good at with their game , they will be the real Arsenal always.

  22. Donjohnni says:

    Totally disagree with your ratings. Almunia was higher – he saved our ass dude. Clichy 8.5??? WTF I don’t think so high. Biased. Bendtner was a 5 he was awful. He worked hard, so what! Walcott’s run helped our second goal.

  23. u what? says:

    seeing as how you start by slagging off some arsenal fans i am sure you can take a bit of stick to. denilson 7? if u watch the game again he doesnt give the ball away as much as cesc and diaby, the boy done great. also gallas marking ronaldo? did u even watch the game?

  24. supagoona says:

    I think you are really harsh on Almunia, he had to pick the ball up there, as kicking would have most likely led to a backwards deflection. Also, Sagna deserves at least 7.5 and Clichy was less. H e had many rash tackles, and could have been sent off.
    Bendtner was poor too

  25. My boy and Cesc were everywhere. They won midfield battle.

  26. Green Hornet says:

    Almunia deserves more than 6.5 I think. He made some very good saves and also did the bread and butter stuff well. Looks like he’s regained some of his confidence again.

  27. keithward1213 says:

    I’m a Man Utd. supporter and was looking for someone to actually step up! It’s frustrating when your leader on the day is a kid. Your boys had a great day! Congrats!

  28. gazgooner says:

    Great win yes – good to get the Nov hoodoo off our backs and good to see Nasri step up. He’s gonna be a fantastic Arsenal player in the seasons to come, that’s for sure.
    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves though coz Rondaldo and Rooney both missed relatively easy chances. Had they gone in (thank god they didn’t) the blogs would’ve been vicious this morning. The win, great though it was, doesn’t hide the fact of our DM and CH glaring weaknesses. AW needs to strengthen these critical areas if we’re to figure in the silverware this season

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