Wenger needs to spend and spend BIG! Time to start thinking about next season

Lorik Cana

Lorik Cana

Right then, Now its been proved that I was right when i said way before the season started that we are not good enough to win the league.

This is the way to fix our problems.

Wenger or whoever is in charge next season will have to have a clear out. Wenger has got 2many average players in this side.

I feel we now have to abandon Wengers transfer police of signing young talent and go out and spend hard money on the real McCoy.

Arsenals now HAVE to spend BIG in the future transfer window IF THEY WANT TO challenge for the title NEXT season.

I feel

Should all be SOLD…

Players we have to sign

Robert Green
Curtis Davies
Lorik Cana
Ibrahim Afellay
Klas Jan Huntelaar

Since 2005 we have not won anything, we have tried Wengers way in the transfer market and its failed. We now have to go back to basics and sign quality players who can do a job for today and not sign future prospects who might come good.

The board have always said that they will support the manager, and would even give him £30m to spend on 1 player. Well Wenger needs to stop acting like a stubborn git and give the fans what they really want.


15 Responses to Wenger needs to spend and spend BIG! Time to start thinking about next season

  1. Rene Bruwer says:

    I couldn’t agre more. Indeed had we bought Huntelaar for this season, I’m sure he would have had a galvanizing effect on our attack as Torres has had for Liverpool.

  2. Maciek says:

    I would love to see Cana but we will end up with some kid. But anyway I think that we do need some big, strong players.
    I think Fabianski is ready, so my players are:
    -Menez( from Roma)
    I would love to see two of them.

  3. Uk bubbler says:

    Wenger has never spent big ever, due to his and the boards negilect of squad strengthening your right big spending is needed, but wont happen.
    Everybody knew this team wasn’t strong enough once wenger refused to buy during the summer. To not replace flamini, let alone letting him go ( he should of been offered big money, not ade) wenger lost me am afraid. Can’t really see us winning the pl,cl under wenger anytime soon, our problems are more deep rooted than people want to admit. BULL!

  4. mark says:

    Are you nuts?

    Song is much much better than dodgy Denilson. Awful player. Why do you think we have been leaking like a sieve or sooo slow in build up play?


  5. Danish Gooner says:

    Wishful thinking,will never happen !!!!!!

  6. alxluc says:

    What a load of balls plastic supporters dont know what it’s like to support the team when we’re not winning. Stop slating the players and get behind them. yes we were beat out thought by o’neil and the players but if you know about wengers team we always have a slup in nov due to the conditioning in fitness he does. We are almost through to CL knock outs 4 th in league will be in top 4 come end of season (as no-one else is strong enough this season. villa aint got the squad only 19 outfield players wont make it.) in the QF of mickey mouse cup.
    Was a bad rresult thats all we will bounce back and wenger will still be here when u the rest of u change your allegence to the next team. TWATS

  7. gunner 4 ever says:

    great article, I would do the following:



  8. Ramgun says:

    Huntelaar, whilst a talented goalscorer, is lazy and greedy. He tries about as hard as Adebayor did at Stoke.

  9. The Master says:

    Idiots seems to unite every time we lose – Has anybody apart from alxluc got any sense?

    You don’t win trophys by buying names, you win trophys by correct attitude and application on the pitch. BTW – We don’t have average players

    And so f…ing what if we haven’t won a trophy for 3 seasons, I would rather support the best playing team in the world than sacrifice our Premiership status, by risking a spending spree that could go horribly wrong and result in us being the next Leeds Utd.

    And who else would take the club to the next level?

    In truth our fans have let the side down. Always moaning, leaving the stadium early and only supporting when we play total football – Shame on you so called Gooners

    If you can’t support the players you need to look for another club.

  10. brenda says:

    what is it with you people all off a sudding arsene wenger is no good in you eyes why dont you all go and get stuff if you dont like it just dont support arsenal and go and join the scumbags spurs i can spell

  11. bijok says:

    sell Almunia Gallas Eboue Song Benthner???

    and buy Robert Green Curtis Davies Lorik Cana Ibrahim Afellay Klas Jan Huntelaar….hahaha…seems like playing FM to me….

  12. Ash says:

    I think we’ve got far too many average players getting more games than they should. Replacing Hleb and Flamini with Diaby and Denilson is not gonna work. We now need to develop the likes of Ramsey, Vela, Randall and Wilshere for next season. Cant see Wenger buying all those names but I would love for him to bring De Rossi (Or Cana) & Schweinsteiger(Or Gourcuff) in January. We need established players

  13. sysuser says:

    Hi everyone…

    Well it is sad that my thoughts concerning Arsenal have come to pass. I thought at the beginning of the season (during pre-season) that:
    1. The players in the team are simply not good enough.
    2. Nasri is good but not world class (compared to Zidane)..yet he was the best player we bought.
    3. Fabregas is not as good as people think he is, actually Hleb (with his inhuman twisting and movements of the ball) was the one doing the creation of chances out of nowhere.
    4. Fabregas is NOT A PLAYMAKER in the mould of Zidane.
    5. The team was already performing at 100% efficiency, yet they could not win a single competition last season…how much more now that the team is even more depleted.
    6. I sincerely want Wenger to sell Fabregas, simply because He does not and cannot consider Arsenal as the final stop of his career (something deterimental to the future of the club and current performance).
    7. Have people considered the situation that the only reason Fabregas cannot and would not be able to start for spain is because Xavi is similar and better than him and also because Iniesta is better than he is….
    8.There is not a single player in the current Arsenal team capable of displacing anybody in the current chelsea team…(something very sad to realise)..as such it is wishful thinking to imagine we could have actually won the premiere league.
    9. I believe Ramsey is as good as Fabregas and would also be better than him when he gets as old as fabregas is. Also its better for the longterm future of the club for Ramsey to be blooded now so that he would not have to adapt again once Fabregas leaves (something that his body language and statements already show he would do).
    10. Wenger is putting the future of the club in jeopardy by favouring certain players…e.g. I never heard about any punishment being metted out to Fabregas for meeting with other clubs being Arsenal’s back.
    11. Almunia is not good enough…at best he’s a second choice goalkeeper not a first choice. A WORLD CLASS goal keeper is required for the team.
    12. The goal scored by Agbonlahor should have been kept out by good goal keeper.
    13. Lehman did not cost us the Champions league final (contrary to the opinion of other people)…Almunia actually cost us the champions league final. He was twice beaten at his near post ….
    Lehman sacrifised himself for the good of the team by bringing down Eto (earning himself a red card in such case)…thus Lehmann ensured that Arsenal did not concede a goal in that match while in was still on the field.
    14. The board needs to start exploring and considering other managers for Arsenal simply because i doubt whether Wenger can do any better than he already is doing… He has twice squandered 2 premiere league titles to Manchester United, both from winning positions.
    He has Thrice lost the final of European finals…
    15. Move Wenger upstairs to start doing the Director of Football thing , while the new manager focuses on winning trophies for the club.
    16. I find it annoying that wenger keeps giving excuses after excuses…considering the fact that HE made the decisions that put arsenal in this condition and state in the first place

  14. Gooner_Mike says:

    sysuser, its as if youve read my mind when youve stated those points, everything you said I agree 110% with and we know exactly whats gone wrong here. The current players arent good enough and Wenger is trying to turn copper into gold with these lot.

    AS for the CL final I agree totally it was Almunia who cost us the fucking game yet no one I have said this too believes me, yet when you look at the goals he conceded they were straight forward saves, one even went through his fucking legs at the near post, he also cost us the carling cup and a host of other goals which were easily saveable if he was a world class keeper.

    Also ive always been of the opinion that Cesc is overrated, in the right team he is a quality player who offers perfect defence splittin balls but he offers very little else in my opinion, great post glad to find someone on the same wave length as me.

    And regarding this article I dont think its as clear cut as buying players because no one will probably want to come here anymore if we finish out the CL spots, were doomed if we cant bring in the right players in January to salvage our season.

  15. Ahmed says:

    i well and truly love arsenal fc..but what i think our main problem is we don’t have a team that could withstand the pressure and hold on to the top spot.

    if u look at chelsea, man utd and liverpool they have at least 4 men who can come on the pitch and benefit the team. our main problem is that our bench isnt up to standard. we can’t keep playin our best start 11 week in week out. We need to start spendin big because we are a championship squad. we can’t have those F***kin yeddies tryna take our champions league spot

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