Arsenal Fans “Fck Off and go and support Chelsea”

As most of you know I don’t mince my words and have been very vocal about my disgust at how the club has been run over the past 3 years.

I never changed my mind, week in week out I have always stuck to my guns, win, lose or draw I always kept with what I thought, some arsenal fans recently really annoy me. We lose to stoke and they begin to moan, we beat man utd and they think were the best team in the world again, our youth team beat wigan and we have a bright future AGAIN, but then we lose to villa and the same people change their mind again, at least I and a few others on the forum have been consistant, we see the whole picture, the whole season, and not just the game at hand.

Some of you seem to think you are better fans then me, some of even said that I’m
Not a real Arsenal fan?

What I find realy ironic are the so called Arsenal fans, or perhaps it shows just how far we have fallen these last few years, but when a fellow gooner tells me in all seriousness that if i want to follow a successful team then i should start supporting Chelsea.

Lets get 1 thing very clear. I’m a die-hard Arsenal fan and I take no pleasurer in watching us lose.

Some of you need to understand that 25% of Arsenal fans have been saying this for some time. I am much as a Arsenal supporter as anybody. I want the team to be successful, But we see the light and are not acting like zombies and sheep like most of you who all just say “In Wenger We Trust” Even when its clear he is making loads of mistakes.

we have the right to criticise just as much as certain fans have the right to keep faith, and whatever camp your in dont make you any less of a fan.

Just because I have a different opinion to how I feel the club should be run does not give any of you the right to question my loyalty to the club I love.

Just because you don’t have the balls or the courage to come out and say what your head is telling you what you know is true means you are not a better fan then me. If anything you are a weak fan and just go along with anything they do. You might as well not support the team if you dont feel angry when they lose or want to blame the manager or players.

So lets be clear. We are all fighting for the same goal. We all want Arsenal to do well.

You hope it will be in the future and you trust Wengers judgement.

I know its all just a dream and until we start to spend we have not got a chance in hell.

That’s the different in our fans, some see the light, others are living in a dream, But we are no better then the other. I respect some of you for sticking to your guns and standing by Wenger, But your loyalty to him has made you blind to the real world. Your loyalty should be like me with Arsenal FC.

i can accept that some fans have more patientce than me or still believe in the Arsene, fair play to them, what i find totaly out of order though, is these fans in the in camp that think they can tell us to fck off and support the mancs, spuds or the chavs

These fans who have told me that i am a glory hunter, must know that ive supported arsenal since the early eighties, i was born in 75,I supported them when we lost to York in the FA cup and will do till the day i die.I love them like my own familiy, if not more.

When i criticize the arsenal, people think i only begun to support them once arsene took over, but thats just crap, i been around even through the horrible Don Howe days.

the fans who dont say a bad thing about arsenal today need to wake up, open their eyes, if they have, then in my eyes they have no passion, and their own vision and goals for arsenal football club need to be questioned? Arsenal are a team that should be challanging on all fronts, we should at most be runners up in the premiership, at most be challanging for the champions league, but we always fall short, and well the f.a. cup which has been lucky for wenger is not so lucky no more.

there is only one person to blame for results, yes players have a part to play, but its the guy who plays them, who trains them, who gives them game plans, and makes important tactical changes that is to blame, when will arsenal fans begin to realise this and begin to shift the blame away from ref’s and to the man who deserves the criticizim.

But we all want the same thing in the end.


101 Responses to Arsenal Fans “Fck Off and go and support Chelsea”

  1. daniel says:

    listen this arsenal team arent good enuf ive been watchin arsenal for man many years and we do not deserve to be in the champions leauge next year, we are not a strong unit going forward or defensively stop sticking up for the club and the manager itz their fault, you fink ur being loyal by sticking by them but ur jst bein nieve

  2. dukegunner says:

    all arsenal shld undstd in de game of football is loose win or draw

  3. Bob says:

    What do you actually want though? You didn’t make it clear. Do you want Wenger out? If so who can replace him?

    I’ve come to understand that Wenger has done everything in his power to bring in the CM we so badly need but couldn’t due to financial restraints and all sorts of other problems.

    People should realise that moving to the Emirates was always going to affect our spending power for a few seasons. I’m willing to go for a few years without a trophy if it means we’ll be financially secure and safe in the future. After all, as you said, things have been so much worse in the past. What’s a couple of years with no trophies compared to Man Utd’s 26 year drought in the past?

  4. Rex says:

    Good post. I 100% agree with you.

  5. jim says:

    I’m a Man Utd fan and I have the upmost respect for Arsenal FC. I personally believe your club is great but unfortunately if you want to contend with the likes of Man U, Liverpool and Chelsea Im afraid you might have to sell to some fatcat American or Russian. Its sad that the game has gone this way. I also believe Arsene Wenger knows what he is doing.

  6. Dave says:

    Well said Bob,

    Tell you what, it’s the ones that are moaning, whingeing, even booing for Christ’s sake, who are making us a laughing stock.

    What really annoys me if you look at any of the frequent polls on the subject Arsene gets eighty to ninety percent backing, so these so-called blogs that use ‘Arsene Knows Best’ as an insult are abusing eighty to ninety percent of Gooners.

    Grow up.

  7. gooner ireland says:

    you seem to be laying all the blame on the head of arsene. He made a statement during the summer saying that it was the policy of the club to raise £17m every year to service our stadium debt. This was achieved by selling players at a profit and replacing them with cheaper alternatives showing prospect. This spoke volumes to me and seemed to slip under the media radar at the time. I sometimes question if this money really is there. We finished four points off top last season and could consider ourselves very unlucky in the champions league. we’ve lost hleb, who has been replaced by the more exciting and effective nasri, and flamini, who had the season of his life last year but hasnt set italy alight yet this season. arsene always saw diaby as cescs preferred partner and he will grow into that role. injury and youth have hampered this progress and we had made provision in the shape of diarra. cut him some slack, you think he doesnt know we need some teeth in midfield?. I just think we dont have all the facts regarding cash available for transfers. this is coupled with the fact arsene thinks he has what he needs but at the moment, for whatever reason its just not happening.

  8. afrix says:

    agreed as well, wenger is losing the plot! he must do something drastic to change the situation!

  9. Attila says:

    gooner ireland mate, i am blaming him!

    the board said they would have supported him if he wanted £30m for 1 player. And his why did he not replace flamini? He had all summer to do so

  10. Afterward says:

    Ok Attilla…

    I’ve been a season ticket holder with my brother, sister and father since 1987 – a bit later than you but we have probably been to the same games for the majority of the last 20 years – that is if what you’re saying in your blog is the truth.

    Then, you as much as anyone will know the ups and downs of football, not to mention the absolute shite that was played at Highbury during the mid nineties. I’m a fan who wants to see Arsenal do well and Wenger is the same. But here’s the truth…

    Our team (currently) are show ponies and they need to earn their place in the team and fight. On Saturday they let us and Le Boss down. I’m a huge fan of Wenger and his philosophy is spot on. You say the club is badly run? I think you know fuck all what you’re talking about.

    Just because they play for Arsenal and the stadium sells out 60, 000 every week doesn’t give you the RIGHT to win. Even when we had bona fide world class players (do you really need me to name drop them?) they came out every week and fought for the team no matter whether we played Wolves, Liverpool, Man Utd or Real Madrid. We had heart and now we don’t. I felt so bad for Wenger on Saturday – he looked so let down.


    Give Wenger time – because believe me, if he goes YOU will regret it.

    Up the Arsenal…

  11. Attila says:

    “Give Wenger Time”

    How much time does he want or need?

    How many transitional seasons must we go through. How many times are we going to hear we have a bright future with the kids?

    Its all spin and bullshit

  12. Arsenal Tom says:

    if its not wengers fault then whos is it? they are his hand picked players, playing his football, with his beliefs, attitude and philosophy!!

    we need dien back desperately

  13. Paul says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan and I think I speak for most Chelsea fans when I say that we have a grudging respect for Wenger’s achievements and ability. Our success of the past few years has taught me that winning isn’t everything. In fact our success has come at a cost, not just financial. I wish we could field a youth team of home grown players who could compete with a Premiership team in the Carling Cup. Maybe we can, because apparently we have a lot of talent in the youth academy, but we never get to see them play!
    So don’t knock your current position because despite what people say, winning really isn’t everything.

  14. east stand lower says:

    Great Post.
    totally agree with anyone that wants to have a moan up.. absolutely fed up with the pricks that keep on banging , you cant boo the team and if you slag them off you are not a real fan..

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a better performance and a better team

  15. shooy says:

    I was almost with you there until you started doing the exact same thing you criticise by belittling the fans who think and see things differently from you (the “weak”, the “blind”, those with “no passion”). Still, the internet allows for all this public expression of angst and division, through a variety of, frankly, mediocre blogs and crass self important bloggers, but I still prefer to keep my emotions about Arsenal private, because as angry as I get, and I get very angry, I’m not silly enough to believe my views and feelings will make any appreciable difference to how things turn out at AFC.

  16. Rudi says:

    The trouble with Arsenal these days is that no one is scared to play them anymore. Look at Sidwell he has said that Villa expected to get a result and they did. Look at Man Utd they have Ferdinand, Vidic, Rooney, Ronaldo, Hargreaves, Tevez, Scholes, Anderson. Chelsea have Terry, Essien, Lampard, Drogba, Ballack, Deco, J Cole and Liverpool have Carragher, Gerrard, Mascherano, Torres, Kuyt, Alonso players that other teams look at and say we are in for a real test today. Arsenal have Cesc, Theo and RVP, Maybe Adebayor? No team is scared to play us!! long gone are the days of Seaman, Adams, Keown, Vieira, Petit, Bergkamp, Henry.

  17. Afterward says:

    Atiila I feel your pain and frustration…

    And I know where you’re coming from. But come on. Wenger is a top man and manager. He’ll get it right. He made a few mistakes with this current crop of players. And believe you me, he knows that more than anyone. But what can he do till January? He can shuffle the team, but that’s it.

    This is Wenger’s first genuine ‘dark period’. Give him time to sort it and lets not get on his back the fist sign of trouble. I know Atilla as a ‘proper’ fan (which I’m presuming you are) you don’t just sing when you’re winning. And that’s not being a blind fan – it’s remembering the the loyalty Wenger showed us when between 2002 and 2004 – before Mourinho basically – every top European club wanted him – not to mention German and French national team.

    Come on Attilla, think about it – I know you’re angry, I am too because we both love the club so much. But, Wenger is a great coach – you know that. It would be a really dark day if Wenger walked away. Give him a chance to sort it out. We should be proud we’re not like the other clubs with their knee-jerk reactions.

    Alright, so you’re sick of hearing ‘give him time’ – then at least give him a chance, which is what he deserves after all the years of glory and joy he’s given us.

  18. outbreakbh says:

    I think this whole situation is a bit unfortunate… On one side, Wenger has a very good point when he says that buyin’ stars will ruin the future of young quality players… Not only that, should you buy a star for 20 mil. and give him 100k a week, pretty soon Fabregas will demand the same (and he would have a right to), Adebayor would demand the same and so on… And situation would get out of hand… So it’s not just about buying good players, it’s also about maintaining wage structure and team spirit…

    On the other hand, if situation continues like this, by the time Wilshere and company grow up Fabregas will be gone and so will Adebayor and so on…

    So it’s really hard to be smart here… I just wish results would be better so we can hang on to the squad while young players develop…

  19. Dave says:

    So who are you wanting to bring in, Attila? How long will you give them? Do you want to be like the jokers up the road who bring in a new messiah every October? Take your head out of your backside and realise every chairman on the planet would grab Arsene now if they had the slightest hint that idiots like you were driving him out…

  20. Arsenal Tom says:

    the problem comes from the top… theres no pressure on wenger to win any more, hill-wood doesnt care if we win trophies or not… he said that himself theres no pressure on arsene to win anything, fiszman is a joke and just waiting to cash in…

  21. 1964 says:

    You entilttled to your opinion, but what happens here “Just because I have a different opinion to how I feel the club should be run does not give any of you the right to question my loyalty to the club I love.”
    Then you go and slag off the people that don’t agree with your view”

  22. Attila says:

    I’m feed up with all his bullshit and spin, each summer he tells us he will sign 2/3 world class players, All we get is kids!

    He then blames our defeats on the ref and lack of experience.

    He plays a 4-5-1 and then says the striker was isolated.

    I really think the guy is mad sometimes

  23. Attila says:

    NO 1964

    I slag off the people that tell me to go and support the chavs

  24. Ed says:

    What a shit post…………… offer all the problems, but not one single solution!!!!!!!!

    We will win the CL this year, wait and see. We are a cup team, nothing to be proud of, but on our day, we all know that we are as good as any team in the world. CL will be ours!

  25. MysticBeg says:

    Jesus what the F*ck are some of you on? So it has been a few years since we last took home a throphy, for gods sake before throwing your toys out of the pram look at the history of the club. Time has been littered without trophy’s so what make the moaners think it is the god-given right for it to be any different now? As much as any Arsenal fan I want to see success on the pitch, isn’t that what wenger has given us in the past, and will do so again in the future.

    If anything is to be critised about him it is that he seemingly has too much pride and perhaps not enough nerve. Over the past 3 seasons his choice of club captain has been woeful and worryingly the last player he will drop will be Capi (as gallas likes to be known!). Rather than moan that we have not brought in new players, complain that the youngsters are not being given a proper chance.

    Wigan weren’t a lower division side, but they got whalloped. Why then does Vela / Simpson….. sit either on the bench or not even make the squad? Youth is the right way, selling out to a billionaire is pointless as the trillionaires at City will simply outbid for any proven player. God forbid if the Arsenal sell-out just because it in the short-term they can via for silverware.

  26. Gooner4Life says:

    I had an argument with a fellow gooner who was telling me how could i slate the side and that I should be proud that we are one of the best footballing sides in europe and if i want sucess i should go and support another side it makes me laugh as another fellow gooner how he could just take the loss with a pinch of salt it hurts me to see my side fold in such away i believe its time for a change at the top and i have seen this coming for awhile certain players think there way bigger than AFC and should have been sold along time ago obviously the media is hard to be believed but from some of the players attitudes and performances its like they do not care about how they play and seem to blame every one else we are a big club and should not be second to nobody in this league let alone the world I do not care what any one says i think its time for that change sorry AW u are the greatest manager in the clubs history but when ur times up its up maybe the grass might not be greener but hey lifes a gamble!!!!

  27. Big Cliff Lazarenko says:

    The only way to test this is to get rid of the current board (who preach their love of the club but in my view are out for themselves), give Wenger some real money and see what he can do then. Only if that doesn’t work should the unthinkable be contemplated (asking him to move on). Give him a chance. Now that would be a transitional period. Time to start a ‘Board out’ campaign in my view.

  28. Norseman says:

    everyone should read Bob and Paul’s posts!

  29. Serguey says:

    i agree with this post.i started supporting Arsenal in the bad times and the only trophy i’ve even witnessed was the 05 Fa Cup won by luck.but i’ll keep on sticking with the team whatever happens.Although i must acknowledge that Wenger is running out of excuses and i’m beeing fed up with listening to the same bollox after every defeat,he’s messing with our heads thinking that we are dumb enough to swallow his bullshit about this team winning the title though i’m sure he knew it wouldn’t since the very beginning of the season.i’m ready to follow this team regardlessly of the results but i’m getting more and more pissed off with manager’s ritorics which i find at least disrespectful for us,the fans

  30. PLJ says:

    The players have no heart, no spine, no passion. They are a shambles. It’s easy not to blame Wenger – I personally dont want him gone YET – I think he’s done enough to warrant a bit more time. BUT…….It’s up to him top buy the passion, or promote the passion and the heart, not bleat about lack of consistency. This team needs winners. It needs a heartbeat (Stephen Ireland yesterday was a PERFECT example of what we lack).

    We have gone from Invincibles to a Shambles in 4 years. We are becoming a laughing stock, and Wenger’s post match excuses are just adding to that.

    GET BEHIND THE TEAM AND STOP FUCKING MOANING? Tell you what, you do that. I pay thousands for a season ticket – I’ll boo and i’ll moan thank you – you reserve the right to do as you wish.

    Can Wenger sort it out? Yes. That is not in question. The doubt is whether he will. He’s become to stubborn and idealisitic, and it needs a re-think by him imo.

    Finally, I can take losing, I’ve had a season ticket for 20 years. What I cant stand is a lack of effort, and that was clear for all to see on Saturday (hence the booing).

  31. Stu says:

    Totally agree with the post. I hate those people. Just becuase you question the decisions of the club you must a shit fan.

    Anyways i always thought this was an AKB site. Anytime there is a negative post there is so many idiots slating the writer.

  32. Gooner4Life says:

    Im not even that annoyed with the fact that we have not won anything its the we will buy such a palyer by this date and nothing happens well Silvestre happened but to me he was not the solution to our CDM problems what i do not get u get rid of one of the best CDM’s in europe in Flamini because maybe he did want to leave but paying him that little extra might have tempted him to stay but instead of doing that and be stubborn we would rather go out and but another midfielder fo 10 odd million which does not make any sense to me i know there is a wage structure but would it not cost more to buy a player than up his wages i do not see the sense in that!!!!

  33. Mark says:

    In truth, there is not much wrong with the current side from an attacking point of view. Defensively is another matter altogether……

    On most occasions, we are able to tear any team to shreds with intricate one touch football.

    The problem lies in how the team respond when this doesn’t work – either because of the quality/tenacity/negativity of the opposition or due to an off day from the more creative members of the team – at present there is no inspiration, no-one to get hold of a game and drive the team on, there is no-one in the mould of Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira, someone who is able to deliver a verbal rocket to underperforming players and also to lead by example.

    For many years we have become used to star names who are proud to play for The Arsenal, players who cared more about the team and less about the wallet. These were the players we turned to during a game when things weren’t going our way.

    Nowadays, we turn to Cesc. Who else do we have who is able to change a game in a split second with a moment of genius? You could maybe argue that Walcott is turning into this kind of player, but more often than not the team go missing when things aren’t working.

    We need a tough Central Defender, someone who relishes a battle, in the mould of Adams or Keown. Wheater (of Middlesbrough) is that type of player, but there aren’t many around.

    We also need a Central midfielder of the Vieira/Petit ilk. They were there when Arsenal needed them in a battle. I don’t understand the decision to sell Diarra….. He would fit this team perfectly. I can understand that he wanted playing time, but why not let him go on loan for the season instead of selling him?

    Until these two critical areas are sorted, the team will continue to play the way we have seen recently.

    Just my two pennies worth.

  34. Simon says:

    Well I think debate is healthy and I like that we all have different opinions. I am in the Wenger stays camp and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing will persuade me we are better off without Wenger.

  35. charlie says:

    Your views are the problem with society today. The desire to have it all now, without sacrifice is unfortunately a symptom we are all infected by.
    Yes it has been a couple of barren years, and yes it has been painful, but you need some perspective, and this is my point: PERSPECTIVE. If you judging Arsene Wenger then you have to compare him to the most successful Prem Manager: Alex Ferguson.
    And when you consider the success that has followed Fergusons success following his 6/7 barren pretty barren year spell, then I have no qualms with waiting a couple more years for Wenger’s boys to deliver the next decade of premiership domination!
    And the reality is that if Wenger cannot do it, then nobody can! and we will have to cherish the era of the invincibles for ever! And I dont buy that!

  36. TA6 says:

    u gotta understand one thing though, those who had kept faith in AW’s youth policy doesnt necessary make them naive, or use ur own words, having the ball to come out and acknowlege the so-called “truth”.

    we are not idiots, we know the current Arsenal side may not be there yet as a finish article. yet at the same time, we understand the important of PATIENT and FAITH in our players and manager in order to BUILD a winning side.

    as that’s what makes us different from other rivals – while many have tried to BUY success, at Arsenal, we always try to BUILD a successful side and EARN our success.

    as with everything in life, if you want to BUILD something, it takes TIME.

  37. Bradski says:

    I like many others pay their money to the club year in and year out. each individual has the right to show their own opinion on how the team is doing at any given time be it positive or negative, I for one am asking many questions as to how we can be ready from the whistle for Mancs then v Villa , Stoke Hul , Fulham and Sunderland we thought we could just turn up knock a few passes round and collect the 3 points. 4 defeats at this stage to none of our so called big rivals is worrying to say the least. Complaicancy in my mind… Get your act together quick sharp or it will be a long long season

  38. manny says:

    Good post different excuses come up all the time.. Again re Saturday a Wengerism comes out, but not a mention that we did not have our first decent attempt at goal until the 61st minute, this side is never mentioned by A.W he mentions everything else but lack of shooting we start off by passing the ball across the back for ten mins. With Henry and Pires we used that time to get a couple of goals and kill teams off Oh for those days again..

  39. Tomas says:

    What you say and your solution is absolute bullshit, case in point- Chelsea they spent big and have done for the past few seasons but in truth that is not sustainable the players they have brought have been established players but what happens when these players in 2 or 3 years are well into their thirties and their value plummets, there is a very strong possibility that Chelsea will not be able to afford the next superstar and in turn will be relying on reserve players and more affordable alternatives. So why should arsenal invest in the short term for 3 or 4 players when we’ll have 1 world class member in each position which will be able to sustain title challenge upon title challenge… You can either support those players whilst they hadn’t peaked or crush them before their even considered an adult.

    We all want to win trophies but we also don’t want to see our club ruined by mercenaries such as Usmanov and our assets used to keep the fat cats rich. Our values and goal should not change nor be compromised and im very confident that Wenger knows what this team can achieve and how they can achieve it. The youth policy that we have adopted should be trusted, I could name 15 players that will become world class some of which already are- Fabregas, Clichy, Sagna, Adebayor and Van Persie…. add on Vela, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Fabianski, Djourou, Nasri, Nordveidt, Merida and Barazite. Guaranteed there will be 2 or 3 more players to arrive to complete what will be a team envied across the world.

    To finish, the talent in our team should not be questioned but we should think whose best to take this set of players onto the ladder of achieving success that we all know that their talent deserves…. I can see no one but Wenger making this team work, surely our patience will be tested and already is wafer thin being 4 years and all but our goal will be the best and maintain that position for years so we can emulate the great teams of the past.

  40. BG says:

    The most annoying thing is that someone at the club is lying to us big time! Either the board who claims there is money for transfers or the manager who doens’t want to spend it because he trusts players who everyone can see are not of the caliber required to win the league nor CL! Anyway we have been sliding down alarmingly in the last 3 seasons and I can see no sign of it getting better…. Look at the players we had 5-10 years ago and look at the actual squad, you’ll weep! Why pay our players money their ability and performances do not deserve it? (step forward Mr Barndoor and RVP)… Why playing a team that lacks a spine? In the end there is one person responsible for this but critisicing him is almost equel to blasphemy it seems!!!Just calm down and support the club we’ll win fuck all for a few years but we’ll be back up there some day… good thing is we might then be rid of most corporate, early leavers and glory hunters that plight that new white elephant of a stadium that we now have!
    Who to be a goona……….

  41. gazzap says:

    if there are so many wenger supporters about why didn’t I hear ‘There’s only one Arsene Wenger’ on saturday at any point?
    wenger has been making more mistakes in recent years than he has ever before, but who is better to replace him? A new manager might not win anything either. what will be will be, so until then we have to suffer the pain of these defeats.

  42. crap says:

    Good blog!!! Fully support what u say…. Fully support your stand point toward current Gunner’s situation…

  43. patrick says:

    i agree with you 100% i think he has been building team since 2005 it has been 4 years but i never felt that we are going to win anything our team is so weak in every position everywhere there is so much immaturity just watch the system that chelsea and man utd follows there main objective is to be consistent whereas our objective is to be jokers as entertaining people by making ourself look like a fool by wining nothing and playing great football for nothing i don’t trust in arsene wenger he has to win something big otherwise he should just walk away

  44. kolo says:

    i dont have a problem us losing what i do have prolem with is fans like you making us a laughing stock by booing your own players and manager, its a shame realy

  45. Attila says:

    Kolo. I have never in my life booed a Arsenal player.

  46. MysticBeg says:

    Attila you are effectively booing the players NOW. Nothing against you having a different point of view to me – great that debate is possible, but don’t tell me you are not booing the players. If you don’t think they are adequate then at least be a man and accept what your actions, rightly or wrongly, mean.

  47. islington gooner says:

    i can tell you now real arsenal fans would not boo there players or club.
    your all spoilt little rich kids who should f*** off to chelski.
    all this has been showing me the last few weeks is how many plastic people who claim to be fans.
    so because arsenal havent won anything for 4 years we are the worst club in the league?
    people who watched arsenal in the 70’s and 80’s will know what its like to be a fan of arsenal.
    all the glory hunting w****** just f*** off we do not NEED YOU!

  48. Attila says:

    islington gooner you have just proved my point

  49. jayrhitman says:

    I don’t have a problem with us not spending money in the summer, or replacing CDM (Flamini) in the summer, what i do have a problem with is playing players out of postion and playing Bendtner upfront. Firstly Bendtner is too slow, touch is poor and does not posess skill to take a player on and everytime i see arsenal play 4-5-1 with bendtner upfront we become negative and resort to whipping crosses into the box where there is no-one in there other than bendtner who couldn’t hit a barn door. Why is Wenger picking him ahead of other strikers! Championship player. What also concerns me is Wenger Tactics and selection ie: saturdays game as soon as i saw the team sheet i was worried, wrong personal & formation for a home team. Then the worst is wengers inhability to change the game at half time swapping bendtner/ade vela/Nasri

  50. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    when man utd and chelsea fans(hell ive even heard spuds) defending our manager then i have to say thats embarassing!!
    really shows up the level of ur pathetic support (as fans from other clubs are more loyal to the club than u.) we were 12 points of the pace and won the league so its not impossible to get back init. in the last 4 yrs – 04 -unbeaten, 05 -FA cup, 06- Champs league final, 07 (CC semi), 08 – 4 pts off the league.
    Ur reaction to every setback is really childish cause its not like we have been uncompetitive in the above yrs as we have been very close to getting a trophy but u go on like we been battling relegation

  51. Tomas says:

    Well its true I have never even contemplated booing my team, … no matter how loud your boos may be in your head you shouldnt let the team hear your troubles… Imagine booing the Carling Cup team everytime they went out to play, I think you’d put all Arsenes hard work of getting players to enjoy their football and give added pressure to a young team which need the added support. Players who should enjoy running onto the pitch and at most excited at the prospect of playing at the Emirates.

    Lets be different from the rest and make sure our values are upheld through Wenger and our frustrations are left between fans. We’re never been out of a title race this early so while we still can support your team as we’re in more cups than Chelsea and Liverpool.

  52. Attila says:

    When was the last time we signed a world class player?

    Look on transfer deadline day, Man Utd signed Berbatov, 1000s of Man Utd fans danced in the streets outside the ground. When was the last time the club did something like this at Arsenal?

    the last time i really got excised about a player coming to Arsenal was when we signed Sol Campbell

  53. Bradley Porter says:

    I totally agree with you, my brother said to me that our season is over when we were walking out of the game the other day, i turned round and told him not to be so stupid, just because wee lost a game it doesn’t mean we are a bad team beacuse we had a a bad game, i believe that wengers decision to play bendtner it was a terrible decision because his best attrbute is ‘losing the ball’!!!

  54. Tomas says:

    How long did Sol Campbell play for us? Great player whilst he lasted but in getting older experienced players we’re now at the stage of waiting for our youth talent to get to the level expected of an Arsenal player… thats why we’ve had a stop gap of 4 years but once these kids do start clicking i doubt we will have to wait that long between title challenges, because we will be able to sustain our assault for major honours on a consistent basis… i’m pretty sure that these kids will have me singing and dancing in the streets.

    There are only a few players in modern football who would get me dancing in the street and these are players who are ridiculously talented but all who have at 1 point in their careers said how much they appreciate our style of football. Those players are David Villa, Kaka and Fernando Torres…. in truth one area is clearly lacking and that is defensive midfield… Im willing to be patient if Wenger can finally find the last piece of the jigsaw.

  55. Billyjobob says:

    There are people who confuse supporting the club with being blind to the mistakes made by managers and players. I’m no Arsenal fan, far from it, but this affliction applies to the fans of all teams – speak out against the mistakes and you get tarred as a traitor. Speak up for what you believe in, even if you are a Gooner.

  56. worried says:

    Arsene Wenger is the greatest manager in the history of the club.

    But all managerial careers, like all political careers, end in failure.

    Right now it doesn’t look like Arsenal will ever win another trophy under AW. How many more years does he get? He could yet destroy the club. He thinks Gallas is a good captain, he thinks 20m wasn’t enough for Adebayor, he thinks Eboue is a footballer, and he thinks the defence/goalie/defensive midfield is strong enough. And there is nobody at the club to explain to him that he is wrong.

    How long do we have to win nothing before he is fired?
    How low do we have to finish in league?

    It’s the people who accept mediocrity who should ‘fcuk off and support spurs’!

  57. Brian says:

    You sanctimonious twat.

  58. bigtimetopbanana says:

    Attila, I’m somewhat in agreement with you. Not totally though.

    Arsene took us from a top eight in England club to the best club in England, and the most exciting in Europe. He achieved his goal with The Invincibles.

    But then he set a new goal, to achieve the same success with a crop of young players. It hasn’t worked yet, and people have different levels of patience to see it happen.

    It’s wonderful to watch when the team are playing beautiful. Everyone adores the football that we play. But, this next level of success is a strategy. And Arsene is so bloody-minded stubborn, that he is willing to give up short term successes to achieve his long term strategy. Yes he is in pain when Arsenal lose, but it is pain of his own making because he believes in trusting the growth of his squad, rather than replacing them with an expensive and tactical purchases.

    My concern this season is that Arsene is coming unstuck with his strategy, and his stubbornness doesn’t allow him to make tactical changes to achieve success this season. His major stars (Ade, Fab, RVP) don’t seem to share that patience to wait for the rest of the team to develop, and they are slacking off. The youngsters (Song, Diaby, Clichy, Nasri, Denilson, Bendtner, Walcott) either i) not the worldbeaters we all hoped for, or ii) are suffering from the inconsistency of youth.

    Either way, I think it will be a couple of years before this present squad can become champs. I doubt that Fabregas will stick around for that. But I expect Ramsey to replace him next season anyway.

  59. Doublegooner says:

    Dear Bob & Dave,

    Most people do or actually want to be able to back ‘Arsene Knew Best’. There are only a tiny minority that would call for his head which is rather nieve as they at this stage.

    However, Wenger is not beyond criticism as he alone has created the current problems we are in.

    The squad is totally ill equipped, surely even you both knew that in the summer ??

    Up until mid summer, I was in the camp that believed he was starved of funds, but now I have changed my mind after Fiszman stated he could spend now £30m on one player if he wanted. The fact Wenger did not counter that powerful statement indicates it may be correct.

    Bottom line is no one is questioning all the fantastic things Wenger has done with the team & the club but that was then & this is now & without the correct ejections & additions needed we’re in danger of seriously slipping out of the top four if he doesn;t redress the situation in January.

    A Loyal home & away Gooner of nearly 50 ….OO2B

  60. Edyboy says:

    Attila, agree with this post 100pct.

    Wengers Hubris is costing Arsenal bigtime. This hasnt just started, the writing on the wall has been there for over 3 years. Nemesis lurks…and it may be the Uefa cup.

    It used to hurt so much when Arsenal lost. Everytime one complains, thos ‘Wenger knows’ losers say ‘go support Chelsea’. Do we support Arsene or Arsenal for crissakes?

    The mans ego is preventing him from making sound judgement. Its been clear for a while now. The fact that he has been our best manager ever..does not mean he is able to take us forward.

    I believe he is stuck on his principles…and the game has passed him by. I know AW has an accounting degree…but we need a Manager not an accountant to balance the books!We need to move in a new direction.

    I still think Wenger has a lot to offer Arsenal, but probably better as a director.

  61. donabbasi says:

    Attila :

    who would u buy if u had the chance , since u r so unhappy with arsene …

  62. toure tribe underboss says:

    atilla your no better than anyone who supports arsenal but your the one who writes these shyt blogs like your leader of the army,i pay to watch arsenal and im a nobody,same as u mate,so shut the fuck up and stop crying like a bitch and fuck off back to greece

  63. toure tribe underboss says:

    and no matter what is said about bendtner,the real villain in is van persie

  64. Uk bubbler says:

    Every fan knows what wenger’s done for the club, his philosophy is admirable. The problem imo is that there’s no guarantee this team will stay together, especially when no silverware is gained. How many of the current team share wenger’s long term goal, or are they just happy to play week in week out develop then move on.

    Testimonial! Them day’s are over, if true that wenger has money to spend but chooses not to spend it, although we have not won anything for a number of years, then surely we have a right to critique. An analogy someone mentioned that wenger ties his shoelaces together before a race then complains when he looses, very strange!

  65. says:

    Please sign up to our forum lads

  66. jaygunn says:

    arsene has made some mistakes, he never replaced key players. such as viera and sol, the current team has much talent but is lacking key components. im not saying we need loads of players but as much as it pains to admit, we will wont win the league without some additional quailty.
    also one thing to consider guy’s how long will it be before our truley world class players start to get second thought?

  67. BBGooner says:

    My tube was late today, someone started moaning about London Transport but I put them in their place.
    “I’ve been taking this tube for 20 years” I said, “you plastic tube traveller you should be grateful, get behind the country or f**k off.”

    That how pathetic your plastic fan arguments sound.

    Like most of you I’m sick and tired of the excuses, there is not a fan in the land (ok some of you have you head in the sand) that thinks we have a team that is going to win the league. Last year all the teams strengthened while we weaken (again).

    Come January we’ll get the same crap excuse again. You know the one that goes something like, we have a strong team….

    Come the end of the season if we are above 10th we’ll be lucky.

  68. Arcsenal says:

    How can anyone be at the Emirates and not cheer on the team thru good and time!!! When we know the team is struggling why does our fans in the stands seem to be struggling to vocalize! I just don’t get it! I am NYC and the bar I go to every game-day morning (yes morning sometimes 8am) the dozen or so arsenal fans are screeming at the top our lungs especially when we are down. Too bad the stadium can’t hear us… This is our team, whatever your post game reaction during the you have to give 100% just as we expect our team to give… plain and simple.

  69. Mark Gooner Barry Ireland says:

    Fuckin Hell We have a Sssshhittt team a Little Bitch as our Capt A Midget Mid 4 and A Sick note and Lanky TEAM OFFSIDE ADE Cunt up front what the fuck do we expect to win with this team One good player Cesc ooooo forgot about the Spanish Cocksucker in goal

    Heres to another season down the sawny

  70. Lio says:

    Wenger doesn’t need to spend big he needs to pick the right fucking players, Silvestre is not good enough/ fast enough to cope with arsenal’s tempo! now Sagna is injured Toure should go to right back and Djourou to play centre back with Gallas and Almunia should be dropped, He is da shittest goalkeeper in the top four Fabianski would be able to do whatever he does plus more, fuck his inexperience he is good enough,I read in an article that Fabregas is going backwards, – thats rubbish he just needs somebody like Song or Djourou preferably Song in behind him holding like Mikel(fucking wicked player) is doin at Chelsea! theo is da bees knees but my pe teacher once told me as a winger/striker that my most important aspect of my game was to make the right decisions and if Theo made the right decisions 6/10 then he would be getting some of the poxy luck that Cristiano is getting!

  71. Rick says:

    Fair enough piece. Although I support Wenger I just realized (last saturday) that we are gonna struggle to remain in the top four. Interesting enough it could be the year of a cup (since we do have quality but not consistency).

  72. dave says:

    There’s something that sticks out about the finance problem that everyone cites. That problem is Aaron Ramsey. Look, i think the guy looks great but : He wont be ready for at least 2 years, and so we’ve spent 5 million up front on the future. Problem is, the present SUCKS!

    Denilson is NOT a top 4 standard regular
    Bendtner is NOT a premiership striker if you ask me
    Eboue is NOT a top 4 standard regular
    Gallas is NOT a captain
    Walcott is NOT ready to carry a team

    Thats quite a few problems and i think the reason why we are in the problem we were in. Like Atilla, i have to say, there is only one person to look to for that. In the same way he has built great teams, he’s got this one very wrong. The question we have to ask is : does he have it in him to build another 1. Im not sure I have the answer to that 1

  73. Fabregas' Dad says:

    I understand how some of you are saying the club has debts to pay etc but if that actually affected the transfer policy and players’ wages the board and Wenger should let us know and not be so vague because you can’t not expect all of this criticism after saying that, they should have come clean from the start and told us that we may be in for a bit of a transitional period.

    I personally don’t want Wenger to go but that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize him. In fact I criticize him loads and for most of it I’m probably wrong but I’m not saying he should leave, simply because I have no idea of the club’s internal situation. All I know is that the club apparently has loads of money to spend which is all Fiszman and Hill-Wood ever say so Wenger can expect this criticism when he buys no one of note (apart from Silvestre, yay). Either that or Wenger should be fucking pissed off with the board if he doesn’t actually have that money to spend. I guess at the moment we have to learn to lower our expectations because football’s all about money and at the moment the money’s in Manchester and Chelsea, but I don’t want to see us do something like not challenge for the title and then go and disrespect the FA Cup. I’m sure that lots of fans would be delighted with an FA Cup because no one realistically believes we can win the Premier League anymore, so the club should not treat the FA Cup like it’s useless and make us endure what happened last season.

    My solution for now is to play Djourou with Gallas and rest Cesc for a couple of games. Luckily, Ade’s back and Eduardo and Van Persie will soon be returning from injury and suspension so we should find our scoring touch again. I would play Eboue at RB while Sagna’s out though Wenger will probably go for Toure (come to think of it Eboue’s injured as well). Let’s not panic and keep things football based. Denilson’s turning out to be a very good player and I’m disappointed that people haven’t noticed this and along with Gallas he was the only player to show some desire against Villa. Also Theo is making Sagna look like a much worse player than he really is, because when he’s not good going forward he’s practically useless as he can’t defend (to be honest he’s 19 so you can’t blame him too much for his inconsistency).

  74. TJ says:

    Guys, I’ve been going to Arsenal matches for 21 years….I’ve seen worse of Arsenal performances….Not saying we should look back….But i wear that name with pride….I’ve seen us lose to teams and beat teams…..seen the best and seen the worst…..I recall Ian Wright as my legendary player…..Club needs heart, and needs english heart aswell. I wouldnt care if we lossed the rest of the games….Arsenal meant being better than spurs was more than enough….that’s what i used to remember…..You armchair supporters can moan as much as you like…..Be honest where were you when we were sh*t…..Make me laugh….

  75. TJ says:

    Guys, whatever happened to singing and encouraging the team rather then pitying a poor pass and blaming the guy for doing it…You gotta show your team love otherwise there is no team…You all go quiet at the ground eating your hotdogs…I remember the old Carnival atmosphere not giving two shades who we play and that burning desire from the heart where we used to scream at our players to take them on….”GO ON HENRY”…Singing there names to appreciation to the point he feels alive again… can laugh, i remember henry used to fire himself up and used to be influenced by the crowd and i think us as supporters need to show our heart and tell the players to “GO ON”. Who cares if we lose, lets go out and get some cups instead…..CUP KINGS (NOW WHO HAS THAT ON VIDEO) – Sheffld Wednesday Coca Cola Cup and FA CUP…..Sounds like the past, but you guys sound like you only just started watching football a few years ago….HAHAHAHA……

  76. Goonerboy says:

    what kind of cockbandit wanker says to Arsenal fans, to fuck off to chelsea if you dont like what is going on at the club?

    Why dont you fuck off to Spurs, where they are happy to be almost runs – or happy to sit and watch the tripe and listen to the pathetic excuses week in week out.

    Stick this in your pipe and smoke it you tosser – i have been going to the Arsenal since I was 4, i am not 42 – i have seen us play shit football, under the likes of Don Howe, Stewart Houston, even George Graham – while the players were talentless, they had one thing that this team doesnt – and that is a fucking spine – this team doesnt give a shit for the badge, they get paid and then fuck off without a care in the world!!! Dont tell me that what Arsene has done is phenomenal – fuck that, he has sold our history for the sake of what? Look around you at the stadium, all kids and girls, you cant stand, you cant swear, you cant do jack shit – and the club doesnt care, because they know there is another yuppie behind us in the queue who would pay to take your season ticket from you. The prick Wenger took us out of our beloved Highbury, where the club was formed and ooozed class, to a soulless stadium, so that we can compete financially, well its 3 years in and we still cannot compete financially. If anyone says its for the financial future of the club, thats bollocks, its to line those fuckers in the boardrooms pockets – not to compete with players. Look at the players we could have bought but we didnt – Cech, Essien, Torres, Tevez, Hargreaves, Ronaldo – so fuck off about competing. Tactically our team is poor, and i dont blame the players, I blame Wenger, because the buck stops with him – playing that shit formation on Saturday at HOME – counterattack football AT HOME – come off it – Bendtner upfront on his OWN – come off it – Silvestre in DEFENSE, come off it – Wenger is to blame for the way this club has lost its heritage, its purpose and its guts!!!

    Now the cunt who started this thread – fuck off to Spurs and be happy in being mediocre – I love Arsenal, not Arsene – I dont have a club shirt with any players name on my back – I support Arsenal before Wenger came along and long time after he fucks off!!!

  77. Denilsonsdad says:

    Agree with you Atilla, been supporting the gunners since 74, and if i want to say im pissed off with the situation i will, and dont give a crap what anyone says, the amount of money ive put into the club gives me the authority imo! besides critisism is not always a bad thing, remember a few seasons ago when Gilberto was consistently going missing in midfield, the fans started to get on his back because of the poor performances, all of a sudden he started playing out of his skin!
    Arsenal is bigger than any one man, so those of you who say who will we bring in instead ? there was life before AW and there will be after, not that i want him to leave, i just want him to strengthen, and if he wont then im afraid we have to say Adios Monsieur.

  78. glenn helder says:

    have some balls for fucks sake you flakey sack of shit. whats with this self conscious apologising? if you were what you say you are you’d write your opinion and stop trying to justify yourself. unless, ofcourse, it’s all bullshit and you are in fact an educated middle class twat who never felt comfortable on the terraces. like the rest of them

  79. james wickenden says:

    ok then who do you want in to replace wenger?
    would flamini or anyone else have made a difference on saturday?
    i just feel a lot of these blogs are too driven by emotion and hence impulsive bordering on ridiculous.
    i have read the most absurd suggestions on sites like this such as ‘we need schweinnsteiger’ or ‘barry would solve our problem’ or ‘foreigners don’t care about the club’ even ‘clichy has to go!!!’
    it’s all bollocks born out of frustration.
    the problem is not one technical ability as we are far superior to anyone else in the premier league (probably even the world) which means that it is mentality or maturity or something…in fact that is my point…i don’t know what the problem is…neither do you. i trust arsene because he knows more about arsenal football club than anyone in the world including the man who vents his anger in a blog. if we let mugs like you make the decisions at arsenal we would be truely fucked.
    up the arsenal!

  80. Ian says:

    I love the bit

    “we should at the most be runners up” Thikn you meant to say “we should at LEAST be runner up” haha

    At the most be runners up..
    Suits me just fine for arsenal to be runners up at the very most

  81. walkpass says:

    There was a period of time when we had the momentum yet failed to take advantage. The momentum was broken after constant long balls to Bendtner who failed to even connect to one of them. What is this recent fetish for long balls? It allowed Villa to take possession and build up the attacks. On a few occassions, we lost the ball through careless or sloppy passing. This allowed Villa to make fast counters, stretching our defence. Cesc practically was not in the game against Villa. He seems easily knocked off the ball when near the box most of the time (even outside this game). Nasri hardly terrorises the opposition. It’s either a pass to Clichy or a long ball to Bendtner in the box. The players are letting AW down big time. I dun think it was part of his tactics concerning the sloppiness but it would be his duty to address it…

  82. Charlie says:

    In my opinion,. the way to save our season is to free Fabergas from doing the donkey work. A thorough bred cannot be doing donkey work. I believe that Song or Djourou should partner him, so that he will be free to do what he does best…be the best midfeilder in the business.
    This of course is not the end all solution. But at least it will be a stop gap to get us through to the Champions League next year. Any changes to personnel should be done over summer.

  83. Mr Chelsea says:

    There is not a lot wrong with the Arse except for a bit of experience.Be patient, you see good football most of the time, however, no team has a god given right to win.
    You have to admit that AW is very astute, however, he also has a boss, who will probably say what the fans want to hear instead of the truth!

  84. Lex says:

    If it looks like plastic, sounds like plastic and whines like plastic, what do you get?

  85. ayalew says:

    Do u know, 13 years old in Ethiopia,Addis Ababa die by hunging his neck because of Arsenal looses with Aston Villa.

  86. North for Short says:

    Look, it is plain and simple. If you support Arsenal, you will have to put up with inconsistency and even failure to win a trophy. What God given right have we as Arsenal fans demand a trophy every year. I am disappointed that we lose to the likes of Hull, Stoke (not so Villa because in the past they have been a hard team to beat for us) and Fulham but we have to face facts. Our team at the moment isn’t good enough. I think our tactics need to be looked at and more bodies getting into the box. It is no good moaning about transfers because that wont happen until January at the latest. My main concern is getting the belief of winning again and winning in any style. I look at our defence and say straight away, dodgy keeper. I believe that this is where Arsene Wenger should start with his teambuilding because Almunia isn’t a good enough keeper for me and that then transfers to the defence. I believed that we played alright against Villa. Vela was definately fouled for the second goal but we were not good enough. So instead of booing our team we should get behind them. Well done to all those who bothered to say behind and boo, at least you stayed to the end and if you weren’t booing the team you should have made it obvious that Mike Riley was your Target. (At least I hope it was)!

  87. John says:

    We are all Arsenalfans, angry or not. The point is, Wenger wont use the money for the sake of taking on Manchester or Chelsea. He choosed a new path after Chelsea became Chadskij. The whole point is this, Arsenal, the club, the fans, Wenger are trying to show its not all about money. We want us to play the best football, and Arsenal are. We want us to be sound and economical fit, and Arsenal are. We want to win the league, and Arsenal will, but we have to be more patienced, because we are trying the hard way.

  88. Derek says:

    err . . . football fans are the same whedder they suport ManU, Wigin, Arsenal or Senegal . . . so stop ya bitchin, you ain’t gonna change nothin!

    Sounds more like you’re sqealin cos the results aint good . . . maybe you r the one who should fak off?

  89. Harry Barracuda says:

    “Your loyalty should be like me with Arsenal FC.” What an arrogant tosser you are. The board invested their trust in Wenger, and trusted him to keep a reasonable challenge going while we undergo the most significant transformation the club has ever seen. I’m proud of what they and Wenger achieved, and I’ll support them all while it is still a work in progress.

    All I’d like to see is a little more patience from gobshytes like you who repeatedly come out with this knee jerk nonsense whenever they get the opportunity. The big picture to me is that until we get the revenue from Highbury square we will not be buying galacticos.

    Personally I’m enjoying watching Wenger’s babes maturing, and I’m willing to go this season trophyless if he builds a dynasty to match the stadium – which I believe he will.

    For cunts like you to heckle other supporters for their lack of loyalty is the most hilarious hypocrisy imaginable.

  90. jules says:

    I agree agree 100% with you . the whole world , every pundit and my gran could see we needed two expirienced players in the summer , a holding mid and a dominant c h .
    this was promised by Arsene and he failed to deliver followed by excuses , we are now paying for this failure , I don,t want to be like Chelsea so don,t tell me to go support them , I just want the two players promised which is not unreasonable and would have made all the diffrence . also . how do you feel paying £20 more for the same seat for a so called “grade A ” match !? that my friends is a discrace . being ripped by your own club , lovely !

  91. judith Le'Strange says:

    I agree with the writer of this article, I have been an Arsenal fan through the good and bad times and would never ever turn away from them. Everyone started supporting Man U in the 1990’s and Chelsea only since their sugar daddy bought them and their souls. I will always be an Arsenal supporter.

  92. islington gooner says:

    you know what makes me laugh are all the wankers who shout shoot from about 35 yards or moan about a missed placed pass.
    i can tell you now that some of the fuckers who go over there have never played or understand what a game of football is all about.
    we have to many snobby arsehole fans.
    go on boo the players,stamp off when you dont get it you own way.
    ask yourself this what good does it do?

  93. Sam says:

    Remember the old barren years and stop whining that this is any different – some you win, some you lose. I’ll chance what happens next, I’m old enough to understand that the best things come to those who wait.

  94. GunsRBlazin says:

    It was a little while ago that your blog was titled some thing like “You in wenger we trust muppets!” What gives you the right to criticise the fans who support a manager who has delivered us every trophy bar the Champions League missing out at the final? What makes YOU right and the rest of us wrong?
    Truth is you aren’t right, it’s fine and understandable that you want Arsenal to win trophies, and we all do! So who’s going to deliver? How about a guy who was the first foreign premiership manager to win the league? Whoi also won us the double in only his second season in the Premiership! Could you predict that he was such an awful manager then? Of course not! Look at the sepending power of the other top 4 and ask yourself how we can compete with their funds? We can’t, so Wenger has the vision that to counter their bank balances we have to produce our OWN talent on a long term basis!
    In a nutshell he is an excellent manager otherwise anyone else would moan that he couldn’t afford to buy the names to stay in the top 4! 30 million is a pittance in comparison to what chelsea, liverpool and man u spent in the summer!
    Open your OWN eyes rather than preach to everyone else!

  95. Farty Foulke says:

    I’m a Chelsea season ticket holder who lives in North London, so stop reading now unless you can face home truths.

    As an outsider, Arsenal’s fundamental problem is that they are simply no longer equipped to win the Premier League.

    I remember seeing your team run out many in the early 2000s and recoiling a little at the fact that they appeared to have two inches in height over their Chelsea counterparts. Players such as Vieira, Petit, Henry etc combined quality with feist, pace and physique. They were a daunting opponent even before a ball was kicked.

    At some stage your scouting staff rejected Wenger’s height/pace/quality requirement and prioritised players who were technically sure but physically inadequate. That’s fine when part of a balanced overall squad, but in the last two seasons they have become the majority.

    Your highly praised team that destroyed Wigan in the League Cup had an average height of 5’10”. Even allowing for natural growth, a future midfield including Fabregas, Wilshere and Ramsey is not going to protect your goalkeeper at set-pieces.

    You have to hold Wenger to account for this, with his Narcissistic project of building a ‘beautiful’ team with ‘desire’ and ‘hunger’, utterly refusing to confront the physical reality. He has even talked about ‘problems we are already aware of’ in regard to his side’s inability to defend in the box.

    The Premier League is not a beauty pageant for precocious children. And in the US those pretty little things usually end up f***ed up and blaming the parents.

  96. Paul says:

    Plonkers… Fickle is all i can say about you… I’m sorry but i would rather see young lads lose games and play real football then spend millions to buy the title.. It’s pathetic how the premier league has gone… It’s not only worrying but its sad that you would say you love Arsenal more then your family.
    Seriously… get a life… Yea we all love Arsenal and Football.. But come on… get a hobby.

  97. islington gooner says:

    a chelski fan trying to arsenal fans how a club should be run,
    how funny can you be!
    well mate you can stick your two bob opinon up your arse.

    i dont class chelski as a football team i just class them as russian mafia money club.

  98. Goonersincebirth,seasonticket4life says:

    Attila, I respect your opinion and your right to express it. My question for you is what you would want to happen if wenger goes? who would you realistically expect to come in and do a better job?

    I have always been a wenger loyalist, and still am. I have been frustrated with every ridiculous post match interview this season when my team has not even shown an ounce of desire to win the game, and the excuses reeled out are unbelievable.

    My opinion is that behind the scenes at the club, we have some serious problems (perhaps indicated by the mysterious edelman sacking?). I think that while officially fiszman and the board have talked up the amount of money available to wenger, it simply isn’t there. I think there are some grave financial problems at the club relating to debt. I think that the board probably regret not getting more from the emirates sponsorship deal which is really not that good over the timespan. The projected earnings from the highbury development have fallen. The club debt has increased. If you look at the summer transfer activity, every single player purchased has come from wenger raising his own funds. (5m for ramsey covered by bentley money, hleb and nasri sold and bought for the same amount, silvestre bought for peanuts). I think wenger has almost been forced into his excessive development of youth strategy because of these problems.

    Hypothetically, if this is the case, and it is only speculation, then I cannot envisage many managers being able to come in and do a better job with such financial restrictions. Even if they are not there, I dont want to see tony adams or bergkamp as manager (as some people often suggest), they just dont have the know-how yet. Allied to that is the lure of wenger himself, the amount of players that he and his reputation has given us is immeasurable. Without him, how many top class youngsters or experienced players will want to join?

    I honestly just don’t see anybody being able to take us further, or indeed anywhere in the next few years with the current state of financial affairs. Whether that be wenger or anybody else…

  99. Gooner777 says:

    Zzzzzzzzz…i thought this was about football. The whole article is just about the writer and some emotional disfunction he is experiencing. Stick to football and actually coming up with solutions rather than wasting your time with this pseudo-psycho analysis claptrap.

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