Do You Still Trust Arsene? POLL members Attila and Patrick O Keefe go head to head & debate on the current difficult times at Arsenal……You will have you’re chance to vote at the end of the article

We asked “Do you still trust Arsene Wenger”

I said at the start of this season that we would finish out of the top 4 for the first time under AW, I have seen this coming for a long time now. His stubborn ways and lack of spending in the transfer market and his faith in the younger players have not worked. We have got nothing to show for all this pretty football since 2005. When he allowed Vieira to leave,and didn’t replace him. Now he has done the same thing with Flamini. We cant trust this man at our club. We are Arsenal FFS. We should be fighting for the title and not trying to just make it into a champions league qualifying place every season. Wenger has done nothing but lie to the fans for years, “I will sign 2/3 world class players this summer” LOAD OF TOSH! He says the same thing every summer, Just before the season tickets are up for renewal and then a few wks later he says “NO, I’m, happy with the players we have got” When its clear as mud that our squad is weak. We all know that we need a towering CB and a DM player but Wenger ” THE GREAT WENGER” cant see it? Why? If he is the best thing since sliced bread why cant he ZEE IT? I’m sick of all his spin and bullshit and lies, Im sick of the way he comes out after we lose and blames the ref and says the same crap of how we looked jaded! We need a new man at Arsenal. A man with fire in his belly and the spunk to go out and sign a player for £20/30m. I’m sick of dreaming that we will be as good if not better then the teams of the past. I want Arsenal to become champions again and this weed of a man is not the person to do it….I say bring in Bilic and move AW upstairs to the board room..WENGER OUT!!

Patrick O Keefe
I cant even believe that some so called fans are even thinking about this. Lets get a few things clear. Arsene Wenger is the best thing that has ever happened to this club. What other manager could have done the things he has with a limited budget? The 49ners and the titles we have won before, Yes we had some world class players but who was the man at the heart of it all? Who was the man that signed most of them players? Who made them world class players? Who has signed players who were unknown and developed them into stars? And you want to get ride of him? I can tell you the day AW leaves this club will be a dark day. Yes i understand that things are hard for Arsenal fans at this moment in time but we need to stand by our manager and give him the chance to put things right. We owe him that after everything he has done for us..IN ARSENE WE TRUST!

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Arsenal fans, do you still trust in AW? Or do you think a change of management is required?

25 Responses to Do You Still Trust Arsene? POLL

  1. timmy says:


  2. Stu says:

    I tend to lean more in favour of attila, but i dont agree that he should go because there is no1 to replace him. No1 of quality anyways.

    Pat, you think Wenger brought the players here but he didnt, he just wanted them here, David Dein brought them here. He handled all the transfers and since he left we have been utterly shit in that department.

    Wenger should bring in his replacement now and groom him for the job when Wenger moves upstairs in 2013. I wouldnt mind Steve Bould making the step up because he already knows the young’uns at the club and his reserves play arguable better than the 1st team when they have played. Plus Bouldy used to be a defender and will realise that we cant defend atm and fix it.

  3. Mark the Great says:

    I think Wenger has personally taken Arsenal as far as he can and has become stale. He, at the end of last season identified the reasons we never won the league and he made promises that we would all be excited about who he was going to sign this summer. All summer went by with all us fans itching to see if we’d signed these so called world class players and nothing happend. He said we were short on players last year so he sells, a few and a few leave for nothing and only a couple come in, one being just 17. How can he justify what he said. I want Fabio Capello at Arsenal, we play good football under Wenger but we lack discipline in vital areas of the pitch. something Capello basis his style on. Wenger can be our new chief scout. Bye Arsene Wenger, i think its your last stint at Arsenal

  4. Clock End Gooner says:

    I personally think January is curcial as to wether he loses all the faith he’s (rightly) built up with Gooners, worldwide.
    If January passes without a major signing and the same old “I trust this group… great potential” B.S, then I’m afraid he’s dug his own grave.
    If he comes out & FINALLY admits he’s got it wrong & buys a few quality players (and I’m not talking about £30m players, either), then I still think he’s the man for the job.

    I hate questioning you, but you have brought all this on, on yourself! 😦

  5. Inn says:

    Arsene Wenger is finished. He has no vision

  6. goonerdave says:

    Oh Dear, Attila looses once again. Maybe he should take up golf until his “beloved Arsenal” start to splash the cash all around. Even fishing mate, just some sport that requires true patience and discipline. Its not easy to build a side that can win the league at the moment, Benitez walked it in Spain but its taken him 4 years to even compete in the Premiership. Rebuilding a side is not an quick fix issue, so whilst the side blatantly has faults, reaction times require a huge delay after the club finally established a move to an elite stadium. Theres more than enough green shoots of growth to enjoy while we wait for the next truely great side to come together.

  7. Champs manager knows brigade says:

    i trust AW to know more about the club, players and what the team needs than all of these self appointed voices of arsenal (boys behind their keyboards claiming to have an insight from the outside). the fact that he has been a manager for over 20 yrs with plenty of exp and success may have a small thing to do with it. Also the fact he brought the likes of george weir, viera , henry and cesc has me trusting his judgement.

    What have all u self appointed voices of arsenal done for the Club or football in general. But yet some of u guys no -more.

  8. Gonner Forever says:

    Who has been the worst signing since Dein left?

  9. Stephanos says:

    I can’t believe that this is actually being debated! If we get rid of Arsene Wenger all the big clubs in the world and national associations will be falling over each other to try to sign him. We have a guy who when he came we had players in our side like Stephen Morrow, Ian Selley and Kevin Campbell and he created a team full of amazing players winning a few titles on the way IN STYLE! He gave us a state of the art training ground, he has built a scouting network around the globe second to none, the academy is working wonders, and finally we built a super stadium that will keep us financially secure for the next 100 years! We all new that the team would have suffered a bit because of that, even though we almost won the Carling Cup with our second team and the Champions League and Premier League in the last 3 years. And you guys want to get rid of him! Wenger is becoming a victim of his own success because he spoiled us! May god help us if we ever lose this man!

  10. thegoonerforum says:

    Stephanos, Over 40% of votes agree with Attila. That’s why its being debated mate

  11. LTC says:

    did any one of you go to the arsenal tours at the new stadium? thats the fruits of Mr. Wenger.

    remember when Mr. Wenger come to Arsenal, we r still a team playing mid-table football, after suffering from the post Graham Era. Mr. Wenger has commited his whole life to Arsenal FC after he join us, he eat, sleep, walk, talk on things related to Arsenal.

    Just go to the arsenal tour at the new stadium and u will see the importance of Mr. Wenger. We did underwent 3 yrs of titlesless under Mr. Wenger, but what happen that, we won the Double again (that EPL title At OT 2002), FA Cup the next year and finally the Unbeaten Season.

    Mr. Wenger is buidling a new team after Henry-Era. His 1st title win at 1996 is based on Speed/Fast Football, Like NA and Overmars. His 2nd period of success (from the OT 2002 to unbeaten season) is based on intelligence football from Pires, Henry n DB. Now His 3rd new team style of play is based on SKILLS. Ces, RvP, JW, Nasir,Vela,Theo all r skillful players. When u support Arsenal, U need to Trust Mr. Wenger who gives his Life to Die at the Arsenal FC.

  12. Bilza says:

    I’m actually one of those who doesn’t want to see the great man get sacked or resign so I’m decided. However, people must learn to take criticism on the chin. Wenger has made mistakes and continues to do so. He doesn’t help his cause by lying to us fans when promising to buy 2 or 3 world class players in the summer and then when we lose or draw games he blames it on lack of physical sharpness. That is one of the most infuriating execuses. I understand that refs make poor decisions that could decide games and that opposition teams adopt a negative approach by going all defensive with 11 men behind the ball but Arsenal team and the manager are more to blame for some of the most inept/careless/clueless performances I have see under his regime.

    I always felt that we’ve actually underachieved under the wenger regime. Let me explain why:

    First he has never built his success by going on to win back to back titles. True we came to face great man utd teams over the years and now with it the big spending Chavski. I always felt we were as good if not better footballing side than those teams but never really had that ruthless killer instinct especially in Europe. Wenger has a great eye for talent but is poor when it comes to quality solid/tough defenders. I never felt comfortable with any sort of Arsenal defence since he inherited that famous back 5. Now the defending is a complete shambles and Wenger has shown little interest to sort it out. Last year’s famous collapse and remember in 2003 (when we had Cygan brought on) was mainly down to poor defending, unable to hold on to a lead. Adding on to the fact of a lack of ruthless edge to kill teams off by not finishing off key chances but I guess the players he had were more to blame.

    Tactically Wenger has never done anything of note where u can say that was genius. Nowadays …I guess he’s always done this is to bring on defensive subs when Arsenal are in command of a match even with a 1 goal cushion. When we’re losing or drawing he brings on forwards which really isn’t rocket science. The perfect e.g. being the Spurs match where he brought on defensive players when scoreline was 4-2. The complete shambles it was where it was blatantly apparent that the players weren’t given any clear instruction as where they were supposed to be playing..they looked lost! Wenger gave that indication and filtered down to the players that the game is won so we just have to just stroll around and give a run out for some of our subs. How naive can u be?

    I can even go as far as 2003 where we collapsed towards end of the season. Again from winning positions, Wenger decides to bring on a poor player in Cygan and that ultimately cost us leaking goals left right and centre and not finishing off chances. It’s always been the problem…over eloborate play, missing too many chances, one pass too many (mostly sideways), not enough commitement in the box, unable to grind out results against tough opposition kicking team on a consistent basis. It’s the same problems we see today.

    Let me remind you it’s Mr Wenger who’s raised expectations about his team not just us Arsenal fans. A weak supporter is one who settles for 2nd best. I find it unacceptable that as a team with supposedly so much talent have such a poor attitude. They might claim every week how much they love Arsenal and will do everything to fight for the team and to win trophies but the fact remains they’re not producing it on the pitch to back up what they say which makes them look like fools. It’s all spin to deflect deficiences within the team and Wenger is not helping himself by trying to hide from it by blaming refs, bad luck and lack of physical sharpness. If they’re tired when we’re only into november then they’re not fit to be footballers. To challenge for trophies u have to have a squad up for the battle on a consistent basis..not turn up when u feel like it. If players are tired then Wenger shouldn’t play’s as simple as that. What good is it if players are unwilling to fight?

    Let me state something clear, I dont want Wenger sacked but he’s certainly not immune from criticism. Wenger for me a great manager that he is until today remains a nearly man with too many runners up spots in league and cups. That’s what I mean by uinderachiecement with all this great talent and teams he’s had over the years.

  13. Stephanos says:

    Arsene Wenger knows his job better than any of us. I’m sure the man is more upset than any of us about the poor run of form. I’m sure he will get it right. So let’s stop playing football managers, get behind our young team and let the man do his job. A year ago we were all begging him to sign his new contract and when he did we were all happy and relieved. I’m sure he hasn’t become a bad manager in one year. Surely he has made mistakes. He is only human. I trust nobody more than him to get it right and lead this club forward as he has been doing for 12 years.

  14. LK says:

    if the emirates is the price we pay for being nowhere in the Premier League then you can stuff it. Football is not about 60400 sell outs every week its about winning things. That is the ONLY important thing and its about time you people began to realise it. Its not about playing the fancy football that Wenger loves so much its about grinding out wins in places like Stoke and Fulham and beating convincingly teams like Villa and Hull at home. I am sick to my stomach hearing how we should be “so grateful” to Wenger yes he has won titles and cups in the past but for the last four years he has done precisely NOTHING apart from saddle the club with huge debt for a stadium where the fans have seen absolutely no benefit. For me its not about spending tens of millions of pounds on players its about identifying weaknesses in the team and doing something about it and from that perspective Wenger has been a complete and utter failure for the last four years (a very long time in modern premiership football). He has continually failed to address the defensive frailities that have been apparent since the invincibles and he has failed to address the issues of central midfield. I am sorry but as much as I admire Wenger for what he has achieved for us its time to realise that this youth experiment has failed us badly and he is to blame. I really do think it is the end of the road for Wenger and time for a new approach – Rijkaard would be my choice.

  15. arden says:

    I think this guy Atilla is a bit of an ignorant twat. Before people cuss wenger they should remember the position that arsenal were in before he came and the transformation which he anitiated. At the same time wenger should not be immune to criticism. I agree with his policies and would not want him to leave but I do wish that he would be a bit more flexible in his approach and he has made some strange decisions in recent years which have cost us.
    Like not paying over the odds when it’s necessary, making Gallas captain, allowing experienced players like gilberto to go and not signing a replacement and playing players out of position. No manager is perfect and I think we should accept the fact that he’s made a few mistakes because of what he’s done for the club over the last few years. It doesn’t mean he should leave but it does mean he needs to learn from where he has gone wrong and try to put things right asap

  16. jedimaster says:

    I keep hearing people saying time and time again – “who will replace Arsene Wenger?” – well, everyone, here is a suggestion for some of you – Frank Rijkaard, whose Barcelona side played some of the best football ever seen by a club side, and whose tactical mastery (ingenious subsitute Larsson ) won them the champions league final against tactically clueless Wenger. Another suggestion – Gus Hiddink….

  17. brdgunner says:

    I think in the future our children will see a massive Arsenal. We are seeing the transformation of this club. I want trophies I want Cups I want to win every home game. However, I don’t want to talk about how good we was to a son that wants to follow QPR because they have just sign Wilshire’s little brother for 45m. I believe that Arsene is the single best thing to have happened to this club since Herbert. Two great men who changed everything. Chapman was different to Arsene in he did not look so far ahead. I wish Arsene would sign some top players to carry the team for a year or two, however, if he did we would be finished long term. Fergie will never be doubted for his ability to win and in the eye’s of football’s elite, he will be a star. However, ask him where he thinks utd will be 5 years after he leaves and he will say he doesn’t care. Ask Arsene and he will draw you a map of a great future and a great path to get there. Long live King Arsene, COME ON THE GUNNERS

  18. DFB says:

    Ideally I’d like Wenger to stay, but to open his eyes and compromise. Balance youth with experience, artistry with fight, mobile players with big buggers etc. He did it before afterall. He’s still capable of building a great team. The first step is recognising the blindingly obvious. Lets hope he doesn’t take too long …

  19. Satnam says:

    FFS Arsene isn’t the only good manager in the world, he isn’t the only one who makes good signings….and moreover he is responsible for all this mess….but its not too late yet, I say bring Rijkaard/Mancini now or this man will take us out of top 4 this season.

  20. Jamesq says:

    wenger won’t buy much in january as not much will be available. but if he doesn’t sort the club out in the summer and we have another bad season next year I want him gone. by then it will be 6 years without a trophy, so he might as well leave anyway. 6 years is a long time.

  21. Alex says:

    As an Arsenal fans..i could accept that the fact Arsene is not the only manager that could bring the club to glory..BUT
    you also gotta remember who is arsenal w/o AW…i would say not much..i loved the club just because how great and attractive the football is being played by this team…
    i still could remember how did bergkamp magically silent the stadium and how did Ian Wright haunted all the Gk in EPL..and how strong and ruthless Adams and Keown were..but lets recall and think for sec..if it wasnt AW who signed those unfamous players like bergkamp, vieira, ljungberg, gimandri, hleb, anelka, overmars,petit,kanu, HENRY..would arsenal be like the last 10 years? no one even wanted kanu, bergkamp,vieira,ljungberg,anelka, henry back then…
    1.henry was wasted by ancelotti at juve..placing him in LW like he is in barca right now..killing his carrier right there, but AW saved him..and gave him another chance
    2. bergkamp was wasted in inter as well, didnt get that much freedom with the tactic applied by the coach, in arsenal? he was killing every single DF in EPL…
    3. vieira? thrown away by AC milan..with AW hands? turned to be most wanted DMC in the world..
    4. Kanu? got cronic disease…not being used by the coach, saved by AW..posed a good thread to every defence line in EPL back then
    5. Anelka, who would want to make the kid from france that no one had even heard of? and for gdsake his price tag was 550k back then…
    6.petit,overmars,ljungberg,etc…dont even wanna talk about it…

    few well known signings that AW made were only pires, wiltord,reyes,lunzhy, suker,cygan,reyes..

    only few of them who could actually survive the EPL…
    so my opinion, lets just give AW a chance, and cross our fingers so that he could actually try to consider buying some experienced player just to balance the team…he is our boss..for now there is on one else that understand what does arsenal need better than just bare a bit..

  22. RichardZoinks says:

    4 years without a trophy is a long time.

    so lets just go out and win the carling cup , the Fa cup and the Champions League this year. that will silence all the critics for a while.

    Ferguson had a slump a few years ago. Look what he did last season , Liverfools Rafa has endured a bad patch , it just seems Wenger is in his down turn

    Have Faith …

  23. Ben Israel says:

    if AW believes in the youth so much, maybe he should just head the Arsenal u21 team. Cause he’s not going to win the EPL for the next 4 years with this team.

    Those people who still want him around, are those happy to play fourth fiddle to MU, Chelsea and Liverpool. I WANT TO WIN SOMETHING!

  24. […] Recently on the blog we had a poll on this subject ,Over 350 fans voted and 40% of Arsenal fans said they no longer trusted Wenger.You can see this poll here > Link […]

  25. d.j says:

    IN ARSENAL WE TRUST!! I don’t care what people say, only when he goes will people see what he’s really done for our club.

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